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Rise of the Red Triangle

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Doofenshmirtz slowly opened his eyes and immediately felt a wave of dizziness sweep over his head. Groaning, the evil scientist clutched his head, trying to remember what happened. Last thing he could remember was crashing into that OWCA bus, and then, it all went black. Standing up, Doofenshmirtz found the world coming back to him, and he saw that he was sitting on a table that was located into the middle of a room. His traditional clothes were gone, and he was now wearing an undershirt and a pair of boxer shorts.

Just then, a door opened and Doofenshmirtz watched as the Shadow, accompanied by Rodney and Bloodpudding, walked into the room. The first thing the evil scientist noticed was the change of his allies' clothing. No longer were they wearing lab coats (or, in the Shadow's case, his striped, orange T-shirt and blue shorts), but black leather suits with a red triangle sewn on them, somewhat like an insignia. The Shadow also dyed his hair black with red highlights, and styled it into a spiky fashion.

"Welcome back, Doofenshmirtz," greeted the Shadow.

"Wh-Wha?" Doofenshmirtz asked. "What happened? Did we get 'em?"

"Most of them," replied Bloodpudding. "A few of them escaped, but that's not a concern. We have enough captives guaranteed to coerce the escapees into surrendering."

"That's nice." Doofenshmirtz raised an eyebrow. "And what's with the change of clothing, guys? You didn't turn into a motorcyclist group while I was out, did you?"

The Shadow cackled. "A motorcyclist group, you say! How hilarious! AHAHAHA!" He stopped laughing and turned serious. "No, we didn't. We made a lot of changes to LOVEMUFFIN while you were out, Doofenshmirtz. A lot of changes. In fact, we're not calling our organization LOVEMUFFIN anymore."

"What? What're you calling it now?"

"The Red Triangle," replied the Shadow as if it were obvious. "You see, Doofenshmirtz, in order to maintain control over a community (in our case, the world), then people have to learn to fear you, to think of you as powerful. Otherwise, they'll easily resist. A way to do so is to have an intimidating title. I've found that the League Of Villainous Evildoers Maniacally United For Frightening Investments in Naughtiness is not that intimidating of a title, so I changed it into the Red Triangle."

"The Red Triangle doesn't sound intimidating," Doofenshmirtz said, but he squeaked fearfully when the Shadow gave him a cold, deadly glare.

"Oh, it will be," the Shadow said in a voice so quiet and so sinister that it made Doofenshmirtz and even Diminuitive and Bloodpudding shiver. "Soon enough." He then spoke in a normal voice. "And another change we made is, obviously, the lab coats. If we keep 'em, then people will constantly mistake you as a pharmacist and not take you seriously. We need people to take us seriously, so I set the concept for a new outfit for the Red Triangle. It proved to be popular."

"I feel so powerful in this!" Diminuitive cried, crossing his arms proudly.

"You're not telling me you like those monstrosities, do you?" asked Doofenshmirtz, shocked. The Shadow narrowed his eyes.

"And you don't?"

"I mean, replace lab coats with those? That's terrible! That's horrifying! That a betrayal of the generic cartoon villain!"

"Well, deal with it," replied the Shadow coldly. "Success requires sacrifice. You want to conquer the Tri-State Area, do you?"

Doofenshmirtz opened his mouth, planning on saying no, but he remembered why he became a villain in the first place: the abuse by his parents and the positive attention they gave to Roger. He wanted to conquer the Tri-State Area, but the new traditions the Shadow was giving to LOVEMUFFIN, his organization, was something he didn't approve of. But then, he remembered something his father once said to him:

"The boy is a schnitzel!"

"Yes," replied Doofenshmirtz immediately, clenching his fists in hatred at his parents and Roger, "yes I do."

"That's a good evil scientist," the Shadow said, smiling. "Now, if you'll excuse me, gentlemen, I gotta go oversee construction! Bloodpudding, Diminuitive, give Doofenshmirtz his outfit and show him the changes we're giving to the Red Triangle."

"Right away, Shadow sir!" replied Bloodpudding, loyally saluting the Shadow as he walked out of the room. Diminuitive then tossed a black leather suit to Doofenshmirtz, who failed to catch it and was hit in the face with it.

"Careful with the zipper," the tiny villain warned. "It kinda gets stuck a lot."

Bloodpudding and Diminuitive escorted Doofenshmirtz to the main room of the Danville Arena. All the while, Doofenshmirtz was clawing away at his suit, as it was causing itches to break out on his skin. Not only was it itchy, but the suit was extremely uncomfortable. Groaning in pain, Doofenshmirtz followed his two comrades as they led him to rows of Big Ideas and Inators that were being worked on by LOVEMUFFIN scientists and captives alike. Doofenshmirtz noticed the glowing green pieces that were being added into the devices.

"While you were out," explained Diminuitive, "some of our scientists stole that canister of Pizzazium Infinionite from the Superduper Mega Superstore. We have carefully divided the element and are now using to power up our Inators and the inventions created by those kids, to boost their power. Here, watch."

The three stopped beside two Inators of the same model, just as Croachaye and Sharpeard manned them.

"The Annihilate-Inator Croachaye is manning has enough power to destroy an obstacle," Bloodpudding said, just as Croachaye pressed a button, firing the Annihilate-Inator towards a brick wall, demolishing it.

"However," said Diminuitve, "the Annihilate-Inator Sharpeard is controlling has enough power to tear through each and every obstacle in the way."

In response, Sharpeard fired his Annihilate-Inator; its laser furiously tore through a vertical row of brick walls placed in front of it. Doofenshmirtz gulped nervously at the destruction.

Doofenshmirtz, Bloodpudding, and Diminuitive arrived at a room where they found the OWCA agents, superiors, and interns being zapped with multiple Turn-Everything-Evil-Inators and such.

"In the past," Sharpeard said, "the OWCA has thwarted our schemes. But now, they will be supporting our schemes with the agents' fighting expertise, the superiors' commanding skills, and the interns' superior computer work."

"There's no way we will fight alongside twisted villains like you!" shouted Monogram rebelliously.

"Oh, you'll come to enjoy working with us," said the scientist operating the Turn-Everything-Evil-Inator aimed at Monogram, just before firing it and zapping the superior with its green laser.

"I live to serve under the Red Triangle," Monogram said emotionlessly. Doofenshmirtz couldn't help but wince at Monogram's state, for he never really envisioned the major of having an evil side, even if under the influence of an Inator.

"With the help of the Shadow," explained Bloodpudding as he led Doofenshmirtz and Diminuitive toward a set of menacing-looking robots, "we have created, as he calls it, the perfect full-frontal attack division. The Red Triangle Robots."

The three scientists stared at a training room, where a Red Triangle Robot was attacking several OWCA agents despite their best efforts to destroy it. Doofenshmirtz watched with shock as the Red Triangle Robot easily defeated the agents within seconds and without any difficulty. Doofenshmirtz then noticed something.

"Hey, where's Perry the Platypus?" he asked.

"He was one of the few that escaped us," replied Diminuitive. "But don't worry; we'll catch him."

Doofenshmirtz looked back into the training room, and whispered as the OWCA agents were continuously defeated, "Hopefully not."

He then gasped upon seeing another agent he knew in the training room: Peter the Panda, who tried standing up after suffering a punch from the training Red Triangle Robot, only for the robot to kick him into the wall. Doofenshmirtz flinched and watched pitifully as the panda slid down the wall, towards the floor, tears of pain and defeat coming from its eyes.

Doofenshmirtz followed Bloodpudding and Diminuitive into a meeting room, where he saw many villains that were obviously not members of LOVEMUFFIN. He immediately recognized some of them.

"The Shadow wanted all of the men he could," said Diminuitive, "so we used Evilbook to summon all of the country's active villains. We also broke into the OWCA's prison to bail out the villains kept in there, which was easy as all of the OWCA made the mistake of coming to that ceremony, whatever it was for."

"Well, well, well," said a muscular villain wearing a green suit, "if it isn't the doofus who I foolishly hired to become my intern."

"You!" Doofenshmirtz exclaimed. "I know you! You're...you're...who are you again?"

"I am THE REGURGITATOR!" the Regurgitator roared, right before lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.

"I forgot how he did that..." remarked Doofenshmirtz, just as he spotted a man wearing a pink suit with the insignia of 'K' and a green mask. "And I don't remember you..."

"The name's Khaka Peü Peü, thank you very much," replied the man. All nearby scientists began to giggle. "All right, now THAT'S just uncalled for! Even fellow villains don't appreciate my honorable family name!"

An elderly woman wearing a pink dress approached Doofenshmirtz and Khaka and touched the latter's shoulder. "Don't worry," she said. "I appreciate your-" She began to suppress a giggle. "-honorable family name. The name's Poofenplotz. Professor Poofenplotz."

"Thank you very much," replied Khaka.

"Uh, Khaka," Doofenshmirtz said, "she's stealing your...something."

Khaka gasped and looked down to see Poofenplotz's hand, which was clutching a bottle of 'Stiff Beauty' spray.

"I don't know why you carry these around," said Poofenplotz, "but thank you very much!" And with that, she ran off.

"HEY!" Khaka shouted. "That's MY line!"

"Come on, Doofenshmirtz," said Bloodpudding, grabbing Doofenshmirtz's arm and escorting him out of the building. "You've gotta go before it gets awkward-"

"OH MY GOODNESS!" exclaimed Doofenshmirtz, spotting someone he wanted to see. "It's my idol, Dr. Lloyd Wexler! Hey, Dr. Wexler, over here!"

A stout man wearing large, circular glasses with curly brown hair at the temples and a brown mustache and wearing a brown suit began looking around, his attention having been caught. Doofenshmirtz broke away from Bloodpudding and began running towards Wexler, who finally noticed him. Jittery, Doofenshmirtz began talking away.

"Dr. Wexler! Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz. I'm such a FAN! I've heard about how you abducted several governors of the U.S. in 1990 and made a ransom note for billions of dollars! And getting away with it! You were a primary reason I became an evil scientist in the first place! You should hear about what evil schemes I have done! Like the time-"

"Wait, your name's Heinz Doofenshmirtz?" asked Wexler, raising an eyebrow in suspicion. Doofenshmirtz nodded. "Your mentors have told me a lot about you."

Wexler snapped his fingers, and two people approached him. One was a man wearing a red costume, gray gloves, black boots, a gray belt, a purple cape, and an iron mask. The other was a small woman wearing a white lab coat and a blue dress, with blond hair and a pair of large glasses that were worn over her stern, disapproving eyes. Doofenshmirtz gasped.

"My mentors Kevin Destructicon and Dr. Gevaarlijk?" he asked. Then, he smiled at Wexler. "Well, surely they've told you about how much of a successful student I was to them."

"Actually, no, we didn't," replied Gevaarlijk.

"We told him how much of a disappointment you were," Destructicon added.

"And there's no way I'm conversing with a 'disappointment' in front of all these other respectable villains," said Wexler disapprovingly as he walked away with Gevaarlijk and Destructicon.

"No, no, no, WAIT!" yelled Doofenshmirtz. "Wait, don't go, Dr. Wexler! I may have been a disappointment to them, but I improved over the years! I once...uh...once...oh, boy."

Doofenshmirtz didn't like what he saw. LOVEMUFFIN's name and traditional outfit being changed, Inators capable of inflicting immense destruction, the OWCA under their bidding and being tortured, his greatest idol turning him away...how worse can it get?

He immediately saw something extremely horrible: Charlene and Vanessa, among many others, carrying metal pipes across the room with extreme difficulty, all the while being bossed around by Rodney.

"Come on, ladies!" commanded Rodney. "The Shadow expects the pile of energy-channeling pipes to be complete when the hour is done! And your slow butts is delaying production! Move, move, MOVE!"

"Hey, hey, cool it, Rodney!" Doofenshmirtz said. "These guys are going through a lot. Can't ya give 'em a break?"

"Absolutely not. The Shadow is under a tight schedule, and he expects things to be done quickly if we are to initiate our operation to take over the world! Oh, and it's Aloyse Everheart Elizabeth Otto Wolfgang Hypatia Gunther Galen Gary Cooper von Roddenstein, Doofenshmirtz! Now, move along, people! MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!"

Doofenshmirtz began protesting, but the sounds of construction started getting louder and they drowned out his voice, rendering it useless to stop Rodney and his strictness. Pitifully, Doofenshmirtz glanced over at Vanessa and Charlene, their faces sweaty, grimy, and sad as they continued to carry the pipes across the room.

"HOW CAN YOU WORK FOR A GUY LIKE THE SHADOW?" Doofenshmirtz asked furiously in the Danville Arena's lunchroom. Bloodpudding and Diminuitive looked at him, puzzled.

"He's our leader, Doofenshmirtz," replied Bloodpudding modestly.


"Look, Doofenshmirtz," Diminuitive said kindly, "we know you don't like his ideals, but like he said, success requires sacrifice. Don't you wanna take control of the entire Tri-State Area?"

"Yes, but not this way!"

"But this is the first time you're actually succeeding, Doofenshmirtz!" exclaimed Bloodpudding. "Look at how far we've gotten! You can't turn back now, not while victory's calling!"

"Well, maybe I don't like victory's call anymore!"

Bloodpudding and Diminuitive both gasped, then crossed their arms angrily.

"Fine then," said Bloodpudding. "If you don't like it, then you're a good guy. And if you're a good guy-"

"LET ME OUT!" Doofenshmirtz roared as he began hitting his cage, but it was no use; Bloodpudding and Diminuitive had walked out of the prison.

Doofenshmirtz sighed, but then remembered something. He smiled craftily as he pulled out something from his pocket...

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