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Tough Choices, Part 1 of 3

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Chapter 14 Summary: The Red Triangle prepares its ascendancy in power, while Isabella makes a tough decision regarding her crush on Phineas. Meanwhile, one of the Red Triangle members goes rogue on the organization.

Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc-

However, before the evil jingle can be finished, the DEI sign is suddenly unscrewed by Doof Clones, who promptly destroy it and bring the pieces into Doofenshmirtz's laboratory. Monkeys enslaved by the Monkey-Enslave-Inator then proceed to place a new sign on the now-empty space. It was the Red Triangle sign, written in capitalized, bold, and red letters that are followed by none other than the insignia of a red triangle. A new jingle, tough and triumphant, roared out the new name of the DEI building.


"What in the world?" exclaimed Doofenshmirtz as he watched the quartet that sung the DEI jingle was escorted out by Sharpeard and Blair, while Rodney trained the heavy metal band. The evil scientist threw a shocked look at Phineas. "Hey, kid! Why'd you replace my sign, my quartet, and my jingle!"

"It's ridiculous, that's why," replied Phineas nonchalantly as he continued to modify one of Diminuitive's Inators.

Doofenshmirtz placed his hands on his hips angrily. "What do ya mean by 'ridiculous'?"

Phineas finally faced him with his green eyes and replied, "Number one: having a sign that has 'Evil' on it will attract the attention of the authorities. Number two: having a quartet to sing a jingle instead of a tough band specializing in things like heavy metal has 'Wrong' written all over it. Number three: having a jingle in the first place is, like I said, ridiculous!"

"But, this place still has a jingle!"

"This isn't a jingle, it's identification! A tough one at that! Don't you dare contradict me again, Doofenshmirtz, or your ex-wife and your daughter both get it!"

Doofenshmirtz was about to protest some more, but when Phineas took out a walkie-talkie, the evil scientist closed his mouth.

"Good boy," replied Phineas in a tone that seemed to regard Doofenshmirtz as a puppy being trained, and he put the walkie-talkie back in his pocket. "Now, where was I? Oh, right!"

The ten-year-old hopped off of the pedestal he was standing on to reach the Inator and approached a Doof Clone who was wearing a hardhat and holding a clipboard.

"You!" Phineas called. "How go the reconstruction?"

The Doof Clone looked at him and replied modestly, "Very well, boss. Let me show you around to see what we have."

Phineas, Doofenshmirtz, and the Doof Clone began walking around the DEI laboratory, now the Red Triangle laboratory. First, the trio approached a section of the lab, where Doof Clones were taking down the wall exteriors and placing several traps Doofenshmirtz previously used to capture Perry whenever the agent arrived to thwart his schemes.

The Doof Clone announced, "Using the Pizzazium Infinionite you stole from the Googolplex Mall, we have used some of it to give a boost of energy to Doofenshmirtz's traps. Now, the moment they capture a subject, said traps will never let go, they'll never break, and they're escape-proof unless you activate the remotes."

The trio then walked into the middle of the lab, where all of the Inators made by the members of L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. (or, in Rodney's case, Inizers) were being worked on by monkeys enslaved by the Monkey-Enslave-Inator. "All of these Inators have more power now that their self-destruct buttons are removed," said the Doof Clone, "but we have given them more power using the Pizzazium Infinionite."

"Excellent," replied Phineas, just before his attention was caught by a giant, floating baby head. "ALL RIGHT, WHO LET THE GIANT, FLOATING BABY HEAD IN!"

"That's mine," Bloodpudding said, stepping forward.

"Get that thing out of here, Bloodpudding!" Phineas growled, and Bloodpudding gulped.

"I can't do that. That's one of my inventions."

"You invented a giant, floating baby head?"

"Actually, I didn't; I found it floating around in the park. I became its owner and I thought it might make a powerful weapon. I mean, I can't help but feel that this thing has potential in there somewhere."

Phineas snickered. "Yeah, a potential to suck humans as pacifiers!"

"Good one, boss," replied the Doof Clone, giggling.

"Thank you." Phineas turned to Bloodpudding. "All right, we'll keep that thing. But if it isn't effective in battle, then you find a way to get rid of it!"

"Yes, boss." And with that, Bloodpudding left.

"Now-" Phineas stared at the Doof Clone. "-continue with the tour."

"All right, boss," the Doof Clone replied as he escorted Phineas and Doofenshmirtz to a room where the O.W.C.A. agents and superiors were training. "Using the Turn-Everything-Evil-Inator on the O.W.C.A., we have gained possibly the most effective portion of our army. With the agents' unmatched fighting skills and the superiors' efficient commanding expertise, these guys will play a key role in leading us to victory. The O.W.C.A. interns have proven themselves useful as well." The trio walked towards a neighboring computer room, where numerous interns were operating on rows of computers. "These interns are skilled with computers, and now that they are under our influence, they can look up anything for us in a matter of split-seconds. Plus, they can help with cleaning the place and getting our laundry!"

Phineas looked at the Doof Clone with an eyebrow raised, and the clone said, "What? I thought I'd add that!" Phineas's eyebrow was still raised. "They can do that, boss!"

"If you insist," replied Phineas. "Now, on with the tour!"

"Sure thing, boss."

The trio walked into back into the main room, towards a section that held an army of one-eyed robots that were being finished by O.W.C.A. interns.

"The Red Triangle Robots," announced the Doof Clone. "These ones-" He pointed at the robots standing in the leftmost rows, which were red and were armed with machine guns and missile launchers. "-specialize in ranged weapons. They're the Range-Class Robots, all put into three different classes: the Gamma Sub-Class-" He pointed at robots armed with machine guns. "-the Beta Sub-Class-" The clone pointed at robots armed with missile launchers and cannons. "-and the Alpha Sub-Class." He pointed at robots armed with every ranged weapon in existence.

"These robots here-" The clone pointed at robots standing in the rightmost rows, all green and armed with swords, maces, and other close-combat weapons. "-specialize in melee weapons. They're the Melee-Class Robots, also put into three classes called the Gamma Sub-Class-" He pointed at robots armed with swords, circular saws, and bows. "-the Beta Sub-Class-" He pointed at robots armed with swords, double-bladed swords, bows, axes, and brass knuckles. "-and the Alpha Sub-Class." He pointed at robots armed with every melee weapon imaginable.

"These ones here-" The clone then motioned at robots standing beside the Range-Class Robots, all blue, armed with machine guns and missile launchers, and possessing jetpacks. "-specialize in aerial combat. They're the Aerial-Class Robots. These ones over here-" He pointed at yellow robots armed with shields and menacing spears. "-will help defend the front, rear, and side sections of our battalions in combat. They're the Defense-Class Robots."

"One word: awesome," Phineas said.

"Glad you liked it," the Doof Clone replied. "Now, on to the Goozim room!"

The trio walked into another room, which held cages containing strange creatures with brown fur that seemed to take up the space of their respective cells. Doofenshmirtz recognized them as Goozims, animals native in Druelselstein.

"Using Tancien's Teleport-Stuff-From-Afar-Inator," the Doof Clone said, "we have brought a Goozim in our midst. And using Doofenshmirtz's Copy-And-Paste-Inator, we have made clones of it, so we now have an army of ferocious Goozims!"

"Goozims?" asked Phineas. "Not a very creative name. But hey, I can't think of anything else."

The trio then walked into another room, probably the largest room in the laboratory, a room Doofenshmirtz barely used; in fact, Doofenshmirtz was shocked to remember he had such a room. In it was the dome-shaped machine with the many arms hanging from its sides, the same contraption Phineas used to abduct Pinky and many O.W.C.A. employees. It was being operated on by Bulkare and several Doof Clones, enslaved monkeys, and O.W.C.A. superiors.

Bulkare spotted the trio and greeted, "Hey, boss! We've finished adding the Pizzazium Infinionite you've assigned us into the power core of this...this...what's this thing called?"

"Doomsday," replied Phineas simply, and both Doofenshmirtz and Bulkare shuddered at the simple, yet eerie choice of name. Fortunately, Phineas didn't notice, as he boarded the Doomsday machine followed by the Doof Clone and approached a hypnotized Major Monogram, who was operating on the keyboard mounted at the top of the device.

"Monogram!" Phineas greeted sternly, and the major turned to him.

"Major Monogram, at your service, sir!" Monogram replied as if he were in a training exercise.

"Is everything going well with reconstructing my best device?"


"Does it have enough power to destroy entire cities?"


"Is it guaranteed to help us conquer this miserable planet?"


"Excellent." Phineas turned to the Doof Clone. "Now, is that it?"

"Yes, sir," the Doof Clone replied.

"Good." Phineas then threw his arms in the air, much like a cliched Saturday morning cartoon villain. "SOON, THIS WORLD WILL KNEEL BEFORE ME! AND NO ONE WILL-"

"Phineas! I've finished setting up the buffet!"

Norm was standing in the doorway, holding a tray of food and drinks. Phineas growled.


"My apologies, Phineas," replied Norm, and he left the room.

"Stupid Norm, can't do much right..." Phineas growled. He then turned to the Doof Clone. "Continue supervising! I shall go attend to a private matter."

"Yes, sir."

Phineas nodded and stalked away to an unknown location. Meanwhile, Doofenshmirtz approached his clone.

"Why are you calling him 'sir' and 'boss', me?" asked the scientist angrily. "I'm your creator! Without the Copy-And-Paste-Inator, you wouldn't be here, neither would the rest of you! I should be your rightful boss, your 'sir'!"

"I know, Doofenshmirtz," the Doof Clone replied, "but the boss is much more successful than you in committing acts of evil. Under his command, we've already gained ourselves ten captives that are guaranteed to lure in those kids and the inventions the boss greatly desires."

"But I'm your creator! At least give me a share of 'sir'!"

"Sorry, Doofenshmirtz, but I can't do that. Not until the boss approves of it."

Doofenshmirtz growled furiously as his clone walked away to supervise, smoke about to blow out of his ears. Now he was officially regretting letting Phineas join DEI. And thanks to his decision, Phineas has usurped his position as the leader of the evil force out to conquer the Tri-State Area! Worse yet, Phineas has set his sights onto something greater than the Tri-State Area: the entire world! This was going against all of his principles of evil! He couldn't believe everything was going the other way around on this one-way road of his. And now, his ex-wife and his daughter were suffering the consequences, as was his ex-girlfriend and her husband.

But he didn't feel any compulsion to stop it, and it was tearing Doofenshmirtz's spirit to shreds. The evil scientist again remembered the declaration he made to himself long ago that he would dedicate himself to promoting evil and committing vile acts. It was a declaration that stuck to his heart and soul like a magnet. The only thing he could do was to let this all progress while he stood by at the sidelines.

But standing at the sidelines wasn't good enough for Doofenshmirtz anymore. He _wanted_ to stop all of this, and yet...he couldn't.

"I need to stop this," Doofenshmirtz mused, "but how?"

Isabella charily eyed the man that was currently in the single-room prison containing herself and her nine cellmates. The suspended lamp didn't do much to help Isabella examine the man's physicality, but she was able to conclude was that he seemed to be around his mid-thirties, almost the same age as her mother, and he possessed an average build. She knew that he was an accomplice of Phineas's, for he didn't do anything to ensure her freedom and that of her acquaintances, all of whom were staring at the man too.

Finally, Linda asked, "Who in the world are you?"

"Just a good friend of your son's," replied the man.

"Can I please talk to him?"

The man smirked, clearing savoring the moment. "I'm afraid not. He's not concerned in conversing with puny wimps like you, no matter what relation you have with him."

"Don't call my wife a wimp, you son of a-" began Lawrence, but the man shushed him, smiling.

"Watch your mouth, sir! There are children present."

Lawrence gritted his teeth, and Isabella gulped, for she had never seen him so angry. Linda, on the other hand, looked really nervous: she apparently saw her second husband angry before and she seemed to know what would result.

"Please!" Vanessa beseeched. "Let us go!"

"How cliched," the man replied, kneeling down toward Vanessa. Charlene inched herself toward her daughter in concern. "You know, I wonder why you're in here, you and your mother. After all, you're the relatives of one of Phineas's allies, and besides-" He put his index finger under Vanessa's trembling chin to bring it closer to his face. "-you're so pretty. That should've been enough to prevent him from imprisoning you. Then again, he probably saw you as a threat to his plan, as my acquaintance acquired information about you and your father during his experiments. The boss is always right too, so-" He lightly scratched Vanessa's chin as he pulled away his finger from it. "-I'm gonna let that one go."

It was silent for a moment, and Isabella could feel a claustrophobic air billow into the atmosphere. Finally, Mandy broke the silence.

"Please, at least let Suzy and this guy go." She motioned to Chad, who was holding his forehead as it bled. "Suzy's just a little girl, and he's bleeding. If this keeps up, he'll lose too much and he'll die!"

"Do I really care?" The man procured not a stun gun, but a shiny, menacing revolver with a silencer installed, and aimed it at Chad's head. "If you want, I'll put him out of his misery instantly. You can all look away..."

"No, don't!" Jenny cried. "That's murder, one of the evils that disturb the peace in the world!"

"I know. And I serve evil, so I don't care about that too."

"I need to go to the bathroom," said Albert as he held his crotch. "Seriously, I need to. You can accompany me there and then bring me back here once I'm done-"

"Do what you need to do here," the man said, aiming his firearm at the teenage boy, "but I'm not gonna escort you to the bathroom, no matter what. I have orders from Phineas to keep you all locked up in here at all measures!"

"Phineas can't do that to us!" Lawrence snarled. "I'm his father, and she's his mother!" He pointed at Linda, who gulped.

"You're his father?" The man then threw back his head and burst into laughter. "AHAHAHAHAHA! HOW RIDICULOUS! You call yourself Phineas's father? As I can recall, when my friend Roderick looked up info on Phineas, it stated in his records that his father is one Phillip Daniel Flynn, not you, Lawrence Anthony Fletcher!"

"It doesn't matter if I'm not related to him biologically; I'll always be Phineas's father as long as our love knows no boundaries, love that you apparently don't know of."

The man's smile became more pronounced, and he made a slashing movement with his arm, the one holding the revolver; Lawrence fell to the ground like a pile of bricks knocking over as the barrel of the revolver slapped his face hard. Everyone gasped in fear and horror, and Linda inched over to her husband's side while the man snickered, sadism burning in his eyes.

"You're right, Fletcher," the man said, "I do not know of this love you speak about. But what I do know is that this love doesn't exist anymore. It disappeared the moment Phineas decided to take you and your wife hostage. Now what does that make you?"

Lawrence looked up at the man, a bruise on his cheek, and finally, the British man began to sob like a pained animal. The sound of it, despite it being soft, still assaulted Isabella's eardrums and she was hurt to know that adults do cry, no matter how tough they seem. Rage shot up into Isabella's brain, and she looked at the man that insulted the father of her crush, fire practically present in her eyes. She didn't care if the man was armed with a revolver.

"You know," she snarled, "since you don't realize what kind of love Phineas and Lawrence have to one another, and the fact that it's still present no matter what, I know what that makes you. A savage, uncaring, arrogant, evil MONSTER."

The man stared at her with shocked eyes before he smiled.

"And what's your name, little girl?" he asked calmly.


"Isabella. A Spanish, Italian, and French name meaning 'beautiful'. A perfect choice for you, considering your looks." He stroked her black hair, and she shuddered slightly. "My name's David. A Hebrew name meaning 'beloved'. HA! And my parents abused me ever since I was born! Ah well, I like my name and I'm not changing it.

"Ya know, I knew someone who had hair that was as black as yours." David was now examining Isabella's hair. "She was a good woman too, a fine one. We were so close to one another, as if we were in a bond crafted by the heavens themselves. It was so perfect for such a while. I had a feeling it would never end. I was proven wrong ten years ago: she betrayed my trust." David stopped stroking Isabella's hair and began to tighten his grip on the hairs that still remained in his hand; Isabella feared he might rip them out and tears slowly welled in her eyes. "She betrayed me. She broke that bond that held us together. And now, I had to rot in a cell for three stinkin' years. It was a good thing me and my allies found a secret passage out of that godforsaken hellhole. But those three years felt more like three lifetimes. And now, I'll get myself even with her. I'll make her pay."

"Nice to hear that, David."

Phineas had opened the cell door and entered the room. Linda and Lawrence gasped, and Suzy whimpered in fear.

"Anything you need, Phineas?" asked David.

"Escort all of the hostages to the main room," Phineas ordered. "We're about to have an exchange with those wretched kids. Make sure the video is efficient and is ensured that the kids will surrender those inventions to us; they can't afford to succeed like they did yesterday. But leave Isabella here, for I want to have a little chat with her first before we get on with our business."

"Sure thing, sir."

David took out a set of keys and unlocked all of the hostages except for Isabella from the walls. He then escorted them out of the cell and looked at Isabella.

"It was nice meeting you, Isabella," he said.

"N-n-nice me-meeting you t-too," replied Isabella fearfully. David smiled and closed the door behind him, leaving her alone in the cell with Phineas.

Phineas looked down at Isabella and said, "It must've been a hard time, having to be cooped up in this damp cell for many hours, am I correct?"


"Well then, I pity you, greatly. It was really unnecessary of me, throwing you in this cell with the others in the first place. After all, why decide to throw away such a beautiful piece of art as if it were a worthless piece of garbage? Art like you."

Isabella's eyes widened. She never expected Phineas to call her beautiful. "Come again?"

Phineas gently grabbed Isabella and pulled her up so he can bring her into a dramatic embrace. Their faces were so close to one another that their noses were touching, and Isabella became fearful for what Phineas had in store for her.

"You know, Isabella," he said, "when I first met you at that backyard, I classified you as an obstacle to my plans of world domination. But simultaneously, I was overwhelmed by how beautiful you looked. And finally, after two days of pondering this beauty of yours, I finally realized that there is something in this world I need besides my need of power. You."

Isabella gasped. Was Phineas saying what she thought he was saying?

"What are you saying?" asked Isabella.

"I love you, Isabella Garcia-Shapiro," replied Phineas.

Phineas drove his point home when he pulled Isabella closer to him and their lips bonded into a kiss. Isabella was shocked when she found herself returning the kiss almost immediately. However, her fears slowly washed away and was replaced by a tide of euphoria that engulfed her heart and soul. It was possibly the most perfect event in the world for her, and she didn't care anymore about what was progressing. In fact, she felt the cell and the entire world slip away from her mind, but she didn't care; as long as Phineas and her still remained, still kissing, then Isabella knew that she was in a world where she always wanted to be. The girl lifted one of her feet, dirty from the poorly-cleaned floor, up into the air as the minutes extended into eternity and Phineas's admission flowed all around Isabella in a vortex, like euphonious music. Finally, after at least five minutes, the two parted, and the feeling of eternity was shattered.

At first, Isabella was glad she finally kissed Phineas and he returned the kiss. But when she opened her eyes and stared into the eyes of her new lover, that eerie green that pronounced his evil, she felt the cell coming back to her. Shock shot up into Isabella's brain, and she finally understood the irony of the situation. Phineas was admitting his love for her, and yet, it was during a time where she is locked up in a cell at his decree. It was certainly a circumstance she never imagined of that would lead to this world-stopping moment.

But should she accept his love? For seven years, from the moment she first met him, Isabella had always hoped he would reveal his true feelings towards her, and that the two of them would live their own happy ending, like a fairy tale or something. But now that it was finally happening, Isabella remembered the rest of her cellmates, who were most likely suffering outside, and the fact that Phineas didn't display even the slightest hint of remorse for them. And could have Phineas just started feeling those emotions because his selfishness now needed a girl to stand by his side? Isabella could see her future where she was always cleaning the house while Phineas gave more decrees to the world, where she had to be by Phineas's side in bed, where she watched at Phineas's side as prisoners fought to the death while Phineas cackled with glee.

She always wanted her dream to come true. But now that it has, she just knew that it didn't turn out to be the way she wanted anymore.


"No?" Phineas exclaimed, his eyes widening. "What do you mean by 'no'?"

"I mean 'no' by 'no', Phineas," replied Isabella. "I love you too, Phineas, I really do. But I loved the old you, where you just wanted to have fun, where you wanted to make every day of summer count for yourself and others. Others like me. You cared so much for everyone, and now, all you care about it yourself, and that's something about you that I don't love!"

"I cared for others?" Phineas looked disgusted. "REVOLTING!"

Isabella lost it. She grabbed Phineas's shirt and yelled into his face as she started to cry, "PLEASE, PHINEAS! I DON'T WANT THIS TO CONTINUE! PLEASE, I WANT THE OLD YOU TO COME BACK! PLEASE! I WANT YOU TO COME BACK, PHINEAS! I LOVE YOU, PHINEAS!"

Isabella's sight was blurry with tears, but she couldn't help but notice a flash of blue. Phineas smirked.

"Okay, so you don't love me," he said. He roughly grabbed her and escorted her out of the cell. "But I can help you change your mind..."

Doofenshmirtz watched sadly as Vanessa and Charlene were tied to their own chairs along with the rest of the hostages. The two females looked back at him with beseeching looks, but when their response was a glum look from the scientist as he began to operate the camera that was placed in front of the captives, they knew that he will not change his mind. Vanessa bowed her head in sadness, while Charlene gave her daughter a comforting look.

Suddenly, a toy helicopter outfitted with miniaturized machine guns appeared out of nowhere and began firing on the Red Triangle, riddling every member with pebbles. The captives watched as two boys emerged from behind one of Rodney's Inizers, armed with what appeared to be water guns, and dashed towards them. One had curly orange hair and a pointed nose, and was wearing half-moon glasses, while the other boy was bulky and had yellowish-brown hair shaped like a dome, with a large round nose. Mandy gasped upon recognizing them.

"THADDEUS!" she cried. "THOR!"

"Don't worry, sis!" cried Thaddeus. "We'll save you!"

"Not if I can help it!" the Doof Clone wearing the hardhat exclaimed, manning Doofenshmirtz's Straitjacket-Inator.

However, Thaddeus redirected the toy helicopter to the Doof Clone, and it opened fire on the Straitjacket-Inator, causing it to explode and engulf the clone in the blast, sending his charred body flying into a wall and his hardhat dropping to the ground. Thor grabbed the hardhat and procured modified scissors, which he used to reshape the hardhat into a disc that he threw at the ropes restraining the hostages, cutting them and allowing them all to break free. Meanwhile, Suzy's poodle, outfitted with a cannon, appeared and barked, firing pulses from the weapon that sent the Red Triangle members backward.

"Saggy!" exclaimed Suzy happily, and the poodle ran up to its owner and licked her face in joy.

"Saggy?" asked Thaddeus.

"Short for 'Sagave'," Mandy replied. "By the way, how'd you find us?"

"We put a tracking device on you, just in case!"

"Come on, everyone!" cried Lawrence. "We have to get out of here! Chad here is bleeding severely!"

"Oh, you're not escaping just yet!"

Phineas had entered the room, holding his knife against Isabella's neck. Thaddeus's eyes widened as he recognized the newcomer.

"You!" he cried. "You kidnapped our sister!"

"And with good reason!" replied Phineas. "Now, surrender everyone, or I'm opening up Isabella's fine neck!"

The attempted escapees knew that the fight was won, so they all knelt down on their knees. Phineas smiled evilly and threw Isabella to the ground, at Linda and Lawrence's knees. The girl ran to the Flynn-Fletcher parents and embraced them, while Phineas began encircling the hostages.

"Looks like we have some more hostages, everyone!" Phineas announced, and everyone but Doofenshmirtz began cheering in triumph. But then, Phineas lost himself in thought and finally said after a while, "Actually, we don't need anymore hostages. We have enough. Besides, we have only one small cell. We can't afford to have a little pileup in there. Kill those two." He pointed at Vanessa and Charlene, and the two of them, plus Doofenshmirtz, gasped. "We don't need them. Those kids won't bother to save people that are relatives of one of our members."

"Wait, what?" Doofenshmirtz exclaimed. "You can't do that! They're my family!"

"Okay, then," Phineas said, snapping his fingers. David aimed his revolver at Doofenshmirtz's head, and Sid giggled with joy. "You can join them. You're not of much use to us as well."

"I'm so glad there's someone who thinks the same things I do," interjected Rodney.

Doofenshmirtz exclaimed fearfully, "No, no, no! Please don't kill me! I don't wanna die!"

"Then let those two die," replied Phineas, and Doofenshmirtz stared at Vanessa and Charlene, who returned his gaze with pleading looks. The evil scientist gulped and looked at Phineas, who was impatiently waiting for a reply.

Finally, Doofenshmirtz issued a reply, and the hostages all gasped at what he had to say.





















"G-go on. K-k-ki-kill them."

"With pleasure," David replied and aimed his revolver at Charlene and Vanessa.

Suddenly, Phineas said calmly, "David, stop. Give the gun to Doofenshmirtz."

"But, boss-" began David, but Phineas cut him off.

"That's an order."

Grumbling angrily, David handed the evil scientist his firearm. Doofenshmirtz stared at the weapon, then at Vanessa and Charlene, then at Phineas. "What is this?" he asked.

"If you want them to die," replied Phineas, "then you kill them yourself. Let us all see how evil you are."

"Yeah, Doofenshmirtz!" Rodney said tauntingly. "You said you're evil, then let's have a look-see!"

Doofenshmirtz looked at the gun, gulped, and then aimed it at Vanessa's forehead. Vanessa gasped, and tears dripped from her eyes; the scientist briefly flinched before pressing the safety button. As he did so, he found himself staring at a younger Vanessa. He knew his conscience was talking to him, but his compulsion to pull the trigger was waging a good fight.

"Dad," Vanessa pleaded, "please! Don't!"

"Heinz," begged Charlene, "don't do this! This is your daughter!"

"I'm sorry," replied Doofenshmirtz.

But there was no bang. The gun hadn't fired yet; instead, it trembled greatly. Vanessa's sobbing began to decrease, and Phineas finally groaned.

"We don't have all day, Doofenshmirtz!" he snarled.

"Heinz!" cried Linda. "Why are you doing this? This is your family!"

"Do you really think he cares, Linda?" asked Phineas.

Finally, Doofenshmirtz found the pathway he needed to stop Phineas. He aimed David's revolver at Phineas and replied, "Yes. I do care."

Doofenshmirtz then aimed the gun at a button on the master computer and fired. The single bullet hit the button, destroying it in the process. The roof of DEI opened up, bathing everyone with sunlight. Since everyone was spending the day in darkness, the Red Triangle members all flinched, while Doofenshmirtz motioned the captives to come with him. He then turned to a room and called out, "NORM!"

The robot walked into the main room. "Yes, sir?"

"We're leaving the Red Triangle, and we're taking these guys-" He pointed at the hostages, and Vanessa and Charlene gasped with shock and happiness. "-with us!"

"Yes, sir!"

"Wait a minute!" Phineas cried. "Why is he following orders from you, not me?"

"Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz created me," Norm replied. "As a result, I serve only him!"

"EVERYONE, HANG ON TO NORM!" Doofenshmirtz cried, and everyone latched themselves onto the robot servant. "ACTIVATE YOUR FEET-MOUNTED JETPACKS, NORM!"

"I can just do this," Norm replied optimistically, and he transformed into a plane that everyone boarded. Doofenshmirtz's eyes widened.

"Wow. I REALLY need to read your instruction manual now."

"Yes, yes you do."

"STOP THEM!" screeched Phineas, but it was too late: Norm had already activated his jet engines and flew out of the DEI roof and into the glorious sky.

Inside, Doofenshmirtz smiled at what he just did, and he looked back at the DEI building and cried, "EAT NORM'S DUST, SUCKERS, BECAUSE I QUIT!"

"Dad!" Vanessa cried, hugging her father happily. "You do care about us!"

"I'm very sorry, Vanessa," replied Doofenshmirtz, staring at her seriously. "When all of this is over, I will find a way to make it all up to you and your mother. I promise. But first, we need to get to those kids and warn them about what's happening!"

"Heinz?" asked Linda. "We need to go to the hospital first, and now. Chad here's bleeding."

"Don't worry, Norm can handle that."

And lo and behold, a first-aid kit emerged from the side of Linda's seat; she seized it and used it to tend to Chad's wound. Meanwhile, Albert gasped, attracting everyone's attention.

"What is it?" asked Jenny.

"Uh, guys," announced Albert, "we've got COMPANY!"

Albert was right. Flying at them in pursuit were nine Aerial-Class Robots, ridden by Doofenshmirtz's L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. colleagues.



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