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Stopping Phineas, Part 4 of 5

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Chapter 22 Summary: Django and his group infiltrate DEI to do whatever they can to thwart Phineas's scheme. Meanwhile, Ferb is forced to initiate his heart-wrenching decision.

Django tapped his foot impatiently as the elevator containing him and his allies continued to ascend towards the DEI penthouse. For too long he had made mistakes that allowed the Red Triangle to succeed in their evil schemes, and now, this was the perfect time for him to make things right, to undo his unintentional wrongs. He didn't know what exactly was waiting there at the laboratory that belonged to one of his comrades, but he knew there something useful that could use some destroying.

The elevator finally jerked slightly to a stop, and the doors slid open to reveal the Red Triangle's secret resistance: Bloodpudding, Diminuitive, Blair, and Tancien.

"L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N.!" cried Doofenshmirtz, stepping out of the elevator along with the rest and high-fiving Bloodpudding, while Tancien spotted Doofenshmirtz-2.

"Did I bump my head earlier," noted the elderly scientist, "or am I really seeing double?"

"What you're seeing is genuine, Tancien," Doofenshmirtz replied, "but there's no time to explain!"

"What's waiting for us over there?" Django asked.

"The only important-looking thing," replied Diminuitive, "is a weapon that was made yesterday, which is the Red Triangle's secret weapon, the Armageddon-Inator, capable of destroying many cities simultaneously, and they plan on using it on the Freedom Fighters if the Red Triangle troops are being overwhelmed. Unfortunately, that's happening right now. Anyway, the Armageddon-Inator can only be shut down manually, and it's not that easy to do so. You need to type down a password, which we don't know."

"Why not just rewire the computer or something?" asked Baljeet-2.

"It's armed with a defensive mechanism," Tancien replied. "Doing anything with it will cause it to encase itself in a shell of unbreakable armor of the future Phineas's design, before any damage can be done. The only way to do something about that device is to pretend you're a Red Triangle troop and operate the computer manually, which is easy, because the Inator will allow anyone to operate its keyboard. And by guessing that password correctly will the Armageddon-Inator be disabled and the only way to reactivate it will be through manual means."

"That's it?" asked Django. "No Inator that can turn Phineas good?"

"I thought Doofenshmirtz already invented a Turn-Everything-Good-Inator for the purpose of turning Phineas back to his normal state?"

"Phineas is clever," Beppo replied. "He'll find a way to disarm his enemy before he can pull the trigger on that Inator."

"Guys," interjected Doofenshmirtz-2, "I don't mean to be a bother, but what is that?"

Everyone turned around and saw, with a shock, a lone Doof Clone approach them. But it was no ordinary Doof Clone. It had Doofenshmirtz's physicality, like any other Doof Clone, but it also looked like a wounded Terminator warrior: parts of its skin were torn away to reveal the machinery underneath, and its left eye was flashing a bright, menacing red. It was seven feet tall, and slightly muscular; both of its hands were holding futuristic machine guns. The overall sight of this new Doof Clone was terrifying.

The Doof Cyborg aimed one of its firearms at the group, but Beppo was able to kick a door into one of the apartment rooms open, and everyone safely dove into the room before the robot began firing its weapon, riddling the elevator doors with bullets. Ignoring the room's shrieking residents, Django closed the door, while Doofenshmirtz opened another door into the neighboring room and escorted his comrades inside. The group then proceeded to run from room to room, with the Doof Cyborg in pursuit, and after five rooms, the group burst into Doofenshmirtz's laboratory.

Bulkare, who was pacing around in the middle of the room, turned around and spotted the newest arrivals.

"What?" he exclaimed, staring at Bloodpudding, Diminuitive, Blair, and Tancien with shock. "What're you guys doing, standing by Doofenshmirtz's side?"

"We couldn't handle all of the evil Phineas has," replied Bloodpudding, "so we decided to go rogue on the Red Triangle!"

"Then you're our enemy too!" Bulkare snarled. The large scientist snapped his fingers, and a portal opened. Several of Emperor Phineas's troops, humans and creatures alike, jumped out of the portal, and Bulkare then pointed at the intruders. "ATTACK!"

The troops nodded obediently and charged, battle cries echoing into the room's atmosphere.

"Alright," said Bloodpudding, "me, Doofenshmirtz, his lookalike-"

"I have a name too, ya know!" Doofenshmirtz-2 snarled, but Bloodpudding ignored him.

"-Diminuitive, Blair, and Tancien will handle these guys. The rest of you, go operate that Armageddon-Inator!" He then pointed at a device that looked similar to Doofenshmirtz's Melt-Inator 6-5000-Inator, only without the comical magnifying glass and with more barrels, along with a small computer screen installed on it.

"Protect Vanessa, Charlene, will ya?" pleaded Doofenshmirtz, to which Charlene nodded. Watching his ex-wife and Beppo escort the children to the computer Bloodpudding pointed out, the scientist then joined his comrades as they faced down the forces that ran towards them.

"Let's dance, ya losers!" Doofenshmirtz roared as he engaged an alien in combat.

Meanwhile, Django was the first to reach the Armageddon-Inator; he attempted to operate it, but he immediately stopped when the model proved to be too complex for him. Clearing his throat, Baljeet-2 stepped forward and began typing away on the keyboard at fast speeds. Everyone watched, impressed, as the young genius immediately deactivated the Inator's power in three minutes, and all there was left to do was to type down the password to finalize everything.

"Wow," Vanessa said. "You're really fast there."

"They don't call me Dr. Baljeet for nothing," replied Baljeet-2 proudly. "Now all we need to do is type down that password."

"No, all you need to do is GO DOWN!"

Bulkare was stalking towards them, a stun gun in his hand. Beppo immediately rushed forward and pulled Bulkare's hand, the one holding the stun gun, away from the others; a laser went flying as the scientist fired his weapon in a different direction. Both men then began wrestling for dominant control over the stun gun, and Beppo looked at the others.

"I'll hold him off!" he cried. "You guys try and guess that password!"

"But Dad-!" exclaimed Django, but Beppo cut him off.

"It's okay, son! I'll be fine! Just make things right!"

Gulping, Django reluctantly nodded, then he faced the keyboard and began thinking, as did the rest. Django knew that they weren't dealing with the real Phineas, so anything associated with him wouldn't suffice as a password. However, he only knew the evil Phineas for a week, and the best information he acquired about him didn't seem helpful. Remembering that in the cartoons he watched the villains inadvertently give something away that leads to their cliched defeat, Django assumed that Phineas would do the same, and began thinking about what Phineas said to him that would be a password.

"Prepare yourselves, everyone! For you've met the new me, and you shall witness my ascendancy into power as I conquer the world and enslave everyone you know! AHAHAHAHAHA!"

Django immediately typed in 'Conquer' on the computer and pressed the 'Enter' button.

"Access denied," a voice replied.

"Aw, nuts," mumbled Django. A light bulb practically went off in his head, and he typed down 'Power', then pressing the enter button.

"Access denied," the computer replied again.

Django typed down 'Ascendancy' and pressed the enter button.

"Access denied."

"You know," said Baljeet-2, "I think I can hack into the computer and-"

"No!" said Charlene. "This computer has a defensive mechanism; it'll shut itself away from us if you try hacking into it or something!"

"Oh, that's right."

Meanwhile, Vanessa was also thinking what Phineas might've given away.


The remembrance of that statement seemed to impale her heart, but Vanessa still smiled, having found a possible giveaway. Typing down 'Evil', she then pressed the enter button, only for her smile to curl into a frown upon hearing the computer's mechanized reply.

"Access denied."

Django sighed, knowing that guessing the password would be very hard. He concentrated himself again.

"And I owe it all to Django here! For my Doomsday device managed to throw a little Platypus-Track-Inator on the back of his shirt!"

Clenching his fists in anger upon remembering that particular statement, Django then calmed down before typing down 'Doomsday'. He then pressed the enter button.

"Access denied."

Django immediately kicked the floor in anger, and Adyson placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Calm down, Django!" she said.

"Calm down?" repeated Django angrily. "We're going nowhere! Things would've been better if there was some sort of Inator that would turn Phineas back to his normal state again, but no! We have to do things the hard way and guess a password that will allow us to shut down a device that might be activated at any moment!"

"Just believe in hope, Django."

Django's eyes softened as he looked at the Fireside Girl. "Addie, I appreciate the whole hope thing, but for once, it doesn't seem to get us anywhere right now. No offense."

"Hope will come when you least expect it, Django. I promise. For now, let's keep trying. What else would've Phineas given away that could help?"

Sighing in annoyance, Django began thinking back again. He didn't know what else Phineas said that contained any useful words. Suddenly, he remembered something: the evil Phineas was clever. Maybe even clever enough to not give anything away whenever he spoke to them. He probably thought over what he had to say before actually saying it. There was something else: the evil Phineas was also selfish. The password would definitely be something related to him and him only. And a new guess flashed in his mind.

Django typed down 'Phineas' and pressed the enter button.

"Access denied."

Django calmly typed down 'Flynn' and pressed the enter button. Again:

"Access denied."

"Wait a minute, Django!" Vanessa exclaimed. "Those are facts pertaining to the old Phineas, the one we know. We need to think of the evil Phineas. What kind of personal fact would pertain to this Phineas?"

"I don't know!" cried Django. "He kept calling himself Phineas, so I thought it would work!"

"Maybe this might help!" Baljeet-2 cried, typing down something.

"Access denied."

"What did you type?" asked Charlene.


"I already typed that!" cried Django.

"You did? ...Oh, no..."

Django began scratching his scalp in anger. "This is not working! We need to think of something really good, otherwise all of this is pointless! Who knows when Phineas will decide to activate it?"

"How're we supposed to guess that password when we don't know much about him?"

"Why're you asking me that? You have a doctorate!"

"I'm not perfect, you know!"

"Guys!" Adyson said, stepping between Django and Baljeet-2. "Let's not fight! We need to work together! Everyone, think! What password would Phineas, this new Phineas, use?"


In white-hot anger, Django then slammed the keyboard twice with his fists before Adyson can try and stop him. The first slam typed down random words, while the second slam pressed a strange green button. The computer's voice echoed out of the Inator.

"Armageddon-Inator activated. One minute till destruction ensues."

Ferb groaned in pain, his back aching after being slammed against the wall of the Flynn-Fletcher house. The rain continued to add weight to his clothes, making movement difficult; Phineas was not experiencing such difficulties as his jumpsuit was tightly strapped to his body, never loose. The green-haired boy stood up, just as Perry jumped into the air and tried to land a punch on his owner, but the inventor grabbed the platypus's fist and, with a fake yawn, threw him with all of his might through the window into Candace's bedroom, sending shards of glass flying in all directions.

Ferb gasped, then tried to charge for Phineas, but the pain assaulting his back overwhelmed his legs, and he fell to the muddy ground painfully. Lightning flashed as Phineas approached his fallen stepbrother, a smile forming on his face, his green eyes burning with triumph and anticipation of the impending victory.

"So, how's killing me, Fletcher?" he asked. "Harder than expected, eh?" Phineas then raised an eyebrow in curiosity. "I can't believe you actually have the guts to do so. After all, you're ten, and you're already thinking about fratricide? Not the best thing to think about for an average ten-year-old. Then again, you're no average ten-year-old." He grabbed the collar of Ferb's shirt and lifted his brother so their eyes can face each other. "We're no average ten-year-olds.

"But, the world can do fine with just one extraordinary kid as their leader." Phineas aimed the Death Ray gun he managed to pick up at Ferb's stomach. "Goodbye, Ferb Fletcher."


Phineas turned and spotted Candace, Linda, Lawrence, Isabella, Baljeet, and Buford in the backyard, all soaked by the falling rain. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled again as Phineas cackled at the newest arrivals.

"Well, well, well," he taunted, "the cavalry has arrived! Ya know, you can't shoot me with those Turn-Everything-Good-Inators, for the rain can short-circuit them."

"We found that out," replied Linda. "But we still have our ways of stopping you. And we will stop you and turn you back to normal, Phineas."

"Oh, yeah? You and what army?"

"This one!" Candace replied.

At that point, many people flooded into view: the Danville civilians, all manning Phineas and Ferb's inventions or Doofenshmirtz's Inators; the Resistance, led by Isabella-2; the O.W.C.A., Danville and Seattle divisions alike; the British Spy Union agents, including Agent Double 0-0; Professor Poofenplotz and her inventions; the Space Adventure and Stumbleberry Finkbat fanatics; Meap and his Intergalactic Security Agency colleagues; the Martians, all grouped up into one large Martian still; Thaddeus, Thor, Mandy, and all of their friends; Buck Buckerson and his monster truck-driving friends; and all of the creatures that resided in every dimension in the multiverse. And, last but not least, were the Freedom Fighters, all present except for Future Isabella, Future Gretchen, and Future Adyson. Ferb smiled, while Phineas gasped in angered shock.

"What?" Phineas exclaimed. "I thought you were all busy handling my troops!"

"We defeated them all with ease," replied Buford. "It was a piece of cake."

"I think you should've trained them more, if I say so myself," Baljeet commented.

Phineas growled, but then, his expression of anger turned into that of evil happiness. He procured a walkie-talkie and pressed a button.

"Well then, if my troops are all down and out for the count, then I can just tell my ally back at DEI to send in more-"

The walkie-talkie suddenly began emitting sparks, and it exploded in Phineas's hand.

"WHAT THE-?" Phineas began, but he stopped when he saw Irving and Albert both manning one of Doofenshmirtz's Inators, the Walkie-Talkie-Destroy-Inator, and the inventor growled in fury. Meanwhile, Lawrence approached Ferb and helped him on his feet, while Perry emerged from Candace's bedroom's window, uninjured.

"I think you should give up now, Phineas," Ferb said boldly, "because you're now outnumbered."

Phineas growled again. Suddenly, a beeping pierced the air, and the inventor procured a remote from his pocket. Looking at it, the boy then smiled and faced his opponents.

"HA!" he cried triumphantly. "I don't know what happened, but my latest invention has just been activated!"

"Latest invention?" repeated Candace.

"My Armageddon-Inator! As you can tell, one of my L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. scientists designed it. Anyway, it's a contraption that'll cause mayhem and destruction everywhere! I was planning on activating it to take you all out in case my troops were being defeated, and since it's happening right now, then I suppose that it's an appropriate time for it to happen! PREPARE YOURSELVES, EVERYONE, FOR DESTRUCTION! AND WALLOW IN YOUR DESPAIR, BECAUSE I WIN!"

"Oh, GREAT!" Baljeet-2 cried, pointing at Django accusingly. "Now you've done it!"

Django ignored him, instead looking at the countdown sequence in shock. He couldn't believe that he had done something foolish again. Destruction and defeat was now a minute away, and it was all his fault. His fault! And he or the others haven't gone anywhere significant in thinking of a good guess for the password yet!

"No..." mumbled Django sadly. "No, this can't be happening. It can't..."


"We've gotta guess the password really quick if we're gonna shut this thing down!" exclaimed Charlene.

"But we don't know what that password is, Mom!" Vanessa replied. "We've been trying, but it's getting us nowhere!"


"We have to keep trying!" cried Django. "We just HAVE to! We can't destroy Danville!"

"I think we just did!" Baljeet-2 replied angrily, waving his hands in the air. "We still haven't thought of the perfect password, the Armageddon-Inator's been activated, this town's about to be destroyed in less than a minute- I think it's hopeless, everyone."


"Let's just destroy this thing!" Vanessa suggested.

"But it's gonna encase itself in a shell of armor if we do that!" replied Adyson. "Don't worry, everyone, we still have 51 seconds left till we guess the perfect password!"


"Make that 48..."

Adyson watched as Django slumped against the Armageddon-Inator, his face buried in his palms. He was sniffling, trying to hold back tears.

"So much for believing in hope..." said Django sadly.


Adyson knelt beside Django. "It's never too late, Django!" she said courageously. "Come on, we can get that password!"

"But we've got nothing, Addie! We don't know much about the evil Phineas and what kind of things he'd use as a password! It's hopeless! Death is 45 seconds away for everyone, maybe except for the Red Triangle, and it's all my fault! Again, again, and again I have to do something wrong and cause misfortune for us all! I never should've sent Phineas to the park! I should've sent him somewhere else! Why? Why, oh why, oh why didn't I?"


"Maybe fate caused you to tell Phineas to go there," replied Adyson.

"So, I'm fated to destroy Danville and give Phineas the pathway he needs to conquer the universe?" Django emitted a short laugh. "That's just lovely!"


"Wait a minute!" exclaimed Baljeet-2. "I think I have the perfect password in mind!"

He typed down something and pressed the enter button.

"Access denied."

"Never mind..."


"What'd you type down, Baljeet?" asked Adyson.

"'Armageddon'," replied Baljeet. "I thought it would work!"

"Well, it clearly didn't!" berated Django. He then sighed. "At least it was a fun summer..."


"No!" Adyson grabbed Django by the shoulders and turned him towards her. "You can't lost hope now! Stay strong, Django! Come on! What kind of password would the evil Phineas use?"

"I. DON'T. KNOW!" screeched Django, causing Adyson to gasp.


However, Django didn't care if Adyson was scared. All he was concerned about is why he kept ruining things for everyone. He didn't know why everything kept happening to him, why it couldn't happen to someone else. But no! He had to be the one to send Phineas to the park to get zapped by Doofenshmirtz's Turn-Everything-Evil-Inator and become the most malevolent villain ever. And time and time again did he do something to allow Phineas to come to power, and now, Danville was facing destruction because of another of his foolish actions.

He tried believing in hope, like Adyson suggested, he tried believing in it, hoping that things would turn out better. But in the end, it all just became worse.


"Django," said Adyson, "I know you're angry right now-"

"Angry?" Django asked furiously. "Angry? No, I'm more than angry. I'm...I'm...I don't know a tougher word for angry, but I'm REALLY angry!"

"Don't be angry, Django..."

"And why not? I've doomed all of the universe one step at a time. And you believe I was fated to do that?"


"No, I think the outcome of this was supposed to be different."

"Well, apparently there's no other outcome! It's just this: death, the destruction of Danville, the victory of the Red Triangle!"

"No one's won yet."

"Phineas has practically won, Adyson. I know it."


"He DIDN'T win. We only have 21 seconds till he really does. And we can take advantage of the time we have left! All we have to do is guess that password!"

Django scoffed. "Well, do you have any good guesses?"

Adyson was able to answer when she fell silent. Finally, she replied, "No."


"Anyone else?" Django asked, looking at Baljeet-2, Vanessa, and Charlene. They all bowed their heads in shame. "I thought so..."

Django looked out of the balcony, amidst all of the battling; the storm clouds still haven't gone away. It was just terrific. He was about to die in 18 seconds, and he can't even see the sun one last time. A tear slid from Django's eye.

"We're all gonna die," he said, "and I can't even see the beauty of the sun one last time..."


Suddenly, Django smiled, and he turned his head to his side. His eyes fell upon Adyson, and the smile was still present on his face. Adyson looked back, confused at Django's newest emotion at first, but then, she finally understood what he was doing.

"Django..." she said softly. "...Are you-"

"Yes, Addie," Django interrupted. "I had been so lost in grief over turning Phineas evil, unintentionally so. Everyone blamed me for it, and you were the only one who showed pity for me. You comforted me when we were in those cells; you told me what to believe in when I was in the hardest of times. And though believing in hope might no longer work for me, I still have something to go to for comfort, in the face of death. You."


Django placed his hand on Adyson's. "Addie, we barely knew each other, even though we went to the same schools together. But ever since you talked to me in that cell, it feels like I've known you for my whole life now. And I have realized something new, discovered a new emotion, now that I have become friends with you: love."


"Django..." replied Adyson, smiling. Django's smile became even more pronounced.

"I know we're too young to understand love yet, and we never will, but I wanna say this before we leave. I love you, Adyson Sweetwater."

Adyson's lip trembled, and tears of happiness slid from her eyes.

"I love you too, Django Brown."

"Aw..." Charlene and Vanessa said simultaneously.


Suddenly, a new thought raced across Django's mind...

"I've named the Red Triangle's objective to conquer the world 'Operation: Brown'. It's a little thank-you for your contributions for making all of this happen!"


"Addie!" exclaimed Django. "That's IT!"

"What's it?"


"The password! You gave it to me!"

"I did?"

"No time for explanations!"


Django stood up and ran up to the keyboard, about to type down 'Brown' on the keyboard, when Bulkare's enraged "NO!" pierced the air. The brown-haired boy turned around to see Bulkare charging for the group, having brought Beppo to the floor. However, Beppo quickly recovered and tackled the large scientist, followed by Adyson, Vanessa, Charlene, and Baljeet-2.

"DO IT, DJANGO!" cried Vanessa. "WE'LL HANDLE THIS GUY!"

"Oh, no you don't!" snarled Bulkare, managing to aim his stun gun at Django and firing a laser at him.


The laser hit the brown-haired boy squarely in the back. Beppo and Adyson both gasped as Django fell to the floor, cringing from the incapacitating pain.

"DJANGO!" Adyson screamed.


Django groaned in pain, then looked up at Adyson, who smiled encouragingly at him. Unfortunately, this distracted the Fireside Girl, and Bulkare, knocking away the others, grabbed Adyson angrily. Django's eyes widened, and a newfound energy aided him in standing up, with difficulty so, and face the keyboard. Looking back at Adyson, who was struggling in Bulkare's grip as he prepared to stun her, he narrowed his eyes angrily and typed down the word 'Brown', resisting the effects of the stun laser.


"Not. This. Time!" roared Django.


He pressed the enter button...

"Access allowed," the computer replied. "Armageddon-Inator shutting down."

Everyone in the room heard the Inator power down, and Doofenshmirtz, Doofenshmirtz-2, Bloodpudding, Diminuitive, Blair, and Tancien let out cheers of joy, while their opponents lay on the floor. Bulkare screamed in defeat, and Adyson seized her chance to escape the large scientist's grasp and embrace a weak Django.

"Django!" the Fireside Girl cried. "Are you okay?"

Django smiled. "Never been better," he replied.

"NO!" shrieked Bulkare, examining his Death Ray gun. "This can't be HAPPENING!"

"Three words: It. Just. Did," Django said boldly, and Bulkare's eyes narrowed into angered slits.

"This day's not goin' so well..." the scientist snarled. He then tried making a run towards the balcony, but Doofenshmirtz ran up to a lever and pulled it down; a set of robotic arms abruptly emerged from the walls and caught Bulkare with ease. The large scientist tried breaking free, but the Pizzazium Infinionite powering the trap strengthened it, making escape for Bulkare impossible.

"OH, DARN!" screeched Bulkare as Django, Adyson, and their group all let out cheers of victory.

"YEAH!" Django yelled to the heavens. "WE WIN!"

"Yeah, for only half a minute."

Sid had arrived in the laboratory, the Doof Cyborg, the motorcyclist, the Morn Duo, a Melee-Class Alpha Sub-Class Robot, and a man flanking his sides. Django, Beppo, Adyson, and the Doofenshmirtzes all gasped upon seeing the arrivals' captives: Mrs. Brown, the Sweetwaters, Norm, and the Norm Bot. Sid smiled triumphantly.

"Where's your victory now?"

It had only been a minute after the news of the Armageddon-Inator's activation broke out when Phineas's remote began beeping again. Looking at it, Phineas frowned with disappointment, putting the remote back in his pocket and looking up at his opponents.

"Okay, change of news," he said, "my Armageddon-Inator has now been shut down. You were all lucky there, but I'm afraid that that luck's only brief, and it's just run out!"

"Are you blind, Dinner Bell?" groaned Buford. "We outnumber you a hundred to one!"

"Maybe this evens things up, Van Stomm," replied Phineas before he snapped his fingers.

The ground surrounding the Flynn-Fletcher backyard exploded, sending the Freedom Fighter troops flying. Phineas's Doomsday machine emerged from underneath the ground, its arms knocking aside anyone that tried attacking it. Manning it were Emperor Phineas and Helmetair, both wearing faces of determination. Throwing one last smirk at Ferb, Phineas then jumped onto one of the arms and ran up onto the machine's dome-shaped body, cackling with triumph as he did so.

However, Ferb wasn't about to let Phineas escape so easily. He jumped onto the same arm and followed Phineas up, while Perry, Candace, Isabella, Baljeet, Buford, Monogram, Carl, Pinky, the Fireside Girls (except for Adyson, of course), Jeremy, Stacy, and Coltrane all jumped onto their own. Climbing the arms proved to be difficult for them, as the rain made the metal slippery, but eventually, they all jumped on the top of the machine, where Phineas, his future self, and Helmetair were stationed, and procured their weapons, ready for the fight. The three villains cackled.

"How heroic," commented Emperor Phineas, "but heavily foolish. Men, get them!"

Several of the emperor's troops appeared and engaged Ferb and the others in combat. Jeremy, Coltrane, and Stacy all collaborated in fighting a large, three-headed, crab-like alien. Isabella led the Fireside Girls against a trio of robots, definitely not of Red Triangle Robot design, but just as lethal. Baljeet and Buford both fought an insect-like creature that had the ability to teleport. Monogram, Carl, and Pinky teamed up to battle a larger-than-average man who seemed to be his own weapon, as he used his physique against them. Candace squared off against Helmetair. Perry attacked Emperor Phineas, using all of his O.W.C.A. training against him. And Ferb, once again, faced Phineas.

"You're so persistent, Fletcher," growled Phineas, aiming his Death Ray gun. "It's about time I put an end to this once and for all!"

Phineas fired two lasers, but Ferb dodged the both of them before procuring a magnet given to him by Baljeet-2, which he activated and used to disarm Phineas of his weapon. Throwing the contraption out of the Doomsday machine, Ferb then used Thaddeus's high-power flashlight to incapacitate his brother before landing a kick on his stomach, sending him to the ground. He then charged for the vulnerable keyboard, hoping to do something to deactivate the Doomsday machine, but he was suddenly tackled to the wet metallic floor, and saw that Phineas had recovered quickly, although he was still squinting. A bolt of lightning streaked across the clouds.

"I've had enough of this meddling!" he snarled. "I will not stall any longer! I shall KILL you, Fletcher!"

He then raised the sword that belonged to Emperor Phineas, and another bolt of lightning flashed, illuminating the weapon, accompanied by the rumbling of thunder. Ferb's eyes widened, and he braced himself for death...

Suddenly, two newcomers landed in the middle of the scene: the future versions of Isabella and Gretchen, the latter wearing a jetpack. Both were soaked from the rain, but the two women were too preoccupied with the current situation to care. The battling ceased as everyone looked at the newest arrivals, and Emperor Phineas's eyes widened with anger at the sight of Future Isabella.

"You!" he cried, pointing at the woman. "I thought you fell to your death!"

"I saved her," replied Future Gretchen. She then took out a Freedom Fighters-made weapon and fired a laser at the sword Phineas was holding; the weapon crumbled into ash, and Phineas roared out in anger.


Ferb kicked Phineas in the stomach, and the inventor stumbled away from the green-haired boy, allowing him to stand up, while Future Isabella and Future Gretchen downed the other Red Triangle troops, including Emperor Phineas, throwing them all off of the Doomsday machine, leaving Phineas as the only opponent of concern.

"Because you don't have one thing," Ferb replied, "one thing that Phineas has."

"And what would that be, Fletcher?" snarled Phineas, clutching his stomach in pain.

Ferb smiled. "Optimism. Optimism is what helped Phineas through every situation he was caught in."

"HA! Even optimism couldn't help Phineas during the loss of his worthless father!"

"Sure, it didn't, but it can now. Phineas, stay strong. I know you're inside there; I know you have the capability to fight back."

Phineas cackled before saying, "How many times do I have to tell you, Fletcher? Phineas doesn't need you anymore! Phineas is living the perfect life in the world I created for him!"

Ferb didn't know how to respond to that. If Phineas was indeed having a great time in that world, then all hope was lost. There would be no more Phineas to invent with, no more Phineas to wake up with, no more Phineas to dote on Perry with during the morning...

Ferb suddenly smiled and then began to sing.

"We consider every day a plus to spend it with a platypus. We're always so ecstatic 'cause he's semi-aquatic. Our Ornithorhynchus anatinus brings smiles to the both of us. Life's never fuddie-duddy with our web-footed buddy."

With that, Ferb began dancing.

"When we're brushing our teeth, ooh it's better. Tying our shoes, oh yeah it's better. Combing our hair, it's better like we're a cheese sandwich and he's the cheddar. Blinking our eyes, oh yeah it's better. Breathing in and out, it's so much better. Sitting in a chair, it's better. And taking a bath, just a little bit wetter.

"Every day is such a dream when you start it with a monotreme. He's duckbilled and he's beaver-tailed and hairy."

"You know that he's hairy!" a random voice cried.

"Everything's better with Perry..."

"Everything's better with Perry!" an invisible chorus sang.

"Everything's better with Perry..."

"Everything's better with Perry!"

"Everything is better with Perry..."

"Everything is better! Everything's better with Perry! Everything is better with Perry!"

"Everything's better and we just wanna tell you Perry..." Ferb pointed at Phineas with a triumphant finality. "Everything's better with you!"

"Better with you!" the chorus completed.

Ferb lowered his arm and looked at Phineas. "We would sometimes sing this song whenever we wake up during the morning," he said. "Whenever Perry greets us every morning. Do you remember, Phineas?"

Phineas just stared on before bursting into fits of laughter. "AHAHAHAHAHA! Do you really think that a song can defeat me? Well, think again! AHAHAHAHAHA!"

Suddenly, Isabella burst into song as well, and she was followed by the Fireside Girls.

"I'm just the curious girl 'cross the way. Every day I come over, and here's what I say... What'cha doin', what'cha doin'? What's the day's activity? What'cha doin', what'cha doin'? By any chance, could it include me? What'cha doin'? What'cha doin'?"

The Fireside Girls joined in as a chorus. "What'cha doin'?"

"I don't mean to disturb!" they all sang at once.

"What'cha doin', what'cha doin'?" sang Isabella.

"What'cha doin'?" chorused the Fireside Girls.

They all sang, "You know it's not really directed at Ferb-"

Just then, they stopped singing for a moment and Isabella looked at Ferb, saying, "No offense, Ferb."

"No prob," the British boy replied, smiling, and the girls resumed their song.

"When I say-ay-ay-ay-ay, what'cha doin'?"

"Don't you know, Phineas," Isabella sang, "you have no idea that every day I'm just dyin' to see ya? And say... What'cha doin', what'cha doin'?"

The Fireside Girls joined in as a chorus. "What'cha doin'?"

"I really wanna know..." they all sang.

"What'cha doin', what'cha doin'?" sang Isabella.

"What'cha doin'?" chorused the Fireside Girls.

"Can I be part of the show?"

They all sang, "When I say-ay-ay-ay-ay... What'cha doin'?"

They stopped singing, and looked at Phineas. Unfortunately, he still had his green eyes, and the inventor smiled evilly.

"I don't know why you are singing," he said, "but it doesn't appear to be reaching any desirable effect. I congratulate you for whatever efforts you are attempting to pursue, but I'm afraid to tell you that your quest is coming to a short stop. Now, DIE!"

Phineas charged for Ferb and tried to kick him, but Ferb rolled out of the way, towards Candace and Jeremy, and Phineas instead kicked the railing of the Doomsday machine's top before slipping from the wet floor and falling onto his back in a comical fashion.

"What should we do?" asked Jeremy.

"We keep singing!" replied Ferb. "It's the only thing we need to do now!"

"Any suggestions?" Candace asked as Phineas stood up and closed in on them. Suddenly, Perry's eyes brightened and he wrote down something in his notebook. Ferb gasped with amazement.

"Great idea, Perry!" he said. "Everyone, prepare yourselves! We're singing this!" He showed the group Perry's idea, and they all smiled as Ferb began the song.

"Phinny, you know you are a boy's best friend, you're more than just a passing trend, you're like a treat from a candy store-"

"All of this singing is as annoying as much as it's ineffective!" snarled Phineas, but Ferb continued.

"Oh, Phinny, we love you more than ice cream cakes, we love you more than bugs and snakes, we love you more than all things mentioned before. Oh, Phinny, you're extraordinary, you're kinda short and hairy, the color of a strawberry..."

Isabella and Future Isabella joined in with Ferb's singing. "Yes, Phineas!"

Phineas, the real Phineas, watched from his cage as everyone continued to sing to him through the projection on the mist. He suddenly felt a new surge of power flowing into him, power that was engraved in the song's lyrics, as well as a heightened determination to fight back. Growling with all of his might, Phineas began pushing and pulling at the metal bars of his cage, all the while listening to the lyrics of the song.

"That's it!" snarled Phineas, trying to throw a punch at Jeremy but missing. "This is REALLY annoying!"

His only reply was the continuation of the song by everyone else.

"So come home Phinny, come home Phinny, come home."

Ferb noticed that Candace was the only one not singing and asked, "Hey Candace, why don't you sing one?"

"But..." began Candace, but she dodged a kick from Phineas and immediately began. "Um... Oh Phinny, I think it's kind of scary. I can't find you anywhere-y, it fills me with despair-y? Oh, Phinny! I'm allergic to dairy, I'm gonna move to the prairie, and change my name to Larry..."

"Larry?" asked Phineas in a snarl, evidently confused.

"I still can't think of good rhymes, okay?" Candace replied.

Then, everyone resumed the song. "She'll change her name to Larry! Larry!"

"Larry!" sang Ferb.

"So come home Phinny," everyone sang harmoniously, "come home Phinny, come home. So come home Phinny, come home Phinny, come home!"

Then, everyone else stepped singing as Ferb, Isabella, and Candace chorused, "Come home Perry, come home!"

Capping off the song was a friendly chatter from Perry. In response, Phineas growled angrily before swinging his fists at Ferb, Isabella, and Candace, but Future Isabella and Perry both shoved them all out of harm's way.

"Your singing sure knows how to get on my nerves!" roared Phineas. "Literally!" He suddenly clutched his head. "Because my head hurts a bit..."

Ferb gasped. "I think we're reaching to Phineas!"

Phineas was still trying to rip the cage open, and he was also using all of his might to stomp and scrape the cold ground hard with his foot.

"LET ME OUT, SHADOW!" screeched Phineas. "NOW!"

"We need to keep this up!" exclaimed Isabella. "We need to sing another song!"

"But which one?" Ginger asked. "I don't have anymore ideas."

Suddenly, Phineas-2 and Ferb-2 jumped into the fray, holding their stun guns. "We have an idea!" Phineas-2 said, and then burst into song. "The days are longer, the nights are shorter, the sun is shining."

"It's noticeably warmer," Ferb-2 sang in a droning voice.

"It's summer," Phineas-2 continued, "every single moment is worth its weight in gold. Summer, it's like the world's best story, and it's waiting to be told. It's ice cream cones and cherry soda dripping down your chin. It's summer, and where do we begin?"

Realizing what Phineas-2 was singing about, Ferb joined in in an instant.

"Summer is ponds and pools and garden hoses, trying to beat the heat. Summer, bicycles and roller skates and even just bare feet. It's also..." Phineas-2 and Ferb began dancing around energetically. "Surfing tidal waves, creating nanobots, or locating Frankenstein's brain. Finding a dodo bird, painting a continent, or driving our sister in-"

Ferb stopped and said, "We're going too fast again."

"And it's about time you stopped!" growled Phineas, and he tried to punch Ferb, but he was kicked back by Ferb-2 as Phineas-2 continued.

"Summer, it's crickets and cicadas and a glass of lemonade. Summer, it's sitting with your brother in the backyard under the shade of a big tree. That's what it means to me." Then, he jumped directly in front of Phineas. "The days are longer."

Ferb, Isabella, and Candace joined in. "The nights are shorter, the sun is shining."

"It's noticeably warmer," Ferb and Ferb-2 droned at the same time.

Then, everyone joined in at once.

"It's summer, every single moment is worth its weight in gold. Summer, it's like the world's best story, and it's waiting to be told. It's ice cream cones and cherry soda dripping down your chin. It's summer, and where do we begin?"

"Summer, and where do we begin?" a chorus sang out of nowhere.

"It's summer, man, where do we begin?" everyone finished with finality.

Phineas growled, and then suddenly, he let out a long, drawn-out scream of pain as he clutched his head again. Ferb knew that Phineas was fighting back inside.

Phineas felt the sweat drip from his head as he continuously tried to pull and push at the cage bars; he even resorted to kicking them. Additionally, he kept on stomping and beating the ground. All in all, he was more like a wild animal, thrashing about, trying to break the cage bars and attacking the lifeless ground, growling and grunting furiously.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, Phineas kicked at one of the cage bars with all of his might, and the bar broke away and was sent flying, a purple smoke trailing from its broken sides. It landed on the ground with a clatter, and Phineas noticed that it started to get windy, and the purple mist was moving slightly faster. With all of his might, Phineas kicked at one of the bars next to the one that had been broken, and was met with equal success as a second clatter reverberated through the atmosphere.

Moving out of the cage through the cavity he created, the inventor suddenly found himself caught in a strong wind. However, he was able to overcome it and picked up the two broken bars. Raising them, Phineas let out, "I WANNA GO HOME, SHADOW! LET. ME. OUT!"

And with that, he began beating the ground aimlessly with the bars.

Everyone watched as Phineas continued to scream in pain and agony, falling over onto the wet floor on his back. A bolt of lightning flashed, illuminating the scene with a disturbing light, and Ferb turned to the others.

"We have to sing another song!" he cried. "And I think I have another one!"

And with that, he began singing and dancing to a familiar number.

"Bow, chicka, bow-wow!"

Realizing what he meant, Candace joined in. "That's what my baby says!"


"And my heart starts pumping!" Isabella sang.

"Chicka-chicka, choo wap!"

"Never gonna stop!" Jeremy sang.

With that, everyone began singing. "Gitchee gitchee goo means that I love you!"

"I said a bow, chicka, bow-wow!" sang Ferb.

"That's what my baby says!" Candace sang again.


"And my heart starts pumping!" Isabella sang again.

"Chicka-chicka, choo wap!"

"Never gonna stop!" Jeremy sang again.

"Gitchee Gitchee Goo means that I love you!" everyone chorused. "Gitchee gitchee goo means that I love you! Gitchee gitchee goo means...that I love you baby, baby, baby!"

"Baby-baby-baby-baby!" the Fireside Girls chorused.

"Gitchee gitchee goo means that I love you!" Ferb and Candace completed at the same time.

Then, Isabella smiled and leaned towards the straining Phineas, saying, "Gitchee gitchee goo, Phineas!"

The "Gitchee Gitchee Goo" song supplied more fuel for Phineas to attack the Shadow's world; the inventor continuously hit the ground, the cage, any object available to him in this world, even the mist. However, he stopped hitting the ground with the bars and looked at the projection, while Isabella looked back, almost through it. He had just heard Isabella's latest statement, and it seemed to intrigue him for a mysterious reason. However, when he stared into Isabella's deep blue eyes, Phineas realized that there was something about them that made his heart perform somersaults. And then, when he remembered the songs lyrics, he suddenly realized the meaning behind the girl's message.

"Gitchee gitchee goo means that I love you!"

And finally, Phineas remembered whom Isabella was kissing in his vague memory of the 2nd Dimension.

Smiling, Phineas said to himself, "Gitchee gitchee goo, Isabella." His face then hardened into a mask of rage. "SHADOW! LET ME OUT! I WANNA GET OUT OF HERE! I WANNA GO HOME! DO YOU HEAR ME, SHADOW? SHADOW? SHADOW!"

And with that, Phineas continued to hit the ground with his bars.

Everyone gasped as the evil Phineas screamed with pain, his hands clutching his head like a crazed inmate. The unsettling screaming traveled through the rain-filled air as lightning streaked across the cloudy sky and thunder rumbled. All of Danville might've as well heard it echo through the atmosphere.

"We're getting to the real Phineas!" cried Ferb. "Now! We need to sing a song, a really, really, REALLY good song!"

Future Isabella then remembered a memory, one of her most prized memories of the good Phineas. Smiling, she started singing in a sweet voice.

"It's been a long, long day and there were moments when I doubted..."

Ferb and Isabella realized what song the latter's future self was singing and both joined in.

"That we'd ever reach the point where we could laugh and sing about it," sang Ferb.

Then, Ferb, Isabella, and Future Isabella started singing at the same time. "Now the sun is set on this, another extraordinary day, and when it comes around again, you know I'll say...

"Tell me whatcha wanna do today. All we need is a place to start. If we have heart, we'll make it 'cause we're not messing around!"

"We're not messing around!" a chorus sang.

"Yes we can dream it, do it, build it, make it; I know we can really take it to the limit before the sun goes down..."

"As soon as you wake up you gotta make your move," Ferb sang.

"Don't miss the beat, just get into the groove," Isabella sang.

Then, both Ferb and Isabella sang, "The sun is shining, there's a lot that you can do!"

"A lot that you can do!" the chorus sang.

"There's a world of possibilities outside your door. Why settle for a little? You can get much more. Don't need an invitation; every day is new. Yes, it's true... Summer belongs to you!"

"Summer belongs to you!"

"Summer belongs to you!"

"Summer belongs to you!"

"Summer belongs to everyone, so have some fun. There's nothing better to do. Summer belongs to you!"

Then, Candace joined in. "I've fought you for an entire week and almost turned and ran away. But you helped me get my courage back, so now I've got to say that though I've often thought of you as just a nuisance and a bother, today I can't imagine having better little brothers!

"And you've gotta believe in something, so today I believed in you and you're coming through; we're making it-"

Phineas said with some strain, "Oh, really? Well, think again!"

He tried to punch Candace, but she moved away and continued singing.

"-I've never been so proud... I know at first it seemed implausible but we accomplished the impossible. Now there's something that I've gotta say out loud... Time is what you make of it, so take a chance!"

"That's it!" Ferb cried.

"Life is full of music so you ought to dance!"

"She's got it!" shouted Isabella.

"The world's a stage and it is time for your return!"

"By Jove, I think she's got it!" hollered Ferb.

"Oh no, she hasn't!" snarled Phineas in reply, and he tried to tackle Ferb to the floor, but he missed once again as everyone continued to sing. Phineas then spotted the keyboard, smiled evilly, and began operating it. Several of the Doomsday machine's arms lunged for the group, but they all dodged the attacks, singing all the while.

"Don't waste a minute sitting in that mind..." Candace sang.

"Yeah!" Ferb exclaimed.

"The world is calling, so just get out there!"

Ferb shot a fist high into the air. "That's what we're talking about!"

"You can see forever, so your dreams are all in view..."

"And my dreams are to destroy you guys and establish a mighty empire!" roared Phineas, attempting to grab several of the group, only to be unsuccessful. Perry kicked Phineas in the face, sending him away from the keyboard.

"Yes it's true!" Ferb proclaimed at the top of his lungs.

At that cue, everyone began to sing along with him in harmonious synchronization.

"Summer belongs to you!"

"Summer belongs to you!" the chorus sounded.

"Summer belongs to you!"

"Summer belongs to you!"

"Summer belongs to boys and girls all around the world..."

"No, it belongs to ME!" screeched Phineas.

He tried to attack Perry, but his headaches distracted him, and he instead landed headfirst onto the floor. Screaming in pain and anger, Phineas lunged for Ferb, Candace, Isabella, and Future Isabella, but Perry manned the keyboard to grab Phineas with two of the arms and lifting him into the air so he won't make any further attacks. Meanwhile, everyone else continued to sing.

"We wouldn't say it if it wasn't true! Summer belongs to you!"

"Summer belongs to you!" the chorus sounded.

"Baby, baby, baby, baby," Ferb-2 droned.

"Summer belongs to you!" everyone sang.

"Summer belongs to you!" the chorus sounded again.

"Summer belongs to you!"

"Summer belongs to you!"

"Whatever you want to do, you make the rules! You've got the tools to see it through! Summer belongs to you!"

"Summer belongs to you!"

"Summer belongs to you!"

"Summer belongs to you!"

"Just remember that you can do it and when you're through, we'll change your point of view! SUMMER BELONGS TO YOU!"

Phineas suddenly let out the loudest screech of pain ever, and it was so loud that Perry accidentally pressed a button releasing the arms' grip on the inventor while the platypus covered his ears from the earsplitting noise. Phineas landed painfully on the floor, and everyone watched as he curled up and kept rolling about on the wet surface, screaming and groaning in pain, the rain still falling, the lightning and thunder flashing and rumbling. The scene looked a bit disturbing.

And suddenly, Phineas stopped moving and abruptly opened his eyes. Everyone gasped at the sight of them.

For they were blue again.

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5) Yeah, I can definitely see your reasoning there. I should have thought a more realistic way around that, or otherwise clarified why Ferb couldn't just repair the device. Again, gotta appreciate my teenage self just being too ambitious!

6) Ooh, I hope you're enjoying "Fate/Zero" so far! Yeah, don't worry about the "moe-and-bishiefication" of the historical characters. The "Fate" franchise makes all of that up with good, mature storytelling. And yes, Kiritsugu Emiya may sound like a complete edge-lord on paper, but he's actually a pretty complex character when you get around to understanding "Fate/Zero".


1) Well, quite fortunately, there WAS another way, as you can see in this chapter. Ferb never had to resort to the dirtiest method available.

2) Well, after strongly adhering to a pledge of protecting her stepbrothers for years and spending that time resisting an oppressive regime, there's no doubt Candace-2's judgment has become...flawed.

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1) Yeah, it's definitely going to be a source for trauma for Candace-2. Quite an unexpected turn of events, if I do say so myself, but nevertheless a good development of her story arc from my perspective.

2) Yeah, I know. I've been getting really creative recently. And you should see what I have at Archive Of Our Own. ;)

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