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Michael watches Alex and Noma while they are training in the combat designated area. Ethan thinks he is being slick as he walks towards some of his teammates offering up contraband for a price.

His attention shifts back to the dual knowing that he isn't the only one interested because it seems the pair has gathered a crowd.

Most are people placing bets but Michael knows the outcome before it goes on any longer without real effort.

Alex will lose. It is noticeable to anyone watching that he is slacking it when he looks at Vega's princess with heart eyes and Noma takes advantage of the situation.

Knocking him on his back and Alex has eyes wide in surprise rather than pain. Michael can see that she looks at him the same way when he isn't paying attention.

Forbidden and unrequited love must be the worst but they have to grow up and get over it. The war won't stop and be considerate.

They should pull themselves together because they are Humanity's last stand. Still he can't relate so he should probably leave them to it.

"Practice is needed yet I can see that they are making great progress. The council put me on as messenger. They still fear you."

"That does not stop them from wanting you to scout out a number of civilians to train as possible 'back up' for the squads. One of the scouting teams has found a sizable amount of refuses in the desert."

Becca had walked up behind him looking at the current members of the Archangel Corps. She is proud of them and their accomplishments. They keep the city and its people safe from angels, from eight-balls.

"Thinking of the replacement for the replacement so soon into it. I have some people in mind but that does not guarantee we will have them on board."

"Noma, Ethan and Alex are veterans. Along other apparently nameless soldiers. They can help me train the new recruits. I will ask later." He pulls her close to him, kissing her gently. Wrapping his arms around her as they take in the view from here.


Four lower angels have been fatally wounded at the outskirts of the city. The medical team has claimed the bodies.

The only reason he got wind of the situation is because he had been flying around the city patrolling from the sky as his squad roamed the streets of Vega.

"Why wasn't I informed of this, my team? Who made the call." Michael walks past few of the spectators, some members of the medical team and Council members to find Becca in the middle of the commotion.

Seeing bullet casings among corpses and a set perimeter. These are dead people. Where is the respect, why is this a spectacle?

He feels repelled, disgusted. Like he does not recognize what it is that he loves about humanity in this moment.

"You were not needed. I saw an opportunity. I took it, how else was I supposed to have it resolved. They were not going to volunteer for the screenings at the hospital. Look at them. We would not know how to treat them to begin with because they are not human."

"Michael these things deserve to die." Becca looks at the corpses of lower angles knowing that he must be having mixed feelings about what he is seeing. He has to move on.

"No. They don't. It was not your call. Not if they are walking to the city willingly and unarmed. You can clearly see that."

"They are monsters." Michael hears most of the crowd speak up and forward with approval of her words and he feels his wings bristle, tense up.

Itching to break free so he takes a calming breath.

"I am exactly like them. I am them. The only difference is that I am older. Are you willing to threaten me with the same treatment."

Michael looks confused as he allows his anger to dwindle when Becca stiffened only to compose herself when she remembers that they are not alone, removes her gloves and walks to the gates.

Ignoring him. Allowing his words to linger.

He is going to give her some space and figure out what to do with the bodies of the possessed. He cannot bury them with the rest of the V's in the city.

He cannot just leave them out here. They require a proper burial. He embarrassed her before some of the members of the Council.

Her medical team not necessarily to undermine but he did question her authority in public.



With the arrival of Michael, training slowed. Alex stepped away from Noma. Having spent the past two hours and a half.

Trying rematch after another because it had started off as 'it's best two out of three' then three out of five and seven out of twelve because it was now past fun and games.

It was now an official round. And Alex had started off so strong only to fall short when Noma took him on seriously.

If he didn't know better he would say she wasn't human. But he dismissed the thought as soon as it comes. He cannot just mansplain his way out of this. Well he can but he won't.

She is just that good. Alex refuses to be a sore loser even if and although he has been wrecked.

Walking up to speak with the Archangel, tossing a glance over his shoulder at the crowd gathered nearby to watch the fights signaling that they would all need to take five.

Rotations would take place in half an hour they could call it a draw, go about their break and continue with the gambling tomorrow.

"We are taking on new recruits due to the inflation in the population. I am going going test your skills and how well you handle a management, a teaching position. You have enough experience now I need you to show it."

He dismissed the rest of the group pulling Alex and Noma aside. Asking them to stay with the pretext of having an issue that requires the expertise of them both.

"I guess you could try that. I wouldn't but you do you." Alex shrugs as he takes the last box of ammo for Noma's sake because she is running low.

"Maybe is not good enough an answer but it is the best I've got. We live in a wasteland. One that was prophesied a bajillion years ago."

"Where only what, five thousand people at most live worldwide. If you were lucky enough to find each other in this shit storm I just say be happy."

Noma looks at Alex wishing she would take her own advice but knowing that it's a lost cause. She excuses herself fixing them both with a tight smile.

Saying she is going to shower and grab lunch before heading for rotation in case they need to speak with her further.

Michael thanks them for listening to his venting and excuses himself saying he has to go around looking for Becca.

Flying around the city at first and walking the streets when he neared the locations he had assumed she would be.

Only to find that she was not at the hospital, her house or his. Flying around town does not yield any good results.

He had bought her a bouquet of flowers and in his opinion cleaned up nice. It wasn't date night and there was the very real possibility of him not even getting a smile from her tonight.

He embarrassed her in front of her medical team, civilians and some peers of the Council.

One thing he knows is that he has to make things right, better between them because she has a right to her opinion.

That is what free will is.




Michael asks around town finding a merchant saying he has seen Dr. Thorn walk into what had been an abandoned lab but because they have witnessed her frequent often enough that they assume it open for business again.

Or at least getting preparations to be.

He has not heard of this or even suspected it. Wondering why Becca had not bothered to tell him about it he is on his way into Becca's lab.

Expecting to see typical lab equipment and possibly some of her peers or scientists. Maybe a caged animal or two he loses his shit when he sees the almost impossibly white, clean- sterile room.

What takes his breath away is the white boards and information, the writing on the walls. The exquisitely detailed pictures.

Letting the flowers fall to the floor he walks further into the hallway and for the nearest laboratories.

It brings tears to his eyes, blood run cold and his skin crawl all at once. And something tells him this is just beginning because he hasn't even entered the main lab yet.

The moment he does he wishes with all his might that he is experiencing a nightmare but he doesn't dream of anything or anyone ever so that isn't accurate.

He wants to turn back time to when he was blissfully ignorant but he cannot when he finds out that some of the lower angel's bodies he found earlier.

Buried himself just outside of Vega have been exhumed. Have been being dissected. Like animals. Human science key word donated cadavers.

Michael scrambled to leave only to make a wrong turn and comes face to face with Louis, who he can clearly see has been dissected while alive.

He has been drugged up but not sedated if the look of absolute agony on his face is an indication.

"Who did this?" His voice is almost quiet as he takes a step towards him stance promising death once he stopped walking.

"Tell me, who did this to you!" Michael feels his wings extend and he wishes to God he had his Lance.

In this moment he desperately wants to carry out a repetition of the Flood. Call it a religious experience.

He sees it clearly now. The error of his ways. He betrayed Gabriel for this? Banished Lucifer. Alienated Uriel and battled against Raphael.

Put off wholeheartedly searching for Father. With all his might he had tried to forget about returning to Heaven.

She made him want a life here. With her in Vega even with the city full of flaws. Let him almost picture it.

Louis looks past him at the last person he had wanted to see here. Fear of God evident in his eyes.

Michael looks at the the table full of different medical utensils and he knows without seeing the blood that they were torture devices.

"You can rest now brother." He withdrawals his Archangel blade having summoned for it the moment he saw the first picture masterfully drawn of an angel's anatomy.

Without a second thought he plunged into Louis killing him instantly.

Watching his grace evaporate into the sky. Seeing the dark outline of his wings extend onto the wall behind him.

Missing feathers, jagged. Broken. That's the last straw.

"Michael, what are you doing here?" Becca doesn't have time to react as he flys forward at sonic speed crashing into her.

His fingers latch onto her throat tightening as his tears are a display of emotional weakness quickly squandered by his overwhelming rage.

He feels her scratch at his hands as they tear into his borrowed flesh and this pain in particular doesn't register.

Michael blacks out for a minute there he was so caught up on the violence.

It had not crossed his mind as he shoots some guards with a gun he snatched from one of them who had come once they heard the commotion that he was killing and maiming innocent people until he sees Alex out of breath and on the floor bleeding profusely.

Some of his other gifted, loyal subordinates dead all because of him.

Michael looked at Becca's lifeless body on the floor then took in the sight of her blood splattered on his hands, clothes and sword.

When had he stabbed her? She was no angel. She suffocated.

Oh God.

He's killed angels, demons, humans and countless species under his Father's command and of his own violation.

Their demise had meant little to nothing to him.

Looking at his subsequently former lover he feels like he sullied his name, his title in Heaven. He didn't even give her a chance to explain herself.

Becca took his heart with her just as he had found it. In this instant he hates her for making him mourn her.

For making it so easy to feel shame at having killed her. Sorrow that is all consuming as it washes over him.

She was a monster. Still as he takes a moment, just looking around the room he sees her research.

Her brilliance has always made its presence known without effort. It adds up, makes sense.

The perks of being in one of the Elite. With her medical knowledge it was no surprise that no one had bothered to question her whereabouts.

All this progress at the expense of his brethren. Of his friends. What would Gabriel think.

Raphael or Uriel?


Well his opinion isn't the best to take into account. It is always wrapped up around evil.

His brother is a lost cause. He still loves him but even he has to know that. He himself can never let it get that bad but he cannot be here.

No longer wants her blood on his feathers. On his hands. "Get out of here. Take nothing, no one with you. Say nothing or I'll find you."

Michael looks at the survivors who are clearly praying for a miracle or an explanation because what the fuck had they done to deserve this.

He blinks rapidly for a moment then flys for the ceiling effectively cracking the roof open without breaking a sweat.

"There was a time when I would have done anything for her. There was a time when she loved me."

Michael feels Uriel's presence then sees Raphael and Lucifer looming over the ledge to the side of him.

The had all come together, to his aid. Having heard his pleas on 'Angel Radio' and the had assumed that it was a desperate call for attention from Father or that one of the plagues had entered Vega.

Instead they found him looking every bit like a crime scene.

He needs them around to hold him down because at the moment he wants nothing more than to destroy humanity. Anything in his path really.

"What we had. It was not conventional but was easy, we were happy and I trusted her above anyone before her not of my blood."

"There is not a single doubt in my mind, there was a time when she truly believed in what we had. Loved me as much as I loved her...that all changed in time. Look at what I've done."

He is crying unable to compose himself even as rage burns in his veins like hellfire. He still has her blood on his person and he wants to apologize to his siblings, his dead brethren because he is mourning the death of murderer.

She killed his kind for sport, knowledge. Tortured them. And yet he loved her. Still does. He feels shame course through him edging him on. Begging him to lash out. Blaming him for falling for a human.

Telling him it was his fate to end up broken. For defying one of Heaven's strictest rules. Never fall for a Human.

They were to be protected not admired.

Not coveted.

They are meant to be their guardians. Oh how he has failed Father.

"Gabe, I killed her. I brought the wrath of God on her soul. She won't go to heaven and I'm the cause of it. The love of my life is in the Empty alongside Nothing and with Heaven sealed I cannot find her."

"You used your Lance on a mortal. One of the Archangel blades?" Lucifer looks at him clearly surprised and worried albeit proud of him then stares at Raphael because the group had agreed that she should be there keeper.

He shakes his head "I used my bare strength. She could have just asked me. She would have had an answer to anything she wanted to know. I ran her though with my blade."

"When I found out who, what she was I had to do it. She killed Angels. It is an unforgivable crime. There isn't even a place in Hell or Purgatory for such a..a sin."

He wipes his hands on his clothes. Her blood on his hands feel like it has stained to the bone. On a subatomic level.

"It is the only place she could be. I am not sure if the Ether would house her. With the atrocity of her crimes. Once Father returns I will get her back. Plead with him to lessen her punishment. To take me instead or allow me to share the burden."

"You know that she was corrupted with His knowledge, right." Lucifer does not mean to make things worse. Not now but he had to say it. He isn't lying here.

Michael wipe at his face standing up for his wings to extend only to have Raphael stand in his path and Uriel is in his line of sight as Lucifer is just out of range.

"Let me go. I have to make sure she gets the proper burial and destroy the evidence of her crimes. I do not want anyone to remember her like that. For as long as I knew her, to all of Vega and the outside world she was a survivor. A good person. A wonderful being. Anything else is irrelevant."

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