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Disclaimer:I don't own anything related with or to 'Dominion' like characters etc. I am just a fan of the show, it's plot and actors.

Pairing: Michael/ Gabriel

Summary: "What we had. It was not conventional but it was easy, we were happy and I trusted her above anyone before her not of my blood. There is not a single doubt in my mind, there was a time when she truly believed in what we had. Loved me as much as I loved her...that all changed in time."

M note: This story is AU-ish, the characters are ooc I guess and the second chapter will give insight into all of the sections below. I had originally planned on making this a two chapter long story but I'll probably make it three.

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Vega, Nevada

The first time they meet most of the earth's population is in complete disarray because God has abandoned his most cherished creation.

Dozens of humans either lay dead or a possessed by monsters..angels..

This isn't just taking place in one country.

It's happening everywhere, all at once and no-one is sure why that is or why their loved ones are dying out quicker than a flies lifespan.

People are absolutely frightened but nobody is giving up without a fight, they have people to protect and nothing will stop them if they have something to say about it.

He's soaked in gasoline and she's covered in a handful of stranger's blood.

What a sight they made for the survivors around them.

One terrified of the other.

Onlookers to this day cannot be certain which of them is in the right about that day.

What they are certain of though is that in that instant in between fear and guarded weariness those two hit it off quicker than anything they'd seen before.

Working together flawlessly as if caught by the invisible threading of fate.


She doesn't know what to do. There is a cold sweat running down her body. She's just seen the hottest guy she has ever come upon before.

It is not like all she cares for are his looks but it doesn't hurt that he's got this easy smile that makes her melt and sometimes he's not even directing them at her.

Right now it's either directed at Edward or some survivors because it's in his general direction but it's fine.

She needs to head towards the hospital anyway and was just stopping by long enough to hear a bit of David's speech on the dangers it poses to the city for people to wander too close to the boarders of said city because those monsters outside of the walls of Vega are just waiting for fools to possess or kill.

But most of the teens and adults here had lived through those tragic events that haven't even taken place for more than two months ago.

The good thing is that they as a species are regrouping, gaining strength in numbers and sharing knowledge.

Of all needed topics the top two required as of now are some almost everyone here has a basic awareness and understanding for.

Such as medicine and agriculture to thrive as a whole and hopefully survive another attack if and when it comes.

Michael has surprisingly enough, an incredible amount of experience and expertise on both.

She can't help but like him and that sucks because all the girls around here are tripping over themselves to get close to him.

Oh well, she has a couple of tasks at the moment that should keep her occupied for the next week or so.


He looks like an angel when asleep. She says as much and he laughs as if she's just said the funniest joke of life.

Before this 'Extermination War' it would have been a compliment but there is no malice to her words.

Just a breathless handful of words because she had been carrying a couple of boxes and happened to notice him asleep dangerously close to the balcony.

"Living that dangerous life, I see. Be careful Michael, you might hurt yourself. I wouldn't want that..."

He kissed her even before she could take a moment to breathe but she didn't mind. There was something odd about it though.

It is perfect.

Absolutely amazing and unlike any other kiss she's had before.

Okay she hasn't gone around kissing just anyone but this completely tops anything she'd previously experienced or expected and the best part wasn't even that.

It was so chaste and she knows he can do better and that is unbelievable because he should be charging for something this great.

And that sounds a little offensive so she's never going to mention that to him.

He laughs unexpectedly after backing up and she feels bad, a little more than slightly put off because he was probably just messing with her but he stops abruptly.

"I like you. Normally...I'm a little shy... Sorry." He looks a little flustered but there's something about the way he holds himself that tells her he's been through things she can't even begin to imagine but he's here with her now and that's what's important.



It's date night.

Their first date actually but he enjoys spending time with her so he'll make a habit of doing this more often.

That is if she doesn't mind of course.

Currently though, he is terrified but not willing to show it. With absolutely no real plans for today he doesn't know what he wants to accomplish.

He's seen enough of humanity to know what he should expect. What to say, what to keep to himself.

Common sense dictates certain things, actions but everything about this situation and their relationship is unexpected and he likes this new, strange emotion.

Well, there's one thing that he wants out of tonight. He just hopes to see her smile. There's a good, weird feeling he gets when she does this.

All he will need to accomplish this is to ease up a little.


"I'm an Archangel." He reveals his wings as if to prove a point but he won't look away. He needs to see her reaction for himself, even if he doesn't like what he sees.

"I figured you were someone special." Her words catch him off guard and he gapes at her slightly, clearly having expected anything else but this.

"How?" She is mesmerized by the sight of him like this. His wings are absolutely stunning but he doesn't attempt to protect himself as she reaches to touch them.

Inching closer than before every few seconds because honestly this is something new, strange and a little scary but awesome because she's positive she is the only person he's trusted with this-his dangerous secret first.

"I don't know...I just knew you were someone I should keep close." He closes his eyes as if relaxing instantly by her delicate touch.

She feels humbled by this but his next words make her retract her hands from him slowly and he stares at her as if understanding completely why she's doing so.

"Friends-family close but enemies closer type of situation?"

"No. Not this time. Is that how it is for you, Michael?" He walks towards her but stands far away enough to not feel like he's being intimidating with his actions.

His eyes are on her but he stays in place. He's ready to put it all on the table so to speak.

"No, I think I've just grown attached to humans. I certainly have to one."

He smiles at her sadly as if he's ready to leave and never bother her again or something and she wants to keep him here, with her but his last words keep her rooted in place.

"To you."

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