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Todoroki Sibling Life: Touya

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Crematorium Hero Agency


Touya Todoroki chuckled, endured the bombarding flashes coming from all directions, and waved with the most charming smile he could possibly give. Without a care in the world, he strolled through the crowd of reporters and fans, absorbing and even relishing in the chaotic cacophony of vigorous questions and overenthusiastic squealing. Even as police officers tried to hold the crowd off, he did nothing but cockily return the attention given to him while making his way over to his new Hero Agency office.

"Dabi, could you comment on the raid at the Blackout Gang's headquarters?" a reporter asked.

"Marry me, Dabi!" a female fan squealed shrilly. "PLEASE! PRETTY PLEASE!"

"Is it true that you slept with Mirko last week?" another reporter asked.

"Dabi, here's my number!" another female fan cried while trying to throw a slip of paper at Touya's direction. "Call me!"

"D'you have anything to say about the rumors of your brother applying to your alma mater U.A.?" asked a third reporter.

"OVER HERE, DABI!" a third female fan cried. She tried to lift her shirt, only to be tackled by an observant police officer.

"What comments do you have, if any, about the recent reports on your secret meetings with Gal Might, Dabi?" a fourth reporter asked.

"DABI!" a male spectator suddenly roared. He managed to slip past the officers and charged at Touya with a pocketknife aimed straight at him. "COPPERHEAD SENDS HIS REGARDS! NOW, BURN IN HELL, BASTARD!"

But before the man could stab Touya, the redheaded man, without even looking or breaking a sweat, raised his palm and fired a small stream of blue flames at the would-be assailant's direction. Within split-seconds, the man had fallen to the pavement, screaming and rolling around in an effort to extinguish the flames coating his clothes. Several police officers rushed over to the shrieking, flailing man and began beating him with their batons for good measure.

As for Touya, he reached the steps to his office and stylishly twirled around. With a swish of his coat, he gave the crowd a charming, wolfish smile that caught their attention before it could be preoccupied by the attempted assassin's misery.

"To all the reporters with questions," he announced, "I will say this: no comment!" He ignored the reporters' scowls as he turned his attention to his fans, a vast majority of them female. "And to all my loving, doting fans, I'll be at a party later tonight at the Kamino Bar! Show up at eight o'clock on the dot, and tell the bouncer that Dabi sent you!"

The women and girls all burst into a deafening cheer, allowing Touya to bow dramatically before turning on his heel and ascending to his office. As the Pro left, one of the reporters turned to his cameraman, who had been recording the whole thing live.

"And there you have it, folks," the reporter said, over the clamor of Touya's eager fans. "Touya Todoroki, also known as the Cremation Hero: Dabi, declining yet another opportunity to answer our questions, while...simultaneously asking his fans out to a party at a well-known party scene in Kamino Ward..."

The cameraman chuckled to himself and shook his head, impressed at Touya's gusto.

"To all the reporters with questions, I will say this: no comment! And to all my loving, doting fans, I'll be at a party later tonight at the Kamino Bar! Show up at eight o'clock on the dot, and tell the bouncer that Dabi sent you!"

"And there you have it, folks. Touya Todoroki, also known as the Cremation Hero: Dabi, declining yet another opportunity to answer our questions, while...simultaneously asking his fans out to a party at a well-known party scene in Kamino Ward..."

"Wow! You sure know how to get the people riled up, Dabi!"

"I'll say! Even I feel something tingling in my loins..."

"Eugh, gross."

Touya chuckled as he coolly leaned back on his leathery seat and rested his feet on the simple wooden desk. Before him, in the middle of his private office, stood three of his trusty Sidekicks: the effeminate Kenji Hikiishi, a.k.a. "Magne"; the lizard-like Shuichi Iguchi, a.k.a. "Spinner"; and, of course, his closest friend and dear confidante Jin Bubaigawara, a.k.a. "Twice".

"Yo, Dabi!" Jin cried. "Is it true that you're going to that party at Kamino?!"

"Eh," Touya replied indifferently while he examined his fingernails. "Maybe, maybe not. Why do you ask?"

"I'm so lonely and pent-up!"

The blond, unruly man clutched his face and squealed dramatically, prompting Touya to roll his eyes with disbelief.

"Whatever happened to the advice I gave you about picking up chicks?" the redhead asked.

"Ahhh, but it's not working, man!" Jin whined. "Every time I try to talk to some hot broad, they keep running away from me!" He began weeping like some poorly-trained actor. "I wanna have a girlfriend so badly!"

"Oh, don't cry, honey," Kenji said while patting his colleague's shoulder. "The cruelty of rejection is real and powerful, but you mustn't let it drag you down!" Then, he snapped his fingers. "Tell you what, we should go shopping!"

Jin looked up at his effeminate coworker while sniffling. "Sh-Shopping...?"

"Yeah! Maybe all you need is a change of clothes-"

"A change of clothes?" repeated Shuichi. "More like a change of attitude. Twice, my man, I was there the last few times you tried pickin' up someone. You did nothin' but keep throwin' corny pickup lines and horrible jokes at 'em! Every single second! For fuck's sake, even I wanted to throw up!"

"B-Bu-But D-Da-Dabi said-" Jin began.

"Ahhh, goddamn it, Twice," Touya interrupted while shaking his head. "I told you, you need to be confident and focus on turnin' girls into jelly! Making them the center of attention!"

"B-Bu-But th-th-that's wh-wh-what I was-"

"You need to suck up to them, Twice. Show them how reliable you are. That's what I meant by making them the center of attention."

"Y-Yeah! I-I-I was showing them my reliability!"

"Yeah, by showing them you're a frigging bad comedian," Shuichi remarked.

"We were in a bar, Spinner! Those girls were drinkin' their miseries away! If I can't give 'em a little light in their lives by being funny, then-"

"I see what you're getting at, Twice," Touya interrupted, leaning forward to rub his forehead with his fingers. "But, even so, constantly spouting jokes is not the same thing as making a girl the center of attention. In fact, it just does the exact opposite. It just tells the girl that you want to be the center of attention."

"I-" Twice suddenly stopped and took a quick moment to mull over Touya's words. "Oh yeah, you're right..."

Shuichi simply face-palmed, while Kenji proceeded to massage Jin's shoulders in a show of consolation. As for Touya, he leaned back on his seat and rested his head on his palms.

"So then, I assume that's why you asked about that party in Kamino?" the redhead said. "You wanted to try your hand at hooking up with a girl again, is that correct?"

"Yeah," Jin replied glumly.

"Yeah... You know what I think?"

Jin's head perked up hopefully. "What?"

"You need to take a break from that shit. Keep your mind occupied with something else that's worth your time, otherwise you're gonna turn into a lame incel..." Then, Touya remembered something; he grabbed a file from his desk and waved it at Jin's direction. "Speaking of which, you still haven't submitted your report on the cleanup effort in Minato Mirai 21. The Hero Public Safety Commission's been on my ass about this report for weeks. Please, for the love of God, get to work on it and have it on my desk by Monday!"

Jin gave a morose wave of his hand. "Okay, okay..."

But Touya frowned disapprovingly. "Is that an oh-I'm-too-sad-to-do-it-and-I'm-just-gonna-ignore-the-report-like-a-lazy-bum kind of okay, or an oh-I'm-so-sorry-boss-and-I'm-gonna-get-on-that-report-right-away kind of okay, Twice?"

"The second one... I think..."

Touya pursed his lips and slammed the file down on his desk, startling his Sidekicks. "Damn it, Twice! You'd better get a grip and do what you're being paid to do! Just because we're friends off the clock, it doesn't mean I'm gonna go easy on you! You're the first person I approached to join this Agency when Endeavor set it up, and I don't wanna regret it now all because you can't stop thinking with your pelvis than your head!"

"Okay, okay!" Jin sighed and approached the desk. "Jeez, man, you've gotten a lot more serious since you got your own Agency. I thought you didn't like this place because it was bought with your old man's money?"

"Just because it was, it doesn't mean I'm not gonna take my new duties seriously. I'm still a Pro Hero, after all. I've got a responsibility to the public."

"Nah," Shuichi replied with a smirk. "He's trying to take it more seriously because of the new visibility it's giving him."

Touya smirked back. "Yeah, that too."

"Lucky you..." Jin replied. "Your family's so loaded that it's not difficult for you to do anything that you want to do, while ordinary guys like me are left to toil in their misery."

"If it's money you want, all you have to do is ask."

"But then you're gonna ask for repayments, and we all know I suck at paying you guys back!"

"True, that," Shuichi replied, nodding in agreement.

"So I don't understand why I have to do this stupid report..."

"Because you're the one who helped with the cleanup effort at Minato Mirai 21, not me," Touya replied dryly.

"Oh yeah, that's right..." Then, before he could reach out for the folder, Jin froze and thought of something. "Um, ca-can you do me a favor in return, though? I'm asking as a friend, not as a Sidekick."

Touya rolled his eyes knowingly. "If it's to set you up on a date with my sister, then forget about it."

"Aw, come on, man! You're the one who said I needed to keep my mind on something worth my time! And your sister is worth my time, plain and simple!"

"Now that's just creepy, dude."

"Come on, Dabi, I just can't get her outta my mind! I think..." Jin's eyes shone brightly with great passion. "I think we're destined to be together! Fate wants us to be together! It's tied us together with a red string so tightly that it's strangling me and puttin' me off my-!"

"I said forget about it, Twice," Touya snarled. "One: Fuyumi hates your guts, so she ain't gonna go for it no matter what I give her. Two: she's already dating someone."

"Wait, wait, she...she's already dating someone?!" A manic-faced Jin slammed his palms on the desk, startling Kenji and Shuichi, but Touya remained unperturbed. "Yo, tell me who it is, Dabi! Tell me! I wanna square up against the man who's stealing my girl away from me!"

"Ah, hell if I know, man!" Touya exclaimed nonchalantly. "She's, like, super-secretive about him. She can't even admit to me or anyone else in the family that she's dating-"

"Well then, maybe it's not a boyfriend!" Jin's face now looked flushed as he tried to look relieved. "M-Ma-Maybe it's some new friend she's got! M-Maybe she's embarrassed by the new friend she made!"

"Nah, Twice. It's so a boyfriend."

"And how do ya know that?!"

The redheaded Pro arched an eyebrow. "Dude, did you forget who you're talking to? Not only am I the top expert in girls, but I'm also the top expert in my own sister. And when I say she's dating someone, you gotta believe it, Twice. So drop it already, man. Chillax."

At this point, Jin was on the verge of tears. "How am I supposed to 'chillax' when I just learned my beloved is with..." He gulped. "With someone else... I...I can't deal with it!"

"Relax, honey," Kenji said, his tone assuaging as he began to massage Jin's shoulders again. "You're becoming tense."

"Not to mention you sound like some deranged stalker," added Shuichi. Then, he suppressed a snicker. "Can't say I would be surprised if it ever came to that, though."

"I'm not deranged!" protested a red-faced Jin. "I'm just sick! Sick with love!"

"Look, Twice," Touya said while covering his face in exasperation, "if I promise to investigate and find out who my sister's dating, will you finally get to work on the Minato Mirai 21 report?"

Jin immediately straightened up in response. "You betcha, Dabi! I'll do anything that you ask!"

"Fine, then." Touya waved one of his hands dismissively. "I'll look into it."

"YES! WHOO-HOO!" Jin began dancing with joy, looking like some jester clown performing in the streets. "I'm gonna find out who the bastard is, I'm gonna find out who the bastard is, and when I do, I'm gonna-"

"Great," Touya interrupted, his growl high-pitched and ominous. He lowered his hands, revealing his irritated expression. "Now that that's settled, will you get on with the report already, idiot?!"

Within split-seconds, the jubilant Jin began dancing hyperactively. "Alright, alright, I got it, I got it!"

Touya, Kenji, and Shuichi watched as their friend and colleague then skipped back and forth through the office, hollering at the top of his lungs all the while. Then, the neurotic Sidekick began singing a vaguely familiar tune from some movie of a bygone generation (something about singing in the rain) before finally departing from the room. Once he was gone, Kenji and Shuichi turned towards their employer.

"Yo, are you really gonna look into who your sister's datin'?" Shuichi asked curiously.

"Why?" Touya shot him a suspicious glare. "You interested in who my sister's dating too?"

The lizard-like man blushed with embarrassment. "Uh, n-not really..."

As for Kenji, he crossed his arms with disappointment. "If Twice-kun ever finds out you lied to his face, he's never going to forgive you."

Touya rolled his icy-blue eyes. "Hey, I didn't exactly lie. I am gonna look into it. But..." He leaned back in his seat again. "He slacked off on the Minato Mirai 21 report, so I might as well return the favor to him."

"Poh-tato, pah-tato." Kenji turned on his heel and sashayed out of the office, his look of disappointment remaining on his face. "Call it all you want, but when Twice-kun finds out, this is going to blow up in your face, Dabi-kun, I promise you."

Touya narrowed his eyes at his departing Sidekick. "Don't you have a report of your own to work on, Magne?"

Kenji gave him a wave without facing him. "It's on your desk, honey!"

The redhead glanced downward at his desk and noticed the manila-brown file lying atop a stack of envelopes of various sizes. There was a pink post-it note attached to it, but Touya didn't have to read it to know it had some sort of flirtatious, borderline-creepy message on it, along with a heart symbol and a winking face.

Six hours later

Terrified screams and bloodcurdling shrieks filled the air, replacing the usual cacophony of downtown bustling as an olive-green blur of great length and girth slithered down the street at an astounding speed. As it moved down the well-paved road, it displaced and even flipped over the rows of vehicles; even a double-decker bus full of tourists wasn't spared from its wrath. But the thing that was truly noteworthy about this was the yen bills fluttering in the air, gracefully descending to the asphalt like snowflakes, left behind in the trail of destruction.

Eventually, the olive-green blur arrived at a four-way intersection, which was currently blocked off by lines of police cars and officers, all of whom had their guns pointed at the mysterious attacker. The blur came to a quick stop and reared its head...or, rather, heads. All eight of them.

As soon as the Villain stopped to observe the police barricade obstructing their way, a man suddenly climbed atop one of the front-most police cars and stood tall, strong, and defiant. His black and ragged yet stylish trench-coat fluttered in the wind, and his icy-blue eyes were narrowed as he coldly stared down the Villain. All eight of the Villain's heads, snakelike and predatory in appearance, focused their attention on the newest arrival one by one. Soon, one of the heads snickered triumphantly, its seven brethren being unable to join in because of the heavy, yen-filled burlap sacks dangling from their mouths.

"Well, well, well," the Villain said. "If it isssssn't the eldessssst ssssson of Endeavor... I could recognissssse you from your body heat alone...Dabiiiii..."

"You've been a pain in the ass for too long, Eight-Head," Touya replied, his voice just as cold and indifferent as his stare, even as flames started to flicker to life all over his palms.

"It'ssssss the Headssssss of Eight..." The Villain's unoccupied head reared backward slightly, just as their snakelike body started to curl up behind them. "And you know iiiiit..."

"I don't give a crap about your boring name." Touya raised his right hand, which was now ablaze. "I'm just here to take you back in."

The other seven heads opened their mouths and dropped their sacks; seven great thuds filled the air within a matter of seconds. But the heads kept their mouths open, and once the eighth opened their mouth as well, eight pairs of curved, gleaming fangs, one for each head, slowly flipped outward from the roofs, like a folding knife being activated for use. All eight heads then closed their orifices and trained their menacing slit pupils upon Touya, while long, forked tongues shot out and wiggled ominously.

Anyone else would've recoiled and fled at the intense, predatory gaze, but not Touya. Instead, he stood his ground upon the roof of the police car. The officers kept their guns aimed, while several other Pros and Sidekicks arrived to evacuate any and all civilians still in the area.

"Then you ssssshall diiiiiiiiiie..." all eight heads hissed at the same time, their voices melding together to form a singular voice that brought chills down the officers' spines.

The Heads of Eight. Quirk: Orochi. They can transform into a large, snakelike being with eight heads, all of which share the same conscious and heat-based vision, but the transformation forces them to drain their stamina faster.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Touya replied casually while rolling his eyes. "Come on, let's just get this over with."

At first, a deadly silence fell upon the intersection, and everyone was eerily still. Then, the Heads of Eight lunged at the direction of the police barricade; two of the heads were aimed at Touya, while the other six chose to target the officers. All of their mouths were wide open, revealing their fangs and forked tongues.


Touya released a stream of light-blue fire, directing at the two heads coming towards him. One of the heads snapped its mouth shut and moved in front of the other head, using its thick, scaly neck to protect its counterpart. The flames struck the unintended target head-on, but the first head evidently didn't anticipate the heat it would be dealing with; it hissed and squirmed in pain while ashy scales and a pungent burning smell filled the air. As for the second head, it rose above its protector and propelled itself towards Touya.

"Ah, damn," Touya muttered.

He quickly leaped off the police car's roof, leaving the second head to sink its fangs into the metal. His eyes widened as soon as he noticed the fangs piercing the sheet of metal like it was butter. Then, he somersaulted out of the way of the first head's retaliatory strike, only avoiding it by inches.

Once he recovered, Touya heard gunshots behind him. He looked over his shoulder, just in time to see the police officers trying their best to ward off the other six heads with their bullets. But unfortunately, three of the heads used their thick hides to protect the rest of their brethren from the barrage, and the bullets simply bounced harmlessly to the asphalt.

"SHIT!" one of the officers cried while looking sideways at his colleagues. "Our bullets ain't workin' on this freak! It must be the damn scales!"

Then, the officer looked back at his multi-headed assailant and froze, a deathly shiver traveling up his body. One of the heads peered over the neck of its sibling, its beastly eyes narrowed to slits.

"Who are you callin' freeeeeaaaaak, offissssseeeeerrrrr?" the head hissed ominously.

Then, the head lunged at the officer, its mouth wide open. It moved in a matter of split-seconds, and the other officers couldn't even do a thing to try and protect their coworker.


The hapless officer shrieked in terror and instinctively cowered to the ground, but Touya reacted quicker. He held out one of his outstretched palms and aimed it at the incoming head, which was moving so fast it was now a blur. At around the same time, he raised his other palm and aimed it at the two heads that were now trying to attack him again.

"EVERYONE, GET DOWN!" he hollered.

All of the other officers immediately obliged. Once they ducked their heads in rapid succession, Touya unleashed stronger and brighter streams of blue fire at the attacking heads.


All eight heads withdrew from the flames within seconds, half of them smoking and their scales burnt. Ashy remnants of detached scales trailed from their necks, and blood started to trickle from their exposed, raw flesh.

"Youuuuu..." hissed one of the heads as it focused its seething glare at Touya's direction.

"You call yourssssself a Heeeeerooooo...?" asked another head.

"Youuu could kiiiiill sssssomeone..." a third head began.

"Wiiiiith that kind of pooower..." completed a fourth head.

"Dooooo you want thaaaaat...?" asked a fifth head.

Touya shrugged and gave a noncommittal grunt as a response, all while taking a couple of steps to the side. To his relief, all eight of the Villain's heads closely, hungrily followed his movements, their bloodied necks curling and undulating like a cobra attracted by a snake charmer. The distraction afforded the police officers the opportunity to withdraw, knowing the likes of ordinary law enforcement couldn't keep a cunning opponent with multiple heads at bay.

"Hey, I'm gonna paid by the clock to bring guys like you down," Touya replied. "The more bruised you guys are, the more bucks I get."

"But what kiiiiind of sssssosssssiety paysssss you to commit sssssuch atrosssssitiesssss...?" hissed yet another head.

"Atrocities?" Touya rolled his eyes. "Oh, please. You're telling me your next move is to cry Pro Hero brutality? Claim you were framed? Or misunderstood? Eight-Head, my man, you not only rob banks and spend the money all for yourself...or yourselves, rather, but you leave innocent people with deep bite marks that take weeks, if not months to heal. And that's IF they're lucky. Now what the heck is that for, anyway? What'd those people do to deserve that? They were never gonna try and be heroes."

"They needed to feeeeel the pain weeeee feel..." another head replied.

"And it'ssssss the Headssssss of Eight..." hissed yet another head.

"Tell you what." Touya coolly crossed his arms. "I will recommend to the judge that they multiple whatever sentence you get by eight, with each term to be served concurrently. That way, each one of you heads won't feel left out by the justice system."

"Your jussssstissssse sssssysssss-" began one of the heads, but it was cut off when Touya began sprinting towards them and firing more flames from his hands. "YYYYYAAAAAUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!:

"WHAT'S WRONG, SNAKEY?!" Touya yelled tauntingly. "CAN'T HANDLE THE HEAT?!"


This time, all eight heads spoke at once, just as the Villain's tail came flying through the wall of fire Touya had generated in the process. The redheaded Pro flew into a parked, abandoned taxicab, crashing into its side with a resounding bang. A strained grunt escaped his lips as he landed on the asphalt, his broken body twitching while the snakelike Villain slowly slithered up to him.

"Daaaaabiiiii..." all eight heads hissed in one hypnotic, alluring voice. "Youuuuur view of jussssstissssse isssss flaaawed... And for youuuuur misssssguided idealsssss, you ssssshall be punissssshhhhhed-"

"Ahhhh, just get on with it already..." Touya croaked, looking up at the snake with a toothy, bloody grin. "My fans will riot when they hear I survived being eaten alive by the likes of you."

"If youuuuu're thiiiiinkiiiiing about one of usssss ssssswallowiiiiing you whooooole," one of the heads replied, "then youuu thouuuuught wrrrrrong..."

"Inssssstead-" began another head.

"We'll tear you-" continued a third head.




All eight heads spoke in unison, their tongues flickering, their hissing voice nearly masking the fluttering noises of a flock of birds flying overhead and leaving behind feathers in their wake.

"We ssssshall share thisssss feassssst..."

"Ah, sweet!" Touya replied, his voice surprisingly enthusiastic despite the pain that hounded him. "Well then, I'll have you know that you're gonna have to reschedule that dinner, Snake-Head."

"Reeeeeally?" one head asked, amused.

"And whyyyyy isssss that?" another asked.

Touya smirked and cracked his neck. "'Cause I was stalling."

At that moment, the discarded feathers reached the Villain's eye-level. When they took a brief moment to look at them, all eight heads realized something profoundly horrifying: they were all colored an unnatural shade of red.

Then, the feathers aimed themselves at the Villain and flew at each individual head like sentient arrows.

"You sure you don't need a medic?"

Touya scowled nastily as he continued to hold the icepack to the back of his bloodied head. He craned his neck upward in a soft, careful manner, enduring the unbearable stinging pain that he felt. Just as he had predicted, he was still standing there, looking down at him like he cared.

"For the last frigging time," Touya muttered irritably, "I am fine..." He grunted softly as the paramedic continued applying the finishing touches to the bandages wrapped around his entire naked torso. "What the hell do I need a medic for?"

"Oh, I dunno. Maybe for your wounded ego."

Touya clenched his teeth together. Ever since he first met him, Hawks had always been a thorn in his side.

"Seriously," Hawks continued, "why did you not get one of your Sidekicks to back you up on that Villain?" He looked over his shoulder, just in time to see a specialized police team load the unconscious snakelike Villain into an armored trailer. "I remember one of your Sidekicks having a duplication Quirk-"

"Twice's copies ain't supermen," interrupted Touya. "One well-aimed punch and you'll be lookin' at a puddle of mud." He winced again. "None of them would've been efficient support, so I sent 'em off for evacuation duty. They're better suited for that."

"Still..." Hawks glanced back at Touya. "You were clearly way in over your head for this one. Now did you really think you could scare a guy like that off with just your flames?"

"Yeah." Touya gave Hawks a nasty scowl. "And it would've worked had you not butted in."

"Yep, says the guy who got clobbered into a taxi." Hawks crossed his arms and gave him a playfully condescending look. "Now what would your parents think about that?"

Touya gave a short, pained grunt. "Shut the hell up. You ain't my manager. And you ain't my babysitter."

"Yeah, I'm not. I'm just the guy who's gonna get a whole lotta flak if I let you die on my watch." The playful look receded from Hawks's expression, and he pursed his lips. "You know, striking a reputation for increasingly daring stunts may get you more publicity and raving fans by the minute, Dabi, but it's gonna also get you in big trouble."

"I don't get in trouble. Trouble gets in me."

"That's literally one of the dumbest things I've ever heard from you, and that's saying somethin'."


"One of these days, Dabi, you're gonna find that being an independent Pro means handling your image with great care. I have heard whispers out and about. All the rational people think you're just some daddy's boy trying to overcompensate for some issue."

"Yeah, like I have issues."

"Yeah, you don't have any issues at all. Well, except for the matter with your father, of course. You know, I encountered him on the job yesterday. He still had nothing nice to say about your conduct."

"Well, that's the news of the century." Touya then glared at the medic. "Hey, you done?!"

"Y-Yes, Dabi," the man replied, giving the redheaded Pro some space.

With a pained scowl, Touya stood up on his legs, which were just as bandaged. As soon as he did, he nearly toppled over, forcing Hawks to step forward and grab onto him as support.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" the sandy-blond man cried. "Easy there, Dabi. You ready to collapse for your fans just yet?"

"I'm more ready for a drink," Touya said irritably in response. Once he was felt he had regained his footing, he tore away from Hawks's grasp. "Thanks for the save and all, Hawks, yadda yadda yadda, but it wasn't really necessary. Now..." He cast his gaze towards the crowd of onlookers. "I think I'm gonna go greet my loving fans, show off my wounds."

With that, Touya confidently sauntered towards the crowd, which included civilians and reporters alike. There were bright flashes of light in the air, and shrieks and squeals pierced his eardrums. But, just like always, he absorbed the attention.




"Yes, yes, I know," Touya replied with a wolfish grin. He raised a bandaged arm and flicked loose strands of his hair away from his icy-blue eyes, trying his best to make a show out of it. "I love you too."




"Now, nooow, ladies and girls," Touya said confidently while waving towards the crowd of squealing fans. "One at a time, one at a time-"


"Yes, yes, I-" Then, Touya hiccupped. "Wait, what?"

To his dismay, Hawks stepped beside him and waved at the crowd, eliciting a wave of feminine squealing and cheering. A stunned Touya stood to the side, dumbfounded and at a loss for words. Not once did he hear his name being mentioned in the crowd, not even a small decibel of concern towards his injuries.

Once again, he had to compete with Hawks for attention from female admirers, and he lost this time.

Then, when Touya glanced at Hawks's direction, he saw the Wing Hero looking at him through his peripheral vision. And there was no mistaking that teasing smirk the sandy-blond man was giving him.

"Touché, Hawks," Touya thought bitterly. "Touché. But next time, I'm gettin' the ladies' attention. Because at least I am legitimately single and you're not."

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