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Summary: Victor Frankenstein has the best idea ever. Okay it's not that great but it is something that could help bring his 'family' together. What is the proposal he uses to reel Caliban, Proteus and Lily in? Open up a B&B.

M note: The story is AU-ish, characters are ooc-prone and I will kind of divert from canon. It's been established that Victor's a necrophiliac, so there's that... There is no real incest here cause no one is related.

This is the first time I write for the fandom so that's exciting.

I was listening to 'Drop the game' and the cover of 'No diggity' by Chet Faker

Acquainted With The Night

'I have been one acquainted with the night.

I have walked out in rain—and back in rain.
I have outwalked the furthest city light.

I have looked down the saddest city lane.

I have passed by the watchman on his beat
And dropped my eyes, unwilling to explain.

I have stood still and stopped the sound of feet

When far away an interrupted cry
Came over houses from another street,

But not to call me back or say good-by;

And further still at an unearthly height,
One luminary clock against the sky

Proclaimed the time was neither wrong nor right.
I have been one acquainted with the night.'

- Robert Frost

Caliban stopped walking around aimlessly through the busy streets of London because for some reason he got the curious notion, the not really (to him) disturbing feeling of tailed.

He was not scared, he is dead already.

What other fear than that is universally acceptable or recognized amongst civilizations as a whole?

He did not know.

Anyway, it should be stated that said act by itself was not what had him so 'on edge'.

What bothers him was who.

If he was any other person he would have thought nothing of it, not really.

Perhaps he would have been somewhat flattered someone took time out of their lives to 'see' what he was up to but knowing that man.

He was either walking the same direction as himself or and this was more plausible. He was hanging out just watching so that none of his friends suddenly go missing.

After a couple of minutes of this; taking random streets and bypassing, short-cutting then scaring the crap out of strangers through no sincere attempt of it.

He stopped walking as he reached an alleyway and made a noise of annoyance when he realized that it was a 'dead-end'.

Doing what any reasonable person would do. The word 'not' echoes in his mind as he does so.

He sits down even though the brick wall closest to him is sticky with what appears to be goop oozing out from multiple bags full of trash that are emanating a rotting tomato smell.

It does not bother him much as he waits, ponders.

Unusual indeed, the thought of being observed by his maker.

His father.

Victor Frankenstein.

Some creator he was...


A child playing God.

Nevertheless, a god among men.

He should not think that. Much less say it aloud.

Such a compliment...truth...would go straight to his head boosting up his ego when all he desired with such despair.

Was to see him suffer.


It was not the act so much as the person playing the part.

Victor was watching.

Mapping out, remembering the layout of this part of the city. He counted each step mentally to make sure he wouldn't get lost.

Is honestly a bit surprised he hasn't bothered walking this way before. There isn't much to see and it is way out of his normal area of business.

So he isn't that shocked.

Knowing, fully understanding that the creature. Or as he liked to call himself, Mr. Clare would be the first and only person he would have a difficult time...persuading.

His plan was ingenious.



Proteus was on board without him really getting more than a few words out and Lily went with it because she could not seem to choose in between Mr. Gray or Mr. Chandler.

Once she had a few days to herself, well away from either.

She would probably keep both and they would not complain much because polygamy.

Slowly walking in a elegant yet slightly aloof looking way of his as he kept to himself even though people tried to talk to him about Miss Ives.

He wasn't her father or a part of her family.

A great friend, sure he supposed but that did not mean he should be made aware of or actually care to know of her whereabouts throughout the day.




Acquiring a safe yet practical distance from any danger simply knowing Lily or Vanessa could cause to his person.

He walked into more.

But this was for a good cause.

Something that he would in time, undoubtedly taint because the establishment of his moral has always been a little skewed.

Standing on the line between good and bad until he is forced to choose.

Walking as if blindfolded only to question himself in the no-longer rare moments that arise where he is not all that sure which side is the one under him.

He knows that he is not really cut out to be stalking.

Well then, he is glad that he has a trade and that this certainly is not it.

A few times he got lost and thought of giving up but he pushed it away as he walked a little faster.

If he had stopped to think for a moment he would have remembered that John always found his way back to him.

Maybe it would have worked for him too.




Caliban kept calm as he attempted to lose himself in a crowded street but in a matter of seconds Victor found his way as if he were trying to get out of a maze.

People blocked his path as he tried to walk faster but held back a bit to see the way children looked at John like he was some sort of macabre science experiment gone wrong then promptly ran back up to their parents.

He sighed.

A strange feeling seemed to make his heart ache for him as he winced at the thought of this being a normal occurrence for his...


That didn't feel or really sound accurate to him.


No, that was one thing they would never be.

His train of thought laid forgotten as he thought he had taken a wrong turn only to stare into the yellow eyes of his creation.


Brilliant start to what is bound to be a great conversation.

In another life they could have been friends.

If John gave him a few minutes and Lily pouted while Proteus gave him puppy-eyes.

Victor knows he will win.

All he needs to do is make up a scenario drastic enough to convince him that joining them is beneficial to everyone in their family.

...Maybe he was pushing it and John just kept staring at him blankly one instant, the next it was full of rage.

He felt like taking a few steps back but kept calm, in place.

Even though it was already getting dark out and the man currently watching his body language for some sort of sign.

Perhaps one of deception or something akin to that.

He did not feel all that scared or nervous about this.

Seconds passed as he just looks at the man who could tear him in half with little effort.

Re-animating Proteus had been attest to this fact but stitching him back together had not been a difficult feat.

He briefly wonders if his other creations share in his strength but for now files that thought away.

With time everything would pay off.

All he had to do was talk and be assured that John would listen.

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