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Sweetwater Birthday Party

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At the Fireside Girls clubhouse, a few hours of bustling activity to set up the decorations for Adyson Sweetwater's birthday party had finally reached its conclusion and the many attendants had resorted to sitting around in wait. Isabella had taken this time to approach Phineas, who was seated in an armchair as he examined a sheet of blueprints, her cheeks blushing furiously, her steps being chary.

"Hey, Phineas," she said. "Whatcha' doin'?"

"Looking at the blueprints to see if I did anything wrong with the rocket," Phineas replied.

"So...Phineas, I heard you were a...good dancer..."

"Why yes, yes I am," Phineas hadn't peeled his sight from the blueprints. "Ferb taught me some lessons in case they came in handy. By the way, thanks again, bro."

Ferb, who was sitting in the opposite armchair, silently gave him a thumbs-up as a response. Isabella gulped; she had many chances to ask Phineas to do something romantic to her, i.e. dancing or going to see a movie, chances which she took on all accounts, but she was either interrupted by something or when Phineas miraculously says yes, he'd bring along a friend, especially Ferb. She needed to get a move-on if she were to fulfill her lifelong dream of stealing his heart.

"Well, I'm a good dancer too. And since we set up a dance floor, I thought, well, maybe we could, you know...uh..."

"Dance?" finished Phineas, still staring at his blueprints. "Sure." This took Isabella aback.


"You're asking me to dance with you, am I correct?"


"And I said sure, so okay!"

The corner of Isabella's eye twitched with excitement. She had been anticipating this moment for SO long. Suppressing a girlish squeal that boiled madly within her stomach, albeit with a lot of effort, the raven-haired girl was able to smile at Phineas.

"Okay!" she replied. "See you at the dance floor!"

And with that, she walked off, but then, the walking evolved into a skip and Isabella frolicked her way towards five girls, all wearing mostly-identical uniforms of light-orange and brown. One had auburn hair and wore glasses, another was of Asian descent with sleek black hair, a third had curly brown hair and freckles, the fourth had blonde hair fashioned into two pigtails, and the fifth was of African-American descent with jet-black hair fashioned into two puffy pigtails.

"Fireside Girls, guess what?" asked Isabella, at the point of squealing.

"What, Captain?" the auburn-haired girl with the glasses replied.

"Phineas has agreed to dance with me!"

The four girls were quiet for a moment. Finally, the blonde-haired girl spoke. "Into the secret meeting room."

The five girls approached a secret trapdoor and looked around to see if anyone was watching before the Asian girl opened it and they went inside, closing the trapdoor behind them. A bunch of muffled squealing was heard, but the sounds didn't reach the ears of the other attendants. After a few minutes of this, the trapdoor opened back up and Isabella and her friends emerged, excited and bewildered.

"That's great, Captain!" the freckled girl said. "Soon Phineas will realize your feelings in no time!"

"Ooh, I can't wait, Milly!" replied Isabella.

"And what's better to accompany that than a romantic dance?" asked the African-American girl.

"Nothing, Holly. By the way, be sure to make the first track romantic music when everyone hits the dance floor, Gretchen."

"Sure thing, Captain!" the auburn-haired girl replied.

"Wait," replied the girl named Holly, "aren't we a little too young to be dancing to romantic music?"

"Don't burst my bubble of joy, Holly."

"Sorry," Holly said quickly.

Isabella squealed quietly to herself. "Ooooohhhh, if only Django arrived with Adyson right now! That way we can get things underway and I can dance with Phineas to the romantic music and he'll find out my feelings for him and he says he returns them and-"

"Don't waste your breath." The five girls turned to look at a boy sitting on a stool, a Trigonometry book on his lap. He had curly black hair and wore blue overalls with a white undershirt.

"Hi, Baljeet..." the Asian girl said dreamily, waving at him.

"Hello yourself, Ginger," replied Baljeet quickly, causing Ginger to squeal silently as he stood up and faced Isabella. "Isabella, did you see him while you were talking to him? He didn't take his eyes off of those darn blueprints! You should be careful, Isabella. There's something fishy about him not looking at you..."

"There's nothing fishy about him not looking at me, Baljeet," Isabella said. "He needed to see if he did anything wrong with the rocket."

"Look, if I were Phineas, I'd look at you if you talked to me. It would be rude not to! And after all, who wouldn't wanna look at that lovely face of yours?"

There was an awkward silence; Isabella blushed with embarrassment, while Ginger's eyes widened with shock. Even all of the other attendants had heard Baljeet's compliment and looked at him. The only one not looking was Phineas, who was still absorbed into his blueprints. A bully with brown hair in a buzzcut style and a somewhat overweight composure, who wore a black shirt with a skull insignia and green khaki shorts stepped beside Baljeet.

"I don't mean to steal someone's thunder," the bully said, "but I just can't help but use this opportunity. So: HAW HAW!"

"Buford, don't make things worse," whispered Baljeet. Buford shrugged and walked off, while Baljeet spoke to Isabella quickly. "Just be careful, Izzy. I mean, Isabella!"

Baljeet quickly strode outside, every pair of eyes following him.

"Well..." said a boy, "that was...awkward..."

"Excuse me," Ginger said as she opened the trapdoor and stepped inside the secret meeting room again, closing it behind her. Gretchen, Holly, and Milly examined her actions curiously, just as Baljeet suddenly burst back into the room frantically.


Isabella could've sworn she heard Phineas say something, but shrugged it off and joined in as everyone sprang into a position, grouping up together underneath a banner that read 'Happy Birthday, Adyson!' and smiling their biggest smiles, with the exception of Ferb, who still remained looking as stoic as usual. Nobody seemed to mind; instead, they were focused on the front door that opened, revealing a boy with unkempt brown hair and wearing a yellow T-shirt, red shorts with orange blots, and sandals. He was escorting a girl sporting straight dark-brown hair with large bangs, a curve at the bottom, and a red headband, wearing a sleeveless red dress with a yellow skirt and red shoes. A blindfold was wrapped around her eyes.

"Django, isn't this dangerous?" she asked.

"Relax, Addie," replied Django. "You're still alive, aren't you?"

"I guess, but I get the feeling that you're gonna lead me off a cliff or something. If you do, I swear I'm gonna bust your chops! I know karate!"

"It's okay. I'm taking off the blindfold now."

"Oh, thank goodness," said Adyson as Django gently removed the blindfold; the girl opened her eyes and was greeted with a thunderous "SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADDIE!"

"Oh. My. Goodness." Adyson smiled with delight and hugged her Fireside Girl colleagues. "Thank you, guys! This is so AWESOME!"

"You're welcome, Addie," replied Katie. "It's the best we can do for an awesome girl like you!"

"Well, what're we waiting for?" Phineas announced, procuring a remote and pressing a button, causing the clubhouse to open up and slide into the ground. Simultaneously, a dance floor, a bouncing house, several tables with food, a swimming pool complete with a super-waterslide, the Giant Skiddley Whiffers, and a draped object appeared from the ground.


Candace was sitting on the sofa watching a Ducky Momo commercial when her cell phone rang. Picking it up from the table, she put to the ear and replied, "Hello?"

"Hey, girl," the voice of Stacy Hirano, her best friend, emerged from the other line.

"Oh hey, Stace," greeted Candace. "What's up?"

"I'm thinking about having a little shopping spree with you and Jenny at the Googolplex Mall. Wanna come? Then again, you're probably trying to bust your brothers-"

"Actually Stace, no I'm not. I don't hear any activity in the backyard yet. Maybe my orders got through to them!"

"That's awesome! I guess that means you can come!"

"I can't; I have to babysit Phineas and Ferb. My mom and dad went off to some antique convention or something."

"They can come along! I've heard of this new store opening up at the mall, for inventors like them. Doofenshmirtz's Paradise for Tinkerers and Engineers, or something like that. They'll like it; the commercials look really convincing!"

"I guess they'd like to check it out," Candace replied. "Okay, I'll break the news to them."

"Good! My mom will be coming to you in about fifteen minutes or so."

"Okay. See ya, Stace." Candace hung up, stood up, and walked out into the backyard. "Phineas and Ferb-" It didn't take long for the teenager to notice a complete absence of her brothers. "Okay, you two, if you guys invented some sort of invisibility thingamajig, forget it! You can't fool me! Show yourselves so I can BUST YOU! I told you not to make anything that'll make me look crazy!"

No response.

"Okay, so you also made some device that blocks out sound coming from you. That. Is. So. Bustable! Look guys, Stacy recommended some store for you guys! Can't you two do anything other than invent something wacky and bustable?"

Still no response.

"Hmmmmm..." Candace then spotted a purple card lying on the grassy ground. Picking it up, she read it:


You've just been invited to the 10th birthday party of Adyson Sweetwater!

Located at the Fireside Girls clubhouse near the Danville National Forest.

Candace immediately speed-dialed Stacy's cell phone number and put her phone to her ear.


"Stace, cancel the shopping trip. I want your mom to take me to the Fireside Girls clubhouse near the Danville National Forest."

"Don't tell me, they're doing something 'bustable' there." Candace could sense Stacy was finger-quoting the word 'bustable', but didn't care the slightest.

"Yes, yes they are. See you in five minutes."

"But my mom is arriving in fifteen minutes."

"Then tell her to speed up!"

Candace immediately hung up and giggled evilly. "Get ready, Phineas and Ferb," she said. "You're about to be BUSTED."

It was an enjoyable birthday party at the Fireside Girls clubhouse. Several attendants played a round of Giant Skiddley Whiffers all around the forest, and Buford emerged victorious, much to the disappointment of Baljeet, who had been nearing victory until that point. Others played in the bounce house and were bouncing so hard that it collapsed and Phineas and Ferb had to set it up again. Irving, fan of Phineas and Ferb, spent most of his time scarfing away at the food tables to the point where he had regurgitated his stomach's contents and had to sit down for a couple of hours. A lot of people used the swimming pool and had fun sliding down the super-waterslide.

Finally, after hours of partying, Isabella thought it was time for everyone to hit the dance floor. Gretchen followed her troop leader's orders and switched the first track to romantic music, though everyone danced to it as if it were rock-n'-roll music. It figures, since they were still children and didn't fully understand the concept of romance yet.

Gretchen was dancing to the beat of the music when she felt someone tap her shoulder. She turned around to look at Isabella, a worried look on her face.

"Yes, Captain?" asked Gretchen. She then noticed Isabella's worried look. "What's wrong?"

"I can't find Phineas anywhere," Isabella replied.

"Last time I saw him, he and Ferb were fooling around with that draped object. Come on, I'll take you there."

Gretchen led Isabella to the draped object, which was near the bounce house, which had been toppled over for a second time. There, Isabella saw the most shocking thing in her entire life, so shocking it practically made her heart explode.

Phineas was dancing with Adyson Sweetwater.

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