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Cheering Phineas Up

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Chapter 2 Summary: Isabella tries to cheer up a depressed Phineas, but doesn't succeed. Later, she and Ferb hold a meeting with the kids of Maple Drive to decide on how to cheer Phineas up.

Isabella watched as the orange sedan that belonged to the Flynn-Fletcher family parked itself alongside the sidewalk adjacent to 2308 Maple Drive. The family stepped out of the vehicle and walked towards the front door, clearly not engaging in any conversation. The ten-year-old girl pursed her lips at the ghastly sight of Phineas's face. It looked as though he was crying, his eyes red and his cheeks slightly puffy; he was also sniffling occasionally, and his smile was absent from his face. One thing was clear: this was not the Phineas Flynn she fell in love with seven years ago.

Isabella was well aware that today was a very special day for the Flynns, and she knew ever since she woke up this morning that it wasn't her cue to go to the Flynn-Fletcher backyard in response to sounds of construction and cutely ask her trademark phrase, "Whatcha doin'?"

Walking to the kitchen, Isabella became immersed in thought. She really hated this time of the year, for this was always the time she would have to see Phineas look downcast and go against his well-known optimistic personality. When she first met him upon moving to Danville, it was his optimism that led to her establishing her crush on him. But the first time she had to see the Flynns celebrate the birthday of Phineas and Candace's biological father Phillip, she nearly cried at the sight of Phineas. It was so out of character for him, and this sight has since haunted her dreams in subsequent years. She wished she could do something for him, but she really didn't know what.

Isabella was roughly pulled out of her musings by the ringing of her prized cell phone. Sighing, she answered it.


"Hi, Isabella?"

Isabella immediately realized it was the second-in-command of her Fireside Girls troop, Gretchen Davison.

"Oh, hey Gretchen," replied Isabella. "Whatcha doin'?"

"Nothing," Gretchen said. "I heard from Irving that today is the day that... that-"

Isabella cut her off. "I know. I don't know what to do. It's tears me apart to see Phineas so sad. It's been seven years since his real father died and he hasn't moved on yet."

"Maybe you can get him to move on."

Isabella's eyes widened. "Come again?"

"You can tell him that it's best to move on. That's what my father did to me when my mother died." There was a brief silence, and Isabella didn't know if that was because Gretchen began thinking about her mother. Finally, Gretchen's voice spoke again. "Please don't tell me that in seven years you haven't thought of talking to Phineas, to tell him to move on."

Isabella slapped her forehead. Gretchen was right: it has been seven years since Phillip died, and she never thought of talking to Phineas about it. She couldn't believe that it didn't come to her sooner.

"I don't know, Gretchen," replied Isabella. "Maybe I didn't talk to him because I didn't want to press the situation any further."

"If you don't want to see Phineas so down, then I suggest you talk to him. Besides, this'll probably be your chance to admit your feelings to him."

That got her. "I'm on it."

Isabella charily walked towards the gate leading into the Flynn-Fletcher backyard. She was now starting to think if this was a terrible idea or not. She had never bothered to talk to Phineas during this time of the year, and she didn't know how he would react to even the slightest word. All she ever did was give him some space, and when she felt like it was long enough, she'd go to their backyard and find Phineas and Ferb already building something amazing.

When she looked through a peephole in the gate, there was no construction going on. Instead, there was just Phineas, sitting under the backyard tree under which he thought up of all of his extraordinary inventions, sniffling. He was staring blankly into the house, undoubtedly lost in his own thoughts.

Gulping, Isabella began to regret her decision, but what Gretchen said to her kept her going.

"Besides, this'll probably be your chance to admit your feelings to him."

However, Isabella felt that this was the wrong event to take advantage of in order to satisfy her needs to tell Phineas of her crush on him. After all, his father died seven years ago today, and using this anniversary as a means of letting her feelings out made Isabella feel as if she might as well not care about what happened, that she was selfish and she just wanted Phineas to understand how much she loved him from the start. And she wasn't that way, she definitely wasn't.

"Maybe I'll just give him a kiss on the cheek as a way to make him feel better," thought Isabella. "That should be enough to tell him."

Isabella smiled at her idea. A kiss on the cheek didn't seem enough for her to pour out her feelings, but if she did anything more, the consequences looked terrifying.

Opening the door into the backyard, Isabella saw Phineas look at her with freshly red eyes. He had obviously been crying some more.

"Hello, Phineas," she said. "Are you okay?"

Phineas sniffled and replied, "No. You should know why."

"I do, Phineas, I really do."

Isabella walked over to Phineas, who moved over slightly to give her some space to sit down on. The girl flashed a small smile at Phineas as thanks before sitting down.

"Look, Phineas," said Isabella, "I know how things are tough for you on this particular time of the year, I really do. I mean, that's what best friends are for, right?"

She almost choked on the words 'best friends', but she managed to pull it off efficiently.

Phineas looked at Isabella, and she almost flinched out the redness of the inventor's eyes. It looked as if they were about to blow up any second now.


Isabella's eyes widened at the word that escaped Phineas's mouth. She never expected to get a short, almost cold response like that.

"Pardon me?" she asked.

"No," replied Phineas. "No, you don't know. I'm sorry, but you don't know. You never had a father who wanted to please you every day and make your childhood count, who had to die while carrying a box thinking it contained a toy made by him. Who even knows what your father was like? He ditched you and your mother before you were even born! You're luckier than I am, not knowing your father rather than knowing your father only to be told one day that he picked up the wrong box and have it blow up all over his face. Literally."

In her mind, Isabella admitted that Phineas was right. She never knew her own father, for he indeed left her mother while she was still pregnant with her. Yes, she was lucky, not having to know that her father died because no one ever knew what happened to him afterwards. Nor did she know what her father was like because her mother rarely talked about him. As for Phineas, he had to suffer the whole package: he knew what his father was like, and almost three years into his life, he had to find out that Phillip Flynn was the only one who died in a bombing that injured seventeen other people. Isabella found herself pitying her friend and crush even more.

Sighing, she said, "Yes, yes I don't know how tough this tragedy was on you. I really don't. But what I do know is that this is taking a toll on you. I know how much you loved your father. I liked you him too; he was a really nice guy. But you've got a new father now, and a brother to come along with it. Don't you think that it was for the best that your dad had to die?"

Isabella slapped her forehead when Phineas's eyes widened angrily. She definitely said the wrong words.

"For the best?" Phineas snarled at her. "FOR THE BEST?"

"No, Phineas, I messed up on that!" pleaded Isabella. "Wait, please hear me out!"

"HEAR YOU OUT?" roared Phineas, standing up.

Isabella let out a small gasp. She had only seen Phineas angry once before, when Candace wouldn't ride a tricycle that Buford had stolen in his early days as a bully, and Phineas had to yell at her to get on the tricycle. It was frightening to see, and she became even more frightened at having to face an enraged Phineas head-on. She stared into Phineas's red eyes and wanted to run, but the eyes seemed to glue her to the spot.

"Isabella," the boy snarled, "I do like what came out of my dad's death. A new dad, and a new brother. But you wanna know what I wish? I wish that different circumstances got my dad to leave us so then Dad and Ferb can join the family. Like a divorce. Yeah, I would think that a divorce would've been for the best, NOT HIM DYING! WHY WOULD YOU SAY HIM DYING WOULD BE FOR THE BEST, HUH?"

"I'm sorry, Phineas!" Isabella wailed. "I didn't mean to say that! I too wish that a divorce would be better for you guys, I do! But what I'm trying to say is-"




Isabella immediately ran out of the backyard and into the Flynn-Fletcher front yard, tears streaking from her eyes and through her cheeks. The wind picked up again, as if on some sort of cue, and Isabella's raven-black hair flew forward with the wind, and the ten-year-old watched as Phineas resumed his blank stare at the house under the backyard tree. Isabella's lips pursed together for the second time today as she struggled to not cry.

"Great," she thought. "I only upset him further. Way to go, Gretchen."

Finally, she gave in to her urge to cry. She sat down on the grass, buried her face in her palms, and began sobbing. The sound of the wind blowing blocked out the sounds of her crying, and a pair of joggers passed by without even noticing that she was crying.

After a few minutes of crying, Isabella stopped and looked at Phineas again, only to see him crying as well. Heartbroken, the girl started crying again, and unbeknownst to Phineas, the two were crying together, with no one noticing because of the wind.

Several more minutes passed when a voice finally spoke out to Isabella.

"You okay?" asked Ferb.

Isabella looked up, and saw that Ferb was towering over her, a look of concern etched on his face, his green hair blowing with the wind. He almost looked like some sort of savior for Isabella.

"Oh, hi Ferb," Isabella replied glumly.

"Was it Phineas?"

Isabella stood up and brushed her skirt of dirt and grime. "Yes."

"Don't worry about it," Ferb said. "Within a week, he'll forget what happened and we'll be back to building. He always does."

"No." Isabella put her hands on her hips and a look of determination was present on her face. "He won't forget. You think he'd forget about his father's death until the next anniversary comes along? No! I met a different Phineas in that backyard, and that Phineas told me that he was never gonna forget! Sure, he'll eventually revert into the optimistic, kind inventor I know and love, but I've realized something: underneath that shining shell is a sobbing three-year-old who's still broken by the terrible news! And that shell's gonna break soon, and Phineas is gonna pour out his true feelings eventually! And who knows what'll happen! We can't let that happen, Ferb! We can't let the kids of Maple Drive be let down by their role model when he finally snaps! We've gotta do something!"

"We?" Ferb asked.

"I can't do this alone, Ferb," replied Isabella, staring angrily at Ferb. "You know what Phineas is like during this part of the year better than I do."

"What're you suggesting we do?"

"We gather every kid in Danville. They must know what's going on."

Several hours have passed when Isabella and Ferb managed to gather every kid of Danville at the Fireside Girls' clubhouse. Among those who joined were Baljeet Rai, Buford Van Stomm, Isabella's Fireside Girls comrades, Irving, and Django Brown. Ferb also brought Perry. It was a really large gathering, with the Fireside Girls having to borrow extra chairs from their lodge for several of the attendants. Apparently, the kids were attracted by the fact that Phineas Flynn, the optimistic inventor, was having a severe case of the blues.

Once the last of the attendants were seated, Isabella and Ferb both approached the microphone that was stationed in front of the audience. Isabella took a hold of it and spoke into it.

"Ahem, testing, testing," said Isabella.

"What is this, a lame music video or something?" Buford asked, annoyed.

"Cut it, Buford," Isabella replied. "Everyone, I think you all know why you're here."

"Ooh, ooh!" Baljeet began waving his hand wildly. "Can I answer that?"

"That wasn't a question, Baljeet," replied Isabella coldly, to which Baljeet put down his hand. She then announced, "Everyone, seven years ago today, Phineas Flynn, the bright, extraordinary inventor at 2308 Maple Drive, lost his real father to a bombing. That hurt Phineas, and this pain was increased by the fact that his father was the only one who died."

"Oh, no!" exclaimed Irving.

"Shut it, Irving!" Irving didn't speak again. "Anyway, every anniversary of his father's death, Phineas is no longer the optimistic inventor we know and love. He's an entirely different person who's capable of exploding at any moment. We need to find a way to cheer Phineas up before he practically destroys himself! Any suggestions?

Most of the audience raised their hands. Isabella picked a girl sitting in the fourth row.

"I say we invent something for him!" she explained. "Something original, something to show that we care for him, and that we sympathize with him!"

"Good idea!" replied Isabella. "What do you have in mind?"

"We carve a message on Kermillian's Comet, saying that we care for him!"

"That's good, except that Kermillian's Comet is way too far in space for us to find it, and that we're gonna have to be elderly when it comes back."


"Although I do like the inventing part. Any ideas on what to invent?"

Ferb picked Baljeet. "How 'bout we make a funhouse?"

"We already did that with our own house," Ferb replied. "Next."

Isabella picked a boy at the sixth row. "How 'bout we make a super-slide?"

"They already did that to save Candace. Next."

Ferb picked on a boy at the third row. "How about a device that reverses gravity?"

"Done that. Next."

Whoever Ferb and Isabella picked on, it turned out that Phineas and Ferb have already done it. Buford suggested a super-treehouse, but it was already built when the Flynn-Fletcher family was stranded on an island. A girl suggested a water slide encircling Danville's tallest skyscraper, but it was already done in London with the Big Ben. Ginger suggested a transporter, but it was already done when Ferb left his skateboard in England. Irving suggested creating a superhero suit for Phineas, but Ferb and Isabella didn't really see a superhero suit cheering up Phineas, and besides, it was already done with the Beak suit. Eventually, everyone had already suggested an invention that was already done, and Isabella and Ferb were ready to give up on getting an idea for an original invention. However, they still had one more person to ask.

"Should we ask Django on what we should build?" asked Ferb.

"No," Isabella replied. "He's probably gonna say we should build a rollercoaster even though seven other people suggested it earlier. You know, I've realized that you two have practically done everything!"

"I know one thing Phineas and Ferb haven't done."

Isabella and Ferb looked at Django. He was standing up, the biggest smile etched on his face.

"And what is that, Django?" Ferb asked.

"Recreate every invention the two have done all summer! We can be original and unoriginal at the same time, by reusing every blueprint, rebuilding every contraption! Phineas is sure to love that!"

The rest of the audience looked at each other and nodded in agreement. Isabella and Ferb looked at one another.

"What d'you think?" asked Ferb.

"It's perfect," replied Isabella. She then announced to the audience, "Everyone who agrees with Django say 'aye'!"

"AYE!" the entire audience shouted out in reply.

"Then it's settled!" Isabella turned to Ferb and raised a fist into the air. "Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today! We're gonna cheer Phineas up by recreating every invention you two have made all summer long!"

Everyone cheered, and Ferb took out a harmonica and blew a triumphant note. The cheer was so tremendous that it was loud enough to cover the entire area. Once the cheering ceased, Isabella finally noticed something that didn't occur to her earlier.

"Hey, where's Perry?"

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