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Chapter 4 Summary: It's the night during Phillip Flynn's birthday/anniversary of his death, and everyone notices that something's wrong with Phineas.

It was now nighttime at the Flynn-Fletcher house, and an unusually quiet one. However, considering the circumstances of what happened hours prior, it was understandable. Lawrence and Linda were collaborating on washing the dishware. Candace was busy communicating with her friend Stacy Hirano via text messages, although she was wearing a stoic face instead of the overjoyed and hyperactive face she would assume whenever talking to Stacy. Ferb was looking at Phineas, who was doing the least likely thing he'd do during this part of the year: smiling.

Continuing to stare at Phineas as the boy watched TV, still smiling, Ferb found it really strange to see his stepbrother this way. He had seen Phineas during the anniversaries of his real father's death, and he would always be downcast, not uplifted. What's worse was he didn't even pet Perry or even talk to him. Speaking of Perry, Ferb also noticed that Perry would occasionally nudge Phineas, as if he was expecting a petting or a talking to, which made Ferb even more confused, as he considered the platypuses don't typically do anything other than lie around.

Suddenly, Phineas burst into laughter, which startled Ferb and Candace. The former realized that the ten-year-old boy was laughing at the TV, which was depicting a cartoon in which an anthropomorphic rabbit was tricking a hunter into blowing up his head. Fortunately, it was just a silly cartoon, nothing graphic, and yet, Ferb couldn't help but notice the slight sadistic pleasure that was laced with Phineas's laugh, or the hint of craziness that was tinted in the inventor's eyes. The British boy looked at Candace, and saw that she was wearing a quizzical face as well.

"Children!" Lawrence called out. "It's time to eat!"

Phineas stopped laughing and followed Ferb and Candace to the kitchen table, where Lawrence and Linda were already seated, dinner plates already prepared by them. The three children seated themselves, and upon doing so, Phineas immediately burst into speech.

"Mom, Dad, did you see that part of the cartoon in which the hunter blows up his head? HAHAHA, that part was hilarious! And the way his eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and hat landed onto the neck like it was reconstructing the face, boy, was that golden comedy! HAHAHAHAHA!"

All four of the Flynn-Fletchers, plus Perry, looked at Phineas quizzically.

"Well," replied Linda, "someone's happy today."

"And on the wrong day of the week," Candace added to herself; her sentence went noticed by Ferb, who couldn't help but admit that his domineering stepsister was right.

A chatter suddenly sounded throughout the kitchen table, and Phineas and Ferb looked down to see Perry, who was sitting beside his empty food bowl. His mindless-looking eyes stared up at Phineas; he was definitely begging for some food through them.

"Get lost," replied Phineas coldly. Linda gasped.

"PHINEAS!" she scolded. "Don't say that to Perry! He's our pet, and a part of our family! I think he wants you to feed him."

"Oh, sorry Mom. I'll get to that right away."

Phineas stood up and strode towards the cupboard. Ferb and Candace noticed the hint of annoyance in Phineas's eyes as he walked past them. Ferb looked at his father and saw that he was wearing a suspicious look.

Phineas returned with Perry's chow and poured it into the food bowl until it became full. Perry looked up at Phineas as if to thank him before he began to consume his food. The family did so as well, and no conversations were started. Finally, after five minutes of eating in pure silence, Candace decided to break it.

"So," said Candace, "what'd you do today, Mom and Dad?"

"I just rested myself on the couch while your dad did all of my work for me," Linda replied. "Again, thanks Lawrence."

"Anytime, dear," said Lawrence before he took a bite of his fish.

"How about you, Candace?" asked Linda.

"I went to Stacy's house. We had a little talk about..." She paused in mid-sentence before continuing. "Well, she gave me a little re-inspiration, and now, life's good."

"Good. I was glad to know that there were no calls from you about the boys building some contraption in our backyard."

Candace didn't reply to that, but her expression darkened. Fortunately, Linda and Lawrence didn't notice. Instead, Lawrence turned to Phineas and Ferb and talked to them.

"How about you, boys?" he asked. "What did you do for today?"

"I helped Isabella with a meeting," replied Ferb.

"Speaking of Isabella," Phineas said nonchalantly, "I yelled at her and I didn't apologize."


Linda stood up on the table, shocked. "You yelled at Isabella, your good friend, and you didn't apologize?"

Phineas looked undaunted by Linda's expression. "Yep. I didn't."

Linda's eye twitched before she scolded, "PHINEAS ALBERT FLYNN! I can't believe you would yell at your friend, your neighbor, and not APOLOGIZE! Why did you even do that?"

Phineas replied nonchalantly, "Because she said that my father deserved to die."

Linda was about to say something, but the words were lost in her mouth. She then finally said, quietly, "She did?"

"Yes, Mom. I was angry and I yelled at her. She made a run for it and I didn't see her for the rest of the day."

Linda didn't speak, and then she finally approached the phone, picked it up, and dialed a number. After a couple of minutes, the family watched as she spoke into the phone.

"Hi, Vivian? Yes. Thank you very much, Vivian. Yes, did Isabella come home sad, or frightened, or anything? Really? Oh, well, it turns out that Phineas yelled at her. For a good reason. According to Phineas, she said that Phillip deserved to die and he got angry with her and yelled at her. It's okay, don't apologize. You will? Okay, thank you very much. Thank you. Bye."

Linda hung the phone and turned to the family. "I talked to Vivian, and now she's gonna have a little talk with Isabella about what she said to you, Phineas."

"Good," replied Phineas.

Ferb couldn't help but heighten his suspicion. When Phineas answered Linda's question as to why he yelled at Isabella, he didn't sound angry, or exasperated, or stressed, emotions that he would feel if he admitted that someone spoke badly of someone he loved, such as his real father. Instead, he was nonchalant, as if he didn't care that someone spoke badly of Phillip.

And when Phineas replied to Linda's announcement that Isabella would be getting into trouble, he sounded pleased. Whenever he found out that Isabella was getting into some serious trouble for something that he caused, Phineas would come to his friend's defense, saying that she didn't deserve to get into a lot of trouble, or at least express some hope that she wouldn't be punished severely. He would never be pleased at Isabella's impending troubles.

In fact, what Phineas said to Linda about Isabella insulting Phillip was half-true. The other half of the truth was that Isabella made a mistake in saying those words, and that she was meaning to comfort Phineas and tell him to move on from the tragedy. And Ferb would know because he watched the entire conversation with his own eyes. The Phineas he knew would've told the whole truth. And yet, he didn't. Surprisingly, he wasn't even scratching his ear, something he would compulsively do when he lied to someone.

First, the oddly optimistic smile, then the laughing at the cartoon, then neglecting Perry for a minute, then framing Isabella? Something was definitely out of place. This was not the Phineas Flynn he was dealing with here. Glancing at Candace, Ferb realized that she was most likely thinking the same thoughts as well.

Unfortunately, Linda didn't see any changes in her son and merely resumed eating, as did Lawrence and Phineas. Ferb and Candace decided to do so as well, but they continued to stare at Phineas for the rest of dinner.

A half-hour has passed, and a thunderstorm had since started. Lawrence and Linda were now busy washing the dinner plates again. Phineas had retreated into his bedroom, and Ferb was planning on approaching him when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Looking up, it was a suspicious Candace.

"Alright," the redheaded teenager said, "what did you guys do today?"

"What d'you mean?" asked Ferb.

"Clearly Phineas is acting strange. He would never laugh at misfortunes or reject Perry. I'm betting that you two built something bust-worthy together while I was away at Stacy's house. What did you build?"

"We didn't build anything."

"And how should I believe you?"

"Phineas wouldn't commit to any of his usual daily activities during the anniversary of your dad's death. If we were to build something, then that would happen the next week."

"Then maybe you built something alone to cheer Phineas up, and you hit Phineas with that device, but it didn't work out as planned. And then the Mysterious Force takes away the contraption, explaining why Phineas continues to act this way."

"If I were to build something alone, I'd seek the help of Phineas's blueprints, because I can't do anything without them. And Phineas didn't make any blueprints. Like I said, he won't commit to any of the daily activities he does with me." Ferb suddenly turned skeptical. "Wait a minute, Mysterious Force?"

"That's what I call the cause behind the circumstances that take away all of your inventions."

Ferb raised an eyebrow. "Sounds kinda preposterous to me."

Candace sighed, and then began to sing to explain the Mysterious Force to Ferb.

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Candace stopped singing and looked at Ferb, waiting for a response.

Finally, Ferb said, "Yep, I'm not buying it."

"Whatever," replied Candace. "What I'm saying is that you definitely did something to my brother; maybe you just don't know it."

"I remember what happens every day, and I definitely do anything to cheer Phineas up. Then again, I accompanied Isabella as she hosted a meeting to find a way to cheer him up, but we never did anything. We're gonna enact that plan tomorrow."

Suddenly, Candace's eyes widened, and she pointed at him accusingly. "Ooh, you're gonna do something tomorrow! Something bust-worthy! I'm calling Mom! That way you are busted before you build anything and the Mysterious Force doesn't have to take anything away!"

Candace was about to run off when Ferb grabbed her shirt and stopped her.

"Candace, please," beseeched Ferb, "we're doing this for Phineas! D'you really want to bust us when all we're doing is cheering him up?"

"You're gonna do something dangerous, Ferb!" Candace replied, annoyed. "Now let go of me!"

"Phineas isn't gonna move on from the tragedy! He'll eventually snap, and who knows what'll happen! Whatever happens, he'll undoubtedly destroy himself in the end, physically, emotionally, or psychologically! Maybe all of them! Maybe he's already snapped, explaining his behavior! Do you want that to happen to Phineas?"

Candace looked at her younger stepbrother and pondered over what he said. She suddenly remembered the day she first saw Phineas as a baby...

Ten years ago...

A five-year-old Candace sat on the couch, clutching her Ducky Momo doll, nervous about the arrival of her newborn brother. Her maternal grandparents, Clyde and Betty Jo Flynn, were in the other room, talking to one another. The television was blaring, but Candace wasn't paying any attention to it.

She didn't know what would happen once her brother officially became a member of the family. Judging by what Stacy said about younger siblings, they will immediately become the only focus of attention for the following years, while the older siblings would have to be left without any love. Candace knew that Stacy was right, because she knew that Stacy was facing such a problem right now, with her newborn sister Ginger. She didn't want to be shunned by her parents, or by anyone else in her family, for years before the baby finally grows up.

Candace tried to think up of a solution, but they all led to dead ends. She first thought of running away in order to get her parents to notice her, but she couldn't see herself even wandering five feet away from the house without her parents. Then she thought of mailing her brother away in the middle of the night and making it look like the baby managed to get out of the crib, but she remembered the crib and that she was too tall to retrieve the baby. Every solution she came up with, there was always a flaw in it that Candace didn't want to take on head-on. She knew she had to ask Stacy about what she was gonna do.

Looking at her Ducky Momo doll, Candace said, "Oh, Ducky Momo, what do you think I should do. My little brother is gonna take away all of the attention from my Mommy and Daddy, and I don't know what to do about it."

She then hugged the doll, hoping that it would come alive and take her someplace perfect for her and have her parents forget that she existed, that is, until the baby grew up.

Finally, she heard the front door open and Clyde and Betty Jo greet her parents. Candace knew that it was time to meet her brother, and she walked towards the front door, still clutching her doll. There, she saw her father, her mother, and her grandparents cooing over what appeared to be a bundle of sheets. Suddenly, a tiny, young sound reverberated throughout the room, and Candace knew that the baby had arrived.

Phillip spotted Candace and greeted, "Candy, your little brother is here. Come meet him."

"Okay, Daddy," replied Candace grumpily. Linda, who was holding the baby, knelt down and presented the baby to Candace.

At first, Candace looked away, but then she managed to swallow her pride and look at the baby. At that moment, the world seemed to stop, and everyone seemed to disappear except for the baby. Candace stared at the baby's blue eyes and his triangular head, the latter of which was holding a cute, innocent smile that seemed to brighten the atmosphere. Candace dropped her Ducky Momo doll, and for once, she didn't bother to pick it up; she was just fascinated with the baby.

At that moment, Candace knew something special formed between her and the baby.

Linda's voice pulled the five-year-old back into reality. "So, Candy, do you want to hold the baby?"

"Sure, Mommy!" replied Candace happily.

"Don't drop him."

"I won't."

Taking the baby in her arms, she now got a closer view of the baby's face, the lovely smile, and Candace smiled back. The baby laughed, and it sounded like music to the girl's ears.

"What's his name, Mommy?" Candace asked.

Linda smiled at Phillip before replying, "Phineas. Phineas Flynn."

"Phineas?" Candace laughed. "That's a funny name, Mommy."

"Don't worry," said Phillip. "You'll get used to it eventually."

Candace stopped laughing and stared into the baby's eyes and its smile, and she continued to smile as well.

Phineas. Candace knew that the name had a nice ring to it.

Candace ended her memory and looked at Ferb, who was looking at her with shiny eyes. The teenager noted that the eyes resembled like Phineas's when she first met him, and she realized that if Phineas indeed did snap and something would happen to him resultantly, then she would feel bad for not doing anything to make him happy, to help him move on from their father's death. Candace sighed heavily, knowing that this would be out of character for her, but she knew that it would be for the best for Phineas.

"Fine," she replied, "you may do whatever you want, but as long as it's just to cheer Phineas up. And once you succeed, then I'll have to bust you guys." She held her hand out to Ferb. "Deal?"

Ferb thought about it for a moment, then held out his own hand and shook Candace's.


Meanwhile, at Phineas and Ferb's bedroom, Phineas paced around, thinking. By now, that girl named Isabella was probably in her bedroom, crying her little lungs out. The boy smiled evilly at the image and congratulated himself for bringing about the girl's punishment.

Phineas stopped at the doorway and saw Ferb and Candace talking to one another. He was unable to hear what they were saying due to the thunderstorm. However, he didn't care, for all he was concerned about was deciding on what to do tomorrow. He knew where to go tomorrow, but what he was gonna do afterwards, he didn't know. He promised that he'd formulate a scheme, but the truth was, he had yet to make one. An all-out, head-on assault would be best, but he knew that there would be retaliation. He wished he can get some more help, but apparently, he was the only one to arrive at the meeting, and there seemed to be no other evil villain present in Danville.

Angry at his inability to think, Phineas decided that he'd just go for the full-frontal assault. Procuring his cell phone, the ten-year-old dialed a number and then held the device to his ear, waiting for the receiver to pick up.

Finally, a voice said sleepily, "H-hello?"

"It's me, Phineas," replied Phineas. "I've thought of the perfect method."

"And what's that?" asked the voice.

"We use your inventions and lead an all-out assault."

"An all-out assault?"

Phineas was annoyed at the man's stupidity. "Yes, an all-out assault. You do know what that means, do you?"

"I do know what an all-out assault is. It's just that, well, there's, uh, gonna be, you know, retaliation."

"Yes, that's why I said we use your inventions."

It was quiet for a moment. Finally, the speaker said, "Oh, fine. We'll do it tomorrow."

"Good," said Phineas before hanging up.

The boy then stood up and walked into the bathroom. Turning on the light, he stared at his reflection in the mirror, and then he snickered quietly. He couldn't believe that even though the Flynn-Fletcher family noticed his change in behavior, they didn't notice a change in his physicality, and this change was thrust in their faces, and yet they didn't react. He now knew where his good self's obliviousness came from.

For Phineas's eyes, once the brilliant blue Candace became mesmerized with as a five-year-old, were now an eerie shade of green.

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