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Frank Flynn

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It had been a difficult time for Ferb, Perry, Isabella, Julia, and all the rest to walk through Danville without being detected. In an obvious attempt to locate those that escaped him, Phineas had now dispersed many LOVEMUFFIN scientists throughout the city to look for them. Many scientists were now present in the streets, and surprisingly, no other civilians seemed to notice this odd change of scenery, possibly mistaking it as some sort of pharmacist strike or something.

Julia escorted the group carefully through the streets, using disguises supplied by Perry and Carl to sneak past the scientists without detection, but it was still difficult not to give anything away. Even one word spoken from any of them and they were done for. Finally walking into a suburban street and towards a rather nice two-story house, the group approached the front door, which Julia knocked thrice. The door opened to reveal someone that made Linda smile nervously. He was a man slightly younger than Linda, wearing a yellow shirt, blue jeans with suspenders, and gray gardening gloves. This person sported a triangular head that everyone instantly recognized, though instead of messy red hair, they were greeted with neat blond hair.

"Hey, Julie," greeted the man. "Who are your fr-?" He immediately spotted Linda; his eyes widened. "It's been a while, Linda."

"Same here, Frank," Linda replied.

"This is a most unexpected circumstance." Frank smiled a smile that was just as optimistic as Phineas's; the children actually smiled, having not seen such a comforting smile in a while. "Why'd you drop by, Linda? ...You're still not hurt about the tragedy with the rollercoaster, are you?"

"No, I'm not. That's just a part of the past. No, this is different. And much worse..."

"Worse?" Frank asked, his smile disappearing. "What happened?"

"It's Phineas."

"Phineas? As in my nephew, Phineas? The one you've been sending me pictures of?"

"Yes, him. Something happened to him."

"Did he get hospitalized?"

"No." Linda gulped and looked around. "Can we talk about it...inside?"

Frank raised an eyebrow curiously, then smiled. "Sure. Come on in, everyone." He gave Julia a look that only the Fireside Girl recognized before escorting the group inside the house.

As the group filed into the kitchen, Frank called up the staircase. "Wallace! We've got some guests! Keep 'em entertained, please!"

"Sure thing, Dad," a voice with an accent replied, and a boy around Candace's age appeared and traveled down the stairs, greeting Julia with a hug before spotting Linda. "Aunt Linda?"

"Hello, Wallace sweetie," Linda greeted, hugging her nephew with a devoted hug. "It's so nice to see you again."

"Same here," said Wallace, flabbergasted. "I haven't seen you in ten years. How've you been?"

"Not excellent at the moment," Buford said, to which Lawrence gave him a cold glare, while Linda giggled nervously.

"We'll talk about that later, sweetie," she said to Wallace. "For now, I'd like you to do what your father says and entertain your cousin and her friends, will you?"

"Sure, Aunt Linda." Wallace watched as Linda, Lawrence, and Carl escorted Wallace into another room before facing the children, noticing Candace first. "Hey, Candace. Haven't seen you in a while either."

Candace raised an eyebrow. "I'm sorry, but who are you?" she replied quizzically.

"You don't remember me? I'm your cousin, Wallace!"

Candace was silent for a moment as she tried searching for Wallace in her memory bank. "...Nope. Don't remember anyone by that name."

"Well, I guess that's understandable. You never had the sharpest mind..."

"HEY!" the teenaged redhead yelled, but Wallace ignored her, already noticing Perry.

"Wow," he said. "I never knew a platypus can walk on twos..."

"He's a secret agent," Ferb replied.

"A secret agent?"

"Yeah, it's a long story," said Django.

The more Frank listened in on Linda's story, the more his lower jaw descended away from his upper. From what he had been told by Linda via phone calls, Phineas had always been the nicest kid around, always willing to help out others and ready to be of service. More than once did the descriptions of Phineas remind Frank of Phillip, and that comparison always made him smile. But now that he was hearing of a completely different Phineas, who was threatening his family and friends and wishing to cause harm and fear, it was just unbelievable.

"You're kidding, right?" Frank replied after Linda stopped talking. "You're telling me that the bright boy you keep telling me about has suddenly gone wacko and wants to conquer the world, Genghis Khan-style? I don't believe a single word of it, Linda."

"You've gotta believe me, Frank!" pleaded Linda. "I know it was Phineas; a mother could distinguish her child from a large crowd! Only, it wasn't Phineas's usual personality that I was dealing with. But I just know it's him!"

"For all you know, it might've been some psychopathic lookalike who stole Phineas's identity!"

Linda opened her mouth to speak, but then closed it, knowing that Frank could be right. After all, she hadn't actually seen her Phineas in a transition into the evil personality. But if it was a lookalike they were dealing with, then why hadn't Phineas come out of hiding yet?

"It doesn't matter if we're dealing with a whacked-out Phineas or a psycho lookalike," Carl said suddenly. "Either way, he's bad news and we don't have Phineas's knack for inventing to help us! If we don't act soon, Danville, the Tri-State Area, and the world will be DOOMED!"

"Since when was I supposed to be caught up in this mix of doom?" Frank asked, crossing his arms.

"There's only one other person besides Phineas who has the skills to invent objects of great power," replied Carl. "And that is your brother, Phillip Flynn."

"DUN DUN DUN!" Buford called from the other room.

"My brother?" Frank's eyes widened. "If you've come here to find out where he is, then I'm afraid I'm not of much help to you. I haven't seen him since the...tragedy..." His voice trailed off.

"The last day you saw him," Linda said, "what was he doing?"

Frank sighed, and closed his eyes as he remembered the event like it was yesterday...

Ten years earlier...

The two men conversed in front of a house, which was currently undergoing reconstruction following the rollercoaster incident. Both men had an identical physicality, with tall frames and triangular heads, though they had their differences. The older of the two, a man with messy red hair and wearing a green shirt, a red vest, and blue jeans, stopped talking and stared at the house, his bloodshot, baggy blue eyes becoming obvious in the sunlight. A large blue backpack with light-blue triangles decorating it was lying beside his leg.

"It's over, bro," he said. "Linda's left with Candy, no one trusts my inventions anymore, I've been declared the Tri-State Area's worst pariah, and worse yet, I've killed people..."

"Phil, it's not your fault," replied Frank honestly.

"Yes, yes it is." Phillip turned to look at Frank, an angry, almost maniacal glint in his eye. "I should've double-checked the rollercoaster for any flaws! I shouldn't have followed my instincts and stood by the sidelines proudly, thinking that it'll be the same pattern of the invention collapsing after everyone gets out. I should've known that the unexpected can happen, in the most inconvenient of times! Now is it my fault, Frank?"

Frank said nothing, and Phillip looked back at the house.

"Who would've known it would all come down to this?" he asked, more to himself than to Frank. He then chuckled briefly. "This whole thing might've as well been written by Shakespeare. My inventions, meant to bring happiness and joy for the day, finally bring sadness and loss for the lifetime. A perfect tragedy."

"You can recover, Phil."

"How? Like I said, no one trusts my inventions anymore. People now fear for the quality of the safety of things. It doesn't matter if I actually make an effort to make my inventions safe. After what happened with the rollercoaster, no one will dare to step foot inside my inventions even for a second. It's...it's over. And I'm leaving."

"Where?" asked Frank.

"I...I don't know...Hopefully it's place where I'll be surrounded by the things I cherish most: happiness and joy. And when I find that place, hopefully I'll find a way to start over."

"Then I'm going with you."

"No, Frank." Once again, Phillip glared at Frank sternly, yet with care and concern. "You've got a wife and child to take care of." He was silent for a moment. "You're really lucky, Frank. Your family is still loyal to you. Savor this loyalty, this love. Don't mess things up like I did. Promise me you won't break that loyalty."

"Phillip..." said Frank.

"Promise me."

Frank was silent for a moment before replying, "I promise."

Phillip smiled, took one last look at his house, and then walked towards the sunrise. Frank watched his older brother depart, and sighed heavily.

"Oh, Phillip..."

Present day...

Frank opened his eyes and said with realization, "He said he was going to a place where he'd find happiness and joy."

"Where would that be, Frank?" asked Linda.

He shrugged. "How should I know? Those last few hours with him were some of the grimmest ever. He barely even spoke to me. Never before had he looked so broken..." Frank's voice trailed off again, and he side-glanced his head at an old picture hanging from the wall, which depicted him and Phillip at a young age, smiling. He sighed sadly.

Linda followed her brother-in-law's gaze, spotted the photo, and felt tears form at the corners of her eyes. She remembered how angry she was at Phillip since her grandparents were among those killed in the rollercoaster accident and never bothered to hear what Phillip had to say. Now, she was hearing of Frank's story, how shattered Phillip was, and realized that she had done a terrible thing to her ex-husband. Phillip had always been an optimist, definitely not unlike Phineas, but to be yelled at and seen as an enemy by a loved one like your wife was something so heartbreaking even to the most high-spirited man. And she failed to see that when she left him for a better future.

She felt a hand place itself on her shoulder and saw that Lawrence had put an arm around her, no doubt noticing the tears forming her eyes.

"I know you feel terrible about what happened to Phillip," he said. "But see this as an opportunity to make amends with him."

"But we don't know what happened to him, Lawrence," Linda replied. "We don't even know if he's..." She fell into a brief silence, then skipped ahead. "How am I supposed to make amends if he's off the grid, much like how the mail business is doing right now?"

Outside, a mailman's sensitive ears overheard that remark and he moaned, downcast.

Frank's eyes suddenly widened and he snapped his fingers.

"That's it!" he cried.

"What's it?" asked Carl.

"The mailman!"

"The mailman?" everyone, including the children in the next room, asked simultaneously.

"Yes, the mailman! Chapter 4 mentioned that no one visited Phillip at his home except for the mailman! I remember that mailman well! He always came by every Tuesday to drop off the mail at the neighborhood Phillip's house once was. Phillip got along well with the guy, and if I can recall, he was the only one besides me who still believed in him. Phillip might've dropped a useful hint to him before leaving!"

"Do you know where that mailman lives?" asked Carl.

"No, but I'm pretty sure he still visits the same neighborhood every Tuesday."

"What's today?"


It was silent for a moment.

"Wow, the author sure likes to make things very convenient," Ferb said.

Hey, no breaking the fourth wall!


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