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Pokémon Center Attack

A/N: Here's another chapter for y'all, and on prime-time too! This time, we get to see our favorite Pokémon Performer, Serena Gabena, in action, along with certain other characters! ENJOY!

P.S.: I just watched the two-part XYZ episode "Master Class Is in Session!" and "Performing a Pathway to the Future!". And while I was watching it, I noticed Aria's voice sounded a little...forced, in my opinion. It was decent, but I did detect that quality to it. While it is most likely because of the voice actress's abilities, I realized it was, unintentionally, even more of a good basis for Aria's subplot in this fic. So...yeah, I just wanted to point that out.

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Room 30025, the Blue Suns Deluxe Hotel

Out of nowhere, Ash's auburn eyes flew open, and the raven-haired Trainer shot up on his luxury bed, gasping in shock. In the process, Pikachu fell out of the bed, startled, his sleep interrupted so suddenly. Ash's other Pokémon, who were lying by his bedside, all turned to their Trainer with looks of concern and confusion.

"Pikapi?!" the Mouse Pokémon exclaimed.

Hearing Ash's gasp and Pikachu's cry, Clemont quickly sat up on his bed, while Bonnie's eyes fluttered open groggily.

"Wha...What happened...?" Bonnie asked with exhaustion.

"Nene..." moaned the nearby Dedenne.

"A-Ash?!" Clemont asked, getting out of the bed and approaching his friend. "A-Are you okay? What happened?!"

"Something's...Something's very wrong..." Ash replied, panting. His hand moved instinctively to his chest, over his heart, as he looked out of the dew-coated window. "We gotta get to the Pokémon Center, fast!"

The local Pokémon Center

Heaving out a heavy sigh of irritation, Parker leaned against the secretary's desk and tapped his foot impatiently, all the while looking around the lobby for any possible signs of Celebi's presence. Meanwhile, the exhausted, disaffected woman was still poring through the patient list, searching for Selene Ketchum's name.

As he continued looking, Parker noticed several of the people in the lobby giving him strange and intimidated looks. He ignored those expressions; after all, people always looked at him that way, and he didn't mind that trait of his one bit. In fact, it brought him some comfort knowing he definitely wasn't in some strange dimension where human emotions were a little backwards.

"Yes, yes, Selene Ketchum..." the secretary said. "She's in Room 6, sir."

She pointed towards the aforementioned room, and Parker narrowed his eyes at the door. He couldn't wait to get his hands on that wretched little girl and show her a piece of his mind.

"Thank you, ma'am," he said, his voice a near-snarl as he lowered the sunglasses on his head and pressed a minuscule button on the side-frame. "Your help is very much appreciated..."

"You're very welcome, sir..." the woman droned nonchalantly, completely ignoring Parker as the poacher stalked towards Room 6.

As Parker walked up to the door, the technology of his sunglasses booted up; at the corners of his lenses, a heart monitor, some miniature screens and numbers, and a menu popped up. He pressed the button on the side-frame again; within a split-second, he had infrared vision. Then, he adjusted his vision.

The first thing the Pokémon Poacher saw through the door was Serena, Braixen, Pancham, and Sylveon all waiting for him.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the door, Serena saw the shadows of Parker's legs through the crack underneath the door. When the shadows did not move, and the door did not open, the Performer realized that Parker must've known there was a trap waiting for him.

"Braixen, use Flamethrower!" she commanded.

Braixen fired a stream of flames through the door. But once the fire subsided and the smoke cleared, Serena saw no one through the hole the attack left behind. Though she did hear gasps and cries of shock from the lobby...

"Is the bad man gone, Mommy?" Selene asked from underneath the bed.

Suddenly, the door flew off its hinges, and Serena and her Pokémon narrowly dodged it as it slammed over to the other side of the room. Moments later, Parker stepped into the room, followed by his Trevenant, who had just used its Wood Hammer attack. Serena and her Pokémon all stood back up and positioned themselves between Selene and the poacher, using their bodies as shields.

"So, it seems the legends about Celebi are true," Parker said. "It did take me to the past." His brow furrowed seriously as he examined Serena from head to toe. "I will admit, twenty years ago or not, you're still a bit of a sight to look at...Serena Gabena."

Serena's eyes narrowed menacingly. "I assume we've met before...or should I say, we will meet again...?" she said.

"Oh no, we have not met before. Not directly. ...I'll just say that you will be...a star of your time. But your daughters..." Parker's eyes darkened hatefully as he stared underneath the bed; Selene retreated further into her shelter upon noticing his glare. "Your daughters have been extreme nuisances to me and my business, especially in the last few hours. And I don't think it'll take a genius to figure out where that comes from in the family." He snapped his fingers. "Trevenant, use Phantom Force!"

Trevenant abruptly disappeared from sight. Before Braixen, Pancham, and Sylveon could figure out where it might reappear, the Elder Tree Pokémon popped up at their left and violently swiped at them with its arms. Serena gasped in horror as her Pokémon were sent flying in all directions, with Braixen smashing through the wall and landing in the next patient room.

"Are you guys alright?!" she cried. When Braixen, Pancham, and Sylveon all responded in the affirmative, she smiled. "Okay! Pancham, use Dark Pulse!"

The Playful Pokémon nodded and created a sphere of unstable, whirring black-and-purple circles in each of his hands. He then combined these spheres, and out from the product came a series of these same circles, shaped like a beam. The beam of circles barreled towards Trevenant; the Elder Tree Pokémon tried to dodge it, but couldn't due to the limited space of Room 6. As a result, it was sent flying into the other wall.

"Alright!" Serena exclaimed. "Sylveon, follow it up with Fairy Wind!"

Sylveon pulled her feelers together, and the air around them started to glow light-blue. She then shot her feelers outward, spreading them wide open and subsequently sending a strong gust of wind at Trevenant. The force of the attack caused the portion of the wall in which Trevenant was half-buried in to shatter and collapse upon the Elder Tree Pokémon before it could react.

But that wasn't the end for Trevenant. With a roar of defiance, it burst out from underneath the rubble, its single red eye glowing brightly with fury. It fired a barrage of Will-O-Wisps, which circled their way towards Pancham and Sylveon.

"Braixen, use Fire Blast on the Will-O-Wisps!" Serena commanded.

Braixen used her wand-like stick to shoot out fire shaped like a kanjī symbol, which overwhelmed the Will-O-Wisp and then exploded in a shower of harmless embers. However, once the embers cleared out, Trevenant charged forward, the small horn-like gnarl on its forehead glowing a sickly green color. The gnarl struck Pancham, who let out a drawn-out cry of pain as green orbs of energy started flowing out of his body and into said gnarl.

"Oh, no!" Serena cried. "That's Horn Leech! Quickly, Braixen, use Flamethrower on Trevenant! Sylveon, use Swift!"

Braixen fired the Flamethrower, while Sylveon jumped into the air and slashed at the air with her tail, releasing multiple yellow stars with golden sparkles around them. The Swift attack bombarded Trevenant first, and while it was distracted away from Pancham, the Flamethrower hit the Elder Tree Pokémon next, scorching its body.

"There you go!" exclaimed Serena. She then ran up to Pancham and picked him up in concern. "Are you okay, Pancham?" When Pancham nodded weakly, but determinedly, she smiled. "That's good."

Serena then looked at Trevenant, which was still moving despite being hit by a super-effective attack. Apparently, Parker trained his Pokémon to be really strong if it didn't take that long for a Horn Leech to drain a good amount of Pancham's energy. She needed to be more careful now-

Her thoughts were cut off when another section of the wall next to her exploded. Parker's Chesnaught charged into the room and attacked Sylveon with Wood Hammer.

"SYLVEON!" Serena screamed as the Intertwining Pokémon slammed her body hard against another wall. She then glared at Parker, who she realized had called out Chesnaught while she was preoccupied with Trevenant. "You're a coward if you resort to dirty tricks like that!"

"Yeah!" Selene cried from underneath the bed. "You tell him, Mommy!"

"I'm a Pokémon Poacher, little girl," Parker replied indifferently. "Dirty tricks is the name of the game."

All of a sudden, Sylveon hopped on top of Selene's bed, severely bruised but otherwise fine. She chirped angrily at Parker, Chesnaught, and Trevenant before hopping off the bed and joining Serena's side. As for Braixen, she joined her Trainer's other side, while Pancham hopped in front of the honey-blonde, looking a little weak in the legs but otherwise still ready to fight back. The Performer smiled at her Pokémon before all four glared at their opponents.

"You may play dirty," Serena said, "but it doesn't matter to my Pokémon and I! We're going to protect Selene and Celebi from you no matter what you do to us!"

Suddenly, Parker's sunglasses glinted craftily. "Ahhhhh, so Celebi is here too, huh...?" He relished in Serena's paling face for a moment before continuing. "I didn't really expect that pathetic little girl to take a rare and valuable Pokémon, such as Celebi, to a Pokémon Center like this, but I guess this just makes my job easier..."

Serena's sapphire-blue eyes narrowed, and she snarled furiously, "Don't call Selene a pathetic little girl..."

Parker chuckled jeeringly. "Ah, already embracing the role of the mother, aren't you? Even though you're obviously not yet qualified-"

"I might as well start practicing, now that I know it's a guarantee I'll be having children in the future!"

"You best be careful." As Parker spoke, Chesnaught and Trevenant prepared to launch their attacks. "A young kid like you tackling the responsibilities of parenthood is bound to be a bad mix-"

"USE RAZOR WIND!" a voice commanded.

Three different Razor Wind attacks struck Chesnaught and Trevenant, knocking both Grass-type Pokémon to the ground. Serena smiled with relief when Summer arrived at the scene, wielding a strange device with an antenna (she believed Ash fleetingly called it a Capture Styler). The Pokémon Ranger was flanked by two Fletchling and a Fletchinder.

"Summer!" the Performer cried.

"Sorry I'm late!" Summer replied, winking. "I heard all the commotion but I had to find some Pokémon to capture! It's a good thing I found these three camping in a tree nearby!"

"A Pokémon Ranger, huh?" Parker remarked as his Pokémon stood back up. "Huh, I guess you guys haven't gotten extinct at this time."

The Ranger's eyelid twitched. "What'd you say...?"

"Well, that's for me to know and for you to find out." Then, Parker pointed at Serena and Summer. "Chesnaught, give everything you've got on Gabena! Trevenant, you handle that pathetic Ranger!"

"Hey, I resent that remark!"

Chesnaught charged towards Braixen, Pancham, and Sylveon with a Wood Hammer-powered arm, while Trevenant fired Will-O-Wisp at the Fletchling and Fletchinder. However, Braixen, Pancham, and Sylveon managed to dodge Chesnaught's attack; while Fletchling and Fletchinder used Razor Wind to cut apart the Will-O-Wisps before they could hit them.

Underneath the bed, Selene watched with awe as Serena and Summer's Pokémon battled Chesnaught and Trevenant, using everything they had against their opponents. It was just like all the adventures her parents told her as bedtime stories. They and their friends would always help and defend people and Pokémon in need, as well as fight those who tried to abuse the powers of certain Pokémon for their own gain. It was so exciting, to bear witness to one of these adventures...

Then, at the corner of her eye, Selene saw Parker silently sneaking away from the scene of the battlefield. He was pulling out a small cube...that expanded to form the same kind of steel cage he had been keeping Celebi in!

"Celebi!" Selene thought.

The girl scrambled out from the bed and ran through the hole in the wall created by Chesnaught, just in time to see Parker approaching the door to the medical room.

"STOP RIGHT THERE, MEANIE!" she shouted.

"SELENE!" Serena cried in concern.

Parker merely grunted with annoyance and raised his right arm. The watch wrapped around his wrist transformed into a tiny dart-gun, which fired a single green dart towards Selene. The girl froze in place and could only watch the dart heading towards her at high speeds-

A blur of black and white intercepted the dart and collapsed to the floor. Selene and Serena both gasped in horror.

"PANCHAM!" Serena screamed in distress, but the Playful Pokémon did not move.

"What a waste," Parker said, sneering as the dart-gun transformed back into his wristwatch.

"Oh no, Pancham!" exclaimed Selene.

The seven-year-old girl leaned forward and saw the dart protruding from Pancham's shoulder. She then grabbed the dart, fully intent on pulling it out and saving the Playful Pokémon somehow.

"NO, WAIT!" Summer suddenly cried, having just noticed this.

But it was too late: Selene pulled the dart out, and it exploded a second later into a billowing cloud of green smoke that filled the hallway and Room 6, obscuring everyone's vision. Selene, Serena, Summer, and their remaining Pokémon all started coughing, giving Chesnaught and Trevenant a great opportunity to join Parker's sides.

"Good job, you two," the Pokémon Poacher said before facing the door to the medical room. "Now, let's-" He stopped short when his infrared vision detected something disconcerting on the other side. "Oh, f-"

He was cut off when a blur of light-pink and white burst through the door and tackled him, Chesnaught, and Trevenant. All three were thrown away the medical room and into the green smoke. Sensing this, Braixen used Flamethrower, which hit Trevenant again, scorching its body. It howled in pain and tried to retaliate with Wood Hammer, but missed because its vision was obscured by the smoke.

"Oh, curses..." Parker snarled. He pulled out a small green capsule and threw it to the floor; it exploded with a burst of air, clearing the smoke away within a couple of seconds. He then glared at the doorway of the medical room, where he found Nurse Joy and her trusty Wigglytuff standing defiantly.

"You're not getting that Celebi!" the nurse shouted loudly. "Nor are you bringing your evil into this Pokémon Center!"

"Unfortunately for you, I just did." Parker pointed at Wigglytuff. "Trevenant, use-"

"Braixen, use Fire Blast, quickly!" Serena ordered suddenly. "Sylveon, use Swift!"

With a bark, the Fox Pokémon fired the attack, which struck and severely injured both Trevenant and Chesnaught. As for Sylveon, she fired her own attack, which hit both opponents as they were falling to the ground.

"Yeah, Braixen!" Selene cheered, smiling with excitement as she held Pancham on her lap.

"This isn't over! Not by a long shot!" Parker pulled out a Poké Ball (which Serena noticed was a Great Ball) and threw it, unleashing his Shiny Sceptile. "SCEPTILE, USE LEAF BLADE! CHESNAUGHT, USE WOOD HAMMER!"

Chesnaught charged towards Braixen, Sylveon, the two Fletchling, and Fletchinder with its Wood Hammer, while Sceptile followed behind it with glowing green blades protruding from its wrists.

"Braixen, use Fire Blast again!" Serena ordered. "Sylveon, use Fairy Wind!"

"Fletchinder, use Flame Charge!" commanded Summer. "Fletchling, you both use Razor Wind!"

"Wigglytuff, use Double Slap!" shouted Nurse Joy.

Braixen, Sylveon, and the Fletchling fired their respective attacks, while Wigglytuff ran towards Sceptile and Chesnaught, and Fletchinder swooped towards the incoming Grass-type Pokémon, its body enveloped in flames. Both Grass-types dodged the Flame Charge, then Chesnaught slammed its Wood Hammer down on the Fire Blast. This triggered an explosion that caused Wigglytuff to flinch, allowing Chesnaught to bombard it with a barrage of Seed Bombs that severely injured it.

Meanwhile, Sceptile leaped through the subsequent cloud of smoke and slashed at the incoming Fairy Wind and Razor Wind attacks with one of its Leaf Blades, causing even more explosions. Finally, the Forest Pokémon slashed its remaining Leaf Blade downward upon the two Fletchling, knocking them to the ground.

"Oh no, Fletchling!" Selene exclaimed as she heard the two Tiny Robin Pokémon squawk with pain.

"Trevenant!" Parker called.

On cue, the Elder Tree Pokémon charged forward and used its own Wood Hammer, attacking the two Fletchling with it. Fletchinder tried to intercept with its Flame Charge, but Trevenant turned around and hit it with Wood Hammer as well. Though it wasn't a super-effective attack, Fletchinder was still sent flying...towards the waiting Sceptile.

"Use Leaf Blade again, while its Flame Charge is subsided!" shouted the poacher.

The Forest Pokémon formed its two wrist-mounted blades again and made an X-shaped slashing motion with them. The Fletchinder was hit and sent tumbling to the floor. Serena's eyes widened with shock, before they narrowed again with fury.

"Braixen, use Fire Blast again!" she cried. "Sylveon, use Fairy Wind again!"

"Chesnaught, use Spiky Shield!" Parker ordered.

Chesnaught slammed its fists together, and a circular shield emerged from its forearms. After enveloping both its owner, Sceptile, and Trevenant, the shield then produced a green force-field adorned with spikes, which protected all three Pokémon from the Fire Blast and Fairy Wind. Serena hoped the combination of Braixen's and Sylveon's attacks would be effective enough to penetrate the Grass-type defensive move, but the honey-blonde and her friends were in for a shock when the smoke dissipated and revealed an unscathed Chesnaught, Sceptile, and Trevenant.

"I am really losing my patience with this nonsense..." Parker snarled. "Chesnaught, Trevenant, remain here and take care of them." After Chesnaught and Trevenant nodded at him, he glared at Nurse Joy, who was tending to her injured Wigglytuff. "Sceptile!"

Nurse Joy's eyes widened with fear as the Forest Pokémon joined its Trainer's side. She thought he was going to order Sceptile to finish off Wigglytuff, or worse...but she noticed the dismissive expression on the poacher's face.

"Let's get our paycheck," Parker said, looking away from the nurse and into the medical room. "Once and for all."

He turned off his sunglasses's infrared vision and stepped inside the room, followed closely by Sceptile. Upon entering, they were greeted by the sights of shelves holding dozens of Poké Balls each. But Parker looked away from them with disinterest, instead focusing on the beds occupied by the wild Pokémon. It didn't take long for the Pokémon Poacher to find Celebi's bed. Upon spotting the slumbering Time Travel Pokémon, he sneered.


As Summer knelt down to the floor to check on Fletchinder and the two Fletchling, Serena and Braixen both ran over to Selene, who was cradling Sylveon.

"Sylveon!" the honey-blonde cried, taking the Intertwining Pokémon from the little girl. "Sylveon, are you okay?!"

To her relief, she could feel Sylveon breathing, and the Intertwining Pokémon eventually moaned uncomfortably. At that moment, Nurse Joy ran up to the others.

"He's in the medical room!" she shouted.

Selene gasped and covered her mouth. "That's where Celebi is!" she cried.

Serena looked towards the direction of the medical room, but the doorway was blocked by Chesnaught and Trevenant. Both Pokémon were staring daggers at the group, waiting for them to make their next move. Serena narrowed her eyes at them; they were clearly powerful if they were able to withstand attacks that would otherwise be super-effective. Then, she looked at Nurse Joy, who had begun tending Summer's fallen Fletchinder.

"How are Fletchinder and Fletchling?" she asked.

"I'm afraid they won't be of much use now," Nurse Joy replied. "Those Pokémon did quite a number on them."

Serena looked down at Pancham with a look of concern before placing her down on the floor. "Alright, then. Nurse Joy, take care of my Pancham too, please."

"Okay, but what are you gonna do?"

"I'm gonna keep fighting with Braixen and Sylveon." Serena looked at her old starter Pokémon and her Intertwining Pokémon, who both smiled confidently at her. "We're gonna stop that guy before he gets away with Celebi."

"Sounds like the only good option we have left," Summer replied. The Ranger then looked at Nurse Joy. "I'll make sure all the other patients here are evacuated."

Nurse Joy nodded. "Good. But what about all the Pokémon in the medical room? What if he-?"

"He's only after Celebi," Serena interrupted. "But I promise you, Nurse Joy, we'll make sure all the Pokémon there are safe."

"Okay, okay..."

"I wanna help, I wanna help!" Selene exclaimed, tugging at her future mother's vest. "Please, Mommy!"

"Nuh-uh, no way José!" Summer cried, picking up the seven-year-old. "I can think of ten or twenty reasons why that would be a very bad idea, Selene! You're staying with me!"


"Summer's right, Selene," Serena interrupted. "It's too dangerous for you to be around any longer. You have to stay with Summer and Nurse Joy." When Selene looked down at the floor sadly, the Performer smiled slightly and patted her head. "Don't worry. I'll make sure Celebi's safe, first and foremost. And I promise, when this is all done, we'll do anything you want. How does that sound?"

Selene looked up at Serena, surprised by the offer. But it didn't take long for her to consider the offer and smile happily.

"Okay!" she said. "I wanna see you perform after you're done!"

Serena smiled back at her future daughter. "Alright. It's a done deal!" She then looked at Braixen and Sylveon. "Alright, Braixen, Sylveon. Let's do this."

"Braixen brai!" barked the Fox Pokémon, twirling her wand-like stick in the process.

"Sylvie!" Sylveon crooned, her feelers extending slightly.

"Good luck, Mommy..." Selene said as Summer led her away from the hallway.

After taking one last look at the little girl, Serena, Braixen, and Sylveon all looked at Chesnaught and Trevenant, who were waiting for them both. Serena frowned angrily and pointed at the two Grass-type Pokémon.

"Let's make this count for Pancham, guys!" she cried. "Braixen, use Fire Blast! Sylveon, use Swift!"

Braixen and Sylveon fired their attack, but Chesnaught used Spiky Shield again on itself and Trevenant. As a result, the Fire Blast and Swift hit the spike-adorned force-field again, exploding without affecting either Grass-type at all. When the Spiky Shield subsided, Chesnaught fired a barrage of Seed Bombs, all of which landed on the ground in front of Serena and her two Pokémon, blinding them with dark smoke.

"AGH!" Serena cried as she covered her eyes with her arms. On the side, she could hear Braixen and Sylveon groan and cough with annoyance.

When the smoke dissipated, Serena, Braixen, and Sylveon saw Chesnaught standing there, but no Trevenant.

"Huh?" The honey-blonde and her Pokémon looked around frantically. "Where'd that Trevenant go...?"

Her question was answered almost a second later, when Trevenant appeared right behind Sylveon and swiped at her powerfully with one of its claws. The Intertwining Pokémon howled with pain as she was slammed into the wall to her left.

"SYLVEON!" she shouted.

Sylveon whimpered weakly and struggled to get up, but she collapsed back to the floor as soon as she could stand up on her paws. Then, Serena looked up at Trevenant as it towered over her, prepared to attack her as well...


From Serena's side, Braixen fired a powerful Flamethrower at the Elder Tree Pokémon. Surprised by this development, Trevenant didn't have enough time to dodge it, and so it was hit head-on by the stream of fire.

It roared in pain and stumbled away, its body covered in crackling, red-hot flames. Chesnaught gasped for its comrade and tried to do all it could to fan the flames by using its Vine Whip. However, the flames eventually overwhelmed the Elder Tree Pokémon, who had been on the receiving end of one too many Fire-type attacks, and it finally collapsed to the floor, out for the count.

"Yeah, Braixen!" Serena cheered, smiling and raising her fist in support for her starter Pokémon. Braixen looked at her Trainer and returned her smile with one of her own.

Meanwhile, Chesnaught, outraged at the defeat of its partner, fired another barrage of Seed Bombs, which Braixen countered with another Flamethrower. As soon as the Fire-type attack burned away all of the Seed Bombs, Chesnaught instinctively activated its Spiky Shield move again; like before, it protected the Spiny Armor Pokémon without a hitch.

However, once the Spiky Shield dissipated, Serena ordered, "SYLVEON, USE SWIFT!"

The Intertwining Pokémon quickly shrugged off her injuries and fired a barrage of Swift at Chesnaught. It didn't have enough time to reactivate the Spiky Shield, and thus got hit by the golden stars of energy. While the Spiny Armor Pokémon stumbled backward, Serena pointed at it.


The Fox Pokémon fired another kanji-shaped burst of fire at Chesnaught, but it recovered just in time to leap powerfully through the ceiling and avoid the attack. Before Serena had time to think about where Chesnaught could've gone next, the entire hallway ceiling started to collapse.

"AGH!" the Performer screamed in surprise.

Serena, Braixen, and Sylveon all began sprinting towards the entrance, all the while hearing the sounds of collapsing rubble behind them. They passed the now-vacant secretarial desk, through the empty lobby, and went right outside into the streets unharmed. The rain was still pouring, a little harder this time, but there were still some pedestrians outside.

She could also see miniature flashlights in the wet, misty air, for some strange reason...

Just as they stopped to look behind them, someone screamed in shock.

The Spiny Armor Pokémon leaped from the ceiling and towards the trio, Wood Hammers sticking out from both of its wrists. Serena and Braixen managed to avoid Chesnaught, but Sylveon wasn't so lucky.

"OH NO, SYLVEON!" Serena cried as she saw Sylveon crash into a nearby tree. Chesnaught twirled its left Wood Hammer around cockily before retracting it.

Serena and Braixen both ran up to Sylveon as quickly as they could, but were dismayed to see she had been knocked unconscious by Chesnaught's latest attack. Sighing sadly, the honey-blonde teenager knelt down, pulled out a Poké Ball, and recalled the Intertwining Pokémon.

"You did really great, Sylveon," she said comfortingly. "Now have a good rest." She then glared angrily at Chesnaught. "Braixen and I will take care of things from here..."

Serena stood up, wiping her wet skirt in the process, and examined the Spiny Armor Pokémon from head to toe. Despite all of the attacks it had to endure in just a short amount of time, Chesnaught just had a very hard time going down. It had to be one of the toughest Pokémon she had ever faced, despite her having a Pokémon with the type advantage. ...Then again, Parker took his Shiny Sceptile with him; who knows how powerful that Pokémon was...?

Without warning, Chesnaught charged towards them, its right Wood Hammer still ready.

"Braixen, use Flamethrower!" Serena commanded.

Braixen fired the attack, but both the Fox Pokémon and her Trainer were horrified to see the rain diminish its power, allowing Chesnaught to burst through it unscathed. At that moment, Serena realized Chesnaught had that planned all along. Now they were fighting in an environment totally undesirable for Braixen's powers, and Sylveon was no longer there for additional support!

But they weren't out of the running just yet! Not by a long shot!

"Alright, Braixen!" she cried. "Use Hidden Power!"

The Fox Pokémon formed a light-blue sphere of energy in her paws and then fired it at her opponent. Chesnaught was hit squarely in the chest and knocked over to the ground. Serena smiled, relieved to know there was at least one attack Braixen could effectively use in this environment.

"Do it again, Braixen!" she ordered determinedly.

Braixen fired another sphere, which hit Chesnaught as it attempted to stand up. Roaring with rage, the Spiny Armor Pokémon shot out two vines from within its shell. One of them twirled around in the air, keeping Braixen's attention occupied, while the other snaked stealthily on the ground before wrapping itself around the Fox Pokémon's hind paws and yanking hard. Knocked to the ground, Braixen let out a squeal of a bark, horrified at getting its well-groomed fur dirtied up by the muddy ground.

"Braixen, try using Flamethrower to free yourself!" Serena cried.

Braixen did so, and since she was in very close range, the Flamethrower was powerful enough to scorch the vines and force them to retreat back into Chesnaught's shell. But the Spiny Armor Pokémon quickly stood up and fired Seed Bomb again, bombarding the Fox Pokémon before she could have a chance to dodge them.

Serena couldn't believe it as she watched her old starter Pokémon struggle to stand up. She was already down to her last Pokémon, and she had to defeat this extremely sturdy Chesnaught before moving on to Parker and his Sceptile. And who knew how tough that potential next round would be?! She couldn't do this without Sylveon and Pancham! Nor any assistance in general! But how was she gonna get help? Now, she had no way of getting back into the Pokémon Center and calling for Clemont, Bonnie, her mother, Ash...

She watched as Chesnaught stood up and prepared to strike with Wood Hammer...


A massive shuriken of water spun through the air and hit Chesnaught, sending it flying into the wall of the Pokémon Center. Gasping with relief and delight, Serena twirled around her to see Ash and Greninja running up to her; Greninja was in its Ash-Greninja form.

"Serena!" Ash cried as he approached her. "Are you okay?!"

"I'm fine!" replied Serena. "I'm alright, Ash! In fact, I'm better than alright, now that you're here!"

"Awesome!" Then, the Trainer frowned seriously. "I just heard the news from Summer. One of those poachers is here, right?"

"Yeah! I think he took off with Celebi!" Serena glared at Chesnaught, who was unfortunately still able to fight. "And he left behind this Chesnaught as a distraction."

Ash smiled determinedly again. "Alright. Then we'll take him on, together!"

Serena looked at her crush again, astounded at first. Then, she smiled determinedly as well and replied, "Right! We'll do it together!"

Then, both Trainers looked at Chesnaught confidently and shouted loudly at the same time, "GRENINJA/BRAIXEN, USE AERIAL ACE/HIDDEN POWER!"

Braixen fired yet another light-blue sphere of energy, which hit Chesnaught in the shoulder. Then, while it was flinching from the pain, Greninja charged forward and hit the Spiny Armor Pokémon hard with its glowing arms. Roaring with a mixture of fury and pain from its injuries, Chesnaught retaliated with a swing of its Wood Hammer. But Greninja was too quick, thanks to sharing Ash's senses and feelings; instinctively, it jumped on the Wood Hammer and used it to launch itself into the air.

"Greninja, use Cut!" Ash ordered.

"Follow it up with another Hidden Power, Braixen!" added Serena.

As it fell, Greninja formed two blue, kunai-shaped blades in each of its hands. Then, once it got within a good distance from Chesnaught, the Ninja Pokémon struck the opponent one, two, three, four, many times with the blades as it continued to reach the ground. A white trail of aura-like energy was left behind the blades as they moved within split-seconds. Then, as soon as Greninja landed on the ground, it ducked down without looking, allowing Braixen's Hidden Power to hit Chesnaught while it was still reeling from the multiple slashes.

Roaring again, Chesnaught started swinging its Wood Hammer wildly while firing Seed Bombs indiscriminately. Serena and Ash yelled out as they dodged some of the Seed Bombs.

"Use Water Shuriken, Greninja!" commanded Ash.

Greninja flung another Water Shuriken at Chesnaught, but the Spiny Armor Pokémon slammed downward on it with its Wood Hammer, crushing it before it could land a solid hit. Then, Chesnaught let out another Wood Hammer on its unoccupied wrist, and it smashed the two Wood Hammers together, taunting the Trainers and their Pokémon to make the next move.

"What're we gonna do?!" exclaimed Serena. "Chesnaught just won't stop!"

"I've got an idea!" Ash cried. "Keep Chesnaught occupied with everything Braixen's got!"

The honey-blonde looked at her Fox Pokémon. "Y-Y-You heard him, Braixen! Give Chesnaught all you've got!"

Braixen nodded and fired Flamethrowers, Fire Blasts, and Hidden Powers at Chesnaught, all in varying orders, even though their powers were mitigated by the pouring rain. Chesnaught was quick to protect itself with Spiky Shield all the while. In the meantime, Ash directed Greninja via their mental connection to move behind the Spiny Armor Pokémon as it struggled to endure and fend off Braixen's attacks. At first, Serena didn't know what Ash had planned, but then, the gears of her mind quickly clicked into place when she saw Greninja position itself on top of the Pokémon Center roof.

"Alright, stop it, Braixen!" she cried.

Braixen obeyed her Trainer, ceasing her barrage of attacks immediately. Chesnaught was quick to deactivate its Spiky Shield and prepare to put its Wood Hammers to good use.

"USE AERIAL ACE, GRENINJA!" commanded Ash.

Greninja leaped off the roof and fell towards Chesnaught, its arms glowing light-blue again. The Spiny Armor Pokémon raised one of its Wood Hammers and tried to strike Greninja with it, but the Ninja Pokémon once again used it to propel its body closer to Chesnaught. Before Chesnaught could react, Greninja struck it straight in the face with Aerial Ace, then somersaulted back to Ash, Serena, and Braixen.

The quartet watched as the Spiny Armor Pokémon stumbled about, feeling the weight of the injuries inflicted by these combo-attacks. It glared hatefully at Greninja and tried to fire Seed Bombs at it, but it was small in quantity, and Greninja dodged it with embarrassing ease. Then, with one last groan, Chesnaught collapsed through the wall of the Pokémon Center, causing additional rubble to collapse upon it and bury it.

"YEAH!" Ash and Serena both cried in joy and triumph. "WE DID IT!" They then faced each other and, without warning, hugged one another as tightly as they could.

Fortunately for Ash, and unfortunately for Serena, their hug did not last long, for the two teenage Trainers were quick to break apart. Blushes of embarrassment and surprise were present on their cheeks. Greninja and Braixen could only look at their Trainers with utmost approval.

"W-Well..." Ash began, still startled that he and Serena made such a move, "l-let's go after that poacher!"

"Y-Ye-Yes," Serena stuttered, her blush brighter than her crush's. "L-Le-Let's!"

But before they could start moving, the rubble of the Pokémon Center suddenly exploded, showering the immediate area with pebbles and slabs of building material. With a powerful roar, Chesnaught rose up from the pile, its body completely enveloped in a sickly green aura. It gritted its teeth and stared down Greninja and Braixen, who both took up defensive positions.

"Chesnaught?!" Serena exclaimed, shocked to see the Spiny Armor Pokémon still conscious. "But...But how?!"

"Look at the green glow!" cried Ash. "It must be its Overgrow Ability."

Serena's blue eyes widened even more; Overgrow was a Grass-type Ability that always kicked in whenever the Pokémon in question was exhausted or weakened significantly. Now, Chesnaught's attacks would be even more powerful! How was she and Ash going to beat it now?!

Roaring mightily again, Chesnaught charged forward without the slightest hesitation. The ground shook with every stomp it took. At this point, the misty showers were starting to subside.

"Give it your all, Greninja!" Ash cried, his auburn eyes narrowing. "Don't hold back!"

"You too, Braixen!" commanded Serena. "Help Greninja out!"

Greninja and Braixen dashed toward the rapidly approaching Chesnaught. Once the two got within distance of their opponent, Greninja leaped into the air, one of its arms raised and glowing. Chesnaught looked upward at it, but had no time to defend itself when the Ninja Pokémon attacked it with its Aerial Ace. Then, while it was reeling, Braixen hit it with Hidden Power.

"Awesome!" hollered Ash. "Now use Cut, Greninja!"

Greninja slashed upwards with its other arm, striking Chesnaught across the chest. The Grass-type roared, materialized a Wood Hammer, and swung at it. But Greninja somersaulted out of the way, and Chesnaught slipped a little on the muddy ground while missing.

"Use Flamethrower while it's distracted, Braixen!" Serena ordered.

This time, Braixen's Flamethrower wasn't hindered by the rain. Now, it was strong enough to scorch Chesnaught's body for about a few seconds before being put out by the showers.

"Use Cut again!" Ash commanded.

While Chesnaught redirected its attention to Braixen, Greninja leaped up and slashed the Spiny Armor Pokémon's shell a few times, knocking it to the ground.

"Now use Hidden Power!" cried Serena.

The Fox Pokémon was quick to hit her opponent with the attack of her Trainer's choice. The Spiny Armor Pokémon was forcibly rolled over by the shock-wave of the light-blue sphere. But then, it stood back up, still ready to fight. Both of its Wood Hammers were out now, and it swung them at its opponents. Greninja and Braixen were both hit and sent flying; Greninja hit the Pokémon Center, while Braixen tumbled further down the sidewalk. Ash yelled out and nearly collapsed in pain at the impact Greninja suffered, but he regained his composure.



Greninja and Braixen both charged at Chesnaught again, this time from each side. Chesnaught focused on Greninja first and fired Seed Bombs at it, but the Ninja Pokémon outmaneuvered them. Afterwards, Braixen reached Chesnaught first, much to its surprise, and scratched her opponent hard in the face with her right front paw. Then, Greninja caught up and hit the Grass-type Pokémon with Aerial Ace, while it was still reeling from Braixen's Scratch. Not unexpectedly, the Spiny Armor Pokémon roared out defiantly, the green glow of its body still bright.

"AGAIN!" Ash and Serena both called out.

Greninja and Braixen's hits were simultaneous and well-timed; Greninja hit Chesnaught's left side with Aerial Ace, while Braixen scratched its uninjured right side of the face. The Spiny Armor Pokémon fell over, but it sent out its vines without any difficulty. The vines wrapped themselves around its opponents, violently smashed them together like a baby playing with toy cars aimlessly, and threw them away casually like trash.

Ash yelled out again, clutched his chest, and fell to his knees, which Serena was quick to notice.

"ASH!" she cried. "Are-Are you okay?!"

"Ye-Yeah, I-I'm...I'm fine..." Ash replied with gritted teeth. He stood up and looked at Greninja, who was also standing up on its feet. "Greninja! Are you okay?!"

"Are you alright, Braixen?!" asked Serena.

Both Pokémon stood back up with some difficulty, but they gave their Trainers positive and determined looks. Soon after noticing their unwavering willpower, Ash smiled with just as much optimism.

"Good! Now let's keep fighting, you guys!" He looked at Chesnaught as it wiped massive amounts of sweat from its forehead. "Remember, we gotta defeat Chesnaught if we're gonna have any chance of reaching Celebi! We never give up till the end, got it?!"

Serena looked at him, taken aback by his last sentence at first. Then, she smiled with just as much confidence as Ash.

"Right!" she replied. "Never give up till the end! We keep fighting...for Celebi!"

Chesnaught growled with annoyance and charged yet again.



Both attacks were fired at the same time, with perhaps the most power both Pokémon could put into it. The dual combo hit Chesnaught with enough force to send it flying back into the Pokémon Center.

At that point, it finally stopped raining. The streets were now empty, save for Ash, Serena, Greninja, and Braixen. They couldn't hear any sounds beyond the chirping of the Kricketune.

"Did...Did we get it...?" Serena asked hesitantly.

"I don't know," Ash replied, staring into the ruins of the Pokémon Center with suspicion. "Let's go check."

The four rushed inside the totaled building, which now looked like as if a tornado had gone through it. It didn't take long for them to find Chesnaught's prone form, which had smashed through the wall behind the secretarial desk. It was half-buried in rubble, its eyes were closed, and one of its fingers was twitching occasionally. The green glow that signified its temporarily increased power was now absent.

"I think we defeated it, Ash!" exclaimed Serena with excitement.

"Hold on..." Ash whispered quietly.

The room went silent for a couple of seconds. At first, Serena didn't know why Ash wasn't so sure about Chesnaught's defeat. After all, she didn't hear anything coming from the Spiny Armor Pokémon, perhaps except a few pebbles that were sliding off its shifting arm-

Ash commanded loudly, "Quick, Greninja, use Aerial Ace!"

Chesnaught's eyelids flew open, and its vines shot out rapidly from its shell, but Greninja had already acted. It slammed its glowing arm down on Chesnaught's chest, and the Grass-type let out one last roar of pain and exhaustion before finally losing consciousness, the vines collapsing like a pile of bricks in the process.

"Oh, my goodness!" Serena exclaimed with surprise.

Ash wiped his nose and looked at the honey-blonde Performer. "Now we defeated it."

Serena briefly blushed a little at her crush, before looking towards the medical room.

"Now let's go check on Celebi!" she declared.

"Right behind you!"

The quartet rushed inside the room and were surprised to see it seemingly untouched. The Poké Balls were still safely placed on the shelves, and the beds were still occupied by Pokémon that were wild or were simply not contained in Poké Balls.

But as Serena and Ash continued to inspect the room, they realized that two certain beds were empty.

"Oh no, Celebi!" Serena exclaimed with worry. "And Selene's Pichu too!"

Ash then became the first to notice a decent-sized hole in the farthest wall. "The poacher must've gotten away with it," he replied. However, a wide and optimistic smile appeared on his face. "But don't worry, Serena! We've already got someone on it!"

The honey-blonde looked at him with surprise at the revelation. "We do?! Who?"

Near the Star Inn
Downtown Kiloude City

Parker frowned disapprovingly as he disconnected the live feed on his sunglasses lens, which he was receiving from his scouts. His Chesnaught and Trevenant, his two main Pokémon, defeated by two pathetic little kids?! Though they may be the famous Ash Ketchum and Serena Gabena, these Trainers that he was facing were not in their prime yet. Only two reasons could logically explain this devastating loss: it was sheer dumb luck, or he and his team were starting to lose their edge...

"No," he thought bitterly. "It was dumb luck on their part. Dumb luck that defied all statistical odds. Anomalous luck. After all..." He then looked down at Celebi, who was unconscious and back in its steel cage. "I have the target."

Parker promptly pressed a button on his wristwatch, which he knew would signal his scouts to collect the unconscious Chesnaught and Trevenant. He then made a mental note to himself to discipline the two Pokémon for this latest failure.

The poacher then looked around. Now that the rain had stopped, there were now pedestrians mingling about on the sidewalks again, which was still strange because it was nighttime. But then again, who was he to judge the customs of Kiloude City? Besides, their presence gave him a perfect opportunity to slink away into the shadows undetected. He just needed to conceal Celebi's identity like he did the last time; they may not be looking at the steel cage, but he didn't want to leave absolutely anything to chance.


A small bolt of electricity hit the ground in front of Parker, stopping the poacher dead in his tracks. He twirled around and saw the pathetic little girl's Pichu standing there, its cheeks sparkling with electricity.

"Pichu pichu-PI!" it squeaked defiantly. But Parker smirked back at it.

"So, you think you can stop me all by yourself, you puny rodent?" he asked tauntingly, causing Pichu to start sweating nervously. "And why exactly would you take such a foolish risk?"

"Because it's not alone!" a voice suddenly cried.


Parker saw a group of Trainers and Pokémon running up to him and joining Pichu's sides. He immediately recognized the Trainers as the younger versions of Clemont and Bonnie Lem, Calem and Shauna Xavier, Tierno Tendre, and Trevor Trova. Parker couldn't help but wonder if the Universe was working against him right now, engineering these encounters in this specific time period.

"We see that Celebi you've got there!" Calem shouted. "Now let it go!"

"Yeah, let Celebi go, you meanie!" snapped Bonnie as she picked Pichu up from the ground. "Or you'll be very, very sorry!"

"Dedenne!" squeaked Dedenne in agreement. As for Squishy, it garbled angrily.

"Past or present, you accursed people are always the same!" Parker snarled in response, as he pulled out his Great Ball from his pocket. "But I'll be sure to crush all of you easily, especially now that I'm in this time period!" He threw the Great Ball. "Go, Sceptile! Prepare for battle!"

The Shiny Sceptile appeared from the Great Ball, and Bonnie and even Shauna squeaked in shock at the sight of its horribly scarred eye. But the Trainers all composed themselves and summoned their own Pokémon: Clemont's Luxray, Shauna's Ivysaur, Tierno's Blastoise, Trevor's Charmeleon, and Calem's Empoleon. Also joining the five were Ash's other Pokémon (Pikachu, Talonflame, Hawlucha, Goodra, and Noivern), who had earlier been assigned to accompany Clemont in his and the others' quest to rescue Celebi. In the background, the pedestrians began to clear out from the immediate area as they realized that an unsanctioned battle was about to take place.

"Look at that!" Trevor called. "That's ten Pokémon against your Sceptile!"

"Yeah!" Tierno added tauntingly. "You might as well give up, mister!"

However, to their surprise, Parker smiled malevolently. He pressed a button on his sunglasses, and a tiny compartment on one of the side-frames popped open, revealing...

"Is that...?" Clemont asked incredulously, his eyes widening at the sight.

"It is!" Calem cried. "It's that stone I've been hearing about! A..."

"A Key Stone!" exclaimed Shauna with horror.

"Indeed it is, children," Parker replied. "And it is the very Key Stone that will bring about your doom! Sceptile, MEGA EVOLVE!"

Multiple bright beams of energy shot out from both Sceptile and the Key Stone and connected to one another. As the Forest Pokémon roared triumphantly while enlarging and changing shape, Clemont was baffled to realize that there was no Mega Stone present anywhere on its body. How was Parker able to Mega Evolve his Sceptile like that if there wasn't a Mega Stone? It was impossible!

It didn't take long for Sceptile to reach its Mega Evolved form. With a flash of light and a vague double helix-like symbol, it let out a screech of power unlike any other.

"Shall I say it's now ten Pokémon against my Mega Sceptile?" Parker asked tauntingly.

"Well, this isn't good," Tierno said to his friends.

"Not good at all," Trevor replied, his eyes wide with disbelief.

"Wh-What'll we do?" Shauna asked fearfully. "I mean, isn't the only thing that can defeat a Mega Evolved Pokémon another Mega Evolved Pokémon?"

"That's right," replied Clemont as he closely examined Sceptile.

"Well, I suppose no one here has any Key Stones or Mega Stones in their pockets?" Calem remarked sarcastically.

"Sceptile, finish them all with Frenzy Plant!" Parker commanded, pointing at the group of Trainers and Pokémon.

The Forest Pokémon slammed its fists to the ground, causing multiple thorny roots to shoot up from underneath the ground and head towards the group.

"COUNTER IT!" the five Trainers cried all at once.

Pikachu, Talonflame, Hawlucha, Goodra, Noivern, Luxray, Ivysaur, Blastoise, Charmeleon, and Empoleon fired a powerful combination of their best attacks at the roots. It was enough to eradicate them all within seconds, but while they were distracted, Parker nodded approvingly at Sceptile. Seconds later, a glowing green blade appeared from Sceptile's elbow, and the Forest Pokémon charged towards its opponents at top speed. Before anyone knew it, it slashed repeatedly at Talonflame, Hawlucha, Blastoise, Charmeleon, and Empoleon, knocking all of them out within seconds.

"Charmeleon, no!" Trevor cried in horror.

"Blastoise!" yelled Tierno.

"Empoleon, get up!" Calem exclaimed with concern.

Outraged at Hawlucha's quick and easy defeat, Noivern took to the skies, positioned himself, and fired Boomburst. But Sceptile easily managed to dodge it and retaliate with Leaf Storm, which blinded Noivern long enough for it to be finished off with Leaf Blade as well.

Clemont's eyes widened in horror at all of the fallen Pokémon so far. It was only half of a minute and more than half of the Pokémon in their team was already down.

"L-L-Lux-Luxray, use W-Wi-Wild Charge!" he commanded in a terrified stutter.

Luxray charged towards the Forest Pokémon, his body enveloped with powerful bolts of electricity. Once again, Sceptile merely sidestepped the Gleam Eyes Pokémon and flung another Leaf Storm at it. The leaves went directly into Luxray's face and blinded it.

"Use Dragon Claw, Sceptile!" ordered Parker.

Before Luxray could react, it was immediately defeated by Sceptile's newest attack.

"LUXRAY!" screamed Clemont.

"Oh, no!" Bonnie exclaimed worriedly. "They're...They're all going down one by one!"

Then, Pikachu fired a Thunderbolt at it, which Sceptile dodged. However, Goodra anticipated this and fired Dragon Pulse, which hit the Forest Pokémon dead-on. Sceptile cried out in pain and clutched its shoulder before retaliating with dual Leaf Blades. The Forest Pokémon swung wildly at Goodra, who immediately used Bide; its body glowed red as Sceptile continued striking it. After a few seconds, the Dragon Pokémon fired a white beam from its body, which hit Sceptile and sent it tumbling over to the other side of the street.

"Don't back down, Sceptile!" Parker barked loudly and sternly, sounding a whole lot like a drill sergeant. "Keep fighting with everything you've got! Remember, we have a paycheck to get!"


At that moment, Pikachu fired a particularly powerful Thunderbolt, which Goodra and Ivysaur quickly followed up on with Dragon Pulse and Energy Ball, respectively. All three attacks barreled towards the Forest Pokémon, but it managed to dodge the former two attacks. As for the Energy Ball, the Grass-type attack hit its chest but failed to inflict any significant damage to it.

"How miserable of you," Parker remarked mockingly. Then, he made a slashing movement with his arm. "Finish this show now, Sceptile! As fun as this is, we can't afford to remain here!"

Sceptile loyally nodded in response and charged towards the three remaining Pokémon, a Leaf Blade on its left elbow and a Dragon Claw on its right hand.

"Stop it with Energy Ball, Ivysaur!" Shauna cried, the panic evident in her voice.

Ivysaur fired a barrage of Energy Balls at Sceptile, but the Forest Pokémon either managed to dodge them or slice them in half with its Leaf Blade. It was then about to reach the trio when...


Greninja's Water Shuriken struck Sceptile unexpectedly, and the Forest Pokémon was knocked to the ground. Everyone looked down the direction from which the attack came, and all but Parker gasped and smiled happily. As for the poacher himself, he gritted his teeth in anger.

"YOU!" he snarled.

"Yes, me," Ash replied as he, Serena, Greninja, and Braixen walked into the fray with confidence. "You're not gonna get away with Celebi! Not if we have anything to say about it!"

The Blue Suns Deluxe Hotel

Everyone in the Pokémon Center had been evacuated to the lobby of the Blue Suns Deluxe Hotel. There, Selene, Grace, Layla, Moose, Summer, Nurse Joy, and a number of others were watching a live report on the TV screen in the lobby. This report was covering the battle with Parker, and the reporter had just observed Ash and Serena's arrival.

As she stood by Grace, whose hand was on her shoulder, Selene placed a hand over her heart.

"Get him, Mommy and Daddy," she whispered to herself. "I know you guys can do it."

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