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The Last Word, Part 5 of 5

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Chapter 23 Summary: Is the Shadow really gone?

"PHINEAS!" cried Ferb, and he ran forward to embrace Phineas, followed by Perry, Candace, and Isabella, while the rest gasped. "Phineas, you're back!"

Phineas looked around, examining his surroundings as the rain fell, and smiled when he realized that he was back in his true reality. "Yes," he replied, "yes I am."

The atmosphere was immediately split open by a thunderous cheer of triumph and celebration, a cheer that was louder than the booming of thunder. Baljeet and Buford leaned over the railing to announce to everyone that their mission to cure Phineas had come to an end. The cheering became louder, and Emperor Phineas growled in defeat before attempting to crawl away, but he was stopped by Future Jeremy and Future Stacy, who tied him to the fallen backyard tree with Helmetair and his present troops. Linda and Lawrence boarded the Doomsday machine to hug their son, the both of them crying with happiness.

When the two Flynn-Fletcher parents parted with Phineas, Isabella seized her crush and embraced him in the tightest hug she ever gave him. She then parted and looked Phineas straight in the eyes; they were staring right back softly, and there was a loving smile on his face that made the girl blush. Before things can get more romantic, Phineas spotted Future Isabella.

"Is that-?" he asked, but Future Isabella already replied for him.

"Yes, I'm Isabella's future self. Me and several others come from a future where you've successfully established an empire, and we're here to prevent that from happening."

"And you've succeeded, right?"

"Yes." The black-haired woman looked at Future Gretchen, who smiled at her. "Yes we did."

"Then you guys should disappear, because the future you speak of never happens."

"That's right." Future Isabella smiled back at Future Gretchen before looking at Phineas and Isabella. "I guess this is it then."

Phineas and Isabella smiled at the latter's future self as she stepped beside Future Gretchen and held her hand; the two young women braced themselves for their erasing from existence, as did the other Freedom Fighters. However, a couple of minutes passed and nothing happened. Future Isabella examined her allies and Emperor Phineas, but saw that none of them had disappeared.

"What happened?" Future Gretchen asked. "We should be gone by now!"

Isabella charily looked at Phineas, whose mouth was open in shock. "Phineas?" she asked.

Phineas looked at her, and suddenly, his blue eyes turned green again. Everyone gasped with shock; Isabella's heart began pounding in her chest. However, Phineas merely closed his eyes for a second and then opened them, and the green faded away into the blue. His lower lip trembled as he spoke.

"He's still inside me..."

Future Gretchen grabbed Phineas and carried him off of the Doomsday machine, followed by the others.

"Phineas's evil is still inside him," she explained to everyone. "Phineas is controlling it, but it won't be long until it regains dominant control. We've gotta find something that'll get rid of his evil permanently!"

"Or we can invent something," replied Professor Poofenplotz. "I think I can make something that'll resolve the situation-"


The Paper Pelican was flying slowly across the air, a Red Triangle insignia boldly displayed on its side. For some reason, the falling rain wasn't affecting the plane's paper exterior, and Ferb guessed that they managed to invent something that allowed the Paper Pelican to be resistant to water. The plane stopped in midair and a pair of rope ladders unfolded from its side, traveling towards the ground. Three figures slid down the two ladders: Sid, Bulkare, and the motorcyclist. The motorcyclist immediately cut the ropes restraining Emperor Phineas, Helmetair, and the emperor's troops, allowing them all to escape, while Bulkare grabbed Phineas's hand and dragged him away from Ferb and the others.

"FERB!" screamed Phineas, just before his eyes became green again, but the inventor managed to force the evil back into his mind.

"PHINEAS!" Ferb yelled.

"So, you managed to tone down our leader's evil, huh?" said Sid in a sinister voice. "Well, sorry to say this, but we're gonna change that! Sayonara! AHAHAHAHAHA!"

The Red Triangle troops all fled, climbing up the ladders as the Morn Duo pulled them up.


The Freedom Fighters turned around to see Rodney, Sharpeard, and Byron stumble into the yard.

"HEY, WAIT FOR US!" cried Rodney as he managed to grab one of the ascending ladders and climb it. Sharpeard and Byron were able to grab the other ladder as well.

His teeth clenched in anger, Ferb, determined to not let them do anything else to his brother, rushed forward, issuing a battle cry as he grabbed one of the ladders and began climbing it, followed by Perry, Candace, Isabella, Phineas-2, and Ferb-2. Everyone else tried to do the same, but both of the ladders had become too high for anyone's reach. Rodney noticed this and growled angrily.

"You can't stop your meddling, can't you kids?" he asked as he procured a stun gun and fired a laser at Ferb. The British boy was able to dodge the laser, but he accidentally released his grip on the rope and began to fall through the air. Candace, Isabella, Phineas-2, and even Ferb-2 screamed as Ferb plunged past them, but Perry managed to catch his owner with ease.

"You okay, Ferb?" Candace asked.

Ferb nodded, and the four resumed their climbing.

Phineas struggled against Bulkare's grip, but the large scientist proved to be too strong for him. All the while, his eyes became green a few times, but Phineas was able to force the evil back into his mind, though it began to get harder every round. Bulkare eventually boarded the Paper Pelican and threw Phineas next to a group of people, all tied securely with rope. The inventor gasped when he recognized the captives as Django and his group. A shadow suddenly enveloped Phineas, and he looked up to see a man towering over him.

This man had shaggy brown hair and cold blue eyes. He was wearing futuristic Red Triangle clothing. All parts of his exposed skin were marked with many scars, some old, others recent, and there was a small gash across his cheek that was coated with dry blood. But what caught Phineas's attention the most was the fact that the man was wearing sandals, unlike the rest of the Red Triangle members he had seen. Phineas gasped, knowing someone who would wear sandals rather than shoes.

"Django?" he asked, shocked. The man smirked.

"Hello, Phineas," replied Future Django. "Surprised I'm a member of the Red Triangle?"

"But...but why? I was thinking you'd be with those Freedom Fighters! Why are you with...me?"

"That's for me to know and you to find out, Phineas."

He snapped his fingers, and the Red Triangle Robot began marching towards a set of inventions stationed at the back of the plane. Amongst them were the Very-Very-Bad-Inator, the growth elixir, and the molecular separator. Phineas and the captives watched as the robot began pushing a contraption into the fray, and their eyes widened when they recognized it as none other than the Turn-Everything-Evil-Inator.

"Now," Future Django said to his accomplices, "according to what happened, it appears that our leader is being overwhelmed by the good Phineas. If we zap him with the Turn-Everything-Evil-Inator, maybe we'll increase his evil and allow it to fight back and win easily, and with that, our leader's back!"

"Good theory, Django," replied Emperor Phineas. "I'm so glad you're my advisor."

Future Django's reply was surprisingly cold and sarcastic and more to himself. "Yeah, right..."

Emperor Phineas didn't notice the reply and instead aimed the Turn-Everything-Evil-Inator at Phineas, who screamed at the sight of it and tried to run, but the Morn Duo seized him and prevented any chance of escape.


"I'm afraid not, me," Emperor Phineas replied, smiling evilly, his green eyes alive with malice. "Don't worry, it's not gonna hurt. You should know that."

"NO! PHINEAS!" Django screeched.

Phineas screamed in terror and tried to struggle against his captors, but there was no use. He watched as the emperor, his future self, prepared the Inator, and a humming sound was heard as the contraption began to power up. The inventor struggled even more, tears of fright cascading from his eyes, but the robots' grips on him were firm. Django and the others either cried out to Phineas, to encourage him, or yelled at Emperor Phineas to stop, but their reply was a sadistic smirk.

Suddenly, Isabella appeared on the plane and kicked Emperor Phineas in the leg, causing him to fall over in pain, while Candace climbed aboard and shut down the Turn-Everything-Evil-Inator. Phineas-2 and Ferb-2 attacked the Morn Duo, allowing Phineas to escape and hug a boarding Ferb. Perry also appeared and freed the others, just before the motorcyclist engaged him in combat.

Chaos ensued aboard the Paper Pelican. Perry continued to fight the motorcyclist, their fighting expertise equaled to one another. Phineas-2 and Ferb-2 still battled the Morn Duo, collaborating together against the two robots. Doofenshmirtz, Doofenshmirtz-2, Norm, and the Norm Bot fought Rodney and the Doof Cyborg. Candace resumed her fight with Helmetair that was begun on the Doomsday machine. Beppo once again squared off against Bulkare, but also fought Byron and Sharpeard. Bloodpudding, Diminuitive, Blair, and Tancien battled Emperor Phineas and his present troops.

Meanwhile, Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Django, Adyson, Charlene, Vanessa, Baljeet-2, Mrs. Brown, and Mrs. Sweetwater were searching through the inventions, hoping to find something that would cure Phineas of his evil permanently.

"Any luck, guys?" asked Isabella as she encountered Bloodpudding's giant floating baby head.

"No," replied Ferb as he searched through one of Croachaye's old Inators.

"Nope," Adyson replied as she and Django came across the Platypult.

"Nada," Baljeet-2 called as he found Doofenshmirtz's All-Purpose-Inator.

"Zilch," replied Charlene as she tossed away one of Doofenshmirtz's toy balls. "How'd these balls get into the plane anyway? There's a bunch of 'em."

Suddenly, Phineas groaned and clutched his head in pain. Everyone looked at him in concern, and then gulped when Phineas opened his eyes, which were green again. The inventor closed his eyes, then opened them after a second, his method of fighting the Shadow, but when he opened them, they were still green, and he began to feel his brain being pulled back. He repeated his method again, this time with more dedication, and the green finally reverted back to its rightful blue.

"You okay, Phineas?" asked Isabella.

"It's...it's getting harder," Phineas replied.

"We've gotta hurry," said Ferb, "or Phineas's evil will eventually regain control. Hurry, people! Find something!"

"Oh, no you don't!"

Future Django and Sid were charging towards them. Future Django was armed with a sword, while Sid's robotic hand was in the form of a deadly hook. He slashed at Vanessa, but she ducked and the sword cut thin air. Vanessa then moved away as Future Django proceeded to attack Baljeet-2 next. The young doctorate procured a gun and pulled the trigger, firing a shockwave that sent Future Django's sword flying back and tearing through the Paper Pelican's paper wall.

The air immediately began rushing out, and the Paper Pelican began to collapse and deflate. Everyone screamed as the Paper Pelican plummeted towards the earth...

Everyone below watched with terror as the Paper Pelican began to descend towards downtown Danville. Linda gasped, remembering that all of her children were in the plane.

"Everyone!" she announced. "We've gotta get to downtown, quick!"

The Freedom Fighters all agreed and walked out of the Flynn-Fletcher backyard and towards downtown. Little did they know that Professor Poofenplotz had stayed behind at the residence, using parts of the abandoned and useless Doomsday machine to build an unknown invention.

The Paper Pelican crashed in the middle of a downtown street. Fortunately, the entire street had been abandoned several hours ago due to the war between the Red Triangle and the Freedom Fighters, so no one was caught in the middle of the disastrous crash-landing. The plane eventually came to a stop and then imploded. An hour had passed when the first person emerged from the large pile of glued papers: Ferb. Gasping for air, the British boy crawled himself out of the pile and rolled over on his back, the rain droplets pelting his body as a bolt of lightning flashed.

"Man," thought Ferb, "this storm sure doesn't know how to stop."

Standing up, Ferb spotted something emerge from the pile from a distance. The only thing he saw about this person was the shape of his head: a triangle. It was either Phineas or his 2nd Dimension counterpart. Trudging through the paper, the green-haired boy drew nearer and realized that it was his Phineas, as he wasn't wearing any Resistance clothing. It also appeared that something was on top of him. Gasping in concern, Ferb finally approached Phineas and saw that the molecular separator was on top of him.

"Phineas!" Ferb exclaimed. "Don't worry, let me help!"

Grabbing the molecular separator, Ferb lifted it and tossed it to the side. He then gasped: TWO Phineases were trapped under the invention. The second Phineas was definitely not Phineas-2, as he wasn't wearing any Resistance clothing either. In fact, both Phineases were wearing identical clothing. The second Phineas looked up at Ferb with his blue eyes and gasped.

"FERB!" he cried. "YOU FREED-"

Ferb looked at the first Phineas, and saw that his eyes were green.

"Cheese," said the Shadow as he punched Ferb in the face, sending him to the ground. The paper cushioned his fall, but the punch was enough to assault him with ferocious pain.

Ferb attempted to stand up, but the Shadow kicked him in the stomach, bringing him back down. He then picked up a piece of one of the Paper Pelican's metal support beams and raised it, preparing to strike Ferb in the head...

Phineas tackled the Shadow down to the paper pile, causing the villain to drop the metal rod, and began punching his face angrily. However, the Shadow managed to stop Phineas's attacks by tickling him in the ribs. The inventor laughed and fell off of the Shadow, to which he kicked Phineas while he was down. He then laughed maniacally.

"Ya know," he said, "I'd like to thank Fletcher here for telling me your physical weaknesses. Now, I've used them against you!"

Ferb picked up the metal rod and hit it across the Shadow's leg, and the villain yelled out in pain and clutched his leg; Ferb seized the chance to kick the Shadow to the ground. Phineas spotted one of the rope ladders and grabbed it, using the rope to tie the Shadow's arms and legs together as crude bonds. Phineas's evil doppelganger struggled against them, but it was useless.

"Well," said Ferb, "that was easy."

"Yes, yes it was, wasn't it?" the Shadow replied. "Well, that's just too bad, cause I was just stalling."

Before Phineas or Ferb can reply to that, Emperor Phineas and his troops jumped out of nowhere, overwhelming the two boys and capturing them within seconds before the emperor freed his past self. Chuckling with triumph, the Shadow approached the Flynn-Fletcher brothers, his arms crossed, a smirk on his face.

"Got anything to say now, you two?" he asked. Phineas and Ferb just stared daggers at him, and he snickered devilishly. "Very well. Get rid of them!"

The soldiers holding Phineas and Ferb, respectively, nodded and aimed their Death Rays at the brothers' heads. However, before they can pull the triggers, Phineas looked over to the side, smiled, and spoke.

"Actually, I have something to say."

The Shadow turned around and replied, "And what's that?"

"I was just stalling too."

Instantly, three new people appeared on the scene: Perry, Candace, and Isabella. Perry took out a magnet that claimed the Death Ray guns, while Isabella activated Thaddeus's flashlight at the soldiers' faces, momentarily blinding them and allowing Phineas and Ferb to escape. Emperor Phineas tried to seize them, but Candace kicked him in the chest, causing him to topple onto the Shadow. Perry then battled the soldiers, and they proved to be no match for the platypus. A minute passed, and the troops were all on the ground, defeated.

"Good job, Perry!" cried Phineas. "Now let's go!"

The rest nodded and ran away from the scene.

Groaning, the Shadow pushed Emperor Phineas off of him and stood up, dusting himself when he spotted the fallen troops.

"You weaklings!" berated the Shadow, attracting the attention of every soldier. "You let them defeat you? You MORONS! AFTER THEM! NOW!"

The troops obeyed and began their pursuit.

Django, Adyson, the Browns, and the Sweetwaters all backed up as Future Django, Sid, and the Red Triangle Robot closed in on them, their weapons ready. Adyson nearly tripped over, but her father managed to grab her hand and prevent her fall. Django was examining his future self the whole time.

"Surrender now," Sid said, "and we'll go easy on you guys. That sounds like a good deal. What do ya say?"

"We'll surrender," replied Mr. Sweetwater, "if you let our kids be."

"No deal." Sid was about to shoot Mr. Sweetwater in the leg to incapacitate him when a woman flew into the fray, outfitted with a jetpack, and punched the bomber. When the woman landed in front of the two families, Django and Adyson saw that it was the latter's future self as she put on a fighting stance.

"Well, well, well," said Future Django, "hello Adyson. How are things goin'?"

"Django, why are you doing this?" Future Adyson asked softly. "I thought you wanted to make things right, not make them worse."

"That was my initial goal, but then I learned something: you can't change the timeline, no matter what you do. It doesn't matter; you make a change, the timeline repairs itself. My studies have all reached this conclusion, and I've tried to find an alternate solution, but I didn't find any. I was left to deal with the mistakes I've made, and the horrible consequence that the universe had to suffer as a result, with nothing to do that'll change it. I tried to tell you that, I tried telling all of you that, but did you listen? No! Instead, you were wasting your time trying to find a way to repair that time machine! None of you would've listened to me anyway, if all that I suggest will just lead to more chaos and terror. That's why I left the Freedom Fighters! After all, what's the point in resisting Phineas when it's obvious that he's gonna win?"

"Did you find any proof that the timeline can repair itself?"

"No. But the data didn't lie!"

"If you don't have any proof, then there's no harm in trying it out, see if you're actually right."

"I don't care anymore! I serve Phineas now, and my loyalty is to him and him only! And I have orders to capture anyone who resists, and exterminate anyone who resists too much!"

Future Adyson sighed. "If you insist..."

The woman proceeded to engage Future Django, Sid, and the Red Triangle Robot in combat. Sid tried to grab Future Adyson, but she stepped out of the way and elbowed him in the back before pulling out two laser guns and opened fire on the Red Triangle Robot, damaging its chassis. However, the robot shrugged off its injuries and grabbed Future Adyson, lifting her into the air and then throwing her roughly to the side, towards Future Django. The man caught her, then brought her head at the same level as his before intentionally slamming his head onto hers. She cried out in pain as it assaulted her head viciously, and the pain immediately increased when Future Django punched her in the face, then slamming her to the ground, to which Sid, cackling maniacally, turned his robotic hand into a baseball bat and began beating her with it. Django and Adyson both buried their faces in their fathers to look away from the brutal scene.

Finally, Sid ceased the beatings, snickering, and Future Django said to the defeated Freedom Fighter, "I appreciate you trying to help me, Adyson, but it's not gonna help. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to capture our past selves."

"And I've gotta kill that Django!" said Sid. "I still haven't forgotten the time he cut off my hand!"

"What?" Future Django turned to his comrade. "He's me!"

"Oh, really?" Sid looked from Django to the boy's older self. "Wow. I never knew. Well, too bad; I'm still gonna kill him!"

"Wait, you can't!" exclaimed Future Django.

"Why not? I thought you said any change in the timeline wouldn't matter; it'll repair itself."

"I...I...I..." stammered the man, and Future Adyson looked up at him, beaming. Sid scoffed as he turned his bat into a sword.

"Well, we'll find out if you're right, then," he said sadistically as he stalked towards Django, accompanied by the Red Triangle Robot.

"NO!" Future Django cried. "You can't do that!"

"Watch me."

Sid cackled and grabbed Django, pulling him away from Beppo's grasp as he raised his sword...

And then, he released his grip on Django and fell to the ground, dead. Everyone looked at Future Django, who was holding his Death Ray gun. The Red Triangle Robot charged for the man, and Future Django attempted to kill it with his weapon, but found that it didn't work on robots, as the lasers were shrugged off. The robot deployed its mace and swung it at Future Django, but he dodged it and pulled out a second sword, severing the chain attaching the mace to the robot before swinging it around its head. He then pulled the chain ruthlessly, and the robot's head was slowly pulled out of its body, several long wires hanging from it like a spine. Future Django then threw the chain down as Future Adyson stood up.

"Django!" she cried happily. "I knew there was still some good in you somew-"

Future Django aimed his Death Ray at her. "Just because I killed those two," he snarled, "doesn't mean I defected again. I'm gonna tell the boss that they were killed in the crash, and I'm still gonna capture you and the others."

"Not if I can help it."

"Then I'll shoot you, Adyson."

The woman smiled warmly, without any trace of fear. "Go ahead then. Shoot me."

Future Django's eyes widened, then they narrowed into slits. "You're gonna die, Adyson."

"I'm not afraid. Shoot me, Django, shoot me like you did with that guy. You have orders, so shoot me!"

"What are you doing?" asked Adyson, but her older self motioned her to stand down.

Future Django's eye twitched, and he gulped as he prepared to shoot Future Adyson. But then, he lowered the Death Ray, exhaling.

"I can't do it," he said. "I can't hurt you, Adyson. You were still kind to me even after I defected, when no one else was. I...I just can't hurt you." He sat down on the papery wreckage of the Paper Pelican. "I...I don't know what I'm doing anymore."

Django, Adyson, and Future Adyson approached Future Django and sat beside him while the Brown and Sweetwater parents watched.

"You may be right, me," said Django, "about the timeline being constant, but it doesn't hurt to try and see for yourself."

"This is your chance to make things right, Django," Adyson said. "If it doesn't work out in the end, at least you tried."

"What do you say, Django?" asked Future Adyson. "Will you help us defeat Phineas?"

Future Django looked at his past self and the two Adysons before immersing himself in thought. Finally, after several minutes, he realized that it doesn't hurt to try and smiled.

"I'm in."

Phineas, Ferb, Perry, Candace, and Isabella ran through the Paper Pelican's wreckage of paper as fast as they can, the Shadow, Emperor Phineas, and the latter's troops behind them. Evading the soldiers proved to be slightly difficult for the five in the rain, for it somewhat blinded them as the droplets kept pelting their eyes, and the water was absorbed by their clothes, weighing them down and slowing them as a result.

Suddenly, Isabella accidentally tripped and fell to the papery ground. Looking back, she saw the Shadow gaining on her.

"PHINEAS!" she called. "HELP!"

Phineas looked back and gasped as the Shadow grabbed his neighbor and best friend, holding her in his grasp as he snickered evilly.

"Come and get her, boy!" he taunted.

Before Ferb, Perry, and Candace can stop him, Phineas growled angrily and charged for the Shadow without any weapons, not caring if there was more than one opponent. Strangely, all he was concerned about was saving Isabella from his evil doppelganger. However, he was only a foot away from the Shadow when Emperor Phineas stood between them and grabbed the inventor's neck, lifting him high into the air. Phineas struggled, and his eyes widened when he saw his future self procure a Death Ray gun; the boy began to struggle even harder, and Isabella began to cry for her crush while the Shadow chuckled, savoring the moment.

"You three," snarled Emperor Phineas to Ferb, Perry, and Candace, all of whom were rushing to Phineas's aid, "stand down, or he's going bye-bye, and so is the girl!"

Ferb, Perry, and Candace looked at one another, then reluctantly dropped their weapons. The soldiers closed in on the three, prepared to capture them, when Future Isabella ran into the scene and took out her stun guns, incapacitating every soldier within seconds before punching Emperor Phineas in the stomach, causing him to release his captive. Before the Shadow can do anything, Future Isabella swung a rope around her past self's waist and pulled her away from the villain.

Isabella then made a run for it, but the Shadow immediately caught up with her and was about to recapture the girl when Phineas, yelling a battle cry, punched the Shadow squarely in the face, sending him back. Growling with pure rage as he rubbed his bruise, the Shadow threw a punch at Phineas, but missed, and the inventor elbowed him in the back, sending him to the ground. With the Shadow incapacitated, Phineas grabbed Isabella's hand, causing her to blush, and led her away towards Ferb, Perry, and Candace.

At the same time, the rest of the Freedom Fighters appeared and engaged Emperor Phineas's troops in combat, while Linda, Lawrence, Vivian, Jack, and Gretchen reunited with Phineas, Ferb, Perry, Candace, and Isabella.

"You guys okay?" asked Jack.

"Yeah, I guess we are," Isabella replied.

"I wouldn't say you're okay."

Standing there was the Shadow, obviously infuriated.

Future Isabella swung her fist at Emperor Phineas, but he dodged the punch and retaliated with a successful kick to the stomach. Reeling from the pain, the woman was distracted, and it allowed the emperor to punch her in the face, and she began to fall, but he caught her and punched her for a second time. Falling to the ground, Future Isabella took out a whip and stood up, then twirled around and lashed at Emperor Phineas numerous times, and the woman refused to stop until he finally fell to the ground, groaning with pain. Future Isabella then approached her crush and lifted him in the air, to face him.

"Gonna kill me, Garcia-Shapiro?" Emperor Phineas taunted. "Cause all that whipping? Man, that was efficient, so dedicated! If only you joined me; you would've made a great punisher..."

"No, Phineas," replied Future Isabella. "I'm just gonna make sure you don't do anything else. And by the way, punisher is not a word."

"Po-tay-to, po-tah-to. By the way, you can't afford to get yourself distracted."

"What d'you mean by that?"

"Cause you never know when your enemy can recuperate while you talk away."

With that, Emperor Phineas grabbed the whip from Future Isabella and wrapped it around her neck, pulling both sides as hard as he can, strangling the Freedom Fighter leader. The woman struggled, but the emperor's grip was extremely tight, and he began to snicker sadistically.

"Goodbye, Isabella," he said as he strengthened his grip. Suddenly, he seemed to fall unconscious and fell to the ground again, his grip loosening and allowing Future Isabella to tear the whip away from her neck as she embraced the fresh air, just as Future Adyson rushed up to her.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"Yeah," Future Isabella replied. "Was it you that saved me, Addie?"

"No. It was him."

She pointed at Future Django, who was holding his Death Ray gun, smoke issuing from the barrel. Future Isabella's eyes widened.


"Actually, no," Beppo said, appearing along with his son and wife as well as the Sweetwaters. "My future son here managed to rewire that gun of his, to switch its function."

"Yeah," said Django. "Now that thing has the ability to shoot lasers that cure people of their evil, without having to short-circuit in the rain."

Future Isabella heard a groan and turned around to see Emperor Phineas stand up and examine his surroundings. The raven-haired woman gasped when she saw that the emperor's eyes were blue for the first time in ten years. She rushed forward and grabbed Future Phineas by the shoulders, turning him so the man can face her.

"Phineas!" she cried happily. "You're back to normal!"

Future Phineas just stared back, his constant wandering of the Shadow's reality alone for a decade having taken a toll on his mind. Finally, after several seconds that seemed like many hours, he spoke.

"Who am I? And who are you?"

Future Isabella gasped, and her eyes began to well with tears. She didn't expect her friend and longtime crush to not remember her even though they haven't seen one another for a long time, and it tore her heart apart to know that. Distraught, the woman shook Future Phineas slightly, in a near-deluded hope that it would help jog his memory.

"Phineas?" she cried. "Don't you remember me? Don't you remember "

Future Phineas's blue eyes stared into Future Isabella's blue eyes as they looked back. Finally, memories began to flow into his brain, memories of his life. He was one, and he was enjoying a mobile Phillip made for his crib. He was two, and he was riding a tricycle that went at super-fast speeds, invented by Phillip. He was three, and Candace was tickling him as a way of cheering him up after Phillip's death. He was four, and he and Candace were playing hide-and-seek. He was five, and he was meeting Ferb for the first time. He was six, and he and Ferb found their extraordinary talent of inventing after repairing one of Candace's dolls. He was seven, and he was meeting Baljeet, Buford, and his other friends for the first time. He was eight,and he was celebrating Father's Day with Lawrence. He was nine, and he and Ferb were searching around the house for a mysteriously disappeared Perry, only to find him in the backyard. He was ten, and he and Ferb were building the monumental rollercoaster. And then, a single sentence crossed Future Phineas's mind.

"Hiya, Phineas. Whatcha doin'?"

Future Phineas's eyes widened at the sight of Future Isabella, finally remembering. "Isabella!"

Future Isabella gasped. "Phineas!" she cried. "You remember!"

The former emperor looked around, realizing that he was free. "Yes," he replied, "yes I do!"

"Oh thank God, Phineas!" cried Future Django and embracing Future Phineas, accompanied by the future selves of Isabella and Adyson, while the Browns and Sweetwaters watched happily. When the hug broke apart, Future Phineas looked around, searching for someone, but finding a lack of said person's presence.

"Where's Ferb?" he asked.

Future Isabella's eyes widened, while Future Django and Future Adyson looked at one another, unsure of what to say; Future Phineas noticed his friends' unusual moods.

"Guys? Where's Ferb?"

Tears flowed from Future Isabella's eyes. "Oh, Phineas," she replied. "I don't know how to say this, but...but..."

"What?" When Future Isabella wouldn't reply anymore, Future Phineas realized the truth. "Oh, my God. Did...did I-?"

"No," said Future Django. "It was Sid. Sid killed your family, Perry, the Doofenshmirtz family, Baljeet, and Buford. You ordered it, but you didn't personally kill them. It's okay, Phineas; Sid's dead. And we managed to prevent their deaths in the past anyway."

"You...you did?"

"Yes," Future Adyson replied. "We're in the past, Phineas, trying to save your past self. We helped him control the evil, but it's still present inside him, explaining our continued presence. We need to find a way to cure him once and for all if we are to make a better future for them...for us..."

"I understand." Future Phineas pointed heroically at the cloudy sky, a lightning bolt streaking across it as he did so. "Guys, I know what we're gonna do today! We're gonna prevent our future from happening!"

Doofenshmirtz shielded Vanessa, Norm, and Charlene as they slowly backed away from Rodney, Sharpeard, Helmetair, Bulkare, and the Morn Duo as they closed in on them. The unconscious bodies of Bloodpudding, Diminuitive, Blair, and Tancien lay behind the seven Red Triangle members, clearly defeated.

"Round three of our fight, Doofenshmirtz," snarled Rodney. "And THIS time, I'll win! After all, third time's the charm, am I right?"

"I wouldn't say so, Rodney," Doofenshmirtz replied, and Rodney groaned angrily.

"Oh, why must people call me Rodney? I'm not gonna say my real name again: Aloyse Ever-"

"I may be on your side, Rodney," interrupted Sharpeard, "but even I don't want to hear of your full name. One more mention of it will send me to bedlam."

"Me too," Bulkare added.

"Same here," said Helmetair.

Rodney groaned again, annoyed at his own acquaintances. "Just shut up and get those Doofenshmirtzes."

"With pleasure," replied Sharpeard in a sinister voice as he led the others to capture the Doofenshmirtz family when a laser shot Bulkare, stunning him. Everyone turned to see Doofenshmirtz-2 rushing towards them, an army of Norm Bots behind him.

"Leave the other-dimension me alone!" yelled the dictator as he took out several small red discs and threw them at the Red Triangle soldiers; they cringed in pain as the discs pelted them, assaulting them with sting-like pain and leaving them distracted, allowing the Norm Bots to seize them all and restrain them with rope.

However, Rodney and the Morn Duo managed to evade the Norm Bots. The Morn Duo combined and transformed into the O.W.C.A. bus, which Rodney boarded, and the vehicle sped away, obviously making an attempt to get away. Several Norm Bots grouped in front of the incoming bus and began riddling its front with lasers, and the bus was forced to split in half and transform back into the Morn Duo again. Rodney was sent flying into the air, screaming, but then, he pressed a button on his lab coat, and a jetpack was deployed from his back. The evil scientist was soon flying through the air, and he directed himself towards Doofenshmirtz specifically, putting on a glove that allowed him to lift any heavy object.


Doofenshmirtz screamed and tried to duck to prevent his arch-rival from snatching him, but it was too late and Vanessa, Norm, Doofenshmirtz-2, and Charlene watched in shock as Doofenshmirtz was lifted high into the air by Rodney, who was using his gloved hand to carry him to the rooftop of a nearby skyscraper. Vanessa, Doofenshmirtz-2, and Charlene latched themselves on Norm Bots and ordered them to levitate to the rooftop, while Norm followed on his feet-mounted jet boosters. The remaining Norm Bots engaged the Morn Duo in battle, in the meantime.

At the rooftop, Rodney fought against Doofenshmirtz, trying to land successful punches and kicks, but the former Druelselstein resident constantly managed to avoid them.

"Come on and fight, you cowardly simpleton!" Rodney taunted angrily.

Doofenshmirtz's eyes narrowed into slits at the insult. "Call me a simpleton, will you Rodney?" he snarled.

"It's Aloyse Everhea-OOF!" Rodney was interrupted by a kick to the chest, and he fell to the ground. Angered, the scientist pulled out a stun gun and fired a couple of lasers at Doofenshmirtz, but he avoided them all as he took out his Coition-Inator and fired back, but Rodney, in turn, dodged every bubble. Lasers and bubbles flew about the rooftop, just as Vanessa, Doofenshmirtz-2, Charlene, Norm, and the Norm Bots appeared.

"Dad!" cried Vanessa.

"Vanessa?" Doofenshmirtz turned to look at his daughter, but this, unfortunately, left him distracted, allowing Rodney to stun him in the chest.

"DAD!" screamed Vanessa and Norm simultaneously.

"HEINZ!" Charlene yelled.

"OTHER-DIMENSION ME!" Doofenshmirtz-2 cried.

Doofenshmirtz fell to the ground, reeling in pain from the stun laser, and Rodney chuckled as he took out his Death Ray gun next and pointed its barrel at his rival's forehead.

"Say bye-bye to your father slash creator slash ex-husband slash other-dimension counterpart!" the villain said as he prepared to pull the trigger.

"Stay away from our creator's other-dimension counterpart or be destroyed!"

Rodney had undoubtedly forgotten about the Norm Bots as Doofenshmirtz-2's robotic soldiers fired their weapons at the evil scientist. Yelping out, Rodney kept stepping out of the way of the lasers to dodge them, and eventually, he seemed to be doing a sort of comical dance in order to avoid being hit. Norm transformed one of his hands into a grappling hook and fired it at Doofenshmirtz's lab coat; the hook tore through the coat and Norm retracted it, dragging his incapacitated creator back to him and the others.

"Are you okay, Dad?" asked Norm, concerned.

"No," Doofenshmirtz replied in a pained groan. "You just put a hole in my precious lab coat."

When Norm's smile turned upside-down, Doofenshmirtz smiled and added, "But thanks for dragging me away from the crossfire, Norm."

Norm's frown reverted back into a smile and the robot replied optimistically, "Thanks, Dad!"

Meanwhile, Rodney put on a pair of gloves that allowed him to punch through any substance and charged for the Norm Bot trio, dodging their fired lasers as he did so. Yelling out, Rodney punched through one of the Norm Bots before grabbing a second Norm Bot and tearing him into half with his gloved hands. The third Norm Bot tried to punch him senseless, but Rodney grabbed the robot's fist and ripped it out, then threw it at the robot's head, damaging its sensors and allowing him to punch through its chassis. Unfortunately, he hit the Norm Bot's power core, causing it to eject a powerful shock wave that sent Rodney flying backward.

The Doofenshmirtzes were all caught in the force of the shock wave as well and thrown back. Doofenshmirtz-2 tumbled across the ground, causing the pocket holding his Choo-Choo to unbutton, and the toy train was practically bouncing towards the edge of the building.

"CHOO-CHOO!" screeched the dictator.

Recovering from the effects of the stun laser, Doofenshmirtz stood up and cried, "I got it!"

Before anyone can protest, the former villain sprinted towards the toy train as it landed on the edge of the building and was teetering on it. Doofenshmirtz grabbed it before the toy can fall and raised it up in the air triumphantly.


Suddenly, the chassis of the fallen third Norm Bot exploded, sending out a second shock wave that sent everything around it flying; Doofenshmirtz was thrust off of his feet and soon found himself falling over the edge. However, he had passed one floor when he managed to grab a flagpole, preventing him from plunging to his death. Hanging onto both the Choo-Choo train and the flagpole, Doofenshmirtz found hanging onto them difficult, as the falling rain made the metal of both objects slippery.

"Don't worry, Dad!" called Vanessa from above. "We're gonna get you!"

"Hurry up!" Doofenshmirtz replied fearfully. "This train's getting slippery, and so is this flagpole!"

A few minutes had passed when Vanessa, Norm, Charlene, and Doofenshmirtz-2 arrived at the window nearest to the flagpole Doofenshmirtz was hanging onto. Norm transformed his hand into a grappling claw and fired it; the claw latched itself onto Doofenshmirtz's back, somewhat painfully.

"Ouch, Norm!" cried Doofenshmirtz.

"Sorry, Dad!" Norm replied. "You can let go of that flagpole now!"

Doofenshmirtz obeyed, but when he released his grip on the pole, he and Norm immediately realized that the claw cannot support the scientist's weight. Doofenshmirtz soon found himself dangling on the claw as its rope slowly began to tear. Norm had transformed his other hand into another grappling claw and was using it to prevent himself from falling out of the window as it was holding tightly and stubbornly on a bed. The robot retracted the claw holding Doofenshmirtz, but the scientist's weight was slowing down the process.

"Jeez, Dad," commented Norm, "for a thin guy like you, I definitely know that you haven't been exercising!"

"Not another word out of you, Norm," Doofenshmirtz replied. "I may have admitted myself to be your dad, but I still say you're annoying!"

"As long as you know you're my dad, then it's fine with me!"

"Hold on, Dad!" Vanessa cried. "You're gonna make it!"

Doofenshmirtz examined the rope's tearing, which was beginning to worsen, then he looked at Choo-Choo. Then he sighed and looked up at his family, smiling a sad smile.

"Other-dimension me," he called, "I'm gonna throw Choo-Choo to you!"

"And what about you?" Doofenshmirtz-2 asked.

"Just leave me be."

"WHAT?" Vanessa screeched. "No, Dad! You can make it, I know you can!"

"This thing's tearing at a fast rate, and I don't think I'll reach you in time. Consider this as my last deed for good as I throw Choo-Choo to you."

"Maybe Choo-Choo's the thing weighing you down!" replied Doofenshmirtz-2. "Let him go, it's okay with me! I think I can manage without him!"

"No, you can't. If I let it go, then you'll eventually become evil again and decide to conquer this Tri-State Area. I don't want that to happen, for it's my job. Which is why I'm gonna toss Choo-Choo to you!"

And with a grunt, Doofenshmirtz tossed Choo-Choo to Doofenshmirtz-2 with all of his might, and the dictator managed to catch it, nearly dropping the toy train but then maintaining his grip. Meanwhile, Vanessa and Charlene were protesting against Doofenshmirtz's newest wish, while Norm struggled with all of his might to retract the claw even faster, but with no success.

"Dad, don't do this!" cried Vanessa, tears welling in her eyes. "You CAN'T!"

"I'm sorry, Vanessa," Doofenshmirtz replied, tears forming in his eyes as well. "It's the only way. Look, before I fall, I wanna say this: I'm sorry for being such a terrible father. My parents weren't the best in the world, and when I grew up and had you with your mother, I was inexperienced at being a father because I never got to learn from my old man. As a result, your birthdays were too girly, I was overprotective, I never thoroughly examined what you wanted in life. In fact, I kept trying to turn you evil as a result, without ever considering your feelings about it. All in all, I had been so terrible as a father, and I never realized that until now. And I want to apologize. I'm sorry, Vanessa."

Tears were now flowing from Vanessa's eyes. "Dad, you were never a terrible father. I was a terrible daughter. I've always been so negative towards you, I never thoroughly examined what you wanted from me, and worse yet, I never thanked you for what you did for me. Sure, your overprotective nature was a pain, but I didn't realize until now that the reason you were this way was because you cared for me. And I now understand why my birthdays were so girly; you should've told me why in the first place. That way I would've understood."

"I was too embarrassed."

"You tell those stories to Perry, apparently."

"I never receive a reply from him, so it's cool!"

"Look, Dad, it is I who should be apologizing. I've been a terrible daughter; you were always a great father."

Doofenshmirtz smiled. "Oh, thanks honey!" He then looked at the rope; it was almost fully torn. "Vanessa, I'm sorry, but it's too late for me. I'm sorry that I won't be around to see your graduation, your wedding...your grandchildren..." He looked up at Doofenshmirtz-2. "Take good care of them."

"No, other-dimension me," the dictator protested, "you hang in there!"

Doofenshmirtz ignored him and looked at Vanessa and Charlene, tears flowing from his eyes and mixing with the rain. "I love you both."

"HEINZ!" yelled Charlene.

"DAD!" Vanessa screamed.

Norm tried to retract the claw faster, but it was too late: the rope had torn and the four watched with horror as Doofenshmirtz fell past the many floors, a smile still on his face, and soon, the scientist disappeared from sight as he continued to fall down the skyscraper.

"DAD!" screeched Vanessa. But there was no response. Her father was gone.

"Uh, how come there are two of you now?" asked Lawrence as he looked from the Shadow to Phineas.

Ferb's eyes widened with realization, and he replied, "That's because our molecular separator separated Phineas's good and evil personalities!"

"Molecular what?" Jack asked.

"Molecular separator," said Phineas. "Someone get it; it looks like a camera!"

"Why?" asked Isabella. "All we can do now is find a way to get rid of this guy!"

The Shadow laughed. "Stupid, stupid girl," he said. "Whatever you do to me, you do to Phineas! We're two personalities of one person!"

"Don't call my Isa stupid!" growled Vivian.

"D'you really think I'd care? Now, shut up, for I have to destroy you all!"

"Go and get the molecular separator!" Phineas said to Isabella and Gretchen. "We'll handle him!"

Isabella and Gretchen nodded and the two girls ran off, accompanied by Vivian and Jack. The Shadow attempted to pursue them, but Lawrence blocked his way and the man, along with Perry, engaged him in a heated fight. Phineas and Ferb tried to join in, but Linda stepped in front of them.

"You two," Linda said, "stay back. Your father and Perry will handle this."

"But-" began Phineas, but his mother cut him off.

"That's an order, Phineas. You can't afford to get hurt."

"But they can't handle that guy on their own!"

"Don't worry. They have some help."

With that, Phineas and Ferb were forced to watch with Linda and Candace as Pinky, Monogram, Carl, Admiral Acronym, Meap, and Agent Double 0-0 arrived and helped Lawrence and Perry fight the Shadow. Their teamwork equaled the villain's surprising strength and fighting capabilities. Agent Double 0-0 kicked the Shadow in the stomach, allowing Pinky and Meap to leap onto the villain and begin punching his face and neck. Yelling out in white-hot anger, the Shadow grabbed the Chihuahua agent and the small alien, throwing them off of him. Lawrence, Carl, and Acronym took out inventions supplied to them by Thaddeus and Thor and used them to distract the Shadow long enough for Monogram to attack the villain.

However, the Shadow immediately retaliated with a kick to the stomach, weakening the superior, and was about to continue his attack when Carl and Perry tackled him to the ground. Perry took out his grappling-hook launcher and fired it, wrapping the hook's rope around the Shadow and restraining him. However, the Shadow, energized by his fury, easily tore out of his bonds and instantly punched the platypus agent before attacking Carl. Monogram, recuperating from the blow dealt to his stomach, rescued his intern, punching the villain twice before kicking him towards Agent Double 0-0, who used his fighting skills to overwhelm the Shadow, bringing him to the ground.

"NO!" the Shadow roared. "I CANNOT BE DEFEATED!" The villain took out his walkie-talkie, pressed a button, and screamed into it. "I NEED REINFORCEMENTS, NOW!"

Future Phineas's voice came from the other end. "I'm sorry; you're reinforcements are all defeated." The Shadow looked up, feeling a new presence, and saw that Future Phineas, Future Django, Future Adyson, Django, Adyson, and the latter two's parents standing before him.

"And so is you," said Django, his arms crossed triumphantly.

The Shadow tried to back away, but found that Lawrence, Perry, Monogram, Carl, Acronym, Meap, and Agent Double 0-0 were behind him. He was trapped.

Smiling, Phineas approached the fallen Shadow, Ferb, Candace, and Linda accompanying him.

"In the words of Candace," he said to his doppelganger, "you're busted!"

Candace smiled proudly at her brother, while the Shadow growled in defeat.

"Where's Isabella?" asked Adyson.

"She and Gretchen ran off to get the molecular separator," Ferb replied. Immediately, Adyson ran off, in pursuit of her friends, and Django followed her.

Little did anyone notice that the Shadow was touching a puddle of the growth elixir without his own knowledge.

Isabella, Gretchen, Vivian, and Jack ran across the battlefield as the Freedom Fighter army began to defeat Emperor Phineas's troops. Vivian nearly slipped due to the ground, which was wet from the falling rain, but Jack managed to catch her. Isabella and Gretchen suddenly spotted the Fireside Girls; they were collaborating with their counterparts, the Firestorm Girls, as the two troops defeated a gargantuan alien.

"Fireside Girls!" called Isabella, catching the attention of her troop. "We need some assistance in finding Phineas and Ferb's molecular separator!"

"Aye aye, captain!" Holly replied, saluting Isabella before turning to the other Fireside Girls. "Fireside Girls, let's help out!"

"Fireside Girls go!" the other girls replied in unison as they joined Isabella and Gretchen. Gretchen-2 turned to Isabella-2.

"Let's help our other-dimension selves!" she suggested.

"Good idea, Gretchen," replied Isabella-2. "Firestorm Girls, go!"

"Aye aye, captain!" the Firestorm Girls replied simultaneously as they joined their 1st Dimension selves as they searched the Paper Pelican's wreckage for the molecular separator. Finally, after a few minutes, Milly was able to see the contraption from a distance, half-buried in the papery mass, illuminated by the flashing of a lightning bolt.

"I found it!" she called.

"Good job, Milly!" replied Isabella as she approached her colleague. "When all of this is done, you're getting the Best Long-Distance Sight Patch!"


"Patch?" asked Isabella-2, and the Fireside Girls looks at their counterparts.

"You mean you guys don't collect patches?" Ginger asked, shocked.

"Well, since we don't know what the patches you're referring to are," replied Katie-2, "then no."

The Fireside Girls and the Firestorm Girls quietly stared at one another for a few seconds before Vivian broke the silence.

"I think we should be getting that molecular separator now."

"Right, Mom," replied Isabella quickly. "Fireside Girls, let's go!"

"Aye aye, captain!" the Fireside Girls all cried.

"Firestorm Girls," Isabella-2 commanded, "we're helping out!"

"Aye aye, captain!" the Firestorm Girls all replied.

The two troops stared at each other again briefly before making their way towards the molecular separator. However, before they can reach it, the papers in front of them suddenly exploded, and the girls screamed when someone emerged from the wreckage. Swatting away the papers angrily, the Fireside Girls and the Firestorm Girls realized it was Byron, his muscles rippling as he closed in on them.

"Come here, girls," he snarled as he took out a grappling-hook launcher.

But before he can fire it, the Firestorm Girls all sprung into action, attacking the muscular bomber. Adyson-2 expertly kicked the launcher out of Byron's hand, and he tried to punch her in response, but Gretchen-2 kicked his arm, while Holly-2 and Katie-2 jumped onto his shoulders and placed duct tape over his eyes. Byron immediately shoved the two girls off of him and tore the tape from his eyes, but he tore it out too fast and nearly tore his skin out. Yelling out in pain, he clutched his eyes, just as Isabella-2 and Ginger-2 kicked his legs, sending him to the ground, and Milly-2 immediately kicked his stomach twice, knocking the wind out of him. All the while, the Fireside Girls watched in awe, just as Adyson caught up.

"What'd I miss?" Adyson asked.

"That," replied Milly, pointing at the triumphant Firestorm Girls, standing beside Byron's fallen form.

"Wow," said Ginger. "We can do that?"

"Well, apparently," Gretchen replied, as Isabella dragged the molecular separator towards the group.

"Alright, everyone," the black-haired girl said, "this thing separated Phineas's good and evil personalities. We've gotta get this back to Phineas and use it to merge him and his evil together."

"And we've gotta do it quick!" exclaimed Jack, pointing into the distance. "LOOK!"

Everyone followed the finger's direction and saw that he was pointing at the Shadow, who was growing in size. The villain's maniacal chuckling echoed through all of Danville as he continued to ascend towards the cloud-filled sky. Everyone's mouths dropped open in shock.

"How'd THAT happen?" Vivian asked.

"AHAHAHA! FOOLS!" boomed the Shadow. "It looks like your growth elixir's all I need to defeat you all!"

Suddenly, numerous fighter jets appeared in the sky, and Isabella and her group heard rumbling from behind; they turned around to see an army of tanks and soldiers coming their way.

"About time they called in the military," noted Jack.

"Hey!" a soldier cried, spotting Isabella's group. "Stay back; it's dangerous!"

"Wait!" protested Isabella. "Don't fire at him! Just don't! Trust me!"

"Sorry, young lady," the soldier replied, "but I have orders. Besides, I really don't see why we can't open fire on him-"

"INCOMING!" roared a second soldier. Everyone looked at the Shadow, who had swatted away the fighter jets like they were flies, and one jet was headed for the army. Isabella and the others watched with terrified shock as the jet collided painfully with the front-most tanks and soldiers and then explode. The group was caught in the explosion and sent flying.

"Love's such a strange thing, isn't it Vivian?" asked David.

"Yes it is, David," Vivian replied, smiling as she hugged him again, "but it's never strange as long as you have someone you love, even after you die, and this person loves you back, even after he or she is dead. That's what love's about."

David thrust his eyes open, and found himself staring at the street, littered with pieces of asphalt, wood, and other construction materials; some of them were aflame. Standing up, rubbing his head as he did so, he found that the battle was still underway, as he was witnessing the Freedom Fighters battling Emperor Phineas's troops. Looking around him, he realized that the army had tried to stop the Red Triangle, but their vehicles were all in flames; soldiers were lying on the ground, dead.

"Mommy!" a voice cried in the distance. "Daddy!"

David lightly slapped his temple, believing that what he was hearing was an illusion, a result of being knocked unconscious. But the voice persisted, and David noticed that it sounded...sad. He smiled, clearly savoring the grief the speaker was experiencing, and began following the voice, bringing his sharpened wooden stick with him. He hoped to see the tragedy personally and wallow happily in the despair.

It didn't take him long when he came across the scene: a little girl with tan hair and a lavender bow was kneeling beside the bodies of her parents, softly weeping as she clutched a Ducky Momo doll. She was wearing a lavender shirt and dark-purple pants. The fallen chassis of a Ranged-Class Gamma Sub-Class Red Triangle Robot was lying beside her. David smiled sadistically and stalked closer to the scene, tapping his stick on the ground so the girl would notice his presence.

"Hello, little girl," he greeted. The girl looked up, sniffling as she tried to control her crying.

"P-Please!" she pleaded. "H-H-He-Help my m-mommy and d-d-daddy."

"No one can help them now," replied David in a sinister voice. "It looks like you're-"

However, the girl unknowingly cut him off. "W-Why is th-this h-h-happening? D-Did w-we do s-s-som-something w-wrong?"

David growled angrily. "Look-"

The girl cut him off again. "W-W-What-Whatever hap-happened, I'm s-s-sorry! S-S-So so-sorry! P-Please br-bring m-my mommy and d-daddy back! Please!"

"Maybe I can-"


David was starting to get annoyed by the girl. He kept trying to speak, only to be cut off by her. Maybe he should just kill her now...

Suddenly, his musings were interrupted when the girl sobbed even harder.


David dropped his sharpened stick. He suddenly felt bad for the girl. No matter how hard he tried to just savor the misery, something inside him seemed to have changed, and he didn't know what. All he knew was that when he continued to stare at the crying girl, his heart broke. He had seen so many tragedies before and came out smiling like he had been told a joke, but this was different.

David approached the little girl and knelt beside her as she continued to cry. He raised a hand and reluctantly patted her back.

"I'm David," he said kindly. "What's your name?"

"S-S-Sally," replied the girl. "S-Sally F-Fields. My m-mommy t-told me i-it's p-polite to s-s-say m-my fu-full name to s-s-strangers i-if th-they a-ask my n-n-name..."

Sally started to cry again, and David embraced her in a hug, which he found something he didn't do in a while.

"Shhhhh. It's okay, Sally. You'll continue to love them, and they still love you. Even after they're dead."

"Even after?"

"Yes. That's what love's about."

Sally's weeping began to cease, and she began to return the hug. David smiled contently, starting to feel peaceful as he began to experience love again.

Phineas was able to roll out of the way, just as the Shadow smashed his foot on the place where the inventor was standing seconds before. The Shadow then tried to crushing Ferb, Perry, and Candace with his fist, but Pinky tackled them to the side, and the villain missed again. Monogram, Acronym, Future Django, and Future Adyson began firing their weapons, but they proved to have no effect on the Shadow, and they were forced to roll away when he attempted to crush them with his foot.

"Stop moving, you fools!" the Shadow boomed. "I need to crush you!"

"That's EXACTLY why we keep moving!" Carl replied.

"You dare go all smart-aleck on me? For that, you shall PAY!"

Carl was forced to jump out of the way, just as the Shadow's foot completely obliterated with spot he was standing on. Meanwhile, Phineas and Ferb reached the puddle of the growth elixir and examined it.

"We need to make something that'll shrink him back to normal size!" said Phineas. His eyes brightened. "Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today!"

"You're gonna DIE!" the Shadow roared as he swung his fist at Phineas and Ferb, but they rolled out of the way and the villain missed.

"Guys!" Phineas called to the others. "Keep him busy! Me and Ferb are gonna make something that'll shrink him!"

"Okay, Phineas!" replied Candace, just before she rolled away from the Shadow's incoming hand. Phineas turned to Ferb.

"You ready, bro?" he asked.

Ferb smiled. "As always."

"Alright, let's start working!"

"And we'll help!" said Future Phineas, approaching the two boys alongside Future Isabella.

"Good!" Phineas replied. "We'll need all the help we can get!"

"Can we help too?" asked Baljeet, who was running towards them along with Buford.

"No one gets left out. Alright, people, let's get to work!"

"Ah, it's great to have you back, Dinner Bell," Buford said.

"Addie!" Django cried, shaking Adyson's unconscious body. "Addie, wake up!"

Finally, Adyson stirred as she regained consciousness, and she looked up at the brown-haired boy she recently started a relationship with. "Django?"

Django breathed a sigh of relief and hugged Adyson, who warmly returned the hug. "Oh, Addie," he said, "I was afraid you were...you were..."

"Dead?" Adyson finished. "Oh Django, we Fireside Girls are tough. We aren't defeated that easily." She then eyed the halves of what appeared to be a futuristic camera lying beside the wreckage of a tank and gasped, recognizing it almost immediately. "Oh no, the molecular separator!"

"What?" Milly was just recovering, along with the others.

"What about the molecular separator?" asked Ginger-2.

"It's...it's...d-destroyed," Adyson replied.

"WHAT?" Isabella sprang forward towards the bifurcated contraption. "NO! WE NEED IT! AND NOW...NOW..."


Byron had broken free from his restraints and was closing in on the group, holding the rope as whips. The Firestorm Girls charged for the former bomber, but Byron swung his whip, slashing at the young soldiers and causing them to flinch, allowing him to attack them in their vulnerability. And with that, every Firestorm Girl was defeated. Chuckling with triumph, Byron engaged Jack in battle next, dodging every move the single father made, analyzing the attacks for any pattern and resultant weaknesses. Finally, he was able to find a pattern and struck at a vulnerable spot, just after Jack tried to punch his shoulder, to which Byron retaliated with a punch to the stomach, followed by a kick to the leg and a punch to the face.

"DAD!" cried Gretchen as Jack fell painfully to the ground.

Byron snickered and kicked Jack aside before closing in on the Fireside Girls. Vivian ran forward, intending to stop Byron, but he merely punched her in the face, immediately defeating her.

"MOM!" Isabella screamed.

"Such a weakling," commented Byron.

"Don't call her a weakling, Byron."

David had arrived, pointing a cannon he managed to acquire from the destroyed Red Triangle Robot that he found next to Sally, aiming its barrel at Byron. Everyone gasped at the sudden and unexpected arrival.

"B-B-Boss?" Byron asked, shocked. "W-What're you doing?"

"I've learned something today," replied David, "something I learned a long time ago but came to forget. But now, I've learned of it again, and this time, I'm not letting it go. And it's called love."

Byron didn't reply; instead, he just kept stammering and gulping.

"Now," David continued, "stand down, Byron, and I won't kill you."

The muscular bomber, always being humbled by his leader, threw down the rope, allowing the recuperating Firestorm Girls to tie him up, more securely this time. David smiled triumphantly and helped Vivian to her feet, only to receive a slap to the face as a response.

"OW! What was that for?" David asked.

"For threatening me and my Isa," replied Vivian coldly.

"Look, I've changed, Vivian. I'm sorry for what I did."

"Oh, really? How'd you make such a quick transition? Did Jack hit you a bit too hard that it distorted your beliefs a bit, huh?"

"This little girl helped me rediscover love," David replied, just as Sally came into the scene, holding her Ducky Momo doll.

"Mr. David's a nice person," Sally said. "He protected me from those mean robots!"

Vivian's eyes narrowed, and she turned to David. "Yeah, right," she said. "I'm betting that you threatened her into telling a lie-"

She never got the chance to finish. David seized Vivian and their lips locked, and the two delved into a passionate kiss. At first, Vivian struggled, but when she saw that his kiss was dedicated, so loving, so much like their first kiss, she warmly returned it. Isabella's mouth hung open in shock, completely appalled to see her mother kiss that dreadful man that was her father. However, the other Fireside Girls smiled sweetly at the scene, while the Firestorm Girls nodded with approval. Jack didn't react defensively, realizing that Vivian had accepted David as an ally. Sally smiled for the first time of the day. The only one who was horrified besides Isabella was Byron, whose eye twitched with disapproval.

When the two broke, David turned to Isabella and took a step towards her; Isabella took a step backward.

"Isa," David said, "I've truly changed. Believe me."

Isabella replied with a kick to the leg. "NEVER!"

David sighed; he kinda saw that one coming.

The Shadow gasped fearfully at the sight of Phineas and Ferb's newest invention: the Tri-Purpose Ray, designed to fire three different lasers, their functions being to reverse the functions of the Turn-Everything-Evil-Inator, the molecular separator, and the growth elixir.

"NO!" screeched the villain. "This can't be happening! I've got an empire to establish!"

"In your dreams, Shadow!" Phineas replied, smiling triumphantly. "Fire the first laser!"

Ferb nodded and pressed a button, and a yellow laser was fired, but the Shadow managed to avoid it. He then tried crushing the invention with his fist, but Ferb pressed another button, and the Tri-Purpose Ray, along with Phineas and Ferb, teleported to a farther distance. The Shadow growled angrily and tore off a chunk of a nearby building, throwing it at the two inventors. However, the machine teleported to the top of the DEI building, and Ferb fired the yellow laser at the Shadow again, but missed. The Shadow picked up a truck and threw it at them, but they teleported beside Candace, Perry, and the others.

"Guys," said Phineas, "keep him distracted. We need to hit him with the yellow laser if we are to shrink him!"

Candace nodded and the group began attacking the Shadow, avoiding his retaliatory attacks all the while.

"No, no!" the Shadow cried. "You cannot defeat me!"

"We can-" Ferb began.

"-and we will," finished Phineas as he fired the yellow laser. This time, it hit the Shadow successfully as he was distracted by an attack by Perry, and the villain screamed as he began to shrink to a normal size.


The moment he shrunk to a normal size, the Shadow charged for Phineas and Ferb in a blind fit of rage, but Lawrence punched him in the face, incapacitating him.

"Now, son!" cried Lawrence to Phineas, and the inventor nodded, jumping off of the Tri-Purpose Ray's seat and standing alongside the fallen Shadow.

"GAH!" screamed the Shadow. "NO! I. MUSTN'T. BE. DEFEATED. NO!"

Before the Shadow can stand up and make a run for it, Phineas held him down with his foot.

"Hurry, Ferb!" the ten-year-old cried.

Ferb nodded and pressed a third button; a white laser was fired from the machine and hit both Phineas and the Shadow. The Shadow let out a prolonged cry of rage and defeat as he merged with Phineas back into one person. The moment the process was finished, Phineas opened his eyes, and everyone gasped at the sight of their green shade; Ferb was distracted. Phineas looked angrily at Ferb.

"You. Cannot. Stop. Me," he snarled, his voice rising with every word. "I. Will. Not. Be. Defeated. I. WILL. NOT!"

Everyone gasped with horror when Phineas's green eyes turned red.

"NEVER!" Phineas screeched insanely as he charged for Ferb.

Ferb immediately pressed a fourth button, and a blue laser was fired from the Tri-Purpose Ray. The laser immediately hit Phineas, and he instantly fell to the ground.

Phineas looked around; he was back in the Shadow's reality. However, the purple mist was receding, and the ground was becoming even again. As the mist pulled back, the inventor spotted someone lying on the ground. He cautiously approached the fallen body, and eventually realized that it was none other than the Shadow, his eyes still red. He was breathing calmly, staring up at the nothingness blankly. Phineas had never seen the Shadow so calm.

The moment Phineas was standing beside the Shadow, the villain spoke.

"I guess you win, boy."

Phineas's eyes softened. "No, Shadow," he replied. "I didn't win. Neither did you. ...No one won."

The Shadow exhaled calmly as he began to dissolve into a green dust. Phineas's lip trembled as he watched himself dissolve completely. He knew that the evil side of him was finally gone, but it was still tragic to see him finally disappear. No matter what, he was still pitiful for everyone.

Sighing, Phineas turned around and saw his family and friends standing there. They were smiling at him, pride radiating from their expressions, especially Phillip.

"I guess this is goodbye, guys," said Phineas sadly as everyone began to disappear one by one.

"A goodbye is never required, Dinner Bell," Buford replied. Phineas chuckled lightly; he never heard Buford say something philosophical. The inventor sniffled as he watched the bully dissolve into dust. He then looked at Baljeet.

"Thanks, for everything," Phineas said.

"Anytime, good ol' chap!" replied Baljeet, right before he disappeared. Phineas looked at Isabella next.

"Isabella..." he said, but he trailed off, and Isabella smiled.

"It's okay. I'm not real anyway. Your real love is waiting for you, Phineas."

"So it was me you kissed before our memories were wiped out by the Amnesia-Inator."

"Yes, Phineas, it was me."

Phineas smiled. "I love you, Isabella."

Isabella smiled back. "I love you too, Phineas."

A tear dripped from Phineas's eye as he watched the newfound love of his life disappear. He then looked at Linda and Lawrence.

"Goodbye, Phineas," said Linda.

"We'll see you back in the real world, son!" Lawrence added.

Phineas nodded and replied, "I know."

The two adults smiled proudly and waved goodbye at Phineas right before they dissolved. Tears were flowing from the inventor's eyes completely as he stared at Ferb, who was carrying a mindless Perry.

"It was great, bro. Thanks for everything."

Ferb gave Phineas the thumbs-up, and Perry chattered, before the two disappeared. Phineas sniffled again, just as a voice spoke to him.

"You fought bravely, son. I'm so proud of you."

Phineas looked back and saw Phillip beaming at him, a bright smile on his face. This was the person Phineas wanted to talk to the most.

"I wish you were still here for me, Dad," Phineas said, "back in the real world. I miss you so much there."

"I'm always gonna be there for you, sport," replied Phillip. "I've always been there for you, in the past and in the present. That's what helped you get through everything you've done. And I'm so proud of you. You're definitely strong. Like a true Flynn."

Phineas looked at the ground. "No, Dad. I wasn't strong. I never moved on from your death. It always tore me apart during the anniversary of your...your..."

"Son," Phillip interrupted, "just remember this: Carpe Diem."

Phineas looked up, a sad smile on his face. Tears were still cascading from his eyes, but they were now tears of happiness as Phillip's catchphrase fueled him with a new surge of energy. "That's right. I...I don't know why I never thought of it..."

Phillip smiled again as he began to disappear. "You've always thought of it. You just don't know it." The man looked at himself, realizing that his time had come, and he looked back at his son. "Looks like it's time."

"Dad?" asked Phineas.

"Yes, Phineas?"

"Can I just...hold you for one last time?"

Phillip smiled his widest. "Sure, son."

Phineas ran forward and embraced his father in a hug, one that he wished would never end, but he knew that it wasn't to be so. However, he smiled and continued to hug Phillip.

"I love you, Dad," Phineas said, his eyes closed.

"I love you too, Inventor Extraordinaire," replied Phillip.

Phineas sniffled as he felt his father disappear. He opened his eyes and watched as Phillip's dust was blown away from his reach. Smiling, the inventor felt everything around him disappear into a vortex of color and sound...

"Carpe Diem, Phineas," echoed Phillip's voice.

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