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How It Happened

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Chapter 5 Summary: Before we can get down to business, we will learn about the events that led up to Phineas being hit by the Turn-Everything-Evil-Inator.

Phineas screamed with delight as he rode down Maple Drive in his mother's car, which was modified again into #42. However, there were several new additions to the car besides the ones Phineas used when he entered the car in the Swamp Oil 500: a rocket booster mounted at the rear, small wings protruding from the sides, a satellite mounted on the roof, and a new grille. Also, the car was boasting an all-new color scheme, with the yellow replaced with red, the red replaced with an off-white with orange stripes, and a triangle in the shape of Phineas's head stamped on the roof.

Pressing a button, Phineas gasped in awe as the wings extended further, the wheels folded into the car's underside, and a second rocket booster appeared underneath so the car can be levitated, and soon, the car was in its secondary "flight mode". Phineas looked down below and saw all of Danville. It was a majestic sight, and the ten-year-old smiled with content at what he was seeing.

Suddenly, he looked forward and saw that he was heading towards a helicopter. Swerving away at the last minute, he laughed heartily before flying down back towards Maple Drive. Settling down on the driveway of 2308 Maple Drive, Phineas deactivated the car's flight mode and stepped out of the car, greeting his family.

Linda hugged her son, congratulated him for driving safely, and told him that he'd make a great driver. Lawrence stated to Phineas that he was proud of his stepson and that he should keep up the good work. Candace asked the ten-year-old if she could borrow the car for a moment. And Ferb, still silent as ever, gave Phineas the thumbs-up.

However, there was one person that Phineas was most keen on greeting, and it was Phillip. He was standing right beside Linda, a smile of pride and happiness on his face. He looked just like Phineas, although his hair was brown and tidier. He was wearing a mechanic's clothing that was currently stained with oil and grime.

Phineas smiled at his biological father. "Thanks, Dad," he said, "for building this for me."

"No problem, kiddo," replied Phillip. "I had to do a lot of persuading to your mom though." Phillip then looked at Linda, who smiled back at him.

"I just wish you didn't divorce Mom though," Phineas said sadly. "It's so tough not seeing you in the house for all of the day."

Phillip's happy face turned into that of pity, and he knelt down at his son and put his hands on his shoulders. "Son, I know I'm no longer the head of the house anymore, but it's for the best. After all, you have a new dad, and a brother to come along with it."

The two looked at Lawrence and Ferb, who smiled back at them. Phineas turned back at Phillip. "I know," he said. "I like my new dad, and I absolutely love Ferb. But no matter what, I still miss you, Dad."

The both of them embraced each other in a loving hug.

"I miss you too, Inventor Extraordinaire," replied Phillip.

Phineas wanted this hug to last forever. He knew that this reality isn't actually real, but he wanted to savor the moment all the same.

Suddenly, he felt his father dissolve, and he opened his eyes and saw that Phillip was, indeed, dissolving into smoke, as if a strong gust of wind was blowing on a sand sculpture. Ferb, Candace, Linda, and Lawrence were disappearing to, as was all of Danville. Maple Drive, the sky, the modified car, the house, everything. Phineas knew that his evil self was calling to him again.

Closing his eyes, Phineas felt everything swirl around him in a vortex of color and sound. Finally, when everything ceased, the boy opened them and saw that he was back in the cage, surrounded by nothing other than a purple mist. The ground was cold and uneven. In front of him, several feet away, was what his evil self was seeing right now: his own life. It was being projected onto the mist, as if it was coming from a film projector. Phineas watched on the projection as Ferb fell to sleep without hearing a 'Good night, Ferb' from him. Finally, after a few minutes, the projection began to fade: the Phineas living his life had let his body fall asleep.

A minute later, a figure stepped through the mist. It was the evil Phineas, his physicality identical to Phineas in every way. The only difference was their eyes: the evil Phineas's were colored green that looked rather sickly. Also, the evil Phineas was being engulfed in a strange, purple, wispy substance that could either be fire or mist.

The evil Phineas knelt forward towards the cage and smiled at Phineas. "So," he said, "how was it?"

"Let go of me, Shadow," replied Phineas angrily, referring the evil Phineas by the name he suggested he call him to avoid the awkwardness of Phineas calling his evil self his own name. Never before had Phineas felt so angry and so desperate to return to his old life.

"Sure." The Shadow snapped his fingers, and the cage was lifted into the unknown.

Phineas seized the chance to push the Shadow to the ground and make a run into the mist. He kept on running and running and running, never bothering to stop, never bothering to look behind him to see if the Shadow was following close behind. All he wanted to do was to keep running until the mist cleared.

Finally, after a few minutes, the mist began to clear. Phineas gasped in relief and ran faster. When the mist completely cleared, Phineas stopped and looked into green eyes.

"You can't escape, Phineas," said the Shadow. "Remember, since you're not in control of your brain, any attempt of escape is futile. Since I am in control, I can enter and exit your brain and come back into your body. Just surrender while you still can."

"Never," replied Phineas. "Someone I know once said 'If you focus, you can accomplish anything'."

The Shadow raised an eyebrow. "Nice quote you've got there, boy. And I'm guessing that the one who said that in the first place is named Stacy Hirano?"

Phineas didn't reply, but his evil self was right. The Shadow smiled maliciously again.

"I thought so."

The Shadow suddenly lunged forward and kicked Phineas in the stomach, and the boy cried out as the overwhelming pain surged through his body. Never before had he felt so much of it before. The Shadow cackled sadistically, and Phineas rolled over and looked up as his devious doppelganger, clutching his stomach, still feeling the pain.

"How?" moaned Phineas. "How'd this happen?"

"How?" the Shadow replied. Once again, he smiled. "I'll show you."

Suddenly, everything began swirling around the two of them in another colored vortex of sound. Finally, it all resettled back into Danville, at 2308 Maple Drive. Phineas looked at the lawn and saw Isabella sobbing, her hair blowing with a gust of wind. The ten-year-old immediately knew why, and he walked forward towards her.

"Isabella!" he called out, but the girl didn't respond.

"She can't hear you, boy," replied the Shadow, appearing by Phineas's side. "This is just the replaying of a memory, where everyone depicted in said memory goes on with today's events without being interfered by you. Even you can't touch them to get them to notice you, for all you will do is just pass through them. We're the only things here that is an illusion."

"Since when was I so smart?" Phineas asked in his mind.

Suddenly, pain surged through his face when a fist collided with his left cheek. The Shadow had punched him.

"I can hear you while you're thinking, ya know," he said. "I am in control of this brain, after all."

Phineas rubbed his cheek, a tear sliding from his eye as he continued to watch Isabella. Then, he saw Ferb come out of the house in response to the girl's sobbing and approach her. He noted how much he looked like Isabella's savior when she looked up at him, with the wind still blowing.

"You okay?" asked Ferb.

"Oh, hi Ferb," replied Isabella glumly.

"Was it Phineas?"

Phineas's lower lip trembled with pity and realization as he watched Isabella stand up and dust her skirt of dirt and grime.

"Yes," she replied.

"Don't worry about it. Within a week, he'll forget what happened and we'll be back to building. He always does."


Phineas's eyes widened at the sudden change in Isabella's voice, and even the Shadow expressed some shock from the unexpected occurrence.

"He won't forget. You think he'd forget about his father's death until the next anniversary comes along? No! I met a different Phineas in that backyard, and that Phineas told me that he was never gonna forget! Sure, he'll eventually revert into the optimistic, kind inventor I know and love, but I've realized something: underneath that shining shell is a sobbing three-year-old who's still broken by the terrible news! And that shell's gonna break soon, and Phineas is gonna pour out his true feelings eventually! And who knows what'll happen! We can't let that happen, Ferb! We can't let the kids of Maple Drive be let down by their role model when he finally snaps! We've gotta do something!"

Phineas smiled at the penultimate sentence in Isabella's monologue. He never knew he represented a role model to the kids of his home street. All he was trying to do was make every day of everyone's summer count, and that was all he was ever hoping to accomplish. It both pleased and saddened him to hear that; he was pleased because he knew he was a role model, but it also saddened him to know that the Shadow was gonna break that mold soon.

"Follow me, boy."

The Shadow was walking into the Flynn-Fletcher backyard.

"No!" replied Phineas defiantly, only to have his shirt collar get grabbed.

"Follow me," snarled the Shadow as he led Phineas into the backyard.

The two boys watched as the past Phineas stopped sobbing and looked at the door Isabella went through. Phineas knew what his past self was thinking. He knew that he was regretting the moment he yelled at Isabella, he knew she didn't mean the things she said. He knew that he wanted to do everything he can to make it up to Isabella.

Past Phineas stood up and ran out of the backyard, in pursuit of the now-gone Isabella, with Phineas and the Shadow on his heels.

"ISABELLA!" Past Phineas called. "ISABELLA, WHERE ARE YOU?"

Phineas wanted to cry, seeing his past self wallowing in so much pain and pity, but he didn't want to get distracted. He continued to follow him along with the Shadow, all over the places commonly associated with both Phineas and Isabella. Phineas and the Shadow watched and followed as Past Phineas arrived at every of the Fireside Girls' houses, and finally, the father of Adyson Sweetwater told them (or Past Phineas, specifically) that they were away on a meeting. So, they went to the Fireside Girls lodge, only to find no one there, and strangely, there was also a lack of chairs.

Past Phineas walked out of the lodge, Phineas and the Shadow following him, when Phineas realized what was coming next. Before he knew it, he watched as his past self accidentally collided with Django Brown, who was riding on his scooter. It was painful and odd to watch, seeing one's self being physically hurt, and Phineas flinched at the scene. However, the Shadow laughed cruelly at the misfortunes of both Past Phineas and Django.

"Oh, gosh!" exclaimed Django, walking over to Past Phineas. "Phineas, you all right?"

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine," replied Past Phineas, rubbing his stomach. Phineas suddenly found himself rubbing his own stomach, which was still aching from being kicked by his doppelganger, and found, with a slight sense of humor, that this part of his body was apparently not having a good day.

"Hey, uh, Django?" Past Phineas said. "Have you seen Isabella?"

All three Phineases noticed that Django seemed to get fidgety. "She's, uh, um, she's uh..." Django stammered. "Uh, um, I don't know, uh... um..."

"What an idiot," noted the Shadow.

"Uh, at the park!" Django finally replied. "That's right, I saw her at the park! Sorry I couldn't remember any sooner, I've been through a lot of Danville today!"

Phineas and the Shadow couldn't help but notice that something didn't seem right about Django's answer, but Past Phineas fell for it.

"The park! Thanks, Django!" he replied.

"No problem," said Django nervously before riding off on his scooter.

Phineas and the Shadow ran after Past Phineas as the boy ran towards the park. Upon arriving, Past Phineas began searching immediately.


Phineas wanted to cry again; his past self sounded so exasperated. The Shadow merely yawned and commented, "Boring."


Suddenly, a laser appeared out of nowhere and zapped Past Phineas. Phineas gasped, for he didn't see it coming, while the Shadow just crossed his arms, pretending to feel drowsy. The laser continued to engulf Past Phineas, and Phineas was shocked that there was no one around to see what was unfolding.

Finally, the laser ceased to exist, and Past Phineas stood there, staring blankly into space. Phineas noticed that Past Phineas's eyes were now green.

Suddenly, everything began to swirl around into another vortex, and it then reverted back into the eerie, misty place that both Phineas and the Shadow came from. Phineas stood there, contemplating on what he saw, while his evil self towered over him, arms crossed as he waited for an appropriate response.

Finally, Phineas said, "So, I was... I was just... zapped?"

"Correct," replied the Shadow. "And before you ask, no, I do not know where that laser came from. And I don't care, because I like this body, and I'm taking charge of it."

Phineas suddenly felt the rage boil up inside him. "Not if I can help it," he said.

Phineas then charged at his doppelganger, but Evil Phineas was faster than punched him in the face. Straining to ignore the pain, Phineas managed to land a kick in the leg, and suddenly, a surge of pain shot up his leg, pain that was more ferocious than the pain he felt when he was kicked in the stomach; apparently the substance engulfing his doppelganger was physically harmful. The Shadow immediately seized his chance and grabbed a tuft of Phineas's hair and tore it out of his scalp. Phineas screamed as the pain surged all over the whole of his scalp, and he placed his hands over the spot where his hair was torn out, massaging it. The Shadow looked at the hairs he pulled out, smiled his most malevolent smile, and sprinkled them all over Phineas, who was now sobbing as he continued to massage his scalp.

"Here ya go," said the Shadow. "Some fairy dust. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a body to take control of."

The Shadow then walked away into the mist, leaving Phineas as he continued to cry in defeat and massage his scalp as he was surrounded by his own hairs.

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