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Chapter 10 Summary: Ferb, Candace, and Isabella all muse about what happened yesterday during a quiet morning, while a certain event causes Doofenshmirtz to start regretting his decision in hiring Phineas to DEI.

Ferb opened his eyes and stared at the cracked ceiling of his bedroom. Ignoring the poor quality of his surroundings, the British boy stood up from his bed and walked into the bathroom. Picking up a toothbrush he personally made, Ferb began brushing his teeth and looked at the empty space beside him through the grimy and cracked mirror, as if he was expecting Phineas to be there, brushing his teeth alongside him.

But he wasn't. There was no one to occupy that space, other than a large crack on the mirror.

After washing his mouth, Ferb looked at the bed in which Perry slept on. Every morning, he woke up to seeing the platypus sleeping on Phineas, but this time, Perry was only sleeping on a bed, and it was an odd and saddening sight. Sitting on the bed, Ferb gently removed the locket he and Phineas gave Perry when they first bought him from the pet shelter. Opening it, Ferb stared into the pictures of himself, Phineas, and Perry five years younger, and those pictures stared back at him with eyes that seemed alive as they gleamed with innocence.

Ferb found peace and solace as he stared into the pictures. Remembering the simpler, more peaceful times where he and his American-born stepbrother had their inventing capabilities limited to only fixing and slightly modifying Candace's dolls, Ferb smiled for the first time of the day. Only seconded by the time they first built the rollercoaster and began an unforgettable summer, their lives as a five-year-old and six-year-old respectively have been forever carved into both his mind and his heart. He never talked about why those years were so important to him, but the answer was always there, within him. For he had been this old when he first met Phineas and Candace.

Life prior to that fateful meeting had been really hard for Ferb, and it had long rendered him incapable of talking unless he really needed to, explaining his status as a 'man-of-action'. No, wait. 'Hard' wasn't the perfect word that summed up the first five years of his life. Ferb better described those years as a nightmare. Yes, 'nightmare' was the perfect word. And even after Lawrence angelically signed his and Ferb's way out, the British boy still found life hard on him. It was ironically, really, for the had realized that it all still remained difficult because even though he despised that part of his childhood from the very start, he had become dependent on it, like it was ruthlessly and stubbornly latched onto the whole of his life like a bloodthirsty leech. Even his first few months in the U.S. didn't change a thing.

That is, until Lawrence met Linda for the first time.

When the two adults went out on their fourth date, Lawrence had been unable to find a proper babysitter for Ferb, so Linda agreed that the babysitter she hired for Phineas and Candace would also take on the duty of babysitting the British boy as well. And when Lawrence first told him that he was going out with another woman, Ferb initially disliked the idea for reasons he didn't want to return to. But when he first arrived at the Flynn house, when he first laid his eyes on Phineas and Candace, he knew from their smiles and their bright, eager eyes that this new life might be better after all. And the more he spent time with the two Flynn children, the more hateful he became towards fate for not giving him this life the very moment he was born. When the moment came when both Linda and Lawrence announced that they would be getting married, the announcement sounded like harmonious music to Ferb's ears. And upon the moment he first stepped inside the Flynn house after the marriage, he hugged Phineas and Candace, finally letting go of his past and accepting his new life with his new stepsiblings.

His life had been happy for five years, and he was sure that with this perfect life, nothing could happen that'd shatter it.

He was proven wrong yesterday. And now, it hurt so much.

Candace opened her eyes and stared straight into the face of Jeremy, who was snoring lightly. Smiling, she kissed him on the lip, causing him to stir briefly but go back to sleep. Realizing that Jeremy wasn't wearing a shirt, the teenager decided to take the time to admire her boyfriend's well-built body, even tracing her hand over his chest, before finding the reason that he wasn't wearing a shirt. There was several bandages were wrapped around his stomach area; there was a light-red stain on the bandages, at the left of his stomach. Candace's lower lip trembled and remembered why Jeremy was wearing those bandages.

He had been stabbed yesterday. By the last person she'd expect: her own brother, Phineas.

Remembering the glint of the kitchen knife before it sunk itself into Jeremy's stomach, the sadistic smile Phineas was wearing when he committed the heinous act, Candace sat up on the bed and buried her face in her hands with shock. She was glad that Jeremy survived; if it weren't for the first-aid kit in the bus and Coltrane's experience on surgery loaned over from his father, he would've died from at least internal bleeding. But she was still worried. Not for Jeremy, but for his attacker, her younger brother.

The memory of the scene was so shocking and so disturbing that it haunted Candace's dreams last night. She was fortunate she ended the night with a dream about Ducky Momo. But even while she was awake, Candace continued to remember the event like it happened minutes ago. She just never saw any of it coming, just as much as she would never see the Mysterious Force coming when it would always make Phineas and Ferb's inventions disappear from the backyard. And now, as much as she hated to admit it, she has now developed a concern for her brother, a concern that has been her strongest, much stronger than the time she first saw her brothers build the rollercoaster in the backyard during that unforgettable first day of summer.

She didn't know why Phineas was doing this. Could it be because of the death of their biological father? It seemed like the most probable reason, as Phineas was always at his most fragile emotion-wise during this time of the year. However, she remembered the family dinner that happened two days ago, during Phillip's birthday/anniversary of his death, and Phineas was certainly joyful during that time, quite a sudden, strange transition from his previous downcast mood. And when he lied to their mother about Isabella insulting Phillip, he sounded calm, almost nonchalant, when he would usually sound exasperated at this fact.

Did Isabella probably say something else that offended him? She didn't really know that for sure, as she only heard the conversation from Ferb's mouth. However, it was always possible. If this was true, Candace was pretty sure the Flynn-Fletcher family's neighbor really didn't mean those words, as she always meant well every time and wanted to cheer Phineas, her crush, up. Speaking of Isabella, Candace began to worry about the girl, now that she was most likely in the clutches of Phineas and that Doofenshmirtz guy by now.

She also began to remember her parents, who were still at the antique convention by the time the group was rescued by Carl, Perry, Fred, and Randy. By now, they're either being interrogated by news crews who have responded to the scene of what they should believe to be a mass abduction, or they have also been captured. Candace couldn't help but wish that the latter choice were actually true, so that way, Phineas can finally be busted for all of the things he did during the summer.

"Oh, come on!" Phineas's evil voice echoed in her mind. "Do you honestly want to hand over your loved one's life in exchange for seeing your little brothers get in the biggest of troubles? How stupid are you, girl?"

The sentence was replayed in the teenager's mind over and over again. Candace slapped her forehead in disbelief of herself: she honestly wanted her parents to be captured so then Phineas can be busted! And the time in the backyard, where Phineas threatened to slit Jeremy's throat, Candace's primary thought was "KEEP THE PHONE!" and not "Give the phone to Phineas and get Jeremy back!" Candace realized that Phineas was right; she was stupid. Maybe if she weren't as concerned for busting her brothers, maybe she would've seen Phineas's green eyes faster, and Jeremy and Stacy wouldn't probably be feeling the pain they were feeling right now.

Now, as she stared at Jeremy, Candace became determined to toss away the personality that became a part of her in exchange for the saving of her brother.

Isabella opened her eyes and looked into the dim light emanating from the single grimy lamp suspending from the ceiling of her cell. Looking at the sleeping, chained figures of Linda Flynn and Lawrence Fletcher, she then glanced at the only door that led out of the cell. She knew that outside, her own dog Pinky was guarding it as he stood on two feet. She was still shocked to find out that he was once a secret agent dedicated to fighting evil, thus explaining why he kept disappearing as much as Perry, whom she believed might be a secret agent as well. And if that wasn't enough, there was a pair of cameras located on each side of the cell, recording every movement of the prisoners.

Lifting her hands up to examine the chains that locked her hands together, Isabella tried to see if they were fragile so that she could break them. However, the chains didn't boldly display any sign of rusting or cheapness, so she put her hands back down on the floor in sadness and distress. Looking up at one of the cameras that watched her and the Flynn-Fletcher parents, Isabella wished she could jump up at it so she can grab the device and smash it to bits in order to express her utmost fury at the new Phineas. But she was still too short, and the camera was way out of anyone's reach, and the ten-year-old girl groaned to herself.

Isabella then began wondering about help. By now, her poor mother should have discovered that she was not coming home, and that the police have already been alerted. However, she doubted that help would come, especially if she was held in a place called Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated. After all, she saw the company's tagline: 'Committing acts of evil and naughtiness since 1995'. If the place has been up for twelve years without any apparent police interference, then the chances of the police suspecting the company was extremely low. And if the police did indeed find her, then she had a feeling that it wouldn't make a difference, due to Phineas and his array of advanced weapons and allies that stood in their way.

The next thing Isabella began to wonder was the possibility of Phineas changing his personality because of the things he believed she was saying to her during his biological father's birthday. Now, she wished more than ever that she can apologize to Phineas, in hopes that he might change his mind and let her, Linda, and Lawrence go. However, she knew that he will get into loads of trouble, since he abducted his own parents, pointed a gun at his own mother, and was defiant towards her. But she knew of the greater good and what it truly was, and this was the greater good, even if it meant seeing her crush probably getting arrested. But then, she realized that apologizing might not do anyone well, as Phineas undoubtedly seemed to have snapped completely and was at a point at where he was completely dedicated to what goals he had formulated for himself and will only set his sights on accomplishing said goals.

Isabella's eyes welled up with tears as she remembered the Phineas she met last evening, the one that maliciously ordered her imprisonment. Of all the things she couldn't believe, she obviously couldn't believe that Phineas would actually pull off such acts. She remembered the fact that when she first met Phineas, his optimism was responsible for her developing her trademark crush on him. But now that this Phineas, the one she first fell in love with, is now gone, it tore apart her fearless, quick-thinking spirit like a paper shredder tearing away at useless paper. No longer able to control her crying, Isabella buried her face in her hands so Linda or Lawrence can't hear her crying, and began to sob as she felt both sadness and rage. Her sobbing was amplified when she remembered something Phineas said to her that she considered was close enough to him admitting his feelings for her, a sentence that she found inspiring and would always remember during the hardest of times.

"Isabella, you're the best!"

But the sentence no longer inspired her at all.

Phineas opened his eyes and stared at the tiled, well-cleaned ceiling of Doofenshmirtz's guest bedroom. Sitting up on his bed and looking at the clock, which read 6:27 A.M., the ten-year-old began to think about yesterday afternoon.

He, Doofenshmirtz, and the Doof Clones had returned to DEI to imprison Isabella, Linda, and Lawrence before activating the tracking device Doofenshmirtz managed to place on the O.W.C.A. bus that made its getaway with the inventions Phineas planned to add to his already-vast army. The evil scientist picked up the contraption and pressed a button. This was right before everyone saw the label 'Self-Destruct Button' proudly stamped on the device. And now, they officially lost the bus. Not only that, but the bus might've exploded with the self-destruct mechanism, taking the kids, the O.W.C.A. agents, and all of the inventions with it.

Standing up and walking towards the door, Phineas opened it and stepped into the main room, Doofenshmirtz's laboratory, where Doofenshmirtz appeared to be working on something. The villain spotted Phineas and greeted him.

"Hey, kiddo, you're awake!" He then made a gesture towards his newest invention. "Behold, my Bus-Retriever-Inator!"

"Let me guess," replied Phineas grumpily, "this thing attracts buses to the DEI building, am I correct?"

"Yes, including that O.W.C.A. bus that snatched those kids and those inventions away from us!"

"Uh huh." Phineas looked at the newest Inator and saw the self-destruct button planted on its side. Frowning, the boy pointed at it, and Doofenshmirtz followed the direction the finger was pointing at before realizing what Phineas meant.

"Oh, that's right!" Doofenshmirtz said. "Putting on a self-destruct button weakens their power! My, I should remember what you advise to me. Don't worry, kiddo, I'll remove that thing."

However, before he can do so, Phineas immediately ran forward and angrily pressed the button. The two then watched as the Inator blew up, spraying them with a cloud of dust. Coughing, Doofenshmirtz turned to Phineas.

"What was that for?" exclaimed Doofenshmirtz. "I was gonna retrieve that bus and get those kids and those inventions!"

Phineas stared at his clumsy comrade with his green eyes. "Yeah, well you've just wasted your time, for you have obviously forgotten that the darn bus might've been destroyed already!"

"And what do you mean by that?"

"Don't you remember that self-destruct button you pushed for the Platypus-Tracker-Inator? Remember that little doozy? Not only did the tracking device blow itself up, but the explosion might've also destroyed the entire bus, and those inventions, as a result! Now what do ya think of THAT?"

"Well," replied Doofenshmirtz wearily, "you never know. That device was so small, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to fit in enough boom juice into something that small."


Doofenshmirtz thought about it for a moment. On one hand, having to be defeated again didn't sound like an option the scientist wanted to take. However, with Phineas being too evil for his taste, he can't help but feel himself inch slowly towards that first decision.

Finally, Doofenshmirtz replied meekly, "No."

"That's what I wanted to hear," said Phineas angrily. "Now-"

However, Phineas was interrupted by the doorbell ringing.

"I'll answer that!" replied Norm optimistically. Before Doofenshmirtz can say anything, Norm broke the doorknob again.

"OH, NORM!" Doofenshmirtz cried in frustration before taking out his Door-Opener-Inator from his coat pocket and firing it at the door, causing it to swing open and reveal the members of L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N.

"Hello, Phineas, Doofenshmirtz," greeted Rodney. "Did Norm break that doorknob again?"


"For the last time, it's not Rodney! It's Aloyse Everheart El-"

"Enough of this!" cried Phineas, silencing Rodney. "Come in, everyone, and now! We've got a meeting to attend to."

The nine scientists immediately obeyed; Doofenshmirtz noticed that they obeyed Phineas much faster than they would obey him. However, he understood the reason why, and he just joined them at the oblong table a pair of Doof Clones had prepared for the occasion hours prior.

"Alright," said Croachaye, "so what's the plan?"

"First thing's first," Phineas replied, "I've decided after a while that the name of this organization needs to be changed."

"WHAT?" exclaimed Doofenshmirtz. "Why are you changing the name? And without my permission?"

Phineas's tone was cold. "And why must I ask for permission from you, Doofenshmirtz?"

"Because I founded L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N.," the evil scientist replied meekly.

Phineas's eyes turned into slits. He then faced the other L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. members.

"He founded this organization?" he asked simply, and the scientists all nodded in response.

"Well, I now understand why you guys have been experiencing failures from the start."

Doofenshmirtz realized what Phineas meant by that statement. "HEY!"

Phineas ignored him and continued, "Anyway, if you're gonna conquer the Tri-State Area, you need the citizens to be afraid of you, intimidated by you! And the best way for them to do so is that they remember your name! And do you really think anyone's gonna look at the name L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. and feel afraid and intimidated?"

The scientists all looked at one another. Finally, Bloodpudding shook his head warily, as if he might be saying the wrong answer and he was fearful of doing so.

However, his fears were alleviated when Phineas replied, "Yes, that's right."

"But why don't we just call ourselves the League of Villainous Evildoers Maniacally United For Frightening Investments in Naughtiness?" asked Blair. "That's what L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. stands for, after all."

"Honestly, do you expect anyone to be intimidated by a name that's too long for them to remember?"

"I... I suppose not..."

"I thought so. Anyway, that is why, after a night of careful thinking, I've decided to rename L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. into the Red Triangle! I chose this name because it sounds mysterious yet intimidating, and organizations that have mysterious names are feared by many! Who's with me on this notion?"

Everyone immediately raised their hands, and Phineas shrugged off the fact that they just did so because they were afraid of him. "Excellent," he replied. "Now, as you know, we have Doofenshmirtz's Inators and the O.W.C.A. at our side. However, that isn't enough to conquer the world, let alone the Tri-State Area, which is why I am asking you all to go back to your lairs and retrieve all of the inventions you've made this summer and bring them back here! Also, if any of you know of any source of power that can be useful, do tell me right now, so we can kick the power of all your inventions up a notch."

"Well," replied Doofenshmirtz, "there is a canister of Pizzazium Infinionite that is an item of purchase at the Superduper Mega Superstore. I had my daughter steal it for me once, but that accursed Perry the Platypus thwarted me before I can walk out of the store."

"Are you sure this Pizzazium Infinionite hasn't been bought yet?" Phineas asked.

"No, I see it in the same place at the same store every time I go there."

Phineas frowned. "And yet, you never bothered to try and steal it again?"

"Hm, now that you put it that way, I guess I should've seized that chance while I had it."

"Well, here's your chance now! Go and get it, Doofenshmirtz! As for the rest of you-" Phineas pointed at the other members of L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N., now Red Triangle. "-go and get all of your inventions you made during the summer and bring them back here, like I instructed! GO, GO, GO!"

"Yes, sir!" everyone but Doofenshmirtz replied, and the ten scientists were about to rush out of the door when two people stepped into the still-open doorway, stopping them.

"Charlene?" Doofenshmirtz asked in shock. "Vanessa?"

"Heinz?" replied Charlene. "What're you doing?"

"Oh, um, uh... um-"

"I told you, Mom!" Vanessa cried. "Dad's evil! That's what I've been trying to tell you all this time!"

"Vanessa, honey, just because your dad and his friends are rushing out of the room doesn't mean your dad's evil. Anyway Heinz, I've just come to tell you that I'm actually gonna be staying at that cooking class longer than I thought, so Vanessa's gonna be staying with you for the day."

"Oh, well that's great, Charlene, but-" Doofenshmirtz began, but he was cut off by Phineas, who shoved his way through the other scientists.

"Okay, what's with the holdup, every-" Phineas stopped in mid-sentence when he saw Vanessa and Charlene. Vanessa and Phineas recognized each other immediately.

"Phineas?" asked Vanessa in shock. Doofenshmirtz looked from Vanessa to Phineas.

"You know her, kiddo?" Doofenshmirtz asked.

"Yes, we met during the Summer Solstice," replied Phineas. "She specifically knows my stepbrother Ferb."

"Wait a minute, Summer Solstice?" Doofenshmirtz looked at Vanessa. "That's when you were kidnapped at Tokyo!"

"You were kidnapped at Tokyo, Vanessa?" asked Charlene, looking at her teenage daughter.

"No, Mom, Dad," replied Vanessa. "I intentionally hitched a ride with Phineas and Ferb to Paris, since they were already on their way there. Don't worry, we're friends."

"You mean, we were friends," Phineas said.

Vanessa looked at him. "Excuse me?"

Phineas smiled and snapped his fingers. "Seize the both of them."

"Wait, what?" cried Doofenshmirtz as Sharpeard and Bulkare walked forward and grabbed Charlene, while Rodney and Croachaye seized Vanessa, who gasped and looked at Phineas, shocked that he was calling the shots.

"Heinz?" Charlene asked, shocked at what was going on. "What's going on here?"

"Charlene, I have a confession to make. Remember all those times you told me that Vanessa kept telling you that I'm evil?"


"Well, she's right. I am an evil scientist out to take over the Tri-State Area."


"See!" cried Vanessa as she struggled hopelessly against her captors. "I told you, Mom! Dad is evil! I've been right all along!"

Charlene ignored her daughter and just stared on at her ex-husband. "Heinz?"

"It's the truth, Charlene."

Phineas scoffed and said, "Yeah, yeah, how touching. Now guys, take them to the cell. Then you go get your inventions. Doofenshmirtz, take Norm and go get the Pizzazium Infinionite."

However, Doofenshmirtz ignored Phineas and looked at Vanessa and Charlene as they looked back at him while being escorted to the cell.

"Heinz..." Charlene said softly.

"Dad..." said Vanessa softly.

Doofenshmirtz didn't know what to do. The only two members of his family that he truly loved were being imprisoned, thanks to his profession in evil, and he found himself wanting to help them, breaking the classic villain formula. However, his feet cowardly glued themselves to the spot, and finally, the words he spoke escaped, almost in a whisper to himself.

"I'm sorry."

Vanessa and Charlene gasped as they realized that Doofenshmirtz wasn't going to help them. Phineas looked from the evil scientist to the woman and her daughter before throwing his head back and cackling malevolently.


Doofenshmirtz didn't reply, but Phineas just cackled on. The scientist watched with dismay as Vanessa and Charlene looked back at him, the jaws of the darkness emanating from inside the cell nearing.

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