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Chapter 31 Summary: Phineas and the gang reach DEI and confront the Shadow once and for all...

"Phineas!" Linda exclaimed, hugging her son and crying tears of happiness. "Oh, thank goodness you're ALIVE!"

Everyone else burst out into cheer, and even the other OWCA agents present joined in on the joyous celebration. Ferb, Perry, Candace, Lawrence, Isabella, and Frank hugged the redheaded inventor, right before the kids of Danville hoisted their inspirational hero up into the air. The only one who didn't cheer in joy was Major Monogram, who immediately stopped the occasion short, speaking into a megaphone.

"Alright, everyone! Now's not the time to celebrate! We have a situation going on here!"

"Yeah, that's right!" Phineas replied. "What's going on?"

"I believe this will solve things," Carl said, whipping out a ray-gun and zapping the entire Flynn-Fletcher family. Perry smiled happily when Phineas blinked at the agent in confusion and then smiled as the memories of the day of the 2nd Dimension, and the week of absolute hell flooded back into his mind.

"Hey, Perry."

Perry chattered in joy and prepared to hug his owners, but Monogram cleared his throat, stopping the platypus in his tracks.

"We cannot celebrate," Monogram warned. He then addressed Phineas and Ferb directly. "Boys, it appears that the Shadow has returned. According to Katie's intel, a still-amnesiac Doofenshmirtz resurrected the entity and they have now constructed a new scheme to conquer all of the multiverse. Only two remarkable boys of excellent inventing expertise can build something powerful enough to vanquish him for good."

"I believe I have something planned," said Phineas. "But Ferb and I are gonna need everyone's help in constructing the device. Is everyone with us?!"

"YEAH!" everyone shouted in agreement.

"Good!" Phineas then turned to Ferb. "Ferb, I know what we're all gonna do today!"

The Shadow cackled malevolently as Doofenshmirtz's Inators were readied and all fired up to go. "Soon," he snarled with an evil sneer, "very soon, the multiverse will be MINE! And THIS TIME, no one else can stop me! First, I shall show my power to this world by destroying this excuse of a city. Doofenshmirtz, FIRE THE INATORS!"

Doofenshmirtz looked from Danville to the Inators, and then at the Shadow. Frowning disapprovingly, he pressed a button on a wall, and a powering-down sound flooded the room, signifying the deactivation of his army of inventions.

"WHAT THE?!" The Shadow angrily shot a death glare at the evil scientist. "DOOFENSHMIRTZ! What in the world are you DOING?! FIRE UP THE INATORS AGAIN AND DESTROY THE CITY NOW!"

"NO!" Doofenshmirtz shouted. "You killed Perry the Platypus. Without him, our scheme has no challenge! It's too easy!"

"Do you wanna conquer the Tri-State Area or not?!" demanded the Shadow.

"Not without Perry the Platypus's intervention!" Doofenshmirtz activated the Very-Very-Bad-Inator and aimed it at the Shadow. "Sorry, mister, but you're GONE!"

He fired a beam at the Shadow, which hit him squarely in the chest.





















And didn't do anything to the villain.

"Huh." Doofenshmirtz looked at the Very-Very-Bad-Inator. "So that's what it does. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING?!"

The Shadow snickered evilly and stalked towards Doofenshmirtz, like a predator cornering its prey.

"And now," he growled, "you've lost your advantage, Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz..."

"We're finished, you two!" Baljeet exclaimed. Phineas and Ferb walked up to their invention and smiled proudly at it.

"Look at that, Ferb," Phineas said. "This is the very key to the safety of Danville, the Tri-State Area, the world, the universe, and the multiverse. Sure gives you a large sense of responsibility, doesn't it?" Ferb just nodded.

"Uh, Phineas?" asked Frank.

"Yeah, Uncle Frank?"

"If this Shadow character is a manifestation of your evil side," he explained, "then shouldn't this replicate be the same way?"


"Well, if he is as powerful as everyone says he is, then destroying him will be difficult. But according to all of the sci-fi movies I've seen, an emotional manifestation is most weakest if it's actually bonded to the host. In other words, if the Shadow is bonded with you, sport, then it'll give us the leeway to get rid of him once and for all."

"But Uncle Frank!" Candace exclaimed. "Bonding Phineas with the Shadow is a bad idea! The Shadow will take over again!"

"It's okay, Candace," replied Phineas, suddenly smiling. "I think I have a plan for this."

"No, Phineas!" Isabella cried, running up to Phineas and staring him hard in the face. "The Shadow WILL take over again! You can't do this!"

But Phineas continued to smile optimistically. "I said it's okay, Isabella. I know what I am doing. I can do this."

"I am with you on this." Everyone looked at Ferb, who was smiling at his stepbrother. "You know what to do when you have a plan, bro. And I support your decision, all the way, no matter what happens in the end."

"Me too," added Isabella confidently.

"So do I," Django said.

Adyson smiled at her friend and added, "Same with me."

Her decision was followed by a similar one from Carl, then Perry and the other agents, and progressively, everyone else but Linda and Candace agreed that Phineas made his decision and was going for it.

"Please don't do it, Phineas," Linda begged. "I don't wanna lose you like we lost Dad! I don't wanna lose you to that monster again!"

"It's okay, Mom," replied Phineas. "It's gonna be alright."

"Phineas!" Candace exclaimed. "Please!"

"Mom, Candace," Phineas said, becoming serious, "remember what Dad said? 'Carpe Diem'? ...You're not doing it. Seize the day, Mom, Candace, like I always have! No matter what's happened to me, I always learn to seize the day, because by doing that, you can do anything you can possibly imagine. So please, remember what Dad always said, and have faith in me. Please."

"Come on, Linda, Candy," added Frank. "Phineas is right."

Linda looked from Frank to her son, then sighed reluctantly and said, "Okay. If you know what you're doing, then you know what you're doing. I mean, every time I am gone, you and Ferb have made inventions without even hurting yourself once. That's saying something. But...please be careful, Phineas."

Candace knelt forward and hugged her brother, memories of herself meeting her newborn brother for the first time flashing in her mind. "Good luck, Phineas," she said.

"Thanks, everyone, for having faith in me," Phineas said. He smiled his most optimistic smile yet. "I know what I'm gonna do today!"

The Shadow smiled maliciously as Doofenshmirtz was strapped to a wall, with the barrel of the Go-Away-Inator aimed at him. Norm was lying on the floor beside him, having tried to intervene but suffering a defeat at the hands of the Shadow, who had removed his squirrel power.

"Goodbye, Doofenshmirtz..." the Shadow said as he prepared to fire the Inator...


The Shadow flicked his head at the balcony of DEI and found Phineas standing there.

"Well, well, well," the Shadow snarled, stepping away from the Inator, "if it isn't the weakling who defeated my predecessor through sheer luck. Have you come here to try and defeat me like you did last time? 'Cause it won't work! I learned from my mistakes!"

"Oh, I'm not here to fight you, Shadow," Phineas replied. "I want you to control my body."

The Shadow just stood there, dumbfounded. "What?"

"Your predecessor gave me a world that only my wildest dreams can conceive: a world where my dad Phillip is still alive. I miss that world so much. This life isn't for me, it just isn't anymore. I can only hope you have the ability to give me that same reality, Shadow, like Shadow Senior did. Take control of my life and take me to the world that I love so much! Do whatever you want to my old life, just do it!"

The Shadow sneered. "HA! What makes you think I'm gonna merge with you? You probably have a trapped planned!"

"You're a personality created by a simple device, Shadow. You have no capabilities beyond the function the device intended to give you. You cannot invent weapons of mass destruction. But with MY help, you can do it. Just share my mind with yours, and you'll be able to conquer the multiverse, do what the previous Shadow couldn't."

This struck a chord in the Shadow's interest, and he smiled greedily, falling for Phineas's lure.

"That's true..." he said maliciously. He then shot a glance at Doofenshmirtz. "Doofenshmirtz! Does one of your Inators merge two subjects together?"

"Try the Combine-Inator," replied Doofenshmirtz fearfully, pointing at the Inator.

The Shadow approached the scientist, pulled out a knife, and quickly severed the scientist's bonds. "Use it on me and the pathetic boy," he ordered. Doofenshmirtz just nodded and ran over to the Combine-Inator, positioning it towards Phineas and the Shadow.

"Okay, it's ready!" Doofenshmirtz said.

"FIRE IT!" barked the Shadow. He didn't notice the sly smile that crept onto Phineas's face before he closed his eyes.

Doofenshmirtz fired a single laser that hit both Phineas and the Shadow, merging them together. The Shadow, being a duplicate of a manifestation of a certain aspect of Phineas's mind, wasn't physically bonded to the red-haired inventor, but was instead bonded to Phineas's brain.

Phineas opened his eyes and found himself standing on the cold, uneven ground and surrounded by the familiar purple mist. The Shadow was standing in front of him, his green eyes flashing menacingly as he smiled triumphantly, ready to control the inventor's mind again.


Just then, the purple mist started to recede, and the empty, vast environment started to disappear in a vortex of color and sound.

"What the?" the Shadow yelped, but Phineas smiled. The vortex soon resettled, this time into the Flynn-Fletcher backyard. "What the heck is going on? Something's not right! Your mind feels all...wrong! It's not the feelings my predecessor described in my thought process!" He then glared at Phineas, who was still smiling. "YOU! YOU TRICKED ME! YOU TRICKED ME!"

"It's not my fault," Phineas replied optimistically. "You were the one who decided to fall for it."

Suddenly, the Shadow's eyes turned entirely red, and his body started to transform into a mass of purple substance. The only physicality the mass retained was his triangular-shaped head borrowed from Phineas's. The mass grew larger and larger, like a tidal wave ready to engulf Phineas.


The Shadow charged at Phineas, but upon colliding with him, he suddenly recoiled, having been unable to touch the inventor, an invisible barrier seemingly protecting him from the villain's attempt to control him. Phineas's smile grew even wider as he looked around, seeing Ferb, Perry, Isabella, Linda, Lawrence, Frank, Wallace, Jamie, Doofenshmirtz, Norm, Monogram, Carl, all of the OWCA agents, Baljeet, Buford, Django, Irving, the Fireside Girls, Jeremy, Stacy, Coltrane, Jenny, Albert, the Resistance, Doofenshmirtz-2, a Norm Bot, Thaddeus, Thor, Thaddeus and Thor's friends, Professor Poofenplotz, the fans of Space Adventure and Stumbleberry Finkbat, Meap, the Martians, Buck Buckerson and his friends, and Agent Double 0-0, all of them armed with Phineas and Ferb's inventions. All of them were either beside him or behind him, his own personal army. And they all stared down the fallen Shadow, who looked up fearfully at them all.

Phineas walked up to the Shadow, still smiling, and said, "Too bad, Shadow. I already have the life I wish for."

"You said it, Inventor Extraordinaire." Phineas looked behind him and saw Phillip, who was smiling at him. Phineas smiled back and looked at the Shadow, who had now begun to disappear.

Seconds after Doofenshmirtz merged Phineas and the Shadow together, he watched as the inventor opened his eyes, displaying a hue of bluish-green in the pupils.

Just then, the door burst open, and in came Ferb and Perry, the former of which was holding a tiny gun. He fired a single shot that hit Phineas squarely in the head.

"NO!" the Shadow shrieked as he felt himself disappear. "This can't be happening! I was supposed to WIN! This was my VICTORY!"

"Well, I suggest you keep looking, Shadow," replied Phineas. "'Cause I'm not letting go of mine."

"You can't escape me forever, boy! I will always be in your memories! Me, and all of the things I made you do! YOU'LL NEVER FORGET ME!"

"You're right, Shadow. I'll never forget you. To me, you'll always be the one who changed my life for the better."

The Shadow growled and let out an anguished roar as he disappeared, gone for good.

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