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New Hostages and New Members

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Chapter 13 Summary: The Red Triangle gains five more hostages and four new members. Who are these new additions?

Phineas snickered deviously as Suzy Johnson and Mandy Jones struggled hopelessly against their bonds, while Doofenshmirtz watched the terrible scene from his rearview mirror with pity as he drove Norm back to the DEI building. Minutes ago, there had been a fresh abduction at the Johnson residence. Initially, it started out as easy; Phineas got Mandy to open the front door by taunting her brothers Thaddeus and Thor, whom he and Ferb defeated in an inventing competition last month, and Doofenshmirtz was able to capture her with his Coition-Inator within a second. When the two went inside to capture Suzy, however, everything nearly went downhill. Phineas glanced at the crimson scratch marks inflicted by Suzy's poodle, and noted that the dog certainly was able to put up a fight if its owner was in danger. It was a good thing he had his stun gun with him, and Phineas sadistically envisaged the poodle lying unconscious on the kitchen floor, one of its legs twitching. And without the poodle to protect Suzy, the little girl was now easy prey.

When Mandy tried to tear the ropes tying her arms together by stretching them out, but without success, Phineas laughed.

"Struggle all you want, Mandy," he said, "but there's no way you'll be getting free."

Mandy spoke, but her speech was blocked out due to the cloth wrapped over her mouth.

"Come again?" Phineas replied with a fake confused tone.

Mandy didn't speak anymore, and Phineas laughed. "I thought so."

At that moment, there was a sudden sputtering noise and black smoke billowed into the air from Norm's grille. Doofenshmirtz began stepping on the pedal repeatedly, but Norm instead began slowing down to a stop.

"No, no, no, no, no!" exclaimed Doofenshmirtz. "Norm, what's happening?"

"My sq-" Norm began, but before he could finish his sentence, the advanced robot immediately went offline, and the car that was Norm immediately stopped beside the sidewalk. There a wheezing noise, as if Norm was making an extended sigh, and then, a small pop! echoed in the air.

"What happened, Doofenshmirtz?" asked Phineas in a calm voice, but Doofenshmirtz knew that his acquaintance was furious inside.

"I don't know, I swear," the scientist replied. "Let me go see..."

Phineas and Doofenshmirtz opened the doors and stepped out of the vehicle. Approaching the engine hood, Doofenshmirtz opened it up, and he and Phineas were bathed in a large, billowing cloud of black, foul-smelling smoke. The two began coughing and swatting away the smoke; when it finally cleared, the two watched as an ash-coated squirrel dashed out of the engine in a black blur, leaving a trail of smoke in its wake as it sprinted into the nearby park in freedom.

"What was that?" Phineas asked, confused.

"That was the squirrel that powered Norm!" cried Doofenshmirtz, pointing at the direction in which the squirrel was taking in shock.

"Norm runs on squirrel power?"

"I don't know why I had him run on such a strange energy source, but there's no time to be extraneous! We need to get that squirrel back!"

"And leave those two behind?" Phineas pointed at Suzy and Mandy, who were watching the scene with mingled looks of shock, confusion, and humor.

"Then you stay here and watch them!"

Phineas raised an eyebrow suspiciously. "While you to the police and turn me in?"

Doofenshmirtz gulped. Surely he was not thinking of doing such a thing, but the suspicion Phineas was showing towards him was frightening. "Then we can bring them with us," he replied meekly.

Phineas's lips tightened, but then he said, "Sounds like a good compromise."

The ten-year-old then stuck his hand in his pocket and took out the kitchen knife, still stained with the blood of its victims Jeremy and Mr. Pratt. Doofenshmirtz and Mandy's eyes widened in shock, and Suzy began to whimper in fear. Phineas found it amusingly odd that Suzy, the one who was able to terrorize even Buford, was now afraid, but he also loved the irony of it. Throwing the knife towards his other hand, which caught the handle expertly, Phineas brought the knife forward and cut the ropes restraining the two captives. Mandy immediately took off the cloth covering her mouth and spoke.

"What are you doing?" she asked fearfully. "Let us go!"

Phineas pointed the bloodstained knife at Mandy's face, and the teenage girl could feel the freezing chill encasing the blade and smell the iron-like odor of the blood encrusted on it. A sunray reflected itself on the blade and shone its brilliant light on Mandy's eye, causing her to back away an inch to keep it away from the light.

"Why?" Phineas said, annoyed. "Why, oh why do all of those hostages have to say that sentence? In television or in real life, they have to say it! It's so cliched! It's so OBVIOUS that they aren't gonna be let go anytime soon, if not ever! Shut up, girl, or I'm gonna open up this little girl's neck-" He pointed the knife at Suzy's neck, and she whimpered again. "-and then YOURS!"

"I don't mean to be a bother, Phineas," Doofenshmirtz said, "but that squirrel is still out there!"

"I KNOW!" roared Phineas, and Doofenshmirtz, Mandy, and Suzy cringed. "Get out, you two! We're going for a little walk in the park! And don't you dare to call out for help, or ELSE!"

Mandy and Suzy obeyed, and the former took Suzy's hand as she helped her out of Norm. Doofenshmirtz took out a small radar-like device and activated it.

"According to my Squirrel-Track-Inator," he said, "the squirrel is at that gate!"

He pointed at the stone gate leading into the park, which was across the street. Phineas examined all of the pedestrians and immediately hid his knife in his pocket as he looked at Mandy and Suzy.

"Come," ordered Phineas.

The two girls nodded and they followed their two captors across the street and towards the park gate, Doofenshmirtz in front of them and Phineas close behind. Mandy looked around to see if any pedestrians were examining the scene with suspicion, but everyone was just walking around, talking to each other or in their cell phones, or waiting impatiently against the traffic lights for the walk sign to finally show itself. Mandy gulped and looked at Phineas, who too was examining the scene. She then looked at Suzy, who looked back up at her with hope, but Mandy knew that this look will remain unanswered until someone saw the cell phone she left behind inside Norm.

For now, though, they were hopelessly trapped.

Chad Sanderson parked his car alongside the car, behind a truck. Turning off the engine, Chad stepped out of the vehicle and was about to enter the cafe where he worked at when he noticed that the doors of the truck were still open, as was the engine hood. Examining the truck's interior, he realized that no one was inside. He then went to the front of the truck to examine the exposed engine. As he did so, he noticed that the engine hood sported the head of a pleasant-looking robot with fake brown hair. Dismissing it as the insignia of a company, Chad examined the engine and concluded from the smoke being emitted from it that the truck broke down and that the driver ran off to find tools to fix it.

Before Chad can leave for the cafe, the teenage boy remembered seeing a cell phone sitting in the back seat, which was still on and was displaying some sort of message. Instinctively, Chad returned to the back seat and grabbed the cell phone. When he saw the message that caught his attention, his eyes widened at what the phone read.

"Help us! We've been abducted by 2 guys called Phineas & Doofenshmirtz! There's 2 of us: Mandy Jones & Suzy Johnson. PLEASE, HELP US!"

"Lost, kid?"

Chad looked behind, yelping in surprise, and stared into blue eyes. Within a second, Chad felt his world fade into black...

Doofenshmirtz dove forward for the squirrel, but it noticed him and quickly scurried away, leaving the scientist to bump his head on the stone gate. While holding Suzy in his tight grip, Phineas procured his stun gun and fired several lasers at the hyperactive animal, but it was too fast for him. Being forced to help under the threat that Suzy dies, Mandy raised the net given to her and threw it into the air towards the squirrel. She missed, but the edge of the net hit the squirrel's tail, causing it to flip about. Doofenshmirtz seized the chance to fire his Coition-Inator, but the squirrel recovered and scurried away from the bubble of pure evil in a blur. Roaring with anger, Phineas pushed Suzy into Doofenshmirtz's hands and ran after the squirrel, firing his stun gun repeatedly but missing. Mandy was surprised that there were no park goers present in the area.

"AAARRRGGGHHH!" Phineas roared after missing for the umpteenth time. "WHY DO THESE DARN SQUIRRELS HAVE TO BE SO FAST?"

Finally, the squirrel reached a tree and climbed up its trunk at high speeds. Growling, Phineas began firing all over the tree wildly in hopes of catching the squirrel, but the only things that were falling were leaves and nuts. The squirrel perched itself on a branch and began squeaking at the ten-year-old, as if it were laughing at him. Phineas roared out in anger like a wild beast, and Mandy couldn't suppress a giggle that Phineas noticed.

"SHUT IT, OKAY?" he screeched.

Fortunately for Mandy, two teenagers finally passed by in time to witness Phineas's rage.

"Hey, you okay?" asked one of them. The other teenager's eyes widened as she recognized Phineas.

"Phineas?" she asked.

Phineas recognized the two teenagers as Albert, Irving's older brother, and Jenny, Candace and Stacy's best friend. He immediately stunned them, bringing them to the ground, and they both yelled out in pain.

"Phineas!" cried Albert. "What're you doing?"

"SHUT UP!" shrieked Phineas. "I'VE GOT A SQUIRREL TO CAPTURE!"

And Doofenshmirtz, Mandy, and Suzy watched in horror as Phineas began firing lasers at Albert and Jenny repeatedly, sadism and fury in his eyes. Finally, he stopped when both teenagers passed out, and he turned to the squirrel and fired a laser at it, but it scurried away again, causing Phineas to lose it, kicking the ground. When that didn't satisfy him, he suddenly attacked Albert and Jenny's unconscious bodies, kicking and beating them. Doofenshmirtz rushed forward towards Phineas with concern.

"Hey, kid, stop!" he cried.

Phineas glared at him, his green eyes practically on fire. "AND WHY SHOULD I?"

"We can add them to our hostage list! They apparently know you, so they must be acquainted with those other kids."

Finally, Phineas calmed down and replied, "Yeah, good point. Doofenshmirtz, drag these two away before anyone else spots us!"

"Sure thing, kiddo!"

Doofenshmirtz proceeded to drag the beaten and unconscious bodies of Albert and Jenny behind nearby bushes, while Phineas looked at the tree in search of the squirrel. Suddenly, his eyes widened, and he looked around for Mandy and Suzy, only to find a pure absence of the two hostages. Roaring out loud again, Phineas pointed his stun gun at Doofenshmirtz, who noticed it and gulped nervously.

"You dare release those hostages, Doofenshmirtz?" snarled Phineas.

"No, I didn't!" Doofenshmirtz cried. "I had them in my-"

Doofenshmirtz immediately realized his mistake and braced himself for another stunning from Phineas. But there was none: Phineas just put his weapon back in his pocket.

"Great," the boy mumbled. "Not only do I have to catch a hyperactive squirrel, but my hostages are on the run!"

"Come on, Suzy!" Mandy cried as she and the four-year-old ran towards the nearest park goers, a family having a picnic.

Running like never before, Mandy didn't bother to look back to see if Phineas and Doofenshmirtz were pursuing them; she was only concerned about reaching the family and making sure Suzy doesn't slip from her grasp. Feeling the noontime breeze blow against her face, Mandy was surprised that she had gotten this far without getting tired. However, she can hear Suzy breathing laboriously, and she began to beseech Mandy to stop running.

"We can't stop now, Suzy!" replied Mandy. "We have to get help, and QUICK!"

Suzy didn't protest, but she just kept running with her babysitter. Never before had she felt so terrified. And she knew of her ability to horrify even the local bully! Now, she wanted her older brother more than ever. She always found comfort in his presence, and even though she admitted to her arch-nemesis Candace that she intended to use her brother for her purposes, the little girl had moments where she actually loved her brother without having to fake it. After all, he had been so honest and so kind to her, unlike any other older brother. And now, with him gone and her in this mess, Suzy hoped this was just a mere nightmare.

Suddenly, a fist flew into the air and collided into Mandy's stomach, causing her to fall to the ground, clutching her stomach in pain. Suzy screamed as the muscular figure towered over her. Even though it wasn't Phineas or Doofenshmirtz, this new arrival was certainly bad news. The four-year-old tried to run, but she ran into the hands of a second man, whose fingers were constantly twitching.

"Oh, don't wander off, little girl!" the second man said in a fake comforting tone. "You don't wanna get lose now, do ya?"

Suzy watched as the muscular man grabbed Mandy's hair and pulled on it, lifting her head painfully and causing her to scream. Unfortunately, the family was at a far distance and couldn't hear her screams of help. Two more men stepped forward, one of them clapping while the other held an unconscious teenage boy.

"A job well done, men," said the man who was clapping. "Now, let's take them to the kid so he can join forces with us!"

"Sure thing, boss," replied the muscular man.

Doofenshmirtz didn't know why he was listening to Phineas right now. The boy had ordered him to look for the two hostages while he took care of the pesky squirrel and also took on the duty of standing guard for the newest hostages. But Doofenshmirtz didn't want to anymore. In fact, he didn't want to be acquainted with Phineas anymore. But why wasn't he running? He was alone now, alone with only his thoughts as company. He has a chance to make a run to the nearest park goer for help, but he didn't take it. And yet, there was no Phineas to stop him. Looking inside a bush aimlessly, Doofenshmirtz slapped his forehead in stress. Why won't he run? He didn't want this to continue anymore, so why shouldn't he?

Doofenshmirtz believed that it was because his need to become evil was in the way. Yes, that's it! He has a conflict of beliefs, that's what. He wanted to get help, but every time Doofenshmirtz got the chance to make a run for it, he always remembered all of those replies he made to his fellow L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. members' comments about him having a low quantity of evil, that he was indeed megalomaniacal, truly evil.

But is he really evil? After all, the scientist wants to get help, to stop the force of evil that was his ally. Could this be because he saw his ex-wife and beloved daughter get imprisoned?

Doofenshmirtz approached a nearby tree and slammed his fist on the trunk. This question has been recently troubling him gravely.

"Am I evil?"

Doofenshmirtz sighed and asked himself, "Am I really evil?"

"Yes, yes you are."

Doofenshmirtz glanced to his right, and saw a group of four men standing beside him. One had raven-black hair and blue eyes, and was wearing a grin as sadistic as Phineas's on his face. Another had neat brown hair and sported a small scar running across his left cheek. The third was the largest of the group, with a muscular build, a bald head, and a small mustache; Doofenshmirtz noted that without the mustache, the man would look a lot like the Regurgitator, a villain he temporarily worked with last month. And finally, the fourth and final man was probably the most disturbing physically: he was tall and terribly emaciated with greasy, long black hair that hung over his eyes, and he had a pockmarked face, bloodshot gray eyes that never stood still, a slouch that seemed much worse than Doofenshmirtz's, gangly and bony fingers that twitched constantly, and horribly yellow teeth that were bared as the man smiled an eerie grin. Doofenshmirtz noticed that the muscular man and the emaciated man were holding Mandy and Suzy, respectively; their mouths were covered with cloth again. There was also an unconscious teenage boy in tow.

"I beg your pardon?" asked Doofenshmirtz.

"He said 'Yes, yes you are' in response to your question 'Am I really evil?'," replied the man with the brown hair and scarred cheek.

"Thank you, Roderick," replied the man with the black hair and blue eyes. "So, Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, I presume?"

"Yes." Doofenshmirtz raised an eyebrow. "How the heck d'you know my name?"

"Roderick here is a computer whiz, he can look up absolutely anything," the black-haired man replied, pointing at the brown-haired man. "My name's David. I wish I can tell you my surname, but we are on the run, so it's best not to. This here is, like I said, Roderick." He pointed at the brown-haired man. "This is our muscle, Byron." He pointed at the muscular man. "And this is our last-resort weapon, Sid." He pointed at the emaciated man, who giggled sadistically.

"Uh, hi," greeted Doofenshmirtz, confused. "And why, exactly, are you interested in me?"

"Half of our interest's focused on you, Doofenshmirtz," replied the man called David. "The other half is focused on one Phineas Flynn. We wanna join you two. By the way, where is Phineas?"

"At that tree over there, trying to catch a squirrel." Doofenshmirtz pointed at a faraway tree, where Phineas was still having some difficulty in his task.

"A squirrel?" asked Byron, confused.

"It's a long story. Let's just say it's our ticket out of this park."

"Well then," David said, "let's help you out."

Doofenshmirtz found himself following the four men back to Phineas, who was throwing fits of rage as he continued to fire lasers at the squirrel only to miss. The scientist found it funny seeing that Phineas was having as much of a hard time getting a hit from the stun gun as he was when he was trying to see what his Very-Very-Bad-Inator does.

"Hey, Phineas!" called David. "Want some help?"

Phineas looked at David. "And just who are you?" he snarled, pointing his stun gun at the man.

"Phineas, take it easy," said Doofenshmirtz. "These four wanna join us! Look! They managed to retrieve the two girls that ran off on us! They also have another hostage!"

The ten-year-old examined the four newcomers' handiwork suspiciously before nodding in approval. "Knock yourselves out," he replied. "We could use some more members." He then looked at the teenage boy, who was stirring. "And we definitely could use some more hostages."

"Excellent!" David said, clapping his hands together. "Now, Roderick, get that squirrel for our new boss here!"

"Sure thing, boss!" replied Roderick, procuring a net gun. The man fired, and the net easily ensnared the animal as it struggled hopelessly.

"Hm," Phineas noted. "Nice shot."

"Yeah, Roderick here used to be a sniper for the military," replied David. "But now, he became a member of the Tri-State Bombers!"

"So you four are skaters?"

"What do ya mean?"

"The Tri-State Bombers are a skating team. I would know that because my maternal grandmother is a member."

David looked at Phineas in shock. "Are you telling me we've been ripped off?"

Phineas shrugged nonchalantly. "I guess so."

David turned to Roderick and said to him, "Make a note: once we're through with my ex-girlfriend, then we go after the ones that dared to use our rightful name without permission!"

"Note taken," replied Roderick simply.

"Alright, enough chitchat!" ordered Phineas. "Let's go, newbies, Doofenshmirtz. We've got a long day ahead of us!"

And the six villains, plus the five hostages and the squirrel, made their way out of the park and towards the still-offline Norm, his doors now closed to prevent the stirring of suspicion thanks to the four Tri-State Bombers members. Mandy looked around desperately at the civilians to see if they were being attracted by this activity, but unfortunately, everyone was too caught up with their day to be concerned.

They were definitely trapped.

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