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Michael sits on the ledge of the Stratosphere as the Sun begins to set and he feels his wings want to extend. He wants to fly around the city, roam the sky free as a bird but the town's people aren't ready for that yet.

The funny thing is that he has a building all to himself now. It is a nice building at that. Apparently it had been a Hotel and casino.

Wondering how many people won and lost it all behind these walls but knowing that it doesn't matter.

All of those people are long dead probably enjoying mojitos with Father because surely Heaven isn't locked to the humans.

No matter what transpires, transgressions he knows that they will be given fair judgement.

Right now, for the past day he just likes to be up here observing the city and it's people.

It is the stuff of nightmares this Apocalypse because children have been forced to witness atrocities.

Their friends and family, teachers or neighbors being pretty much possessed by lower Angels.

Because Hell is shut off with all demons in it and Heaven is closed for business.

"I am trying my best to stay calm, positive while on the mission or this punishment..I no longer know. Not that I ever really had clue as to what you were thinking."

He is praying, no talking. Trying to reach out to Father but it comes as no surprise that it is to no avail.


"Michael? Are you up there!" Becca looks outside the window but steps back a few steps a minute later.

She is not the biggest fan of heights and will not risk falling just to call out if the Archangel actually is not up there.

It has been a few months since she found out. That he trusted her with the knowledge of what he is.

Weeks since he had confided in her that he thought it time to come clean with the survivors. The citizens, refugees and higher-up members of Vega alike.

Days now that everyone in Vega knows that he isn't like them. A part of the species in any way, shape or form but that the man they see before them is a willing vessel.

That he is something greater because he is an Angel of the Lord, better still the strongest Archangel ever created.

People all over town had risen up and had the gall to oppose him directly. Saying that it would be a grave mistake to let him stay everyone left the world over knows what his mind has done.

At the first insulted, slight his accomplished feats in the war she had had enough.

Even had stood up for him.

Defended him, he recalls that just before standing up she whispered in his ear that 'giving up was never an option' before smiling his way briefly, unafraid.

In that moment he knew his heart belonged to no one but her.

Then he saw her standing before all. In a calm and concise voice presenting only logical reasoning and responses to all of their questions, concerns.

As if they'd rehearsed any and all questions and answers for a week straight but he had wanted to laugh because he knew that she was simply winging it.

One good thing came of it. He now knows better than anyone that emotions had-have absolutely nothing, no place in a court of law.

At least in Vega.

And in her version of it. Now his. Law is absolute once sentence had been placed.



Her heart rate almost drops to nothing as he jumps off the ledge and appears before her with a serious look to himself.

"Hello Becca. You needed something of me?" She notices that Angel killing sword at his hands as he is prepared for the worst but wanting to wait and hear what she had to say first.

Because she knows that he values her opinion.

Her throat goes dry and she feels all too warm suddenly. Silently wondering if she could blame it on living in a desert.

"I..No. Well yes. You just about killed me. Give me a minute." She is trying to get her heart to it's regular beat but it only gets monumentally worse when her puts his hand to her chest.

Looking confused then a dark blush covers his face when he realized what he's doing. What it looks like and he removes it promptly.

"You heart is beating faster than usual it's distracting, I quite like it but are you alright?" He looks at her eyes and she just nods saying.

"Uh-huh, fantastic." Becca nods somewhat too quickly for it to come off like she is telling the truth but she might be a little shaken because he barged in way too gung ho so he lets go of wanting to question her further.

"I was looking for you because the council wants to hold a meeting. So I wanted to give it to you straight and here it is."

He approached, nearing a few steps closer to her after sheathing his sword although now instead of looking believed that there was no threat or battle up ahead he looks even more concerned than before.

"Right. As I was saying, I'll give you the gist of it. We want you personally to hand pick the best soldiers available to Vega. Assemble a team of Elite warriors to be ready and willing to defended not only us, the council and our families but Vega as a whole when the time inevitably comes."




"Will I be able to train them myself, add a regiment." He lets his guard drop substantially as he walks past her and to the door. Knowing that she'd walk beside him promptly.

"Yes. You will also be able fire them if they don't meet expectations or a quota for whatever task, reason." Becca knows that they should really be discussing this with the rest of the council, as a whole but she is liking that he just wants to hear what she has to say.

"No. We should have one thing clear before we proceed. Make it official. Once I've chosen them I'll make sure they all work on the same level and stick to the formation even if I happen to switch their tasks or order. I led the Armies of Heaven. I'm certain that managing the recruits will be as easy as pie."

He looks self assured and she isn't doubting that for an instant

"Do you have anyone in mind so far?" She can remember the lakes he lists out now, maybe jot them down or track and talk to the candidates herself.

"A woman named Noma. She is skilled already, it would not take her much time improve even further. I want her on my squad. Will I get to choose a name for this team?" He looks at her before thinking she didn't have to scout him out herself but glad that she's here because seeing her has improved his mood and day greatly.

"No we chose one for you, them. The 'Archangel Corps.' do you like it?" Her eyes meet his and he opens his mouth, closing it then talking again.

"It's not a lie..if that answers your question." He smiles and she rolls her eyes, taking his arms as if he doesn't know his way there or really needs to be escorted.

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