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Big Problems and a Bomb

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Chapter 29 Summary: Frank, Perry, and Isabella and Katie's group all tangle their problems simultaneously. What will ensue?

Frank approached Phineas's room with caution, knowing the ten-year-old was inside. Here he was, talking to the nephew he never saw in a long time, the nephew who now considered him to be a total stranger, which was quite understandable. Unfortunately, if Phineas still thought of Frank as a stranger, then that made the chances of him having a decent conversation with the boy at a terrible low, considering the whole "don't-talk-to-strangers" rule parents have always been telling their children. But Frank was determined to not lose Phineas like he lost Phillip, his only brother.

"Hey, sport," he said, knocking lightly on Phineas's door. "You in there?"

"Go away," came the quiet but grim voice of Phineas.

"Come on, sport, I know you're sad. I wanna talk."

"Why should I talk to you? I've met you for the first time in how many years and you tell me to talk to you?"

"I'm family, Phineas. Family's forever, isn't that right?"

There was an uncomfortable silence, and Frank sighed, resigning in defeat.

"Fine," he said. "If you want me to leave you alone, that's fine with me. I'll see ya downstairs, sport."

"Wait!" Phineas's door opened slowly, and the inventor came out of his room, biting his lower lip lightly. "Fine. Let's talk. You're family, after all."

Frank smiled warmly. "That's the spirit, kiddo!"

Perry emerged from the trunk of the backyard tree, having returned safely, and turned into his mindless pet mode, letting out a chatter of innocence, only to realize in an instant that Phineas, Ferb, and the gang weren't present in the backyard. Scurrying towards the house, the platypus found the Flynn-Fletcher family, sans an absent Phineas, inside the house, conversing with a pair of children he couldn't identify. Well, Ferb wasn't, being his usual silent self. Entering the house through the currently-open door, Perry chattered again to catch everyone's attention.

"Oh, there you are, Perry," Candace greeted.

Wallace's eyes widened in a mixture of shock and surprise. "I-Is that a p-platypus?" he asked, pointing at Perry.

"Yeah, our pet platypus," replied Candace.

"Pet platypus?"


Wallace's eyes were even wider. "You guys DO know that platypuses are illegal to own as pets."

"Well, that pet shelter we found him at allowed us to keep him," Lawrence explained. "The clerk did seem a bit surprised, though. But don't worry, nothing's happened to us in the past five years that we spent taking good care of him."

Perry couldn't help but crack a little smile at that remark. It was good to know that this family would be willing to take care of him when all others wouldn't.

Then, he remembered the Shadow, and his orders. He knew he had to warn his owners, but he couldn't blow his cover for a third time. And besides, the Shadow might found out and detonate the device that was attached to his collar at the very moment...Wait a minute, the collar! While everyone wasn't watching, the platypus reached for his collar, intending to remove it, but stopped short, remembering the villain's words of malicious warning.

"And don't think about signaling anyone; this thing also has a camera on it."

Perry lowered his limb quickly, hoping the Shadow didn't spot that gesture on the camera.

"Oh, nuts!" Perry chattered angrily. Of course, no one understood him.

"Come on!" Katie cried urgently as she and the other children and teenagers raced towards the street of Maple Drive. "We've gotta hurry, before the Shadow carries out whatever plan he's cooked up! I'll contact Monogram and the OWCA!" She took out an advanced-looking communication device from her shirt pocket.

"Oh, you have nifty gizmos too?!" exclaimed Milly, outraged.

"We have no time for this!" Katie instantly pressed a button, and a hologram of Monogram's face appeared on the device.

"Hello, Katie," greeted Monogram. "How'd your mission-" He stopped short, instantly seeing her companions. "Did you blow your cover, Katie?!"

"It's for a good reason, Major Monogram! I spied on Doofenshmirtz, and I have information that the Shadow might be back! The Turn-Everything-Evil-Inator, the green light, that odd and uncomfortable feeling you get when a person of pure evil is in the room...it was all there when I visited the villain!"

Monogram's eyes widened fearfully. "GREAT GOOGLY-MOOGLY! How come that wasn't featured on your report?!"

"I tried to put it down, but the intern receiving the message wouldn't believe me."

Monogram blinked. He then snarled, "CARL!"

"Yes, sir?" came the questioning voice of Carl from the background.

"Just a sec, Carl." He then addressed Katie. "Good work, Katie. I want you to warn Agent P and the Flynn-Fletchers at once!"

"We are on our way to doing that, sir!" Isabella said from behind Katie.

"You're not supposed to say that; that's Katie's job!"

"Sorry, sir."

Phineas laughed heartily as he and Frank walked down the stairs. Frank had just told him of the time Phillip invented a flying automobile, but the engine gave out while the car was five seconds in the air, resulting in the car collapsing directly on top of Frank, and it took numerous minutes of panicking until Phillip was able to get Frank out. The inventor didn't know why he was so angry and overly emotional anymore. Sure, the loss of Phillip was still hard, but hearing amazing stories about Phillip and Frank's adventures was of a great comfort to him.

"Is it true that Phillip had to quickly invent a robotic arm made from wrenches, a baseball bat, some gears, and rope?" asked Phineas in awe.

"Yep," Frank replied, smiling and chuckling. "That thing broke in half instantly on the first try. The second try, it managed to get the car off the ground long enough for me to crawl away before it completely shattered."

"I see that you've managed to cheer Phineas up," Linda said as Phineas and Frank strolled into the living room, both smiling their widest smiles.

"It takes a little story about Phillip to distract the guy," Frank said. "Didn't you guys try that out?"

"We tried, but it brought back bad memories for me..."

"Am I the only one who's a great storyteller?!" exclaimed Frank, his jaw open.

"My dad's a natural at storytelling, always is," Wallace said. "He's always kept me and Jamie entertained during our pit stops across the country."

"Yeah, I remember!" Linda exclaimed. "You entertained me with that story of what you did in college, Frank! What was it about again?"

Frank chuckled nervously. "I think it's something we shouldn't mention in front of the children..."

Meanwhile, Perry began to sweat nervously. He didn't know what to do, and he couldn't stay in this position for very long. The Shadow might find out and do Lord knows what to get him back on track. But how does a mindless platypus warn a family without blowing his undercover status?

Just then, the door burst open, and Isabella, Katie, Baljeet, Buford, Django, Adyson, and the rest of the gang burst into the house, screaming all at once and panting.

"Whoa, whoa, WHOA!" Lawrence cried. "What's going on, children?"

"Shadow...back..." panted Katie.

"Warning...you guys..." Baljeet said with exhaustion.

"Giving...'Jeet...wedgie," moaned Buford.

However, Isabella was looking straight at Perry, any signs of exhaustion absent. "We know your secret, Perry. Again."

Perry's eyes widened and he stood on his hind legs, gesturing at Isabella to stop making remarks, but upon hearing the drawn gasps from the Flynn-Fletcher family, the platypus gulped. This was it! The Shadow will decide to just blow them all up, right here, right now.


Perry knew it was risky, but he HAD to save his host family! He grabbed his collar, the gift that signified the bond that brought him, Phineas, and Ferb together, and prepared to pull it off of him, but he felt the volts of electricity shoot up his arm and course throughout his entire body. The platypus chattered and squealed in pain and agony as everyone else screamed with horror, with Phineas even crying, "PERRY!" But Phineas's cry brought a new strength to Perry, and mustering all of the strength he had within him, he forcibly yanked off the collar, quickly jumped toward a window, opened it, and tossed the collar out.


The explosion brought down the wall of the living room, and it threw everyone back. In a split-second, Perry's world became shrouded in darkness.

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