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It's basically kind of like 'They have no shame' just without the plot/feels. As these will be one shots, I will accept requests.

The story will have different levels of hetero, yaoi & yuri smut and incest. Involving the Original siblings. So yeah. You've been warned/cautioned. If you don't like it-want to read it, locate the back button.

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It's 8:47 p.m. by the time Rebekah finds a key under the doormat. She kicks her shoes off and tosses her bag on the the couch.

She had just come by to shower because she wanted to go out later with whoever was up for a party on a Saturday.

In all honesty she had not expected to see Elijah out of his normally pristine and uptight looking attire.

And here he is masturbating to the same pace as this random blonde on his phone. One who sees her and looks around to find something to cover herself with.

Poor thing, having shame must really suck on occasions such as this. Still she has to pretend to have some decency, actually she doesn't since this isn't her issue but Elijah's a nice guy.

She should cut him some slack. "My bad. I didn't mean to interrupt your..little 'date'..." She snickers slightly as she takes a moment to appreciate the sight.

Elijah raises an eyebrow before meeting her gaze and moving to cover himself with a less urgency to his movements.

"Apologies love, I'll call you later." He clicks on her before waiting for a response and tosses his phone aside.

After he looks presentable enough or as possible right now he turns to Rebekah.

"There's no room here for excuses dearest sister. I don't have a justification for what you have just witnessed. You however, should have knocked first. Manners and all, are expected in this household."

He's meeting her eyes while looking as if slightly annoyed by her intrusion but all around okay with it because it's her and he is incapable of being all that angry with his youngest sibling.

"I've thought about you and a less than decent setting..scenario." Rebekah says that as she offers a little smile.

She sure as hell looks confident enough even though this could go a number of ways.

Elijah looks confused by her words for a moment. The look she gives him as her hands reach for his belt make it obvious to decipher her intentions.

"I don't think this wise.." Even though he's saying this he grabs hold of her thighs as his fangs extend when he pushes her against a wall adjacent to a mirror.

They have wanted to get it on for the longest that much has been obvious since they were alive and human in the 10th century.

Nothing has ever really come of it however because they have made sure to put a long list of randoms in their way to see if that would have appeased their desire for a while.

She sees a bottle of bourbon on his nightstand and she momentarily wonders if they're about to turn up.

That'll come later. Instead she mumbles the words. "I just want to see what all the fuss is about."

She gasps as he thrusts against her. All this clothes is in their way and she just wants to get a taste of her favorite sibling.

"I won't allow you to leave this room until you've been thoroughly satisfied." He bites into her neck as her hands work on unbuttoning his pants and he unhooks her bra.

"That so?" He pulls her jeans down and takes a moment to appreciate the sight when he removes her panties out of the way.

He smiles an almost slightly mischievous smile before he touches her slowly.

All the while she's wanting him to stop teasing her. She's wanting to feel his fingers inside of her and then some.

Elijah has recently found himself unable to keep from fantasizing about her in an almost similar fashion to this.

He thought that'd stopped a while ago. He found out early on that it's ever present like his hunger for blood.

Her unannounced presence today at his doorstep had been a wonderful surprise.

And yet it along with the pleasantly joyous news that she'd stay a day or two brought some of the most physical of activities to mind.

He had wanted to mind his manners but the moment she bore her eyes onto his in the intimate of way she had.

Well, he's willing to show her the good things in life.

The wetness between her legs is building as her anticipation is getting the best of her.

"I can smell your arousal." Her eyes widen as his words finally catch up with her and he takes that moment to bite into her neck.

Blood drips onto her skin and the wall as he withdrew his mouth then backs up a little.

"As desirable as the thought of watching you beg is to me, I just want you to have a nice experience here."

The next thing she knows he's got his fingers inside of her and she closes her eyes as the sensations, need threaten to consume her.

His fingers fuck her slowly at first because he's wanting to see where she's willing to take this.

He'd take control under normal circumstances and if this were with anyone else but she's not so he's trying to be a little respectful.

That's clearly not the word he was looking for but it'll do just fine.

She mumbles his name against his skin and is meeting his thrusts with moaning that makes him want to draw out other noises.

There's a lack of verbosity here that has her wanting to make him stand on the same level.

She shoves him onto the mattress and gets on her knees. He still has his pants on and that is far from fair.

Elijah sits up and kisses her before she go forward as his hands find their way to her breasts.

She's still on the floor when he vamps behind her. He kisses her shoulder before she moves to the mattress and spreads her legs wide open while offering a challenging smile.

"I own you" Her words echo around them and he's not going to fight her on this because she is perfection incarnate.

He smiles slightly before pulling the rest of his clothes off and meeting her gaze while looking dead ass serious when saying the words. "Prove it"

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