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Yes, Yes It Can

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"OWCA, battle positions!" ordered General Garrett, pointing at the advancing LOVEMUFFIN army. The agents and superiors saluted the general and put on their best fighting stances, preparing themselves for the fight, while the interns took out laptops and began calculating battle strategies. Perry jumped to the front of the group, ready as well, but Monogram pushed the platypus back.

"No, Agent P!" Monogram scolded. "You're suspended; therefore, you're not allowed to indulge into OWCA activities!"

Perry chattered in protest, but Monogram replied, "That's an order!"

The platypus looked at the ground, angry and hurt that he couldn't participate. Ferb knelt down and comfortingly placed a hand on Perry's shoulder. Meanwhile, Monogram looked at Carl.

"Carl, you take the civilians to a safe zone!" the major ordered.

"Yes, Major Monogram!" replied Carl. He then turned to Ferb, Perry, and the other civilians. "Alright, everyone! To the OWCA Conversion Vehicle! You're kidding me with the hand up, right?"

Buford put down his hand. "What's an OWCA Conversion Vehicle?" he asked.

"I mean the bus."

"Ohhhhh..." Buford snapped his fingers in realization as he followed the others to the OWCA bus.

Reaching the bus first Perry looked back at the OWCA agents and superiors, who were charging towards LOVEMUFFIN. He could see Major Monogram, who had pulled out a stun gun, his stern eyes focused all the while. He could see Pinky, who had looked back at the retreating civilians with concern; whether the concern was aimed at Perry or Isabella, or even both, the platypus knew he couldn't find out at this hour. He could see all of his friends, eager and ready to have the fight of their life. Then, Perry could see Phineas, his green eyes blazing with evil triumph as he undoubtedly formulated a counterattack against the OWCA. He knew that the OWCA had to bring his owner down, but he was worried for Phineas. If there was no other way, then the OWCA was obliged to literally eliminate the enemy. And if there was no other way for the organization to defeat Phineas, then what would happen?...

"Agent P," Carl said, bringing the platypus back to reality, "it's time to go!" Perry looked up at him with a confused look, for OWCA employees were to refer to former or suspended colleagues by their informal names; Carl recognized the expression. "Hey, you may be suspended, but I still consider you the best darn agent around, and if it's necessary, you have my permission to protect us from the enemy. I'll have you covered."

Perry smiled in respect at the intern before boarding the bus, taking one last look at the two armies charging at one another.

The Shadow watched as the civilians boarded the OWCA bus and looked at Doofenshmirtz, Norm, and a small group of LOVEMUFFIN members, who were manning Inators.

"Group Alpha!" the Shadow ordered. "Go after that bus! I'll lead the rest against these meddling fools!"

"Who's Group Alpha again?" asked a female scientist with helmet-shaped hair.

"That's you, Helmetair," snarled the Shadow in response. "You, Doofenshmirtz, Cravenblack, Diminuitive, Kotrench, Croachaye, Froggart, and Tancien! That's Group Alpha! Got it?"

"Got it," Helmetair replied. She then led the members of her group towards the OWCA bus. Meanwhile, the Shadow looked at Rodney and another group of LOVEMUFFIN members.

"Group Beta, advance to the left!"

"Who's Group Beta again?" asked Bloodpudding.

"AAARRRGGGHHH!" the Shadow screamed. "DIDN'T YOU IDIOTS LISTEN?" The villain sighed heavily. "LOVEMUFFIN forces, stop, stop, STOP!"

The scientists, except for Group Alpha, obliged and stopped. The Shadow put out his hand at the OWCA.

"OWCA, can we put this battle on hold for a sec?" he asked. "Apparently, these idiots didn't listen in to my planning."

General Garrett shrugged. "Sure."

"All right. Okay, LOVEMUFFIN, please, please, PLEASE listen to me! You already heard who's in Group Alpha. Now, Group Beta consists of Rodney, Bulkare, Sharpeard, Witcheta, Suitarge, and the Count. Group Gamma consists of Bloodpudding, Wackeye-"

Carl gritted his teeth as he stepped on the gas pedal, causing the OWCA bus to barrel down the street driving towards downtown Danville, narrowly avoiding collisions with cars multiple times.

"Uh, Carl?" asked Baljeet. "Perhaps it would help if you followed the speed limit."

"While we're fleeing from evil scientists?" Carl replied, not taking his eyes off the road. "Not a chance!"

"But we don't see 'em anywhere! All we see are police cars, chasing us!"

Indeed, a swarm of police cars were trailing the OWCA bus, their sirens blaring incessantly. An officer stuck a loudspeaker out of the window of his car and spoke into it.

"Whoever's driving that bus, pull over NOW!"

Just then, red glows enveloped each and every police car, and they began to levitate into the air, suspended by some unknown force. Perry chattered in shock when he saw that Doofenshmirtz and his group of LOVEMUFFIN scientists were flying towards them, their Inators being suspended by Cravenblack's Levitate-Inator, the only exception being Norm, who was using his rocket-skate feet. Smiling maliciously, Cravenblack pressed a button on his Inator, and the device directed the police cars to the other side of the highway, where they crashed into other incoming cars. The rest of the LOVEMUFFIN scientists began firing their Inators in an attempt to stop the bus, but their lasers missed.


"NO, THEY CALLED YOU A SCHNITZEL!" Mr. Doofenshmirtz called back.


"You mean the world, Doofenshmirtz," corrected a scientist wearing a brown trench coat and green safety goggles.


"Since when did I have any grappling hooks, Dad?" Norm asked optimistically.

"I don't know; you always seem to have a lot of awesome stuff that I don't recall putting in. Find them and fire! Oh, and I'm not your dad!"

"Okay, Dad." Norm deployed a set of grappling-hook launchers from his shoulders.

Doofenshmirtz threw an evil smile at the bus's occupants, but after a few minutes, it became apparent that Norm wouldn't fire. Sighing, the evil scientist asked, "Norm, why aren't you firing those...thingies?"

"You need to say the magic word."

"Alright, fine," grumbled Doofenshmirtz. "Please, fire those thingies."


And with that, Norm fired his launchers, and a pair of grappling hooks pierced through the bus, causing the children to scream. Doofenshmirtz laughed triumphantly.

"HA! GOTCHA! Now Norm, stop your rocket-skates."

"What's the magic word?"

Doofenshmirtz sighed disapprovingly. "PPPllleeeaaassseee..."


Norm deactivated his rocket-skates and his feet immediately slid hard against the road, causing gravel to fly up. Normally, the speed would cause a person to fall over, but Norm maintained his position with disturbing efficiency. Inside the bus, Carl stepped harder on the gas pedal, but he began to notice that the bus was slowing down. Looking at the bus's wing mirror, he instantly found the cause of the decreasing speed and gasped with horror.

"Norm's slowing down the bus!" the intern announced. "Someone cut the ropes connecting those grappling hooks!"

Perry immediately sprang into action, procuring two platypus-sized Swiss Army knife from his fedora and using one of them to slash at one of the ropes, tossing the other one to Ferb, who began slashing at the other rope. But before they can successfully cut the ropes, the rear of the bus began to lift up from the ground, causing the passengers to all tumble over and Ferb and Perry to drop the knives. Cravenblack, being the first to catch up with the bus, was using his Levitate-Inator to further stop the bus, but his Inator's power was apparently limited, as it couldn't fully stop the bus from speeding down the street.

Isabella and the Fireside Girls climbed over to the seats and saw two scientists manning their own Inators, approaching the sides of the bus. One scientist had pale-green skin, dark-green hair, and an ID reading 'Froggart'; the other had bug-like eyes and an ID that read 'Croachaye'. Both smiled and pressed buttons on their Inators, and within seconds, swarms of frogs and bugs began invading the bus's interior through any open windows.

"Quick, Fireside Girls!" cried Isabella. "Get out your butterfly nets! We're about to get our Frog-Catcher and Insect-Catcher Patches! And that means you, Julia, Jordan, and Haley!"

The Fireside Girls all saluted Isabella and produced butterfly nets from their backpacks before proceeding to catch as many frogs and bugs as they could. Every time their net became full, they threw its contents out of the open windows and towards LOVEMUFFIN. Finally, Holly and Jordan were able to throw frogs and bugs all over Froggart and Croachaye.

"AGH!" screamed Froggart, clutching his frog-coated face and preventing his Inator from shooting out more frogs. "GET THESE THINGS OFF ME!"

"AAARRRGGGHHH!" Croachaye shrieked as he was continuously pestered by a swarm of insects, distracting him from manning his own Inator. "OH, THE IRONY OF IT ALL!"

"Good job, girls!" Isabella announced, just as a red glow enveloped the rear bus door. The door tore away on its own, and Cravenblack jumped into the bus, brandishing a stun gun and aiming it at Carl.

"Stop the bus NOW!" he ordered. Carl instead shook his head rebelliously and instead turned the wheel, directing the bus to make a sharp turn. Cravenblack was immediately thrown to the side of the bus roughly, and he lost his grip on the stun gun.

Cravenblack's raven cawed menacingly and flew towards Carl, its talons ready, but suddenly, Perry appeared and ambushed the bird to the floor. The raven cawed again and slashed at Perry with its talons, striking the platypus's cheek and leaving a cut that began to ooze out a trickle of blood. Clutching the cut in pain, Perry picked up Cravenblack's stun gun, but the raven had already flown into the air and snatched the gun, pulling it out of his hands and dropping it in front of its owner. The raven settled on Cravenblack's shoulder as he smirked and picked up the weapon, aiming it at Perry. But before he can fire, Carl swerved the bus again, sending Cravenblack out of the bus through the open rear. Fortunately, he was able to land safely on his Levitate-Inator, which was on an installed autopilot mode of sorts.

Meanwhile, Doofenshmirtz let out a girlish scream. The latest swerve of the bus had sent him and Norm barreling towards a truck full of tin foil.

"Oh, no! Not tin foil! It brings back bad memories!"

Doofenshmirtz tried to swerve Norm away from the truck, but it was too late. Still going at a fast speed, the two collided with the truck, sending both flying into the air and disconnecting Norm's grappling hooks, allowing the OWCA bus to travel faster. Norm immediately grabbed his creator and transformed into a protective, flexible sphere that enveloped the evil scientist. The sphere landed once on the highway pavement, then bounced back up into the air before plummeting back down. Towards the OWCA bus.

"Incoming big ball with weird face!" cried Ginger, just as she and the others jumped out of the way, seconds before Norm crashed through the bus roof and instantly transformed back to his normal mode, causing Doofenshmirtz to fall out with a grunt. And hit his face on a support pole, knocking him out. Perry seized this opportunity to take out his grappling-hook launcher and fire it, wrapping Doofenshmirtz's unconscious body with its rope.

He then faced Norm, expecting the robot to attack. But to the platypus's surprise, as well as that of everyone else, he instead walked to the open rear of the bus, transformed his hands into cannons, and opened fire upon LOVEMUFFIN, disabling Cravenblack's Levitate-Inator to allow the bus to drive away at full power. Norm continued to fire and finally stopped when the scientists retreated.

"Whoa!" Vanessa cried. "Norm, what was that?"

"I don't like what we're doing," replied Norm, the usual optimism gone from his voice. "The situation of the bad guy actually winning doesn't feel good, and plus, the Shadow is a big meanie. I know Dad doesn't want me to, but I'm joining you guys in putting things back to normal."

"I don't know about that..." Carl said suspiciously, but Perry, examining Norm, turned to the intern and showed him something he wrote on his notebook.

"He's telling the truth. Norm's built to serve under Doofenshmirtz and is used to his kind of evil, but now that Phineas is superior over Doofenshmirtz, Norm can't handle Phineas's perception of evil. Besides, look at the firepower Norm packed. He's pretty useful."

Carl looked from Perry's note to Norm, then nodded reluctantly. "Alright, we'll let Norm join," he said.

"Hooray!" replied Norm. "So, where are we going?"

"Somewhere safe."

"Hopefully it's a place that serves nachos," said Buford.

Everyone groaned at the bully's irrelevant comment just as Carl drove onto a bridge. Which exploded in front of the bus.

Everyone screamed as Carl swerved the bus to an abrupt stop, as did all nearby motorists. Getting out of the bus, they all watched as a large, spherical machine with eight arms crawled out from underneath the bridge like a spider closing in on its prey. A screen that acted as the machine's face was turned on, and it filled with the face of none other than the Shadow, who smiled in triumph at Ferb, Perry, and the others, all of whom stood still, while the other civilians screamed and ran for their lives.

"Thought you could escape, huh?" the Shadow asked, shaking his head in disappointment. "Well, nice try, but it looks like your next options are to fight or to surrender. And, FYI-"

"Again with the annoying abbreviations!" exclaimed Baljeet, interrupting the Shadow. "What's up with them? It's just as easy to say 'for your informat'-"

"Shut up! Anyway, these guys tried out the first option, fighting. It didn't work out well for them..."

Phineas stepped to the side, revealing Monogram, Pinky, Garrett, and the rest of the OWCA, all chained up. Everyone gasped, and Perry chattered in shock and concern for Monogram and Pinky. Phineas cackled maliciously, his evil laughter flowing through the air like a toxic cloud.

"Those fools. All it took for them to get defeated was to fool them into thinking that their enemy was clumsy and disorganized as usual, even with a new leader."

"Hey!" Rodney's voice cried, but the Shadow ignored him.

"So, I guess your only option left is to surrender. Which I'll be willing to accept kindly."


"Like I said before," replied the Shadow, "don't make promises you can't keep, Fletcher. But I'll make you this promise, which I guarantee I'll keep: you will LOSE."

Ferb growled and clenched his fists, to which the Shadow laughed.

"Oh, you WILL lose! Why? Because I have this machine at my calling! And I call for it NOW!"

And with that, the machine extended an arm towards Ferb.

Vanessa gasped. "FERB!" she screamed as she pushed Ferb away, to which the arm grabbed her instead.

"NO! VANESSA!" Ferb and Charlene shrieked simultaneously as the arm holding Vanessa retracted into the machine before reemerging with no sign of the teenager anywhere.

"Whoops!" the Shadow said. "Missed! Ah well, I planned to capture her anyway. Now, one down, A BUNCH MORE TO GO!"

Everyone screamed and ran for their lives as the machine's eight arms split into five arms each and sprang forward, grabbing as much people as it can. Minutes passed, and soon, by the time those who were able to escape fled into a nearby forest, only fifteen remained: Ferb, Perry, Candace, Isabella, Carl, Linda, Lawrence, Django, Adyson, Julia, Gretchen, Milly, Katie, Buford, and Norm. The group watched as the machine snatched up the last of their friends, as well as Doofenshmirtz's unconscious body, and then left. Carl fell to the ground, stressed.

"Oh man, oh man," he moaned. "Phineas now has everyone, including the OWCA! Who knows what he'll do to them? And what about us? There's only fifteen of us! Against all of THEM! The odds aren't good in our favor. My goodness, what're we gonna do? Oh, man..."

"We need to improvise," said Ferb. "We have to do something that'll defeat this LOVEMUFFIN and turn Phineas back to normal."

"But what?" Isabella asked. "What can we do?"

Ferb opened his mouth, preparing to say something, but finally, he closed it in defeat. Linda, on the other hand, had a finger on her chin; she looked focused. Everyone noticed the mother's new emotion.

"Honey, what is it?" asked Lawrence. "D'you have a plan?"

"Yes, yes I do," Linda replied. "We find him."

"Find who?" asked Carl.

"My first husband. Phillip Flynn. He'll know what to do."

"But do you know where he lives?"

"No. Actually I do, but the last time I passed by his house, it was up for sale. And I haven't been in contact with him for some time. Which is why we first find his brother, Frank. I still talk to him on the phone occasionally."

"Do you know where Frank lives?"

Linda was silent for a moment. "No. I haven't seen him personally in a while."

Carl sighed in defeat. "Then we are at a dead end."

"No, we're not."

Everyone looked at Julia, who had spoken her first words in a while.

"What do you mean, Julia?" Isabella asked.

"I know where Frank Flynn lives."

"You do?" asked Ferb. "How?"

Julia sighed reluctantly before replying, "I'm his daughter."

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