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"Victor, Mr. Frankenstein I understand that this is your estate however opening it up to the public is simply the wrong move to make."

Faust had been invited to look at the house and see about renovations or changes that may need in order to become a B&B.

There was one upsetting piece of news. He fell absolutely in love with the place.

And does not want to see it ruined by all the changes he has to make in order to accommodate what he is sure will be a different story of cliental than what he thinks this place needs.

"Yes believe me, I understand the concerns. Have taken a few into consideration. Still I have made up my mind. I cannot be here alone and I refuse to sell my property. It would bring extra income. A good business venture. The way of the future. Therefore I need you to help me bring this place up to code if it needs it."

Victor smiles at the man who clearly knows he is lying through his teeth. He is a doctor and a science enthusiast. Above all else a man from a very prominent family.

He does not necessarily need the money but he can use the profits to pay for whatever expense Caliban sees fit to help with the indisposed in the catacombs of London. Or underneath a bridge, in the sewers maybe.

Lily and Proteus fast improving lifestyles.

Still he noticed how seemingly distressed the man is about him opening his family home to the public. He was not going to use it at first.

Had not even considered it until Proteus said he liked each new establishment better than the last and he had been overwhelmed with options to the point where he got anxious.

Saying that he no longer wanted to go through with it then promptly making his exit into the streets whilst Caliban ignored them to keep checking the location for other exits and Lily told him how he forgot to factor in what living together actually entailed.

That he should set a time limit on how much time the guests can keep a booking for a room.


"Lily." Victor also motions for Caliban and Proteus with a small smile, telling them to come in and make themselves at home but it's gone as soon as it comes.

"I wanted you to have first choice of the rooms. At first I had thought about placing you three in the same bedchamber then the servants quarters but that would be a problem considering I've already hired a few extra hands."

He knows that they will arrive the following month. He has a number of reasons why he hired them in advance and is pretty much giving them a paid vacation from the get-go.

One of them being that he wants people on board while still giving his family time to settle in and help around without being overwhelmed by all of the changes or additions to their home just yet.

"There are rooms in the attic but that alike the basement are no place for a lady much less my family."

Caliban looks at Proteus with an air of boredom as he watches him listening to Victor's every word as if about ready to take notes on the conversation.

"Therefore I think it best to stick with what we know." Victor looks at him then the other two ss he continues.

"You three are free to roam around until your luggage arrives. If you get lost just wander back. As far as I'm concerned no one has died from getting lost here yet."

He had wanted to say something about a bell but they all seem to want to get on with her life so he puts in a closing statement since he has things of his own that require his attention.

"There are a number of secret passages I want you to be well acquainted with by the end of the month. Once you have done so I want you to tell me then I plan to show you the catacombs."

Afterwards he just walks away not sure if telling them they are dismissed would be the best thing to do at the moment.

Two hours later he bumps into Lily who looks excited as she strikes up a conversation when she says.

"Did you know that every room I have seen has boudoirs in the quarters larger than my last appartment."

He looks mildly surprise, happy to hear that she likes it and he just nods asking if she had decided on a room to which she says that she isn't anywhere near done looking.



Half an hour later he spots Cali- John Claire, he has to remember that. He made a compromise here and we wants to turn a new leaf with him first and foremost. Victor walks past the hall and into the gallery room.

Just watching John staring at old family portraits and pictures along the walls to see him stopping on one of him as a baby with him parents.

And brings up old long forgotten feelings, thoughts. Because he doesn't want to talk about it Victor makes his presence known although he very much figures not much takes John by surprise anymore.

"Demon" Jonh doesn't look away from the portrait but at least he acknowledged his presence so it's a start. "You have a beautiful home."

"John, I think you could help out with the management of the kitchen and menus."

Victor looks at Caliban expecting anger or not thinking it acceptable enough for him. Still as he takes a step towards him and further into the room noticing that despite his time away from place, seeing it piled up dust.

Because he had let everyone go once he moved out, checking up on some of the employees closest to his family from time to time.

Mainly sending them gifts on Christmas or their birthdays. And them asking if he's married yet or if he has children.

If only they knew..

Only for him to say that he isn't ready to take that step with anyone. That his work is his world and he doesn't want that to change.

He finds it endearing how they always say he should go out with a niece of theirs or a neighbor. He dismissed the thought as the sun rays of sunshine stopped hitting the windows.

That he remembers it. Walking around in the dark with a candle stick to get something to eat or drink.

Being comfortable because even in the dark he knows this place like the back of his hands.

He recalls tripping down some stairs after playing tag with his siblings only for them to come out of their hiding spots, laugh then help him up.

Or when he got retaliation by locking them up in the pool room only to have them having the time of their lives as opposed to being frightened.

Those were the days.

He remembers the garden grounds and greenhouse, how he loved to be there with his mother planting a cactus or a Venus flytrap while she looked over him amused.

His father's office and memories of him playing the piano in the living room sometimes.

As he looks at John he cannot help but think a man of his talents is wasted in the kitchen yet it was one of the safest places for him.

No one would see his face or care to and that is just what he needs. A job is a job and he would pay a competitive wage.

"I do not know how to cook." That is something he had kind of taken into account but he was relying on the fact that Caliban had lived on his own for so long. That it would have taught him some valuable life skills.

This is unfortunate news.

"Neither do I. Proteus was a fisherman in his past life therefore I am unsure whether or not he knows, I would know much less about Lily. I found her in the streets with Mr. Chandler on a romantic evening. What have I done?"

He looks at him then sits on the couch watching nothing after that. "I should have planned better. I'll hire chefs. They can teach you or you can design the outfit. I heard you were in the theater."

He is definitely thinking that those skills just magically bleed into what he wants at the moment because of the associating career.

Knowing that it might take practice but it can't be that hard to master.

"It was a pleasure working there for a while." John clears his throat looking like he wants to leave already which he most likely does to finally pick his room is he hasn't already and get ready for dinner.

"There is a library adjacent to Lily's room. The one I am almost certain she wants most of all that she has seen so far. I'd like you to see if there are any books you have yet to read."

"I am asking because Miss Ives has graciously offered to bring in new ones in exchange for a few of the old."

"She is planning a charity event here in two months time. To promote the location and to help support some foundation or another. I'll leave you to think about it."

He wants to add that he should probably have them or a list ready by the morning but he doesn't instead getting up and walking to find his old room. He wants to take a shower then a nap while he still has time.

A few people are coming over to make food and clean up the kitchen. Earlier in the week he had arranged for it. Granted he had planned on coming here by himself and specifically for said books.

Aside from that he hadn't had any intentions of coming here. Thinking the few bad memories outweighed the good, still do but with their help he plans to change that.




"Lily, I think you look divine." John looks at her and she knows that he is not going to chase after her anymore. That he knows she has found happiness all for her own with people who love her.

And now that they have gotten to know each other better without the thought of dating she finds that she enjoys his company as he does hers.

That they can be friends even and that they share a fondness for Miss Ives which really helped kick-start the bonding.

Having seen each other earlier a few times only to have him playfully stating."If thee and me find ourselves lost we will be in quite the predicament."

She puts her fingers to her mouth and whistles at a loud pitch or maybe it comes off like that because it echos off the walls.

"If we get lost or there is trouble that'll be the sign we use. Got it, good." She walks past him and into the room she keeps coming back to.

Thinking that maybe it's a sign does she keep circling back to it.

This place definitely needs a map or two to get around at least until they get a lay of the land.

"Do you by chance have a quill or a pen?" John had walked into the dinning room to see Lily already sitting there

"No, I can help look around. You could check the drawers. There is bound to be a few. What are you going to do?"

She found the perfect room and with a little cleaning, a few days of airing it out. Adding her own touch, furniture she knows she can make it work.

So she is feeling amazing thinking that this place is a nice getaway location.

"I want to do something like try my hand at poetry." Jonh watches Proteus walk with his Creator and he thinks he should probably get to know him as well.

So far he seems nice enough, kind even. Always smiley, naive looking but it was expected. He is a newborn. Is being raised by Victor Frankenstein himself. John's good attitude quickly disappears when he realized that he is for the most part jealous.

It leaves a bad taste in his mouth and he doesn't know how to fix it or if he actually wants to. He needs to hate him. Refuses to simply forgive him for giving him a house and the prospect of a nice, safe job.

A family.

It is too late.

He wants an apology but more than that he..he wants..he doesn't know what yet. He'll figure it out.

"Gather around. I have an announcement." Victor looks at the three of them with what can best be described as glee.

"Before you finish getting settled into your room I wanted to tell you a little bit of my, well now our family history." Victor is standing at the entrance to the dinning room looking clean and feeling great. Like he can take on the world.

"My parents were Alphonse Frankenstein and Caroline Beaufort. Both long dead, they were very nice people. I find that I miss them greatly."

"In a way I now think that they are kind of the incentive I needed to to create you. A catalyst if you will. Let there be no doubt I was always fascinated with death more so the possibility of reanimating the inanimate. That had always been the target. Even as a child I experienced such hopes, dreams."

Well when they died and I didn't want to go through life without.. it served to push me." He stops talking looking at the table as he loses himself in thought and John doesn't feel like he has all day as he asks.

"When did they die?" Victor blinks a few times surprised to see Caliban engaging in the conversation. Feeling better instantly and he thinks it almost happiness bubbling in his heart.

"Well I 17 years old when I watch them succumb to scarlet fever." He shrugs slightly before continuing the story. Thinking that there is nothing he wants to do about it. He loves his parents but he will not bring them back.

"I am by birth a Genevese. Geneva is a place in Switzerland. I would like for you to accompany me to Zürich one day. A family trip perhaps, we'll see. Getting back on topic it is a place in which my family is one of the most distinguished of that republic. I am basically famous, I don't care about it usually but it is a little nice to gloat."

"My ancestors had been for many years counsellors and syndics. My father had filled several public situations with honour and reputation."

"I have two brothers William and Ernest. They are still alive. Out and about somewhere in the world. We don't keep in touch. And for as long as I live I would like to keep it that way. One more thing, I would like for you three to take on my last name officially."

"All right do you have any questions because I would like to ask one of my own. What should we call this place?" Victor looks at the three of them to see if they can think of a name because he had done all the hard work so far.

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