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No Longer in Control

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Phineas looked around, confused. He was no longer sitting in the rocket, but standing in an empty landscape, occupied by nothing other than himself and a thick purple fog. Gulping, the triangle-headed boy looked around in hope of finding someone else to talk to. Being alone in a bleak location such as this was obviously terrifying.

"Hello?" he called. The only response he got in return was an echoing of his own voice, sounding throughout the atmosphere.

"Hello?" he called again, more clearly this time.


Phineas screamed, realizing that the new speaker was directly behind him. Falling to the ground, the boy looked up at his now-companion to examine him. The figure was shrouded in a pitch-black substance that seemed to burn like fire, though it obviously wasn't affecting him. The only other physical trait Phineas can identify aside from the fire-like substance was his eyes. His sickeningly green eyes that burned with a malice so overwhelming in quantities of evil that it made Phineas shudder fearfully.

"Afraid of me, Phineas?" the figure asked. "Maybe you should be."

"W-Who are you," asked Phineas, "and where am I?"

"Who am I?" repeated the figure. "Why, I'm not really sure. Unlike you and your friends and family, I've never been given a name. As for where you are, you are in your subconscious."

Phineas looked around. This was his subconscious? He expected it to be more positive.

"I stand corrected," the figure said, "I mean my subconscious. I don't know how, but I'm now in control of your body."

"What? How?"

"My, you are so oblivious, Phineas. No wonder Isabella and Candace yelled at you."

Images of Isabella and Candace filled the fog, as if they were being projected from a film projector or something. Phineas cringed at the words that barreled at him with deadly accuracy, over and over again.



"Stop it!" screamed Phineas, covering his ears as if he were insane. "Make it stop, please!"

"With pleasure." The figure snapped his fingers, and the images disappeared into the fog, the words no longer flowing through the air.

"W-Why is this h-happening?" Phineas asked.

"Hey, don't ask me," replied the figure nonchalantly, pacing back and forth (or more like levitating; Phineas couldn't see the figure's legs). "I somehow came into your mind, with no explanation given to me, no backstory. And you know what? It doesn't matter, because I really like it. I mean, you lead a really interesting life."

The figure snapped his fingers again, and more images filled the fog. Phineas gasped, realizing that they were images depicting of the things he did during the summer. Building a rollercoaster, traveling back in time, traveling around the world during the Summer Solstice, becoming one-hit wonders, even doing a few other things he didn't know he did. Like...seeing Perry standing on his hind legs, wearing a fedora? Before Phineas can think about it, the images disappeared and the figure spoke again.

"I can probably use this life of yours to my advantage," he said evilly.

"What kind of advantage?" asked Phineas curiously.

The figure slapped his forehead in disbelief. "Wow. Just, wow. You may be bright, but you lack intellectually in some aspects. Like identifying if someone is evil, for example."

Phineas gasped. "Y-Y-You're e-evil?"

"Hello? Black fire-like thingy shrouding me, creepy green eyes, mysterious identity... all of these practically scream 'Bad news!' And you don't even recognize it at first sight? How incompetent..."

"Hey, I resent that remark!"

"Well, too bad. I'm evil, so I obviously don't care. Now, I want you to follow these directions. I will return you to your consciousness and you will reinvent those contraptions you built."

"I thought you were in control of my body," Phineas said, raising an eyebrow.

"I don't know how, but I can bring your true spirit to the conscious world. I still remain in control; if I sense that you're getting out of order, I'll put you back on track. So, resistance is futile. Anyway, after you're done remaking those inventions, then I take over your body and use those things for my evil purposes! AHAHAHAHAHA! ...Well, I can just do it all by myself, but I don't have the same mind as you, so I need your expertise to do things for me. Anyway, where was I? Oh, right. AHAHAHAHAHA!"

"NO!" yelled Phineas boldly. "I won't let you do that!"

"Can you?" the figure taunted. "I'd like to see you try and stop me."

Phineas wanted to do something to this guy, but he didn't know what. He saw all of those action movies, but the moves he's seen look too complex to mimic. If only he were in control of his body; he and Ferb can make some super-powered gloves and boots that strengthen the power of the weakest punches and kicks...

"HA! Knew you couldn't do it!" said the figure. "Now, be a good boy and do as I say. Somehow remake those things. It's quite easy. After all, you invented them, am I right?" Phineas was silent, so he continued. "And by the way, while you're doing your work, I'll see if I can think of a name you can refer me to in the future. Familiarity with one another is efficient between partners, am I right? Sayonara!"

"Wait-" Phineas began, but it was too late: the figure had snapped his fingers once again, and the redheaded boy found himself lying under a tree. Gathered around him were Ferb, Candace, Isabella, and the others.

"Phineas, what got into you?" asked Baljeet.

Phineas opened his mouth to speak, but suddenly, his mouth shut itself on its own.

"Remember," a voice said in his head, "I am in control of your body, not you. You only have limited control. Attempts to warn anyone are futile. Even if you're thinking of a counterattack, I will find out. Continuation of these attempts will result in something I wouldn't want to go through. Now, I want you to get a move on!"

"Sorry," Phineas replied against his will. "I was, uh, panicking from...whatever, uh, happened to me..."

He expected his hand to fly up and scratch his ear, something he always did whenever he lied, but nothing happened.

"Ya know, you're doing really good for a slave. Now let's move!"

"Okay..." Buford replied suspiciously.

"Phineas," said Isabella, standing in front of Phineas, "I'm sorry I yelled at you. I was overreacting and I should've thought things through. Can you forgive me?"

"Of...Of course I forgive you, I-Isabella," Phineas replied, smiling with much difficulty. "No hard feelings, huh?"

"Yeah. So how about having that d-"

However, Phineas was breaking under pressure from having someone possessing him. Droplets of sweat broke out on his forehead, and Phineas, not wanting anyone to notice anything wrong with him, turned to Candace before Isabella can finish her sentence, shocking her.

"I forgive you too, Candace, for yelling at me," said Phineas quickly. "Now, let's get this birthday party started, huh?"

Everyone cheered and walked back to the Fireside Girls clubhouse.

The only ones remaining at the tree were Isabella and Baljeet, the former reeling in shock from Phineas's quick actions.

"He...He ignores me immediately," Isabella said. "Does he really forgive me? Or did he just do that to end the situation and then get away from me?"

"I'm not sure, Isabella," replied Baljeet comfortingly, patting her shoulder. "Don't worry, though; I'm here. I'm here."

"Thanks, Baljeet. You're a good friend."

"'Good friend', she says," Baljeet thought grimly. "She couldn't say anything better, like 'You're the best!' or 'I like how you're there for me, unlike Phineas'. Ah well, she complimented me; that's good enough, I guess... Oh, what am I saying? Why can't Isabella notice me? GAH! SO FRUSTRATING!"

Baljeet could do nothing but follow Isabella back to the birthday party. The both of them didn't notice Ginger watching them jealously.

Having built a headquarters using his supernatural powers, the dark figure watched the image currently projected on a large screen; it was showing what Phineas was seeing. He scoffed at the nice scenery his host was currently at.

"Soon, once I'm through with," the figure said, "it'll be nothing but an ugly wasteland! AHAHAHA-"

Just then, the figure stopped cackling, the moment he saw that the image, Phineas's sight, was focused on someone. The figure pressed a button on the keyboard he created, which caused the image to zoom in on the person who attracted his attention.

"Well, well, well," the figure said as he examined the face of Adyson Sweetwater, "who do we have right here? A pretty face." The figure chuckled maliciously. "A perfectly pretty face. So mesmerizing... I sense a future queen in her." The figure looked up at the darkness and spoke at it. "Hey, Phineas! I've got another-"

"-task for you. Try and win the attention of that pretty girl with the headband and bangs."

Phineas looked at Adyson, who waved at him. Nervously, he waved back before spacing out. This was definitely not going well...

"Ah, it's lovely to have a slave at your bidding," said the figure, sitting back on his armchair. "Now, to think of a good name. The Evil One? Nah, too general and non-frightening. The Destroyer? Nah, doesn't seem to fit. The Scourge of Good, Light, and Order? Nah, too long. The Emperor? Nah, too soon to tell. Genghis Khan? Nah, taken." Just then, the figure's eyes widened as he found the perfect name. "I've got it! The perfect name, the title EVERYONE will remember and shudder at!"

The figure stood up from his armchair, dramatically pointing into the darkness above.


Then, the figure sat down on his armchair, disappointed. "Nah, too anticlimactic."

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