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A Big Storm, Part 2 of 5

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Chapter 20 Summary: It's the ultimate showdown between the Flynn-Fletcher stepbrothers! Who will win? Meanwhile, other battles continue on elsewhere.

Ferb had never felt so dizzy in his whole life. Crawling out of the wreckage of Phineas's private jet, the British boy immediately threw up all over the asphalt street and then stared with blurry vision at his contents before falling over on his back. The sun was bathing him with its warm rays of light, but Ferb noticed the gray bank of storm clouds rolling in, about to engulf the bright star like ink flowing over a precious painting. Attempting to stand up, Ferb was only on his two feet for a couple of seconds before he fell back onto the street uncomfortably, the asphalt's slightly jagged edges scraping the skin of his chin. Groaning, Ferb then spotted the Turn-Everything-Good-Inator Doofenshmirtz gave him and began crawling towards the invention with much strain.

Finally, after five painful minutes, the green-haired boy placed his hand over the gun-like device. Taking it to him, Ferb then looked at the wreckage, his sights improving in quality. He felt his dizziness slowly fade away, and once he regained enough strength, Ferb stood up without any difficulty. The first thing he noticed was the trail of blood smeared against the asphalt. It was his blood, coming from the injuries he sustained from the crash-landing. Looking away from the recoiling sight, Ferb made his way toward the wreckage, hoping to find an unconscious Phineas. While exploring the wreckage for any sign of his stepbrother, Ferb noticed that the jet had landed near a rollercoaster track that snaked its way through downtown Danville. It was a recreation of the rollercoaster track he and Phineas built, and Ferb remembered the tracks he sighted briefly before the crash.

Suddenly, he felt a pair of hands grab his shoulders and hold onto them tightly like a crab's claws, and then, Ferb was thrown into the air and he slammed painfully on one of the rollercoaster track's support beams. Landing on the ground, the boy looked up, trying to hold back tears, and watched as Phineas closed in on him, wearing a modified Beak suit. Phineas's eyes were burning with rage, and yet, there was a smile of sadistic pleasure on his face.

"I've had about enough with you, Fletcher!" Phineas said. "It's time I got rid of you for good!"

Ferb rolled out of the way with difficulty as Phineas punched the ground the British boy was standing on a few seconds ago. Shielding his face from the small fragments of asphalt that rained on him, Ferb then stood up and fired his Turn-Everything-Good-Inator, but the Beak suit's armor reflected the lasers and they were sent flying about in different directions. Gulping, Ferb put the invention into his pocket and took out the power gloves Thaddeus and Thor gave him. Wearing them and activating their energy cores, Ferb charged forward and punched Phineas's legs; the armor creaked as it was bent by the gloves' power. Phineas fell over with a scream, and Ferb took advantage of his stepbrother's position to jump onto the chest of the suit and rip out the power core hidden inside. However, Phineas recuperated quickly and grabbed Ferb, throwing him aside with a yell of anger.

The clouds slowly engulfed the sun, immersing Danville in slight darkness, and thunder echoed through the city. Phineas looked up at the gray weather sky and chuckled before stalking towards Ferb, cracking his armored knuckles while doing so.

"I'm gonna enjoy pummeling you to a pulp!" snarled Phineas as he took another punch at Ferb, but the boy dodged it and responded with a punch on the suit's shoulder that stripped it of a piece of external armor, exposing the wiring underneath. Ferb smiled, grabbed as much exposed wires as he could, and ripped them out with all of his might. The suit's right arm went limp; Phineas growled angrily.

"You laconic idiot!" he roared. "You're gonna pay for that! I mean that literally as well as figuratively!"

"I'm not laconic," replied Ferb boldly, "I just speak when it suits me."

"Well, let's see if you'll suit THIS!"

Using the functioning arm, Phineas grabbed Ferb, held him in his hand, and began squeezing the boy with all of his might. Crying out in pain, Ferb used the last of his strength to take out a gun version of Doofenshmirtz's very first Inator (humorously called Inator) and fired a laser at the Beak suit's chest, right at the portion that contained the power core. The suit's chest gave out a small explosion, sending Phineas back, and he dropped Ferb to the street as a result. Ferb then watched as the Beak suit fell to the sidewalk, crushing a parked sedan. Approaching the smoking suit, the boy watched as his stepbrother angrily crawled out of the wreckage, holding his kitchen knife, still stained with the blood of all of its victims. Another rumble of thunder echoed through the street, but Ferb didn't bother to hear it out, and neither did Phineas. The two Flynn-Fletcher stepbrothers just stared at each other, Ferb softly, Phineas with the most rage he has ever expressed, a pinkish-red flooding his face.

"Phineas," Ferb said, "I know you're somewhere in there. If you can see me, or hear me at the least, you can fight the evil. Come on, Phineas. Fight it."

"Phineas is in a weak state," replied Phineas. "He can't fight me. No one can. Not even you. Sure, you've downed my Beak suit, but I still have a vast amount of other weapons. Just surrender, Fletcher, and I recommend you'd take my offer sincerely, for this will be the last time I will have to tell anyone this before I finally go over the edge."

"I will never surrender. I will not stop until my brother is brought back."

"Then you've just spelled your doom. YARGH!"

Phineas threw the kitchen knife at Ferb, but he dodged it and fired several more lasers from his Inator, but the redhead dodged those and took out several of what appeared to be marbles, which he threw. The marbles exploded upon contact with the ground and clouds of red smoke began hissing out of them, preventing Ferb from seeing what was in front of him. Ferb stopped to swat away the smoke, which proved to be a mistake as Phineas made a furious dash towards him and kicked him in the stomach; nausea crept up Ferb's stomach again and he threw up for the second time.

"How disgusting," noted Phineas as he retrieved his kitchen knife and approached the fallen Ferb, kicking him over and kneeling over him. He smiled as he raised his bloodstained weapon; Ferb saw his frightened reflection glinting back at him through the silver-and-red metal.

Still watching from the cage that imprisoned him in the Shadow's reality, the real Phineas watched in horror as Ferb's frightened eyes stared on through the projection in the purple mist. He gasped when he saw the reflection of the Shadow's weapon in Ferb's watering eyes.

"FERB!" Phineas screamed.

Ferb's hand finally found the Inator, and the boy fired a laser at Phineas, but fired too early and missed. Fortunately, Phineas flinched from the near-shooting and Ferb took advantage of his brother's vulnerability, shoving the inventor off of him and rolling away. Ferb then fired another laser, which hit Phineas's knife and split it in half.

Throwing down the handle in anger, Phineas briefly roared out inhumanely and began sprinting towards the rollercoaster track, where Ferb noticed a rollercoaster cart waiting. Realizing that Phineas was trying to escape, Ferb pursued his brother, firing several lasers at him, but Phineas dodged them expertly before grabbing onto one of the track's support beams, which he started scaling up. Ferb followed suit and had to put the Inator back, for the climbing process required both of his hands. Using the wood that held the support beams together as supports, both Phineas and Ferb were able to reach the top of the track when the latter managed to tackle his stepbrother to the fragile wooden boards that was their current surface.

"You just can't stop your meddling, can't you?" Phineas snarled before he punched Ferb in the face. He then stood up and jumped onto the rollercoaster cart. Turning on the modified cart, Phineas thrust it forward towards Ferb with the intention of running him over, but the British boy made a jump, avoiding being hit and he tumbled onto one of the farther rollercoaster carts. Phineas noticed all of it.

"Darn it!" Phineas angrily took out his Death Ray gun and began firing away as the rollercoaster rolled through all of downtown Danville. However, Ferb dodged every laser and jumped from one cart to the next as he made his way to his brother.

Growling, Phineas threw the gun at Ferb, hoping to him like he did with Perry, but Ferb dodged the device, and before Phineas can rage on for wasting his weapon, the British boy made it to the front cart.

"WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR ME TO GET RID OF YOU?" screeched Phineas as the rollercoaster began slowing down, for it was reaching the lift hill.

"Phineas!" Ferb cried. "You can fight it! I know you can! You're strong!"

"If he's so strong," replied Phineas, as the rollercoaster began climbing the high lift hill, "then why are we here? Huh? I could've been defeated days ago; none of this would've happened! But we're here, facing off on your greatest achievement, the very invention that introduced the entire world to Phineas and Ferb! And why didn't Phineas stop me? I'll tell you why! I gave him a world that he wanted to live in!"

"Huh? What're you talking about?"

"My psyche created a world for him, a world that has everything he wants!"

"My brother has everything he wants right here!"

"True. But there's one thing that he doesn't have here, and it's the only thing that distinguishes the world I gave him from this one."

"What's that?"

Phineas cackled. "My, Fletcher, you are as ignorant as your brother! In the world I gave him, Phillip's still alive! He never died in that bombing; instead, he divorced his mother and you and your worthless father still become a part of his family, and his life. But Phillip visits him daily, continuing to give him the life he's always wanted! You should see your brother in that world, Fletcher. He's never been happier! And if he is to fight back, then that means he'll lose that world, for my psyche maintains its existence! He'll lose Phillip again! D'you think he'll really want that?"

Ferb opened his mouth to respond, but he closed it as the rollercoaster wheeled closer and closer to the lift hill's climax. Phineas had been emotionally scarred ever since his father died in that fateful bombing, and the British boy knew that it was the inventor's best wishes to see Phillip alive and well again. And now that this new Phineas mentioned this world to him, Ferb realized that his enemy might be right: Phineas would do anything, absolutely anything, to ensure his father's continued existence. But it was all so surreal to Ferb; he couldn't believe that Phineas would choose the new life created for him over the one he left behind.

"No," whispered Ferb. "It's not true. Phineas would never hand over his old life to you."

"But he did, Fletcher, he did. Otherwise, you two would be going back to inventing and doing what you can possibly do in making summer count. And d'you wanna know what he told me the moment he surrendered his old life to me?"

Ferb didn't respond, and Phineas smiled as he replied anyway.

"He told me that he was GLAD to leave that life. It had been so much torture living that one. He couldn't bear to live a life without his beloved father. He's always wished that his father were still alive, and now that I've given him a chance to live that life, he was so overjoyed! It only took him a split-second to surrender the life he once lived to me. And like I said, he was so glad to leave his family, his friends, his home, leave it all up for my grabs. He was glad to leave YOU."

Ferb snapped. He grabbed Phineas and stared into his green eyes, rage burning in his own.

"You're LYING," the green-haired boy replied. "Phineas would NEVER give up this life. Especially if he was trading lives with a monster like YOU."

"But he did, Fletcher," said Phineas. "And he was so happy doing it. It was like Christmas to him, a permanent Christmas. He even told me to do whatever I wanted with his life!"

The rollercoaster cart reached the lift hill's climax at last. There was another rumbling noise and droplets of rain started falling. Ferb bared his teeth angrily at Phineas.

"YOU'RE LYING!" Ferb screeched, and he raised his fist, preparing to punch Phineas.

"Gonna punch your brother, Ferb?" asked Phineas tauntingly. A bolt of lightning flashed, illuminating the two Flynn-Fletcher brothers for a second.

"No," Ferb snarled in reply. "I'm punching my ENEMY."

The moment Ferb's fist slammed painfully into Phineas's cheek, the rollercoaster cart began its abrupt descent down the lift hill, and the ride began.

Django, Adyson, Beppo, Vanessa, Charlene, and Baljeet-2 watched as the storm clouds rolled in and it began to rain, while Norm rode down the abandoned street in his truck mode with the tandem bike ridden by both Doofenshmirtzes and the Norm Bot in pursuit.

"This is gonna be one heck of a storm," said Beppo.

"Yeah," replied Charlene.

"So, Django," Adyson said, looking at Django, "what's the plan?"

"We get inside DEI and meet up with those four scientists that helped us," replied Django. "We then all go to the laboratory and destroy whatever's there. Something there is bound to be useful. If we find Phineas there, then at least one of us will zap him with his or her Turn-Everything-Good-Inator. With Phineas cured, he will make us something that will defeat the rest of the Red Triangle, and Danville's saved."

"Sounds like a simple plan," commented Baljeet-2.

"Sounds fun!" Norm said.

"It's gonna be difficult, everyone," Django said. "Everyone, stick together once we're there. We can't afford any separations and resultant captures."

Meanwhile, the Red Triangle motorcyclist following the group knew it was time to act as he rode through the never-ending torrent of rain. Pressing a button on his two-wheeled vehicle's dashboard, the rider deployed a grappling hook that sunk itself into Norm's trunk and latched itself onto the metal, startling the passengers inside. The motorcyclist then slowed down, and Norm also began to slow down.

"Ow," the robot said. "Mommy, I don't like flu shots!"

"That guy's slowing us down!" cried Beppo.

"I've got that taken care of!" Baljeet-2 replied, and he took out from his lab coat a small Swiss Army knife, flipping out the blade. The young doctorate then pressed a button on the handle, and electricity engulfed the blade; Baljeet-2 then leaned forward toward the rope connecting Norm to the motorcyclist and slashed at it once, cutting it in an instant. The motorcyclist swerved about as Norm was released from his tether, but regained his posture and continued speeding after the vehicle.

The Norm Bot fired several lasers at the motorcyclist, but Doofenshmirtz-2's robot missed as the man snaked through every laser fired before retaliating with machine guns mounted on the motorcycle's sides. Eventually hitting the Norm Bot in the shoulder, the motorcyclist watched as the robot flew off to the side to recuperate its sustained injury. Instead of seizing the chance to finish it off, he just maintained his focus on Norm. Django and the others watched as their pursuer deployed machine guns and began riddling their vehicle in a hail of bullets.

"I think I have the chickenpox, daddy," said Norm optimistically.

While pedaling the tandem bike, Doofenshmirtz watched with horror as a bullet broke through the window and nearly hit Vanessa.

"THAT'S IT!" the scientist roared.

Doofenshmirtz immediately pressed a button installed by his 2nd Dimension doppelganger, and a pair of missile launchers flipped themselves out from the bike's sides. Two triggers appeared on Doofenshmirtz's sides, and the scientist pressed on them tightly as he continued to help Doofenshmirtz-2 pedal the tandem bike. The weapons opened fire and the motorcyclist stared at a barrage of missiles heading his way. Pressing a button, the man was ejected from his vehicle, seconds before it was annihilated by the missiles. While spinning in midair, with the danger of tumbling onto the street painfully looming over him, the motorcyclist deployed another sphere that unfolded into another motorcycle, which he manned split-seconds before landing on the street and he resumed his pursuit. Everyone stared on in shock.

"Wow," commented Doofenshmirtz. "Now THAT'S hard-core."

"And you've just wasted all of those missiles, other-dimension me," Doofenshmirtz-2 said.

"LOOK OUT!" cried Adyson as the motorcyclist aimed an automatic shotgun at the tandem bike.

However, several lasers appeared and hit the motorcycle's engine, engulfing the vehicle and its rider in an enormous explosion whose sound traveled down the street for miles. Hovering beside Norm was the Norm Bot, the barrel of his weapon leaving a trail of smoke behind him.

"Whoo-hoo!" exclaimed Doofenshmirtz-2. "Way to go, Norm Bot!"

The Norm Bot's head switched from its battle-mode helmet to its regular head. "Does that mean I get a pay raise?" the robot asked optimistically.


"Aw, nuts." The Norm Bot's head then switched back into its helmet.

"INCOMING!" cried Beppo, pointing out of the window.

The group watched as the motorcyclist emerged from the smoking pile, wheels integrated in his boots, and the man began skating towards them at high speeds.

Instantly strapping anti-gravity boots onto his feet as the rain plastered his green hair to his forehead, Ferb braced himself as the rollercoaster cart swerved downward fully upon approaching the first portion of the pretzel loop. Unfortunately, Ferb found that Phineas had his own anti-gravity boots, preventing him from falling off the cart as it continued to speed down the track's sharp descent. The two brothers threw punches at each other, while the rollercoaster's descent became less steep by the second, and then, it began ascending, things becoming steeper. However, Ferb nor Phineas didn't care as the former landed a successful punch on his brother's cheek, to which he received a kick in the stomach in return. Knocked back to the second cart, Ferb saw that the cart was about to go upside-down as part of the pretzel loop and instinctively planted his feet on the cart's floor so he can defy gravity when the rollercoaster became completely upside-down. During all of that, the pattern of lightning flashing and thunder rumbling continued.

Almost immediately, being upside-down completely confused the British boy: Danville becoming the sky and the gray, cloudy sky becoming the ground below distorted Ferb's perception, and Phineas seized the chance to knock his opponent to the cart's seat and begin punching him repeatedly. Ferb yelled out in pain and agony as Phineas's fists continuously flew back and forth from his body, and his sight became blurry from the punches to his face, his mouth starting to ooze a trickle of blood. Ferb tried looking into Phineas's eyes for any sign of shocked guilt implanted in them, but saw nothing more than a furious burning green as his eardrums were attacked by his stepbrother's sadistic cackling.

His sight becoming blurrier from every punch, his face becoming coated with the plummeting rain droplets, Ferb made a last-ditch attempt to make Phineas stop and brought his hand to the left of his brother's ribcage. Remembering a happy childhood memory from five years ago as he did so, Ferb began tickling his brother on that spot, and Phineas's laughing turned from that of sadism to that of childish ridiculousness; Ferb smiled, knowing that Phineas's ticklish spot was there. His sights improved progressively as he continued to tickle his brother, as Phineas continued to laugh. Ferb then stood up, punched Phineas to incapacitate him, and realized that the cart had exited the pretzel loop minutes ago and everything was rightside-up.

"Agh," groaned Phineas. "I was about to kill you, Fletcher, and your secret weapon is a tickle to the ribs?"

"You don't know this," Ferb replied, "but I've learned from Doofenshmirtz that you have retained all of Phineas's physical characteristics, and after living with him for years, I know every physical weakness of yours. That tickling to the ribs came from a memory when I was five-"

"I don't have time to hear such idiotic stories!" cut off Phineas, but Ferb continued speaking, stepping into the next cart to avoid being attacked by his brother while the rollercoaster sped through an interlocking loop.

"-We were horsing around, and you got on top of me and you wouldn't get off. So I tickled you on that particular spot, and you were off of me within a second, laughing your head off. Our mom would later use this technique to get you to stop running around the supermarket."

"You mean my mom," Phineas replied, but Ferb responded with a light punch to his right shoulder, just as the cart exited a diving loop. Phineas reeled in slight pain and was shocked when he found that the punch hurt him even though it was light. "What the-?"

"You were riding your scooter near a hill and you slipped and tumbled down the hill, two years ago. You sustained a lot of injuries, and you needed some minor surgery. That shoulder injury was long-lasting, and though it is long gone, a light punch can send the pain kicking into some gear again."

"Is that even possible?"

Ferb ignored Phineas and instead took out a flashlight given to him by Thor, turned it on, and shone it in his brother's face for a second; Phineas flinched, his sights becoming blurry, and he screamed in agony. Simultaneously, the rollercoaster entered a cobra roll as another bolt of lightning flashed through the sky.

"We played doctor when we were six," said Ferb, "and I shone a flashlight in your eyes, not knowing that they are greatly sensitive to light up-close. "It's a good thing we didn't need any tools that required the usage of bright light."

Phineas angrily stepped into the cart Ferb was in and threw a clumsy punch, only to miss expectedly, just as the cart exited the cobra roll and entered a top hat. Growling in anger, Phineas tried to throw another punch, but Ferb tickled him in the ribs again before slipping into the front cart. His sights still blurry, from both Ferb's flashlight and the falling rain, Phineas followed, occasionally stumbling. Ferb took out the flashlight and shone it on Phineas's eyes again for another second, causing him to sit back on the cart's seats and roar out in more agony. Ferb seized the chance to take out a dry mango slice and put it in his brother's mouth, to which Phineas immediately spat out, while the cart sped through a horseshoe.

"And you accidentally ate a mango slice last year, and you were allergic to mangoes."


Phineas cleared his throat, realizing that his voice was raspy, his throat feeling clogged, and he looked at his skin. He was developing rashes all over, and the inventor began scratching away at them desperately, angrily tearing away at the skin to relieve the itching sensation. Taking advantage of Phineas's vulnerable state, Ferb punched his brother across the face twice and then threw him into the next cart roughly as he continued to scratch his skin furiously.

"GAH! So...itchy..." Phineas growled as he stood up, only to receive another punch from Ferb. The ten-year-old landed on the cart seat; Ferb stepped into the cart and closed in on Phineas's face, looking at his green eyes. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled again.

"Remember all of those memories, Phineas?" the green-haired boy asked. "All of those good memories? You're leaving all of that behind, Phineas. If you can hear me, Phineas, you're leaving those memories behind. And you don't want that, do you?"

Phineas, the real Phineas, watched the projection as Ferb spoke through it. Clutching the bars of his cage, the inventor looked at the ground, realizing that Ferb was right. The world the Shadow gave him was perfect, but there was one thing it didn't have, not unlike the original reality: all of those great memories. Sure, there was knowledge of the inventions he made with Ferb, but that wasn't enough. There was never all of those loving childhood memories that told the childish misadventures he had with Ferb, days that preceded the day that made his name known on a worldwide scale. And the world, the one with Phillip, didn't have that because the Shadow never bothered to consider those memories when he created it.

And with that, Phineas knew where he truly belonged.

Pulling at the bars, Phineas screamed into the nothingness, "LET ME OUT, SHADOW! I WANNA GO HOME!"

Platyborg marched alongside his owners Phineas-2 and Ferb-2 as they walked through the wreckage of Red Triangle vehicles that were destroyed by the Freedom Fighters. The cyborg was sheltering himself and his owners from the intense rain with an umbrella that extended out of one of his robotic arms. Looking at Phineas-2, Platyborg wondered what his American-born owner was thinking.

Inside Phineas-2's mind, he was wondering what his older sister was doing, and how she'll react when she sees him and his brother walking through the aftermath of the disastrous war. Ignoring sparks that flew out of a fallen Red Triangle Robot, Phineas-2 began reminiscing of the hours before the rest of the Resistance left for the 1st Dimension...

"We wanna help, Candace!" Phineas-2 cried in protest.

Candace shook her head as Baljeet-2 and Buford-2 packed up their gear and followed Gretchen-2 and a pair of Norm Bots into the portal opened by the Other-Dimension-Inator. The Resistance was preparing itself for the impending battle against the other-dimension doppelganger of their brilliant inventor, and they knew that as the 1st Dimension Phineas shared their Phineas's intellect and confidence, mixed with pure, sociopathic evil, the organization knew a big battle was underway. Phineas-2 and Ferb-2 were prepared to tag along, but Candace-2 told them to stay back.

"No, I can't let you go, guys," replied Candace-2. "I know I let you two help out in resisting Rodney-"


"OH, CAN IT!" Candace-2 cleared her throat before continuing. "But to resist your other-dimension self, Phineas? If he's as evil as our doppelgangers say they are, then it's not worth it if I have to see you two fall before his wrath. I want you two to stay behind."

"But remember when we helped you retake the Tri-State Area while Doofenshmirtz was busy trying to conquer the 1st Dimension Tri-State Area?" asked Phineas-2. "You let us take down as many Norm Bots as we pleased!"

"That's because they were easy to take down. I don't know what's waiting for us back at the 1st Dimension, but I'm not taking any chances. You two are staying behind, end of discussion."

"But, but, but-"

"End of discussion!"

Phineas-2 drooped his head, downcast. Ferb-2 patted his stepbrother's back, while Candace-2 watched pitifully.

"It's okay," she said, "I had Perry stay behind to keep you guys company."

Platyborg issued a robotic chatter of agreement. Phineas-2 smiled before looking at his sister rebelliously.

"But that isn't enough," he replied. "We wanna help."

"I said end of discussion!"

Phineas became furious. "End of discussion? End of discussion? No, this discussion's not over! You said you allowed us to help resist Rodney?"


But Phineas continued over Rodney's faraway voice. "Well, would you call handing the Resistance fancy new gadgets every week and staying behind to communicate with the others and help them out resisting? Because that's what we've been doing as resisting! We don't do anything in the battlefield! We just have to do the same routine over and over: introduce a new contraption to the others, tell 'em what it does, and give it to them! That's not resisting, Candace! That doesn't even fit a category of such! It's NOT!"

"I'm just concerned for your safety, that's all," replied Candace-2.


Candace's eyes widened. "Is that defiance I'm hearing from my own little brother?"


Candace merely crossed her arms, a furious expression on her face. "When I get back, we're gonna be doing some serious talking, the both of us."


Candace opened her mouth to say something, but then she closed it in shock. Silently, she picked up her bo staff and twirled it as she stepped through the portal. Ferb-2 and Platyborg approached Phineas-2, silently asking him what to do next. Phineas-2's angry expression softened.

"I shouldn't have said that to her," he finally said; Ferb-2 nodded in agreement. "But we can't just sit by the sidelines and not do anything. I wanna do something!"

Phineas continued to stare at the portal as it was about to close. Finally, he made a decision.

"Ferb, Perry," he announced, "I know what we're gonna do right now! We're following them!"

Phineas-2's musings were interrupted when a Melee-Class Alpha Sub-Class Robot landed in front of him, its firearms about to fire. Retracting his umbrella, Platyborg instinctively sprung to the rescue and jumped onto the robot's head, its hand transforming into his mace weapon, which had begun spinning. The robot screeched a drawn-out, robotic sound seconds before Platyborg sunk its weapon into the back of its neck, sending sparks flying. The platypus cyborg dug further and further, and the robot's movements began to lessen, and finally, there was a small explosion and the head fell off and landed on the ground. The robot's decapitated body fell to the concrete sidewalk, and Platyborg leapt off of it.

"Great job, Perry!" Phineas-2 cried, and Platyborg saluted in response.

Suddenly, there was numerous stomping noises, and Phineas-2, Ferb-2, and Platyborg watched in shock as more Red Triangle Robots appeared from the streets and encircled the trio, their single red eyes flashing menacingly as the rain water dripped from their metallic armor. Platyborg issued a robotic chatter before jumping into action as his owners watched in awe.

Flipping out two shining swords from his arms, Platyborg sunk one of them into the street and channeled all of his strength into the arm to allow him to jump up into the air. Platyborg then deployed a machine gun from his back and opened fire on a Melee-Class Alpha Sub-Class Robot, a Defense-Class Robot, and an Aerial-Class Robot in midair, destroying them, before detaching one of his swords and throwing it into the back of a Ranged-Class Gamma Sub-Class Robot, its blade piercing through the robot's chest, but it still functioned as it struggled to yank the blade out. Platyborg then landed on top of a Melee-Class Beta Sub-Class Robot and used his remaining sword to decapitate the robot before transforming his hand into a pistol, which he used to fire several rounds into the head of an approaching Aerial-Class Robot, bringing it down.

Jumping off of the Melee-Class Robot as it fell, Platyborg charged for two Ranged-Class Beta Sub-Class Robots that fired all of their weapons at him, but the platypus dodged every round before leaping across them. The two robots realized too late that their target had thrown bombs that latched themselves onto their armor, and Platyborg landed on the sidewalk just as the robots exploded, their blackened and smoking pieces flying in all directions, a particularly large one decapitating an Aerial-Class Robot before it can fly away. Platyborg then ran towards a Defense-Class Robot, which raised its shield, but it proved to be no match for the warrior as he broke through the protective metal with all of his might and jumping on the robot's chest. The robot then tried to skewer Platyborg with its spear, but the cyborg jumped out of the way and the robot clumsily impaled itself.

Platyborg sensed four Melee-Class Robots (a Gamma Sub-Class, two Beta-Class, and an Alpha Sub-Class) approaching him and dodged the slashing of their bladed weapons before transforming his hands into disks with blades protruding from its edges. Detaching them, Platyborg threw the disks at his four targets, and the weapons slashed through two of them before spinning back towards its owner, slashing through the other two as a result; Platyborg caught them as if they were boomerangs and then repeated the process thrice, stopping when the robots finally went offline and fell to the sidewalk.

Chattering in triumph, Platyborg then broke through the shield of another Defense-Class Robot and decapitated his enemy before ripping the shield from it, using it as protection as he charged at six Ranged-Class Robots (two Gamma Sub-Class, a Gamma Sub-Class, and three Alpha Sub-Class) that fired their weapons at them. Shoving into one of the Ranged-Class Gamma Sub-Class Robots, knocking it down, Platyborg proceeded to jump onto the nearest robot, transformed his hand into a machine gun, and opened fire on the head until there was nothing left, before jumping onto the next robot and repeating the process. Finally bringing down five of the six robots this way, Platyborg finished off the last one with the last of his bombs, which blew a large hole in its chest.

Platyborg then faced the last robot: the Ranged-Class Gamma Sub-Class Robot that continued to try and yank his sword out of its chest. Approaching the struggling robot, Platyborg roughly yanked his weapon from the robot before making a slashing movement with the weapon, bifurcating the robot in a split-second.

Standing over the robot's upper half, Platyborg chattered in triumph again as lightning flashed and thunder rumbled as if on cue. Phineas-2 and Ferb-2 were still in awe after experiencing their pet platypus bring down an army of robots within three minutes.

"Wow," Ferb-2 said. "He's good."

"Stand right where you are, boys, platypus," a new voice said, "'cause your luck's just run out!"

Phineas-2, Ferb-2, and Platyborg watched as Roderick and Byron stalked towards them, three Doof Clones behind them.

"Phineas doesn't need you anymore," said Phineas before kicking Ferb off of him, just as the cart exited the horseshoe at fast speeds.

Growling, Ferb tackled Phineas back down, his head colliding painfully with his brother's stomach, and Phineas emitted a grunt of pain before retaliating with two punches to Ferb's face. Standing back, Ferb slipped from a puddle formed by the still-falling rain droplets and fell into the next cart. Phineas stepped into the cart, grabbed Ferb's head by the hairs, lifted it up painfully (to which Ferb began to scream in agony), and prepared to slam his face into the watery metal floor of the cart. However, Ferb moved his hand to the place his head was about to collide with, and his hand helped cushion the painful impact, although the green-haired boy still contracted some dizziness from the impact. Worse yet, the sound of a twig snapping emerged into the air, and Ferb yelled out in pain, holding his hand, the one he used to cushion his head: he had broken it from the impact.

Phineas took this chance to kick Ferb out of the cart, and the British boy felt the air rushing over his head as he fell to the earth.

"Phineas," he said, seconds before the painful landing...

Drifting safely to the ground like a bird making a graceful landing, Isabella detached herself from her parachute and ran down the street, in the direction she saw Phineas's personal jet fly off to. Running past Baljeet and Buford as they collaborated together using their Space Adventure and Stumbleberry Finkbat weapons to bring down several O.W.C.A. agents, past Agent Double 0-0 as he fought Sharpeard, past the Freedom Fighters as they collaborated in fighting Helmetair as she manned the Doomsday machine, Mr. Barnes and Mr. Stoner as they battled a pair of Doof Clones, past the 2nd Dimension Goozims as they overwhelmed their 1st Dimension counterparts, she ran up to the rollercoaster track, rain droplets spraying her face, when she saw the rollercoaster cart rush by, Phineas and Ferb battling it out aboard (A/N: That happened before Ferb was kicked off of the rollercoaster). Gasping in concern for her friends, Isabella prepared to climb the support beams when an eerie voice slithered into her ear.

"Going somewhere, Isa?"

Screaming, Isabella whipped around and fearfully threw a fist at David, who was knocked to the ground with a grunt of pain. A bolt of lightning flashed, illuminating the bomber with a menacing light. Gasping, the girl began backing up as her father rubbed his cheek, which was beginning to darken from the punch he received, stood up, and began walking towards her, a small trickle of blood oozing from his lip, a manic glint in his blue eyes.

"Punching your father, Isa?" he said, his face twitching for a second. "You deserve a time-out..."

"You're. Not. My. Father," snarled Isabella, her hand diving into her shirt pocket for the power glove Thor supplied her. Attaching it over her right hand, she activated it and, with a yell of anger, ran at David and punched him squarely in the stomach, and Isabella watched with a surprising sense of pleasure as David was thrown back by the powerful force of her enhanced punch before landing painfully on the street, several feet away from her.

However, this pleasure was replaced with fear when David stood up, a Death Ray gun in his hand. Thunder rumbled.

"I don't know why you reject me so, Isa," growled David. "I try, I try, I TRY to be so nice to you. And all you do is shrug off my kindness! That is no way to treat your father!"

"I TOLD YOU!" Isabella screamed. "YOU'RE NOT MY FATHER!"



David's eyes turned to slits as he snarled, "You can't live like this your whole life, ya know."

"I CAN, AND I WILL!" Lightning flashed, and the amount of rain began to increase.

"If you insist." David aimed the Death Ray gun and fired a single laser of death, but Isabella ducked out of the way. Growling, David again fired another laser, but Isabella rolled out of the way before taking out the high-power flashlight and activating it in the bomber's eyes, shocking him with its bright light and allowing her to land another punch on his stomach with her power glove.

David let out a drawn-out scream as he crashed with a mighty force into one of the support beams, setting off a chain reaction as the track began to implode, collapsing onto the street and crushing any Red Triangle troops underneath. Recuperating, David looked up at the collapsing track, screamed again, and attempted to run, but it was too late for him: the track fell on top of him, burying the former Tri-State Bombers leader in a pile of splintered wood and bent metal. Isabella shielded her eyes from the billowing wave of dust, and once it cleared, she looked on at the smoking rubble. Approaching it, she expected her mouth to twitch and twist into a smile, but strangely, nothing came out of it.

Suddenly, a part of the rubble burst out, pelting Isabella with pieces of wood and metal, and the girl watched on with utmost shock as a scene from a zombie flick unfolded: an arm, which had abruptly emerged from the pile, collapsed onto the rubble, as if it were finally dead. But then, the rest of David slowly emerged from the pile that buried him, dust falling off from his back as he did so. Though he was grimy, his clothes slightly torn, there was no masking that clean anger that burned in his eyes. Isabella backed away as David focused on her, his blue eyes now seemingly red.

"You're. Gonna. PAY. For. What. You. Did," hissed David as he aimed his Death Ray at Isabella, who was suddenly rendered still by an unseen force. All she did was close her eyes and wait for that flash of green that will signal the instant taking of her short life...

But instead of a flash of green, there was just a prolonged "NO!", David grunting, and a brief sound of tumbling that evolved into sounds of angry fighting. Isabella opened her eyes and watched as Jack Davison kicked David's hand, the one holding the Death Ray; the weapon was sent flying into the air and away from its owner. Snarling like a wild beast, David punched Jack in the face and dove for the gun, but Jack grabbed the bomber's shirt, pulled the man back to him, and punched him squarely in the nose; Isabella flinched as she saw tiny yet noticeable spheres of red explode from David's nose.

"Isa! Come on!"

Vivian was standing by her side, accompanied by Gretchen. Looking back at Jack and David, Isabella then nodded at her mother and followed the two down the street, away from the fight, but the three females didn't get far when David landed in front of them, a short metal pipe and a sharpened stick of wood in his hands as more lightning flashed and the rumbling of thunder continued. Blood mixed with the rain water was streaked across David's mouth and cheek, with more of it slowly trickling from his nose. His lower lip was cut, and his left eye looked puffy. Dirt from being buried under the pile of rollercoaster track continued to coat him, and his black hair was now unkempt. Derangement was glinting in his eyes, and David angrily spat out a wad of blood before stalking towards Isabella, Vivian, and Gretchen.

"I'm not gonna stall any longer," snarled David. "I shall kill you, Vivian, Isa, and then I'll send some friends along the way for company."

David raised the sharpened wooden stick when Vivian boldly spoke up.

"Why, David? Why do you have to do all of this?"

"For revenge, Vivian," David replied. "Revenge for what you've done to expose my activities. And revenge for what she's-" He pointed at Isabella with the pipe. "-done to humiliate me. I mean, she defeated me, got me buried under a pile of rubble! What adult gets beaten by a mere ten-year-old?"

"I'm not talking about what's happening now. I'm talking about what happened thirteen years ago, when you started those Tri-State Bombers. What happened six years later, when you killed Phillip Flynn."

"I did all of that for fun!"

"I thought your fun was being my boyfriend." Vivian's eyes softened. "You were so fond around me, and we had such great times together. Remember that date we had, when we laid ourselves on that hill and looked up at the stars together? A shame that the hill is now a cemetery-"

"Don't remind me of that crap!" snarled David. "I don't need those memories anymore!"

"Then why, David? Why'd you leave all of that behind?"

"You should've known what kind of person I was! I can't control it!"

"I knew what kind of person you were, David. I knew you were a sociopath, I knew you wanted to see suffering, I knew you reveled in the pain of others. I can still remember you laughing with pleasure when the news reported that poor little boy being abused back in-"

"HA!" David interrupted. "Then you could've stopped me there and prevented all of my crimes from happening!"

"No, I couldn't have stopped you. You could've stopped yourself. I know you can control your mannerisms. I was able to tell, and I still can. And I knew that there was something better to you than the suffering of others: me."

"Well, all of that disappeared when you ratted me out!"

Vivian ignored him. "Do you remember when we first met? When my parents heard your parents abusing you and called the police? I was living in the house across the street, and the both of us were fifteen at the time. I watched it all, and you were crying; you were pleased that the abuse will finally end, and yet, you were also sad that your parents will no longer be a part of your life, for you were still dependent on them despite the suffering they inflicted on you.

"But I told you that you didn't need them anymore, because all they'll ever do is give you more abuse and they will not stop. I told you that I'll take care of you, and from that point on, I helped you recover. There was need for you to move far from me, for the foster family you were put into lived on the same street as us. And by the time you were relieved of your trauma, it was clear for the both of us that there was something deeper than just friendship inside us, deep in our hearts. It was love. And we highlighted all of it when we kissed for the first time, on that hill, under the stars. My, don't you remember that, David?"

David growled in reply, "No. I don't wanna remember anymore. All of those memories are NOTHING to me now. I don't need them."

Vivian's lip trembled as Jack crept up behind an unsuspecting David; Isabella and Gretchen realized why Vivian had begun talking.

"If you say so then, David," said Vivian. "I'm sorry."

And with that, Jack grabbed the pipe from David's hand, and with one swift motion, the bomber was knocked out with his own weapon just as lightning flashed, his unconscious body falling to the wet asphalt ground like a collapsing pile of fresh bricks. Vivian sniffled as she looked on at her ex-boyfriend's form, and Jack hugged her. "It's okay, Vivian," he said.

Meanwhile, Isabella and Gretchen examined David's body. Isabella couldn't help but now feel pity for her father.

Ferb saw a shade of green before he felt his torso collide painfully with a branch, and the British boy grunted in pain as he tumbled down the many branches of the tree that gracefully cushioned his fall. Finally, he reached the last branch before falling at least a foot onto the grassy ground. Spitting out a leaf, Ferb tried standing up, but the many bruises sustained from the fall put much strain in his motion. Five minutes have passed when Ferb was able to stand upright, and yet, he felt as if he was going to fall down again.

Groggily examining his surroundings with eyes blurred from his fall as well as the continuously falling rain, Ferb backed into a tree trunk and found himself staring at a familiar surrounding, though he didn't know what. But before he can find out, a creaking sound rumbled behind him, and it wasn't thunder: Ferb turned around to see with improving vision the rollercoaster track collapsing. It pained him to watch his first major invention with Phineas as it became reduced to a pile of rubble. He felt as if his childhood was slipping away, never to come back, just floating away with the rain-filled air, into the rubble. Looking away from the heart-wrenching sight, Ferb then realized that he was back in the Flynn-Fletcher backyard.

"Hello, Ferb."

Ferb twirled around and saw Phineas perched on a branch of the backyard tree, a smile on his face. Ferb looked at the ruins of the rollercoaster, the remains of the greatest activity he had ever done with Phineas, his friend, his stepbrother...no, his brother. And now, their work was now up in ashes, and worse yet, he was about to square off against Phineas in a fight, possibly to the death.

Ferb's hand dove into the pocket that held the Turn-Everything-Good-Inator, but found it empty. The invention had most likely fallen off during his fight with Phineas in the rollercoaster cart.

Sighing, Ferb looked back at Phineas, who said, "Time to finish this."

Ferb held back tears as he replied, "Bring it on."

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