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Phineas Joins

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Phineas watched from the computer screen created by the Shadow's subconscious, the Shadow's point-of-view, as the villain assembled a powerful army, constructing many devices suited for battle, and, worse yet, abused his good friends, forcing them into building the devices. It was so horrible, seeing his own body following the commands of a second identity that shouldn't be there. And to cap it all, his friends kept thinking this wall all his doing. Not the Shadow's, but Phineas's. The inventor knew this wasn't his doing...actually, it was, but his mind was under the control of someone else. Someone who was much more powerful than him, who possessed evil powerful enough to overwhelm the optimistic, happy, caring personality that once occupied his mind.

From all of the sci-fi movies and shows he had watched, Phineas knew that when the main protagonist was possessed by an evil spirit, somehow, the protagonist would be able to overwhelm this spirit and regain control of his body. But now that it was happening to him, he had a sinking feeling that the movie dynamic didn't apply in real life. The Shadow was nearing victory, having amassed an unbeatable army and means to actually succeed in his goal...

But wait! Ferb, Isabella, Candace, his parents! They escaped the Shadow! Surely they were bringing together a force of their own...No. They couldn't do anything without him. Sure, they displayed unlimited capabilities in inventing, but always did they rely on his blueprints. Even Ferb, his own equal, who did all of the designing, had to take one or two good looks at the blueprints before actually constructing something good out of it. And unfortunately, Phineas, being unaware of what would happen to him, didn't supply them at least one valuable blueprint, having taken all of the ones he and Ferb got from Blueprint Heaven with him as the Shadow. Phineas knew it was selfish and arrogant to think of it, but he concluded that without him, the escapees were doomed to fail. He didn't know of anyone else who displayed capabilities in inventing that were as great as his... (A/N: Oh Phineas, if only you knew...)

Silence reigned over the Shadow's subconscious. It was so lonely here, Phineas had known, and there was no one to talk to, except for his own thoughts, which he had relied on for company as of late.

The Shadow's winning, and there's no way to beat him.


Ferb and the others don't have any means of fighting back.


Meanwhile, the Shadow's gathering an arsenal, having his means of fighting back constructed.


What's the pointin fighting back, if the Shadow's gonna win anyway?


Yeah, there's no point in fighting back.


And you know what they say.


If you can't beat 'em...


"Join 'em," Phineas said.

"That's the spirit, boy."

Phineas twirled around to see the Shadow standing right behind him. He had changed physically the moment he last see him. For one thing, the fire-like substance shrouding him had obscured his physical features, but now, it was much more clearer in color, allowing Phineas to see the Shadow in full detail. And the Shadow looked exactly like him, save for the green eyes and the smile that radiated malice powerful enough to rival Phineas's optimism.

While surveying the Shadow's physicality, Phineas caught notice of his legs. They were transparent. He looked at his hands. So were they. His entire body was transparent.

"W-Wh-What's happening to me?" asked Phineas fearfully.

"You're actually giving in, Phineas," the Shadow replied in a matter-of-factly voice. "You're giving in to the winning side. And like I said, that's the spirit. Don't be a loser, Phineas, like you are right now. Be a winner, like you always were. Join me. There's no point in wading around in here anymore." He stretched a hand out to the inventor. "Join me."

Phineas looked at the Shadow's hand, then at his hand, his transparent hand. The movie dynamic wasn't applying. There was no hope in Ferb and the other escapees getting help or amassing a force of their own. And besides, it was his actions that were endangering his family and friends as much as it was the Shadow's. There would be no difference should he voluntarily participate...

Phineas raised his hand towards the Shadow, and...

Rodney, Cravenblack, Bloodpudding, and Wackeye watched as their leader, the Shadow, slept in a comfortable, king-sized bed they made specifically for him. They then turned around and walked into the main chamber, where more non-LOVEMUFFIN members were being recruited and their captives were constructing the Red Triangle machines and paraphernalia...


A wall exploded, sending debris flying. Many Red Triangle members scrambled away to avoid being buried by rubble, while the captives all looked on curiously. Suddenly, a large group of machines climbed through the hole and began attacking the Red Triangle forces. Rodney, Cravenblack, Bloodpudding, and Wackeye instantly recognized the attacking machines as Doofenshmirtz's Inators...


Indeed, there was Doofenshmirtz, controlling his Flat-A-Plat-Inator. Rodney, Cravenblack, Bloodpudding, and Wackeye manned their Inators and began firing at Doofenshmirtz, as did several other Red Triangle villains. However, their lasers and attacks surprisingly bounced off of the Inators' exteriors.

"WHAT?" Rodney shouted. "How can this BE?"

"It's all thanks to you and your pointless modifications!" replied Doofenshmirtz triumphantly. "You used the Pizzazium Infinionite to strengthen all of our Inators, strength- and endurance-wise!"

"And how'd you escape from your cell and take control of your Inators, Doofenshmirtz?" Bloodpudding asked.

"A TRUE evil scientist must have a backup remote for all of his Inators!" Doofenshmirtz pulled out a remote from his lab coat pocket. "And since you didn't bother to search me, I smuggled it inside my cell with ease!"

Doofenshmirtz pressed a button on the remote, which commanded the Inators to attack and immediately subdue any enemy inventions. The Flat-A-Plat-Inator approached the group of captives.

"HEY!" Doofenshmirtz called. "VANESSA, CHARLENE! I'm quitting!"

"Being an evil scientist?" asked Vanessa hopefully.

"No," Doofenshmirtz replied. "Working with these lunatics! Everyone, follow me! I'm leading the way out!"


The cold voice stopped everyone in their tracks, and they twirled around at the Shadow's bedroom door. There, they saw the Shadow himself, although he had changed slightly. A substance of blue and green flames was shrouding him, though not obscuring his figure, and his green eyes had now turned into a pale blue-green.

"Shadow, boss!" exclaimed Cravenblack. "So good of you to join us! The traitor Doof-"

"Do NOT call me Shadow anymore," said the Shadow, his voice emanating dark energy. "The name Shadow doesn't apply to me anymore, now that I have the most powerful weapon of all."

"Uh...which is...?" asked Wackeye.

"The inventor, Phineas Flynn. YARGH!"

The Shadow lunged forward and jumped onto the Flat-A-Plat-Inator, causing Doofenshmirtz to yelp out in surprise. He then threw a single punch at the Flat-A-Plat-Inator's metal exterior, breaking through and reaching into the main wiring system that was conveniently there.

"HEY!" Doofenshmirtz cried. "That was brand-new!"

"Too bad for you." The Shadow immediately rewired the Flat-A-Plat-Inator, and it automatically grabbed Doofenshmirtz with its pot-like hand, pulling the former evil scientist from his seat and throwing him to the ground. The inventor then jumped to the ground and seized the Inator remote still in Doofenshmirtz's hand and pressed a button.

"Your Inators now have new management, Doofenshmirtz."

Doofenshmirtz's Inators advanced on the fallen scientist and encircled him, preventing any means of escape.

"Aw, POOH!" cried the ex-villain.

"Pooh, indeed," sneered the Shadow. He then faced the gathering Red Triangle members. "RED TRIANGLE! The fates have led us to success, for I have finally found a good ally and merged with him, and he has merged with me. We are one and the same, and now, I don't need the name of Shadow, for he has allowed me his identity as much as I have allowed him mine. From now on, call me PHINEAS FLYNN!"

There was silence before...

"I liked Shadow better," said Diminuitive.


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