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M note: This is Au-ish, the characters are ooc I guess and I was curious as to how I'd go about writing for the ship(s). There's going to be different levels of incest.

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City: Portland, Maine-state

"When was the last time you had ice cream?" Freya enters the shop without really waiting for him to follow but expecting him to be there by the time she turned around.

"How about you don't worry about it." As Kol speaks he takes his card out. He doesn't really remember the time period but it'd been with Rebekah and there'd been a long line.

She flips him off, smiles condescendingly while looking at him and the person infront of the cash register is looking a little impatient.

There's a little menu of different flavors and she doesn't know what to choose so she picks the third option.

"I'll take a raspberry/lemon, you know half and half. Also, can I get a spoon. Pick something Kol."

She's edging him on because she doesn't want to be the only person eating here, that'd be weird. He catches on quickly enough but he doesn't know what to go with.

And the person at the cash register needs to find himself a better attitude because as far as he's concerned the guy's paid to stand around while acting friendly to hopefully lure in regulars.

"I guess I'll have half peach basil sorbet and the other-" he looks at the chart above and picks the first option. If he doesn't like it he can throw it in the trash, simple as that.

"Mint chip for the top half. Also if it's not on a waffle cone, don't bother giving it to me. And I'll need some napkins. Thanks." And that's how it's done. Damn, a little politeness goes a long way.

He pays for the ice cream then waits by the counter after getting a receipt. After a couple of minutes they get their treats and walk out.

It's raining again and by now he's tired of it. They've got what they came for securely stashed away so the last part of today is basically free time.

The better part of today was spent watching Batman v. Superman at movie theater. His eyes sting a little because he was rubbing them for about a minute, but his Superman t-shirt is on point though.

He bumps into Freya because apparently she had stopped walking and is looking at the scene above with interest.

"Huh...I don't know what that is but we should probably go. Haha c'mon before we get abducted."

He wishes that he had a telescope then he realizes that he's never owned one and that he needs to get on that or add it to his bucket list.

Once they're inside the hotel room and half of the ice cream is either eaten or melted Kol locks the door then reaches out for his phone.

"I'm pretty sure that we just saw aliens." Freya closed the door to the restroom not really sure how that would help matters but it's not like it's going to affect the situation.

She refrains from looking out the windows and pulls her Batman t-shirt off because it got dirty and she's got an under shirt on.

As she sits on the couch she turns the Tv onto the local news channels,perhaps the people below saw the same thing she did.

They'd be able to shed some light on the matter. "That won't work, everyone is currently focused on the soccer I want to play soccer in the rain, I bet it-" He shuts up as he looks at the nudes some girl he'd met down at a party yesterday just sent him.

"What were you saying." She asks while she's busy scrolling through her phone to compare what she just witnessed with Kol a couple of minutes ago to Google images on extraterrestrials.

So far it wasn't working. She puts her phone aside and turns the Tv onto some horse race but leaves it on mute.

"Forget it. They were probably fireworks. Or an air show. Who cares."

Kol walks up to the fridge, stops halfway as if he was forgetting something then tosses some of their bags of clothes and luggage onto the coffee table.

He doesn't really care for an extra terrestrial experience and it's about seven hours until the next flight.

"You want something to drink?" He calls out from the kitchen but Freya isn't really paying attention to anything other than the Tv.

"I'm good."

He hears the response then moves to the freezer and picks up a box vodka soaked gummy bears.

"I'm going to try and sleep. Today was fun, I appreciate it."

She stands up and walks over to her bedroom before stopping halfway and looking his way. There's a silence to place that has her wondering what he's up to in there.

Kol's in the kitchen organizing the bears by there color coding and flicking some onto the sink, microwave and stove.

He doesn't want to eat them anymore because he's now literally playing with his food.

"This is what you do when no one's looking?" Freya enters the kitchen and laughs when she sees his dedication.

"Right now I guess. I'm a little bored, you want to try though?" He picks up a handful, eats a couple then gives her the rest.

After a couple of minutes and half the box contents are either scattered throughout the kitchen or eaten Kol picks some up and throws them away but doesn't bother with the rest.

"You want to try sleeping? Or you want to watch something? It's still raining so unless you want to get wet..hey you want to fuck."

He wasn't going to go this direction though. Now that he thinks about it he thought he'd ask outright because she's hot as fuck and he's got nothing going on.

She could always tell him off or just say no. It's just a question after all. And he's got no shame or second thoughts.

"Straight to the point aren't you. Yeah, I'm down." She smiles slightly then is kind of embarrassed by the fact that he's getting hard against her.

She should probably not go through with getting in on with her little brother but she's got nothing going on and is missing out on going out.

He kisses her as he lifts her onto the counter and pulls his belt off while she works in unlatching her bra.

"You have a preference? Kinks you'd like to try, things like that.." He pulls on her jeans as she arches her back when he runs his other hand along her spine.

"Mm not sure. Right now, I just want you to fuck me so stop talking." She moves off the counter and he got her legs wrapped around him by the time she got her tongue in his mouth.

"Okay. My face is about to get acquainted with your ass. I'm sure we'll be bffs by the end of the day. Heads up real quick. You won't mind missing the flight, trust me."

The next thing she knows he's got her against the mattress and her ass is air as he bites into hip.

"Ahh that hurts but it feels good at the same time." She's resting on her elbows as blood drips onto the mattress when he backed away a little.

"You'll get used to it."

He's got her underwear in his hand by the next second then spreads her open without giving her a second to process this.

"She feels her face heat up when he licks at her butthole as his hands rest on her skin.

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