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A Real Life Hero Debut

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"Alright, then!" Ochako began walking away, followed by Yui. "I'll see you at school, Midoriya! Bye!"

The chestnut-haired girl didn't see her new friend's reaction, but she did vaguely hear him stutter something in response. But she disregarded it and continued walking. Improving his stuttering habits would have to wait for another day.

"That was fun," Yui commented flatly.

"Well, not for you, clearly," Ochako replied, her voice tinged with slight disappointment. "You didn't talk a lot again, Yui-chan. Midoriya kept forgetting you even existed! You know, you need to open up to other people more if you don't wanna scare anyone."

"But I felt it wasn't in my place to interrupt Midoriya in any way."

"Oh, that's nice of you, Yui-chan, but, uh, I don't think you're gonna interrupt anything-"

"Midoriya likes you, Ochako," Yui interrupted suddenly, her voice still monotone and her face still expressionless. It was like there was nothing surprising at all about this revelation.

Ochako chuckled heartily and lightly shoved Yui's shoulder. "Oh, what're you talking about, Yui?!" She lowered her voice a little. "Midoriya, having a crush on me? That's a little sudden and out-of-left-field, don't you think?"

"I've seen the way he looks at you." Yui stared on ahead at the sidewalk. "He always has a little red tinge in his cheeks whenever you're in his presence. Without a doubt, he likes you."

"Without a doubt, he likes you," Ochako repeated jokingly, her voice lowered to a painfully exaggerated tone of flatness. Then, she said in her normal voice, "Ah, come on, Yui-chan. Midoriya's a shy guy, and he's never talked to a girl for more than a couple of seconds in his life. I don't think a red tinge on his cheeks automatically means anything."

"He is also willing to attach himself to your hip. Wherever you go, he goes."

At that moment, the two girls overheard a loud, rambunctious, ceremonious cheer, but ignored it. They rounded a corner and were met with the sight of Katsuki and his cronies, but paid no heed to them.

"Because I'm the first person who's extended an invitation of friendliness to him, and also because he is not yet used to the others! But once he settles in, he will start sticking close with the others as well." Ochako looked at Yui inquisitively. "You shouldn't be so quick to make conclusions about people based on just a few clues."

"I'm just saying. There's something in the look on his face when he looks at you..." Some sort of light lit up in Yui's eyes. "It's more than the admiration and adoration you usually receive at school..."

"Oh, so you're an official mind-reader, huh?" Then, all of a sudden, Ochako's eyes lit up with understanding, and a crafty smile crept up in her face. "Ahhhhh, I see what's happening here..."

"What?" Yui asked stoically.

Ochako smirked as she poked her cousin's shoulder gently. "You have a crush on Midoriyaaaaa..."

"I do not."

"Admit it, you do." The round-faced girl giggled teasingly. "There's no other reason why you're persistently suggesting he likes me! Ahhhhh, and it's probably why you didn't wanna talk in the first place! You're afraid of embarrassing yourself in front of him!"

Yui's skin was still fair and unchanged, and her expression was still emotionless.

"That's not the case, Ochako."

"Then what is the case, Yui?" When all she got was dead silence, Ochako pouted and poked Yui's shoulder again. "Come on, Yui, tell me! You know there's a reason why you don't talk a lot!" After a few moments, the girl scowled at the lack of response. "Yui, come on! Look, I'm your cousin. You can tell me anything!"

"Yeah, Yui," a new voice growled jeeringly. "Tell her. Tell your cousin."

Ochako and Yui both froze and turned around. Standing just a few feet away from them was a trio of shady men. One of them was large and muscular, and he had short, spiky ash-blond hair. Another had uncannily effeminate qualities and a pair of triangular sunglasses on. The third was shorter and had a lizard tattoo on his exposed shoulder.

"Ah, come ooooon, babe!" the lizard tattoo man exclaimed. "I wanna hear your lil' love story! After all, when it comes to men..." He leaned coolly against a nearby lamppost, though this made him even more menacing than anything else. "I'm your go-to expert. If you wanna know all about us guys, I can show you all the lovin' and capabilities we have to offer!"

Ochako started to sweat, and even Yui looked alarmed. The two girls started slowly walking backwards, while the three men followed them just as slowly, like hungry predators cornering their prey. The corners of their eyes found no signs of other people nearby.

They were all alone and without help.

"Uhhhhh..." Ochako replied, "I-I think I'll pass-"

"You'll pass?" snapped the muscular man. "Bullshit! Babe, I promise you, we'll teach ya and ya cousin the greatest things about men! We'll show ya the time of your lives-"

"We don't your help," Yui interrupted. For once, her voice had a lot of force in it, and there was an expression of concern on her face. "We'll be just fine. Now please leave-"

"Ah, please leave, she says. Heh heh heh." The muscular man cracked his knuckles. "Too bad, Yui. See, one of the things about men is that we are committed. When we're committed to something, we never give up. And right now, me and my pals are committed to teaching ya two all about men. We ain't giving up until we say we give up. Soooo..." He quickened his pace a little, causing Ochako and Yui's blood to run cold. "Just stay still and have a go at one of our lectures-"

"We told you to leave!" Ochako shouted defiantly, though her voice was shaky.

The muscular man stepped forward. "Well, too bad."

At that moment, Ochako and Yui tried to run, but the men were quicker. The effeminate man grabbed Ochako, while the lizard tattoo man seized Yui. Both girls struggled against their captors' grips, but their efforts were futile. Ochako tried to scream, but the effeminate man clasped a hand over her mouth, muffling her voice.

"Shhhhh..." he said, his voice chilling and eerie. "Don't worry. My friends'll show you and your dear cousin a fun time..."

"Hey, asshole," a familiar voice snarled savagely.

The five stared further down the sidewalk. Standing only a yard away were Katsuki, Eijiro, Denki, and Setsuna. Katsuki was wearing an absolutely irritated expression, like he did not want to intervene, but had no other choice in the matter. Eijiro and Denki looked rather defensive; the teenagers appeared to be ready for a fight, but their pupils were trembling immensely. As for Setsuna, she was cowering behind Katsuki.

"They told you to leave," Katsuki snarled.

"Oh?" the muscular man replied with a malevolent sneer. "And who the hell are you?"

"Just someone you don't wanna mess with. Especially since I chose to waste precious minutes sticking up for these little cowards rather than get to an important ballgame. And I'm in no mood to miss out on it. So you punks better back off if ya know what's good for ya, otherwise you'll all get a beating so bad you'll be reduced to miserable little pulp!"

"Bakugo?" Ochako thought with surprise.

Then, as if he sensed her thoughts, Katsuki shot her a seething glare. "Don't give me that hopeful look, Round Face," he snarled. "I'm not doing this for you." He trained his eyes on the muscular man. "If I miss the game because of your fuck-up, then you're on my hit-list for next week!"

"HA!" The muscular man shoved his compatriots aside as he marched up to Katsuki. "You think you can match up to the likes of me, squirt?!"

Katsuki scowled nastily at him. "Yeah, I think I can. Why? You don't think you can match up to the likes of me?"

The man scowled back. "You've got an attitude, you know that?"

"And what if I do? You know, you sure enjoy picking on people who can't fight back."

"HA! Says the person who claims to have a hit-list!" The man proceeded to scan Katsuki's body from head to toe, taking in every last physical detail. "Even so, you clearly don't stand a chance against me!" He proudly flexed his arms. "You're the one who'll be reduced to miserable little pulp! I'm gonna send you runnin' to your mommy in no time!"

"YEAH?!" Katsuki suddenly roared, his eyes wide and fierce. "I'D LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY, PEA-BRAIN! YOU WANNA GO?! I MOST CERTAINLY CAN GO!"

"Uhhhhh, Bakugo?" Eijiro asked, his voice low and shaky. His eyes stared warily at all three crooks, who were all clearly anticipating a fight. Unfortunately, his friend ignored him.

The muscular man narrowed his sharp eyes at Katsuki. At first, he looked absolutely infuriated by his reply and ready to retaliate violently. But Katsuki did not look deterred at all. In fact, he looked even more fearsome than ever. Confidence was literally radiating from his prone form. Then, after a long and tense silence, the man burst out into laughter.


"What the hell is so funny, dumbass?" Katsuki snarled.

"Ahhhhh, now you are just priceless, man!" the muscular crook cried excitedly. "You are so not qualified to go up against me; I can see it in your body as clear as day! You're not ready to face off against a guy like me! But you are so wrapped up in your overconfidence that you just don't give a flying fuck and will jump into a fight uninitiated! It's like your mind and body are total opposites of each other! It's just so goddamn hilarious, seeing someone's head so far up his goddamn ass! AHAHAHAHAHA!"

"OH, YEAH?!" Katsuki gritted his teeth and raised a clenched fist, directing his knuckles towards the man's chest. "LET'S SEE WHO'LL BE LAUGHING AFTER THIS SHIT IS OVER WITH!"

His fist flew towards its target, but the muscular man, smirking, caught it effortlessly with one hand. Katsuki gasped and looked at the man's larger and bulkier arm as it held on to his fist tight. It wasn't shaking at all, and the way his foe was holding his fist so casually made it seem like he wasn't even exerting his full strength.

Gritting his teeth even more, Katsuki tried to put more strength and overcome this obstacle, but the muscular man didn't even break a sweat. The other teens stared on with terrified bewilderment, even Ochako and Yui.

"How cute," the crook said.

"B-Ba-Ba-Bakugo...?" stuttered Setsuna.

The muscular man flippantly tossed Katsuki's fist away. The blond boy tried to land another punch with his other fist, but his opponent also latched his other hand onto it and lazily tossed it aside like it was a piece of trash. Unwilling to accept defeat like this, Katsuki tried to throw yet another punch with his first fist, but his knuckles merely met the stone-hard, unflinching wall that was the muscular man's palm.

"For a dog with a lot of bark," the man said jubilantly, "you sure don't have much bite." He tossed the fist away and used his other hand to grab Katsuki's head, causing the boy to freeze. "But since you still had the balls to try and land a hit, I think it's only fair that I return the favor. After all..."

With that, the muscular man slammed Katsuki's head into the lamppost.

"Contrary to your belief, I appreciate people who try their damnedest to put up a good fight!"

"BAKUGO!" Eijiro, Denki, and Setsuna screamed with horror, while Ochako and Yui closed their eyes and tried their best to look away.

"UGH!" Katsuki cried as he collapsed to the sidewalk. His face was utterly shattered: blood poured out of his mouth and broken nose, and his left eye and cheek were darkened and puffy from the impact.

"Now then," the muscular man said, "got anything else to say?"

Using all of the strength he could exert, Katsuki stood back up. His form was now hunched, and he stumbled in his step.

"You..." he gurgled. "You bast- OOF!"

The man didn't allow Katsuki to finish. He punched the boy hard in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him. Then, he kicked him in the right leg, sending the baseball player toppling back down to the ground. Now that Katsuki was downed, the muscular man kicked him in the stomach with all of his strength, and more blood flew from the boy's mouth.

"Great job, man," the lizard tattoo man remarked while smirking. "You sure showed that entitled asshole."

All traces of terror instantly disappeared from Eijiro's face, and he leaped towards the muscular man.

"YOU BASTARD!" he shouted furiously. "YOU'RE GONNA PAY FOR WHAT YOU- OOF!"

The man punched Eijiro in the face so hard that he could've sworn he felt some of his front teeth get snapped in half. The redhead crashed into a trashcan and both fell over, with the trashcan spewing its contents out onto the ground.

"KIRISHIMA!" Denki cried. Then, he stared fearfully at the muscular man, though he still put on a fighting stance. "You... Y-You bastard... Y-Y-You're g-gonna p-pay f-for-"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," the man replied, his sneer wide and his eyes wild with euphoric glee. "I get the drill."

He raised his fist, and Denki regretted his actions immediately.

"Oh, shit!" he shouted as he ducked from the man's swing. But then, his opponent grabbed onto Denki's hair and, while holding on tight, yanked his head upward so they could face each other. "AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!"

Out of desperation, Denki began punching the man's chest wildly, but he wasn't deterred, whereas the blond boy's fists already started to hurt, with the bones feeling like they were about to be dislocated at any moment. The muscular man scoffed and pretended to yawn.

"Man, how boring..." he said.

"AAAAAGH!" another voice hollered.

Eijiro struck the muscular man in the back with the trashcan, using all of the strength he could muster. But this failed to knock him over; in fact, he didn't even budge an inch. The muscular man calmly looked over his shoulder at the redhead while Denki continued to struggle in his grip.

"Was that supposed to hurt?" he asked. His voice was calm and flat, but his eyes were so wide and vicious that it curdled Eijiro's blood.

"Holy shit..." he growled under his breath. He tried to swing the trashcan again, but his opponent violently tossed Denki into him, tearing out some of the other boy's hair in the process. Then, the muscular man started stomping on both boys with power and brutality that couldn't be matched.

Meanwhile, Ochako and Yui watched the one-sided fight unfold with horror. The sounds of Eijiro and Denki grunting and screaming with pain were unbearable for them to hear. Tears were starting to well up in the corners of Ochako's eyes.

"No..." she thought. "No way... The last people I'd expect to see today are trying to save me and Yui-chan...but that big guy is beating them to the ground! He's...He's gonna kill them!"

"Yeah, man!" the lizard tattoo man cried. "Beat 'em up good! Show them who's boss! WHOO!"

"Just be careful not to leave too big of a mess," added the effeminate man.

Finally, once Eijiro and Denki were completely bruised, bloodied, and battered, the muscular man halted his assault and cracked his neck with a sigh of relief.

"Now that was refreshing..." he said, almost to himself than anyone else. "I enjoyed that pummeling, kids. Thanks for all the fun."

Then, a small whimper caught his attention. Looking towards the foot of the fallen trashcan, Setsuna stood there, totally petrified, fear etched in her dark-green eyes. She was holding a small, rusty iron pipe, which creaked a little with every vibration originating from her trembling body. The muscular man instinctively scanned her body for a couple of seconds, and then he grinned hungrily.

"Now don't be afraid! Me and my pals will show you how much better we are than these weaklings!"

That set Setsuna off. With a small cry, she closed her eyes and swung the iron pipe. But the smiling man deftly caught it and yanked it out of her hands without much effort. She let out a tiny, almost inaudible squeak of a gasp as she realized her defeat.

"Trust me, babe," the man said, "we're gonna have lots and lots of fun..."

"Fuck...you..." a voice grumbled groggily.

Everyone's eyes turned towards Katsuki, who was using the lamppost to help him stand back up on his feet. Once he was steady, the baseball player glared hatefully at his opponent. His face was streaked with his own semi-dried blood, and he could barely see through his puffy eye. Nevertheless, his posture carried an air of latent wrath, stubbornness, and above all else, determination.

Ochako stared at Katsuki with a mixture of terror, concern, confusion, and a little admiration.

"I'm..." Katsuki winced. "I'm...so gonna..." He winced again. "Beat you...to a...goddamn...pulp!"

"Wow," the muscular man said, a smile slowly creeping onto his face. "I'm impressed, man. I gotta say...I'm impressed!" He threw the pipe away and held out his arms in a warm, welcoming gesture. "You may not have laid a single scratch on me, but in spite of everythin', you still wanna come at me with everyone you've got! I've been in many fights before, kid, but boy, you sure are somethin' else! And I gotta tell ya, man...I LIKE IT!"

At the corner of his good eye, Katsuki saw Setsuna make a run for it. But before the muscular man could notice this, he lurched himself forward with a pained roar and aimed a quivering, weakly clenched fist. The man chuckled and stepped aside, avoiding the attempted punch, which seemed to have more power in it. Then, he took Katsuki by the scruff of the neck, turned his head, and punched him in the right side of the face. The boy fell to the ground beside Eijiro and Denki, like a collapsing pile of bricks.

"Bakugo!" both boys cried. They tried to stand, but the injuries they suffered were too much for them.

"Come on, man!" shouted the lizard tattoo man. "Let's finish this already! I wanna get laid before anyone finds out what the hell is happening!"

Katsuki let out a brief yell that bordered rage and agony. Then, he stood back up with difficulty and raised his fists, only to receive a blow to the gut. The boy leaned against the wall, clutching his stomach and coughing out blood. But then, he withstood the pain of the attack and stumbled forward in an effort to land a hit of his own.

Instead, the muscular man punched him in the face again, and Katsuki was knocked into the same wall. Katsuki fought off the urge to collapse, but before he could retaliate, his opponent punched him twice in the chest.

"NO!" Ochako screamed, prying her mouth away from the effeminate man's hand. "STOP! STOP IT, PLEASE!"

"Why not?!" The muscular man glared at her, and the look on his face bordered gleeful insanity. "This!"

He punched the helpless Katsuki straight in the gut again. A small but terrible mixture of spit and blood jettisoned out of the boy's mouth.


He kicked Katsuki's right shin hard everyone heard a sickening snap. Katsuki's eyes widened, and his pupils dilated, as the horrific pain shot up his nerves, and it took all he had to suppress a scream of agony.


He prepared to punch his victim in the face again, and even Katsuki seemed to await the inevitable. But it never came.

A blur of purple and black, distinguishable with its rabbit-like ears, pounced on the muscular man's back. Before he knew what had happened, the newcomer started slamming his fist down on his face.

"YOU LEAVE THEM ALONE!" he shouted with all of his might.

Upon hearing their savior's voice, Ochako, Yui, Eijiro, and Denki all gasped, and their thoughts were one in that moment.


Izuku didn't know why he was putting on his Yamikumo cosplay.

It was a split-second decision made by logic that ultimately escaped him. But there was nothing he could do about it. A barrier seemed to have sprung up the moment he whipped the costume out of his backpack, barring any other thoughts, more rational thoughts, from guiding his next course of action, from seeking a better solution to the dilemma he had to face. His weak, stupid, useless body moved on its own, driven not by his brain, but by his heart.

His heart, which was hammering so violently against his sternum it seemed like it would burst out like something out of a horror movie.

As he moved, he could hear the three crooks confronting Ochako and Yui.

"Oh, no!" he thought in a frenzied state of mind. "No, no, NO! I gotta move, I gotta move, I gotta move! I can't let those people hurt Uraraka and Kodai!"

Finally, he managed to put on his suit. The purple-and-black material gleamed magnificently in the setting Sun. Then, as Izuku was about to put on his mask, he heard another voice join the fray.


Relief took over Izuku's form. "Oh, thank goodness! Bakugo's there! He may not be the most likable person but he's got standards of his own! He wouldn't let Uraraka and Kodai get hurt! He'll take care of those criminals in no time!"


The muscular man's powerful, confident laughter echoed through the otherwise empty and lifeless street, shaking Izuku to his core. His relief started to slowly ebb away...

"Can he...?"

"OH, YEAH?!" Izuku was startled by Katsuki's bestial roars. "LET'S SEE WHO'LL BE LAUGHING AFTER THIS SHIT IS OVER WITH!"

He then heard Katsuki trying to land a hit on the man...but judging by the sounds, it seemed like he was failing each and every time. Izuku started to sweat with disbelief.

Then, he heard something being smashed into something metallic.

"BAKUGO!" Eijiro, Denki, and Setsuna's voices screamed.

"Kirishima, Kaminari, and Tokage are here too?!" Izuku thought. "Okay, so they'll be able to back Bakugo up! Th-There's no reason for me to intervene-"


Izuku flinched at the sounds of Eijiro being attacked and thrown into a trashcan.

"KIRISHIMA!" Denki cried shrilly.

Izuku didn't hear what happened next, but eventually, Denki's bloodcurdling scream pierced the air. Then, the boy heard something metallic smashing into something else, followed by a flurry of grunts, cries, and roars. Judging by the gleeful tone of the muscular man's noises, the battle was quickly turning to his favor...

"I can't believe it... Bakugo, Kirishima, and Kaminari are getting beat up?! I...I gotta do something..."

But his body couldn't move. In that moment, he felt an invisible force rooting his feet to the ground, paralyzing him.

"W-Wait. Those guys will fight back if I confront them! They'll have no problem with beating up a scrawny little kid like me, especially after what they did to Bakugo! And especially because I'm wearing this stupid outfit! It'll just be a pastime to them! There's no way I can stand a chance in a fight like that! I...I can't just stop them all by myself!"

"Yeah, man!" the lizard tattoo man cried from a distance. "Beat 'em up good! Show them who's boss! WHOO!"

"I...I just can't stop them by myself... I can't expect myself to control this situation..."

Then, Izuku could clearly hear Katsuki's voice. "I'm... I'm...so gonna...beat you...to a...goddamn...pulp!"

"Bakugo can't do that! He's clearly hurt! He's gotta stop! B-But...wh-what am I supposed to do?! I...I don't know how to fight! I'm gonna get beat up! Or worse! I can't make my mom worry about me! And I can't let Shimura-san down!"

Sounds of more punches of raw power and brutality filled the air, punctuated by Katsuki's grunts. Every last sound made Izuku's blood run as cold as the Arctic, but he still refused to move.

"I can't help them-"


"Calling for help won't do ya any good. As you can see, no one gives a damn."

All of a sudden, Izuku was back in the street near the alley. He could see that girl, shrouded in darkness, being menaced by the same three men. The crooks looked like they were having the time of their lives, harassing and touching her, and the girl appeared ready to die at any moment.

As for Izuku, he could feel hands holding every last inch of his body with vice-like grips, refusing to let him move.

Then, the quartet turned their heads at him in a singular motion. The girl had an accusatory look on her faces, as tears streaked down her cheeks. The crooks were grinning manically, their teeth bared like vicious fangs.

"Why didn't you help me?" the girl asked. "You were there..."

"Hey, thanks for the help back there!" the men chorused. "We owe you!"


Izuku was quickly brought back to reality by Ochako's voice.


Before he knew it, he had his mask on, and he was running. Once again, it was a split-second decision made out of the instinct that came from his heart. But this time, he didn't question it. He never questioned it. He would never question it.

"I WON'T BE A WITNESS ANYMORE!" his heart roared.

As Izuku approached at unrealized speeds, his mind zeroed in on the voices and the sounds of the fight, without regard for anything else. Tunnel vision was quickly kicking in. It felt like he was running forever.

"Why not?! This!"

A brutal punch, and some liquid being spilled.


A sickening snap, and Katsuki's restrained grunt of agony.


Powered by newfound energy and adrenaline, Izuku leaped as high in the air as his body could let him...

And pounced on the muscular man's back. He wrapped his legs around the man's sides, while his left arm wrapped itself around his neck, securing Izuku tightly.

"YOU LEAVE THEM ALONE!" he shouted with all of his might, as he proceeded to slam his fist down on the crook's face with a wild, frenzied frequency.

"AGH!" roared the man, as he stepped away from Katsuki and started clawing at Izuku. "AAARGH! OOF! WHO THE- AGH! WHO THE FUCK! RAGH! IS THIS?! AAAAARGH! ARGH!"

"Holy crap!" the lizard tattoo man exclaimed with concern. He threw Yui away and ran up to his accomplice. "Don't worry, I'll get this bastard off- AGH!"

Izuku swung one of his legs wildly and managed to kick the lizard tattoo man in the shoulder. All the while, he refused to cease his attacks. As his compatriot stumbled backward, the effeminate man released Ochako and marched up to Izuku.

"You hold still now, sweetie," he said with a voice that sounded more sinister than soothing. "I'll take good care of- OW!"

Izuku stopped hitting the muscular man and used his right arm to punch the effeminate man. His triangular glasses flew off his face and hit the lamppost, one of its lens shattering.

Unfortunately, this gave the muscular man the opportunity to grab Izuku's neck. He squeezed tightly, causing the green-haired boy to gasp desperately for oxygen. His grip on the muscular man slackened immediately, allowing him to tear the wiry boy off of him and violently slam him into the sidewalk.

"AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!" Izuku roared with pain from the impact. He could've sworn something in his spine cracked.

The muscular man sneered down at Izuku as he took in his costume.

"Who the fuck are you supposed to be?" he asked tauntingly. "A bunny man?"

"Goddamn," snarled the lizard tattoo man. "Lemme have a go at 'im! Fucker could've dislocated my arm!"

Before the muscular man could respond, he saw Katsuki pick up the pipe Setsuna abandoned and try to make a swing at him with all of his strength. Reacting quickly, he released Izuku and grabbed the pipe in time. Growling, Katsuki tried to press the pipe down on his opponent, but the man yanked the makeshift weapon out of his hands and struck him in the arm with it. Another snap sounded off.

"AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!" Katsuki finally screamed.

Then, the man struck him in the gut with the pipe. More blood flew out of Katsuki's mouth.


The baseball player collapsed to the ground again, and this time, he couldn't do more than writhe softly with pain.

"Fucking hell, ma-" began the muscular man, before he was interrupted by a textbook thrown at his direction. He caught it in time, and glared at its source: Ochako, who was holding her open backpack.

"LEAVE US ALONE!" she screeched.


The muscular man advanced towards Ochako. Eyes widening in terror, she tried to run, but he wrapped his arms around her torso and lifted her in the air with a tight, snakelike squeeze. All the while, he was snickering madly.

"You smell good..." he remarked as he took a sniff of her chestnut hair.

"HELP!" Ochako called. "SOMEONE, HELP!"


As soon as he heard those words, Izuku felt the unknown, foreign energy returning to him, while the memory of the girl in the alley flashed across his mind like a malfunctioning projector. Gritting his teeth, he stood back up, ignoring the pain and soreness in his back, and picked up the textbook Ochako threw.

Eyeing his first target, Izuku focused on the effeminate man, who was still checking on his broken sunglasses. With all of the force he could muster, he threw the book at the man's head, stunning him. As the lizard tattoo man was still reacting to this move, Izuku ran up to him with a clenched fist and punched him squarely in the nose, sending him stumbling past the muscular man and smashing into the lamppost.

The muscular man turned his head. "What the-?"

Izuku then kicked him in the back of the leg, drawing an irritated yell from him and prompting him to release Ochako. He then tried to punch the man in the face with his left arm, but like with Katsuki, his opponent deftly caught his fist.

"You've got spunk, otaku," the man spat. "I'll give you that. But..."

Walking up from behind, the lizard tattoo man, his nose left misshapen and bloody from the last attack, wrapped an arm around Izuku's neck and squeezed as tightly as he could. This allowed his brawny accomplice to use his unoccupied arm, delivering a powerful swing to Izuku's elbow.

An appalling pop echoed, and Izuku's green eyes bulged out. His arm was bending at an unnatural angle, and pain unlike anything he had ever felt before was filling his mind like a seeping fog.


"I don't appreciate any sneaky shit like that!"


It wasn't just Ochako who shouted his name, but also Yui, Eijiro, and Denki. The muscular man grinned at their cries.

"Ah, so you guys know this otaku, huh?"

He grabbed Izuku's mask, and the boy couldn't stop him as he tore the left side of it off his face. Everyone could see his green eye, shimmering as tears poured down from it. The man started laughing as his effeminate accomplice approached his side, clutching his right temple.

"Wow, look at you!" the muscular man cried jubilantly. "You've got a baby-face! A fucking baby-face! And you wanted to be a hero?!"

"And he's even crying like a baby!" added the lizard tattoo man. "Now that's just a whole new level of pathetic!"

Suddenly, this man felt something clasp around his ankle, and he looked down to see Katsuki holding onto it tightly. With a smirk, he tore his leg away from the baseball player's grasp and stomped on his back. But this infinitesimal distraction gave Izuku the opportunity to stomp on the man's right foot.


The lizard tattoo man stumbled away from Izuku, who reacted by punching him in the nose again with his good arm. The man slammed headfirst into the wall and fell to the ground, knocked out.

The effeminate man sprung forward, grabbing Izuku by the neck. "You're going to pay for doing that to Iguchi, hon-" he began.

Taking advantage of his opponent's disorientation from the earlier attack, Izuku ripped the hand off him with astounding strength. Then, he bit down on his index and middle fingers as hard as he could. He refused to let go and even jerked his head around to amplify the injuries.


The brawny man punched Izuku on the right side of his face, tearing him away from his ally. And as the effeminate man cowered and attended to his fingers, Ochako and Yui ambushed him and pinned him to the sidewalk.

Meanwhile, the other ruffian began beating Izuku with a series of terrifyingly powerful punches. With every punch, Izuku stumbled further down the sidewalk, with his opponent calmly following him.

"THIS IS FUCKING NUTS!" he roared. "SO MANY SELF-RIGHTEOUS KIDS TO BEAT UP, SO LITTLE TIME! AND I LOVE IT! HAHAHA!" He increased the frequency of his punches, and Izuku resorted to raising his arms, even his broken one, in an effort to defend himself. "COME ON, BUNNY BOY! FIGHT BACK! GIMME YOUR BEST SHOT! I WANNA SEE THAT LIL' BEAST SOME MORE! LEMME SEE THAT BEAST!"

"I don't know how much longer I can last..." Izuku thought, as he felt his arms suffer greatly from the storm of blows. "I thought... I actually thought I could do it... But this Villain... He's... He's giving it his all...and I can't match him... I can't possibly hope...to beat him... Am I...Am I going to lose...?"

"What makes you think I'm gonna give you another chance? We both know what's gonna happen, Midoriya. You're like a walking script that anyone can memorize. You try to do something, but you just can't do it right."

The muscular man continued punching and punching with no end in sight. The entirety of both of his arms felt like they were shattered into gravel. He could barely keep them raised for any longer.

"Of course I'm going to lose. I can never do anything right."

"I can't have you run around town in some flashy costume, beating up criminals and endangering your life, all because you think manga is the only thing that'll make life better for you! Because it isn't!"

The man finally broke through Izuku's defenses and began punching him in the face.

"My dreams aren't even in the right order."

"If you're having trouble with anything...please tell me. I'm your mother, Izuku. I'll stop at nothing to help you. But only if you're honest with me."

The man punched him in the sides, crippling him.

"I couldn't even by honest to my own mom."

"Are you really not worried about anything at all, sweetie?"

Izuku was slammed to the ground again, allowing the muscular man to beat him without resistance.

"I'm sorry, Mom..."

"Jesus Christ, I can't believe you're taking this so seriously! What if you really got hurt?! D'you have any idea how I'd...?"

Izuku felt his grip on the world loosening. Darkness was slowly creeping in from the corners of his eyes, threatening to consume his sight.

"I'm sorry, Shimura-san... I'm so sorry..."

Everything turned black...




A soft splash of liquid brought Izuku back to reality. He could faintly hear the muscular man sputtering with surprise.

"Ack! What the hell?! Juice?!"

Izuku sensed movement nearby. He tilted his head slowly and saw the outline of someone standing in the middle of the empty street, holding an empty bottle. At first he thought it was Katsuki, ready for another fight, but his eyesight started to readjust, he took in the person's feminine form. So he thought it was Ochako.

But then, once his sight was fully restored, Izuku was surprised by his savior.

"A...Ashido...?" he thought with incredulity.

To his absolute surprise, the normally confident and extroverted ganguro was completely taken by fear. Every last inch of her body was shaking so badly Izuku was surprised she hadn't wet herself. Even her hazel pupils were quivering terribly. She seemed to be wondering why she even bothered to intervene in the first place.

"S-S-S-St-St-Stop it..." Mina stuttered severely, as she dropped the carton of milk to the ground. "L-L-L-Le-Le-Lea-Leave him a-a-al-al-al-lo-lo-lone..."

"And who the hell are you?" the muscular man snarled with irritation, causing her to freeze with disbelief. "Ah, whatever. I'm gettin' tired of this shit. Time to end it all now."

He got up and walked away from Izuku, towards Mina, his steps punctuating by booming stomps. Izuku mentally yelled at her to run, but she remained transfixed to the spot, all of her willpower completely drained.

"I gotta stop this..." Izuku thought feebly. "I gotta... I can't...let him...hurt her..."

Using what remained of his strength, the green-haired boy stood back up, catching the criminal's attention.

"Oh?" The man smirked. "So you haven't had enough yet? Ah, don't you worry, kid. I'll get back to you soon enough. Let me just take care of her first. After all..." He glared at Mina, whose skin paled. "I still haven't gotten laid yet."

Upon hearing that lewd remark, Izuku charged with an infuriated roar, his arms raised like shields again. The pain was so overwhelming that it clouded his vision, but he refused to stop. He got close enough to the muscular man and delivered a punch to his side, but it only wound up hurting his arm.

"AHAHAHAHA!" the man cackled with amusement. "Is that the best ya got, bunny boy?! And I thought you were actually gonna get your edge this time 'round!" Then, he shrugged. "Ah, well..."

He then punched Izuku in the face, knocking him back to the ground. The green-haired boy tried to hold back his tears, but at that point, it became impossible. He could feel nothing but pain, his eyesight was hazy, his face felt so puffy, every bone in his body felt cracked and shattered...

"Midoriya!" he heard Mina squeak.

"Come on now, babe!" the man exclaimed gleefully. Izuku looked up and saw him wrapping his arms around Mina before she could have a chance to flee. "Let's have some fun together!"

"NO!" Mina shrieked, and she began to cry. "NO! PLEASE! PLEASE, DON'T DO THIS! I DON'T WANNA! NOT-"

"Too bad, bitch! You were asking for it!"

The girl's cries and pleas instantly devolved into hysterical sobbing as she tried to struggle against her captor's grip. But he merely laughed while stroking her stomach and sniffing her hair. Then, Izuku watched the man's hands move, the left towards Mina's chest and the right towards her skirt.

Realizing what was about to happen, Izuku felt his strength reentering his body. He stood back up, albeit with difficulty, and he had to bite his lower lip to hold back his screams of pain. Then, once he was standing upright and he maintained his balance, Izuku ran up to the muscular man and leaped on his back for a second time, startling him.


Without a second thought, Izuku jabbed his finger into the man's left eye.


The man released Mina, allowing her to run away from his grasp. Then, she lost her footing and collapsed to the asphalt, upon which she looked up and watched Izuku as he started slamming his fists into her captor's face. This time, the hits were much stronger than before, and he made sure to target the man's eyes, nose, and mouth.

"YOU BASTARD!" roared the muscular man, as blood poured down from his injured eye. "YOU GODDAMN BASTARD! I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU FOR THAT!"

He clasped his hands around Izuku's face and neck and squeezed as tightly as he could. However, Izuku managed to get one of his thumbs into his mouth and bit down hard, forcing the man to let go.


Next, Izuku grabbed the man's ashy-blond hair with one hand, held on tight, and pulled on it hard, threatening to tear it out of his scalp. As for his other hand, he dug his fingernails into the man's left cheek and started clawing at it viciously. But Izuku wasn't done: he leaned forward, took the man's right ear in his mouth, and bit down hard.


The muscular man ran over to the nearest building and slammed Izuku into it, forcing his teeth to release the man's ear. But the boy held on tight to his attacker, and through the thick fog of unbearable pain, he continued hitting and clawing the thick, horrible face with as much ferocity as he could muster. Rage and hatred for this depraved man fueled his body and kept him going. It didn't take long for his fingers to be stained with the man's blood.


Blinded by pain as well, and with only one good eye left, the muscular man started slamming Izuku repeatedly into the wall, with each impact being more powerful than the last. Izuku struggled to refrain from blacking out.

"Stay awake, Izuku," he thought. "Gotta stay awake, gotta stay awake, gotta stay awake. You've almost got him, Izuku, you've almost got him. His head's his weak spot, his head's his weak spot. Just keep attacking it, just keep attacking his weak spot, keep attacking his weak spot, keep attacking his weak spot."

"Goddamn it!" the man cried, his voice strained and his face streaked with blood. "Let go of me! Get the fuck off me!"

"NO!" Izuku shouted defiantly as he increased the frequency of his attacks. "I'M NOT LETTING YOU GET AWAY, VILLAIN! I WON'T LET YOU GET AWAY WITH YOUR CRIMES!"

"You goddamn retard! AGH!"

Izuku punched the man in his uninjured ear with a lot of force. Grimacing intensely with pain, the criminal tried reaching for Izuku, but his reaction was sluggish now. Noticing this, the boy punched him hard in the injured ear, earning a shriek of agony from him. Then, he punched the uninjured ear again, then the injured one, and so on and so forth, all the while ignoring the man's feeble attempts to grab any part of his body and tear him off his back. This attack continued until the man fell to the sidewalk, disoriented. This allowed Izuku to wrap one of his arms around his neck and squeeze tightly.

"ACK! AAAAAAACK!" The man grabbed Izuku's arms and tried to pry them off, but the boy punched his injured ear with his unoccupied hand, and then his injured eye. "AGH! AGH! St-Stop... Let... Lemme...go... Ack!"

"NEVER!" Izuku screamed. "YOU'LL PAY FOR WHAT YOU DID TO THAT GIRL YESTERDAY!" The victimized girl and the dark alleyway reentered his thoughts, energizing him even more. "YOU'LL PAY FOR WHAT YOU DID TO HER!"

And with that, he wrapped his other arm around the muscular man's neck and squeezed harder than ever before. With a horrified gasp, the man started struggling out of desperation. He tried to use his hammy hands to pry Izuku's arms off, but all of the pain inflicted to his face and thumb, plus his scrambled senses of sight and hearing, slowed his movements and dulled his once-impressive strength.

For once, Izuku had the advantage over him.

"I've got him!" the green-haired boy thought gleefully, as he continued to feel his opponent struggle in vain. "I've... I've got him! I've got him where I want him! Now...Now...I can make him pay for what he did to that girl! He'll now pay for what he did to me! Heh heh heh... He'll pay!"

He squeezed even tighter, ignoring the pain that was now assaulting his own arms. He could faintly hear the man's voice becoming raspier by the second as he gasped and pleaded for his life. As he continued to squeeze, Izuku could imagine himself running through that alleyway, confident and no longer afraid of failure...

Just then, he could see the girl standing on the other side of the alley. Though he still couldn't make out her features, he could tell she was smiling proudly at him. He smiled back and ran towards her...

Just then, she shouted, "STOP!"


Izuku was pulled back to reality by the sudden voice. Through the pain, he could still feel the muscular man gasping and pulling at his arms...but his strength was fading, almost nonexistent.

"MIDORIYA, STOP!" Mina's voice called hysterically. "YOU'RE... YOU'RE-!"

Izuku immediately realized what he was doing and released his grip on the man. The criminal let out a hoarse, strained, drawn-out gasp as his lungs excitedly embraced the return of oxygen. The man rolled over to his side to allow for more breathing room, allowing Izuku to stand up and back away from him. As he did, his eyes were wide, and he was shaking his head with disbelief.

His fear only escalated when he finally heard police sirens in the distance.

"Oh, no..." he thought. "Oh, no! Oh no, oh no, oh no! I...I nearly killed him! I...I could've killed him! B-But I...I-I didn't mean to! I...I just wanted to..."

The immense pain that he suffered finally caught up to him again, and Izuku collapsed to the sidewalk.

"MIDORIYA!" Mina called at the top of her lungs.

Izuku heard her, but he could barely register her voice. His vision was blurring by the second, and he could feel his grip on the world loosening. He wanted to stay conscious, but by that point, his willpower had completely given up. His body simply wanted to rest now, given all that it just went through.

The last thing Izuku saw, before he finally passed out, was Mina running up to him...

"Midoriya? Hey, Midoriya! Hey, man, are you up?!"

A curtain lifted, and Izuku's eyes were blasted by white light. He strained his eyelids, groaned softly, and turned his head away, his brain rejoicing a little at the soft, warm feeling of his pillow...


Izuku turned his head back and slowly opened his eyelids again. As he did, the voice spoke again.

"Hey, Midoriya's awake, guys! He's awake!"

For some reason, whatever familiarity the voice had bounced off Izuku's brain like it ran into a barrier. The green-haired boy was entirely focused on visually processing his surroundings. The white light was slowly receding upward, like a tide, in the process revealing walls colored in a dull beige. Then, he could make out some metal equipment and a white door.

Izuku suddenly heard several bodies rush by his side. For the quickest moment, he did not recognize any of them. Then, his green eyes gravitated to their hairstyles, and his memories rushed back to him like a violent flood.

As did the pain.

"Ugh..." he moaned. He attempted to adjust his position on the bed, but that only provoked a horrible stinging sensation in his arms, which felt like they were encased in cement.

"Whoa, whoa, easy there, man!" Eijiro exclaimed. "The doctors did a number on ya!"

"Don't want you breaking anything again," added Denki.

Izuku stared at them hesitantly. Ever since he started high school, he made it a point to avoid Katsuki and his friends like the plague. But now, they had him cornered on a bed, he felt heavy, and there was only one escape route.

Then again, Izuku noticed that Eijiro and Denki had bandages on their faces and arms. In addition, a few of Eijiro's front teeth were chipped, giving them a curiously spiky look. He doubted they'd be able to do much of anything in that state.

"What..." he uttered with difficulty, his voice hoarse and slow. "What are you guys...doing here...?"

"It's okay, Midoriya," Ochako replied as she patted his shoulder gently. "They're not here to make fun of you. We got that cleared up."

"Yes, Midoriya," Tenya added, his voice as serious as always. "As long as I'm around, our classmates will be at their best behavior at all times." He gave Eijiro, Denki, Hanta, Hitoshi, and Setsuna a sharp glare. "Isn't that right?"

"Yeah, yeah..." Denki replied dismissively. His eyes were still on Izuku, and there was a surprisingly friendly smile on his face. "Midoriya, it's so good to have you back with us, man!"

"Wh...Wha...?" Izuku asked blankly. Privately, he thought, "Did those words just come out of Kaminari's mouth? What is going on? Did...Did I wake up in an alternate universe or something...?"

"Oh, that reminds me!" Tenya looked at Tsuyu. "Asui, let's go get Midoriya's mother. We need to inform her that her son has awoken!"

"Sure thing, Iida," the green-haired girl replied. The two teenagers promptly left the room, with Tenya giving Izuku one last look of affirmation before departing.

Now that Izuku was fully aware of his environment, he realized he was bearing witness to the strangest and most foreign situation. Also in the room, by his side, were Yui, Shoto, Momo, and Itsuka...his new friends, who all promised to protect him from Katsuki and his friends. But Eijiro, Denki, Hanta, Hitoshi, and Setsuna were present, and yet, while the overall atmosphere of the room was awkward, neither of the two groups were ever hostile to each other. It was almost like they became friends overnight...

"U...Uraraka...?" Izuku asked hoarsely.

Ochako looked at him with concern. "Y-Yes, Midoriya?" she asked. "I-Is everything alright? A-Are you in pain?"

"N-No. No! I...I just wanted to know...what happened..." He swallowed. "And...how long...have I been...unconscious...?"

The chestnut-haired girl heaved out a sigh of relief. Then, she latched a hand on his shoulder and squeezed gently.

"It's alright, Midoriya. The police came as soon as you blacked out. They arrested those guys on the spot. But you and B-Bakugo were in pretty bad shape, so you two had to go into surgery."

"Yeah, you guys took quite a beating," Denki added. "I heard one of the doctors say you had internal bleedin'."

Izuku's eyes broadened with alarm. "I-Internal...bl-bleeding...?"

"Kaminari, I think you've said enough..." Itsuka said, shooting the blond boy a dissatisfied glare.

Izuku refocused on Ochako. "Did...Did Kacchan...?"

His voice trailed off, but Ochako seemed to understand, for she replied, "Bakugo made it. He woke up a few hours before you. In fact, he's in the room next to you. But neither of you are allowed to get out of this bed yet."


Izuku absentmindedly stared at the door, as if he were expecting Tenya and Tsuyu to reenter the room with his mother in tow, ready to slap and scold him for doing something so reckless. Not that such a reaction was undeserved. He knew he worried his mother to death in that moment. He could only imagine her face when she got the phone call...

"And...how long have I been out...Uraraka?"

"For...For three days. B-Both of you were out for that amount of time, since the surgeries."

The boy stared back at her with surprise. He wanted to shout out, but by that point, his energy and willpower were at an all-time low. He couldn't even will himself to say another word, no matter what it was. He was done talking for the day.

Something in the corner of his eye caught his attention. He stared and realized it was some purple curtains drawn over a window, the only one in his room.

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