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Terrible Futures and Other Dimensions

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Chapter 18 Summary: After being rescued, Isabella and the others learn the reason of the survival of the Flynn-Fletchers, the Doofenshmirtzes, Baljeet, and Buford. By the end of the day, it's clear that one heck of a fight is underway!

"YOU!" Rodney roared, pointing at Doofenshmirtz. "YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD! ALONG WITH ALL OF THE REST!"

"Too bad, Rodney," replied Doofenshmirtz, smiling. "It's just that you can't kill us!"


While the Red Triangle stared on in shock at Ferb and his comrades, Isabella and the others seized the chance to run over to their friends; the Rai and Van Stomm couples embraced their sons with loving relief, as did Jeremy with Candace. The Morn Duo sprung forward to capture them, but Doofenshmirtz trapped them in a bubble fired by his Coition-Inator. Growling in outrage, Roderick tried to take out his walkie-talkie, but it suddenly made a crackling noise and began spouting electricity; the bomber dropped it with a yelp of surprise, just before the walkie-talkie exploded.

"WHAT THE-?" began Roderick, just before a laser came into his sights and he had to jump out of the way; the laser instead hit an O.W.C.A. agent and rendered it unconscious.

"FREEDOM FIGHTERS, GO!" a new voice called out.

Eight people leapt from the shadows, and they moved so fast that they were blurs. Two of the eight threw several spheres that flashed brilliant rays of light for a split-second, stunning the Red Triangle, before four others engaged them in battle. The Morn Duo managed to break free of the bubbles that imprisoned them and moved in towards Ferb, Isabella, and their friends, but two of the eight landed in front of the robots. Isabella and Gretchen looked on with shock as their older selves motioned them to stay back.

"Get at a safer distance," said Future Isabella to Ferb. "This is gonna get dirty!" The black-haired woman then turned to Future Gretchen. "Gretchen, take the four-armed one! I'm battling the crab-like robot!"

"Aye aye, sir!" Future Gretchen replied, and she leapt onto Morn Alpha's head, punching it with her gloved fists. As for Future Isabella, she ran forward and slid under Morn Beta before it can grab her; procuring a laser gun, the woman began shooting at the robot's underside, and it collapsed in pain, just seconds after Future Isabella made it through the cavity.

"Is that us?" asked Gretchen, pointing at her older self as she struggled to find access to Morn Alpha's wiring.

"Yeah," Ferb replied, backing off. "We'll explain later; for now, we have to run!"


Monogram, and Pinky had appeared behind the group, looking on with zombie-like expressions masking their faces, ready to carry out their single goal. However, Ferb and Candace procured strange ray guns and fired blue lasers at Monogram and Pinky, hitting them with full accuracy. However, the blows didn't send the two O.W.C.A. employees back; instead, they merely shook their heads and looked around.

"What's going on?" asked Monogram. "Where are we?"

"IT WORKS!" Doofenshmirtz exclaimed, catching the superior's attention.

"You!" Monogram cried at the former villain, his eyes narrowing. "What did you do to us?"

Before Monogram can close in on Doofenshmirtz, Perry and Carl stepped in between the two.

"It's okay, sir!" Carl said. "Doofenshmirtz is on our side now!"

"Our side?" Monogram looked at Doofenshmirtz suspiciously, and the scientist smiled back. "I'm not convinced..."

"No, he has, sir!" interjected Vanessa, putting a hand on her father's shoulder. "I can vouch for that!"

"Me too!" Charlene added.

Perry chattered in agreement, and Monogram looked down at the platypus agent, surprised that his best employee was agreeing with this ridiculous fact. Then again, Perry knew Doofenshmirtz for years, Monogram realized, and would be the most sincere towards him if there was any assumption that the evil scientist had turned good.

"If you say so, Agent P," replied Monogram. Meanwhile, Pinky trembled with excitement at the sight of his three colleagues.

"Perry!" barked Pinky. "Fred! Randy!"

"So good to see you again, Pinky!" Perry chattered back. "By the way, your owner's present, if you'd like to know."

Pinky stopped trembling for once and looked up at Isabella, who looked back in shock and betrayal. Gulping, Pinky then flashed an innocent smile, all the while thinking, "Now I know how Perry felt when his owners first discovered his secret..."

"Look," said Monogram, "usually, we do what we have to do right now, but considering what's happening around us, I'll be lenient and save it for later! For now, LET'S RUN! GO, GO, GO!"

"Not if we can help it!"

David and Sid had appeared from the DEI building and approached the group, aiming shotguns at them.

"Now, Isa," David snarled at his daughter, "I don't want to hurt you as much as you don't wanna die by my hand, so I suggested you and your friends come along quietly, or I'll-"

"You'll what? Shoot me?"

The future versions of Isabella and Gretchen had appeared, the Morn Duo already crumpling to the ground, short-circuited. They were armed with their laser guns and putting on fighting stances. David and Sid looked at each other in confusion before the two former bombers burst into vivacious laughter.

"Well, well, well," said David after he finished cackling, "if it isn't my little girl!" He examined Isabella's voluptuous figure, smiling. "And look at how much you've grown! A fine lady you've become, Isa! You sure live up to the definition of your very name! The Phineas of your timeline sure is a lucky guy!"

"And look at you, too!" Sid greeted, looking at Future Gretchen, all the while smiling with a freakish sadism. "Such a lovely figure! Would you mind giving me your number so I can have a little playtime with you later?" Sid made his point clear by wolf-whistling, his eyes batting disturbingly.

"You dare say that to my daughter?" Jack snarled, but Future Gretchen looked at her father and motioned for him to stop.

"Don't, Dad," she said. "I'll take care of this."

"Sure you will," replied Sid, snickering as he prepared to shoot Future Gretchen. However, the auburn-haired woman grabbed the shotgun barrel and thrust it upward; Sid fired at the ceiling, and small pieces of concrete rained down on him. With the bomber distracted, Future Gretchen took advantage of it to kick him in the face, knocking him unconscious.

Meanwhile, David tried to shoot Future Gretchen, but Future Isabella punched him in the face, causing him to drop his firearm. Future Isabella then grabbed the shotgun and butted David in the head, sending him to the sidewalk, clutching his forehead in pain. The woman was about to join Future Gretchen, but David recovered and grabbed her leg; in response, Future Isabella fired a taser onto his back, and the bomber yelped out as he was electrocuted before being knocked unconscious.

High-fiving, Future Isabella and Future Gretchen then joined Ferb, Isabella, and the others, who had witnessed the seconds-long scene progress with shock and interest.

"There's no time in just standing there," Future Isabella ordered. "We've gotta go!"

"That's right!" replied Ferb. "Into the hoverbus!"

"Hoverbus?" asked Milly.

"Yeah, hoverbus," Future Gretchen said as Future Isabella turned to the rest of what was called the Freedom Fighters.

"FREEDOM FIGHTERS!" she called sternly. "RETREAT!"

"Yes, sir!" called a blond-haired man in his early twenties, and he turned to the rest of the fighters and signaled them to retreat, to which they abandoned their battles with the Red Triangle and followed Future Isabella.

Meanwhile, the others had reached this so-called "hoverbus", a transit bus with no wheels, instead jet engines, and wings protruding from its sides. It was definitely a vehicle from the future, all right.

"Come on, everyone!" ordered Future Gretchen. "Get in!"

Everyone did so and boarded the bus. Suddenly, before Django, Beppo, and Future Gretchen can follow, Sid appeared on the bus's roof, a maniacal grin on his twitching face as he anticipated the impending fight. Cackling, Sid leapt from the roof and kicked Future Gretchen, slamming her onto the bus and incapacitating her. The bomber then punched Beppo and shoved him out of the way. Not bothering to just finish him off right there, Sid instead made the decision to close in on Django.

"DJANGO!" cried Adyson.

"Why stay on their side," said Sid sadistically, "when it's so obvious that we're gonna win, Django? Join us, I insist!"

"Never!" Django replied boldly.

Sid chuckled. "I had a feeling you'd say that."

The bomber then took something out of his pocket and pressed a button on it; a razor-sharp, menacing blade flipped out from the object and glinted in the sunlight. Django's eyes widened as Sid grabbed the collar of his shirt and raised the switchblade.

"It's a shame, really," said Sid, frowning. "It'd be a huge waste of talent; you would've made a great advisor for us! But, the boss told me to get rid of anyone who resisted, and I haven't killed in months! So, goodbye Django. And please do me a favor and tell the big man up in the sky I said hello."


Beppo ran forward with all of his might and tackled Sid to the ground, and the bomber dropped his switchblade in the tussle. Django watched in horror as his father wrestled with Sid. Beppo was instantly winning, his fists constantly flying across Sid's face and neck in furious blurs; Sid's face was becoming bloodier with every punch, and each movement he had seemed to weaken in effort. Django finally realized that his father wasn't gonna stop until Sid was dead, and he yelled, "DAD! STOP!"

Beppo stopped immediately and looked at his son softly. Django ran forward and embraced his father in a hug, and he began sobbing into his shoulder. Unfortunately, their hug gave Sid time to recuperate, and when father and son parted, the bomber, cackling heavily, punched Beppo in the face and shoved Django aside. He then took out a gun of a strange design and aimed its clean barrel at Beppo's forehead.

"This thing is a little invention of Phineas's," explained Sid. "One shot from this thing and you instantly die. I haven't seen it for myself until now, so, goodbye sir-"


Django was sprinting towards Sid, something in his hand, and the boy made a swift slashing movement. Sid screamed as something flew into the air, while a few tiny specks of liquid splattered themselves on Django's face. The bomber then bent double, clutching his right arm in pain as he continued to scream out in pure agony, actually making a few nearby windows crack. Beppo realized with a shock that Django was holding Sid's switchblade, now stained with blood, and the specks of liquid on Django's face were more blood.

Beppo embraced his son again as Django dropped the switchblade.

"It's okay, son," Beppo said comfortingly. "You did what you needed to do."

"I know," replied Django. "For now, let's escape."

The two Browns ran to the hoverbus, helped Future Gretchen into the vehicle, and the rest of the Freedom Fighters boarded. Carl once again took control of the futuristic bus and sped the bus into the air.

Once the bus disappeared, Rodney and Roderick regrouped, their clothes torn and skin scratched and slightly bloody from their fights.

"We've gotta alert the boss about this newest outcome!" said Roderick.

"We can't do that!" Rodney replied fearfully. "He's gonna kill us for sure!"

"Then we die with our honor!"

"What honor?"



"Are we seriously doing this right now? DO IT!"

Rodney sighed in defeat and took out his walkie-talkie, while Roderick ran off to attend to Sid. Pressing a button, he waited for Phineas's voice to respond.

"This had better be good, Rodney!" came Phineas's enraged voice.

For once, Rodney didn't bother to reply to being called his nickname. Instead, he sighed and voiced his reply.

"Boss, we have a serious problem on our hands..."

No one noticed the hoverbus streaking across the morning skies, for the futuristic vehicle was hidden by a cloaking device. Even the most advanced radar systems were unable to detect it as it flew past a Danville-situated U.S. Army base. Inside, everyone was gaping in awe at the eight warriors from the future. There was the future versions of Isabella and Gretchen, who were unanimously the leaders of the so-called Freedom Fighters. The other six were Adyson, Jeremy, Stacy, Coltrane, Irving, and Albert, all ten years older.

"So," said Mr. Barnes to Ferb, "how'd you guys survive that explosion?"

"We came to them," replied Future Isabella, sitting beside her younger self.

"You see," explained Future Gretchen, "the eight of us come from ten years in the future, a future where the Flynn-Fletchers, the Doofenshmirtzes, Baljeet, and Buford all actually died on that island. A future where Phineas succeeded in conquering the world. In fact, during the past decade of our timeline, he has also managed to take over every civilization in the Milky Way galaxy. The Martians, Meap's home planet, everything. Additionally, he has taken over the multiverse as well, conquering every dimension and their interpretation of the Milky Way galaxy, starting with the 2nd Dimension.

"His reign over everything was pure bedlam. Everyone had to wear clothing that suited the Red Triangle. At the end of each and every day, everyone had to come to a temple constructed in Phineas's honor and worship in it for two hours straight; no one had to leave early, no one had to be late. Schools taught only the Red Triangle's ideology and nothing else. Every movie, book, and music made must have something to do with the Red Triangle. Phineas brought back the Romans' gladiator games and had crowds of people watch with horror in stadiums as prisoners fought wildlife, either from here, other planets, or other dimensions, to the death. And to top it all, there's no such thing as summer."

"What?" exclaimed Isabella. "No summer?"

"Yeah, it's a horrible future," Future Isabella replied. "The 2nd Dimension Candace restarted the Resistance, and made it exclusive to everyone across the multiverse. The eight of us were amongst the hundreds who signed up almost immediately. Eventually, we renamed ourselves the Freedom Fighters to ensure that Phineas knows how serious we are in ending his reign once and for all. Unfortunately, without the technological savvy we saw in Phineas or Ferb, we are unable to create any inventions guaranteed to make Phineas normal, so we had to fight him the tough way, by resisting daily.

"However, Phineas was way too clever than the 2nd Dimension Doofenshmirtz; anyone who resisted him was immediately hunted down, captured, and punished to brutal death. Finding locations where we can station ourselves in secrecy was difficult. More and more members had begun dropping out of the Freedom Fighters. We still have plentiful numbers, but it won't be long until there are only a few of us left. And that was when Irving helped lead us to the past."

Future Irving said, "I had managed to ruin a perfectly good speech by one of Phineas's generals, and I sought shelter in the abandoned museum. There, I found the time machine Phineas and Ferb used to travel back into prehistoric times. When the Freedom Fighters was founded, our first plan was to use the time machine to alter the past, but the takeover got the device severely damaged and without Phineas or Ferb to fix it, it was deemed a hopeless plan. But, as Phineas and Ferb's devoted stalker, I used the information I gathered from them during those good ol' days to fix the machine by myself, as well as make some modifications. Through a lot of determination, it finally worked, and here we are, preventing the deaths of our friends! We teleported ourselves onto the island and took them with us before the island was obliterated."

"Why didn't you just prevent Phineas from being zapped in the park?" asked Mr. Sweetwater.

"We were planning on doing that," replied Future Stacy, "but the Phineas of our timeline found out our plan and landed a good shot on the time machine right before it activated its teleporting mechanism. Damaged, the machine lasted long enough to land us hours before you guys arrived on the island."

"And now," added Future Jeremy. "the time machine's no longer functioning, and Irving lost his information and Phineas's blueprints. And unfortunately, we had to land on top of the time machine of your current timeline, so we are stuck here without any time machine. The only thing we can do now is cure Phineas of his evil to prevent the future from which we came from happening."

"You took care of that, right?" Monogram asked. "I mean, me and Agent P were zapped by those ray guns that cured us?"

"Yes, my Turn-Everything-Good-Inators," Doofenshmirtz replied proudly. He then raised an eyebrow. "Wait a minute, Perry the Platypus wasn't turned evil!"

"No, I meant Agent P here." Monogram pointed at Pinky. Doofenshmirtz's eyes widened.

"You know, you need to find a way to help distinguish your agents better."

"What're you talking about, Doofenshmirtz?"

"Oh, forget it."

"Wait," said Candace, "why didn't we just confront Phineas and zap him? We would've turned him good hours ago, and yet, we didn't!"

"Phineas has that gargantuan army flanking him!" replied Future Isabella. "He would've captured us in seconds! We need to increase our ranks if we are to fight back."

"And I know just where to start!" Ferb said as the hoverbus landed in front of the Flynn-Fletcher house, which was surrounded by crime-scene tape but completely devoid of any police officers.

In Perry's headquarters, Isabella watched alongside her older self on a couch as Perry helped Ferb and Doofenshmirtz with something. Bored, Isabella decided to examine her future self and noted how good-looking the woman was...how good-looking she was. Future Isabella had an attractive hourglass figure that was expressed efficiently with her tight clothes that seemed like straps instead. Her raven-black hair, which fell to her well-curved shoulders, was sleek and shone with a proud brilliance. Her legs were curvy, the tan skin well-lotioned.

Shifting her focus from her future self's physicality, Isabella looked at Future Isabella's face and saw that she was no longer looking at Ferb and Perry, but nowhere in particular. Her eyes were soft and glistening; Isabella knew that Future Isabella was hurt about something, and she knew what it was.

"You're sad about Phineas, aren't you?" she asked.

Future Isabella looked at her, smiled sadly, and replied, "Yeah... It's been ten years. Ten years since I last saw the Phineas I fell in love with. And the last time I saw him, I hurt him, and I never got the chance to apologize. And to think one mere misinterpretation of words would lead to a lot." She sighed. "Now I'll never get the chance to tell Phineas I love him."

Isabella then remembered something her future self revealed to her.

"You said the people of the 2nd Dimension are members of the Freedom Fighters?"

"Yeah. If you're talking about the 2nd Dimension Phineas, then it's hopeless for me as well: he's going out with my doppelganger. She was definitely bolder than me, for she just confronted him one day, kissed him, and told him she loved him. And lo and behold! The two are the perfect couple."

"Oh." Isabella looked on pitifully at her future self's downcast mood. "I'm so sorry."

Future Isabella looked at her younger self, smiling, before replying, "If there's anything I learned from my 2nd Dimension self, it's that you must never hesitate. Once all of this is over, you can apologize to Phineas by kissing him and declaring your long-lasting love for him. No distractions. No hesitations. Nothing. Cause you never know when the unexpected will happen before you finally get the guts to say those three words. Like what happened four days ago. Don't let the timeline be constant. ...Don't end up like me, endlessly starving for hopeless love."

Isabella smiled back at Future Isabella. "I know. I've realized that now. I mustn't hesitate. I WON'T!"

"I know you won't."

Meanwhile, Django and Adyson were looking at Future Adyson, who too was staring out into space. Like Future Isabella, the Adyson of the future also had a voluptuous hourglass figure, and her hair, while styled just like the younger Adyson's, was shiny and flowing. Adyson gulped, not sure on how to begin a conversation with her future self. Fortunately, Django did the liberty of starting one for her.

"So, where's the older me?" he asked. Future Adyson looked at him and smiled warmly.

"Oh," she replied, "he's still in the future, heading a division stationed in the northwestern side of the Tri-State Area."

"Why didn't he come with you?" asked Adyson. "Surely he would've wanted to come along so he'd make things right. After all, he blamed himself for causing Phineas's evil, inadvertently so."

"He moved on from that."

Django and Adyson looked at each other, confused, before nodding in reluctant agreement. Django then looked off into the distance, spacing out; Adyson noticed this.

"You all right?" she asked.

Django was silent for a moment before replying, "That guy who tried to kill me and my dad...I hurt him."

"That was self-defense, Django, and you know it."

"But I actually sliced his hand off!" Django looked at the Fireside Girl. "What if he dies from that injury?"

Adyson placed a hand on the boy's shoulder. "Then you killed a bad guy. He deserved a terrible punishment like that ever since he committed whatever his first crime was. And the world no longer has to suffer from this guy's evil anymore. Besides, it wasn't personal. You did it in self-defense, to protect your father, am I right?"

"But I never actually killed anyone before! Maybe in video games I have, but in real life?"

"If you don't want that guy to die," Adyson replied softly, "then do what I told you before. Keep believing in hope. After all, it's what helped to make our friends that island fiasco."

Django smiled; for some reason, he really liked it whenever Adyson told him to believe.

"Sure thing, Addie," he replied. Adyson raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, so you're calling me 'Addie' now?"

"Sorry. I thought that would suit better for me-"

"No. I like it."

Django and Adyson smiled at each other longingly, and Future Adyson watched with sadness in her eyes.

"We got it!" Ferb suddenly cried, and Isabella, Future Isabella, Django, Adyson, and Future Adyson and the others looked at him and Perry as the screen blared.

"Autoscan replication initiated," a mechanized male voice thundered from the computer.

And everyone watched with awe as every invention Phineas and Ferb made in the entire summer materialized before them. Also materializing was every Inator Doofenshmirtz made during the summer.

Ferb looked at Perry and said, "So, you didn't miss out on what me and Phineas did!"

Perry nodded and wrote in his notebook, "I will never miss out in whatever you do."

Meanwhile, Charlene looked at her husband. "Heinz, you built all of this, and I never found out?"

"See, Mom?" exclaimed Vanessa. "I told you I was right!"

"Yes, Charlene," Doofenshmirtz replied, smiling modestly. "All of this is my work."

Charlene looked at the Inators, and smiled.

"It's quite amazing, Heinz."

"Same with Ferb," said Linda, stepping forward as she looked at Candace. "Candace, I'm so sorry for not believing your so-called wacky accusations."

Candace and Vanessa looked at each other before high-fiving and crying out triumphantly, "WHOO-HOO! THEY'RE BUSTED!"

Ferb smiled as the inventions all finished materializing, and he announced, "Everyone, I know what we're gonna do today! We're gonna save Phineas and the world!"

Everyone cheered with joyous triumph.

The rest of the day was spent gathering as much members and weapons as possible into the new resistance.

Baljeet and Buford gathered every fan of Space Adventure and Stumbleberry Finkbat, respectively, in Danville and armed them with fake weapons. Combining Phineas's blueprints with the expertise of Clive Addison, Ferb was able to make the fake weapons supplied able to work as real-life weapons.

Doofenshmirtz used his inventions to recreate his troops of Doof Clones and enslaved monkeys. The scientist then programmed the troops to not follow orders from Phineas, only from himself and his family.

Monogram was able to contact Colonel Collins, one of the superiors working in the O.W.C.A.'s Seattle division, and the colonel sent in a small army of Seattle-based agents led by none other than Peter the Panda, who highlighted his arrival by punching Doofenshmirtz in the nose. Perry was able to settle things between Doofenshmirtz and Peter before it got out of hand. Monogram also called Inspector Initials, a superior for the British Spy Union, and she sent in a squad of her own agents, led by Agent Double 0-0.

After experiencing some difficulty in negotiations, Pinky finally managed to convince his arch-nemesis, Professor Poofenplotz, to join the resistance by stating through Ferb that she now had competition in her quest to conquer the world, competition that is guaranteed to succeed. Her inventions turned out to be more powerful than Doofenshmirtz's, despite them being focused mostly on the woman's desire to stay beautiful. Isabella still found it comical that her dog fought this elderly woman.

Ferb was able to construct a satellite, which he used to send a message to Meap requesting for help. Meap and a large squad of Intergalactic Security Agents subsequently arrived to Earth via invisible spaceship and lent their services. Surprisingly, Mitch was aboard the spaceship, for he was held prisoner there when Meap received Ferb's message, and the alien poacher was forced into helping the resistance by lending them his weapons.

Using the portal Phineas and Ferb built for Baljeet, Candace reluctantly returned to Mars and convinced the resident Martians to help. The first thing the Martians did upon arriving on Earth was destroy every object running on electricity in Perry's lair before being settled down by Candace. Doofenshmirtz helped Perry rebuild by using his Rebuild-My-Lair-Inator.

Thaddeus and Thor used their blueprints to recreate every invention they made during the summer, and though not as superior as Phineas and Ferb's inventions, theirs proved to be as useful and efficient in battle. The inventions included gloves that allowed its wearer to punch through any solid substance without being hurt, boots that allowed its wearer to walk on any surface, and a sphere that can turn into a variety of weapons, amongst others. They also gathered their friends, all undoubtedly doppelgangers of Phineas and Ferb's friends, for further assistance.

Ferb also called in Buck Buckerson and his monster truck-driving friends, and told them to bring along their vehicles, for there was some "serious riding to do". Buck immediately agreed and monster trucks were found revving their engines in preparation at the front yard within seconds.

All the while, Linda, Lawrence, and Charlene were so surprised that Doofenshmirtz and Ferb knew so much people.

It was almost sundown when the resistance had to move to the wrecked O.W.C.A. headquarters as their new station whenever their numbers began to rise dramatically. And yet, there was still some more recruits to go.

"It's finished, guys!" announced Doofenshmirtz.

Doofenshmirtz, Ferb, and Perry had finished rebuilding the Other-Dimension-Inator, which now stood majestically before the resistance. Ferb held the Other-Dimension-Inator remote in his hand, ready for inter-dimensional travel.

"Wow," said Mr. Van Stomm. "So there are actually other dimensions, like those sci-fi films say?"

"Yes, yes there is," Ferb replied. He then turned to Doofenshmirtz. "Doofenshmirtz, activate the Other-Dimension-Inator!"

Doofenshmirtz nodded and pressed a button on the Inator, which instantly fired a green laser into the atmosphere before expanding into a portal, shattering the laws of physics like falling glassware. The first image shown was a black couch with blood-red cushions.

"Wow," said Doofenshmirtz. "That couch is still there."

"Alright," announced Ferb, "Perry, Doofenshmirtz, Candace, Isabella, Baljeet, Buford, Django, Fireside Girls, you all come with me into the 2nd Dimension. The rest of you, stay in here and wait for us."

"Are you sure you guys should be going in there?" asked Linda.

"Don't worry, honey," Lawrence replied, "it should be safe. After all, Ferb and Candace have done this before, am I right, kids?"

"Yep," Candace replied.

"Alright," Linda said, "but just be careful, kids!"

"We will," replied Ferb as he and his group stepped through the portal. "We'll see you all soon!"

The portal then closed with a comical pop.

Ferb and his group looked around at the room they were standing in. It was the waiting room of the 2nd Dimension Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated building, once the laboratory of the Doofenshmirtz of the current dimension. Running out onto the balcony, the group examined the 2nd Dimension Danville, and Ferb noticed that it hasn't changed the last time he and Phineas were here. The city still looked dystopian, with futuristic-looking buildings with business logos all having one thing in common: they had 'Doofenshmirtz' as one of the words, or at least 'Doof'. Doofenshmirtz Theatre. Doof's Closet. Doof's Famous Almond Brittle. The subway trains still had the front of the cabs shaped in the one-eyed face of Doofenshmirtz-2. A blimp flew by, reading, "HEINZ DOOFENSHMIRTZ, YOUR LEADER."

"This is the dimension you went to?" asked Isabella.

"Yeah," Ferb replied, shocked at what he was seeing. "I thought the Doofenshmirtz here was arrested and everything went back to normal."

"Things did get back to normal," a voice said.

The group turned around to see none other than the 2nd Dimension Major Monogram sitting at a desk, wearing the same purple Arabian-style clothing Doofenshmirtz found him in.

"Hey there!" greeted Doofenshmirtz.

"Hey there yourself, other-dimension sir," replied Monogram-2.

"What happened here?" asked Ferb. "Wasn't the Doofenshmirtz of your dimension arrested?"

"He was," replied the former major, "but a decree that he established early in his rule ensured that only death would stop his rule, and besides, the jury was too cowardly to convict him even if they tried."

"So I'm still in control here?" Doofenshmirtz asked. "And I'm still an evil villain?"

"Yes and no. Yes, the almighty Doofenshmirtz is still our ruler. But, I also replied with no because, fortunately, the return of his beloved Choo-Choo train reshaped our leader's personality, and now, he's the kindest dictator the world's ever seen. He unleashed a new set of decrees in which people didn't have to wear Dooferalls, many customs that were initially abolished now returned, and summer exists. Aside from that, things are still the same as always. I continue to work as Doofenshmirtz's indentured executive assistant without any pay, Norm Bots continue to patrol the streets for troublemakers, and everyone must go to bed at 9:00."

"Well, that's good to hear," said Ferb. "Can we see Doofenshmirtz right now?"

"What're you talking about?" Doofenshmirtz asked. "I'm already he-" But the scientist immediately understood which Doofenshmirtz the British boy was referring to. "Oh, never mind."

"Sure, you may," replied Monogram-2, procuring a remote control and pressing a button. Several seats slid into the room. "Have a seat, everyone, and I'll let him know you're all on your way up."

"Thanks," replied Ferb, sitting into a chair, followed by Perry. The rest of his comrades took their own seats.

Within a split-second, everyone was jolted back as the chairs thrust themselves forward, theme-ride style, into a colorful room full of lawn gnomes and a man in a purple goat costume. Voices flowed from the lawn gnomes, all singing a song that Doofenshmirtz, Ferb, and Perry all heard and immediately recognized. However, Isabella, Baljeet, Buford, Django, and the Fireside Girls all looked around awkwardly at the scene, as they haven't been in the 2nd Dimension before.

Interjecting A/N: Allow me to reiterate: go to Archive Of Our Own (AO3) if you want to see this entire sequence in its uncensored glory! Sorry about the censoring here, but once again, I'm not taking any chances.

The chairs all slid through a door with the word 'Goodbye' hanging over it in brilliantly large words, and into a dark room, where the chairs stopped.

"Wow," Django said. "That was awesome!"

"Wait a minute!" cried Doofenshmirtz. "Aren't we supposed to be in my other-dimension self's throne room?"

"Yeah," replied Ferb. "That's right; why is it so dark?"

Suddenly, light abruptly flooded itself into the room, bathing everyone in it and assaulting their sights. As they were blinded, six girls sprung out from the corners and threw ropes at Ferb's group, tying them all up expertly. Before anyone knew it, the 1st Dimension visitors all found themselves on the floor, being watched by the Firestorm Girls.

"Hey, is that us?" asked Katie.

Ginger examined herself and commented, "Wow. I'm rather good-looking."

"Silence!" ordered Gretchen-2 sternly.

"Wait, Gretchen!" cried Holly-2. "All of these guys look like us, as well as our people!"

"Which means-" Gretchen-2 began, but before she can complete her sentence, a new, high-pitched, male voice cut her off.

"They're from the other dimension."

Five people and a platypus stepped out of the darkness, and Ferb, Candace, Perry, and Doofenshmirtz gasped happily at the sight of them. The leader of the five was a tall man that was physically identical to Doofenshmirtz, except with no slouch, a goatee, and mostly black clothing, but he was immediately distinguished by the eyepatch wrapped over his right eye, the scar running across it. There was also a redheaded teenage girl identical to Candace in many ways, sans the stern, concerned look masking her face as she lowered her black sunglasses to examine the newest arrivals more efficiently. Flanking her were two boys, both physically identical to Ferb and Phineas; Ferb examined Phineas-2's eyes for any sign of green before concluding him as a friend. The fifth was a girl physically identical to Isabella, and she standing beside a half-robotic platypus that looked menacing in nature, but it smiled upon seeing Perry.

"Hey, me!" Doofenshmirtz greeted at Doofenshmirtz-2.

"Hey, best friend!" replied Doofenshmirtz-2 happily. "How's it goin'?"

"Not particularly well."

"Oh. Firestorm Girls, release 'em!"

The Firestorm Girls obeyed and released the captives. Doofenshmirtz-2 embraced his 1st Dimension doppelganger in a hug before speaking to him.

"What brings y'all back here?"

"We have a serious problem going on back at our dimension," replied Ferb. "It's our Phineas. He was zapped by our Doofenshmirtz's Turn-Everything-Evil-Inator and is now the most malevolent villain we've ever seen. He's out to conquer everything we know, and if we don't stop him, he's gonna eventually conquer your dimension!"

"What?" exclaimed Phineas-2, stroking Platyborg. "I can actually be capable of that much evil?"

"Apparently, yeah," Candace replied. She then looked at Candace-2. "Why are you all still in your Resistance clothing? If your Doofenshmirtz has turned good like the guy back there said, shouldn't you guys not be resisting him anymore?"

"We're not resisting Doofenshmirtz, yes," replied Candace-2, "but there's a guy called Rodney who's making constant attempts to overthrow our Doofenshmirtz and take over the Tri-State Area."

"IT'S ALOYSE EVERHEART ELIZABETH OTTO WOLFGANG HYPATIA GUNTHER GALEN GARY COOPER VON RODDENSTEIN!" a voice called out from nowhere. Candace-2 and Doofenshmirtz-2 rolled their eyes before continuing.

"Anyway, Doofenshmirtz needed as much help as he can get to thwart Rodney's attempts to take over, so he enlisted us to become his special forces unit for the Norm Bots. As a result, the Resistance is still an active organization."

"Why are we talking about all of this?" asked Phineas-2. "My other self is planning to conquer everything back in the other dimension, and we have to stop him!"

Isabella heard Isabella-2 sighed and looked at the Firestorm Girls leader; she was staring dreamily at Phineas. Isabella couldn't help but feel both happy and jealous for her doppelganger.

"That's right!" Candace-2 replied. "The other Phineas must be stopped before he succeeds! We shall join you guys in your fight!"

"Thank you very much," said Ferb.

"I'm helping too!" Doofenshmirtz-2 declared. "I shall command most of my Norm Bots and my Goozims to follow you all into the other dimension, while I commandeer my robot!"

"You're not gonna use this as an excuse to start conquering it, are you?" Ferb asked suspiciously.

"Of course not! As long as I have my Choo-Choo here-" The dictator took out a golden toy train from his pocket. "-then I'm as good as a whistle is clean!"

"Then it's settled then!" Ferb announced. "We will all go back to the 1st Dimension and prepare our fight! But we will have to travel clockwise through the circle of dimensions, because our remote is programmed to travel with the circle's flow of energy. Which is why we will enlist the residents of the following dimensions to help us!"

"I brought a gun version of my Slave-Inator for this occasion!" said Doofenshmirtz, tossing everyone a ray gun.

"Give me a sec, I will call in the rest of the Resistance!" Candace-2 said, running off.

"And I'll summon my Norm Bots!" said Doofenshmirtz-2 as he ran off, the 1st Dimension Doofenshmirtz following him, leaving everyone else to talk amongst one another.


Back in the 1st Dimension, Phineas watched as the robotic hand constructed for Sid was surgically implanted into his wrist, while everyone was dressing themselves into Red Triangle clothing. Phineas was enraged at the escape; the resistance was most likely increasing their ranks with new members. And once he sends out his forces to conquer the world, the resistance will retaliate, and he will indefinitely face defeat. It was something that the inventor didn't want.

Phineas approached Sid, who was adjusting to his new hand, and asked, "How do you feel, Sid?"

Sid faced him angrily. "Pissed off and ready to get my hands around that accursed neck that is Django Brown's!"

"You will, soon. For now, you will have to get used to that new hand I made for you. It's very useful; it can turn into a variety of different weapons and tools upon your neurological command."

"I know," snarled Sid, "and I hope that once I get the hang of it, I can use every weapon on that boy! DAMN IT, I SHALL HAVE MY REVENGE!"

"Now you know how I feel," David interjected as he knelt against the wall.

"By the way, boss," said Rodney to Phineas, "how exactly are we gonna conquer this world with that resistance out there?"

A new voice spoke up, an unfamiliar voice, and yet, Phineas had a feeling that it was indeed familiar.

"You enlist me."

A figure stepped into the fray, and the eyes of everyone in the room widened, especially Phineas's.

"W-W-Wh-Wh-Wha?" stuttered Rodney.

"Well," David commented, "that is...unexpected..."

Phineas's shock turned into an evil happiness, and he stepped forward. "I never predicted an ally like you would step forward," he said, "but I'd be certainly glad to let you join. After all, we have identical pursuits."

"Only you do," the figure replied. "I accomplished them already."

"Figures," noted Sid.

"But maybe you can help me accomplish mine," said Phineas, smiling. "After all, who would give better advice than myself?"

Emperor Phineas smiled back at his younger self. The young man was wearing all-red clothing with a cape that was torn, presumably for intimidation. A sheath holding a sword with a glittering ruby handle was placed on his belt, and there was also a holster that held a futuristic ray gun.

"Correct," Emperor Phineas said.

"You?" asked Sharpeard. "Helping us? While alone?"

"I knew better than to travel back in time alone, idiot," replied Emperor Phineas. At that moment, a portal opened, and out stepped several humans and aliens, every one of them coming from a portion of the galaxy/multiverse under Emperor Phineas's tyrannical rule. They were all led by a man in motorcyclist clothing, complete with a helmet. All of them were armed to the bone with machine guns and missile launchers.

The Phineas of the current timeline smiled. With his future self as an ally, victory was unanimously in his grasp.

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