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Chapter 16 Summary: Phineas now possesses the inventions. David is revealed to be Isabella's father. And now, the resistance is all imprisoned. What else could go wrong?...


Inside the cell located at the DEI basement, Doofenshmirtz rolled his eyes at the new jingle as he continued to teach Vanessa and Candace how to play a game he learned during his days at Druelselstein while Charlene watched. Meanwhile, the Doofenshmirtz family's cellmates were doing other activities. Linda and Lawrence were hugging one another, the latter reassuring his wife that everything was gonna be okay. Baljeet and Buford were talking about what was going to happen once their captors return. Perry was lost in thought. And Ferb was constantly making attempts to use the materials all around to create a tool that will ensure escape, only to be met with failure.

Finally, Buford became annoyed by Ferb's desperation and he looked at the British boy. "Hey, Ferb!" he yelled. "It's no use anymore! We can't escape! I'm sorry, Ferb, but Dinner Bell's won. He has your inventions, he has a powerful army, he has our friends scheduled to be zapped by that evil-making machine...I'm sorry, Ferb. It's over."

"NO!" Ferb cried. "It's not over! We have to bring the good Phineas back! We just have to!"

"Well, the chances of that happening are slim, Ferb," replied Baljeet. "They've learned from their mistakes. They've tripled security all around this cell, and even if we manage to get past all of those guards, then they'll use our friends as leverage! We'll probably go as far as the basement's exit!"

"But Phineas can't do this! He CAN'T!"

"Buford's right, Ferb." Ferb looked at Vanessa, her eyes full of pity. "I'm sorry, but it's over. We tried."

"No..." Ferb began backing away to the corner. "I don't believe you guys...It's not over! We need to keep fighting!"

"It's hopeless, kiddo," said Doofenshmirtz. "My experience with Phineas has told me that he's all-out serious. It only takes a stroke of luck to defeat him."

"No!" Ferb cried. "You guys are all WRONG! The fight hasn't been won! We need to find a way to bring back the good Phineas! Can't you invent something, Doofenshmirtz?"

"After your constant failures at making something with the materials provided, and added with my idiocy, d'you really think I'll accomplish that feat?"

Ferb couldn't believe what he was hearing. Everyone was giving up. But he hadn't. He needed to save his stepbrother, no matter what. Issuing a battle cry, Ferb charged for the door and began banging it incessantly, in hopes of finally bringing it down. But the hinges were sturdy, and finally, after two hours of this, the British boy finally gave up. Sitting in the nearby corner, he buried his face in his palms and began crying. The crying increased when he realized that he hadn't been in this position ever since he was five.

A furry hand touched his knee, and Ferb looked to see that it was Perry. The platypus smiled a pitiful smile before taking out a notebook specifically sized for him, as well as a pencil, and began writing on it. He then displayed it to his owner, and Ferb read it.

"We have to take a break. When the opportunity comes to us, we seize it immediately."

Ferb sighed and looked at his pet. "Oh, Perry. I wish there was a way for us to make all of this right. But Buford's right: I think the fight's been won."

Perry wrote a new message: "The fight is never won until it is."

"And how do you know that, Perry?"

"It's like one of my battles with Doofenshmirtz. I get hopelessly trapped by him, but a certain flaw in his scheme or his traps allows me to escape. Phineas is so self-conceited that he will display similar flaws, and once he does, we take advantage of it to escape."

"How do we know when he displays said flaws?"

"Trust me, we'll know."

Ferb smiled. "Thanks, Perry."

Perry smiled back and was about to leave when he decided to write another message on his notebook. Writing it down, he showed his latest statement to Ferb.

"Still shocked that I'm a secret agent?"

Ferb remembered the time he was told by Carl that Perry was a secret agent working for the O.W.C.A. At first, Ferb found it implausible, considering his belief that platypuses typically don't do much. But when Perry made it clear that he can do much, Ferb was shocked that his pet had been hiding this secret for at most five years. But he came to accept it when he was told of the day of the 2nd Dimension, and realized that Perry just kept his double life a secret to ensure the protection of him and Phineas.

"A little bit, yeah," Ferb replied. "And Phineas and I said that you don't do much."

Perry smiled and wrote another message, which was rather long.

"Ferb, I didn't tell you this in the day of the 2nd Dimension day, or the past 48 hours: the moment you first adopted me from the O.W.C.A. shelter, I felt so safe with you. As safe I was with my family before they were all hunted down and killed by poachers. I had been so scarred by the tragedy, and my life had been so empty. That is, until you and Phineas helped lift those scars into the unknown. You accepted me when no one family would, and you treated me like Isabella would do to Pinky. Like a member of the family. Never before had I been so happy, and my life finally meant something to me again.

"And when Major Monogram approached me during that fateful summer day four years ago and told me that I was to be a secret agent dedicated to fighting evil, I accepted my second life so easily. You wanna know why? Because I knew that if I turned down the offer, maybe, just maybe, Doofenshmirtz might've been assigned to some other agent who would instantly fail in stopping him, and he would accomplish his goal to conquer the Tri-State Area. And that meant you and Phineas would have to suffer from his tyrannical dictatorship. I didn't want to see that happen. Ever. So, I accepted Monogram's offer and I underwent intense training. Initially, it had been so hard on me, and I was on the verge of flunking every training course. But my care towards you and Phineas helped strengthened me, and finally, I trained myself to withstand it all, and when I graduated the session, I was given full marks. And on that day, Agent P was born. And I couldn't have done it without your love and passion for me.

"I never got the chance to thank you two. Actually, I had many opportunities, many, but to seize one would mean that I had to risk my secret life, and I didn't want to be relocated from you. So, I just continued to maintain my cover as a mindless platypus that was lucky to be your pet. But as time passed, my need to thank you aided me in growing more and more tired of having to maintain my cover, and I kept dreaming of the day where Monogram would finally allow me to stand up on my hind legs and just do whatever I want in front of you two. I was so happy when I finally blew my cover to save you guys from the 2nd Dimension me, even though Phineas was furious at me. But when the three of us grew closer together because of it, the day became the happiest I've ever had, and I actually thanked you two by giving you a hug each in the O.W.C.A. headquarters. I wished the day would never end.

"Unfortunately, it did when your minds were erased by Doofenshmirtz's Amnesia-Inator.

"And ever since, I was relegated to maintaining my cover as a mindless platypus. The following weeks were a nightmare for me, having to watch you two go on with your lives without remembering that eventful day. But I accepted everything, for I knew it was the best. And yet, I still dreamed of the day where I can expose my secret again, this time without any punishment, where I can thank you guys again for recreating my life. And now that the day has come, I want to say it again. Thank you."

Ferb smiled. "You're welcome, Perry."

Perry wrote down some more.

"But I must also add this: I have failed you two. I made a promise that I would become an O.W.C.A. agent to protect you from evil. But the moment I went on my first mission as a full-time agent, last year, I broke that promise immediately. You two were home, all alone with no one to protect you. Actually, Candace was babysitting, but she had already discovered Jeremy and spent her time babbling away about him on her cell phone up in her room; I doubt she would've noticed anything if something happened to you. Anyway, every day, I kept adding another crack to that already-shattered promise. Every day, I had to always abandon you for my work to fight Doofenshmirtz, while my absences exposed you fully as a target for other evils. ALWAYS!

"And everything got worse this past summer. Every time I left off for DEI, you and Phineas were always building some remarkable contraption. Not that I'm criticizing you or anything, but Candace was right in constantly attempting to 'bust' you: those inventions of yours weren't safe. I'm pretty sure you two knew what you were doing, but the biggest of things can come in the smallest of packages. The most unnoticeable flaw in construction would've led to a lot, and I would've never forgiven myself for leaving you two alone when I would be able to rescue you.

"And now, Phineas is evil because of me. I wasn't there for him when I should've been; instead, I was off fighting Doofenshmirtz and L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. I should've investigated where the laser went off to once it was fired, and I would've found out the problem before he can even stage that attack during the medal ceremony. But I didn't. I was too caught up with my work, the fact that you two were protected from evil once again. I should've known that I was wrong.

"The Phineas Albert Flynn we know and love is gone now, and it's all my fault.

"When I left you two for my first mission, I heard Phineas say, 'Hey, where's Perry?' Even though I didn't know that by leaving you I was leaving them vulnerable, I did know that you two would be sad whenever I left for work. I also didn't have the chance to apologize for always running off on you, and it was another goal I was intending on accomplishing once you discovered my secret. And now that you know, I want to say this for not only always abandoning you, but not doing something about the evil Phineas.

"I'm sorry."

Ferb immediately embraced Perry in a tight hug. "Apology accepted, pal."

The two parted and Perry smiled, and his British owner smiled back. Perry then wrote down something and showed it to Ferb.

"So much for 'He's a platypus. He doesn't do much'."

Ferb's smile became even more pronounced.

"Thanks, Perry, for cheering me up."

"No problem."

Chained to a wall in Doofenshmirtz's laboratory, Isabella stared longingly at David as the man stared back from a comfortable-looking armchair that once belonged to the once-evil scientist. Examining his raven-black hair and his astonishingly blue eyes that were both hers, the ten-year-old girl was still reeling from the shock of finding out that this man, the same one who stroked her hair in a disturbing way hours ago, one of Phineas's own accomplices, was actually her father. Sure, Vivian never talked to her about her true father, but Isabella always envisaged him to be a man who was high-spirited, fearless, and caring, just like she is, not a sociopathic, apathetic murderer responsible for numerous deaths throughout the Tri-State Area. But now that she met her real father, those imaginations were shattered.

Isabella then looked around the room, scanning her companions besides David. Vivian stared daggers at David, and Isabella began having vivid imaginations concerning how her mother's relationship with her father was like. Jack was comforting Gretchen as she shivered with fear, and it broke Isabella's heart to see her best friend and second-in-command actually crying; she had seldom seen Gretchen cry, and never this much. The rest of the Fireside Girls as well as Stacy were being held safely by their parents as the fathers examined the other guards, David's cronies Roderick, Sid, and Byron, in hopes of finding any physical weaknesses they can take advantage of. Django was looking at the ground, downcast, while his own parents were surrounding him like a fortress. Mandy was clutching Thaddeus and Thor in concern as she looked up at a snickering Sid. Norm was the most chained to the wall, and he didn't say a word. The Johnson and Saltker families were all grouped together, Jeremy stroking Suzy's hair in comfort as the girl held Sagave's limp body as if it were dead instead of being unconscious from an assault by Byron. Coltrane, Chad, and Jenny were shivering next to Stacy. Carl was kneeling next to the unconscious bodies of Fred and Randy, tending to the wounds they suffered when they tried to resist their captors, who happened to be the rest of the children accompanying Ferb and the resistance, having been zapped by the Turn-Everything-Evil-Inator under Phineas's request.

All in all, fear hung in the air at the tense scene.

Finally, after almost an hour of waiting, David stood up from his chair and approached Isabella and Vivian, sitting down next to the former.

"So, Isa," he said, "whatcha doin'?"

Isabella's eye twitched. "So I inherited that from you too?" she cried.

David's eyes widened, and then he smiled. "You say that too?" He then ruffled Isabella's hair. "Yep, you're my little girl all right!"

Isabella cried out angrily and pushed David's hand away from her. Roderick and Byron misinterpreted the girl's actions as a means of attack, but David motioned for them to stand down when they prepared to grab her, while Isabella moved into her mother's arms.

"Stay away from my little Isa, David!" growled Vivian.

"What's wrong, Vivvy?" David asked. "Still hurting from the time I admitted I was the leader of the glorious Tri-State Bombers?"

"I was never hurting. Our relationship was experiencing a serious downfall at that time! I was so glad that you admitted it; it gave me a chance to finally end it! And I was glad I took that chance!"

David stood up angrily. "HA! Don't throw lies at me, woman! You were crying in pity for me at my trial! It was never over until I said it was over, when I tried sending you that bomb that was meant to kill you! You were lucky that Phillip Flynn mistook the box containing it for something else and took it with him before everything went ka-blooey!"

Vivian's eyes widened, and so did Isabella's. "So it was you that killed Phillip Flynn!" cried Vivian.

"Yes, it was I! And it was a very stupid thing for that man to do, mistaking the bomb for a possession of his!"


"No, but I'd like to know. How I'll drool at the sight of him crying like a little baby- AAARRRGGGHHH!"

Isabella had kicked David in the groin. "YOU MONSTER! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE MY FATHER!"

David laughed, savoring the pain, before finally replying maniacally, "You dare hit your father like that? You're GROUNDED, young lady! GO TO YOUR ROOM!"

"YOU'RE...NOT...MY...FATHER!" screeched Isabella before she hugged her mother and burst into tears.

At that moment, Phineas entered the room, accompanied by Monogram and Pinky. The captives all looked up at him in fear, and Isabella's sobbing increased as she realized he had abandoned his old clothes and settled for a new suit, a black leather jumpsuit with a red triangle insignia on the chest. He also changed his hairstyle into the style he had when he was a member of the Baljeatles, but the hair was black with red streaks this time. Phineas stared on nonchalantly before looking at David.

"What did you do, David?" he asked.

"Nothing, boss," replied David. "She's still hurt by the fact that I happen to be her long-lost father."


Phineas walked towards Isabella and knelt down before her. He then placed a finger under her chin and lifted her head up so she can see him, and her red eyes looked at Phineas's green eyes with a mixture of fear and rage.

"I know things are hard, Isabella," said Phineas, "but you're gonna have to accept things the way they are. A shame my good self couldn't learn that when his father died, the incompetent fool..."

Phineas deriding his good self helped Isabella to immediately reply, "No."

The inventor smirked. "If you wish."

He then stood up and approached Django; his parents inched towards their son in defense.

"How 'bout you, Django?" Phineas asked. "Do you not want to join me as well? You'll make a great adviser for me. After all, you've helped me get through so much difficulties. You made everything so easy for me. Together, with the world under our control, we can make it the most perfect place there is!"

"Never!" replied Django boldly. Phineas smirked again.

"If you say so, Django. But before we can get on with business, I will tell you this: I've named the Red Triangle's objective to conquer the world 'Operation: Brown'. It's a little thank-you for your contributions for making all of this happen!"

Django screamed in anger and charged for Phineas before his parents can stop him. But Phineas was faster, and he punched Django in the face, sending him to the ground.

"DJANGO!" screamed Beppo, and Phineas cackled.


"Three words: I. Just. Did." Ignoring Django's enraged growling, Phineas turned to his comrades. "MEN, IT'S TIME!"

"SIR!" David, Roderick, Sid, Byron, and Monogram all replied in unison, while Pinky barked and saluted.

"By the way," added Roderick, "I love your new look, boss."

"Why, thank you Roderick."

Meanwhile, Adyson Sweetwater watched Django pitifully as the boy continued to cry in frustration.

The Flynn-Fletcher and Doofenshmirtz families, plus Perry, Baljeet, and Buford, were all sitting in the cell when the door opened and Phineas, Rodney, and Sharpeard stepped into the room. The prisoners gasped at Phineas's new look, and Perry chattered in anger at his owner's change. Phineas smiled at the scene and snapped his fingers; Rodney and Sharpeard stepped forward, procuring their own set of keys, to unlock the captives from the chains binding them to the wall.

"Hello, everyone," greeted Phineas. "It's nice to regroup with you all again."

"Phineas!" cried Ferb. "I know you're inside there somewhere! If you can hear me, bro, you can fight it! Come on! Fight!"

Phineas cackled briefly. "I'm sorry, Phineas can't come to the phone right now. Please leave a message after the beep. BEEP!"

"YOU BEAST!" Doofenshmirtz roared as Rodney unlocked him. "YOU'RE ENJOYING THIS, AREN'T YOU?"

"Yes, yes I am. Anyway, I'm betting you're all wondering why I locked you all up here in this cell while everyone else was taken to the main building. Well, I was planning to do so, but I realized that if you all escape, you will manage to free the rest of this so-called resistance and fight for the freedom of the world. And why just you guys, you ask, if not all of the resistance? Well, you are the most-likely members who are guaranteed to defeat me. You all have determination inside you out of the others, determination that is ensured to overthrow me. I definitely don't want that happening. Which is why I've formulated a scheme to get you out of the way!"

"You did?" asked Rodney. "What kind of scheme?"

Phineas was smiling his most evil smile of the day.

"Oh, you'll see..."

In Doofenshmirtz's laboratory, Bloodpudding was seated on a couch, watching the news on Channel 17 as the other Red Triangle members modified Phineas and Ferb's inventions to make them suitable for battle. He had decided to take a break from arming the Brobots and left Diminuitive in charge of the work. Suddenly, one top story appeared and attracted the evil scientist's attention.

"And happening right now," a reporter said, "we continue to cover the story of a plane crashing on 5th Avenue at downtown Danville, followed by a trio of robots wreaking havoc on the street and then a strange machine emerging from under the street for a moment before disappearing."

"Hey, guys!" Bloodpudding called to the rest of L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. "They're covering what happened downtown!"

"Let me see, let me see!" exclaimed Rodney, sitting down on the couch beside the red-haired scientist while the other scientists gathered around.

"Ten people were killed by the plane crash, and at least twenty-five more were injured," continued the reporter. "None of the casualties included the thirteen passengers or so of the plane, all of whom have since vanished from authorities and are still unavailable for comment. Two people were injured by the robots, and one of them died en route to the hospital."

The camera then showed a replay of the aforementioned victim being hauled away into the ambulance. Bloodpudding managed to catch a glimpse of the man's face, and immediately recognized the bug-like eyes.

"It's Croachaye!" he cried, and Diminuitive, Blair, and Tancien gasped. However, Rodney, Sharpeard, Helmetair, and Bulkare remained undaunted by their colleague's death.

"So what?" asked Rodney. "We suffered a loss. But it was for the greater good, like the boss would say. He would've slowed us down."

Diminuitive looked at Rodney, outraged. "Do you not care for our comrade's death, Rodney?" he asked. "He was a great villainous scientist!"

"He was a fool," replied Rodney. "And it's not Rodney, for the last time. It's Aloyse Everheart Elizabeth Otto Wolfgang Hypatia Gunther Galen Gary Cooper von Roddenstein!"

"As for that strange machine, it killed at least fifty people and injured hundreds more upon emerging from the street. Bodies continue to be found littered all over the street, and the death toll is expected to double."

"Awesome," commented Bulkare.

"Awesome?" Blair repeated, shocked. "This is disastrous! People are actually dead!"

"And Croachaye's one of them!" added Tancien.

"So what?" Sharpeard replied. "We're villains, for crying out loud! We shouldn't be even the least concerned!"

"Sharpeard's right," said Helmetair.

Bloodpudding, Diminuitive, Blair, and Tancien didn't say another word, but the four evil scientists looked at each other with reluctance. Rodney, Sharpeard, Helmetair, and Bulkare continued to watch the news, in the meantime.

The Paper Pelican, now armed with many machine guns, missile launchers, and armor, and also being manned by two Doof Clones, was flying above the ocean towards an unknown destination as the sun proceeded to sink below the horizon. Ferb, Perry, and Candace looked out of the windows and stared at the blue field that extended into eternity, and marveled at the sight of two blue whales breaking the surface momentarily to clean out their blowholes of water. Doofenshmirtz and Charlene were both holding Vanessa's hands as means of comfort for the teenage Goth. Linda and Lawrence were clutching each other in fear. Django was staring continuously at the ground. The now-conscious Fred and Randy whispered to one another any possible methods of escaping as Carl watched, only to find dead ends to their schemes. Isabella was watching Phineas, who stared back with a smile on his face. Everyone one else was staring blankly into space, wondering what will happen next, or examining the sea, like Ferb, Perry, and Candace were doing.

Finally, one of the Doof Clone pilots announced, "Destination ahead."

The passengers all leaned against the windows to see what the destination was, only to find no landmass other than a small island.

"Huh?" said Ferb as the plane deployed large landing gear and landed in shallow water. "That's our destination?"

"Yes, yes it is," Phineas replied, procuring his stun gun and pointing it at the passengers. "Alright, everyone out!"

Everyone complied and stepped out of the Paper Pelican and towards the small island, followed by Phineas, the Tri-State Bombers (except for Sid, who was absent), Monogram, Pinky, Rodney, Sharpeard, and the two Doof Clones. As the group stepped onto the island shore, Candace realized that the island had a pair of palm trees and a big, fat ox as its residents. She suddenly gasped, as did Ferb, Isabella, Baljeet, and Buford. Phineas smiled at the outcome and cackled.

"I knew you'd recognize this island!" he said.

"What's he talking about?" asked Lawrence.

"Mom, Dad," Candace said, "I have a confession to make. Remember the Summer Solstice?"

"Yes," replied Linda.

"Well, you now know that Phineas and Ferb make stuff whenever you two are gone, am I right?"

"Yes," replied Lawrence. "What're you trying to tell us?"

"Well, during the Summer Solstice, Phineas and Ferb made a jet fast enough to catch up with the Sun as the Earth rotated. Well, the two of them, plus me, Isabella, Buford, and Baljeet, rode it to make sure we would spend most of that day in sunlight."


"Yes, Mom."

"Wait," said Lawrence, "what does that have to do with this island?"

"Yeah, uh, the jet I mentioned? It crash-landed here."


"How'd you two get out of here?" asked Lawrence.

"We used Ferb's map," replied Candace. "Long story short, we made it back home just before you two did."


"That's nice, Flynn," said Phineas, shooting his stun gun into the air and attracting Linda's attention. "This is your first declaration as a citizen of this island!"

"Citizen?" asked Doofenshmirtz.

"Yes, for I shall strand you guys-" He pointed out the Flynn-Fletcher family, the Doofenshmirtz family, Perry, Baljeet, and Buford. "-HERE!" Phineas then began cackling with all of his might, and Ferb, outraged, ran forward and grabbed his stepbrother's shirt.


"He can't help you now, bro," replied Phineas, kicking Ferb in the stomach and throwing him into the shallow water. Vanessa rushed to his side in concern as Phineas cackled.

"I hope you all enjoy your stay here," he said. "Let's see if you all can escape without my help. Come on, men, we're leaving!"

"SIR, YES SIR!" replied Monogram sternly.


Jeremy rushed forward, away from the grasp of Sharpeard, and hugged Candace tightly. "NO! IF YOU'RE GONNA STRAND MY GIRLFRIEND HERE, THEN STRAND ME HERE TOO!"

"Too bad, cause that's not on our to-do list!" replied Sharpeard, who seized Jeremy's shoulder. However, the teenage boy punched the scientist in the neck, incapacitating him, and put his hands on Candace's shoulders.

"I'm not leaving you, Candace!" he declared.

"No, go with the rest, Jeremy!" replied Candace. "We'll find a way to get off of this island, I promise!"

"But I love you, Candace!"

"Go, Jeremy! You have a sister to take care of!"

Jeremy looked at Suzy, who was in Mr. Johnson's arms as she looked at her older brother pleadingly. He then faced his girlfriend.

"Promise?" he asked.

Candace's lips immediately bonded with his, and the two shared a passionate kiss in the sunset. It lasted for only a minute, but to the two others, it lasted for a lifetime before they parted.

"Promise," replied Candace.

"Aw, how romantic," said David as he seized Jeremy and pulled him away from the redhead.

Meanwhile, Ferb was looking at Isabella.

"Isabella," Ferb called, "it's all up to you for now!"

Isabella nodded as Phineas escorted her and Vivian inside the Paper Pelican.

The Flynn-Fletcher family, the Doofenshmirtz family, Perry, Baljeet, and Buford watched from the island as the Paper Pelican flew off into the sunset. Inside the Paper Pelican, Isabella, Jeremy, and Django watched as the island grew farther and farther away from their grasp, with their friends now stranded there, with little hope of escape. However, every captive knew that with Ferb, they will find a way to get through the situation. Suddenly, the trio felt another presence and saw that Phineas was behind them, and Jeremy growled angrily.

"How could you do this, Phineas?" he asked, his mouth practically breathing fire.

"To eliminate the loose ends of my plan," replied Phineas. He then procured a cell phone and dialed a number. "But I'm not done yet."

Isabella, Jeremy, and Django, along with every other captive, watched with shock as Phineas put the phone to his ear and said simply, "It's a go."

Outfitted with a jetpack, Sid watched the island and its inhabitants with glee. The former bomber felt like God, having a practical settlement under his infinite watch, and it pleased him to know this, and a surge of power and mightiness flowed through his veins. Unfortunately, this simile was to end immediately, for Phineas had given him the order. Sid loved destruction and death better than feeling like a deity, so he immediately went for his gut and obeyed.

Cackling maniacally, Sid roared to the heavens, "YOU'RE ALL MINE NOW!"

And with that, two missile launchers appeared on his jetpack, and Sid emptied the weapons towards the island, still cackling.

Every captive watched with horror as the missiles plummeted towards the island, much like birds making a head-dive for gophers desperately burrowing into the ground.

"GUYS, WATCH OUT!" Katie cried.

"CANDACE!" shouted Jeremy.

"FERB!" Isabella screamed.

"DAD! SIS!" yelled Norm, in a voice that finally didn't display any optimism.

"NNNNNOOOOO!" Django shrieked.

"YYYYYEEEEESSSSS!" screeched Phineas.

The captives gasped with horror as the missiles all raided the island, with none missing its target. And then, Isabella, Jeremy, and Django felt a spiritual presence leave the world forever; they didn't know if it was their own hope or if they felt their friends/loved ones actually die. Jeremy gasped again and banged the window.

"CANDACE!" he shouted again, as if he were to received a response, but there was none.


Phineas was cackling madly, triumph blazing in his green eyes and laced in his voice as it pierced the air.

"THIS WORLD IS MINE NOW!" he roared.

Django looked at the ground, downcast.

"And it's all my fault," he thought grimly.

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