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Escape from DEI, Part 2 of 3

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Chapter 15 Summary: The chapter's title says it all!

"Norm!" Doofenshmirtz cried. "Can you go any faster?"

"I can, sir," replied Norm. "Why?"

"Because we've got enemies on our tail!"

Norm's jet engines immediately increased their power, and the thirteen passengers were all nearly thrown back by the fast speeds the robot took as it evaded L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N.

"Buckle up, everyone!" Norm optimistically announced, and the passengers obeyed.

"AERIAL-CLASS ROBOTS," Rodney ordered outside, "FIRE!"

The robots deployed their weapons and began firing at Norm, mostly missing but managing to land a few good shots at the robot's exterior. Doofenshmirtz gasped with horror as a bullet broke into the cockpit, grazed Vanessa's brown hair, and hit an empty seat, spraying the scientist with pieces of cushioning as it exploded. Angrily, Doofenshmirtz procured David's revolver, which he still kept.

"Norm, open up the cockpit!" ordered Doofenshmirtz.

"I can just do this," Norm replied, and Doofenshmirtz's seat automatically moved out of the cockpit, while two machine guns aimed at L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. emerged from his sides. Two triggers appeared on Doofenshmirtz's arm-rests.

"Wow. Okay, I should start reading your instruction manual after I'm done shooting at L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N."

Doofenshmirtz then grasped the triggers and aimed the guns directly at his former colleagues.


Issuing a battle cry, the scientist began firing the guns repeatedly at the robots. After missing several times, he managed to land a couple of perfect shots on the robot being ridden by Diminuitive, causing it to shut down and fall to the earth. Diminuitive was able to detach himself from the robot and then activate his parachute, allowing him to land safely on the top of another building. Meanwhile, Rodney watched with anger as Diminuitive's offline robot crashed onto the street and looked at his own.

"Focus all of your firepower on Doofenshmirtz!" he ordered.

"Yes, sir," the robot replied mechanically as it opened fire on Doofenshmirtz, the bullets ripping through his lab coat.


"Apparently a lot," Rodney replied as his robot continued to fire. Doofenshmirtz cried out in pain as a bullet hit him squarely in the shoulder, and he pressed a button that slid his seat back into the cockpit.

"DAD!" Vanessa shrieked as she grabbed her father and pulling him back into the safety of the cockpit. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Get this bullet out of me, quickly!"

Linda handed Charlene the kit, and Charlene took out a pair of forceps. Vanessa placed a cloth into her father's mouth while Charlene slowly stuck the forceps into her husband's gunshot wound. Doofenshmirtz cringed and chewed the cloth in his mouth extremely tightly as the forceps slowly traveled down his ripped skin, leaving a trail of vicious pain in its wake. When the forceps reached the bullet that was nested inside his shoulder, a shot of more intense pain traveled from his shoulder to his brain at astonishingly unimaginable speeds, and it became continuous as Charlene slowly pulled the bullet out of his wound. Finally, the pain was replaced with a stinging when Charlene finally pulled out the golden, bloodstained piece of metal. Doofenshmirtz flinched at the sight of his own blood and began resisting the urge to throw up as he remembered a childhood memory concerning him having to suffer another manhood rite in which he had to stare at a partially-eaten Goozim with no ounce of fear. As usual, it didn't end well for him.

Finally, Doofenshmirtz won the battle and began panting heavily, the stinging still remaining on his wound. Suddenly, Norm slightly yet roughly jerked backward, nearly throwing the passengers back; Doofenshmirtz felt his nausea come back to him, and this time, it was more powerful: the scientist was able to summon a trash can that he poured his internal contents into. Meanwhile, Linda, Lawrence, Charlene, and Mandy looked out of the cockpit and gasped: the robot ridden by Sharpeard had fired a pair of grappling hooks at Norm that sunk into his wings; the robot was now slowing down with the intention of slowing Norm down as well until the rest of L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. reached them.

"They're trying to slow us down!" cried Linda. "We have to do something!"

Charlene examined the placement of the grappling hooks and said hooks' distances from the cockpit. Realizing that it was close, Charlene took out two scalpels from the first-aid kit and turned to Linda, giving her one.

"Linda," she said, "those grappling hooks are close to the cockpit. We can inch our way towards the hooks and use these to cut them!"

"But scalpels aren't that powerful in cutting ropes, aren't they?" replied Linda cautiously.

"These scalpels are the closest cutting tools we'll get!"


"Remember Chef Guilbaud, Linda! The food doesn't control the knife, it is you that controls it!"

Linda gulped, initially nervous, but pride flooded her eyes, and she smiled triumphantly. "You're right! We're mothers, for crying out loud! We do most of the work in the household; it's time we put our skills to the real test!"

"That's nice, sweetie," interjected Lawrence, "but won't you two get knocked away from the plane and fall to your doom once you get out there?"

"YES!" Thaddeus cried. "I knew these things would be useful!" He took out two spheres and gave one each to Linda and Charlene.

"A yo-yo?" Linda asked.

"Yes, they're yo-yos," said Thaddeus, "but the rope they contain has the strength of climbing rope! They're multipurpose tools, designed for both your entertainment and for scaling high terrain!"

Linda and Charlene immediately pulled out several feet of rope and tied it around their waists. Linda then gave her yo-yo to Lawrence, while Charlene gave hers to Vanessa.

"Hold on to these-" began Linda.

"-And don't let go," Charlene finished.

Lawrence and Vanessa both nodded, and Doofenshmirtz ordered, "Norm, open the cockpit!"

"Are you sure about that, sir?" asked the robot.


The cockpit immediately opened up, and a gust of wind blew against the passengers' faces. Sagave leaned its head out of the cockpit and began panting, its tongue flapping in the wind.

"I'M GOING FOR THE ONE ON THE LEFT!" Linda yelled over the wind.

"I'LL GO FOR THE RIGHT THEN!" replied Charlene.

Linda and Charlene, the ropes still tied to their waists, the scalpels clutched in their hands, both crawled out from the sides towards the grappling hooks. Clutching the hooks' ropes, both mothers began sawing at them with the scalpels. Rodney noticed their actions.

"They're trying to cut the ropes!" Rodney yelled to Bloodpudding and Blair. "FIRE ON THEM!"

The other two villainous scientists nodded in response, and their robots opened fire on the two mothers. When a bullet nearly hit Charlene, Vanessa gasped and then became furious.

"NORM!" the teenage Goth ordered. "LET ME MAN YOUR MACHINE GUNS!"

"Yes, sis!"

"NO WAIT, VANESSA!" Doofenshmirtz protested, but it was too late: Vanessa had already given her father the yo-yo to hang to as her seat slid out of the cockpit, the two machine guns emerging from her sides.

Manning the guns, Vanessa snarled, "In the name of Doofenshmirtz, you're GOING DOWN!"

Vanessa flinched as the two machine guns began blasting away at the press of the triggers. Bloodpudding and Blair became immersed in a hail of bullets that miraculously kept missing them, but they kept experiencing close calls numerous times. Croachaye closely examined the pattern the machine guns were taking as they moved around to hit Bloodpudding or Blair, and finally discovering a weak spot in the pattern, he motioned his robot forward and opened fire on the weapons when the both of them focused themselves heavily on Blair, only to miss. Riddling one of the guns with bullets, disabling its firing mechanism, Croachaye laughed, while Vanessa gasped. Helmetair seized the chance to destroy the other gun, and Vanessa was forced to retreat back inside the cockpit.

Meanwhile, Linda growled angrily as the rope stubbornly maintained its grip on the hook that was buried in Norm's metallic wing. Moving her hand, Linda screamed when the metal her hand was placed on seconds ago burst in a tiny explosion: a bullet had hit the spot. Looking up, she saw Bloodpudding cackling as he continued to fire. Sparks flew all around the Flynn-Fletcher mother as bullets nearly hit her, and in shock, Linda accidentally lost her balance and fell off the wing. Fortunately, she still had the rope tied firmly around her waist, and Linda fell only a few feet when her fall was abruptly cut off when Lawrence, seeing his second wife's predicament, held back on the rope with all of his might.

Looking up and beaming at her savior, Linda then checked her hand to see if she held her scalpel, and sighed in relief when she realized it was still in her grasp. She then looked up at Lawrence again.

"Pull me up, Lawrence!" called Linda.

"Sure thing, honey!" Lawrence replied. He turned to Isabella, Albert, and Jenny. "Help me pull her up!"

"Sure thing, Mr. Fletcher!" Isabella cried, and she and the two teenagers helped the British man pull his wife back onto Norm's wing.

Linda felt her body being lifted up, and she smiled in relief. Then, the smile was replaced with an open mouth of shock, as Bloodpudding's robot was flying towards her, its guns reloading.

"IT'S TIME TO DIE, MISSY!" screeched Bloodpudding.

"I DON'T THINK SO!" Charlene's voice called out, and the red-haired scientist threw a confused glance at the wing she was on, only to stare at a severed rope, one of the ropes that held on to Sharpeard's grappling hooks, that was heading his way.

Screaming, Bloodpudding detached himself from his robot, barely seconds before the rope slashed his robot in half, sending the two pieces plummeting down towards the city below. Falling to the ground as well, Bloodpudding was able to activate his parachute and made a rough landing on a sidewalk as civilians watched with confusion. Linda, in the meantime, looked at Charlene.

"Thanks, Charlene!" called Linda.

"No problemo!"

Linda suddenly saw Blair heading towards her cooking class partner, her robot's guns prepared. "CHARLENE, LOOK OUT!"

Charlene reacted quickly: she threw her scalpel at the robot's left eye and landed a bullseye. In confusion, the robot began flying around in random directions, Blair screaming all the way. During its frantic panicking, the robot collided into the other rope that held Sharpeard's grappling hooks, severing it and sending his robot flying around as well. When the two flailing robots spun towards each other, Sharpeard and Blair detached themselves just in time, and their robots collided painfully and exploded. Sharpeard and Blair activated their own parachutes as they slowly traveled down to the city. Rodney roared out in frustration at the decreasing numbers of his side, while Doofenshmirtz laughed at his rival's despair as Linda and Charlene boarded the cockpit and shared a joyful high-five in the midst of their success.

Vanessa noticed Rodney, Tancien, and Helmetair's robots retreat, but Croachaye and Bulkare remained in pursuit. "Wait a minute," she said, "why are those two retreating?"

"Maybe they're freaking out about the losses they're suffering," replied Doofenshmirtz in a boastful voice. "It's very typical of Rodney to retreat anyway."

"They're closing in, sir," announced Norm. "I'm gonna try and evade them by zigzagging low all around the Danville Skyline!"

And with that, Norm flew low, near the streets, and began making numerous turns around the tall skyscrapers that now towered over the plane. Croachaye and Bulkare did the same, and had a particularly hard time maneuvering through the skyline. Doofenshmirtz was impressed with Norm's impressive maneuverability when the robot made a smooth turn in a section where heavily sharp left turns were required.

"Wow, Norm," the scientist said. "You sure know your maneuvering skills."

"Just because I'm a servant robot doesn't mean I have to be a stereotype of loyal servants," replied Norm.

"They're firing!" cried Isabella, and everyone looked at the back of the cockpit

Indeed, Croachaye and Bulkare were firing their robots' guns, leaving the shattering of glass of the surrounding skyscrapers in their wake. Everyone below screamed and some covered their heads as the glass rained down on them, while others ran in fear as the two scientists continued firing on Norm.

When Norm made a right and was flying down a street that was going straight for miles, everyone looked ahead to see the robots of Rodney, Bulkare, and Helmetair appear in front of them and head straight towards the plane, opening fire. Croachaye and Bulkare followed suit from behind, and the five remaining L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. members were raiding Norm with many bullets.

"Aw, man," Norm said, "I could really use a surgeon or two right now..."

"Norm!" exclaimed Doofenshmirtz. "Stay with us now! We can make it!" He looked at Rodney, Tancien, and Helmetair, who were still flying towards them. "Norm? You don't happen to have any missile launchers installed in you somewhere, do you?"

"As a matter of fact, I do."

A pair of menacing missile launchers was deployed from Norm's underside, and the robot immediately fired several missiles towards the three robots ahead of him. Tancien and Helmetair both screamed and managed to detach from their robots just before Norm's missiles destroyed them. However, Rodney was able to avoid the barrage and growled in anger.

"So, you wanna play with missiles, eh?" he asked furiously. "Well, let's fight fire with fire!" He then added in a whisper, "...Can't believe I didn't use this in the first place..."

His robot immediately fired two missiles that hit Norm's wings with ferocious accuracy. Everyone screamed, and Norm went, "Mommy, I don't want to go to the doctor!" The plane, finally suffering enough, began descending towards the street below, and civilians screamed and ran for their lives. Rodney lifted upward to avoid crashing into Norm, and he watched with Croachaye and Bulkare as Norm crashed into the street, overturning cars and causing many explosions. Snickering with triumph, Rodney flew down to the street, Croachaye and Bulkare behind him.

Landing in the middle of the street, the three villains dismounted their robots and approached the fallen Norm as his passengers, all dazed and injured, slowly struggled to get out. Rodney issued a short laugh before motioning the three Aerial-Class Robots to aim their firearms.

"Bye bye, Doofenshmirtz," he snarled, "and good riddance!"

At that moment, car horns blared from behind the six and they all looked back, only to be hit and roughly thrown backward by the O.W.C.A. bus.

Inside, Carl, who was still at the wheel, cried "HA! BULLSEYE!" before turning to Ferb, Candace, Perry, and the others.

"Kids, go help them!" the intern ordered, pointing at Norm and the passengers struggling to get out.

"Wait a minute!" exclaimed Beppo. "Since when must the children get out into the middle of a war zone?"

"Ever since Phineas threatened them," Carl replied coldly. Shocked by the teenager's response, Beppo and the other parents nodded while Carl looked at Perry, Fred, and Randy. "Agents, go battle L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N.!"

The three O.W.C.A. agents nodded and sprung into action, leaping out of broken windows on the bus and charging for Rodney, Croachaye, Bulkare, and their robots. Meanwhile, the kids and the parents rushed out of the bus and towards Norm, who was snoring peacefully. Vivian gasped upon seeing her daughter becoming the first to get out of Norm.

"ISA!" she cried, and Isabella looked up, eyes wide.

"MOM!" Isabella ran to her mother and they both embraced each other in a loving hug, both crying softly.

"Oh, Isa," said Vivian, "I was afraid I lost you!"

"It's okay, Mom," replied Isabella. "I'm all right."

Meanwhile, Ferb's eyes widened at the sight of Vanessa as she also got out of Norm with Candace's help. "Vanessa?"

Vanessa looked at Ferb and gasped. "Ferb?"

Linda and Lawrence poked their heads out of the cockpit and also asked simultaneously, "Ferb!"

"Mum!" Ferb and Candace both exclaimed. "Dad!"

"You know this girl?" asked Lawrence.

"Yeah, I'm in lo...lucky friend of hers," Ferb replied, nearly exposing his love for Vanessa in front of her and his parents.

Doofenshmirtz poked his head out of the cockpit, not noticing his hand release David's revolver, and glared at the British boy suspiciously before finally saying, "I think it's 'Yeah, I'm a lucky friend of hers'. And what d'you mean by lucky?"

"Dad, we don't have the time!" Vanessa replied, helping her father as well as her mother out of the cockpit. "For now, we've gotta move!"

"Oh no you don't!"

Rodney, Croachaye, and Bulkare were standing behind the Flynn-Fletcher, Doofenshmirtz, and Garcia-Shapiro families, their stun guns ready.

"You guys aren't moving anywhere," said Rodney. "Now, come slowly and quietly or I'll-"

"You'll what?" Doofenshmirtz asked rebelliously. "Stun us?"

The scientist then punched his rival, sending the big-headed man tumbling into his two accomplices. Doofenshmirtz clutched his hand in pain, undoubtedly just suffering from the immediate aftermath of his first punch. Rodney wiped a small trickle of blood issuing from his lip in frustration before standing up, cracking his knuckles while Croachaye and Bulkare surrounded his sides menacingly.

"So, you wanna fight, eh? Well, let's do this then!"

"He's not fighting alone!" Lawrence stepped beside Doofenshmirtz.

"Lawrence!" exclaimed Linda, but Lawrence gave his wife a stern look.

"Linda," he said, "you and Charlene get the children out of here! Heinz and I will distract these three goons!"

"We will?" asked Heinz, evidently confused.

"But-" Linda began, but she was interrupted when Croachaye charged for her, only to be thrown to the ground by a punch from Lawrence.

"JUST GO!" the British man ordered, and the two women escorted the children away from the plane.

Doofenshmirtz and Rodney faced each other, staring daggers at each other. The two had always despised each other the moment they first met at that evil scientist convention, and they had always been waiting for the day that they would finally battle against one another in a man-on-man fight. The Code of Malevolence (a code for all evil villains in the Tri-State Area) prevented them from taking out their hatred on each other unless one of them became good, and now that Doofenshmirtz was choosing his family over work, Rodney was delighted to know he can finally square off against his arch-rival once and for all.

"Looks like it's come down to this, Rodney," snarled Doofenshmirtz. "Me against you, in a match to the death. May the best villain win."

"You're no longer a villain, Doofenshmirtz!" Rodney replied. "You were foolish to pick your family over your work! And now, I shall destroy you. And for the last time, it's NOT Rodney! It's Aloyse Everheart Elizabeth Otto Wolfgang Hypatia Gunther Galen Gary Cooper von Roddenstein!"

"I don't care about your full name, Rodney! And yes, you're right! I'm no longer evil, and it wasn't foolish of me to save my family! It was the right thing to do! You should know that, you have a son at home!"

"I hit him at least twice a day whenever he makes even the tiniest failure! THAT makes me a great villain!"

"Wow." Doofenshmirtz put his hands on his hips. "If you wanna be an excellent villain, then why have a son?"

"Let's not press the matter, Doofenshmirtz. For now, LET'S FIGHT!"



Rodney was thrown to the ground by a hard punch from his opponent, who then clutched his hand in pain again.

"OUCH!" exclaimed Doofenshmirtz. "How in the world do those movie stars not feel the pain?"

Rodney took advantage of Doofenshmirtz's distraction to land a kick on the leg, and his opponent crumpled to the ground in intense pain. He then jumped over Doofenshmirtz and swung his fist at his face, but the other scientist managed to move his head away, and Rodney's fist grazed itself painfully against the edgy asphalt. He screamed out in agony, and Doofenshmirtz kicked him in the groin in response before shoving him off of his body before making a run for a crowbar that was conveniently abandoned near a manhole. Grabbing it, Doofenshmirtz charged back towards Rodney, who was struggling to aim his stun gun with his injured hand, only to have his shoulder hit hard by the crowbar. Rodney tried to grab the arm holding the crowbar, but his opponent dodged the movement and whacked Rodney's back with his new weapon. The villain fell to the ground, groaning in pain, before grabbing a large fragment of asphalt and throwing it into Doofenshmirtz's face.

Doofenshmirtz fell to the ground, his nose broken, and tried to crawl towards his fallen crowbar, but the daze he received from the latest blow distracted him, allowing Rodney to acquire the crowbar.

Slapping the crowbar lightly on his other palm, like a teacher in a Catholic school would do with a ruler, Rodney snarled, "Bad move, Doofenshmirtz."

Doofenshmirtz closed his eyes tight and braced himself for the impending series of impacts on his body...

Lawrence fell to the asphalt ground, having suffered another painful punch from Croachaye. Spitting out a wad of mixture of blood and spit, the British man spotted the revolver Doofenshmirtz dropped while trying to get out of the ship and tried to grab it, but Croachaye stepped on his back hard. Cackling with pleasure at his success, the evil scientist procured a small stick from his lab coat and pressed a button on it; a shiny, long blade emerged from the stick until it was long enough to become a sword. Pressing another button, Lawrence watched fearfully when the blade became engulfed with blue, crackling electricity.

"Now," said Croachaye, "prepare to die, fool."

Lawrence tried to struggle, but he had suffered too much of a beating to make a significant move. Finally, he gave up and waited for the arms of death to embrace him. But then, his sights laid on something: a locket his first wife gave him back in England. It had a picture of an infant Ferb being held by Lawrence. The both of them looked so happy, and Lawrence reminisced of the time he first held Ferb after he was born. It was like holding an angel, and it made Lawrence proud to know that he was a father. And ever since he remarried, it made him even more proud to know that Ferb will now move on from his past by playing with his stepsiblings. Most of his life had been dedicated to giving the best to Ferb, a dedication that was initially a failure that still made Lawrence cry whenever he thought about what happened during Ferb's early years in England. But he was having a fresh start in the U.S., a restart that was, until now, proving to be a success. But now that he was about to die, it enraged Lawrence to know that not only will he leave Ferb behind, but he will also leave Phineas behind in a state that would endanger the world. And he would never forgive himself for that.

Continuing to stare at the locket, the happiness radiating from the picture immersed Lawrence in a new tide of energy and hope. Growling angrily, he used all of his strength to stand up on his two feet with Croachaye's foot still on his back. His newest retaliatory action threw Croachaye to the ground, and he dropped his weapon. Lawrence grabbed it and was about to point it at his opponent, only to find that he recovered quickly and kicked it out of his hand almost immediately. Both men charged for the sword, and their hands landed on the handle. Seconds later, they were struggling over dominant control of the sword, the electricity still crackling as if it were the score of an action film.

"LET...GO!" roared Croachaye.

"No," Lawrence replied, "YOU LET GO!"

And with that, Lawrence proved to be the stronger of the two, pulling the weapon out of the scientist's hands and causing both to fall over. Lawrence immediately stood up and watched as Croachaye struggled to get up as well. Initially, the British man was puzzled as to why the scientist was having some difficulty, but when he saw the blood drip from his opponent's stomach, he charily approached him and realized at a closer distance that Croachaye landed on a sharp fragment of asphalt.

"Here, let me help you," said Lawrence.

Croachaye warily looked up at him before displaying his wound. Lawrence flinched at the sight of it before clutching the fragment.

"Hold your breath."

Croachaye did so, and groaned in intense pain when Lawrence quickly yanked the fragment out of his stomach. He then fell onto the street on his back, clearly incapacitated from the pain. Lawrence tossed the fragment across the street before running off to meet up with his family.

Little did Lawrence know that the fragment he tossed landed by Doofenshmirtz's side. The scientist eyed it, grabbed it, and, issuing a cry, stabbed Rodney in the leg before he can begin bludgeoning him with the crowbar. Screeching out in pain, Rodney fell to the ground and Doofenshmirtz stood up, kicking his opponent in the head and knocking him out.

Looking down the street, Doofenshmirtz watched with horror as his arch-nemesis Perry and his two O.W.C.A. comrades were being overwhelmed by Rodney, Croachaye, and Bulkare's Aerial-Class Robots, whom they were fighting with. He then looked at the wrecked Norm and approached it.

"Norm?" asked Doofenshmirtz. "Are you still there?"

"Yes, sir," replied Norm. "Here and functioning."

"See those Aerial-Class Robots?" Doofenshmirtz pointed at the battling robots. "TAKE THEM OUT!"

"Sure thing, sir."

Norm optimistically deployed a missile launcher and proceeded to fire three missiles at the robots. Perry, Fred, and Randy watched and managed to jump away at a safe distance just as the missiles hit the robots, causing a trio of massive explosions that sent shock waves, one of which nearly toppled Doofenshmirtz over. Perry beamed at their savior, but this expression was replaced with skepticism when he realized it was none other than Doofenshmirtz as the scientist helped turn Norm into his robot mode. Smiling, the once-evil scientist approached the platypus, who struck a fighting stance in wariness.

"Hold on, Perry the Platypus!" he cried. "I'm an ally now! Please, I'm on your side!" Perry still threw him a wary look. "Look, I just saved you and your two animal buddies from those robots! Is that enough to tell you that I'm now a good guy?"

Perry sighed, knowing that Doofenshmirtz, being bad at deceiving, was telling the truth, and stretched out his arm. Doofenshmirtz looked at it and then shook it.

"All right, then. Truce."

"Yeah...truce..." Norm said suspiciously, and Doofenshmirtz looked at his robotic servant.

"And exactly what do you mean by that? I'm serious!"

"Oh, sorry sir."

The rest of the Flynn-Fletcher, Doofenshmirtz, and Garcia-Shapiro families were about to reunite with Carl and the other children, parents, and escapees when Bulkare ran into the fray and stood in front of them, chuckling evilly.

"HA!" the large scientist said. "Forgot about me, didn't you?"

Suddenly, Jack issued a battle cry and charged for Bulkare. Before Vivian, Isabella, or Gretchen can protest, Bulkare had already lifted the single father into the air and threw him into the O.W.C.A. bus. Snickering, the villain approached the fallen Jack.

"So, dare to challenge me, eh?" he asked. "Well, how do ya like THIS?"

He threw a punch at Jack, but he was quicker: managing to roll away as Bulkare's fist collided with the ground, leaving a small crater, Jack then jumped onto Bulkare's back and began punching at his opponent's face with all of his might. Yelling out in anger as his nose and mouth slowly began to issue blood, Bulkare quickly grabbed Jack's head and threw the father off of him, slamming him onto the sidewalk. Approaching his opponent, Bulkare was about to kick Jack when he stood up and threw his wallet into his face, distracting Bulkare and allowing Jack to kick him hard in the crotch and then in the leg.


Jack had then hit Bulkare across the head with a fragment of asphalt before running back to the others.

"Come on, we've gotta get out of here!" exclaimed Jack.

"All right!" Carl replied before spotting Doofenshmirtz, Norm, Lawrence, and the three O.W.C.A. agents running towards the group, a now-conscious Rodney in pursuit. "HURRY UP, WE'VE GOTTA GO!"

Suddenly, the street behind Rodney exploded, and Phineas's Doomsday machine emerged from the ground. Perry chattered in anger, recognizing the device as the same one that abducted Pinky. Quickly, everyone boarded the bus as Rodney stopped to look at the Doomsday device. Carl activated the engine and immediately sped away from the scene.

Rodney and Bulkare looked on in shock as Phineas and the six other L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. members emerged from the top of the machine. Phineas stared back at the two scientists, but he wasn't wearing an expression of anger at the recent failure. In fact, Rodney and Bulkare were puzzled as to why Phineas was smiling.

"Come on," Phineas announced. "We've got work to do."

"What about Croachaye there?" asked Bloodpudding in concern, pointing at the fallen scientist, who was still bleeding from his wound.

"Leave him," replied Phineas nonchalantly. "He's no use to us anymore. Look at the state he's in!"

"But we can patch him-" began Diminuitive, but Phineas threw a furious glance at him, silencing the small villain.

Rodney and Bulkare showed no remorse as Phineas picked them up, only confusion at their new leader's eerie smile...

"Wait a minute," Linda said inside the bus, "so Perry, as in our Perry, is a secret agent?"

"Yep," replied Ferb. "Me, Phineas, and our friends knew about it once before, but we had our memories erased. But now, we know again, and this time, they're letting us join the fight."

"Do you know exactly what caused Phineas to become evil?" asked Isabella.

"We don't know for sure," Candace replied. "All we know is that Django was the one who last saw him as being regular. He also mentions that he sent him off to the park, for you were hosting a meeting concerning him at the time. And that was that. Next time we see him, he's got those eerily green eyes..."

"Hold on a sec!" Doofenshmirtz said, gaining everyone's attention. "What date was it when you last saw that kid as being, you know, regular?"

"Three days ago, on August 3rd," replied Django. Doofenshmirtz's eyes widened.

"What?" asked Vanessa. "What is it, Dad?"

Doofenshmirtz turned to his daughter. "That was when Perry the Platypus thwarted my scheme to become truly evil! Remember, Perry the Platypus?" He turned to Perry, whose eyes widened in remembrance as well. "Me and Rodney were arguing on who should be hit by the reconstructed Turn-Everything-Evil-Inator? And then you and your animal friends escaped and destroyed the Inator, but not before Helmetair fired a laser out of the window?"

"And you suffered yet another failure," added Rodney optimistically.

"Shut it, Norm!"

Carl's eyes widened. "You're not saying-" he began, but Doofenshmirtz cut him off.

"Yes, I'm saying so." He looked at everyone. "The Turn-Everything-Evil-Inator firing a laser out of my balcony and Phineas being sent to a place where people don't go to much anymore, both at the same time, can't be coinciding events. Phineas might've been hit by my Turn-Everything-Evil-Inator."

"Oh my God," replied Candace as the bus reached an abandoned hotel. "Do you know how to reverse the effects of that whatever-it-was-called?"

"Hey, I invented that thing, I should know how to make something that'll reverse its effects! I mean, how hard can that be?"

Suddenly, the bus was split in half, and the halves were sent in opposite directions, everyone inside screaming. Norm, however, commented optimistically, "I'm having an ice cream headache..."

The front half crashed into a fire hydrant, stopping it and dousing the half in water, while the other half was turned on its side. No one was injured, fortunately, and everyone was able to get out.

"What the heck happened?" Jeremy asked.

"We happened!"

The Doomsday device emerged from the ground in front of them, and Phineas emerged from it, David and Rodney at his sides. Everyone stared daggers at him, the Flynn-Fletcher family and Perry especially. Phineas laughed at the sight of the crowd.

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages!" Phineas announced. "It's the show you've all been waiting for! I am so glad you led me to your hideout-" He pointed at the abandoned hotel. "-and giving me access to all of the inventions me and Ferb have made!"

Everyone gasped as the inventions all began increasing in size behind him, and Phineas's smile became more pronounced.

"And I owe it all to Django here!" Phineas pointed at Django. "For my Doomsday device managed to throw a little Platypus-Track-Inator on the back of his shirt!"

Everyone stared at Django, who, indeed, had a small sphere on the back of his shirt. Doofenshmirtz could recognize it anywhere.

However, only Vivian wasn't staring at Django; instead, she was looking at David.

"David?" she asked, and David smiled.

"Hello there, Vivian," he replied. "A pleasure to see you again. It's been, what, seven years?"

Isabella was shocked to realize that her mother knew the man that had stroked her hair hours ago. "Mom," she said, tugging at Vivian's shirt, "do you know this man?"

David looked at Isabella and smiled. "So," he said to Vivian, "this is the baby you told me about. Hm. Now that I'm seeing her in broad daylight I can now see the resemblance. She definitely has our eyes. A remarkable job we did, Vivian, great job!"

"Mom?" said Isabella. "What is he talking about?"

Vivian sighed. "I was hoping that this day wouldn't come, but now that it has, I must admit this. Isabella, that man there-" She pointed at David. "-is your father."


Not only does Phineas have the inventions, but David is actually Isabella's long-lost dad! Oh yeah, double surprise!

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