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M note: Cereal was invented in 1863 by some guy in the United States of America. The characters are ooc-ish, this is AU. for obvious reasons but still takes place around the 1890s- Victorian period.

"Having wandered some distance among gloomy rocks,

I came to the entrance of a great cavern...

Two contrary emotions arose in me: fear and desire.

Fear of the threatening dark cavern.

Desire to see whether there were any marvelous things in it."

-Leonardo da Vinci

"Creator, you must be joking." The thought alone of this man, his cunning. The simple fact that he has spent almost half of today seeking out his firstborn for this shit is enough for him see it so.

Oh his folly is impressive in this instance and John does not find this to be humorous at all.

Victor's indignant look speaks volumes no words could ever achive but he won't give in so quickly.

"No. This is not me jesting, Caliban." His hands are clutching the fabric of his shirt as he brings it up to cover his nose slowly.

It does not really help but it's fine at least now he feels a little safe psychologically even though he probably looks kind of retarded.

Having him thinking that it is alright. No one's nearby. Well Caliban is here but he does not count, therefore all is well.

Just staring at the wall in disgust won't really help him with anything but he is only pulled out of his thoughts when the creature next to him starts talking.

"John Clare. That is my name now. Know this now demon, you do not have authority over me."

"Right. Look..Son..." Victor felt like bashing his face into the wall but it is splattered in weird crap.

He feels regret at having not been there for him and had his fear of him not been to such an extent he would have been.

Is certain of this.

He blames his fleeting feelings of regret on a headache while he takes a second to take in his surroundings as a look of repulsed disgust is now prominent on his features even though half of it is covered by his shirt.

There is so much garbage and what smells like rotten tomatoes and fecal matter.

For a moment he wonders how people can live like this then he reminds himself that he is not there for them and he gets over it.

It takes a full minute to collect himself. He still wants to throw up but that is unbecoming and John is just looking a little sad and assumed underneath all that he can only find anger.

He needs to make this better. Maybe even try to go as far as to apologize and be on his not so merry way afterwards.

Because he sees now that he has done enough damage and the sad thing is that he hasn't even tried to do it or honestly make sure that he fixes it.

"Your family needs you. I..." Victor stopped talking by that point and looked as exasperated as he felt before continuing.

"I need you to help us with something-" Opening with a request was not the best course of action in hindsight but he had to start somewhere and he thinks there is no reason to beat around the bush.

"What." It comes out more of a statement than a question and now Victor wants to facepalm because he had been getting to the point of explaining. Actually he is pretty sure Caliban will not go through with joining him if he tells the truth.

Okay, he has got the solution. Lie.

" has always been Lily's dream, you see and Proteus is so excited. They, both of them. Want to up a B&B. I'm going along with it because I think it a great idea."

Uh that was terrible but he tried so it's good enough.

"She has been 'alive' for a year and a half." The deadpan is his words is at the point of comedic in the fact that it is so damn serious.


"No, Victor. Not really." Caliban turns to leave and he gets half a dozen steps in before Victor speaks up again.

"Please. I just want us together and coming here to beg you, persuade you about this somewhere so close to whatever the fuck is trying to escape that load of trash right is not how I planned to spend my day off."

"You're right. I'm pretty sure you'd rather be injecting yourself with morphine."

"Honestly, right now? Yeah. That does sound preferable to this. I'm here in a place that is the definition of seedy. One I grantee you that I will never visit again if common sense doesn't fail me. It's a Saturday." He says the last words as if that explains everything, the extent of his sacrifice.

He has said the words as if they explain everything but at this point he has started talking and he won't finish until he's got Caliban saying that he wants a raise in salary even though they haven't even begun.


And he is quickly forgetting what it is he is ranting about.

"...Nobody else does this. I should be asleep or at some random lady's party hitting on g-" His eyes open a little wider as an idea forms itself slowly in his mind.

"I will cut back on my drug intake." This suggestion sounds preposterous and he is not sure if he can actually go through with this because it is pointless and he is the one to suggest it, doesn't that defeat the purpose of this?

Who cares, it's out there now.

The look of confusion is short-lived on Caliban's face as it morphs into one of 'I give no fucks' and he's got zero problems letting his Creator know it.

"Your health is of little concern to me-"

Victor holds up a hand as if signalling for him to stop talking as he speaks up, refraining from just blurting the first thoughts that come to his head.

My goodness, he needs a filter and cereal because he is kind of hungry but wants something light.

"If I died now or in a week you will not have the opportunity to cause me suffering. I am sure you wouldn't want to waste an opportunity such as this."

He licks his lips because his mouth feels a little dry and he just wants to go home or at least to a familiar setting. This is the type of place he has read of in the papers where people get mugged or killed.

Then again he isn't alone or in too good a company but he feels a bit safe knowing that his creature would sooner kill him than allow someone else to cause him harm.

God, he's such a fucked up person.

"John, you can ignore me for most of the time we work together or keep tabs on me to see that I'm not trying to ditch you, again."

He grimaced and backed up a few steps as he hears loud squeaking. He is greatly disturbed by the thought that a rat chewed its way out of the trash.

"Hang on, do we really need to discuss this here. I think I'm dying and great. Well that's just perfect, I just gave you an-"

John took notice and is wondering if he's actually serious right now.

Because here before him stands a mortal who can raise anyone he so chooses from death and he's seemingly scared of or grossed out by rodents.


"I know of a little place nearby, come on."

A look of astonishment plays upon what is visible on his face and he wants to say 'thanks' but at that point in time it feels like too much even though it clearly isn't.

"I have money, a lot of it. I usually don't use or brag about it but I have enough to buy a nice place in an upscale neighborhood. A place Miss Ives suggested that is a reliable source of potential customers, travelers."

The conversation ends there because there is a group of guys walking around them, surrounding.

"They are walking too quickly to be just passing by."

Caliban doesn't look like he wants to fight anyone and Victor knows that he could just sit back and watch as he is in complete danger but that doesn't stop him from being a smartass with his next comment.

"No shit, Sherlock." Only to hear the words 'I will leave you here to fend for yourself' and Victor wants to bash his face against the wall because he just had to jinx it.

Still there is a little pride because his Creature catching the book reference and he wishes he had been there to teach him or at least study the rate at which he's able to process the information.



"Wait, follow my lead." Victor no longer wants blood on his hands. After fixing his youngest child. Repairing with spare body parts he stole from the nearest graveyard he thinks he has had enough time to come with the conclusion that three is enough.

Is done killing people or buying/stealing their corpses because he has done it. He has created life when all he had to show for it on his work table had been inanimate matter.

He did not beat death he bypassed her all together and she can never touch him or more than likely his creations.

One more would not hurt now that he's thinking about it because Caliban already said that he doesn't count.

Over seven feet tall, grey rotted flesh it almost looks green, bolts. It's a first draft and he is simply spitballing with himself here. It would be a mammoth of a man.

A beast.

Frankenstein through and through.

To rival Caliban and his other creatures.

Maybe he'd keep it in mind in case future opportunities arise.

"What are you doing so far into the alleyway. This part of the city is quite dangerous."

"I'm sure and yet that is none of your business. Good night gentleman." Victor does not know if is it is the beginning of withdrawal symptoms that are making him bold or that his firstborn is at his side after such an extensive amount of time.

All he knows is that nothing can touch him.

"You aren't leaving without-" The ringleader moves for him. He does not get the chance to finish talking before Caliban steps forward and into the light as Victor mumbles the words. "You can have my wallet. If you survive."

As an afterthought he spoke a little lower saying. "I really don't like violence. There is always too much blood."

And Caliban rolling his eyes clearly exasperated as Victor sighs, avoids looking back he hears a sickening noise and howls of anguish.

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