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"To all the reporters with questions, I will say this: no comment! And to all my loving, doting fans, I'll be at a party later tonight at the Kamino Bar! Show up at eight o'clock on the dot, and tell the bouncer that Dabi sent you!"

"And there you have it, folks. Touya Todoroki, also known as the Cremation Hero: Dabi, declining yet another opportunity to answer our questions, while...simultaneously asking his fans out to a party at a well-known party scene in Kamino Ward..."

"Oh, for the love of- Are you kidding me, Touya?!"

Fuyumi fumed at the TV set, her face as scarlet as a tomato even as her hands grew deathly cold. Behind her, about two dozen children played and frolicked happily, their cheering and yelling creating a cacophony that drowned out any sense of rationality in the colorful, well-decorated classroom they were in. Additional children sat beside Fuyumi, all but three of them boys; their eyes were glued to the TV set as their pupils sparkled with awe and adoration.

"Wooooow!" one of the boys cried. "It's the Cremation Hero: Dabi!"

"He's so cool!" another boy exclaimed.

"I wanna be just like him when I grow up!" a third boy proclaimed. To prove his point, he shot up on his feet and began violently punching at the air while making cartoonish whooshing noises.

"Alright, alright," Fuyumi said, her eyelid twitching with disapproval as she reached for the remote, "I think that's enough Hero news for you-"

"Ahhhhhhh..." three voices sighed in unison. Fuyumi glanced towards the speakers and identified them as the three little girls who chose to join her; she could literally see the hearts in their eyes.

"Dabi is so wonderful..." gushed one girl.

"He's like an angel..." another girl added. "A fallen angel..."

"I'm gonna marry him when I grow up!" the third girl proclaimed while hugging her own chest and squealing.

Fuyumi's eyelid twitched again. "At home with Yuki-chan and at school with the kids?! He just can't stop corrupting little children's minds!"

Then, she cleared her throat and said aloud, "Alright, everyone, we're gonna change the channel. Which cartoons do you want?"

She was met with nothing but dismayed moaning and irritated squealing.

"Nooooo!" moaned one of the girls. "I wanna see Dabi!"

"I wanna see Dabi kicking someone's butt!" demanded a boy.

"I want Dabi!" a second boy cried.




"We've been watching Dabi and other Heroes all throughout playtime," Fuyumi replied as calmly as she could. "Why don't we try-?"

"DABI!" all of the children cried at once.

"Oh, come on, Fuyumi-chan," another voice said. "Let the kids watch your brother."

With an agitated scowl, Fuyumi glanced at the speaker, another teacher who was sitting beside the children watching the TV. She had shoulder-length black hair; normally exhausted, navy-blue eyes that were currently gleaming with awe and adoration; and cheeks that were tinged with a rosy pink color, not unexpectedly.

"You know they like to see him in action," the woman continued, her smile unusually upbeat for a woman like her.

"I know you like to see him in action," Fuyumi replied dryly, "Ikoma-senpai."

The woman's blush only intensified. "W-We-Well, i-i-it's b-be-because h-h-he's such an i-i-in-inspiration to the ch-ch-chi-children!"

"Inspiration, my a-" Fuyumi quickly caught herself. "My butt. He only inspires the wrong stuff from them." She looked at the young students once again. "Come on, kids. I think you've watched enough Heroes in the news for one day. Let's w-"

Before Fuyumi could even finish her sentence, all three girls and some of the boys began to scream and flail their limbs rambunctiously. Their tantrums startled Ikoma, who yelped like an injured puppy while her eyes began to glimmer with a disillusioned sort of distress. This was soon followed by the rest of the boys, who began to cry from the loud noises that filled the air. Then, the rest of the class overheard the orchestra borne from the depths of hell and began to wail and yell too.

"Please, children!" Ikoma cried, standing up and waving her hands in a feeble attempt at mediation while sweat quickly developed on her forehead. "Pl-Pl-Please, d-don't cry!"

But this only intensified the loud crying and stubborn screaming. Fuyumi sighed angrily and covered her face with both palms, her mind swimming with disbelief. Then, she swallowed her pride and anger, and lowered her hands to reveal the bright, cheerful smile she always reserved for such occasions.

"Alright, kids," she announced with a great amount of restraint in her voice. "How about we'll just keep on watching Dabi and other Heroes in the news? Does that sound fun to everyone?"

The reactions of the children before the TV set were instantaneous. "YAAAAAY!"

Fuyumi's eyelids wouldn't stop twitching for the rest of playtime.

"Thank you so much for calming the children down, Fuyumi-chan. You're such a saint."

Fuyumi smiled at Ikoma before looking at the two groups of children. They were all lying on mats and peacefully sleeping on pillows provided to them by the school.

"It's easier than it looks," the white-haired woman replied.

"Easy for you to say," Ikoma said, resting her chin on her hands as she stared at Fuyumi admiringly. "You're the one who teaches a class of regular, happy kids. Me..." Her smile faded as she glanced at the group of children closer to her. "I am stuck with the trouble children."

Fuyumi looked back at her colleague, slightly stunned. "Oh, don't tell me you've forgotten everything they taught at the university, Ikoma-senpai. Deep down, all children are the same. You just have to show them love and compassion. The more they bite, the more love they need from-"

"Well, obviously our professors and instructors have never handled children like mine." A shade of gloom cast itself over Ikoma's navy-blue eyes, and she sighed heavily. "These children have just started developing their Quirks, and they've gotten cocky because of it. They think they're invincible and all-powerful, and the rules don't apply to them whatsoever."

Fuyumi's response was impulsive. "Gee. No wonder why they look up to my brother so much."

Ikoma's cheeks turned rosy-pink again, and she began twiddling her fingers. "Hey, uh, s-speaking of which-"

Fuyumi immediately face-palmed. "For the last time, Ikoma-senpai, NO."

"But Fuyumi-chan!" the other schoolteacher pleaded. "I know your brother's a player and a womanizer-"

"Yeah. Someone who'd play your heart, Ikoma-senpai. Just because you want some fun and spice in your life, it doesn't mean you should use him to get it. And I know you're just gonna be let down, no matter how casual you'd want this to be." Fuyumi made a dismissive wave with her palm. "So, no. I'm not funneling you over to him so you could become his latest conquest. I'm not gonna give him that benefit."

Ikoma moaned and buried her face in her palms. "Please, Fuyumi-chan... My life is sooooo stressful... I have to deal with these...these little monsters five days a frigging WEEK! And the remaining two days, I have to arrange meetings with the parents and sometimes counselors to report on their progress! 'Why are you not doing anything for our child? Aren't we paying you to rehabilitate them?' 'The school doesn't seem prepared to handle this child.' 'You need to be more forceful on these children, or we'll have to reconsider hiring you.' Well, I'm doing the best I can here, Fukuyama-sama! I am! I-"

"I-Ikoma-senpai!" Fuyumi grabbed the black-haired woman's hands and held onto them tightly before she could descend into a full-blown mental breakdown. "It's okay! It's alright." She glanced at the slumbering children worriedly. "Just-Just take a few deep breaths! Deep breaths, come on, deeeeep breaths..."

Ikoma followed her former junior's advice, taking deep breaths until her ragged wheezes steadied and turned into a slow, smooth flow of breathing. Once she calmed down, she hung her head, her black hair hanging loosely, and sighed deeply, her exhale coming out as a broken, tiny, indiscernible sob.

"I'm sorry, Fuyumi-chan..." she said.

Fuyumi simply kept holding Ikoma's hands. "Have you called your parents?"

Ikoma weakly shook her head.

"When was the last time you talked to them? O-Or Yui-chan?"

"Last...Last month, I think? Or the month before the last?" Ikoma finally raised her head, revealing her teary eyes. "I...I dunno. It's all mashed together-"

"When the day is done, call them," Fuyumi interrupted before shaking her head. "I'm sure they'd love to hear your voice again after all this time. And I think it'll be a good remedy for you."

"But I-" Ikoma began.

"Uh-uh-uh!" Fuyumi wagged a finger in front of her former senior's face, like she would to a misbehaving child. "No buts! The moment you get home, call your folks. Hear their voices. I promise, it'll do wonders for your mental health."

The black-haired woman opened her mouth in another attempt to protest, but Fuyumi's narrowed eyes forced her to stop and reconsider. After taking another couple of deep breaths, Ikoma gave her colleague a feeble but relieved smile.

"Okay, Fuyumi-chan... I will..."

Fuyumi smiled and patted the other woman's shoulder. "There you go. Trust me, when you're done with the call, you'll be thanking me for days."

Sheepishly, Ikoma smiled back. "Thank you, Fuyumi-chan... You... You've always been so patient and understanding, not just with all the kids, but with me as well..."

Fuyumi patted her shoulder again. "Hey, I am not about to let you have a mental breakdown right in front of me, senpai. Not when we both still have jobs to do."

"Yeah..." Ikoma sighed sullenly. "Oh, Fuyumi-chan, how do you do it?"

Fuyumi blinked, stunned by the question. "Pardon me?"

"How do you do it? How are you able to handle all of these children without breaking a sweat?" Ikoma glanced at all the sleeping children with a glum look in her eyes. "The professors made it sound so easy, and yet, when I'm thrown into the real world, it's like trying to survive the very depths of Hell. Never mind the fact that the school I work for is for troubled children. But you, you're like an angel. Nothing these children do could ever break you. All you do in the face of all their mischief is smile."

"Well..." The white-haired woman gazed at the children as they continued to sleep contently; unlike Ikoma, she wore a gentle, caring, motherly look on her face. "It's the perk of having to help my parents raise a bunch of younger siblings."

"But I've met your younger siblings before. Natsuo-kun and Shoto-kun seem like the perfect gentlemen, and Yuki-chan's gotta be a bigger and greater angel than you-"

"Trust me," Fuyumi interrupted, her gaze darkening, "you talk about your students being demons and hell-raisers? Those three are the spawn of the devil behind closed doors. Them and Touya, who does nothing but encourage their behavior." Her eyelid started to twitch. "He says Natsuo-kun and Shoto-kun's behaviors are concrete proof of them becoming men, and Yuki-chan... Yuki-chan, I think she just scares Touya into letting her do whatever she wants. She may be adorable, but the frightening thing is that she's known it for a long time and has completely weaponized it."

She clenched her fists to the point where they started to tremble, and the table beneath them began to feel cold. "I had to work hard, and for many years, to make sure all of them even hold a modicum of respect towards me." Then, Fuyumi relaxed her fists and gave Ikoma a sheepish smile. "So you could say I was experienced and weathered enough to take care of a bunch of boisterous children by the time I took this job.

"Well, at least you've got them to respect you if they act so nice around me. I am not even close to doing that." With yet another sigh, Ikoma buried her face in her palms and then moaned in exasperation. "I swear, Fuyumi-chan, how do you dooooo it? I've done all I can to assert my authority over those kids, and yet they brush it off like it's nothing. I need to know how you do it!"

"Honestly?" Fuyumi rested her cheek against her palm as she glanced at Ikoma. "You need to just take this one step and one day at a time. They'll grow on you eventually, and in the process, you'll grow on them."

"They'll grow on me eventually?" Ikoma let out a hollow laugh. "I can't wait to see how long that will take."

"You've only been teaching these kids for three months, right Ikoma-senpai? Well then, wait until an entire year passes, and they move on to the next grade. By that point, I think you'll be begging for another minute with those children. You just need to put in the effort. The same kind of effort that you put into watching over Yui-chan. They may not take you seriously as a teacher or a mother figure or a figure of authority, but as long as you show them that you care about their direction and their future, they'll come around."

Ikoma could only laugh in a low, sardonic tone in response. Initially, Fuyumi frowned with sympathy and disappointment for her senior and her flippant surrender to the helpless nature of her circumstance. Then, she figured out her last-resort weapon, and her lips curled into a knowing smile.

"And just so you know," the white-haired woman added, "Touya loves the kind of woman who can take care of kids with ease."

Ikoma's head perked up almost immediately. "He...He does?"

Fuyumi nodded. "Mm-hm. He told me that himself. He said a woman who could corral a busload of kids and make them smile and laugh is a big plus in his book."

The black-haired woman was at a loss for words. "I...I-I never knew..."

"Hey, he's a Pro Hero, after all. Sometimes he's gotta participate in PR events where he directly interacts with kids. That is why he's been seeking out single moms and schoolteachers as of late. He hopes he can learn something from them in the process-"

"I'll be a good teacher!" Ikoma blurted, before she could control herself. She raised a clenched fist in the air. "I will show Touya-kun that he can depend on me to teach him the ways of making children smile! And then perhaps, perhaps, w-we could f-fall in love in the process, a-and marry, a-and start a family of our own, and-"

The other schoolteacher continued with her rant, swooning in the process, hearts literally blooming in her eyes. Fuyumi looked to the side and rolled her eyes at the sight of her senior, slightly disappointed about her continued crush towards her older brother. Nevertheless, she felt glad over being able to prod her back into her commitment towards her job.

"I'm home!"

Fuyumi removed her shoes, in the process noticing that Touya's were not among those already in the row. She knew he had a part-time residence of his own, but she also remembered that the family was having its weekly get-together today. With a wrinkled brow, the white-haired woman strolled towards the kitchen and entered. Just as she expected, the whole family was there except for Touya, which didn't raise any eyebrows except for Enji's.

"Hey, Mom," Fuyumi greeted as she sat down between her father and Shoto. "Where's Touya-kun?"

"He texted us just before you came home," Rei replied coolly as she took a sip of cold tea. "He said he was caught up in some last-minute paperwork and that he would be late."

But Fuyumi wasn't convinced at all. The stark yet expected contrast between her mother's unexpected calmness and her father's smoldering rage told everything she needed to know.

"He's with some bimbo, isn't he?" she asked.

"Two, actually," Natsuo corrected, raising two fingers for emphasis. The proud look on his face made her want to punch him. "He texted me their photos right before you got here."

"That idiot," Fuyumi thought bitterly. Then, with a twitching eyelid, she shrugged and sat down by the table.

"It doesn't matter," she said out loud. "As long as the rest of us are here, eating dinner together like a family, then that's all that matters."

Enji grumbled something incomprehensible in response. Fuyumi ignored it and decided to address her siblings.

"So, Shoto-kun, how was school today?" she asked.

"It was good," Shoto replied bluntly and icily. He punctuated his response with a loud slurp of his cold soba.

Fuyumi's eyelid twitched again, but she egged on. "So, what did you do today? Did you learn anything new?"



"Stuff?" she repeated, trying to sound as calm as she could. "What do you mean 'stuff'? Did you learn new stuff?"

Shoto's answer was plain and simple. "Just stuff."

Another slurp of cold soba.

"Okay." Fuyumi's eyelid twitched yet again as she turned towards Natsuo. "How about you, Natsuo-kun? How's medical school going?"

"It's swell," Natsuo replied absentmindedly.

To Fuyumi's dismay, he was scrolling through his cellphone, and judging by the way he subtly licked his lips, the medical student was not visiting any pure and wholesome websites right now. However, she decided not to call Natsuo out on it, for the sake of the nearby Yuki's purity and innocence. Instead, the schoolteacher cleared her throat, which only vaguely caught her other younger brother's attention.

"So, tell me," she said, "if I ever have a heart attack, will I be able to rely on you to save my life, Natsuo-kun?"

"You lead a somewhat healthy lifestyle, Nee-chan," Natsuo replied nonchalantly, without ever averting his eyes from his phone.

Fuyumi's eyelid twitched once again. "Somewhat?"

"I think you need to lay off the ice cream a bit. Especially the ones you keep buying from that convenience store at the corner of the street. 'Premium ice cream'? Yeah, premium in terms of fat."

"Are...Are you saying I'm gaining weight?!"

To her shock, Natsuo gave her body a quick scan. "Yeah, I'd say that."

Fuyumi could only sputter and babble incomprehensibly, prompting the medical student to step in again.

"But other than that, I wouldn't worry about a heart attack too much. You're still young."

After a few seconds, Fuyumi recollected herself, cleared her throat, and took a few deep breaths. Then, she focused on none other than Yuki, who was eating a bowl filled with her favorite ice cream. A sly smile graced Fuyumi's face.

"Natsuo-niichan has a pretty good point, though, Yuki-chan," she said. "You need to eat healthy if you don't want to have a heart attack."

"Mm-hm," Yuki replied absentmindedly as she took another bite of her ice cream. "YUM!"

"And that means..." Fuyumi took the nearby ice cream container away from Yuki, stunning and even horrifying the little girl. "That'll be enough ice cream for today."

"But Fuyumi-neechan!" Yuki cried, her eyes swimming with tears as she reached for the ice cream container.

"You can finish the ice cream in your bowl. But that'll be it for today." The woman wagged a finger at her younger sister's face. "And you're not even supposed to start dinner off with ice cream. That's not the correct way to eat."

"But..." Yuki's eyes continued to swim. "Bu-But Natsuo-nii says it is super-healthy for-for boys and girls to eat ice cream with their breakfast, lunch, a-and dinner!"

"Well, he-" Fuyumi finally processed her sister's words. "Wait, what?"

"He said all good boys and girls are allowed to eat their ice cream at least three times a day!"

"He...He what?!"

"That's what he said," Shoto replied with another loud slurp of his soba.

Fuyumi shot Natsuo a scathing glance, and this time, the white-haired man was looking upward. His eyes were wide, just like a deer caught in the headlights. Then, he chuckled and scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

"Hey, who am I to deny Yuki-chan her ice cream?" he asked.

"I am." Fuyumi stood up and prepared to head for the refrigerator. "I swear, Natsuo-kun, you need to stop inserting all of these ideas in Yuki's head, or I'll have your head-"

"NOOOOO!" Yuki grabbed her older sister's leg and held onto it. "Don't put away my ice cream, Fuyumi-neechan! I want ICE CREAM!"

"For the last time, Yuki, I told you you can finish your-"

The young woman looked down at her, only to immediately feel an arrow piercing through her heart at the sight of Yuki's pleading expression. It was indescribable, with the little girl's eyes wide and shimmering with tears, and her lips slightly puckered and quivering. That, coupled with her clinging onto her leg and the whimpering noises coming from her mouth, signaled a death sentence to her attempt at being a reasonable figure of authority.

Fortunately for Fuyumi, Rei stepped in on her behalf.

"Yuki-chan, let your onee-chan put away the ice cream. You're allowed to finish what you've got left in your bowl."

With a chilling smile of maternal gentleness, Rei glanced at both Yuki and Fuyumi. At that moment, the temperature in the kitchen dropped slightly, which everyone but Rei felt. Enji's gruff irritation at Touya's behavior subsided immediately, Natsuo began to shrink in his seat, and Shoto continued slurping his soba with an alert wariness.

"Come on, Yuki-chan," Rei continued. "You don't want to get a timeout over ice cream, now would you?"

The effect was instantaneous. Yuki detached herself from her sister's leg and waddled back to the table, now pouting in defeat, and with such an adorable manner too. Fuyumi watched her sister go, letting out the quietest sigh that she could muster, and then looked at her mother, her eyes filled with thankfulness. Rei looked back at her, her smile now radiating confidence and self-assuredness, and it made Fuyumi feel somewhat envious.

"Wow," she thought. "Mom took control of the situation right away, when I couldn't. Natsuo-kun, Shoto-kun, Yuki-chan, and even Touya-kun... They all fear Mom, in ways that I could never replicate..." She sighed as she finally approached the refrigerator and opened up the door to the freezer so she could stuff the ice cream container away. "I suppose I still have a long way to go before I can actually command the total respect of my siblings."

She was about to close the freezer when her gray eyes lingered on the ice cream container a little too long for her own comfort. It stared back at her, taunting her with its flashy label and its embellished image of shining vanilla ice cream...

"Maybe I can have a scoop or two later tonight. ...Or three. ...Or four. ...Or-"

A/N: And that marks the end of this chapter! Here, we learn a little bit about Fuyumi's day-job as a schoolteacher and how she is able to conduct herself while mentoring a whole group of rowdy little children. But it looks like the real hell for her was at home, where her siblings pretty much dance around her and don't give her enough credit or respect.

Also, just so everyone knows, the character Ikoma is actually Komari Ikoma, a.k.a. that stressed-out, neurotic teacher working for Masegaki Primary School, which participated in the Remedial Course exam that Shoto, Katsuki, Inasa, and Camie also took part in. In this AU, she's a friend and senior of Fuyumi's from the university, and she's crushing pretty hard on Touya, just like any woman would do. XP Oh, and I do hope you guys know which Yui I'm referring to... ;)

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