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Chapter 33 Summary: The Shadow has been defeated, but the permission for Phineas and Ferb to know of Perry's secret identity is still endangered. And there's just one final question left to be answered...

At the headquarters of the OWCA's Danville branch, Perry tapped his foot worriedly on the floor, while Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Linda, Lawrence, and Frank all stood behind him. They were all facing a large steel door that led into a meeting room that was currently occupied by Major Monogram, Carl, General Garrett, and the board of OWCA directors, all of whom were debating on permitting Perry's secret identity to be common knowledge for the Flynn-Fletcher family.

It had been a week since the vanquishing of the Shadow, to which the debate began after the platypus agent threatened to resign from the OWCA should his host family and all of their friends go through the process of acquiring amnesia in order to forget his secret identity, despite all of the things they experienced. The debate had started approximately three hours ago and was apparently still going strong, as arguments can be heard through the door.

Perry had a reason to be worried. Even though Major Monogram easily submitted to his threat of resignation from the OWCA, which had been supported unanimously by the other OWCA agents, he wasn't sure if the same can be said for Garrett and the OWCA directors, as they upheld the organization's number-one policy of secrecy with an iron fist. In fact, he was very worried about the events that might occur after a decision would be made to continue the secrecy policy: not only would his host family have to go through the amnesia therapy again, but so would he. After all, he defied the OWCA in a severe offense, and punishment for this action would be that he would be fired from the OWCA, given amnesia, and sent away to a zoo to live a new life as one of its animals, never to remember anything about his owners, his life as a secret agent...everything... He was starting to regret defying the OWCA...

A hand latched itself upon Perry's shoulder, and the platypus looked up into Phineas's blue eyes. "It's okay, Perry," he said. "Everything's gonna be alright."

Perry nodded with understanding, just as he heard the steel door open. Everyone looked up and saw Monogram enter the hallway.

"Come on in," Monogram said.

Perry and the Flynn-Fletcher family all entered the meeting room, a large chamber occupied by nothing more than an oblong table that was currently seated by Carl, Garrett, and the OWCA board, all of whom were staring at them. The seven took several empty seats, while Monogram sat in the unoccupied chair at one side of the table. He cleared his throat and sighed sadly before speaking.

"I am sorry, Agent P," Monogram said. "I couldn't convince Garrett and the board to allow your host family to learn of your secret identity. I tried, Agent P."

"WHAT?!" Phineas screamed, standing from his chair while Perry chattered in utmost horror. "You cannot do this, sir! Perry is our pet, our best friend! We can't forget all of the special things he is capable of for the third time!"

"I'm very sorry, young man," replied Garrett, "but the rules are the rules! When we first founded the OWCA, we established this rule first, out of all the others, knowing that it is for the protection of both our agents and their host families. Also, if you must know, Agent P has violated this rule not once, not twice, but three times. It is a repeated offense none of us at the board of directors have ever anticipated. We presently discussed this matter during the week-long debate, and the board has all decided that there'd be...severe consequences for Agent P's offenses..."

Perry gulped fearfully; he had been gravely fearing this.

Garrett continued, "We greatly debated on which of the laid-out consequences we should impose on Agent P, and we have been getting nowhere so far. So, we have decided to present to you the opportunity to pick one of the two options. The option you choose will be the consequence we give Agent P. Do you agree to the terms?"

"Yes, sir," Phineas replied.

"Okay. Option one: not only will you all have to have a dose of Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz's Amnesia-Inator, so will Agent P, who will have to be relocated to a zoo to live for the rest of his life afterwards, which means you will have to forget everything about Agent P."

"WHAT?!" Phineas screamed for the second time. "That CAN'T be an option! What's option two?"

"Since all members of the OWCA and their relatives are allowed to know everything of their agents, including their cover identities, we have considered the possibility of hiring at least some of you to occupy positions at here. We have some vacancies available for filling."

"OPTION TWO! OPTION TWO!" shouted Phineas repeatedly.

"But Phineas!" Linda exclaimed. "That option is impossible! You and Ferb are only kids! You can't have jobs!"

"But we've done everything, from building a rollercoaster to becoming one-hit wonders to traveling in time-"

"Maybe so, but you have school soon! The both of you! You can't just drop out! And Candace has school too! Also, your dad and I are already busy with running the antiques store, so we can't add another job to our burden."

"We can ask some of our friends to take the jobs!"

"They have school too, Phineas. I'm sorry, sweetie, but there's no one who just has the time to do this."

"I do," a new voice said. Everyone looked at Frank, who had stood up from his chair. "I'll volunteer to take a job here. I lost my job when I traveled abroad, and now that my children are back in their hometown, they're gonna need money in order to get back into school. Does this organization pay a good salary, General Garrett?"

"It's a salary paid by the government, Mr. Flynn," replied Garrett. "It's one of the best."

"Then I'll take it."

Phineas gasped with happiness, hopped off of his chair, and ran over to hug Frank. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, Uncle Frank! You don't know how much this even means to me! Thank you SO MUCH! Now Perry can stay with us and we can retain our memories of him being a secret agent!"

"Anything for you, sport," Frank replied, smiling. "And I exactly know how much it means to you. You can't afford to lose Perry, not like you lost your dad." He gazed at Monogram and Carl. "Thank you for your efforts."

"It's our pleasure, Mr. Flynn," said Monogram. "Anyone related to Phillip Flynn is a friend of ours."

"How come you were out of the house when you died? I don't think Mom or Candace ever knew why!"

"I don't think you have enough time to hear the answer, son! Just ask Major Monogram!"

Phineas's memories were suddenly flooded with remembrance of the conversation he had with his father, when he had asked about why he was outside the day his life was taken. He released Frank and walked up to Monogram.

"Major Monogram?" he asked. "How do you know about my father?"

Monogram looked down at Phineas and realized that he had let loose his secret. Realizing that there was no other way out, he sighed and knelt down to the boy.

"Phineas," he explained, "do you ever wonder why you have a platypus as a pet, not a dog or a cat or even a fish?"

"Well, Ferb and I picked him out five years ago," replied Phineas, his eyebrow raised with curiosity. "Why?"

"You see, the day your father died...I was...there."

August 3rd, 2000
Seven years ago

Captain Francis Monogram smiled proudly and watched as cages full of new animals for the OWCA-owned pet shelter were wheeled into the building by carts. Today was another day for training new recruits for the OWCA, an occasion that he enjoyed to the fullest extent.

"Excellent job there, Carl!" the captain exclaimed. "The shipment's looking well, judging from the looks."

"Top-quality, government-owned transportation for these little rookies," a gray-haired, balding man wearing glasses said. "They're ready for OWCA training, sir." As the captain examined the animals contained inside the cages, Carl continued. "Uh, sir? You remember my son, Carl Jr.?"

"I've met him before," replied Monogram as he continued to observe the animals, all of which looked back at him attentively without the typical reaction of an average animal in captivity. "Quite a bright, organized kid, even though he intellectually...stumbles a bit."

"Well, my boy's almost off for college, and he needs some extra credit if he is to get into one of the best colleges in the Tri-State Area. I heard that there is a vacancy for an unpaid assistant in your office, is that correct?"

"Don't say anything further; I'll give the job to him, Carl. After all, you're retiring; I might as well keep a part of you with me in the office."

Carl chuckled and patted Monogram in the back. "Thank you very much, sir."

"You're wel- ARGH!" Monogram stumbled away from a particular cage in shock. "CARL! What's that...thing in Cage...number something?"

Carl walked over to the allotted cage cautiously and looked at its contents inside: an infant platypus, probably over a month old. It looked up at the older man and let out a tiny, weak chatter, trembling and scrambling over to a corner of its cage as it did so.

"Huh? It's a platypus," he replied.

"A what?" Monogram asked, confused.

"A platypus. It's a semi-aquatic mammal monotreme that is native to eastern Australia. But..." Carl examined a list that was tucked under his arm. "I don't remember a platypus being part of the animal stock. It must've gotten mixed up at one of the airports or something. After all, it looks like the cage isn't OWCA-owned. It's definitely some sort of mix-up. What d'you think we should do with it, sir?"

"The platypus hasn't been fully prepared for OWCA specifications yet," Monogram said. "And whoever previously owned that platypus could be anywhere. I don't wish to waste more money on getting this platypus given the preliminary OWCA training-"

"Hey, this is the OWCA Animal Shelter, right?" a voice asked.

Everyone gazed at the door and saw a man with a triangular head that sported unkempt red hair.

"Uh, yes," Monogram replied. "But it's almost closing hours right now!"

"Please, I just need to buy a pet for my children," the man said, "it won't be for long!"

Monogram quickly glanced at the platypus cage and smiled craftily, the gears in his mind whirring. He faced the man and replied, "You know what, sir? I believe we have the animal just for you!" He picked up the cage and lifted it so the man could see. "A platypus!"

"A platypus?" the man asked. "Aren't those things dangerous to have as pets?"

"Correct," replied Carl, catching onto Monogram's plan. "But I believe we have a foolproof technique of putting the 'danger' out of 'platypus'! Even though there IS no 'danger' in 'platypus'..." When he was met with blank stares from Monogram and the other man, he chuckled in response.

"Well..." The man looked at the platypus, which chattered at him. "Phineas and Candy will probably find this animal odd...and yet interesting to have! As long as your technique works, I'll take it! How much?"

"Since you're in a hurry, it's on the house!" Monogram replied. "Carl, do whatever you have to do to make that platypus suitable for a suburban home!"

"Yes, sir!" Carl saluted his superior, took the platypus cage, and ran into a back room.

"Thank you very much, sir," the man said. "You don't know how much this means to me! See, it's my birthday-"

"It's your birthday?"

"Yeah. I know, I look like I'm buying something for myself. But you know what the greatest present for me is?"


"Seeing my children happy. Oh, I have a picture of them!" The man reached into his pocket and procured a photo of two children, a redheaded girl of about eight and a three-year-old boy who was physically identical to their father. "Cute things, aren't they?"

"Yep." Monogram chuckled. "I especially find an interest in the boy, he looks rather peculiar. What's the little guy's name?"

"Phineas, Phineas Albert Flynn. Oh, where are my manners?!" The man stretched his hand out. "The name's Phillip."

"Francis." Monogram took Phillip's hand and shook it. Just then, Phillip noticed a gift-wrapped box sitting at a nearby desk counter.

"Oh, you're assistant's fast!" Phillip exclaimed, running over to the counter and taking the box. "I'll be taking this now. Thanks!"

"No problem, and I hope you please your children!" called Monogram as Phillip left the building. Seconds later, Carl returned to the room.

"Alright mister, I fixed the platypus, nice and good!" he cried.

Monogram's eyes widened and he twirled around, seeing Carl holding the same platypus, which chattered.

"What?" Carl asked.

Monogram ignored him and instead ran out of the door. He instantly saw Phillip a few yards away, getting into his car with the gift-wrapped box in tow. The sidewalk was currently crowded with many pedestrians.

"HEY, PHILLIP!" Monogram shouted, running up to the car. "I THINK YOU HAVE THE WRONG THING!"

Suddenly, the car exploded in flames, and all pedestrians that were near the vehicle were thrown back by the force of the explosion, including Monogram, who collided hard against a wall. Groaning in shock, the captain fell to the ground.

"SIR!" Carl cried, running up to his superior as fast as he could, the platypus still in his arms. Helping Monogram up, Carl asked, "Sir, are you alright?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm alright..." But Monogram's attention was diverted towards Phillip's car, which was fully engulfed in flames. Screams were piercing the air as people ran in multiple directions. He could see the silhouette if a person in the car's driving seat...

Grunting, he looked away, meeting his gaze with that of the platypus's. Monogram sighed as he stared into the baby creature's eyes, his mind filling with thoughts of Phineas and Candace, whose lives would no longer be occupied with memories of their loving father, who died trying to give them the present of their lives...

The rest of the day was a hard day for Captain Francis Monogram. He stood by and watch as firefighters extinguished the fire, recovered what was left, and give the grave announcement that it was a bomb that killed Phillip Daniel Flynn, a bomb set by the notorious Tri-State Bombers, a bomb that seemed to be meant for someone else. Meaning that Phillip's death had been an accident, all for nothing...

But the captain's darkest hour was when he volunteered to deliver the news to Phillip's family. He had gone to a 2308 Maple Drive, knocking on the front door thrice, and being greeted by a little girl holding a Ducky Momo doll. Knowing that the girl couldn't handle the news, Monogram called over Phillip's wife Linda and informed her of the tragic news when they were alone. The pained sobs that filled the house, followed by Candace and a young, oblivious Phineas asking their mother what was happening, were something that he would never forget.

When he went back to the animal shelter, Monogram found that Carl still had the platypus. When he looked into the platypus's eyes again, the captain's mind seemed to click into place. Phillip's kids would be getting both the platypus and protection from an assortment of perils, for they didn't deserve the tragedy that had befallen upon them and absolutely DO NOT deserve what might come for them in the future.

So, for the following two years, Monogram trained the platypus himself with the knowledge and confidence that at least one of Phillip's children would choose it due to its peculiar physical nature. During that time, he had been promoted to the rank of Major and received Carl's son Carl Jr. as an unpaid assistant. When the time came, the major personally mailed an OWCA Animal Shelter coupon to the Flynn family, hoping that they'd respond to it.

Indeed they did. And the moment he saw the family leave with the platypus, then christened as 'Bartholomew', one thought crossed his mind.

"I never let you down, Phillip. Your present made it through."

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