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Arguments, Amends, and a Green Laser

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Isabella's eye twitched menacingly as she watched Phineas, the love of her life, the one meant for her, dancing with Adyson! Gretchen looked at Isabella and gulped, taking a couple of steps back, for her leader was obviously angry and it was unwise to be in the crossfire. No one else seemed to notice Isabella's sudden but completely understandable shift in behavior.

Her eyes practically aflame, Isabella began stalking towards Phineas and Adyson, her fists clenched and trembling. The corner of her lip was also twitching, and the nearest children noticed her and backed off almost immediately. Gretchen quietly followed her leader and friend, knowing that things were about to get ugly and if Isabella snapped, then she was the best person to snap her out of it. Ferb, who had been operating on the draped object the entire time, seemed to sense Isabella's fury and looked up, silently seeing his friend approach Phineas and Adyson. He immediately jumped away from the draped object; like Gretchen, he knew that whatever happened, it wouldn't be good.

"Phineas Albert Flynn?" Isabella asked, struggling to maintain her grip on sanity.

"Yes?" replied Phineas, looking at Isabella, obviously not sensing the anger within her. However, when Adyson first looked at her troop leader, she immediately recognized the look on Isabella's face and gulped; dancing with Phineas didn't seem like a good idea anymore.

"Yes, Isabella?" asked Phineas, for Isabella had now reverted to a furious silence. He then noticed Isabella's face turning red. "Oh, you're face is becoming red. Are you catching a fever?"

Ferb, Gretchen, and Adyson slapped their foreheads in disbelief. That was when Isabella exploded.

"WHATCHA DOIN'?" she roared, catching everyone's attention. "YOU TOLD ME THAT YOU WOULD BE DANCING WITH ME!"

"Y-Y-You did?" replied Phineas.

"That's not good," Gretchen whispered to herself.


"I-I-I thought s-she asked me to d-da-dance with her, not y-you..."

Isabella felt as if she was falling away from the world. "I WAS SPEAKIN' DIRECTLY AT YOU!"

"I was wearing some earplugs I invented, which also act as massage devices. I think they might've interfered with the sound of your voice coming into my ears."

Isabella was calmer this time. "But Adyson wasn't in the room when I asked you! Surely when she arrived with Django you would've noticed that someone else asked you!"

"I took note of that," Phineas said, "but I just decided to drop it."

That was the wrong thing to say. "DROP IT?" screamed Isabella. "DROP IT?"

"Uh-oh," said Gretchen.

"How could you just drop it?" she asked. "Do you know how much dancing with you means to me?"

"It means something to y-you?" asked Phineas, confused.

"Yes, it DOES!" Isabella yelled as Phineas began to back away. "It means a LOT to me! And you shatter my heart by dancing with Sweetwater!"

"Hey, it's rude to call me by my surname, you know that?" said Adyson. Isabella glared angrily at Adyson and the girl immediately became silent.

"Isabella, I'm sorry, so sorry!" Phineas protested. "Is there any way I can make it all up to you?"

"Make it all up to me? How about having a dance with me?"

"A dance with you? Sure!"

Isabella smiled with excitement. Finally, after a little misunderstanding, Phineas was now gonna dance with her! The girl began frolicking around, giggling with anticipation.

Then came the big blow.

"Just let me finish my dance with Adyson first."

Ferb and Gretchen began motioning at Phineas to not say it, but it was too late. Isabella silently looked at Phineas, her mouth open. Everyone groaned with disappointment at Phineas's foolish mistake. Phineas noticed that he touched a nerve and gulped. But instead of an outburst, Isabella's lip trembled instead and she pointed a finger accusingly at Phineas.

"You're...you're...you're...MEAN!" she yelled before running off in tears, leaving a shocked audience in her wake.

"DUN, DUN, DUN!" Buford said.

Throwing an annoyed look at Phineas, Gretchen pursued Isabella, followed by Adyson, while Phineas, shocked by Isabella's latest statement, sat next to the draped object. Pitifully, Ferb approached him and sat down beside his stepbrother.

"I...I didn't mean to be mean, Ferb," said Phineas. "Was...was I mean?"

Ferb replied with a shrug.

"A shrug? Why'd you shrug?" Phineas asked. "You think I was actually mean?"

Ferb hesitated for a moment before nodding truthfully. Phineas stared off into the distance, thinking about what happened, before sighing. "You're right," he said. "I think I was being mean, not bothering to consider her feelings." Boldly, Phineas stood up. "Ferb, I'm gonna go apologize to Isabella, and I'm gonna give her the dance she wanted!"


Candace immediately stormed into the party, her cell phone in her hand. Following her were Stacy, Jenny, and Stacy's mother Dr. Hirano.


"Candace, we're sorry," said Phineas, "but they needed help with decorations!"

"Well, then decorate like a normal person!"

"Candace, I don't think these decorations are that bad," Dr. Hirano said. "I mean look at this! You children have done a lot of amazing decorations! Who helped you?"

"No one did, Mrs. Hirano!" exclaimed Candace, flailing her arms wildly. "My brothers did everything themselves! No adult hands! They did all of this! That means you've gotta bust them! And when the Mysterious Force disappears, then I'll have proof because you've seen it all!"

"Honestly, Candace," said Dr. Hirano modestly, "I really don't believe that your brothers actually built all of this."

"Actually, we did," Phineas replied.

"Oh, such imaginations. Oh, hi Ginger!"

"Hi, Mom!" called Ginger. "Hi, Stace!"

"Are you enjoying the party?" But before Dr. Hirano can get her answer, Candace grabbed her and pulled her towards the draped object.

"See, Mrs. Hirano, see?" said Candace, pointing at the draped object. "Look at this, does this look like something an adult wouldn't make?"

"I can't see what it is, Candace. It's concealed under a drape."

"Oh." Candace immediately pulled the drape away to reveal a rocket that was small enough to fit two children. "See, look! A rocket designed to fit two children! Why is there such a small rocket, you ask? Well, Phineas and Ferb will man it and fly into the sky and do some wacky stunts in the air with it!"

"Oh, really?" Dr. Hirano looked at Phineas and Ferb. "Is that true, kids? You plan to fly that thing up in the sky?"

"Yep," Phineas replied. "We'd tell you what we'll do up there, but it's a surprise."

"Oh, such active imaginations. You're lucky to have brothers like these, Candace."

"But, but, but, but-" Candace babbled, just as Dr. Hirano looked at her watch and her eyes widened.

"Oh, my goodness!" she exclaimed. "I'm late for my appointment." She turned to Candace, Stacy, and Jenny. "Girls, I'm afraid your trip to the mall will have to be scratched. I'm running late and I can only have enough time to drop you off-"

"It's okay, Mom," said Stacy. "Me, Candace, and Jenny will stay here and celebrate Adyson's birthday!"

"Okay, well have fun!"

"NO, WAIT! MRS. HIRANO!" screamed Candace, but it was too late: Dr. Hirano had already walked away towards her car, waving goodbye at Stacy and Jenny. "But, but, but, but..." She then glared at her brothers, fire in her eyes. "I can't believe you two. It's like the Mysterious Force is a blanket that's wrapped all around you in a shield of protection! Even if an adult sees your wacky inventions, they treat 'em like adults made these!"

"We tried telling Mrs. Hirano that we built them, Candace," Phineas replied. "And wait, Mysterious Force?"

Candace ignored the last part of Phineas's statement. "No, telling Mrs. Hirano you built these WASN'T enough! Why didn't you and Ferb jump into that rocket-thingy and do whatever you wanted to do with it? Then Mrs. Hirano could've busted you guys!"

"The circumstances aren't right yet."


"You said not to build anything that'll make you look bad. We didn't want our inventions to make you look bad again, so we left when Isabella needed help to decorate for the party."


"At all?" Phineas repeated. "But inventing is my one joy, Ferb's one joy! Our one joy!"

"Well, this joy of yours is affecting me negatively! Every time something's in the backyard, I try busting you to Mom, but in the end, the Mysterious Force takes your stuff away and Mom thinks I'm crazy! Yesterday, I looked into her schedule. Do you imagine what's scheduled for me this Thursday?"


"An appointment with the PSYCHIATRIST! Your inventions are making me look crazy, don't you know that?"

"No. Why didn't you tell us earlier?"

"I have no clue! But what happens now is that I tell you this: I am NOT lucky to have brothers like you guys. YOU TWO ARE THE WORST BROTHERS EVER! ESPECIALLY-" She pointed at Phineas accusingly. "YOU!"

"DUN, DUN, DUN!" Buford cried.

And with that, Candace stormed off, ranting to herself, a concerned Stacy behind her. Once again, an air of shock was hanging in the air, mingling uncomfortably with the one left behind by Isabella. To lift it, Holly decided to restart the music track, causing everyone to start dancing again. The only one not looking happy, though, was Phineas, who seated himself beside the rocket, still shocked from what just happened.

"Wow," he said. "First Isabella calls me mean, then Candace calls us the worst brothers possible, me being the worst out of the two of us. This is quite a strange day. In spite of all of the positive things we've shown, could it be possible we have negative influences too? I mean, it seems like I'm missing something about Isabella, and our inventions make Mom think Candace has gone nuts. Even Perry keeps disappearing every time we make something. What do you think about this, Ferb?"

Ferb finally spoke for the first time of the day. "Yes, yes I think we have negative influences. But just because we have them doesn't mean we cannot stop here. Our lives depend on what kind of trait we use every day. Positive traits or negative traits. And what kind of trait do we display every day?"

"Positive traits," replied Phineas, "I know that. But do our negative traits really affect our friends and family? I don't want that to happen."

"Our negative traits don't really affect our friends and family, just as long as we use our positive traits to make amends."

"Yeah, that's right!" Phineas stood up abruptly, his optimism back. "I'm gonna apologize to both Candace and Isabella!"

"They both went into the forest," said Django as he greeted his sister Jenny.

"Oh, no." Phineas rubbed his head in thought. "I don't think we can find them in an area that big."

"Just use the rocket." Django pointed at it. "It's obviously used to make some sort of message in the sky."

"How'd you know that?"

"Artist's intuition."

"DUN, DUN, D-" Buford began, but Baljeet slapped the back of the bully's head.

"You're not helping, Buford," he said.

Isabella stormed into the woods, fortunately not getting far from the party, before sitting down on a fallen tree trunk and began crying. Every day she had to try and win Phineas's attention, but something always gets in the way. Like his inventions, his Big Ideas. And this time, he gives his attention to someone else! It was surprising, really, that he would pay attention to a girl as long as it's not her.

The raven-haired girl slammed her fist on the trunk. But she always helped him, she'd think. She'd always come to his house every day to help out on their construction, not bothering to miss a single day, even if she were suffering from a bad sickness. Then again, Phineas would always make something to cure her in an instant, so that was understandable. Adyson, on the other hand, was just a recurring source of aid! And what in the world is Phineas doing, dancing with her? After all she, Isabella, had done to help him out? It was betrayal right there.

"Oh, it's so unfair!" moaned Isabella as she buried her face in her hands.

"Isabella?" called a familiar voice.

"I'm right here, Gretchen," Isabella replied without looking. Gretchen and Adyson stepped out of some bushes, dusted themselves, and sat beside their friend. Isabella looked up and noticed Adyson; her eyes narrowed into slits. "And what's she doing here?"

"Hey, Izzy," Adyson said, "I had no factor in this. I assumed Phineas wanted to dance with me because I'm the birthday girl, so I let things slide. Nothing personal!"

"You should've known that I might react when I see you dancing with him."

Adyson was silent for a moment before replying, "Yeah, I think I shouldn't have let him."

"Why did you?"

Adyson was once again silent. Finally, she said, "Isabella, please don't get mad when I tell you this, but...I have a crush on Phineas too."

"WHAT?" Isabella shrieked, standing up and causing Adyson to flinch.

"Wait, Captain!" cried Gretchen, stepping in front of Adyson defensively. "Let Adyson have her say first."

"Fine," she snarled, "but make it quick! I have a need to do...something to her!"

"Izzy," Adyson said, "it's true, I have a crush on your crush. But I also knew it was not meant to be! I just knew it. I mean, you should see him whenever he looks at you."

Isabella's rage was replaced with curiosity. "What?"

"Whenever he looks at you, the light really comes on in his eyes. I think that he might not know it, but he returns your feelings. He likes you, Isabella."

An air of silence hung over the three Fireside Girls. Isabella's eyes widened, a corner of her lip twitching as she sunk into her thoughts. Gretchen and Adyson's lips tightened, as if they were expecting some sort of explosion of emotion from their leader. But instead, they received nothing more than calmness from her.

"He likes me," she said. Adyson nodded, with Gretchen reluctantly following suit.

Finally, Isabella burst into cheer and began jumping around. "YES! PHINEAS LIKES ME! WHOO-HOO! HAHAHA! IN YOUR FACE, ADYSON! WHOO! HE LIKES ME, HE LIKES ME, PHINEAS FLYNN LIKES ME!"

"So..." Adyson held out her hand. "No hard feelings?"

Isabella shook her hand quickly and then frolicked back towards the party, giggling heartily, Gretchen and Adyson following her.

"You actually have a crush on Phineas?" asked Gretchen.

Adyson blushed with embarrassment. "Yeah."

"Wow, that's so weird. I have a crush on Phineas too!"

"What?" Adyson looked at Gretchen, shocked. "Really?"

"Nah, just kidding. I certainly don't wanna have a crush on an oblivious boy like Phineas. No offense."

Just then, Isabella, Gretchen, and Adyson watched as the rocket carrying Phineas flew off into the sky, only to be destroyed by an incoming green laser.

"Candace, don't you think you went a little too far yelling at your brothers?" Stacy asked as she caught up with Candace.

"It's the truth, Stace," replied Candace. "Every day, I have to see something in their backyard, something so bust-worthy. But the Mysterious Force just has to take it away before my mom comes home. I'm into three months and she thinks I've lost my mind! I didn't lose my mind, did I, Stace?"

"No, Candace, I see those inventions too. I honestly don't know how Phineas and Ferb manage to make their inventions disappear, but I think you should just quit trying to bust your brothers. Every time you try to do so, they disappear before your mom gets home and she thinks you're crazy. There's obviously a pattern going on here. Besides, those inventions are AWESOME!"

"Awesome?" Candace repeated, outraged. "_Awesome_? No, they're NOT awesome! They're BUST-WORTHY!"

"Why exactly are they bust-worthy, Candace?"

"They're dangerous and threats to mankind!"

"Seriously, Candace, how can a rollercoaster be a threat to mankind?"

"It could collapse while they're riding it."

"True. But what about traveling in time?"

"They could get stuck in whatever timeline they're in and mess up the overall timeline until the world comes to an end."

"True, true. What about a golf course?"

"They could hit a golf ball across the neighborhood and hit someone on the head with it."

"Honestly, what's threatening about- Oh wait, head injury that can be fatal... I see. Wow, Candace, you're right. Their inventions can be dangerous. But Candace, no one's been hurt by them yet!"

"I have!" exclaimed Candace. "Not only physically, but psychologically! I may not be crazy, but look at me right now! I'm obsessing over busting my brothers!"

"Then stop trying to bust them, Candace, and enjoy their inventions."

"I try to-" Candace looked at the ground, downcast. "-but those inventions just remind me of...of-"

"Your dad?" finished Stacy. Candace looked up at him, a tear sliding from her eye, and nodded. "Oh. You should've told someone earlier."

"It's hard going back, Stace. I'm just afraid those inventions might hurt someone just like what happened last time. That's why I have to bust Phineas and Ferb! So then no one gets hurt. And don't say no one's been hurt again; someone will be soon!"

"Unlike your dad, Candace, Phineas and Ferb double-check their work for safety reasons, and you should respect that. They are NOT your dad, Candace. And you shattered their spirit by calling them the worst brothers ever. Actually, I think Phineas does all the emotional reacting, but I think inside, Ferb's shattered too. Go and apologize to them."

"And what if I don't want to?" Candace asked angrily, stepping away from Stacy.

"Maybe their emotions will get in the way of their inventing, and they won't double-check their work, and someone gets hurt. Just like what happened with your dad."

That got to Candace. If Phineas and Ferb are hurt and they are distracted from making their works safe, then it will obviously affect others negatively. Just like what happened to her father...

Phillip Daniel Flynn was the most brilliant inventor in Danville, way before Phineas and Ferb came in. Everyone enjoyed his works, even if they kept collapsing in the end due to the usage of low-quality construction material. To the people, that just meant something better will be delivered to them tomorrow. Candace could still remember how joyful she would be for the start of tomorrow.

However, all of that changed when Phillip constructed, quite fatefully, a rollercoaster. Now, Phillip's inventions would always come down after people got off, not inflicting so much as an injury. But with the rollercoaster, it was different. Somehow, something in the construction went wrong, and the rollercoaster collapsed in the middle of the ride, killing everyone aboard in one of the deadliest rollercoaster accidents in the history of the Tri-State Area. The collapse was deemed an accident, but everyone was so enraged at Phillip that it discouraged him from inventing.

Since her grandparents were among those killed in the accident, Linda was among those furious at Phillip and divorced him, taking Candace with her. Linda was pregnant with Phineas at the time, and when he was born, she forbade anyone to mention Phillip to her. And thus, while Phineas was aware he had a biological father, he never knew what became of him. In fact, no one knew what happened to Phillip after the accident, for no one visited his house ever again aside from the mailman.

Everyone in Danville and the Tri-State Area had since moved on from the accident and forgotten about it, instead moving on to the next wonder: Phineas and Ferb.

But if the two were indeed distracted from their work and caused a similar disaster, then...Candace couldn't bear to think about it.

"You're right, Stace," she said. "I have to apologize to Phineas and Ferb."

Just then, she and Stacy saw the rocket carrying Phineas fly off into the sky, only to be hit by an incoming green laser.

Candace, Isabella, Stacy, Gretchen, and Adyson made their way through the shocked crowd, toward Phineas's fallen parachute. There, they found Ferb and Django dragging Phineas out from under the parachute; Django was crying hysterically.

"What happened?" cried Isabella.

"He-He wanted t-to ap-apologize!" Django sobbed. "I-I-I to-told him t-to get in the-the r-rocket..."

Adyson placed a hand on Django's shoulder. "Django, it's not your fault," she said. "It's okay, no one blames you."

"I do!" Buford called.

"Phineas, are you okay?" Isabella asked, sitting beside Phineas's limp body and shaking him. "ANSWER ME! ARE YOU OKAY?"


"Candace, I don't think it works that way," said Stacy.


"Oh, my goodness," Candace said, sitting down, tears falling from her eyes. "It's all my fault. I called him the worst brother out of my brothers, and he wanted to get up there and somehow use that rocket to apologize... I shouldn't have yelled at him..."

Ferb placed his hand on his stepsister's shoulder, to which Candace began to cry in it.

"No, it's my fault," replied Isabella. "I called him a meanie. He went up there and wanted to apologize..."

"No, it's my fault," Django said. "It was my idea to use the rocket..."

"Hey, everyone!" said Buford, stepping forward. "Let's just say it was everyone's fault!"

Candace, Isabella, and Django burst into tears.

"Good job, Buford," Baljeet said sarcastically. "Quite a comfort you are..."

"Wait a minute, everyone look!" announced Gretchen, pointing at Phineas. "He's coming to!"

"Phineas?" Isabella grabbed Phineas's head and directed it towards her. "Phineas?"

"W-Wha?" Phineas opened his eyes, to everyone's happiness.

"Oh, PHINEAS!" Isabella squeaked, hugging Phineas.

All of a sudden, Phineas roared out inhumanely, shoved Isabella off of him, and broke into a run away from the crowd and towards the main road.

"PHINEAS!" everyone shouted, but it was too late: Phineas had reached the main road and was out of sight.

"Well," said Baljeet, "that was...random."

"I wonder what got into Dinner Bell?" Buford asked.

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