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The New Plan

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Chapter 28 Summary: The Shadow explains to Perry how he came back, and his new plan to seek revenge against the one who stood in his way last time: Phineas Flynn.

Perry chattered angrily and ran forward towards the Shadow, intending to attack him, but all of a sudden, robotic arms appeared from the darkness and ensnared the agent's limbs and tail, while a final one removed his fedora and tossed it to the other side of the room, removing all means of escape. The Shadow chuckled maliciously as he stalked towards Perry, his burning, green eyes alive with evil and sadism.

"Surprised, little platypus?" he asked. "I'm betting you are. You're obviously wondering how I managed to make a surprising return like this."

"Yeah, give Perry the Platypus the backstory!" encouraged Doofenshmirtz, but the Shadow looked at him with a glare of annoyance and hatred that silenced the evil scientist. Grinning with relief, the Shadow then faced Perry again.

"See, platypus," the Shadow explained, "while I knew my chances of succeeding in my plot to conquer the multiverse were high, I concocted a backup plan in case my scheme was thwarted by resistance. Using the least likely thing to resurrect a villain, the Turn-Everything-Evil-Inator, I modified it to store data about myself. My memories, DNA (if there was anything), capabilities of evil, everything. All of that will then be projected into a duplicate through the modifications to the device. All it took was to convince this dim-witted scientist-" This comment earned a "HEY!" from Doofenshmirtz. "-to flick the switch, and BAM! Here I am. So technically, I'm not the Shadow, I'm just a duplicate. A duplicate that shares his creator's attributes, however, including his desire to conquer.

"But I do not plan to put this glorious plan in motion, not just yet. You see, my primary objective at the moment is to get rid of everything standing in my way, so then the problems that plagued my original will not bother me the moment I put a kick-start to my invasion forces. And those problems are called your owners and their miserable friends! It'll be foolproof, and this time, there'll be NO way I will be thwarted!"

Perry's eyes widened. This couldn't be happened again! The platypus struggled against his bonds, but unfortunately, they refused to tear and break. The struggle earned a malicious cackle from the Shadow.

"HA! You think resisting's gonna be repaid with escape? Think again! ...You know, I could destroy you right here, right now. But no, I shall not do that. Not yet. I have a better plan for you right now. And it takes only one word to describe your function for me: bait."

Perry chattered loudly and with ferocity before struggling against the robotic arms again. Doofenshmirtz raised an eyebrow.

"Uh, kiddo?" he asked.

"What, Doofenshmirtz?!" demanded the Shadow.

"Maybe we should put Perry the Platypus in a better trap-"

"NO! Robotic arms are good enough for this meddling animal! D'you wanna get thwarted again, or not?"

Doofenshmirtz sighed. "No," he replied. Perry's eyes softened; obviously, since the villain was zapped by the Amnesia-Inator, he couldn't remember the warning signs for working with an over-the-top villain like the Shadow, who had now obviously convinced him to join his side again.

"Good." The Shadow then placed a small chip on Perry's collar, with some difficulty due to the agent's resisting. "Here, platypus. This is a tracking chip. You will bring Phineas Flynn, Ferb Fletcher, and all of their friends and family here to DEI. I cannot do that myself, for I do not wanna raise the attention of the OWCA. How you will bring everyone's attention is up to you.

"However, if this tracking chip shows that you are going somewhere other than 2308 Maple Drive, I will detonate it. Yes, this gadget's also an explosive. And if you try to remove it, all you will get is the shock of your life. And don't think about signaling anyone; this thing also has a camera on it. By the way, when I detonate that baby, not only will it take you, but anyone near you. You'd never imagine how much boom juice you can fit into a small chip like that. And you don't want that kind of blood on your hands, now would you? Agent?"

Perry chattered angrily, but his eyes then softened and he bowed down his head in defeat. The Shadow smiled triumphantly as Doofenshmirtz pressed a button on the wall, causing the robotic arms to retract into the darkness and releasing Perry.

"Now, go platypus!" the Shadow ordered. "And don't come back without your owners!"

Perry let out one last chatter of hatred at the Shadow before summoning his hover-jet, which he jumped into and commandeered to fly away.

Inside the hover-jet, the gears in Perry's mind were whirring at fast speeds. He needed to find a way to warn Phineas and Ferb and also follow the Shadow's orders without goading the villain into detonating the chip on his collar. But how?

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