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M note: I was curious as to how I'd go about writing for the ship(s) so this happened. Last time I wrote one of these Nik asked for friends with his food. Did he get any? Idk. But Elijah took care of him so he's aight.

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"Rebekah, I don't think we-" Freya tries to hold in her moans as Rebekah tightened the rope around her wrists and bound them to her waist by knotting it there.

Having already bound her ankles together a couple of minutes earlier then thinking she could handle it if she turned it up a notch or two.

"Hush darling, you want to keep going right? I'll untie you if you don't or are uncomfortable. So just tell me, alright."

Rebekah looks at her wondering if they have come this far just to have her chicken out but she will stop it, not take it personally if she does.

This was not planned.

They had been watching a rom-com when out of the blue the main characters kissed and Rebekah had been like 'meh' because the characters had zero chemistry and she should know.

She has seen it all.

While 'that was it' making a face of unpleasantness then 'thank God it's over' was heard from Freya when she handed her a bowl of popcorn.

It had started off simply enough, as switching it over to the next movie when Rebekah met her gaze and they seemed to be on the same wavelength because the next thing they know they are kissing.

Pulling back just to get back into it. And Freya's tongue is against hers trying to get dominance but that is not how it is going to be tonight because Rebekah wants to see how far her older sister is willing to go.

To follow whatever orders she gives without a doubt, fear or complaint.

Freya nods biting her lip, saying 'fine. Keep going' as she is wondering if the room is locked.

Not that she is thinking any of their siblings are coming to visit but just in case even though she knows a door wouldn't stop them from entering.

Rebekah pulled her up by the piece of rope at the middle of her stomach and kissed her mouth hard.

Thinking maybe a little kissing could help her get comfortable and it seems to be working because she can feel her pulse under her fingertips.

Swallowing a gasp when she ran her fingers across Freya's lower back. Roaming up instead of lower knowing it sent chills up her spine.

Freya wishes she could have handcuffs to restrict access to her magic. Girls just do something to her that most guys can't and she knows that she has to take caution to keep her magic in check.

"You" Rebekah doesn't get the rest of the words out because her older sister has her mouth on her again. Saying she 'wants to touch' her.

Taste her.

"Not yet. I'm going to blindfold you." Freya wasn't sure if she'd use her shirt or something from the closet to keep her from seeing what would happen next.

So now she'd just have to rely on sensations...


She can feel Rebekah touching her slowly and she wonders if she is trying to get this moment etched into memory.

"You're going to stay still. No talking or noises either. I want to see if you are up for the challenge."

Pulling her shorts down just above her ankles along with her panties because the rope made any progress lower difficult without tearing up the clothes.

Leaving her shirt on because she thinks she already removed her sisters bra and seeing her like this instead of fully naked is just as hot if not a little better in her opinion.

Rebekah's mouth laps at Freya's left breast. Sucking on it an instant before smiling and nipping at it only to hear her older sister mumble 'fuck Bekah'.

Taking the opportunity to smack her ass, calling it a small punishment. "Try that again Frey and I'll be sure to delay your orgasm. And that's no fun the third time around."

"If I were to shove something down your throat at least I'd make you like it. Unable to start begging for more. Because you know the consequences if you do." She thinks that she has a decent sized whip she had bought for purposes such as this some time back but doesn't dwell on it now.

It can wait.

"Suck" She holds up two fingers close enough to Freya's face but just hovering over it so that her older sister has to reach out with her tongue without trying to move to much.

Pulling her fingers back a little further away just to tease her she hears a noise and the next thing she knows she is being pulled by her neck.

Closer by an invisible force, string-like bind of magic possibly. Fuck it sends a quivering sensation down her vagina and she is already getting wet.

"You're playing dirty." It's her turn to try and hold it together when her fingertips touch her sister's lips before her mouth opens up for her and her tongue swallows them in, wetting them with saliva then moving her mouth back.

Her head going further into the pillows without pulling them out all the way. Just before letting them go entirely she purposely scrapes her teeth against them to kiss them gently and Rebekah's mouth goes dry.

"Punish me then. I've been quite bad." She smiles and even though her voice comes out sounding innocent and pure Rebekah thinks she's overplayed her cards because to her now that she's looking closer it looks almost evil if not then it's a mix of really smug with mild wickedness.

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