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Chapter 25 Summary: The Amnesia-Inator works its magic, and everyone has forgotten about the events that happened during the past week. But Perry finds that he doesn't approve of this anymore...

The rest of the day was spent activating the Amnesia-Inator on every single person who participated in the past week's events, except for Perry and Pinky, of course. Everyone was inside the O.W.C.A. headquarters, which had been repaired by Doofenshmirtz's modified Rebuild-My-Lair-Inator, ready to be zapped by the Amnesia-Inator. However, since there was a lot of people who knew of the O.W.C.A., an amount that was way over the maximum capacity the Amnesia-Inator was capable of to zap multiple people at once, the massive group had to be split up into smaller sections.

Of course, the villains went first. Rodney, Helmetair, Sharpeard, Bulkare, Sid, Roderick, and Byron were all restrained by straitjackets, courtesy of Doofenshmirtz's Straitjacket-Inator, and brought before the Amnesia-Inator. They all tried struggling against their bonds, but it was useless, and they were all zapped within a second. Before being zapped, Rodney screeched out something that made both Perry and Doofenshmirtz laugh heartily: "CURSE YOU, DOOFENSHMIRTZ!"

Thaddeus, Thor, Mandy, and their friends all went next. Thaddeus and Thor both apologized to Phineas and Ferb for their behavior when the two duos first met, while Mandy also made amends of her own with Candace. Before being zapped, Thaddeus quickly tried to invent something that would allow his newfound friends to remember Perry's secret life, but he was caught by Monogram. Phineas thanked Thaddeus for his attempt, right before the group was zapped.

Jenny, Chad, Professor Poofenplotz, and the Space Adventure and Stumbleberry Finkbat fans were next in line. Pinky tipped his fedora to Poofenplotz as a sign of respect for her help, while Doofenshmirtz thanked his rival for resurrecting him, comically wincing all the while. Things became more comical when a Stumbleberry Finkbat fan let slip a slightly critical remark about Space Adventure, and Carl had to quickly activate the Inator before another war can break out.

Bloodpudding, Diminuitive, Croachaye, Blair, and Tancien all went next. All of the scientists, except for Croachaye, of course, voiced their admissions that their period of being the good guys wasn't that bad at all, right before they were zapped.

The Fireside Girls (except for Gretchen and Adyson), Stacy, Jeremy, Suzy, Coltrane, and their parents were next. Isabella saluted her troop members, and Ginger seized her chance to admit her love towards Baljeet, planting a kiss on the nerd that left him speechless; Ginger high-fived her sister in triumph. Meanwhile Candace apologized to Jeremy and Stacy for her busting personality always interfering with their relationships. The two forgave her, knowing that it was a part of her nature and accepting it. Suzy silently ordered her pet poodle Sagave to attack Candace one last time before being zapped.

Soon, David, Sally, and her parents were told to step forward. David sighed and looked at Isabella and Vivian, while Sally and her parents stepped into the firing path of the Amnesia-Inator.

"Well," he said, "I guess this is goodbye, you two."

Isabella smiled and hugged her father lovingly. "Bye...Dad," she replied.

David smiled happily as he parted with his newfound daughter. Isabella's smile increased when she noticed the physical similarity between herself and David, now that she was seeing her father, the father she never knew for such a long while, smile for the first time.

"You know, Dad," she said, "before I met you, I had always imagined you to be like me: happy, sweet, optimistic, caring, spirited. But when I found out that you were my father, I was so shocked...and so appalled. My belief of what you were, what you are, was shattered. I mean, you were the complete opposite: cruel, sadistic, emotionless...a pure psychopath. I lost faith in myself, for I feared that I might've inherited some of your traits and grow up to become like you.

"But you restored that faith, Dad. For I know that underneath that horrifying shell of yours lies the father I initially envisioned. You demonstrated it when you saved us from one of your so-called friends. And even though I'll forget who you are, and you'll revert back into the monster you were, it makes me happy to know that even the most terrible person has a spark of good inside him or her. Well, except for the evil Phineas, but, yeah."

"Isa," replied David, "I too have lost faith in myself, a long time ago, when I started the Tri-State Bombers. I tried my best to control myself, but in the end, I winded up taking the same path any victim of abuse would take: a path of misery and doom. Even in recent times, I wondered if I was ever capable of love. But ever since I met you, I realized that I was. I mean, look at you! You're the sweetest person I would know, aside from your , I acted terribly towards you initially; maybe that's because I couldn't fully accept the fact that I had a spark of good burning inside me. But thanks to her-" He looked at Sally, who waved at him happily. "-I finally realized that I am. She reminded me of you, as well as a younger me; she was so innocent and full of life, but was in the face of evil tragedy. And I pitied her...and you.

"And now I seethe in hatred at the buffoons-" He stared daggers at Major Monogram and General Garrett; both superiors gulped nervously. "-who intend to erase my memory and turn me back into the monster I was, the cold, ruthless monster. But I know that it's probably for the best; you don't even deserve to know that your father had killed a lot of people, even though he demonstrated he was capable of love. I think you deserve a better father. A father like him."

He looked off somewhere, and Isabella followed his gaze; she saw that her father was looking at Jack, who was stroking Gretchen's hair as the two waited to be zapped by the Amnesia-Inator.

"I've seen how much he cares for you, Isa," continued David, "and I know that while I won't remember you upon being zapped by that thing, he will. I think you deserve him over me."

Before Isabella can speak, David looked at Vivian. "Take good care of our little girl, Vivian," he said. "And make sure that this Jack is a good father figure towards her."

Vivian nodded. "I will," she replied. She then bent down and the three Garcia-Shapiros embraced each other in a hug. Everyone smiled, and Perry and Carl looked at Monogram, noticing something.

"Sir, are you crying?" Carl asked.

"No, I'm sweating through my eyes again," replied the superior, straining not to cry as David gave one last kiss to Isabella and Vivian before joining Sally and her parents.

Tears flowing from her eyes, Isabella stepped forward and waved at David. "Bye, Dad!" she said.

David smiled, tears cascading from his eyes too, and he waved at his daughter. "Bye, Isa!"

And with that, Carl pressed a button, and a bright light enveloped David, Sally, and her parents. Isabella watched sadly as the four fell to the floor, sleep-induced. She felt both sad and enraged; she had just forgiven her father for his actions a few hours ago, and now, he has to forget and become malevolent again. A hand placed itself on her shoulder comfortingly, and Isabella looked up, expecting to see her mother, but she saw Jack instead.

"It's okay, Isabella," he said. Isabella smiled sadly and embraced him in a hug, sobbing.

"Alright, Group #7!" called Monogram, wiping the tears from his eyes. "You're next!"

Django, Adyson, and their parents walked into the firing path of the Amnesia-Inator. Sighing, Django looked at Adyson and spoke.

"Well, at least I get to forget what I did to make all of this happen."

Adyson smiled sadly and replied, "But we're gonna forget about each other. Sure, we see each other every day when we go to Phineas and Ferb's; it's just that we won't know of the love we established."

"Don't worry. We have something that'll always be with us."

"And what's that?"

"Oh, Addie! You seriously forgot? It's hope!"

Adyson's smile of sadness turned into that of happiness.

"Oh, Django!" she exclaimed as she locked her lips with his and the two began kissing with all of their might; their parents were slightly taken aback by this sudden move, but then, they nodded with approval.

"Okay, Carl, we're set!" announced Monogram, and Carl pressed the same button, to which a light flashed, enveloping the two families. Phineas and Isabella watched sadly as Django and Adyson, both induced with sleep, broke apart and fell to the floor along with their parents, no longer able to remember of their love.

"Okay, Group #8," Monogram announced, "you're next!"

"Oh, do we really have to?" asked Doofenshmirtz as he, Vanessa, Charlene, and Norm stepped into the firing path of the Amnesia-Inator. "I've stopped being evil, I swear! I won't return to my old ways and use the knowledge I just acquired to attack Perry the Platypus through his host family or something!"

"Sorry, Doofenshmirtz, but we can't take any promises."

"But I just made up with my daughter, ex-wife, and robot! I've learned the value of family over evil! What about that?"

"Like I said, Doofenshmirtz, we can't take any promises. Carl, we're set!"

Doofenshmirtz growled and yelled out, "CURSE YOU, MAJOR MONOBROW!" He then turned to Vanessa, Charlene, and Norm. "Guys, I love you all," he said quickly. "I hope this event is a defining moment in our-"

"Hit it, Carl!" interrupted Monogram rudely.

Perry looked at his superior, outraged at Monogram's behavior, as Carl reluctantly pressed the button before Doofenshmirtz can finish his speech. The platypus then watched as his arch-nemesis and the scientist's family fell to the floor, asleep. Perry chattered quietly, but angrily; he just couldn't bear to watch all of those who knew of his status as a secret agent get their memories unceremoniously erased. However, an unseen force seemed to hold his intention to stop all of this back.

"Group #9, you're next!"

Isabella, Vivian, Jack, and Gretchen walked towards the Amnesia-Inator; however, Isabella stopped midway and looked at Pinky, who was still trembling.

"Pinky," she said, "it was a pleasure to know that you're able to make a difference in the Tri-State Area. And I'm so glad to be your owner. I hope to see you soon, Pinky."

Pinky smiled and tipped his fedora at his owner as she joined her mother, Gretchen, and Jack.

Phineas felt his hand tremble, and he instinctively rolled it up into a balled fist to stop it, but the shaking was stubborn and refused to stop. He didn't know what to do: he now knew that Isabella had a crush on him for a long time, and he knew that he returned it. It was his chance to show Isabella how much he loves her, but he was nervous. After all, Phineas had been unable to understand romance, and he still does.

And then, he realized all of the times Isabella helped him with his and Ferb's inventions. She had contributed so much help when he needed it the most, but the best he can do to reward her is a mere thank-you. Phineas knew that Isabella deserved more than that. He had known her for so long, and he wanted to slap himself for being unaware of her current feelings. And now that his chance to give Isabella something more than a thank-you was present, Phineas knew that he must take it.

Mustering up all of the courage he had, Phineas walked forward at a fast pace towards Isabella and immediately seized her. Before she can say anything, Phineas immediately kissed her, right on the lips. It was a brief kiss, but it felt like the both of them had gone into a personal heaven for several hours. Immediately breaking away from Isabella, Phineas took a couple of steps backward away from her, watching as the happy shock flood his lover's face.

"Phineas!" exclaimed Isabella.

"Hit it, Carl!" Phineas said.

"Wait, wait, WAIT!" Isabella protested, but Carl had already pressed the button, and Phineas watched as Isabella, Vivian, Gretchen, and Jack fell to the floor, asleep.

"And last, but not least, Group #10! You're next!"

The Flynn-Fletcher family stepped forward, in front of the Amnesia-Inator. Phineas and Ferb looked at Perry, and the two boys smiled; the platypus smiled back.

"Well," said Phineas, "I guess this is it, Perry. Again."

Perry nodded, a sad smile on his face. He procured his notebook and wrote something in it before displaying it for his host family to see.

"Thanks, you guys, for being the best host family an O.W.C.A. agent can ask for."

Phineas's smile became more pronounced. "Aw, you're welcome, Perry. And thanks, for being the best pet a family can ask for."

"Aw, you're welcome, Phineas."

Linda, Lawrence, and Candace smiled, before Candace looked at Ferb, who was still as silent as ever.

"Got anything to say, Ferb?" the redheaded teenager asked.

Ferb looked at Phineas before smiling and bursting into song.

"Now me and my bro, we're takin' care of things. Went from a pair of jokers to a couple of kings. It goes to show you never know just what a shuffle brings. Me and my bro, we're takin' care of things!"

Phineas then joined in with Ferb.

"I'll tell you up front that I've got your back, and I know that you've got mine as long as we stick together side by side. Yo, bro, it's gonna turn out fine, yo, bro, it's gonna turn out fine! Now me and my bro, we're takin' care of things! Went from a pair of jokers to a couple of kings! It goes to show you never know just what a shuffle brings! Me and my bro, we're takin' care of things!"

Once they were done singing, Ferb sighed happily and said, "Phineas, thank you for being the best brother ever."

"You're welcome, Ferb," replied Phineas.

Both boys then turned to Perry and smiled at their pet before looking at Carl.

"Hit it, Carl!" both cried, and Carl nodded.

Perry was the last thing the Flynn-Fletchers saw just as the intern pressed the button, and a flash of white light filled their sights. A second later, everything became black...

Perry watched as the O.W.C.A. employees began transporting the sleeping bodies of Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Isabella, Doofenshmirtz, and everyone else who knew of his and Pinky's secret away, out of the O.W.C.A. headquarters, while Carl used the Amnesia-Inator on the rest of Danville, to ensure that the other civilians forget of what had progressed during the past week. He had been expecting the second time to see this happen to be not as painful, but the platypus found himself wrong. Never before had his heart been so hurt. A lot had happened within the past week, both good and bad things, but they were events that deserved to be remembered. And now, it was the day of the 2nd Dimension all over again.

The platypus threw a glance at General Garrett, who was talking to Monogram. Perry had always respected the agency and its principles, no matter how silly they could be, but this newest decision had broken through a whole new level of uncalled-for. And now, he was feeling a new emotion: hatred. Hatred towards the O.W.C.A. Because of its number-one rule, a lot of things were undone. Phineas and Isabella finding out about their love for one another, and the same went for Django and Adyson. Doofenshmirtz defecting to the side of good, for...well, good. Isabella meeting her long-lost father. Candace no longer having the urge to bust her brothers. A lot had happened ever since the day he fought L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. over the Turn-Everything-Evil-Inator, and now, it was all undone. Non-canon. Forgotten. Gone with the ages.

And Perry didn't like that at all.

"Perry?" someone barked. "You okay?"

Perry turned to see Pinky approaching him, trembling as usual.

"Yeah, I'm okay," Perry chattered in response.

Pinky's eyes softened, and the Chihuahua sat beside his friend. "I know you're not okay, and it's completely fine. I know how you feel-"

"You know how I feel?" Perry asked, outraged. "Pinky, you don't know how I feel! This is worse than you think it is! My owners have done a lot of things during the past week, but now, all of these things are now left to lay in waste! Maybe you'd know that once Isabella finds out about your secret life for the second time!"

"She DID!" replied Pinky, shocking Perry.

"She did? When was that?"

"During the day of the 2nd Dimension. She spotted me fighting those Norm Bots and encountered me at the O.W.C.A. headquarters while she and the others were waiting for the Amnesia-Inator to be prepared. The two of us had a little 'talk', and she accepted me for who I secretly was. It pained me to know that she had to forget who I was, and my pain doubled when she had to forget once again. But I knew during both occasions that it's for the best. After all, the second time they found out, they experienced a lot of terrible stuff, stuff that adults deal with, not children!"

Perry was taken aback by his friend's revelation. He obviously never knew that Isabella discovered Pinky's secret identity before.

"Why didn't you tell me this before, Pinky?" he asked. "It might've been a great comfort!"

"You were in so much pain after their memories were erased, Perry. I didn't want to make things worse."

Perry turned away from Pinky as an O.W.C.A. intern loaded Phineas's sleeping body, the last of such, into an O.W.C.A.-owned van that drove off. The platypus's bill trembled sadly, and Pinky placed a paw on his friend's shoulder.

"It's okay, Perry," he barked.

Perry looked at Pinky, then shrugged off the dog's paw and walked away towards his hover-jet, boarding and activating it.

"I appreciate your help, Pinky," he chattered, "but it's not okay to me. It just isn't."

Pinky watched pitifully as Perry's hover-jet floated above the ground and flew away.

"Oh, Perry..." thought Pinky.

Landing inside his secret base underneath the Flynn-Fletcher house, Perry stepped out of his hover-jet and examined Phineas and Ferb's inventions, which had been moved into their special compartment by O.W.C.A. employees in the aftermath of the final battle. They were all so majestic and so wonderful, and the platypus sighed as he stared on, wishing that his owners were still able to remember.

The platypus then stepped into the elevator that took him to the Flynn-Fletcher backyard and pressed a button. He felt the platform underneath him ascend, and after a minute, it stopped, and a hatch opened, bathing Perry in the evening sunlight. He jumped through the hatch and immediately reverted into his pet mode, as he saw Phineas and Ferb lying underneath the repaired backyard tree, staring at the sky aimlessly. Phineas turned his head and smiled at the sight of his pet platypus.

"Oh, there you are, Perry," he said.

"Hi, guys," Perry chattered glumly, but of course, the two boys couldn't understand him. Instead, Phineas just continued.

"You know, I can't remember what we did during the past week. This is the second time this happened, only this time, it's a week and not a day. Weird, I never forget what exciting things happened to us."

"I'm pretty sure it was the best week ever, though," replied Ferb.

"Yes, yes, I think so too, Ferb."

Perry smiled, realizing that Pinky was right. Had they known of the terrible events that transpired during that week, then it definitely wouldn't be classified as 'best'.

"Maybe it is for the best," thought the platypus as he followed his owners inside the house.

Little did Perry, Phineas, or Ferb notice that someone was watching them.

Wallace adjusted the radio of his father's RV, searching for any news that would catch his attention. All the while, he was watching as his younger sister Jamie exploring the desert that was the current environment. The teenage boy's eyes then widened when he saw Jamie run off at a distance not suitable to him and abandoned his post, stepping out of the RV and running out into the open area, away from the gas station and towards his sister.

"Jamie!" exclaimed Wallace, catching the girl's attention. "Remember what Dad told us! Never wander far from the family!"

"Sorry, Wally!" replied Jamie, running towards him. "I was just chasing a funny-looking salamander!"

"Well, don't. What would've happened had I not spotted you wandering away? Well, at least I got you. Now, let's get back to Dad before he starts to worry."

"Okay!" Jamie replied cheerfully, and she accompanied her brother back to the gas station. There, Wallace watched as their father, Frank, continued to pump gas into the RV.

"Jamie nearly wandered off?" asked Frank, not looking at the price meter as it continued to rise.

"Yeah, Dad," replied Wallace. "Don't worry, I got her."

"Good. Put her back in the RV; we're almost done."

Wallace nodded and escorted Jamie into the RV. Stepping inside, the teenager examined the map of the U.S.A., which had many pins impaled over the cities and towns they had visited. He was surprised to find that they have been all over the country, in so many different locations.

"Wow," thought Wallace. "This certainly is one long chase."

Wallace and Jamie then approached the radio, just as an announcement was being made. Wallace stopped, the announcement catching his attention.

"And authorities in Danville, Tri-State Area, have just reported the arrests of four criminals that have been on the run for several years now. All four were responsible for a series of deadly bombings all over the region."

Wallace's eyes widened, and he stuck his head out of the open RV window, looking at Frank, who was still looking at the price meter.

"Dad?" he asked.

"Yes, Wallace?"

"I think we've found our big break."

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