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The Battle for Phineas, Part 1 of 5

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Chapter 19 Summary: It's what you've all been waiting for: the battle for the world, the galaxy, the multiverse, and best yet, summer!

Phineas knew he had to do something, and quickly. In the true reality, his reality, the Shadow was either making the final preparations to conquer the world, or was already doing it. Walking down the concrete sidewalk, the young, redheaded inventor watched as his father's house grew closer and closer. It wasn't Lawrence he was going to, but Phillip, for Phineas knew that only his biological father would hold an answer to his problem. Finally stepping onto the house's front patio, Phineas pressed the doorbell and heard the ringing reverberate throughout the house's interior.

The door opened, and Phineas gasped as he stared at not Phillip, but the Shadow.

"Good to see you again, boy."

Everything around Phineas and the Shadow once again dissolved into smoke, and the smoke revolved around the two in a vortex of color and sound. Phineas didn't notice; instead, he stared daggers at the Shadow, at his maliciously green eyes as they burned with triumph. The Shadow stared back, an evil smile on his face. Finally, everything settled back into place as the Shadow's reality, and Phineas's feet landed softly and smoothly on the cold, uneven ground.

"Now what do you want?" Phineas asked angrily.

"I just wanted to thank you for loaning me your life," replied the Shadow. "After all, you sure have one good life. Had I been created in someone else, his or her life would prove to be inadequate and useless to my gains, unlike your life. And now, thanks to the life you once lived, the world is about to recognize its true master!"

Phineas's eyes widened. The Shadow was definitely about to conquer everything he knew.

"NO!" he cried. "You can't! You can't conquer the world!"

"Oh, I can. And I've just found out that not only there is just your world to conquer, but many others all over the galaxy! Does the name Meap sound familiar to you?"

Phineas gasped, the familiarity of Meap immediately flowing inside him. "YOU MONSTER!"

The Shadow cackled briefly. "And that's not all! There are other dimensions that I can conquer, and those dimensions have their own interpretations of the Milky Way galaxy, all up for my grabs! My empire will extend throughout the galaxy and the multiverse! Man, imagine all of that POWER! All of it, clutched in my fist! And it's all thanks to you!"

"Wait," Phineas said, "what other dimensions?"

"You probably don't remember what happened. Here, let me show you!"

A projection was displayed on the purple mist ahead, and a series of images flashed by Phineas's eyes as the boy watched in shock. The images all depicted his forgotten adventure in the 2nd Dimension. Memories started flooding back into Phineas's mind, semi-audible voices seemed to speak to him in a dream-like state...

"Good morning, Perry. Now that's the way to wake up. This is gonna be the best day ever!"

"You know, if we had TWO Perrys, we could put a net between them and play Platypult Badminton!"

"Who's Annette?"

"I'm Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, but my friends call me... I just got into such a funk."

"Oh, there you are, Perry."

"Hey, Dr. D! Look at this! You're famous here!"

"Oh, oh, this is rich! I see what's going on here! You, you really think that he's your pet, don't you? WRONG! He's using you! You're just his cover! He's a secret agent!"


"You're a secret agent?"

"Are there four of you in this room?"

"Five, counting Perry."

"Summer. It sounds dangerous yet oddly compelling. What is it?"

"Whatcha doin'?"

"I'll do whatever it takes to protect the ones I love."


"Phineas! CATCH!"

"Perry, trust me!"

"Alright, everyone! Let's kick some robot chassis!"

"Ya know something, kid? You've been a thorn in my side all day long. But that's about to change right now!"


"Yes, yes, the next fifteen minutes should be a real hoot. Then of course, Agent P will be sent away forever."

"I never built an Amnesia-Inator! ...I think I'd remember building something like that."

"Well, we've had a lot of great days, but we only have one Perry."

"Hey, buddy. Ferb and I just wanted to say our goodbyes. You know, we thought we'd met the real you when we found out you were Agent P. But the fact is, pet, secret agent, they're both the real you. You are now, and always have been, a great pet. We're gonna miss you, Agent P. ...I love you, pal."

"Sir, are you crying?"

"No, I'm sweating through my eyes."

Finally, there was one memory that caught Phineas's attention...

"Uh, Major Monogram?"

"Uh, yes?"

"So, none of us will remember any of today?"

"That's right."


Isabella sounded as if she was kissing someone with all of her might.


"Hit it, Carl!"

"Wait, wait, WAIT!"

Phineas blinked and looked at the ground. Most of his memories had come back to him, like the revelation of Perry being a secret agent. And yet, not all of the memories were recovered. For example, he couldn't exactly remember whom Isabella kissed, and he wasn't able to hear the voices concerning that specific memory. The boy looked at his evil doppelganger, who smiled back evilly.

"Do you remember now, boy?" he asked.

"Most of it."

"What a shame. Meh, who cares? I'm not gonna waste my time helping you remember, for I've got an empire to establish. And you will be granted a front-row seat in witnessing everything fall before me! Oh wait, there's no front-row seat, for you're gonna be the only one watching! HAHAHA!"

Before Phineas can react, a cage descended from nowhere and enclosed him in its iron grasp.

"NO!" Phineas cried. "LET ME OUT, SHADOW!"

"Okay," replied the Shadow.


"Kidding! HAHAHAHAHA!"

Phineas growled in rage as his evil doppelganger walked away into the purple mist, still cackling.


But the Shadow just disappeared into the mist, his maniacal cackling echoing in the atmosphere. Phineas knelt down and slammed his fists onto the ground in rage. When the cackling persisted in its echoing, the boy then covered his ears, blocking his sense of hearing from being assaulted by the Shadow's triumphant laughing. He was left in a position that would make some question his sanity.

Still covering his ears, Phineas began to cry, with only his memories to cheer him up. And yet, those efforts would be fruitless.

He had lost.

"What's the boss doing?" asked Rodney as he curiously examined the sleeping form of his leader, the Phineas of the current timeline. It was currently 7:48 A.M., and the morning sun was shining through the single window. Two days had passed since the Red Triangle's captives had escaped for the second time, with the help of the Freedom Fighters.

"Probably chillin' out," Byron replied.

"Well," said Helmetair, "if he's chillin' out, then he sure does a whole lot of it!"

"He's not chilling out."

The three villains looked behind them with short yelps of shock and surprise and found Emperor Phineas standing before them, his arms crossed, his foot tapping itself against the cleaned floor of the guestroom.

"Oh, sir!" Rodney greeted nervously. "I mean, future sir! I mean-"

"Spare me," Emperor Phineas cut off. "I know what my past self is doing, and I'd prefer that you wouldn't intrude on his sleep as he does so."

"Yes, sir," replied Byron, and he left the guestroom and back into the DEI laboratory, followed by the two L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. members.

Once the trio was out of sight, Emperor Phineas looked at his younger self, only to find him already awake. The two separate humans, yet one soul, smiled grimly at one another.

"So," the emperor said, "what'd you do to that boy?"

"I ensured that he'd bear witness as the world, the universe, and the multiverse he knows falls before us, and that he'd feel a whole lot of pain."

"Very effective. That's what I did to my Phineas."

"What're you doing to him now?"

"I just let him wander about in my psychological reality, wandering around hopelessly until I die."

Phineas smiled maliciously. "Lovely. That's cuttin' it deep right there. I'll do that to my Phineas after we fully establish my empire!"

"Remember, Shadow, you still have to take care of those Freedom Fighters before we get to business!"

"I have Doof Clones scouting the whole of Danville for them, and they have orders to exterminate them upon sighting, without any survivors."

"Looking for them won't work," Emperor Phineas placed his hands on his hips. "Those Freedom Fighters, the ones that came here to your timeline, are clever, very clever. They know exactly where to hide, exactly where we can't find them. I should know because I had to put up with their useless yet bold resisting for an entire decade. Probably the best thing for us to do is to lure them out. Use a ruse, an efficient one, and watch as they fall into our trap."

"And exactly what kind of ruse are you suggesting?" asked Phineas.

"We attack Danville."

Meanwhile, outside the guestroom, Bloodpudding gasped as he eavesdropped on the conversation between his leader and the emperor. Looking at his three comrades, he motioned them to return to the room storing the Red Triangle's Goozims. Diminuitive, Blair, and Tancien all nodded at his signal and followed him inside the room, where the Goozims were sleeping contently. Knowing better than to speak in outside voices, the four scientists talked to each other in whispers.

"What're we gonna do?" asked Diminuitive. "Knowing our so-called leader, he's definitely gonna go with annihilating Danville!"

"We have to stop him!" Bloodpudding replied.

"But how?" Blair asked. "Now that the emperor and his forces are allies, there's no stopping especially the latter! There's an infinite amount of soldiers, humans, aliens, and other-dimensional creatures alike!"

"I don't know. But we have to think of something, and quick!"

Suddenly, the door opened, and Sharpeard and Bulkare stepped into the room.

"Hey, there you guys are!" greeted Sharpeard. "We were wondering where you four went!"

"Why're you all hiding out in here?" Bulkare asked.

"Nothing," replied Tancien. "We thought we'd just talk in private."

"Without the rest of L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N.'s knowledge?"

"It's nothing important," said Bloodpudding. "It's about chess, and the Inator I plan to create, which will ensure the user gives checkmates to his or her opponent immediately."

"Oh," Sharpeard replied. "Well, come on; both of our bosses have some announcements to make."

The four scientists gulped, knowing what kind of announcement it was, but they smiled innocently and followed their two acquaintances out of the Goozim room and into the main laboratory, where they found Rodney, Helmetair, the Tri-State Bombers, the Doof Clones, a few Red Triangle Robots, and several of Emperor Phineas's minions watching as both Phineas and Emperor Phineas stood in front of them. Bloodpudding stood next to Rodney and watched as Phineas, the Phineas of the current timeline, began his speech.

"Red Triangle! We are all aware that we have an army that opposes us at every turn! Well, I initially decided that they should be tracked down and destroyed immediately before we can begin Operation: Brown. But my future self suggested that instead of coming to them, they come to us."

"And how are we gonna do that, boss?" asked Rodney.

"Simple," replied Emperor Phineas. "We attack Danville. Annihilate the streets. Invade neighborhoods. Obliterate everything in our path. We do whatever we wish until the Freedom Fighters respond by retaliating. And what a foolish mistake they would make, for we will be waiting for them with the unbeatable army that is all of you!"

The Red Triangle troops all roared out, and Bloodpudding, Diminuitive, Blair, and Tancien reluctantly joined to maintain their cover.

"So it's settled," Phineas replied. "We reveal ourselves to this wretched city!"

The troops roared out again, and Phineas, smiling, turned to the man dressed in motorcyclist clothing.

"Open up the roof!" the boy ordered.

The man nodded silently and pressed a button on Doofenshmirtz's master computer, the one that had been momentarily destroyed by its user but repaired. The roof of DEI opened up, bathing everyone in the morning sunlight. Both Phineas and Emperor Phineas chuckled, knowing that they were in the presence of absolute victory.

"RED TRIANGLE," Phineas screeched to not only his troops, but all of Danville, "ATTACK!"

The assault on Danville was disastrous. The Aerial-Class Robots began the attack by flying out of DEI first and raiding all nearby buildings with barrages of missiles. Then, the rest followed.

Phineas and Ferb's inventions were causing a deal of mayhem. Rover began snatching anything in its way with its mouth full of razor-sharp teeth. The Sun-Beater 3000 flew across downtown Danville, firing its weapons at every surrounding skyscraper as its riders fired at what was left with machine guns. The Brobots fired at pedestrians with their machine guns and were difficult to take down due to their armor-like exteriors of iron. The Treehouse Robots smashed and pummeled a particular amount of structures, and not a street was found without smoking piles of rubble.

L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N.'s inventions also resulted in destruction. Sharpeard's Turn-Automobiles-Into-Evil-Robots-Inator turned numerous vehicles at a car store into an army of robots that captured many civilians. Bulkare's Anger-Inator turned friends into enemies. Doofenshmirtz's Destruct-Inator, well, destroyed everything standing in its way. And Doofenshmirtz's Very-Very-Bad-Inator was also used, although its user, Rodney, found hitting people with it a monstrously difficult task, much like the Inator's creator.

The fighting expertise of the O.W.C.A. agents was unmatched. Pedestrians attempting to fight back fell before the wrath of Bertrand the Bear and Duke the Duck. Edwina the Eagle and Owen the Owl circled around a tall skyscraper, all the while shooting at the people seeking shelter on its many floors. Kenneth the Kitty and Kenny the Kangaroo led a squad of Doof Clones, Brobots, and Melee-Class Robots inside the Googolplex Mall to find anyone seeking shelter inside; anyone who was discovered was captured.

Anyone who encountered the Goozims didn't stand a chance against the beasts, and the streets were littered with bloody bodies. No one could successfully hide from the monsters either; the Goozims used their freakish ability to take on the shape of its environment to crawl through man-sized holes to reach its intended victims.

The Red Triangle Robots were difficult to take down due to their arsenal of weapons and durable armor. A man desperately threw a Molotov cocktail at a Range-Class Beta Sub-Class Robot, but the robot persisted, obviously not being affected by the flames that engulfed it. Meanwhile, an army of Defense-Class Robots shielded themselves and several other Red Triangle troops from an attack by the U.S. Army; no missiles or bullets were successful in penetrating the robots' reinforced shields.

But out of all of the Red Triangle's weapons, Phineas's Doomsday machine was wreaking the most havoc. Helmetair happily commandeered the machine as its numerous tentacles viciously tore through a skyscraper, causing it to implode within minutes and turn into rubble. The mighty machine then proceeded to do the same with the next structure, and fifteen minutes have passed when the female evil scientist brought down her thirtieth building.

As for the forces provided by Emperor Phineas, they were large in quantities, and they just kept on coming through the portal that led into the future where the emperor was in charge. Every time the numbers decreased for the Red Triangle's troops, the numbers would then triple in response. The megalomaniacal organization was unstoppable.

At DEI, Phineas, Emperor Phineas, David, the motorcyclist, and Bulkare watched with pleasure as their troops began to move out into Danville's suburban section, leaving a devastated downtown in its wake. Phineas cackled with all of his might, savoring the victorious moment that he greatly anticipated. It won't be long until the attention of the Freedom Fighters is caught, and the warriors would come to save the day, only to get captured by the massive opposing forces.

"It won't be long," noted Phineas. "Once those meddling fools come to stop us, we capture them on the spot and get them executed!"

"Remember, Phineas," Emperor Phineas replied, "those Freedom Fighters are sneaky. They will find a way to win."

"Correct. But not if I can help it." The boy turned to David and the motorcyclist. "You two, go command the troops."

"Yes, sir!" replied David, but the motorcyclist just nodded. Phineas stared at him suspiciously.

"Not much of a talker, are you?" the boy said.

"No, no they are not," replied Emperor Phineas. He then looked at his inferior. "Go."

The motorcyclist nodded again before taking out a sphere, pressing a green button, and throwing it into the air; the tiny object then unfolded into a futuristic motorcycle, which landed on the ground smoothly. The motorcyclist jumped onto it, followed by David, and the two sped off. Phineas then looked at Bulkare.

"Bulkare, stay here and guard that portal."

"Yes, sir!"

"Me, accompany me as I oversee the destruction somewhere else."

"Sure thing," replied Emperor Phineas.

"By the way, if you have a device that allows you to travel back in time, why not just prevent those Freedom Fighters from coming onto that island?"

Emperor Phineas smiled grimly. "I thought I'd make things more fun for myself."

Phineas smiled back. "That's me, all right!"

Still manning the Very-Very-Bad-Inator, Rodney led the Red Triangle troops as they began annihilating the suburbs. Families ran in fear, and houses were demolished entirely. The evil scientist cackled as he watched a Red Triangle Treehouse Robot grab a man, separating him from his wife and children as they cried out. The man struggled in the wooden robot's grip, but stopped as he stared into the robot's face, at its user, a Doof Clone, who cackled as he aimed a head-mounted machine gun at the father.

"DADDY!" one of the children cried.

Suddenly, a baseball bat flew out of nowhere, smacking the Doof Clone in the head and knocking him out, causing the robot to fall over and drop the father in the process. However, the Sun-Beater 3000, definitely not the Red Triangle's Sun-Beater 3000, flew into the scene, and the father landed safely in the cockpit. The father shook his head to alleviate his shock and examined the jet's riders: Holly, Katie, their 2nd Dimension counterparts, and two Waterfront Girls, the Fireside Girls of Thaddeus and Thor.

Meanwhile, Rodney watched in shock as the Freedom Fighters Sun-Beater 3000 landed smoothly on the ground, opened its cockpit to allow the man to reunite with his family, and then flew off again, towards none other than the Freedom Fighters' army. The 1st Dimension children were in the same inventions they were in when they fought Doofenshmirtz-2's Norm Bots, although Ferb was now with Perry on the Freedom Fighters Rover, holding his own baseball launcher, while Linda and Lawrence were inside one of the treehouse robots with Candace. All eight Freedom Fighters stared at the Red Triangle troops, the ones that were under the command of Emperor Phineas. Doofenshmirtz, Charlene, and Vanessa stood in front of the former's Inators. There was also the Seattle O.W.C.A. agents, led by Peter the Panda, all in their best fighting stances. The spies from the British Spy Union were riding either fancy cars or high-tech helicopters; Agent Double 0-0 was riding a motorcycle. Meap and his Intergalactic Security Agency colleagues were in their respective jets, arming their weapons in preparation for the fight. Professor Poofenplotz stared on angrily from her spider-like transport vehicle, her automated inventions standing behind it with their might. The Martians were all grouped into a gargantuan Martian that snarled menacingly at the opposing troops. The fans of both Space Adventure and Stumbleberry Finkbat readied their weapons. Buck Buckerson and his friends all revved up their monster trucks' engines. Thaddeus, Thor, and their friends, all armed with Thaddeus and Thor's inventions, had their arms crossed as they stared daggers at their enemies. And last but not least, all of the Resistance were in stylized fighting poses, while Doofenshmirtz-2 was manning his personal robot.

Ferb announced, "There's no way this world, this galaxy, and the multiverse will fall before you! We WILL NOT let you succeed! FREEDOM FIGHTERS, ATTACK!"

Every Freedom Fighter issued a battle cry together and charged forward with all of their might.

Rodney gasped and looked at the troops. "RED TRIANGLE, CHARGE!"

Every Red Triangle soldier issued a battle cry together and charged forward towards their opponents.

Both armies ran miles within minutes, and the earth trembled. This powerful shaking extended for miles, and everyone in the Tri-State Area could practically feel it. The two armies closed in on each other and...

The collision was powerful, and it sent out a shockwave that knocked everything back. A flock of birds, a group of incoming news helicopters, debris that was in a ten-block radius. And the battle, the war for the world, for the galaxy, for the multiverse, for all of summer, had begun.

The treehouse robot ridden by Candace, Linda, and Lawrence was thrown back by a Red Triangle Treehouse Robot, but the wooden robot retaliated with a couple of punches to its opponent. Meap yelled out in triumph as their jet flew by their Red Triangle doppelganger, having riddled it with bullets seconds earlier, but the opposing jet was still functioning and it followed the alien, firing its own guns as it did. The Destruct-Inator belonging to the Freedom Fighters began destroying numerous Red Triangle Robots. Doofenshmirtz-2's Goozims immediately began overwhelming the 1st Dimension's Goozims, proving the creature's superior strength in the 2nd Dimension. The future selves of Jeremy, Stacy, and Coltrane engaged several O.W.C.A. agents, led by Kenneth the Kitty, in battle. Poofenplotz's vehicle began dueling with a futuristic version of it, manned by one of Emperor Phineas's followers. Stacy-2 and Jenny-2 worked together to defeat a squad of Red Triangle Robots, Doof Clones, and enslaved monkeys that tried to apprehend them before high-fiving. Thaddeus, Thor, and Mandy used the former two's inventions to bring down numerous Red Triangle troops, and were able to defeat hundreds within a span of five minutes. Isabella, riding the modified kiddie-ride unicorn, distracted an Aerial-Class Robot, giving Future Isabella the chance to run up a Red Triangle Treehouse Robot to reach the mechanical soldier and decapitate it with a double-bladed sword. Agent Double 0-0 sped past numerous Red Triangle Robots, shooting them down with a pistol. And every Freedom Fighter used the Turn-Everything-Good-Inators to turn O.W.C.A. agents and children alike back into their normal state.

Rodney watched fearfully as the Red Triangle began falling before the Freedom Fighters and was about to take out his walkie-talkie when it exploded.

"What the?"

Doofenshmirtz appeared, holding a remote, and asked his arch-rival, "So Rodney, d'you like my Destroy-Walkie-Talkies-Inator?"


Doofenshmirtz had punched Rodney in the face, and the evil villain tumbled off the Very-Very-Bad-Inator. Angered, Rodney wiped the blood flecked on his mouth before facing his opponent.

"Looks like this is round two of our fight, Doofenshmirtz!" he snarled.

"Bring it on, Rodney!"


"I've had enough of your full name, Rodney! There's a disadvantage in having to say it, ya know!"

"You dare bad-mouth my rightful name, Doofenshmirtz?"

"Yes, I dare!"


Rodney lunged for Doofenshmirtz, but the scientist jumped out of the way and Rodney instead slammed his face against the keyboard of the Very-Very-Bad-Inator. Doofenshmirtz chuckled, but that turned into a gasp as his opponent took out a stun gun and began firing. Doofenshmirtz dodged every laser and threw a large pebble at Rodney's head, hitting him with full accuracy and causing the villain to drop his weapon. Doofenshmirtz lunged for it, as did Rodney, and the two grabbed the firearm at the same time before beginning to struggle for dominant control over it. Finally, the stun gun accidentally slipped out of their hands and into the air, and Doofenshmirtz kicked Rodney in the stomach, then reached out for the gun as it fell towards his hand.

However, Rodney seized the chance to punch Doofenshmirtz in the face and grab the stun gun. He then aimed it at his opponent and shot him thrice, incapacitating him. Chuckling maliciously, Rodney put the stun gun back into the pocket of his lab coat and then procured the ray gun guaranteed to kill its victims with one laser, the contraption Phineas called the Death Ray. Unlocking the gun's safety, Rodney laughed briefly as he aimed the futuristic weapon at Doofenshmirtz's, whose eyes widened in shock as he struggled to crawl away.

"Goodbye, Doofenshmirtz," Rodney said as he prepared to pull the trigger.

Suddenly, Vanessa ran into the fray and shoved Rodney to the ground, grabbing both the Death Ray and the stun gun, the latter of which Vanessa use to incapacitate Rodney with two shots. Charlene also arrived and helped her ex-husband up onto his feet, and Vanessa approached her father.

"Dad, are you okay?" she asked.

"Yeah," replied Doofenshmirtz. He then smiled proudly. "Hey, you saved me!"

Vanessa smiled back. "Anything for my dad."

"Aw, that's just the sweetest thing," said a recuperated Rodney as he manned the Very-Very-Bad-Inator. "Too bad I'm gonna have to ruin it for you!"

The Doofenshmirtzes gasped as Rodney pressed the button and the Very-Very-Bad-Inator fired a laser at them. Unfortunately for Rodney, the Inator recoiled upon firing and instead sent a laser into the forest.


"Welcome to my world, Rodney!" Doofenshmirtz replied as he stabbed his own Inator with what appeared to be a large nail. However, the nail's head turned out to be a self-destruct button, which Doofenshmirtz quickly pressed.


Rodney was thrown backward as the Very-Very-Bad-Inator exploded, and the evil scientist collided with the leg of Candace's Treehouse Robot, rendering him unconscious and badly injured. The Doofenshmirtz family all let out cheers of joy, and Doofenshmirtz noted, "Yep, my Self-Destruct-Inator works!"

"I'm so sorry, Doofenshmirtz," a voice said, "but your luck has run out for you and your wretched family!"

Sharpeard had appeared, riding on the shoulder of a large, red robot created by his Turn-Automobiles-Into-Evil-Robots-Inator. The scientist smirked at the three Doofenshmirtzes as he motioned his robot to attack them.

"Now, SAY GOODBYE!" Sharpeard roared.


Doofenshmirtz-2 was commandeering his robot at it ran towards Sharpeard's. Before Sharpeard's robot can stop its opponent, it was already knocked down by a spring-loaded punch. Doofenshmirtz-2 then seized the chance to attack his enemy while it was down, controlling his robot to kick Sharpeard's repeatedly. However, Sharpeard was able to get his robot to grab a fallen tree, which it swung at the face of the Doofenshmirtz-2 robot, knocking it down. Hitting the robot again with the tree, Sharpeard then had his robot grab its opponent's head and prepared to deliver the final blow when...

"Stay away from our master or be destroyed!"

A squad of Norm Bots began swarming around Sharpeard's robot, and it released Doofenshmirtz-2's robot to swat away at the smaller robots. The Norm Bots retaliated by firing their lasers at Sharpeard's robot's head repeatedly until it fell off, deactivating the robot and causing it to collapse, with Sharpeard screaming wildly. The Norm Bots then helped their creator out of his robot, and the Doofenshmirtzes ran up to him.

"You all right, me?" asked Doofenshmirtz.

"Just fine," replied Doofenshmirtz-2. Charlene stepped forward and hugged her ex-husband's doppelganger.

"Thanks for saving us, uh, Heinz," she said.

"Oh, you're welcome."

The two parted and Charlene examined Doofenshmirtz-2.

"You know," she said, smiling devilishly, "that eyepatch of yours, with the scar running across it, makes you look handsome..."

Doofenshmirtz-2 giggled nervously, while Doofenshmirtz, beginning to seethe with jealousy, beckoned to his ex-wife.

"That's nice, Charlene," Doofenshmirtz said with a near-growl that Vanessa noticed, making her giggle, "but we have to move."

"Oh, no you don't!"

Sharpeard had crawled out of the wreckage of his robot and aimed his Death Ray gun at the four when a Norm Bot shot a laser that obliterated the firearm, causing the villain to scream. Two more Norm Bots hovered towards Sharpeard, seized him, and lightly slammed his against the wreckage, while a third Norm Bot began tying him to the debris. Finished, the three Norm Bots joined the rest of their kind as they escorted the four Doofenshmirtzes away from the scene.


Ferb and Perry watched from their Rover as a jet circled around the sky, doing nothing. Judging from its red color and the fact that it was the essential shape of Phineas's face, the British boy and the platypus agent knew it held his stepbrother. He turned to Candace's Treehouse Robot, Isabella, and Future Isabella.

"Guys!" he called. "See that red triangular jet?"

The robot gave him a thumbs-up to signal that Candace, Linda, and Lawrence were indeed seeing it. Isabella and Future Isabella nodded.

"Then let's get to Phineas!"

Meanwhile, Django cheered with joy as he commandeered the robotic shark to swallow numerous Red Triangle Robots. He looked at the others who were accompanying him inside the fearsome invention: his parents and the Sweetwater family.

"Did you see that?" he asked.

"Yeah!" replied Beppo. "That was awesome, son!"

"Shark incoming!" Mr. Sweetwater cried, pointing out

"What do you mean?" asked Beppo. "We're already in a shark!"

"No, I mean THAT shark!"

The Red Triangle's robotic shark was levitating towards their robotic shark, also being lifted by a helicopter drone. Inside, Sid was cackling with sadism as he prepared to attack the opposing shark.

"HAHAHA! I'm gonna make you pay for what you did to my hand, boy!" roared Sid, flexing his robotic hand as he closed in on Django's shark.

"Steer us away, Django!" Adyson cried.

"I'm trying!" Django replied as he tried steering his shark away from Sid's, but it was too slow. Cackling, Sid controlled the shark to sever the rope levitating Django's shark up in the air, and the machine fell to the street below. Fortunately, the shark fell only a few feet and the passengers weren't injured.

"HA!" exclaimed Sid. "Now, time for the GRAND FINALE!"

Missile launchers flipped themselves out from his shark's underside, and Django saw this through the shark's eye.

"We've got to go!" he screamed.

Mrs. Brown opened a hatch and the Brown and Sweetwater families immediately climbed out of the shark, just as Sid, still cackling, fired several missiles. The missiles hit the machine and it exploded, sending a shock wave that threw both families back and they all tumbled farther down the asphalt street. Sid noticed this and switched the helicopter lifting his shark into autopilot before opening his own hatch. Procuring rope, the bomber tied it to a pipe and slid down to the ground. Letting go of the rope, Sid landed smoothly on the concrete sidewalk and stalked towards Django, who was struggling to recuperate from being thrown back and get up. Snickering, Sid grabbed Django's hair with his hand, the one that still had flesh, and held him up into the air, cackling as the boy screamed from the pain of being lifted by the hairs.

"YES!" snarled Sid. "Now you feel the pain I felt when you cut off my hand with my own switchblade. My own switchblade! And yet, that's not how I'll find closure to my revenge against you."

Sid's robotic hand transformed into a shiny blade. Django's eyes widened, and Sid's tooth-bared grin became more pronounced. Little did he notice Adyson sneaking towards him, a discarded baseball bat in her hand.

"THIS is how I'm gonna get closure! I'll torture you, and I'll make sure that it's slow and painful, so that you'll receive maximum suffering. And once I'm bored with you and I've had my fun and I make the decision to finish you off for good, you'll be begging me to end it all! Quite understandable for you to make such a command, since you inadvertently helped ensure the Red Triangle's victory, anyway! You'd want to make this world safe from anymore of your idiotic wrongdoings."

Django growled and began struggling angrily, but his movements were limited by the pain assaulting his scalp as his hairs seemed to rip under Sid's grasp. Sid emitted a short laugh before preparing to strike.

"Do worry, Django," he said. "This is gonna hurt on so many levels..."

Adyson took this time to swing the baseball bat across Sid's leg. The bomber's scream pierced the air as Django collapsed to the ground. The Fireside Girl grabbed her friend and half-dragged him away from Sid, who recovered from the blow and transformed his hand from a blade into a grappling claw.

"COME BACK HERE, BOY!" he called as he fired the claw towards Django. However, it grabbed Adyson instead and she was abruptly dragged backward towards Sid; she released her grip from Django as a result.

"ADYSON!" Django cried.

"DJANGO!" screamed Adyson as Sid grabbed her and his robotic hand reverted back into a shotgun barrel, which he pressed against the girl's temple.

"Whoo-hoo!" Sid said. "I think I know a better torture that I can give you! Psychological torture! And I'll start by killing your girl!"

Django instinctively procured a gadget Thaddeus had given him, a flashlight that fires a ray of the brightest light known to man: up-close sunlight.

"ADYSON!" he called. "CLOSE YOUR EYES!"

Adyson nodded and immediately shut her eyes. Sid glanced at Django's flashlight and cackled.

"OH, YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME-" he taunted, but Django activated the flashlight, assaulting his sights with the ray of light for a split-second. "AAARRRGGGHHH! MY EYES! MY PRECIOUS EYES!"

Adyson seized the chance to escape Sid and ran to her parents, who had recovered and stood up. Meanwhile, Django watched as Sid stumbled around, blinded by the light that was fired at him.


Sid had bumped into the wreckage of Django's robotic shark and fallen to the ground.

"Come on, Django!" called Beppo. "We have to go!"

"No!" Django replied. "We have to stop this madness!"

"How?" asked Adyson. Django looked at her.

"We go to DEI."

"What?" exclaimed Mr. Sweetwater. "Isn't that where Phineas is?"

"Yes." Django took out the Turn-Everything-Good-Inator Doofenshmirtz supplied him. "That's where we will turn him back to normal!"

"You can't go there, Django!" protested Mrs. Brown. "It's dangerous!"

Adyson walked to Django's side, and her parents' eyes widened. "Nothing's dangerous as long as one has company," she said. "Besides, we have people on the inside, remember? Those scientists?"

"No, Adyson," Mrs. Sweetwater said. "We're not letting you, or Django, go to that place, no matter if there's help waiting there!"

"Every time any of us tries to go there," protested Django, "they are stopped by the Red Triangle! The enemy isn't taking any notice to us, so I suggest we seize the chance to go there!"

"But we don't approve," Mr. Sweetwater replied. "You're not going in there unless an adult voices his approval."

"I approve." Beppo stepped beside his son, and Mrs. Brown looked at him in shock.

"Honey-" she began, but Beppo cut her off.

"I'll protect these two. You and the Sweetwaters go hide, but these two know what to do. If we want to stop this, I suggest that we listen to our children if they know a solution. And they do. Go on and disapprove my actions if you all want, but my son and his friend are going to DEI with me behind them, watching their backs."

Mrs. Brown replied, "But you? You're the only adult accompanying them, while the rest of us don't want to do it! Who else is gonna come with you to protect the kids?"

"We will."

Doofenshmirtz, Vanessa, Charlene, Doofenshmirtz-2, Baljeet-2, Norm, and a Norm Bot were all walking towards them. Doofenshmirtz and Doofenshmirtz-2 were riding the latter's tandem bike, which was now outfitted with a machine gun. Norm was in his truck mode, numerous artillery practically encasing the exterior. Vanessa, Charlene, and Baljeet-2 were all armed with Turn-Everything-Good-Inators and stun guns.

"We'll protect those two," said Doofenshmirtz-2 to Mrs. Brown. "You have our word."

"I don't know-" the woman began, but the Norm Bot spoke up.

"Obey my master or be destroyed."

"I think you should probably listen to my counterpart," noted Norm.

Mrs. Brown immediately replied to Beppo, "Be careful, honey. And promise me our little boy will be okay."

"I promise," Beppo said.

The Sweetwater couple looked at each other reluctantly before looking at Adyson. Finally, both knelt down and hugged their only daughter.

"Be careful, Adyson," said Mrs. Sweetwater. "Do whatever Mr. Brown says and stay with him and Django at all times."

"I will, Mom," Adyson replied. She parted with her parents and looked at her father, who looked back at her sadly.

"Who would've known this day would come?" he said, more to himself than to his wife and daughter. "My little girl is walking across a battlefield, in the middle of a disastrous crossfire, and we just have to watch as the chances of her getting shot down increase by the second."

"Dad," Adyson said. "Just do what you told me to do at that office five years ago."

"Which is?"

Adyson smiled. "Believe in hope."

Django smiled, as did Mr. Sweetwater.

"Wow. Never thought you actually remember that. You were so young..." Mr. Sweetwater's eyes began to well with tears. "...so fragile...so innocent..."

"Just keep believing."

Adyson kissed her father in the cheek before joining Django, Beppo, Vanessa, Charlene, and Baljeet-2 inside Norm, and the robot sped off, followed by the two Doofenshmirtzes on their tandem bike as well as the Norm Bot. as they walked away towards DEI, Mrs. Brown and Mr. and Mrs. Sweetwater watching sadly.

Inside Norm, Adyson looked at Django and smiled at him.

"Django?" she asked. Django looked at her.

"Yeah, Adyson?"

"Thanks for saving me, back there."

Django's smile was more pronounced.

"No problem."

Little did anyone notice the motorcyclist following them.

With his sights recovering, Sid watched angrily as Norm, the tandem bike, and the Norm Bot all sped off towards the DEI building, followed by the motorcyclist. If they reached it, the bomber knew, then defeat was imminent, for the portal that helped produce most of their troops was there. The motorcyclist following them was not enough might to stop the group from accomplishing their mission. Growling, he took out his walkie-talkie, pressed a button, and spoke into it.

"Bulkare, it's Sid. You've got company heading your way."

"I see them," Bulkare's voice replied from the other end. "I'm dispatching the Doof Cyborg and the Morn Duo to guard DEI."

"Good," said Sid as he put his walkie-talkie back into his pocket. He then wondered what to do next to get his revenge against Django when he spotted Mrs. Brown and the Sweetwaters, still watching their loved ones as they traveled to DEI, and the former bomber smiled. He now knew exactly what to do. Sid chuckled with pleasure as his robotic hand transformed into a machine gun with a bayonet.

Above in the sky, Phineas and Emperor Phineas watched from the latter's personal jet as the Red Triangle continued to fight the Freedom Fighters, identical anger masking their faces.

"No!" Emperor Phineas growled. "We must NOT be defeated!"

"Call in more of your troops!" ordered Phineas.

Emperor Phineas nodded and was about to procure his walkie-talkie when the jet shook seven times. Standing there was the Flynn-Fletcher family, Perry, and both Isabellas, all armed with Turn-Everything-Good-Inators. Growling, Phineas motioned the Doof Clone controlling the jet to begin revolving as it traveled, and the clone obeyed. The jet began spinning as its engines thrust it forward, and Candace, Linda, and Lawrence were soon thrown off; fortunately, they had parachutes, which they activated.

Future Isabella managed to break through the glass protecting the cockpit as the jet still spun; she grabbed Emperor Phineas as she accidentally released her grip on the jet and the two fell out of the jet. The young woman activated her jetpack and grabbed the emperor to rescue him as she flew off, but he began retaliating and the two were soon fighting in midair as Future Isabella struggled to aim Doofenshmirtz's Inator at her friend and crush.

Meanwhile, Ferb, Perry, and Isabella struggled to get through the hole Future Isabella made and reach Phineas. However, the Doof Clone pilot took out a Death Ray gun and began shooting at them; Isabella dodged a laser but accidentally released her grip on the jet in the process, and Ferb and Perry watched with horror as she tumbled off the jet and began plummeting to the city below. They both sighed with relief when a parachute unfolded itself.

The Doof Clone seized the chance to fire another laser at Ferb, but Perry tackled his owner out of the way before procuring a container of Doofenshmirtz's Eulg and poured it all over the glass encasing the cockpit, causing it to disintegrate and expose the cockpit. Having run out of Eulg, Perry then took out a rope and threw it around the Doof Clone, like a cowboy capturing a bull, and threw the clone from the jet. Without a pilot, the jet fell along with the clone until Phineas angrily activated the jet's autopilot mode. Meanwhile, the Doof Clone realized it had a parachute and activated it.

Ferb and Perry fought against the rushing winds as they boarded the cockpit. Phineas growled and took out his stun gun, firing several lasers at the duo, all of which were dodged. Screaming with fury, Phineas threw his weapon at Perry and actually hit him in the head. Ferb gasped as his pet platypus tumbled out of the jet, and his shock intensified when no parachute with an Agent P logo was activated.

"Perry must've been rendered unconscious when that gun hit his head," Ferb concluded in his mind as he continued to watch with escalating fear for another parachute, and yet, there was none. Suddenly, a fist collided with his cheek, and pain assaulted it. Struggling not to cry, Ferb watched as his stepbrother stood over him, anger in his green eyes.

"I'm gonna teach you to meddle with my business, Fletcher!" yelled Phineas over the winds as he grabbed Ferb's shirt collar and then punched him in the face again.

Dizziness flowed into Ferb's head, and his sight became blurry. However, despite the blurriness, he concluded Phineas approaching him and preparing to pick him up again to attack him. Using what little strength he had left, Ferb reluctantly landed a kick on his stepbrother's leg, and watched with recovering vision as Phineas fell on top of the jet's autopilot button, disabling the mechanism. The jet immediately began a full nosedive, and nausea crept into Ferb's stomach as the boy struggled to hold onto a seat, while Phineas held onto the steering wheel.

Ferb managed to look up and saw a rollercoaster track before he was suddenly thrown about, with numerous crashing sounds assaulted his ears, and then everything went as black as night.

Phineas-2 and Ferb-2 watched with horror as the jet they knew was containing their other-dimension selves disappeared below the building levels.

"Ferb!" cried Phineas. "Let's go see if they're okay!"

Ferb nodded and beckoned Platyborg to come with them. Unfortunately, none of them didn't notice Roderick and Byron as the two Tri-State Bombers silently follow them.

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