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Disclaimer: I don't own 'Deception, 2018' or its characters etc I just love the premises of the story & magic. Plus the actors are awesome.

M Note: I consider this more of a gentle nudge in the right direction like practice. Anyway, it's a simple one shot for this nice fandom. Kind of like a 'fix it' fic.

Summary:"You can't die Cam. I'll get you out. Alive, alright. I have to." A take on episode 7 'Sacrifice 99 to Fool One'

"Four down. One to go. I can do this." Jonathan takes a shaky breath knowing he has about 30 seconds to go before the vault shuts.

He can do this. He can save the last man. He is Jonathan Black. Last time he checked he could do anything.

Well alright with a few exceptions-accounting for the law and all.

C'mon man. There is no way he can fail at this. For starters he was Cameron Black for the longest time, his shadow anyway.

He fooled the world. Well deceived them, it sounds less devious.

His brother. Cam has to be safe or a warning from Agent Daniels won't be enough to stop him from killing The Mystery Woman.

The world's greatest magician. Without a doubt at least one of the top three. He can do anything he sets his mind to. Just has to focus.

Depressurization will begin in 15 seconds.

That warning is the furthest thing from helpful at the moment and he is feeling more anxious than before because doubt isn't a mistress he's used to playing with.

He has to save Henri even if he didn't like him from the get-go.

Running back to the vault isn't of any use because the door has closed. Henri is screwed unless he can get it open.

"The vault sucked the air out. I couldn't save him." Johnathan is losing hope as he looks from Agent Daniels back to Henri. Trying to reassure the two of them when he says."I can't just let him die."

The words 'I refuse' are quickly becoming his mantra. There is absolutely no way he is going to let this man down. No one is dying on his watch today especially not a French international financer.

Whether he is crooked or not.

For all he knows this guy could know The Mystery Woman personally and even if he doesn't he might be a lead to finding his twins location quicker.

Plus he doesn't want to see him die that's some scary ass shit. In all honesty he does not need or want that in his life.

This isn't gangland.

With a renewed spirit he pulls at the vault handle harder grunting in frustration when it doesn't budge in the slightest and wanting to throw F-bombs when he realizes the numbers on the keypad are not lighting up to signal whether the code is right or wrong.

As soon as he says the words he sees the missing members of his team and he suddenly realized that he feels a lot better with their presence because they are the smartest people he knows. They can help him do anything.

That bastard Henri deserves to die.

He does not agree with that. So is therefore honestly surprised when Gunter says that out loud even though the guy is too preoccupied gulping for vastly dissipating oxygen.

A part of him wonders if it hurts as much as it seems to because the scene before him will be burned into his nightmares for months to come.

"It's not Henri!" The words linger in the room and the looks of shocked realization dawned on the members of the team.

"What, no." The revelation takes the team by surprise and it has been a minute when he is starting to piece things together.

If it is not Henri then..

There is the very real possibility that he just got one-upped by an Illusionist...



Just who in the world is better than him?


Feeling his shoulders sag he assumes that they probably forced Cameron to help this guy fix his disguise.

That's it. He cracked the mystery. He's a genius. Okay that's pushing it. But he still solved it.

And yet instead of gloating there is a nagging feeling. One he wants to ignore. It lingers an instant too long so he decides to give in.

His blood runs cold as he takes a second to look into the now definite stranger's eyes and it got him a little late at first.

Cam, he's like lightning. You blink and you'll miss him..


"Cam! Cameron!" He feels himself start to lose it as he pounds on the door frantically. A madman until Dina slapped him. Efficiently centering him enough to rationalize.

"I get that you are scared but hitting the door won't help you. Now think, how can we get him out."

His eyes focus on her as her words snapped him out of it better than the pain but he doesn't fault her, she has a point.

Hysterics won't save him.

Cameron pulled at his mask and stared at him with sheer terror one moment then sorrow even though Jonathan's refused to acknowledge it.

That he might have seen acceptance reluctant as it may be because this is just impossible.

Cameron Black does not give up.

It's not part of his character description, won't ever be under any circumstance.

The next moment he saw that Cameron was on the floor gasping for air that was longer available. Looking the same as a gaping fish and he heart broke all over again with each passing second.

"In total we have almost four maybe six minutes tops." If Cameron tried meditation or to recall our old escape routines. He's still laying on the ground staring into space and Jonathan has to tear his eyes away if he wants to survive this ordeal and get his brother out.

"Houdini is our hero, for good reason. You have to do him proud. You hear Cam. Remember the rule of three."

Jonathan is tapping on the glass and he knows it's bullet proof. He needs to think of a plan. Anything to get Cameron out.

Jonathan thinks he might start hyperventilating so he whispered the 'stop' to himself and it feels as if time itself has obliged for him.

He can do this.

"I've got an ambulance on standby and a SWAT team is on the way." Kay looks at him and then at the window where Cameron is now sprawled out on the ground.

Not dead hopefully. She is praying that he isn't dead.

"I just got word that the security system is still down. There's nothing we can do." She had to say that. She is not in the business of giving false hope but she wants to be wrong. Has to be.

Jordan frowned then looked around frantically. "M-hold on. Maybe there is. Give me a minute." He ran out the room then back to the communication box.

He has to remove the device from it. It's a long shot but he has to try something. "You can't outhack me son. I'm one of the best. I just need mathematics."

"You do that. I will check in with the curator and staff." Gunter started for the other direction to find them as Dina headed for the camera room to debrief the SWAT team.

"Okay. When I was bored or had nothing better to do while waiting for Cameron to speed it up so that I'd go onstage and finish the trick. I'd check out seemingly random things to pass the time and could 'probably' help me in the future."

He's rambling. Usually that is Cam's go to move when he nervous and he always does so with a purpose.

Usually it's to stall. Anyway he is borrowing it now. Unapologetic.

"Like a zombie Survival Guide or some stupid thing like that. In one of the scenarios there was a bank."

He is looking at the vault walls as he continues. It doesn't help that he is beginning to think of this as a riddle because The Mystery Woman had called him a pawn in her scheme.

"Truth be told. I am not sure if this is accurate or not but the keypad lock can't be the only one right. The only way to open the door. I mean shouldn't there be a regular keyhole somewhere to act as a backup to the keypad and timer. A backup plan for the backup."

"If all else fails. Is there something stonger than an oxy-fuel torch or a diamond saw blade. A laser. Anything. If we can't cut the door let's start on the wall or the roof."

"I just need an opening. Cameron, my brother needs to survive. No matter what it costs." He looks at the gaurds then watched as the SWAT team came into view.



"Johnathan I've got some bad news and I know the timing couldn't be worse." Kay took the handcuffs off and sat down next to him. Handing him a cup of coffee and a muffin. Not mentioning that she knows he's been skipping out on some meals.

The team has set a rotation to check up on Cameron when Johnathan is in his cell until 7 p.m. and he is only allowed out for a hour a day until his brother's recovery.

With all the correct permissions and forms filed of course.

Most of the time he can be seen pacing with one or two members of the team at a time because they've still got cases to solve. Still they all manage to visit and keep him updated and company.

"What is it?" He's thinking it is about Cameron because they won't let him near the ICU. That was done as a precautionary step because the FBI continues to consider him at flight risk.

Had he wanted to escape he would have done so long ago. They should know this by now. It's insulting.

Does he need a ventilator for longer than expected. Is he having some other complications. Is..is he...nope.

No, he refuses to think about it further.

"The Mystery Woman. She's gone. I've gotten word that the FBI has issued a BOLO." He lets out a sigh of relief and a chuckle for good measure.

"On the plus side Cameron is now well enough to be on respiratory intubation. His doctor wanted to let you know personally but I told him I could handle it. By the weeks end he is assuming Cam won't need it."

The FBI still has him in custody on the pretense of his continued valuable contribution to the investigation.

Handing out assurance after assurance to the prison, DA's office while making sure media, third party or otherwise doesn't catch whiff of the situation.

"Great. It took him long enough. It's been a three weeks. I'm beginning to miss him." He rubs at the back of his neck and takes a bite of the muffin.

Jonathan holds up his cup meeting her gaze as he says. "Thank you." And she knows what he means so she touches his shoulder saying 'no need' then withdrawing to grab a magazine while they wait.




"I'm sorry I kicked your ass. I just thought you'd fucked Jordan up then Mike. I couldn't let that slide even if I could have lived with the second one at first. Mike's grown on me. We might even be friends although I'll call it civil for now."

Johnathan smiles at him whilst somehow still managing to look sincere. He grabs a pitcher of water and a cup debating on whether to do a magic trick or not but at the state that Cameron's currently in it'll probably go over his head.

Knowing him though he'd still appreciate it but he decides against it. When he hears him breathe again. It's a beautiful sound. One that is overshadowed when he hears him speak again.

It's been so long. He missed him more than sunshine or his own bed. He missed him more than the cheers from the crowds in Las Vegas.

It reminds him of the first time he went New York. How he got lost when missing his stop on the subway and found himself in Harlem.

Thanks to just going with it and walking aimlessly through the streets instead of trying to find his way back to Cam or the team before he knew where he was he was standing in front of the Apollo Theater.

How exciting that he had found it. How alive and happy he'd felt. Then ashamed of himself because he had wanted Cameron to see it with him but thinking it selfish at the time because the world hadn't known of him yet.

Cameron's voice brought him back to the present when he yawns then spoke.

"Yeah. That wasn't fun. At all for me. And yet I'm proud of you. You, you did good. I'm alive because of you. Thank you for not giving up on me. Could've sworn I was a goner. You have no idea how scary that was."

Cameron is glad to be alive. To have Jonathan beside him here, safe. Wondering what his brother had done to make sure he was the first person he saw not that he's complaining but he hopes Mike and Kay didn't get into too much trouble to make this happen.

He looks at the table next to him looking at the sheets on the bed as he sits up and Jonathan hands him a glass of water.

Advising him to drink the water slowly. To finish it because he has got to be thirsty after sleeping so much.

He takes a few sips without question before chugging it because he doesn't have time for this. He wants to get up already.

And he tries to move only to have Jonathan give him a warning look so he stops and settles down. Looking at the empty glass in his hand and giving it back to Jonathan.

After drinking a little more he makes a noise of discomfort because now that he is fully awake and he just sits here he realizes that even yawning or clearing his throat hurts his throat and he wonders why he hasn't seen a doctor in sight.

Or a nurse, they are always welcome in his life.

Then he assumes Kay has officers standing outside his door to stall. Protect him even.

"I bet."

The words, the way they came out makes him feel like he just stepped on a landmine and his eyes snapped up to meet his brother's.

Jonathan is not looking at him. Instead looking at the bedsheets as if they hold him captive like a spell or a pretty distraction.

He fucked up.

And he is just realized that now.

Jonathan had to wait and watch as he died. Almost died. He definitely thinks he died at one point in the ambulance.

Suffocated in that vault, alone and scared.

The feeling of helplessness must have been unbearable. It must have hurt.

"You uh" his voice cracked but he forced himself to continue as he finally managed to keep and hold his gaze. Only to be cut off by his brother rather quickly.

"You had me real worried Cameron. Never scare me like that again. And you can bet your ass it wasn't just me that put in the work. It was a group effort. Including your FBI friends. They all came through for you. Pulled out all the stops."

Johnathan pulled him into a tight hug. Crying as he burried his face into his brother's shoulder. Backing up after a few minutes and kisses his forehead. His fingers tracking a scar he hadn't seen on his brother's flesh before.

Granted he hasn't been allowed in unsupervised. And even then most of the meetings are cut short because Kay or Mike have to go back to work.

A feeling of raw emotions threatening to take over again because it seems like he has been crying every three or four minutes.

"I know. You're just the first person I've seen so you get the credit all to yourself for the time being." Cameron reached out to pull him back in because there is no reason not to and he missed him too.

"I love you so that means you have to stay alive. You got that." Jonathan's words are quiet in tone but it only serves to drive a deeper impact if Cameron's gawking is an indication. Only to nod and say 'okay Johnny' with drowsy conviction.

It's good enough for Jonathan, he doesn't care that in the morning he will wake up in prison or that the Mystery Woman found a way to elude them yet again.

Suddenly he hears laughter and Cam say the words he had not thought he would hear joyously.

"We won!" His mouth and jaw hurts, well no it feels really sore. Boy is this just not his day.

Still Cameron feels a sense of mirth.

Does not remember feeling anywhere close to it other than on a stage before an awed and starstruck crowd.

Now they can go and only focus on, be concerned with re-opening the case proving Jonathan's innocence before a court of law.

Johnathan can have his life back. This time it will be different. Not half assed. No more secrets. No more lies or hiding. Just freedom and an open road.

Or sky.

He kept his promise. He is so giddy he could cry. Happy cry. It'd be fantastic. And Johnny would be welcome to leave the life if he wanted. He could be normal.

Well as normal as a Black could be. Their family history revolves around magic and eccentric personalities so maybe straying too far was a stretch.

"Not quite..Yet. But I assure you, it's not as bad as it sounds." The words leave him more confused than he ought to be but he's reasoned it to just being a temporary haze.

Cameron looks at Jonathan. Immediately noticing that his eyes are red and puffy. Obviously he has been crying now but that's not all there is to it.

Knowing that Jonathan clearly has not slept and he must be hungry because he's looking a little skinny.

He looks like shit and Cameron wants to laugh because he knows it is like looking at a mirror.

Still he is putting on a smile for him. There's a glint in his eyes hinting at something more dangerous than just mischief.

Like the fire in him has reawakened. A phoenix.

God, he loves this idiot but he shouldn't be so eager to put himself in danger. He himself experienced more than enough for the both of them.

It's obvious that Jonathan is already planning on a retaliation. Oh brother.

"The Lynx was the answer to her latest riddle. Did you know that?" He's been all work for the past days before the incident. Now that he can breathe again he is not going to waste it.

"Yeah. I gave it to her. The diamond leads to a greater fortune. Belonging to the Rockefeller family."

Jonathan reached to touch his hair and Cameron wants to say 'what are you doing' because Johnny is only all affection and nice when he wants to apologize for something or ask him for something not exactly easy or shall he say 100% legal to obtain.

At least that is how it worked before being prisoned for a crime he didn't commit.

Still he finds himself leaning towards his touch and relaxing enough to let out a sigh of relief as be blinks all too easily.

"You don't care about the money or finding the treasure. You want to beat her and the other player(s) at thier game."

Cameron feels the world start to spin on its axis and he thinks it odd at first, that something is wrong here but he is safe and with Jonathan.

Death can't touch him. Not when he is so close to having everything he has ever wanted. He chucked it to be whatever medicine is pumping into his veins.

"You want revenge but more than that. You want your life back. What's left of it because you can never go into hiding again. Not unless you lie."

He looks to his right trying to find his most prized possession only to see a vase with flowers, some get well cards and a few opened boxes of chocolate.

And hears Johnathan mumble the words. 'You weren't going to eat them' and 'they are really good. You should have woken up sooner' then 'sorry but not really'.

"Keep them. But hey can you do me a favor. Find my deck and give it to Kay no uh no give it to Jordan or Dina first. We may need a back up copy in case the FBI decides to keep the information as evidence."

Cameron shuts his eyes and he wants to know who took his deck of cards right now because its importance is paramount. What if it fell in the vault of into the wrong hands.

All of his hard work for nothing? That would suck. So he won't think about that right now.

He wrote down some information on a few of them. Addresses for two of the safe houses and the location to a number of pieces of stolen art.

It had been easier than he had expected whilst being kidnapped but he had done it. He thinks he should get a medal or better yet see if he can use it to help lower Jonathan's sentence.

All in all it was a job well done. A harrowing experience sure and for all his finesse and showsmanship all he has to himself, to show for it is medical bills he doesn't want to think about right now.

"I got a plan. You just need to trust me. I won't run, I've got this." Jonathan's words take a minute to set in and by the time he has got some form of an idea as to what he is going to do.

The world begins to spin and he doesn't even have the motor skills to say 'oh fuck you' because he is knocked out again.

"I'll see you tomorrow Cam." Johnathan looks at the door as Mike knocked. Giving him a heads-up that he has three minutes left.

He's the master of deception.

M Note 2: The rule of three; is often referring to mathmatics, C++ programming, computer programming, statistics, medicinal chemistry, writing, photography, witchcraft and bad omens/the idiom but the best known would be survival.

It's basically stating that humans/people can survive three minutes of severe bleeding, without breathable air like when unconscious, or in icy water. Survive three hours in a harsh environment -extreme heat or cold. Three days without drinkable water & three weeks without food. (Got the source from mainly Google and some from books in a library.)

In the fic Jonathan just gave Cameron something to focus on. Or it could be code for magic, the team and showsmanship idk.

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