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Chapter 7 Summary: The medal ceremony is under attack by Doofenshmirtz and his army of Inators. What else could go wrong? ...

Perry ducked out of the way as a laser fired from the Very-Very-Bad-Inator hit the spot where he was standing on moments earlier. Pinky, Kenneth, Herman, Terry, and General Garrett scattered off the stage, and the audience was like a startled colony of ants, frantically scurrying around the field in all directions.

It was pure chaos. Doofenshmirtz Clones emerged from the Copy-And-Paste-Inator, holding Coition-Inators, firing the devices at agents and superiors that attempted to stop them, trapping them in bubbles of pure evil. The Scorch-Inator was fired onto a group of agents going for the Very-Very-Bad-Inator, heating them up and weakening them as a result. Monkeys hypnotized by the Monkey-Enslave-Inator attacked a trio of escaping interns and subdued them. The Deflate-Inator deflated the tires of an SUV several interns tried to use to get away from the scene. Several superiors and agents tried going for the headquarters, but Doofenshmirtz fired his Slow-Motion-Inator at them so then his clones can capture them easily. The agents pulled out their gadgets, but those were either turned into broccoli by the Metal-Destruct-Inator or pulled away toward the Magnetism Magnify-Inator. All in all, every Inator was at full maximum attack, much to Perry's surprise.

After evading a Doof Clone using a Kick-Inator 5000, Perry managed to make his way toward the De-Evolution-Inator in search of Doofenshmirtz's trademark self-destruct button. However, after minutes of heated searching, the platypus agent found none. He tried destroying it with his own fists, as Doofenshmirtz's Inators were also fragile, but he realized that the metal was stern.

"Inators 2.0?" thought Perry.

Suddenly, Perry realized that Doofenshmirtz would be the key to deactivating his Inators, so he made his way towards the Very-Very-Bad-Inator, where Doofenshmirtz was constantly attempting to zap anyone in his way with. Unfortunately for the villain, he kept missing with every single shot.

"Aw, come on!" exclaimed the evil scientist. "Stop moving, ya twerps! I wanna see what my Very-Very-Bad-Inator does!"

Perry leapt into the air and was about to land a kick at Doofenshmirtz's head when a straitjacket flew out at him and enveloped him, causing him to land onto the platform Doofenshmirtz was standing on.

"Ah, Perry the Platypus," greeted Doofenshmirtz. "Think you could stop me this time, eh? Well, think again, because you are now gonna bear witness as I destroy the O.W.C.A. headquarters, capture your friends and your superiors, and imprison you all so you won't stand in the way of L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. again the moment we make another scheme to conquer the Tri-State Area! Oh, and by the way, as you noticed, there are no self-destruct buttons on my Inators. Let's just say a certain someone told me that I do not need it. Turns out that my Inators become stronger without them." He then turned to a Doof Clone, who was operating the Straitjacket-Inator, explaining Perry's straitjacket. "By the way, thanks, me, for firing the Straitjacket-Inator at Perry the Platypus before he can land a kick at someplace on my body!"

"You're welcome, me," replied the Doof Clone before firing at several more agents and superiors.

"Now, Perry the Platypus," continued Doofenshmirtz, "if you'll excuse me, I've got an organization to bring down. And people who need to be zapped with my Very-Very-Bad-Inator!"

Doofenshmirtz then continued to fire at the O.W.C.A. employees, only to keep missing every time.

"OH, COME ON!" roared Doofenshmirtz, causing Perry to snicker.

Carl watched with horror as another O.W.C.A. agent was snatched by the Super-Claw-Inator while a superior was incapacitated by the Moisture-Suck-Inator. Making a run for his car, he yelled out in shock when the Deflate-Inator deflated the car's tires. Dodging a laser fired from the Least-Likely-Inator, the intern ran towards Major Monogram, who had managed to subdue a monkey.

"Sir!" Carl called out. "We need to retreat! We're losing members and fast!"

Monogram nodded and turned to the O.W.C.A. employees, all of whom were either fighting or making a run for it, and was about to call to them when the Least-Likely-Inator zapped the major with a laser, causing him to cry out, "O.W.C.A.! DO NOT RETREAT! I REPEAT DO NOT RETREAT! ALLOW YOURSELVES TO GET CAPTURED!"

"SIR!" yelled Carl as he watched in horror while Monogram allowed himself to be captured by the Super-Claw-Inator.

Carl gasped and suddenly felt a barrel press against his temple. He realized it was a Doof Clone, holding a Coition-Inator.

"Give up while you still can," the clone said, "and I'll give you a free cookie every day in prison!"

Carl's fearful face soon became etched with bravery. Holding out his chest, he said, "Never."

"If you insist," the clone replied. He then turned to the Go-Away-Inator and motioned the Doof Clone controlling it to point the device at Carl, which he did.

The first Doof Clone then faced Carl again. "Now are you gonna give up?"

"Never," Carl replied again.


"Wait, which me?" called a third Doof Clone as he zapped an O.W.C.A. agent with the Dull-And-Boring-Inator. "You mean me?"

"No, him," replied the first Doof Clone, pointing at the Go-Away-Inator. "Him."

"You mean me?" The first Doof Clone realized he was actually pointing at a fourth Doof Clone, who was controlling the Shrink-Inator Ray.

"No, the one controlling the Go-Away-Inator!"

"Wait," the clone controlling the Go-Away-Inator said, "you were talking to me? I thought I was controlling the Evaporator-Inator!"

"Well, you're obviously controlling the Be-Gone-Inator. I mean, Go-Away-Inator! I mean... AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!"

Carl used this time to slip away from the first Doof Clone's grasp as several Doof Clones now began arguing in confusion.

Carl tried to get to any superior and agent he knew, but he always saw them getting snatched or affected by one of Doofenshmirtz's Inators. He finally saw Perry, who was in a straitjacket, near Doofenshmirtz as he controlled the Very-Very-Bad-Inator.

A dog barked, and Carl looked down to see that it was Pinky, ready for action.

"Alright, Agent P," the intern said boldly. "Let's go save Agent P." Carl's eyes then widened. "Yeah, we should find a way to distinguish our agents better."

Pinky nodded in agreement.

Perry tried getting out of his straitjacket, but it was no use. All he had to do was watch as his friends and allies were being captured before his eyes. He saw Stanley the Squirrel being captured by a Coition-Inator. He watched as Mike the Monkey fought against his own kind, only to be overpowered by them. He cringed as both Kenny the Kangaroo and Percy the Pig were hit by the Look-Away-Inator, allowing Doof Clones to envelop them in bubbles of pure evil. A particular amount of agents and superiors fell to the might of the All-Purpose-Inator, which fired differently colored lasers at random.

Perry took a glance at Doofenshmirtz, who was getting increasingly frustrated as he fired his Very-Very-Bad-Inator and continued to miss.

"At least there's still something to laugh about," Perry chattered to himself.


A blur of whitish-tan had just hit Doofenshmirtz in the hand, slamming his body into the device and causing him to fall off the platform and onto the grassy ground, knocking him out. Perry realized that Pinky had come to his rescue, and the toy dog unzipped the straitjacket trapping the platypus. The two high-fived each other and greeted Carl, who had run over to Doofenshmirtz's unconscious body.

"We gotta find something that'll deactivate all of these Inators!" said Carl. "Search him!"

Perry and Pinky nodded, and the three of them quickly began searching everywhere on Doofenshmirtz and the Very-Very-Bad-Inator for any device that could prove to be useful. However, five minutes had passed and only about two dozen O.W.C.A. employees remained, still fighting the Inators.

"Come on!" ordered Carl. "We're losing our numbers, and fast!"

Perry shrugged, having searched the entire Very-Very-Bad-Inator, but with no success. Pinky, having searched Doofenshmirtz's lab coat, looked downcast. Carl realized that Doofenshmirtz finally learned from his mistakes.

Dodging a laser from the Mime-Inator, Carl called out in his loudest voice ever, "EVERYONE! RETREAT NOW!"

The agents, superiors, and interns looked at Carl, surprised that an intern like him actually made an order, but they realized that the fight has already been won and that there was only one option left. Everyone began sprinting farther into the field, led by Carl, Perry, and Pinky, pursued by the Inators.

Meanwhile, a Doof Clone ran up to Doofenshmirtz, who was still unconscious, and threw a bucket of cold water on his head, awakening his doppelganger.

"WHAT?" Doofenshmirtz cried, startled. "What happened? Did the football game start yet?"

"They're escaping, me!" replied the Doof Clone.

"WHAT?" roared Doofenshmirtz, startling his clone. He then procured his cell phone, dialed a number, and waited for the receiver to respond.

Finally, a voice said, "They're escaping, aren't they?"

"Yes," replied Doofenshmirtz. "We managed to capture most of them, though."

"Don't worry. I'll get the escapees. In fact, I'm on it right now."

A second, much bigger rumbling started reverberating all across the field, stopping Perry, Pinky, Carl, and the remainder of the O.W.C.A. employees in their tracks. The rumbling was so strong and fierce that some people fell over, and Pinky had to lean onto Perry for support.

Suddenly, the ground in front of them exploded, leaving a crater in the earth. Numerous arms ending with clawed hands burst from the hole, grabbing many O.W.C.A. employees and then disappearing into the hole from which they came from. Those who managed to escape being grabbed made a run in the opposite direction, only to be captured by the Inators. Within seconds, Perry, Pinky, Carl, Fred the Fox, and Randy the Raccoon were the only O.W.C.A. members left. Perry gasped at what he witnessed, and presumed that those arms were part of a latest invention made by Doofenshmirtz.

Three arms suddenly emerged from the hole and lunged forward for the five remaining, but Perry managed to procure his nifty laser gun and sever the attackers. One of the arms landed at Pinky's feet, and the toy dog stood over it triumphantly. Suddenly, the hand latched itself onto one of Pinky's feet, causing him yelp out in fear, and numerous centipede-like legs appeared underneath the severed arm. Before Perry knew it, he found himself running after the centipede as it dragged Pinky away.

"Pinky!" chattered Perry.

"Perry! HELP!" Pinky barked.

Perry lunged for the arm, but it was quicker than him, and the platypus landed face-first into the ground. Groggily, Perry looked up and saw the arm disappear into the large hole where the arms were coming from. In front of him was Pinky's Honorary O.W.C.A. Agent medal and Pinky's fedora. Perry picked both objects up and saw that the majestic gold on the medal was now scratched, and there was tearing in the fedora.

Clutching the medal and the fedora angrily, Perry attempted to charge towards the machine, but he was held back by Fred and Randy. Carl came up to the trio of agents.

"I'm sorry, Agent P," said Carl, "but he's gone."

"No! He's not gone!" chattered Perry angrily, but when Carl just looked confused, he issued a chatter of pain and agony. He wished Carl could understand how much he and Pinky were friends. The two did everything together, even in their mindless pet modes, ever since they first met during their first day of O.W.C.A. training three years ago. In fact, he wished a lot that his superiors could understand what he was saying, for he wanted to tell them a lot of things, and yet, all he would receive is looks of confusion.

"I'm sorry if I don't understand you, Agent P," Carl continued, "but for now, we have to get out of here!"

For a large dome began to rise from the hole, the many robotic arms hanging from its sides and standing upright as the dome's legs. Perry, Carl, Fred, and Randy looked on at the device in both awe and fear; Perry was shocked at how elaborate the design was. In fact, it was strangely too elaborate for Doofenshmirtz's taste.

The top of the dome, which held a much smaller dome, opened up, and a person rose up from the opening, smoothly, without holding on to anything; Perry suspected that this person was standing a platform.

Initially, Perry couldn't identify the person from a distance, but when he was able to discern the shape of the person's head, he gasped, as did Carl.

It was Phineas.

Doofenshmirtz had managed to catch up with his Inators on his Very-Very-Bad-Inator when he saw what Phineas had said he'd made at DEI. The evil scientist gasped and called out to his acquaintance.

"Hey, kid! You made that?"

Phineas turned to Doofenshmirtz and smiled evilly. "Yep," he replied. "I told you I'd make something awesome."

One of the machine's legs turned into an arm and it gently picked up Doofenshmirtz, taking him to Phineas, who was standing on a platform. Settled beside the boy, the evil scientist looked at what Phineas was looking at: Perry, Monogram's intern Carl, a fox agent, and a raccoon agent.

"So, Perry," said Phineas, "surprised that I'm working for your arch-nemesis?"

Perry said nothing, but Doofenshmirtz turned to Phineas in shock. "Wait," he said, "you know Perry the Platypus?"

"Yes, I told you that he is my pet platypus. I can recognize him from anywhere."

Doofenshmirtz put a finger on his chin before his eyes widened with realization. "Oh, that's right!" The scientist then pointed a finger at Perry, cackling. "Look at that, Perry the Platypus! Your owner's on my side now! And I've found that he can prove to be very useful! I mean, look at the Inator he built!"

"Inator?" asked Phineas, looking at Doofenshmirtz with crossed arms.

"Oh, yeah," Doofenshmirtz replied, "that's what I call my inventions!"

"Sounds pretty uncreative to me."

"Why thank y-" Doofenshmirtz realized what Phineas really said. "HEY!"

"That's the truth, sir," said Norm, who had just appeared behind Phineas and Doofenshmirtz.

"Norm?" Doofenshmirtz said in surprise. "How'd you get here so fast? I thought you were at DEI?"

"Don't you remember? You outfitted my feet with rocket skates that can double as feet-mounted jetpacks!"

Phineas and Doofenshmirtz both looked at Norm's feet, which were outfitted with, indeed, rocket skates that were pointed downward. Doofenshmirtz's eyes widened with wonder and more surprise.

"Wow," he said. "I really need to read your instruction manual."

"Yes, yes you do," said Norm. "And while you were talking away, the three agents and that intern managed to sneak away into the nearby forest while you two weren't looking!"

"WHAT?" roared Phineas, startling Doofenshmirtz. The inventor looked at the spot where Perry, Carl, and the two agents were, and found that the robot was right: they had taken advantage of their conversation to sneak away into the forest.

"Well," replied Doofenshmirtz, "at least we have most of the O.W.C.A. in our grasp."

"Ah, trying to see bright side of things, huh?" Phineas snarled, looking at Doofenshmirtz with his green eyes, which were practically burning with rage. Doofenshmirtz gulped.

"Whoa, kid, no need to get all angry."


Doofenshmirtz was really surprised with the boy's attitude. He never expected himself to be scared of a mere ten-year-old, but now that he stared into the boy's furious face, the perilously green eyes, he felt himself shrinking. He suddenly let loose a tiny whimper, which proved to be a mistake for him because Phineas noticed it. The boy lunged forward and kicked Doofenshmirtz in the leg, causing him to fall down to the floor with a short cry of pain. Phineas then knelt down and grabbed Doofenshmirtz's hairs roughly and pulled it, lifting the scientist's head up painfully.

"You coward," growled Phineas. "You whimper at a ten-year-old that you can easily defeat? When I first saw your sign on that building of yours at the park, I thought I would be dealing with a villain who knew what to do, who would never hesitate to overlook any flaws in his schemes. But I didn't count on working alongside a complete idiot. It's a good thing I didn't dispose of you like the trash you are because you are surprisingly skilled with inventing, but if you cross my line, then you won't like the consequences. Not at all. Are we clear on that?"

Doofenshmirtz emitted a sound of agreement, and Phineas smiled a disturbingly calm smile. Suddenly, he then slammed Doofenshmirtz's head onto the metal floor of the dome.

"OW!" Doofenshmirtz exclaimed. "What was that for?"

Phineas's reply chilled Doofenshmirtz to the bone. "That was just for fun."

Phineas approached a computer screen on the dashboard of the dome's top and pressed a large green button. The screen showed a video image of the O.W.C.A. employees the dome-like device captured, including Pinky, imprisoned inside the dome. The effects of Doofenshmirtz's Inators have worn off on them, but they were already shackled and struggling against their bonds. Phineas smiled sadistically at the image before turning to Doofenshmirtz, who was standing up with the help of Norm.

"Doofenshmirtz, get your clones to follow us down the hole with the Inators and the O.W.C.A. members they got," he commanded. "We're going back to DEI."

Doofenshmirtz followed the order without any sign of protest.

Perry followed his three companions as they ran further inside the forest. The dome-like device was slowly vanishing out of sight due to the trees and bushes, but it didn't matter. The four just kept running and running and they didn't stop. They didn't want to be anywhere near the device.

The only thing that distracted Perry from the exhaustion of running was the sight of his owner smiling evilly at the top of the invention that imprisoned his friends and colleagues. The sight of Doofenshmirtz standing beside Phineas like the both of them were friends or something. The sight of Phineas kidnapping his allies at O.W.C.A. It was so overwhelming, and so unrealistic. He couldn't imagine why Phineas would do such a thing. Better yet, he asked himself, "How did Phineas know I'm a secret agent? Didn't he have his memory wiped?" Doofenshmirtz would've told him, but since the villain had his memory wiped as well, he would've had to regain it first before he can tell Phineas of this revelation, meaning that there was a higher power at work here.

Finally, the four stopped running. Never before had any of them become relieved that they ran such long distances. They were panting their hardest, their sweat actually dripping to the ground. After several minutes, the panting ceased, and Carl, Fred, and Randy all faced Perry, who was still wearing shock on his face.

"Agent P," said Carl, "how did Phineas know that you were a secret agent? Did you let it slip?"

Perry shook his head.

"Did you leave one of the secret entrances to your lair open?"

Perry shook his head.

"How do you think Phineas would know?"

Perry nervously shrugged, not looking at Carl.

Carl felt sorry for Perry, and the intern suddenly felt that he was in the place of Major Monogram. He finally knew how much power he had access to now that he was the only human leading the remaining agents, and he found that he didn't like this power at all if it was gonna hurt the agents' feelings. He wondered how people like Monogram and Acronym could handle such duties. However, Carl knew that now he was practically superior now, he had to use this power wisely. Like he read in the 'Spider-Man' comics: "With great power comes great responsibility."

Carl knelt down beside Perry and said, "Look, Agent P, I'm sorry if I'm making you nervous, but we need to know all of the information you can have on at least the probable circumstances that led to Phineas regaining his memory. O.W.C.A.'s undercover status is at stake, as is the world's safety, and we have to act, starting with going back to your host family's home. They're in danger as long as Phineas is acting this way."

Perry nodded in agreement, and he led Carl, Fred, and Randy into Danville.

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