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Phillip Flynn

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The station wagon and the large RV drove to a stop in the upper-class neighborhood known as the Einstein Hills, which was actually quite a fitting name considering one of its possible-former residents. The station wagon was driven by Frank, with its passengers being Ferb, Perry, Candace, Linda, and Lawrence. The RV contained the rest of the group and was driven by Wallace, who, despite being aged fifteen, turned out to have a driver's license that was given to him by the local DMV; turns out he inherited the over-average intelligence that seemed to run in the Flynn family blood.

"Well, here it is," said Frank, pointing to a three-story house that was colored predominantly in brown with dashes of a creamy tan in some places and white at others. "Your old house, Linda, where I last saw Phillip..."

Linda didn't respond, instead staring at the house longingly, memories undoubtedly flooding back to the corners of her mind. She opened her mouth for a second, then closed it quietly; Lawrence put a hand on her shoulder for comfort. Ferb and Candace were also examining the house with surprise, astounded that the old Flynn family once lived at a majestic house such as that. Even Perry's eyes were blinking a bit faster as he surveyed the property, which looked larger than the one at 2308 Maple Drive, seeming to think of the possibility of more secret hatches to his private OWCA base should he have lived there instead.

Inside the RV, its occupants were also marveling at the size of the house.

"Wow, never knew Dinner Bell was once rich," Buford said, his jaw dropping open.

"Quite an astounding residence that defies positive and absolute beauty!" exclaimed Gretchen. "I've never seen such a marvel of a house such as this Romanesque work!"

"...Uh, yeah...what she said..." Milly said, looking at Gretchen with confusion.

"This reminds me of my mom's house!" exclaimed Norm, who was astoundingly able to fit inside the RV.

"It's quite a lovely place..." Isabella said.

Inside the station wagon, Frank glanced at Linda and Candace, noticing their looks and deciding to change the subject.

"Now, all we have to do is wait for that mailman to come so we can ask him where Phillip might've gone to."

"Yes, yes, of course," Linda sputtered quietly in response.

A few minutes passed, and no sign of the mailman. This didn't daunt the group; it was obvious the mailman was still busy making his deliveries at the other neighborhoods. A few more minutes passed, and no mailman. Though still undaunted by the wait, the group started becoming bored. In the rush of the situation, they had obviously come in early. By that time, mostly everyone in the station wagon and the RV had fallen asleep.

Candace, apparently the only one not sleeping, looked at the silent Lawrence, an awkward feeling boiling in her stomach. She always knew Lawrence wasn't her real father, but since she never knew her true father, the redhead had always looked up to him as the worthy father figure. And now that they were closer to seeing Phillip Flynn in the flesh, Candace couldn't help but feel confused and nervous about Lawrence's place in her life. She now felt concerned and sorry for her brother Phineas; once he was cured of whatever was ailing him, he might have to meet Phillip and realize that Lawrence wasn't technically their true father, which Phineas had always devotedly believed.

A chatter came from beside her, and Candace looked down at Perry, who had written in his platypus-sized notebook pad, "You okay, Candace?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," replied the teenage girl. "I'm just concerned about Jeremy. He's in that monster's clutches, probably being tortured senseless!"

Perry crossed his arms, then wrote, "I don't believe that. You're concerned about Phineas, aren't you?"

"No, no I'm not!" Candace hissed. Her face then softened as she said, "Yes, yes I am!"

"Knew it. Don't worry, Candace, I don't know exactly what's causing him to behave this way, but we'll get him back. I can guarantee that."

"It's not only his odd behavior that worries me. It's what's gonna happen after that also bothers me."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, Phineas is gonna have to meet Phillip sooner or later. And then, he finds out that Dad...isn't his real dad. He's always believed that Dad is...Dad. I mean, I believe he's Dad! I've always known he really wasn't, but Phillip was never there, so I've gotta bond with someone who acts like a father around me, and that's Dad. But now that I know that Phillip exists and I'm about to meet him, I've started...doubting his position in my life. And when Phineas meets Phillip, what about him? Like I said, he's believed Dad is Dad, and the truth might shatter him! He might be as worse as he is now!"

"Let's not worry about the future for now. What we should be concerned about is why the mailman hasn't shown up yet."

Candace put a finger to her chin thoughtfully. "Yeah, come to think of it, he should've shown up by now. Wonder what happened to him?..."

Meanwhile, at the other side of town, a tow-truck driver was attaching one of the truck's hooks to a mailman-truck, whose grille was completely devastated from an impact with a wall.

"You're lucky I have a tow-rig reserved specifically for mailman-trucks," explained the tow-truck driver to the unscathed mailman, who was watching. "Lots of guys don't have that kind of tow-rig."

The mailman nodded, understanding. Meanwhile, the tow-truck driver pointed at the sky triumphantly.


Little did Candace and Perry know that Lawrence had overheard their conversation. Lawrence drooped his head sadly, having now realized that his stepdaughter wasn't taking his position as the family father well anymore. He mentally admitted his agreement to Candace's guesses about how Phineas would react to this startling revelation. He had always been close to his stepson, even though he would always go out of the house for most of the summer days. Now, it appears that this chain of events will be all that it'll take to sever that relationship.

The British-born man sadly turned his head at the direction of the former Flynn house, where he saw the current resident emerging from the front door to retrieve the newspaper, which had been delivered a couple of minutes earlier. Lawrence's attention came to full alert when he saw the man: he had a tall frame and a triangular head sporting messy crimson hair. Lawrence recognized that kind of physicality anywhere; it was so distinct and unique that the only other person to have that kind of look besides Phineas and Frank was...

"PHILLIP!" Lawrence cried, opening the door and stepping out of the station wagon. "PHILLIP FLYNN!"

Phillip's attention was caught and he looked around the neighborhood before spotting Lawrence heading towards him, a look of bewilderment on his face.

"Uhhh, yes?" asked Phillip, confused.

Everyone else had been awakened by Lawrence's sudden outburst and were emerging from the station wagon and the RV. Linda and Candace stepped beside Lawrence and stared incredulously at the man of their past, her husband/father. Phillip caught sight of Linda and Candace too, and his eyes immediately widened with surprise.

"Linda?" he asked, shocked. "Candace?"

Linda's jaw dropped open, as did Candace's, as the two started coming to terms of seeing what was right in front of them. Phillip stepped a bit closer to get a better look.

"Is this a dream? A mirage?" he asked, shaking his head slightly. "A...hallucination? ...Can't be, my doctor would've confirmed that a long time ago-"

"Phillip, it is you," spoke Linda, her mouth curving into a slight smile. "And it's not a dream, or a mirage, or (God-forbid) a hallucination. It really is us."

"H-H-How can this be? You vowed to leave my life with Candace and never returned! What made you come back?"

"You have a son, Phillip."

To everyone's surprise, Phillip smiled proudly. "I know. I've seen his works on live television. Phineas is just like me, isn't he? Without the flaws..."

"He's in trouble!" Isabella exclaimed.

Once again, Phillip didn't seem surprised. His face suddenly turned emotionless, into a stoicism that could match that of Ferb's. Everyone's eyes widened with shock.

"You knew?" Ferb asked, while Perry chattered in surprise.

Phillip sighed and said, "Is Phineas calling himself 'The Shadow'?"

"Yes," replied Carl. "And he's attacking people, abducting people, taking over the entire evil community of the Tri-State Area, and preparing for a worldwide invasion! Everyone's lives are actually at stake here! You have inventing skills that are as efficient, maybe more efficient than that of Phineas's. We came to you hoping that you'd help us fight him and rid him of this Shadow personality."

Phillip was silent. Then...

"I'll help you," he said. "But first, I think we should start at the beginning if we are to know what we are going up against."

"What beginning?" asked Ferb.

All was silent, even the world seemed to stop for a moment to listen to what Phillip had to say.

"There something about this Shadow character that you must know..."

To be continued in Book Two...


"Let me get this straight," said Candace. "So, Phineas is NOT suffering from some sort of mental condition. He's actually possessed?"

"Correct," Phillip replied.

There was a brief silence, then...

"Sounds kinda lame, isn't it?" asked Buford. "Some pointless attempt at creating an epic-as-heck series of stories revolving around fighting for love and family honor."

The battle has begun...

"Phineas, the Red Triangle troops are ready to attack at your command," announced Rodney.

"Release them over the city," Phineas ordered.

...and ended.

"Let us out of here!" Doofenshmirtz cried from his cage.

Baljeet approached the cage and whipped the floor with a long and menacing whip.


And now...

"Let it rain!" Phineas screamed as the Red Triangle troops prepared their assault on Danville.


"PHINEAS, STOP!" Ferb roared as dark energy started firing off from Phineas, destroying all of the skyscrapers around them.

...the war.

"If you are doubting our mission, then why'd you join me in the first place?" the Shadow screamed at Phineas in their subconscious. "You think love conquers all? You. Thought. WRONG."

However, Phineas didn't flinch.

"Funny. You don't seem to think of it when you were with them."

Evil Phineas Trilogy: Book Two

Coming soon...

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