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Chapter 24 Summary: The battle is over, but there are still some problems to take care of.

Phineas opened his eyes, and the first thing he saw was the gray sky. It had stopped raining, and the flashing of lightning and booming of thunder had ceased. The inventor immediately knew that he was lying on his back. Groaning, Phineas stood up, and the first person he saw was Ferb, a smile perched on his face. Standing beside the British boy were Perry and Candace, smiles radiating a bright quality that equaled Ferb's also on their faces. Looking around, he saw that everyone else, every member of the army who fought for his freedom, was encircling him. Emperor Phineas's forces were all lying on the ground, defeated and out for the count.

Immediately, the air was filled with the thunderous explosion of triumphant cheering, and many people began swarming around Phineas, engulfing him in tight, relieved hugs that nearly deprived him of his needed oxygen. Out of all of the hugs supplied to him, Linda and Lawrence's were the tightest; in fact, Phineas was nearly strangled from their bursting joy. As if on cue, the storm clouds began to part, and the rays of sunlight broke through and illuminated Danville, signaling the end of the grim events that transpired during the past week, as well as the beginning of a new period of happiness. In the outskirts of Danville, another military force began moving in, but they were no longer ready for combat, for their instincts told them that the battle had somehow been won.

Suddenly, the celebration stopped, and Phineas wondered why. However, his question was answered when the crowd parted to make way for Vanessa, Norm, Charlene, Bloodpudding, Diminuitive, Blair, and Tancien, every one of them expressing grief as an equally-sad Doofenshmirtz-2 trailed behind with his Norm Bots. Norm was holding something covered in a white drape, but when the robot drew nearer towards Phineas, the inventor realized that the white drape was actually a lab coat. And a second after he made this realization, Phineas immediately noticed the long, pointed nose and the unkempt brown hair that was the corpse wearing the lab coat. The looks of joy were replaced with those of shock and sadness as they realized the identity of the corpse Norm was carrying; Linda began to shed tears.

Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz was dead.

Norm sadly placed the body of his creator on the ground, before Phineas, Ferb, Perry, and Candace; Perry stepped forward, his mouth open, tears welling up in his eyes as he stared at the corpse of his arch-nemesis. He had known Doofenshmirtz for only a year, but to Perry, when he looked back at the moment he first met the evil scientist, the memory seemed to have occurred a long time ago, way more than a whole year. And as annoyed as he was to Doofenshmirtz's ridiculous antics and schemes, the platypus agent realized that deep inside, he considered the evil scientist as a close friend. And now that Doofenshmirtz was lying before him, dead, still, it shattered Perry's heart.

A hand placed itself on Perry's shoulder, and the platypus looked up, expecting Phineas or Ferb, but instead it was Monogram, sadness and pity in the superior's eyes.

"I'm very sorry, Agent P," said the major.

Phineas stepped forward, towards Doofenshmirtz's body, and knelt beside Perry, placing an arm around his pet in comfort.

"I'm sorry too, Perry," Phineas said. "I now know how much of a friend Doofenshmirtz actually was to you, even though you two fought on a daily basis. I wish there was something me and Ferb can do to help, but I doubt that even we can make a device that will bring a dead person back to life..."

"Maybe you can't," a voice said, "but I can!"

Everyone turned to see Professor Poofenplotz standing triumphantly beside a lamppost, holding a hairdryer like it was a gun. The megalomaniacal woman stepped forward and showed everyone the hairdryer.

"Behold, my latest Acator!" she announced.

"A hairdryer?" asked Admiral Acronym. Poofenplotz sighed angrily and slapped her forehead.

"It's not a hairdryer, it's a Bring-Back-To-Life-Acator! I had a feeling something bad might happen, so I used the parts of that Doomsday machine or whatever that thing was called to make THIS! I thank the evil Phineas for providing all of the necessary materials to make this thing. And it looks like my premonition of something bad happening has come true, so it's time for this Acator to shine! Behold, the might of the Bring-Back-To-Life-Acator!"

Poofenplotz aimed the hairdryer at Doofenshmirtz's corpse and pressed a button; a white ray emerged from the device's barrel and enveloped the body. Soon, everyone heard a labored gasping, as if someone was gasping for air, and Vanessa, Norm, and Charlene gasped with happiness the moment Doofenshmirtz opened his eyes and began coughing heavily. Perry chattered with surprise, and Poofenplotz smiled triumphantly.

"DAD!" cried Vanessa, embracing Doofenshmirtz in a tight hug.

"Wh-What happened?" Doofenshmirtz asked the moment he was alleviated of his coughing spell. "Why am I not dead?"

"You were dead, Dad," replied Norm, "but this woman here invented something to bring you back to life." The robot pointed at Poofenplotz, and Doofenshmirtz's eyes narrowed.

"YOU!" the scientist cried, pointing a finger accusingly at Poofenplotz. "I hoped I'd never see you again, Poofy!"

"Same here, Shmirtzo," snarled Poofenplotz unceremoniously.

"You two know each other?" asked Monogram curiously.

"We were rivals in Evil Science college," Doofenshmirtz replied, still staring daggers at Poofenplotz. "She was jealous of my superior inventing skills and constantly attempted to sabotage my Inators!"

"No," growled Poofenplotz, "you were jealous of my superior inventing skills! And by the way, who still names their inventions 'Inators'? Sounds pretty unoriginal..."

"You DARE?"

"Yes, I dare!"

Perry and Pinky immediately stood in front of their respective arch-nemeses, motioning them to stop their bickering before it can worsen. Doofenshmirtz and Poofenplotz both took heed of the agents' needs and stood down, but they still threw hateful glances at one another. Charlene stepped beside Doofenshmirtz.

"Calm down, Heinz," she said. "Besides, this woman gave you a second life! You should thank her."

"I did it reluctantly," Poofenplotz snarled. Then, she smirked. "However, I did throw in a little upside to all of this."

Vanessa looked at her father and immediately noticed the platypus tail sticking out of Doofenshmirtz's backside. Doofenshmirtz instinctively looked at his backside and noticed the tail too; everyone, especially Perry, suppressed their giggles as the scientist let out a girly scream, and Poofenplotz burst into triumphant laughter.

Suddenly, Future Isabella's watch began beeping, and the black-haired woman looked at it. She smiled and looked at Future Gretchen, nodding at her. Future Gretchen nodded back, and Future Isabella addressed the others.

"Guys, now that the evil Phineas is gone, it's time for us to disappear."

"What?" asked Phineas and Future Phineas simultaneously. Then, Future Phineas understood what had to be done and stood beside Future Isabella. The other Freedom Fighters, dragging Emperor Phineas's troops behind them, did so as well.

Phineas-2 noticed the motorcyclist, the soldier's identity still masked by the helmet. As the visitors from the future began to dissolve, Phineas-2 instinctively stepped forward, Ferb-2 and Platyborg behind him, and quickly removed the helmet. The two 2nd Dimension boys gasped at the sight of the motorcyclist's true identity.

"Candace?" asked Phineas-2.

Future Candace-2 stared at her brothers and flashed a small, calm smile. "Yes," she replied.

"But...but why?"

Future Candace-2 sighed. "In the future, the Freedom Fighters' numbers were dwindling, and you two were among those that still remained. However, it wouldn't be long until Phineas's troops found the remainder and slaughtered them, to get them out of the way. That was on my mind when Phineas approached me one day. He made me a deal: if I fight alongside him, he will spare you two once he finds what was left of the Freedom Fighters. He gave me 48 hours to think about it, and those 48 hours were the most heart-wrenching hours of my life, every second of it. I finally decided that I had to protect you, so I...I joined him."

"And look where that got you," replied Ferb-2, pointing at Future Candace-2's dissolving form; the woman smiled.

"I know. I guess I've learned my lesson." She stared deeply into her brothers as she was close to dissolving completely. "Tell my past self that protecting you two is not worth it. You two deserve more than this over-the-amount protection. You need some freedom. Tell her that."

Phineas-2 smiled. "We will."

Future Candace-2 smiled back and sighed. She then looked at Phineas-2 and Ferb-2 for one last time before dissolving completely. Meanwhile, the rest of the Freedom Fighters were dissolving as well. Future Irving and Future Albert high-fived one another before disappearing. Future Stacy and Future Coltrane were locked in a loving hug just seconds before they vanished. Future Jeremy told his past self to take good care of Candace before dissolving into dust. Future Gretchen hugged Future Isabella before she disappeared.

Future Django looked up at the cloudless sky, the bright sun, and sighed as he felt himself disappear.

"Well," he said to himself, "I guess this is it. Looks like this is gonna be a better future for them."

He felt a hand lock with his, and he looked at his side to see Future Adyson smiling at him.

"It's a better future for everyone, Django," the woman said. "Even ourselves. We've found the peace we needed. And now, we're about to endure it."

Future Django smiled back at her. "I'm already endured in mine."

Before Future Adyson can speak further, Future Django locked his lips with hers, and soon, the two were kissing lovingly, just seconds before they dissolved completely. Future Phineas and Future Isabella watched with a mingled sense of happiness and sadness as the couple disappeared. Then, Future Isabella looked at her longtime crush.

"Well, Phineas," she said, "looks like this is the end."

"It's never the end, Isabella," replied Future Phineas optimistically. "Who knows? Maybe we're gonna find ourselves living the lives of our past selves, since the timeline is being rebooted."

"I don't get what you're saying, Phineas, but I don't want to. For now, I just want these last seconds to count."

"Me too, Isabella."

The two immediately kissed, and Phineas watched sadly as the couple vanished from existence. A tear fell from his eye; Phineas felt pitiful towards the fact that Future Isabella only lived out her fantasy for a few seconds or so. At least things will be better for her and Future Phineas... Phineas then began to think about himself and Isabella. Now that he knew of Isabella's crush on him, and the fact that he accepted it, he wondered exactly what kind of future the two would lead, with the events that happened during the past week being left in their wake.

And speaking of Isabella...

Phineas turned to Ferb and asked, "Where's Isabella?"

"She and Gretchen went to get the molecular separator," replied Ferb. "They should be near the wreckage of the Paper Pelican..."

Phineas immediately walked towards the wreckage at a fast pace, followed by the others, and soon saw Isabella, Vivian, Jack, the Fireside Girls, Django, and the Firestorm Girls conversing with a black-haired man, who had a little girl standing beside him as she clutched a Ducky Momo doll. A muscular man watched with increasing boredom as he was restrained by the Firestorm Girls' rope. When the group drew nearer, Linda gasped when she recognized the unidentified man as David and attempted to stop Phineas, but he broke into a run when he recognized Isabella's tone towards her father as both fearful and enraged, believing his friend to be in danger.

"DON'T TELL ME THAT!" Isabella screamed. "YOU'RE NOT MY FATHER!"

Phineas immediately jumped between Isabella and David, and both gasped.

"You leave her alone, whoever you are!" snarled Phineas.

"It looks like you've been cured of your evil, Phineas," David replied, examining Phineas's blue eyes. "Congratulations!"


Linda rushed between Phineas and David, defending her son from the former bomber.

"You're not gonna hurt my family again," Linda said, "so stay back, or else!"

"Again?" repeated Phineas. "Mom...what are you talking about?"

Linda gulped, realizing her mistake. Ever since she learned from Vivian that David was responsible for Phillip's death, she knew that she mustn't let Phineas find out. But now that she unintentionally gave away an important hint, Linda knew that she couldn't fool her son easily and that it was time to come clean.

"Phineas," she replied, "this man...killed your father."

Phineas felt the entire world slip away, being replaced with a fiery rage. He had known for a long time that Phillip's death was murder, but he never considered the fact that he would be facing his father's killer. And now that he was, all Phineas felt now was anger.

"YOU!" Phineas roared. "YOU KILLED MY FATHER!"

David sighed. "I regret it..." he replied.

"Why?" Phineas screamed as everyone held him back, to prevent him from charging at David. "Why did you kill him? He did NOTHING to you!"

"I know. And I guess that's what made me do it. You see, I grew up without being loved. My parents absolutely HATED me. They abused me, treated me like dirt. And then, she arrived." He pointed at Vivian. "She saved me from that horrible life. But I guess that wasn't enough for me. I grew up knowing that everyone else had a better childhood than I did, that I was the only one out there, and I hated the world for that. No one was spared from my hatred. Finally, I just...snapped. I founded the Tri-State Bombers and began terrorizing the area, ensuring that everyone was pulled down to the same level of misery that I suffered. And I won.

"...And I regret the victory now. By making sure everyone suffers, I've realized that I had become the very thing my parents were: hateful and relying on suffering. Now that I've made the world a terrible place for many, I heavily wish that I can just go back and stop myself from making all of this happen. But I can't. The best thing I can do now is apologize. And I wanna tell you that I'm sorry, for everything. I just wanted to make everything in the world equal, so then I don't have to be the only one to suffer a terrible childhood."

"You're not the only one."

Everyone looked at Ferb, who stepped forward, pity in his eyes.

"Pardon me?" asked David.

"You're not the only one who suffered," replied Ferb. "...I suffered a terrible childhood too. My mother, back in England, was so abusive towards me whenever my father was away at work. I still can't forget all of the derisive comments she made towards me, that hateful glance she always gives me. It was so terrible that I became mostly silent. I too, hate everyone for having a better life than I did. But I didn't act. That's because I found something to live for, before I could snap. And that was my family. My new family." He pointed at the rest of the Flynn-Fletcher family. "And I'm sure you still have something to live for too."

David didn't reply; instead, he just looked at Ferb, shock in his eyes. Finally, he smiled happily.

"I guess I'm not alone after all," he said.

"Yes, yes you aren't."

The rest of the week's end was spent putting Danville back to normal. Doofenshmirtz modified his Rebuild-My-Lair-Inator to have enough strength to clean up and repair many wrecked streets, while Phineas and Ferb's inventions handled what was left. Poofenplotz activated her Bring-Back-To-Life-Acator's special mechanism and fired a laser at the ground, which sent out a shock wave that resurrected everyone who had been killed during the past week. Sally was reunited with her parents, and many people who were killed during the final battle celebrated at their second chance of living. Croachaye reunited with Bloodpudding, Diminuitive, Blair, and Tancien. Sid and Roderick were immediately tied up alongside Byron upon being resurrected.

After Danville was restored, the evacuated civilians moved back in, while everyone who was a member of the Red Triangle was arrested. Because they participated directly in the criminal activities, Doofenshmirtz and David were arrested like the rest despite defecting. However, they knew that it was worth it when Vanessa and Charlene hugged Doofenshmirtz to tell him that they forgive what he did to them initially, while David received his own loving hug, which was actually from Isabella, who developed a sense of pity towards him when he revealed his terrible background. Phineas also began to pity David, like he would to any other person, and forgave him for killing Phillip.

With everything taken care of, and evil defeated once again, the organizations that aided Ferb and the others now decided to leave. The Seattle O.W.C.A. agents, Agent Double 0-0 and the other British Spy Union spies, Meap and his Intergalactic Security Agency colleagues, and the Martians all used the portal to transport them back to their respective homes. Meanwhile, Phineas-2, Ferb-2, Platyborg, Candace-2, Doofenshmirtz-2, the rest of the Resistance, and the Norm Bots used the Other-Dimension-Inator to return to the 2nd Dimension, but not before bidding a well-hearted farewell to their 1st Dimension counterparts.

The moment the Other-Dimension-Inator portal closed with a comical pop, Phineas looked at Perry.

"So," he said to the platypus, "I guess that now we know you're a secret agent again, we must have our memories erased, am I correct?"

Perry nodded sadly, and the children all groaned.

"Sorry, everyone," announced Monogram, "but it's for the best."

"But we don't deserve to have our memories erased again!" cried Isabella. "I've just found my father, and also found out that my dog's a secret agent, like Perry! Phineas found closure to his father's death! Django and Adyson just fell in love!"

"No, we didn't!" Django and Adyson both replied simultaneously, blushing.

"Well, it's either remembering all that," Monogram replied, "or it's Agent P being sent away forever, as is Agent P. The dog Agent P."

"He's right."

General William Garrett stepped forward.

"One of the top policies of the O.W.C.A.," said the general, "is to relocate an agent if his or her secret identity has been blown. You are allowed to remember what transpired during the past week, but it's gonna have to come with a heavy price. But if you want both agents to stay, you're gonna have to forget absolutely everything."

Phineas and Ferb both looked at Perry. Sure, the events were memorable, no matter how terrible they also were, but to never see Perry again? Their platypus meant everything to them, as well as their friends. So what if he kept disappearing every day. It was just like the day of the 2nd Dimension; they both wanted to go for the amnesia.

"Amnesia it is," said Phineas.

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