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There are sushi places near and in the Strip if memory serves me right so I'm guessing some of them or the people that know how it's done survive the Apocalypse or they do in the 'EID' universe because I'm assuming most people like fish and can find some even then.

Michael leans against the counter as he stares down at a stack of reports about Eight-Ball attacks and sightings near the boarders.

"Seems they are getting closer every week, growing bolder. If not then I'm to blame for the slack on the defense front."

He lowers the pen in his hand and feels the weight of his wings slump against him because he feels defeated as if he is at fault here.

"You're not to blame. They lower Angels are a constant threat. Would have been had you been there fighting them."

The citizens of Vega could have been harmed and he was out n about the town on a visit to the children's section of the hospital because they gathered around him, had been thrilled about the idea of seeing his wings in person.

"Why? Once the dust settles. Be thankful there are no human casualties to speak of. I think I understand where you are coming from, Becca. I do but that doesn't condone what they have done. Keep doing. They are just trying to survive. Like you. Us. It is not the only way though. Had there been bloodshed.."

"It was a small pleasure Michael. I don't thinking you should beat yourself up for it. You rarely take a break from the life as it is. And I thought you did the children a great service. You showing up gave them faith that whatever they are facing now they can get through it. That you're watching out for them."

Becca writes on some medical chart papers before stopping her conversation momentarily as she is handing over the clipboard to a nearby nurse.

Telling him to deliver it to the surgical wing on his way down there. "Tell you what, I'll make it up to you and nothing bad will happen. I promise."

"You can't guarantee that and have enough on your plate as it is." He knows that being in charge of overseeing all of Vega's scientific research and her take on this new approach of handling the city's medical experiments won't leave her much time outside of her work.

That she had done him a courtesy by allowing him to visit after normal hours to surprise the children because even though she can't fire herself and no one in Vega would dare question what she's doing.

He knows she doesn't want to make it seem as if she is playing favorites even though she happens to be almost courting him.

When he thinks he would like that under different circumstances he has to keep a realistic eye on the situation because relationships with humans is strictly looked down on in Heaven for good reasons but no one is up there now so he wants to go for it and take a risk.

Either it works out well or it doesn't.

"No, that I can't. I can get close enough however." She stops what she's doing long enough to look at him because she can see he is still unconvinced about it.

"How?" His voice comes out curious yet weary as if he thinks she is going to do something ill-advised.

"Like a magician ever reveals the secrets behind their tricks." She smiles as she looks back at her work because she really should be focusing on the documents on the table.

"You're no magician." His words come out more cut and dry then she had expected as he side glances her.

"Are you 100% certain of that."

It registers to Michael that she is kidding, flirting even and although he she is simply teasing it makes him question things a moment.

He does not think she holds any kind of magical powers because she would have told him. His trust in her is absolute.

Knowing that even though she technically is the spawn of Satan's blood because of Damien's love for Portia, Becca herself is completely human.

She could however have knowledge of the occult or the things that go 'bump in the night' and what goes with it if the right people have began to seek her out, have found way to keep tabs.

"We should do it again. Soon unless you are busy or have plans." It seems all of her focus is back on the documents he knows are her attempt at instituting new if not an updated take on proper health standards- protocols and basic rights for both citizens and people seeking temporary refuge.

"I have to find Alex and Ethan. They asked for the day off."

"Oh, give them a thumbs up for me." He's looking at her strangely and she feels her face heat up as she says. "I wasn't serious."

Looking at her watch as if thinking of an out as she tries again because she thinks she feels her dignity slipping through her fingers. "I have to go get ready for a staff meeting."

"Thursday, my place. Stir fry. It's the only thing I can get away with enough to call it decent." He rubs the back of his neck as he picks up the stack of files with his other hand.

"I'll bring my great grandmother's famous 'chicken and rotini casserole' it is a family recipe but I'll let you in on a secret. It has three to four types of cheese depending on what family member you ask."

She smiles as he leaned back as if she'd just revealed a huge secret. After a moment of staring at eachother with a heavy silence he nods saying 'its a date then' over his shoulder.


"Michael, what happened. What did you do?" She calls his name. Asking a few questions while sounding genuinely concerned about-for him as she closes the door to his suite. Setting her medical kit down with a look of fright to herself.

Looking around the room then him over in a haste for any sort of injuries on him or someone else only to see that he looks fine and that besides her he appears to be alone right now.

When she finds nothing she gives him a pissed off look then complained about a headache coming on and that she's gonna get him back for this.

"I assumed it was an emergency. I didn't even have time to change out of my uniform. It's not such a good thing that this coat is white because it really is not the wisest of choices, you see it doesn't do much of an attempt at hiding blood."

"Becca I think it suits you."

"The blood or the coat?" She is thinking the words you had to make it weird. As she takes off her coat, leaves it on a chair and walks to the table finding a pitcher of wine.

Grabbing a glass only to leave it on the table and slide it down to Michael because she can't have it now.

Should not be drinking therefore won't knowing how the hospital staff is they are currently understaffed and she was do back in the surgical unit at any given time this day.

"I had to amputate a man's foot before his infection got any worse. He'll have to get therapy but he should make a full recovery if he tries to stay positive and pulls himself together long enough to put in the effort."

"Sit with me a moment." He scoots down patting the spot next to him and she chuckles.

"I guess. Now that you're here I think I'm feeling lucky. You see I have this incredible pain here and I heard that you are the best in your field."

She touches his arm running her fingers down to his hand, making eye contact with him as he removes her shirt and pulls at her scrubs.

He kisses her. Holding onto her hips as she whispers the words "you're not wrong about that."

Before she's kissing him again. Thinking as far as first kisses to this isn't a bad one because her tongue is in his mouth and his hands have moved to grip her ass.

Pulling away as he says there are condoms in the drawer next to him and he thinks she's on the same wavelength when she says she will take birth control pills to have the extra measure of caution and be on the safe side.

She pushes her underwear down toeing it to the side on the floor as his mouth is on her again while he's working on removing his clothes.

His mouth is on her right breast as she bites back a little moan because it wouldn't surprise her if people are looking for her know that she doesn't want to be found.

And he is making her feel good. Amazing and seductive with just the right amount of erotic that makes her feel comfortable and confident about how she looks in this moment.

Not as guilty as she had assumed she was going to be because holy shit she's fucking an Angel but puts it in the back of her mind when he began applying lube on his cock while she watched him knowing he wasn't new to this and wondering why but thinking it isn't her business because he is here now.

As she is bared naked for him while she backs up. To sit on a counter top thinking of reclining backwards a little because the surface of it is firm and it should work plus she wants to see him walk up to her and take what be wants as she raises her legs.

He is looking at her sinfully now that he's called her name and she practically jumps on him when wrapping her ankles around the back of his neck like this was gymnastics practice but he doesn't seem to mind as holds her.

Kissing one of her legs the instant she is propping herself up with her elbows with some difficulty now that she has foregone the surface.

Feeling it now as opposed to just seeing if he is really strong but that thought goes when he takes a hold of himself and entered her caressing her tenderly a moment before making eye contact again.

Thrusting in deeply only to pull out a few inches then go deeper than that. Have her lick her lips as he kissed her before nipping at her collarbone to which she tightened her trip and her smiles happily.

She is certain that he rasped when she arched her hips and she swears this counts as the best work out of her life and are going to do this often when they have a clear schedule.



"You want this?" They are sitting in the hospital's cafeteria section because she is on another nightshift and he brought her lunch when Becca starts handing over a box of sushi.

Saying she is feeling nauseated and that there should be antacid in one of the drawers above the microwave.

And suddenly he is on alert praying to God that she isn't pregnant because he cannot have a Nephilim.

He doesn't want to have to kill it or see her die because of it.

If a child of an Angel and a human isn't all fine and dandy then the children of a human and an Archangel spell 'done' in bold letters and is underlined.

"The book next to it. Give it to me as well." He smelled the fish and it smells fresh so he pops one in his mouth to make sure. Eating it to find out that it tastes normal.

"Relax. I think it just isn't sitting well with me." She stands up getting a glass, filling it with water and grabbing some Alka-seltzer watching it disappear with a fizzing sound.

She wants to throw up but is thinking that it has to do with her nerves going haywire since her little slip up this morning with-when one of her new experiments ended in valuable time wasted, inconclusive data and a runaway test subject.

The Council got wind of the situation thanks to David whom has moved on from simply holding her entanglement to Michael for the news of her 'favored' pastime above her.

She is doing what she is doing, what she can and has to for Humanity. Because if not her then she knows no one will.

Knows that even though she understands what he's doing, where he is coming from because in his shoes she would be doing the same thing.

He better drop it and aline himself with her because she is on the winning team.

She is just playing her part to one day make life easier for Michael and although her experiments on Higher and lower Angels is somewhat barbaric, cruel it is for the greater good.

In time he will see it too. Until then she won't stop.

"It tastes fine. Maybe you are just coming down with something. It's flu season after all." He hands her a cup of tea after setting down his chopsticks after finishing the sashimi because she clearly doesn't want it anymore.




"Michael stop." He jumped off the building only to soar above her and into the night sky's gray clouds as she screams, cursing his name.

Breathing heavily as her hair blows in sync with the wind as she is taking a number of steps back from the ledge because her fear of heights is finally getting to her.

He arrives about 26 hours later to find his bed empty and closet clear of her things but what really hits home for him is that there is a trinket with her name engraved on the inside just sitting on his pillows.

Like a final 'fuck you' to him and he knows he messed up big time.

Debating whether to go find her now or in the morning. If he should bring flowers while repeating the same question how mad is she?

Over in his mind then thinking he should find Alex or Noma because they are in love with people they shouldn't have fallen for.

He is thinking they should be able to help him plus she a woman and they know everything unless he goes to Helena which should be in La Jolla somewhere near San Diego maybe but definitely in California.

Thinking that this is just a fight, a verbal dispute and nothing more. That she should be over it in the morning while thinking couples like that are simply wasting time.

For one reason or another and that he doesn't want that for himself or her so he has to fix it if he wants to move forward.

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