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Happy Birthday, Dad

A/N: As I read this chapter, I realized how much my OC, Phillip Flynn, was taken by KicsterAsh's own OC, Francis Flynn. I remember seeing her art and being so impressed by it that I wanted to implement it somehow in my first fic. Obviously my fifteen-year-old self's creative faculties weren't as developed at that time, and thus Phillip was written pretty much as a semi-blatant ripoff of Francis. Looking back at it, it's pretty embarrassing, to be honest. I'm way above ripping off the ideas of others without asking for permission first nowadays. :P

Speaking of which, I hear KicsterAsh helped design the older versions of the gang for the episode "Act Your Age". I don't remember if that was confirmed or not, but it's awesome if that was so. Like I said before, the creators, Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh, are so interactive and nice to the fandom.

Anyway, enough reminiscing! On with the chapter. ENJOY!

Chapter 1 Summary: The Flynn-Fletcher family celebrates Dad's birthday. The only problem: the Dad we're talking about isn't Lawrence.

The Flynn-Fletcher household had never been so quiet. Today was very special day for especially the Flynn portion of the family, and yet a single mention of it would bring sadness to any Flynn's eyes instead of happiness. Lawrence and Ferb have long known that it was best to respect the fact that none of the Flynns wanted to talk about it until the day came. For today was the birthday of Phillip Daniel Flynn, Linda's first husband, and Phineas and Candace's biological father.

It wasn't that Phillip was horrible to Linda, or Phineas or Candace, but what really happened hurt all the same. Linda spent most of the day being silent and not committing to her usual routine of going out someplace with Lawrence. Candace would begin the day by not answering her mom's calls to go downstairs for a couple of hours, instead keeping herself shut in her room for the time being. What she did inside there was a mystery, but when she did come downstairs, she would always be clutching her Ducky Momo toy, a beloved present from Phillip during her fourth birthday.

But what Phineas did during that particular day was a pure wreck. He would sometimes spend several minutes being silent before bursting out into fits of sobbing at random times, the frequency of such sobs not taking any discernible pattern and just out of the air. It was up to only Lawrence to assuage his stepson, because if Linda took on the responsibility, she would just join the crying. And if that was worse, the next fact would just tear Ferb and anyone else for that matter to shreds. It was that he never shows any sign of optimism during that day. Not even a flash. It would be during this day that Phineas wouldn't tell Ferb on what they were going to be inventing today, and that the kids of Danville were never going to enjoy the newest products from who they called "The Amazing Phineas and Ferb". Phineas would just spend the day looking downcast and miserable.

Never before would Maple Drive feel so gray.

It was noontime, and the Flynn-Fletcher family was ready to depart. All were wearing their best formal clothes, each of them colored in a depressing black. Lawrence decided to spare Linda of the duty of putting away the dishware by doing it himself. Candace had come out of her room and, as predicted, was clutching her Ducky Momo doll as if it were her last hope of salvation. Phineas and Ferb were both at the doorway, the former not flashing his trademark smile of bright optimism. Perry was beside Phineas, still committing to his mission to look mindless but looking up at his owner with concern.

"All right everyone, let's go," announced Lawrence.

The family exited the house and approached the orange family sedan. Ferb had noticed that during the entire summer, he and Phineas had seldom ridden on it, as they were busy with their big ideas. Opening the door and sitting on a cushion that appeared to be unfamiliar, the green-haired British boy watched as his stepsiblings followed pursuit. Candace was still clutching her Ducky Momo toy.

When Lawrence and Linda seated themselves as well, Lawrence started the sedan's engine and backed the automobile out of the parkway and into the street. Then driving down Maple Drive, the three children watched quietly as the houses beside the sedan moved past them with slight blurs. Phineas was briefly able to spot one of his friends Django Brown, who was riding down the sidewalk on a scooter that looked brand-new, but he didn't bother to say hi.

After a few minutes, the sedan entered a highway and the entire family watched as downtown Danville came into view. Eventually passing into it, Phineas, Ferb, and Candace watched as several buildings they knew flew past them: the Googolplex Mall, Har D Har Toy Corporation, Huge-O-Records, and the Museum of Natural History, amongst other things.

Finally, after taking several more turns, Lawrence made a right and made a stop at the local downtown cemetery.

Without bothering to tell the family they were here, Lawrence opened his door and stepped out of the car, followed by the rest. Walking inside the cemetery, Ferb made another note to himself: it was a rather windy day, and it seemed to match the mood pretty well. Dried leaves and dandelion seeds flew about, slightly spraying them, and the blades of grass seemed to wave at the family as they made their progress toward Phillip's gravestone.

Reaching the gravestone, Lawrence and Ferb both took a few steps back to allow the Flynns some privacy. Candace, still holding Ducky Momo in her grasp, was the one who took a step forward first, and she read the tombstone to herself.

Phillip Daniel Flynn
August 3rd, 1966-August 3rd, 2000
A Beloved Husband and Father
Carpe Diem

A tear slid down Candace's eye. 'Carpe Diem' was Phillip's catchphrase, and though she now found it a bit corny, it always seemed to lighten up Candace's spirits, as well as that of Phineas's.

Feeling a hand slide into hers, she saw that Phineas was holding her hand as he stared at the gravestone, Perry by his side still. Candace smiled, and cogitated on a sentence she once said to him, right after rescuing him from slipping from his grasp and falling to his doom into a river.

"You may be a pain, but you are my brother."

It was one of the few positive comments that Candace made to her brother in recent years, and the one she was the most proud of. All of a sudden, she remembered why she wanted to bust her brothers in the first place, a reason that has long slipped her mind. The moment she first saw Phineas and Ferb building the rollercoaster in their backyard, she knew that they were endangered. What if the thing collapsed on them at any moment? It sure looked fragile. Or what if they fell while finishing the last touches on one of the ride's arches? It sure seemed possible. The thing was, if anything happened to them, then it would be her father all over again, tossing his own life away for the pleasure of his kids. She was determined to never let that happen to them, even if they were designing the most minor of things.

But what annoyed her to an extent on this mission was that somehow everything disappears before her mother shows up. Every effort, every call, every hour of wasting her mother's time was put to its own waste, for there was always nothing in the end but an empty backyard. She sometimes contemplated on giving up, seeing that they haven't suffered even a scrape. But she always remembered her father, and she was re-inspired to pursue the situation again at the next chance.

Looking at Phineas, the teenage girl wondered what her brilliant brother would do next.

Finally, a noise escaped Phineas's mouth. It wasn't a sigh, or a sob, or a short gasp, or anything to indicate that he was going to snap soon. It was a word.


The entire Flynn-Fletcher family watched as Phineas began to speak for the first time today. Even Perry briefly took the risk of blowing his cover by looking at Phineas with regular eyes.

"Happy birthday, Dad. I don't know what you might say to that, maybe a 'Thanks, son' or a 'That's powerful words there, sport'. I wish I could find out how you will say to that; even trying to find out what you'd say to me at this age is interesting to me, apparently. Well, life's good. I'm still maintaining a good relationship with my brother Ferb. Perry's doing fine for a platypus. My current dad is the best stepfather I've ever seen and Mom and Candace are also doing well. And I'm still following what you would always say to me, Dad. Carpe Diem.

"I never waste a minute doing what I can to seize the day, to make every second of summer count. So far, summer's been a blast. I wish I can tell you what Ferb and I did to make summer fun, but I don't want to, you know, to, uh, hog Mom and Candace's speeches to you. I think I used hog correctly; I hear Candace use it sometimes."

Candace made a small smile.

"Anyway, I miss you, Dad," Phineas continued. "I miss the way I wake up to 'Good morning, Inventor Extraordinaire' or how you would fix one of my things or even make a cool invention for me. I miss the way you say 'Carpe Diem' to me and Candace, and how you would do anything to make us happy and make every day of our lives count. I miss everything about you, Dad. I-I... I..."

Phineas was about to burst into tears at this point. Lawrence stepped forward and tried to comfort his son, but it was too late. He practically exploded and his emotions began flooding out like water bursting from a dam.


Phineas then lost himself in his own tears. Linda made the mistake of trying to help her second husband comfort her son, only to start crying herself. With Lawrence trying to juggle between Phineas and Linda, Candace looked down at the ground, downcast.

"You okay?"

Ferb had spoken his first words of the day. Candace looked at her British stepbrother and replied quietly, "I just wish it didn't go down like this. Sometimes I wonder if this could all have been prevented..."

"Sometimes," Ferb said, "it's best if things carry on as planned. It's called fate."

Candace looked at him. "I don't even know why fate does what it does. It might as well be reveling in our pain right now."

Ferb didn't reply to that.

It had taken an hour for Phineas to stop crying. Ferb had seldom seen Phineas cry before, and it was painful when he saw such an occurrence happen. Linda also stopped crying, and she and Candace gave their speeches to Phillip's grave before it was time to leave.

Candace was about to follow her family before she stopped and looked at her Ducky Momo toy. She never noticed that she still had it with her the whole time, and upon looking at it, Candace could feel her four-year-old self looking back at her through the toy's plastic eyes. She suddenly felt a compulsion to do something, but she didn't know what. Giving in to this compulsion, she found herself walking back to Phillip's grave and placing the Ducky Momo doll beside the roses discarded for their deceased father.

"Are you sure?"

It was her mother, a few inches away from her. Candace looked at Linda, then back at the toy, and just replied:

"Nah. I've got another one back at home."

And with that, Candace and Linda followed Phineas, Ferb, and Lawrence back to the sedan while the Ducky Momo toy continued to sit innocently on Phillip's gravestone, beside the roses, becoming coated with the summer leaves.

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