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Chapter 9 Summary: With Phineas now cheered up, Candace decides to go bust her brothers, only for things to take on a different pattern this time.

"Alright," Candace said to Ferb, giggling evilly, "now that Phineas is all cheered up, now I can bust you guys!"

"Sure, knock yourself out," replied her stepbrother. "Everything's gonna disappear anyway from this Mysterious Force."

"Not if I can help it!" exclaimed Candace as she ran into the house.

Everyone looked at the door in which Candace ran through before Ferb took out a schedule and began walking into the many inventions. The children of Maple Drive followed him inside.

"So, Phineas," said Ferb, "which invention should we use first? I personally believe we should use the rollercoaster. After all, it is our first invention."

There was no response. Ferb looked at his side, believing Phineas would be there, only to see no sign of the ten-year-old inventor.


Ferb turned to the group of children, all of whom were about to use several inventions.

"Hey, guys?" called out Ferb, gaining everyone's attention. "Where's Phineas?"

"I thought he'd be going with you, so we didn't pay any attention to you two!" replied Baljeet.

"Me too," Buford added, and the rest of the children nodded in agreement before beginning to board the inventions they were planning to use. In the meantime, Ferb placed his hand on his chin.

"Hm," Ferb thought, "why did Phineas run off? And when we cheered him up?"

Entering her bedroom, Candace desperately tried to find a way to make sure she can bust her brothers before the Mysterious Force can reach Ferb's contraptions. At first, she decided to call her mother again, but found it too cliche and that the Mysterious Force would beat Linda to it. Producing her cell phone from her pocket, the redheaded teenager examined her beloved means of communication, trying to find ways of allowing her mom to see the inventions even after the Mysterious Force had done its job. This proved to be a difficult job, as Linda bought the cheapest cell phone she can find after Candace lost her phone dozens of times during the summer. All the phone did was make phone calls, text messages, and record with low quality.

Suddenly, Candace's eyes brightened with glee. The phone can record! Although the image would be of poor quality, the teenager hoped it would be enough to get her mother convinced that she had been right the entire summer, and that Phineas and Ferb should be busted for all of the things they've done.

About to activate the phone, Candace heard a knock on her bedroom door. Looking back, she saw it was Phineas, leaning against the door.

"Hello, sis," the boy said ominously. Candace ignored her brother's tone.

"Phineas, get out of my room," she ordered. "I'm trying to bust you."

Phineas smiled. "I'd turn off that phone if I were you."

"Well, you're not me." Candace walked forward and shoved her brother out of her room and closed the door behind him, locking it.

Candace then ran towards her bedroom window, her phone now on, and was about to activate the recording mechanism when...


Candace screamed as the door was knocked down abruptly. Phineas was standing in the doorway, smiling his eeriest smile yet. Candace suddenly noticed her brother's green eyes as he stalked towards her.


Ferb, Django, and several other children stepped off of the rollercoaster, having just ridden it, when Ferb saw Candace's best friend Stacy Hirano. Standing beside her was her boyfriend Coltrane and Candace's boyfriend Jeremy. All three were looking at the inventions in awe.

The British boy approached them and greeted, "Impressed?"

Jeremy looked at Ferb and replied, "You guys rebuilt every invention you did this summer?" The laid-back boy then smiled. "That's so awesome! Where's the funhouse? I really liked that one!"

"Right between to the circus and the backyard aquarium."

"What about the golf course?" asked Stacy hopefully.

"Between the bounce house and the haunted house."

"Thanks," Jeremy and Stacy replied simultaneously before they walked into the backyard of inventions, accompanied by Coltrane. However, Jeremy stopped.

"By the way, where's Candace?" he asked.

"She went inside the house to bust us."

Jeremy smiled, knowing that was what Candace would always do. "Ah, that's my girl."

At that moment, a scream erupted from inside the Flynn-Fletcher house, stopping everyone in his or her tracks. It was a bloodcurdling scream that echoed eerily through the air, and the aftermath made Baljeet shiver, inspiring the nearby Buford to give him a wedgie.

Jeremy recognized the scream at once. "Candace?"

Everyone watched with confusion as the window to Candace's bedroom opened abruptly and the teenager herself emerged and began running on the roof in fear. Then, Phineas emerged from the window and began pursuing his sister all over the roof, holding something that was gleaming in the sun like a weapon.


However, Phineas replied with sadistic laughter. Jeremy stepped forward and called, "Candace, what's going on?"


"Uh huh," replied Jeremy wearily as he crossed his arms.


Unfortunately, no one was coming to Candace's rescue; no one was taking her seriously. When Phineas began catching up with her, Candace screamed her loudest and, in a last-ditch effort to survive, began running for the edge of the roof, preparing to jump.

"CANDACE!" cried Stacy as everyone gasped at what Candace was about to do. "WATCH OUT!"

But it was too late. Candace knew that there was only one thing left to do. Bracing herself, she jumped off the roof, and everyone screamed in shock. The redhead felt the air rush up her body, as if an enormous fan was directly below her. Bracing herself for impact, Candace closed her eyes, only to feel someone catch her. Opening her eyes, she saw that it was Jeremy, and she briefly became entranced by his rescue of her, but she was shortly pulled back into reality by Ferb's following scream of concern.


Phineas, the unknown gleaming object still in his hand, was also preparing to jump off the roof as well. Jeremy put Candace to her feet and rushed forward to catch the inventor.

"JEREMY, NO!" cried Candace, but Jeremy had already caught Phineas.

"Phew," said Jeremy, looking at Phineas. "What are guys doing, running around on the roof? You know it's not safe."

Phineas looked back at him with his green eyes, causing Jeremy to gasp, and replied simply, "I know."

The boy then raised the object that had been in his hand, and everyone gasped at the sight of it: it was a large kitchen knife, slightly bigger than Phineas's hand, making the scene of him holding it a bit awkward. However, no one was concerned about that, as Phineas then punched Jeremy in the face, causing the blond teenager to fall, and he then grabbed Jeremy's head and held the shining blade against his neck.

"PHINEAS!" exclaimed Ferb.

However, Phineas only looked at Candace. "Give me the phone," he said angrily, "or I open up your boyfriend's neck."

Candace looked at her phone that she planned to use to bust her brothers with, then back at Jeremy, who gulped as the blade pressed itself lightly against the skin of his neck.

Phineas then cackled. "Oh, come on! Do you honestly want to hand over your loved one's life in exchange for seeing your little brothers get in the biggest of troubles? How stupid are you, girl?"

"Phineas!" cried Stacy. "What in the world are you doing?"

Phineas stuck his hand, the one not holding the knife, into the back of his pants and then procured a stun gun he managed to acquire from DEI. Pointing it at the crowd of onlookers, all of whom gasped at the sight of it, he then looked back at Candace.

"Give me the phone," he said, "or I kill your boyfriend and your best friend!" He then pointed the stun gun right at Stacy's face, and she let out a little gasp.

Candace immediately knew that the battle was won.

Tossing her cell phone to Phineas's side, the boy then angrily crushed it until it became a pile of tiny pieces. The backyard was silent as Phineas then released his grip on Jeremy and lowered his gun away from Stacy. But before the two teenagers can move away, Phineas suddenly held the knife up, smiling sadistically, and sunk half of the blade into Jeremy's stomach, causing him to cry out in agony. He then aimed the gun at Stacy and fired three lasers, one of which hit her shoulder and the other two hitting her legs; the Asian girl fell to the ground, crying out as well while Coltrane ran to her side. Everyone else screamed, especially Ferb and Candace, as Phineas yanked the blade out of Jeremy's stomach and kicked him aside; Candace ran to his side as he began to control the bleeding.


"Ah," replied Phineas, "I actually said I wouldn't kill them, not hurt them. And because I put that phone out of the way doesn't mean I don't get to have any fun!"

Ferb walked forward to Phineas, ignoring the blood-coated knife. "What happened to you, Phineas?" he asked. "I thought we made you better! And now, you injure two teenagers!"

"Oh, you did make me feel better. How? You made all of these inventions for me so I can use them to conquer the world!"


Phineas immediately yawned and shot the bully in the shoulder with his stun gun.

"I really don't like that name, Van Stomm," replied Phineas coldly. Ignoring Baljeet and several other kids attending to Buford, he tossed the knife towards the door leading into the house and took out his cell phone, still aiming it at the bystanders. Dialing a number, he put the device to his ear and waited for Doofenshmirtz to answer.

"Hello?" came the voice of Norm.

"It's Phineas," the boy replied. "I wanna speak to Doofenshmirtz. Now."

"Right away, sir!"

"Doofenshmirtz?" Candace asked in her thoughts as she helped Jeremy tend to his wound. "Where have I heard that name before?"

"Yes, Phineas?" Doofenshmirtz asked, a nearly unnoticeable tint of fear in his voice.

"I've got a little surprise for you in my backyard," replied Phineas. "Use the transporter device I built for you and come to 2308 Maple Drive. Take some Doof Clones and Coition-Inators while you're at it, too."

"Sure thing, kiddo! Give me a sec."

Doofenshmirtz hung up on him, and Phineas put his cell phone back in his pocket. He then stared at the others, smiling.

"Prepare yourselves, everyone!" he announced. "For you've met the new me, and now you shall witness my ascendancy into power as I conquer the world and enslave everyone you know! AHAHAHAHAHA!"

"Has he gone nuts?" thought Ferb.

"But while we wait for a minute, will Django Brown step forward, please?"

Django fearfully stepped out of the crowd and prepared himself to get zapped by the stun gun, only for Phineas to approach him, smile a friendly smile, and ruffle his hair.

"You know, Django," he said, "I should thank you the most. First, you help me gain my new personality, and now, you help give me access to weapons I can use to enforce my dominion over the world! You're quite a smart kid. Maybe you should join my side, and I'll give you everything you want!"

Django replied, "I don't know what happened to you, Phineas, but I don't like the new you, and I'm gonna have to say 'no' to that."

Phineas frowned and struck Django across the face with his gun, causing him to fall to the floor. Adyson Sweetwater ran towards him in concern, and both looked up at Phineas as he towered over them.

"Okay, so you say 'no' to that," Phineas said, "but I can probably help you change your mind."

Suddenly, Doofenshmirtz suddenly appeared in the backyard, followed by many Doof Clones, all of which were holding Coition-Inators. Candace gasped, as she recognized Doofenshmirtz as the man whom she sold cupcakes to during her brief stint as a Fireside Girl.

"Alright, kiddo," said Doofenshmirtz, "what is it you want me to-"

However, Doofenshmirtz already saw all of the inventions, every one of them proudly standing in the backyard.

"Wow! You made all of that?"

"Unofficially," replied Phineas. "I built all of these in the past, but they all disappeared for some mysterious reason. These kids here-" He pointed at Ferb and the rest of the children. "-replicated the designs so then can so-called cheer me up. Turns out, they just handed over more weapons to us!"

Doofenshmirtz looked skeptical. "I honestly don't see how these things can be weapons of mass destruction."

"They may not look like that, but once I modify them like I did to your Inators, then they will be soon!"

"I guess that's a good idea."

"You guess?"

Doofenshmirtz knew that he said the wrong words and quickly exclaimed, "I mean, that's a good idea!"

"Good. Now, order your clones to imprison these kids, every one of them. Who knows what other information they have that can prove to be useful! And once we're done with them, we can hit them with the Turn-Everything-Evil-Inator and turn them into more troops!"

"Sure thing." The evil scientist then turned to the Doof Clones. "Mes, imprison those kids!"

"Yes, me!" the Doof Clones replied faithfully as they aimed the Coition-Inators at Ferb, Candace, Jeremy, Stacy, Coltrane, Django, and the other children.

However, before the Coition-Inators can be fired, three blurs, one colored brown, another colored gray, and the third colored teal, came out of nowhere and brought down the Doof Clones within minutes. It was Perry the Platypus, Fred the Fox, and Randy the Raccoon.

"YOU!" Phineas roared at the three agents. "DOOF CLONES, GET THEM!"

The Doof Clones sprung into action, firing their Coition-Inators, but the three agents dodged every one of the pure evil bubbles and landed hard on the clones' faces, downing them again one by one. A rumbling was then heard, and a bus with the initials 'O.W.C.A.' suddenly crashed through the fence, showering everyone with splinters of wood. The bus swerved to a stop and fired lasers at the inventions, decreasing their size. The bus then used a magnet to acquire the miniaturized inventions, and the head of Carl poked out of the driver's window.

"EVERYONE!" he called to the children. "GET IN, NOW!"

"Carl?" Ferb asked in wonder, recognizing the intern as the same boy that helped test out his and Phineas's Anti-Gravity Fun Launcher.

"JUST GET IN!" Carl yelled.

Ferb knew that everyone needed to escape, so he led everyone, including the agents, inside the bus, with the Doof Clones in pursuit. Before the army of clones can reach the bus, however, Carl immediately switched the bus to reverse and immediately backed out into the street. Then switching the bus to drive, the intern sped down Maple Drive before the Doof Clones can reach them again. Once the bus was at a safe distance, Carl looked at the rearview mirror.

"Is everyone okay?" he asked.

"My boyfriend's been stabbed!" cried Candace despairingly. "By my own little brother!"

"There's a first-aid kit in the pocket of my seat," Carl replied, pointing at the pocket. Candace acquired it, opened it, and began tending to Jeremy's wound. Ferb, on the other hand, approached Carl.

"Carl," said Ferb, "what just happened? What's happening right now? And why is Perry wearing a hat?"

Carl sighed before announcing to everyone, "I'm not sure. But everyone, I work for a secret organization called the Organization Without a Cool Acronym, which specializes in training animals in fighting evil. Animals like Perry, Ferb."

Everyone's eyes widened. "Perry's a secret agent?" asked Baljeet in shock.

"I guess that explains why he keeps disappearing every day," Buford noted, rubbing the spot where Phineas stunned him.

"Yes, Perry's a secret agent," replied Carl. "You guys actually found out Perry's secret weeks ago, but we erased your memory by the end of the day. But now, it looks like you deserve to know again."

Ferb turned to Perry. "So you've been living a double life this whole time, and you never told me or Phineas?" he asked. Perry nodded in response.

"Don't blame Perry, Ferb," said Carl. "He didn't tell you because it was the best for your safety. Every agent mustn't tell their host family of their secret, otherwise it'll endanger them and said agent must be transferred to another town with another host family."

"Wait," Candace said as she patched up Jeremy's wound, "so if we now know of Perry's secret, doesn't that mean he's gonna be sent away?"

"Yes, yes it does, but it doesn't matter right now. Phineas and Doofenshmirtz have abducted most of the O.W.C.A. personnel here. In fact, me, Perry, Fred the Fox, and Randy the Raccoon are the only ones who managed to escape."

For the first time in several years, Ferb's face became masked with emotion. "Why?" he exclaimed, nearly startling Carl. "Why is Phineas doing this? How did we wrong him?"

"I don't know, Ferb. Something happened to Phineas, and I'm pretty sure no one was involved."

"I was."

Everyone looked at Django, who was wearing a face of terrible guilt. "What do you mean, Django?" asked Ferb.

"I bumped into him while going to the meeting you and Isabella hosted, Ferb," replied Django. "Literally. Anyway, he was asking where Isabella was, and when you called me on the phone, you told me to not tell him of the meeting. So, I lied to him, and told him that Isabella would be at the park. And..." Django's eyes welled up with tears. "And that was the last I saw of him b-be-before..."

Adyson put her hand on his shoulder. "Don't blame yourself, Django," she said soothingly. "You never saw it coming. It's not your fault."

"Actually," Buford said accusingly, "it is Django's fault! Something happened at that park, and it got Dinner Bell all wacky! If Django didn't send him to that park, maybe he wouldn't have been affected by whatever happened, and he wouldn't have shot me in the shoulder and all that other crud!"

"Yeah!" agreed a boy. "And what's worse, Phineas wants to use the inventions we made to take over the planet! The inventions Django suggested we make for him! It's a good thing we still have the inventions!"

The other children nodded to one another in agreement, and the children, led by Buford, began rounding up on Django when Perry, Fred, and Randy stood in the way. Carl spoke for the agents.

"Guys, this is no time to decide who's to blame! For now, we have to get out of here!"

"Yeah?" asked Buford. "Where are we gonna hide?"

"I know a place."

Suddenly, Gretchen gasped, and everyone looked at her.

"What?" asked Ferb.

"I told Isabella that Phineas was at the meeting," the Fireside Girl replied. "She said that she would be coming back at the house to see Phineas!"

Everyone looked at Carl in worry, and he replied, "I'm sorry, everyone, but we can't go back for her. It's too dangerous!"

"But Isabella's our friend!" Milly cried.

"I'm sure Phineas will spare her. For now, we have to go into hiding so we can find a solution to all of this!"

Everyone sighed; there was no convincing this intern. Ferb, Candace, and Perry looked out of the rear window, as Maple Drive disappeared from view. They began to worry about Isabella, and wondered what troubles lay ahead of her.

Isabella walked towards 2308 Maple Drive, nervous. She didn't know how Phineas would act towards her presence, as she unintentionally offended him, but she knew that she needed to apologize and throw aside what happened yesterday under the backyard tree. And she also hoped that the inventions Ferb and the kids made would cheer Phineas up, making her job of apologizing easier.

But when she saw 2308 Maple Drive, she saw no gargantuan, draped object that suggested a sign of at least the rollercoaster. Wondering what happened, Isabella ran towards the backyard gate, only to find it demolished. Silently walking through the wreckage, she heard Phineas talking to someone, but she couldn't identify the other voice, which sounded German.

"I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY GOT AWAY!" yelled Phineas.

"Calm down, kiddo, I'm sure we'll find a way to get those inventions back."

"Well, we have to do it fast, otherwise my plans of world domination will be of waste!"

Isabella gasped at Phineas's latest sentence; a megalomaniacal Phineas was pretty hard to imagine, and she never expected something like that to occur.

"I don't know why you need those," said the other voice. "We've already got my Inators, the O.W.C.A., and L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. on our side!"

"They might use those inventions to retaliate, Doofenshmirtz! What do ya think now?"

"Okay, okay, so letting those inventions go was a bad idea. Don't worry, I managed to toss a Platypus Track-Inator onto that bus, so we can track its movements!"

"Excellent. Now, activate it, Doofenshmirtz! We need to get those inventions back!"

"Oh, I left the activation device back at DEI."


Isabella let out a short gasp; Phineas sounded really angry, much angrier than he was yesterday. Taking a step back, she felt her back bump into something and looked up into the face of a Doof Clone.

"Going somewhere?"

Isabella was about to scream when the clone covered her mouth and pushed her into the backyard, in the sights of Phineas, Doofenshmirtz, and the other Doof Clones.

"Well, well, well," Phineas said, smiling, "Isabella Garcia-Shapiro. How nice of you to join us!"

Isabella stood up and faced her crush and noticed his green eyes. Straightening up, she cried, "Phineas! What are you doing?"

"Planning on how to conquer the world, what else?" Phineas replied. He then snapped his fingers, and two Doof Clones seized her while a third placed duct tape over her mouth.

"All right, everyone," announced Phineas, "we're going back at DEI, and we'll be taking her-" He pointed at Isabella. "-with us. I'm sure those escapees will make a nice exchange of the inventions."

"Phineas? What's going on?"

Everyone looked at the door into the house; standing there was Linda and Lawrence. Apparently, they had arrived home to no one's knowledge. Isabella tried speaking to them, but the duct tape prevented her from yelling out.

"What's going on?" asked Linda again. She then spotted Doofenshmirtz and recognized him. "Heinz? Heinz Doofenshmirtz?"

"Linda Flynn?" Doofenshmirtz asked in shock. Phineas looked at him.

"You know her?" he asked.

"We dated once," replied Linda and Doofenshmirtz simultaneously.

"Well," said Phineas, "I'm betting this is a lovely reunion for the two of you." He then turned to several Doof Clones and pointed to Linda and Lawrence. "Seize them too."

"What?" Lawrence asked in shock, but it was too late; several Doof Clones have seized the Flynn-Fletcher parents.


Phineas pointed his stun gun at her as Doofenshmirtz watched on with regret.

"I'm done following orders from you, Linda Flynn."

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