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Life or Death?

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Chapter 30 Summary: Thinking he had disposed of his enemies, the Shadow prepares to initiate a second assault to conquer the multiverse. Meanwhile, the fates of everyone at the Flynn-Fletcher house are revealed...

The Shadow grinned maliciously as Perry's signal that was shown on his remote disappeared. This wasn't part of his plan, as he wanted to be personally there when Phineas was eliminated, but it didn't matter anymore. As long as all of the flaws in his plan were removed from the equation, then there was NOTHING that could stop him. Letting out a cackle of triumph, he twirled around to face Doofenshmirtz.

"Now, that that's out of the way," he said, "start up the Inators, Doofenshmirtz. We have worlds to conquer..."

Doofenshmirtz, who looked rather reluctant in the wake of apparently losing his arch-nemesis, nodded meekly and approached a keyboard. Typing down a set of codes, he, the Shadow, and Norm watched as all of the evil scientist's Inators, which they reconstructed in a matter of hours, activated themselves, ready for conquest.

A distant, continuous ringing assaulted Perry's eardrums with ferocity as the platypus regained consciousness. At first, all he could see were abstract, blurry objects, but once his vision slowly improved, he identified his current location as the Flynn-Fletcher living room, which was devastated from the blast. Lying beside him was Phineas, who was disturbingly still and gravely wounded. His eyes widening, Perry tried to stand up, but was instantly greeted with severe pain. However, he bravely dismissed these pains, was finally able to stand up with difficulty and came to his owner's side.

The platypus desperately let out panicked chatters to try and revive Phineas, but nothing worked. He then looked around, surveying the room, and saw that everyone else was also seriously injured and unconscious...or worse... Perry quickly procured a device from his fur and activated it; the device scanned the bodies just within a minute. It then displayed a result for the agent: 'ALL BUT ONE LIFE-SIGNALS DETECTED'. Then, as if on a cue, Perry watched as everyone else regained consciousness and sat up one-by-one, looking dazed. Finally, everyone had regained consciousness.

Except Phineas.

The platypus collapsed onto the ground in disbelief. Phineas was...dead? It couldn't be! After that courageous act he did, torturing himself to near-death in order to remove an explosive device, he was repaid with the death of his owner, the one he especially wanted to save? It was UNFAIR!

"Phineas, Phineas, please wake up!" Perry chattered, addressing Phineas, but of course, it didn't work. Letting out a furious chatter, the platypus collapsed again.

"Agent P, I am so sorry," replied Katie. "I should've known you'd be equipped with an explosive. I could've brought a device that protected us all from the blast-"

"Why, what happened?" Linda asked, and she spotted Phineas's body. "Oh my God..."

"Oh, no," moaned Frank with horror.

Perry just turned away, struggling to hold back tears as the reality of what had just happened sunk into everyone. As the air was occupied by pained sobs and moans, he looked up at the cloudless sky, which was now exposed now that the house roof had been obliterated by the large explosion. Spiritually, he could feel his owners watching him...

"I'm so sorry, everyone!" he chattered. "I failed you!"

"There's no need to panic, Agent P."

Perry gasped upon seeing Monogram, Carl, and several OWCA agents fly into the house using hover-devices. Some of the agents were carrying a device...

Phineas looked around and found himself being surrounded by a large bank of clouds. In fact...the entire world seemed to be made of clouds. The only other object that was present was a strange escalator that led into a bright light. He didn't know how he got here; the last thing he could remember was being thrown back after a two-legged Perry threw his own collar out of a window...

"Hello, Phineas," a voice suddenly said.

With a yelp, Phineas turned around and saw the last person he'd expect to see.

"Dad?" he asked incredulously.

"Yes, Phineas, it's me," Phillip replied.

"But...but you're dead! How can I be possibly seeing you! Unless..." The inventor's eyes widened in shock. "But...but...it can't be...I can't be-"

"Yes, son," interrupted Phillip. "You're dead. ...Well, you're not technically dead. You are on the boundary of life and death. This is a position VERY few people are in. This is the very position where people can choose if they can live or die. It's a hard decision to make, son, especially for someone around your age, which is why I have been sent here to help you out on making it."

Phineas was prepared to unanimously declare that he wanted to live, but seeing his father, the one he loved so much, standing there filled him with reluctance. Phillip seemed to notice this turmoil of emotion boiling within his son.

"I know it's hard, son. Believe me, when I died, I wanted to live so badly. That way, I can continue to see you and Candy live out your lives to the fullest every day, but I was never put in the position you are in right now. I had no choice but to accept death. I know my passing has hurt you, Candy, and Mom so badly, but know that I am here with you in spirit. And I don't have to worry about being dead anymore, because I will always be able to watch you three. So, if you want to live, you do not have to worry about leaving me behind."

Phineas was silent for a moment. He then looked up at the escalator. "That's supposed to go up into Heaven, does it?"

"Yes, Phineas. If you wish to die, then you can step onto it. I'll be right behind you. But if you want to live, then all you have to do is just say it."

Again, Phineas was silent. Then, he asked, "What happens to everyone else if I wish to die?"

"Your friends are currently in a huge predicament right now. Whether or not they can solve it without you, I am not aware of."

"Predicament? What predicament?"

"I cannot disclose details, but apparently, it's very serious."

"Then they need my help. I HAVE to go back."

"As you wish, son." Phillip smiled. "It's been good to see you again. You've grown a lot, and you've become the very thing I'd hope you'd be. You make me proud, son."

"Thanks, Dad," replied Phineas, smiling as widely. "Will I ever see you again?"

"One day, you shall. Anything's possible."

Phineas smiled, just as he felt himself being slowly pulled back by an unseen force, away from Phillip, the escalator, the clouds. Just then, a question hit his brain at the last second, a question that ultimately needed to be answered.

"Dad? Dad!"

"Yes, son?"

"How come you were out of the house when you died? I don't think Mom or Candace ever knew why!"

"I don't think you have enough time to hear the answer, son!" Phillip called back quickly. "Just ask Major Monogram! Goodbye, son!"

Not wishing to waste anymore time, the inventor replied, seconds before a flash of light enveloped his vision, "Goodbye, Dad!"

Phineas opened his eyes and found himself staring into the eyes of Ferb, Candace, Linda, Lawrence, and Perry. He smiled.

"Hey, everyone," he said. The inventor then looked at Linda and Candace. "Dad says hi."


The Phillip-Major Monogram connection will be explained in a future chapter, but trust me, it's surprising.

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