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The Interview, Part 1

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The Todoroki Household, address undisclosed
Present day

"Alright, let's get started."

Rei Todoroki, otherwise known as the Ice Hero: Penitente, sat down on the comfy, homely armchair and faced the large camera. Operating this camera on the other side was the young, sweaty, analytical cameraman; and sitting beside it was the middle-aged, scarf-wearing, pampered-seeming, full-of-herself-looking documentary filmmaker, the ridiculously large film award dangling awkwardly from her neck like a pendant. About a half-dozen other people filled the room, providing assistance with lighting and sound equipment.

"So, then," the filmmaker said while consulting her notepad, "tell us a little about yourself, Todoroki-san."

"Ah, okay." Rei gave the camera a soft, motherly smile. "Well, my name is Rei Todoroki, but so many of you know me as the Ice Hero: Penitente. I am the No. 3 Hero, as of last year's Hero Billboard Chart JP, and I've held that ranking for ten years in a row. Or maybe it was fifteen?" She put tapped her chin. "I sorta forgot."

20XX Hero Billboard Chart JP
Six months ago

"And the No. 3 Hero iiiiis...the Ice Hero: Penitente! ...Again..."

There was a magnificent burst of applause as Rei walked onstage in her Hero costume. She smiled brightly for her fellow Pros and all of the journalists in attendance. A film camera recorded her as she walked back and forth on the stage, like it was some sort of model show wherein she had to show herself off.

Then, she approached the microphone and tapped on it twice, testing its sound. Once it was confirmed to be working (by the audience's collective wincing), Rei leaned in and gave her speech.

"I would like to thank my husband Enji for bringing me this far as a Pro!" she cried. "Now, you all may know my Enji-kun as a grumpy old man-"

The audience laughed at that, while the cameraman caught an image of Enji in the line of the Top 10 Pros, face-palming in embarrassment.

"But I just wanted you all to know that he is absolutely nothing like that at home. In fact, he's such a sweetheart and a cuddly big teddy bear. In fact, I do remember one time when he dressed up as a fairy godmother while playing with our little daughter Yuki."

The laughter was more rambunctious this time, and the cameraman recorded a blushing, teary-eyed Enji trying to sneak away, only to be dragged back in by a winged, dirty-blond Pro.

Present day

Rei thought about the next part of her answer carefully. "I'm also the head of my own Hero Agency, the Blizzard Agency. We take in all sorts of aspiring Heroes with Quirks that have something to do with ice or the cold."

"Ah, really?" the filmmaker asked. "And why is that?"

The Ice Hero gave her a bashful smile. "Ohhh, I've never been tolerant of high temperatures. I need to be surrounded by cold things for as long as possible if I'm going to be at peak condition."

"So we've noticed..." a lighting guy whispered to his colleague, a sound technician who simply shuddered on instinct.

Blizzard Agency Main Office
Two hours ago

The film crew followed Rei into the peculiar igloo-shaped building, whereupon the temperature dropped instantly, causing several of the crew to regret not bringing warmer clothes. The cameraman recorded footage of an Antarctica replica that encircled the lobby, consisting of murky, freezing waters and blocks of ice on which penguins were squawking loudly and sliding around.

"Penitente-san!" A young woman wearing a thick parka ran up to Rei and the film crew, carrying a small stack of files. "I have a request for an after-action report on the Paper Manipulation Villain that you captured yesterday!"

"Alright," Rei replied while taking the file from the woman's hands. "Thank you, Geten-chan. What else do you have for me?"

"Icicle-sama says he won't be able to come to work today. Says he's coming down with the flu."

"Duly noted."

"A-And the same thing goes for Blizzard-san and Snowball-chan. They both have the flu as well. But Blizzard-san finished his reports for the month."

Geten gestured to the topmost couple of papers, and Rei nodded in kind.

"Alright," Rei said. "Jeez, three members out for the day because of the flu. I do wonder why?"

She ignored the film crew as they followed her around the office, their shivering growing worse by the minute. On one of the largest ice blocks in the lobby, an emperor penguin squawked triumphantly.

Present day


Rei looked at one of the crew members, alarmed. "Oh my, bless you!" Then, she refocused on the camera. "Now anyway, my specialty is civilian protection, and my fields of focus are Villain incidents involving both high and low temperatures." She raised a finger. "For example, if a Villain with a heat Quirk is menacing the public, then that's within my jurisdiction."

Korusucant Main Bank
Two days ago


Flames flowed from the man's pipes and blossomed through the air, overwhelming the expansive lobby of the high-class bank with their sweltering heat. Then, before the flames could make contact with anything and scorch it, they suddenly slowed down in midair, as if time was being brought to a grinding halt. Next, they began moving in unnatural directions, as if they suddenly became sentient, until finally, they reformed into the shape of a snakelike being that was suspended in the air. Customers and employees crouched and even hit the floor screamed in fear as the fiery snake advanced upon them, the heat emitting from its form bearing down upon them.

"Relax, everyone!" one of the robbers shouted gleefully. "We're not here to hurt you! We just wish to make a, uh...hefty withdrawal."

The man calmly stepped forward, his left arm raised towards the snake of fire while his spiky scarlet hair and energetic yellow eyes glimmered from its hazy light. His right arm waved his two accomplices over, beckoning them to get to work. One of them, a man with ashy-gray, stringy hair and gunmetal-gray pipes protruding from his upper wrists, rushed over to the teller counter and vaulted right over it. The other accomplice, a blond man with tanned skin and a red-and-white-striped headband, began swiftly strolling through the lobby in search of any people who were hiding.

"Yes, ladies and gentlemen!" the redheaded man announced while scanning the civilians crouched and lying on the floor. "As you can see, we're the Infernals. Hopefully you all have been keeping track of our exploits in the news. 'Cause if you did, then you'd know by now not to mess with us."

At that moment, the lead robber spotted an open glass jar full of lollipops. As some of the civilians watched, he procured a cherry-flavored lollipop, ripped the wrapping off of the hard candy, and stuck it in his mouth.

"After all, being burnt alive is the worst way to go, am I right?"

Beelzebub, the leader of the Infernals. Quirk: Blaze. He can detect and manipulate fire within five meters of himself, but he cannot generate it by himself.

"Lucifer!" Beelzebub called out. "How're we doing?!"

"Almost through, Beelzebub!" the ashy-gray man hollered back. He was standing by the vault and aiming his left wrist at the lock mechanism. This time, the wrist-mounted pipe was spewing out a smaller but more focused, concentrated flame that was eating through the metal, causing it to drip to the floor and fizzle. A pungent burning smell was filling the air.

Lucifer, the safecracker of the Infernals. Quirk: Hell Weld. Both of his wrists can unleash pipes that function as flamethrowers capable of controlling and even focusing the flow of the flames they spew, but overuse will lead to the pipes becoming damaged.

"Good!" replied Beelzebub. "Once you're through, let us know, man! We don't have much time till the Heroes show up!"

Just then, he heard a commotion on his other side. He looked over and spotted his blond accomplice dragging a sobbing, struggling woman across the floor.

"Yo, Beelzebub!" the man called. "Caught this chick callin' the cops!"

"How much was she able to tell them, Abaddon?" Beelzebub asked.

The other man shoved the woman against the foot of a desk. "Heard her sayin' the full address before I got to 'er!"

"Shit!" Beelzebub looked back at Lucifer. "Lucifer, stand back! Abaddon's takin' over!"

Lucifer obeyed his leader's commands, taking a few steps while Abaddon jumped over the teller counter and approached the vault. With a crack of his neck, Abaddon raised a hand and created a basketball-sized sphere of fire. Then, he poised his hand and launched the sphere at the semi-melted lock mechanism, blowing it apart and allowing the gigantic door to the vault to slowly creak open.

Abaddon, the combat specialist of the Infernals. Quirk: Fireball. He can generate and control spheres of fire the size of basketballs, but only in environments with a lot of air and no trace amounts of water or gas in the air.

Once Lucifer and Abaddon were able to peek their heads inside the chamber, the former's eyes glittered with awe.

"Well?" Beelzebub called. "What's the holdup?!"

"Looks like we hit the mother lode!" Lucifer declared.

"Well, don't just stand there! Raid the damn vault before-"

The front door to the bank suddenly burst open with a mighty bang, filling the interior with a powerful gust of wind that snuffed out Beelzebub's serpent of fire. Beelzebub screamed in shock and tried to control what was left of the flames, but the last of them were blown out before he even realized what was happening. Then, he glared hatefully at the doorway...

Only for his anger to turn into terror.

"No," he moaned, slowly shaking his head in denial. "No... Of all the...the Pros that had to be nearby-!"

Rei waved at the trio of robbers while she sauntered into the bank lobby, wearing a horrifyingly sweet smile. There was a trail of cool, icy mist being exuded from her body as she went along. Also following her were the documentary crew, with the cameraman eagerly recording the entire scene.

"Hello, boys," she greeted. In that moment, she looked like a mother who caught her children with their hands stuck in a cookie jar without permission. "How's everyone's day been? Good? Ohhh, I hope so..." Out of her hand came a massive, icicle-like spike, too large even for her to carry. "Because you're about to get punished for being bad boys."

Present day

"The same thing goes for a Villain with an ice Quirk similar to mine. You saw me in action three days ago too."

"Yes, yes, that we did," replied the filmmaker.

Jaku City
Three days ago


On an average, soothingly warm day in Jaku City, the large, golem-like being of ice lumbered through downtown, leaving behind a trail of crumbled, quickly melting ice pieces. People all around him fled as he used his giant size and durable ice to destroy anything and everything that stood in his way, which was mostly vehicles. Those who chose to hide were quick to notice the pale-skinned, white-haired man whose body was completely covered from neck to toe by the ice, with only his head sticking out precariously in place, but he didn't look affected in the slightest.




With a loud roar, the ice giant picked up a family sedan nearby and lifted it over his shoulders with ease. There was only a soft, subdued creaking sound as the ice took all of that weight.


Glacier. Quirk Name: Glacier. He can cover his body in ice and control the ice's shape, with the durability of the ice being determined by the temperature of his current environment.


Glacier turned his head upon hearing the scream and spotted a boy lying on the sidewalk, his right knee badly scraped. A young woman, his mother, ran back to retrieve him, her face filled with panic. However, by the time she could get to him, Glacier was already looming over them both, his shadow shielding them from the Sun, the family sedan still held over his shoulders.


He prepared to slam the car down on the two of them, with the mother holding onto her child protectively. Glacier's evil, sadistic laughter rang in the air-

Only a split-second later, a gargantuan spike of thick, cold ice sprouted out from behind Glacier and pierced through the sedan, stopping him from throwing the car down.

"HUH?!" exclaimed an outraged Glacier. He then twirled around, his eyelid twitching nastily. "WHO THE HELL-?!"

Another icicle-like spike immediately pierced through the side of his armor-like ice covering, causing the area to shatter and totally break it off. Cracks already began to spread through the rest of the covering like a spider-web, threatening its structural integrity.

"AAAAAUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!" Glacier shrieked, sounding like a little girl in that moment as he beheld the damage that his covering took. "MY ICE! MY ICE, MY ICE, MY PRECIOUS ICE!" He began looking around frantically for the new source of ice. "WHO...WHO DID THAT?!"

"Oh, poor Glacier," a voice said.

With a gasp, Glacier twirled around, quickly keeping a hand on his damaged side. There, standing over the mother and son, was none other than Rei. The air around the trio was getting colder by the second as she stared the Villain down.

"If this is how you react when your mommy leaves you," the Ice Hero said, "then it's no wonder she left."

"YOU DARE BADMOUTH MY MOTHER?!" Glacier snapped, veins bulging out of his face in anger.

"Ah, but I see your overall opinion of Mommy is...complicated." Rei shrugged her shoulders, just as the mother and son seized the opportunity to flee. "No matter. I guess I am gonna have to do what your mommy should've done a long time ago...what any mommy does when her child misbehaves."


Glacier charged at Rei, his ice-covered fist cocked as icicle-like spikes emerged from his knuckles. The Ice Hero reacted by generating gigantic, fist-shaped columns from the palms of her hands...

Present day

"This actually leads me to a question that I've been meaning to ask you, Rei," the filmmaker said. "This is related to your usual fighting style."

"My usual fighting style?" Rei smiled and chuckled with a wavy hand. "By all means, go on ahead, but you're not going to get a lot of comments out of me. In spite of my line of work, I'm not too big on violence, unlike a certain someone in my household..."

"I HEARD THAT!" Enji's voice thundered, startling some of the crew.

"It's actually something a lot of commentators have remarked upon," continued the filmmaker.

"Oh, is that so?" Rei asked, her eyebrow arched with intrigue.

"Yes. You see, Penitente, whenever you go solo against a Villain, you have a habit of talking to them like they're, umm... H-How should phrase this...?"

"Like they're children," the cameraman blurted out, only to be humbled back into silence by a stern, terrifying glare from the filmmaker.

"Oh, my!" Rei put a hand over her mouth in surprise, but she chuckled lightly. "Miyagi-san noticed that? And I thought I was being subtle about it!"

"So..." The filmmaker stared at the Ice Hero incredulously. "You've been doing that...on purpose?"

"Well, of course!" The white-haired woman gave the entire film crew a sweet smile. "I mean, you've seen the way I put my children in check!"

Earlier that day

"Hey! What the?! Mom! Shoto stole my soba again!"

Rei sighed softly as she washed the dishes in the sink. "Shoto-kun, dear, please give Natsuo-kun his soba back."

Shoto slurped on the cold soba, his flat face wearing an innocent expression. "I didn't do anything."

"That's bull!" Natsuo snapped. "That soba bowl didn't just walk over to your side of the table while I was gone!"

Rei sighed again as she continued washing the dishes. "Shoto-kun, dear, please don't make me repeat myself."

"I swear," Shoto replied with the most stone-faced poker-face ever, "I didn't do it."

Another slurp of soba punctuated his claim. Even if she had her back on both boys, Rei could hear Natsuo fuming angrily on the place where he stood.

"If you don't gimme my soba bowl back, Shoto," Natsuo growled with gritted teeth, "I swear to frigging God..."

"I swear, Natsuo, I- H-HEY!"

There were sounds of light scuffling and grunts, along with the occasional exclamation from Shoto that his precious cold soba was about to spill at any moment. Rei shook her head softly, gently lowered the plate she had in her hands...

And then, out from her shoulder came a gigantic spike of diamond-hard ice. It barreled down the room and stopped just in the nick of time; it was inches away from skewering Shoto and Natsuo like kebab. Not that Rei ever planned on doing that to her sons in the first place; she was way too skilled and tactical to not recklessly use her Quirk indoors without the proper advanced training.

But they didn't know that.

"Shoto-kun?" Rei asked in a sickeningly sweet voice.

Shoto shed a tear as he handed the soba bowl to Natsuo with a shaky hand. The older boy wordlessly accepted it without as much as an inward celebration of jubilation. All the while, both brothers eyed the spike of ice cautiously as its jagged tip precariously protruded outward into their faces.

Rei didn't even need to turn around to see if her sons were complying with her not-so-subtle threat. Instead, she picked up the same dish and resumed washing it.

"Good boys," she said.

At that moment, Enji entered the kitchen, sidestepping the stunned and bamboozled film crew in the process. As soon as he entered and saw the mess in the kitchen, he merely frowned with disappointment.

"For the love of..." he grumbled. Then... "FUYUMI!"

His holler, released at the top of his lungs, startled Shoto, Natsuo, and the film crew, but not Rei. A split-second later, the young woman stuck her head out into the hallway from a different room.

"Y-Ye-Yes, Dad...?" she asked hesitantly.

"Get the buckets and rags," Enji instructed in a low, gruff voice of defeat. "Your mom used her Quirk again."

"On it, Dad!"

"Touya, where the hell are they, you pervert?!"

"Where are what, Fuyumi?"


Rei could feel the temperature of the room drop dangerously. She casually looked up from her mountaineering magazine and saw Fuyumi towering over Touya, who was coolly sitting on another chair and scrolling through his cellphone.

"Jeez, Fuyumi..." Touya said, bored. "You make it sound like a big deal, but how am I supposed to buy into the trend if I don't even know what's got your panties all twisted up-"

The red-faced Fuyumi snatched the cellphone right out of his hand. "You just said what the problem is, Touya! Don't you dare play dumb with me!"

"Hold on, I said what the problem is?" Touya's brow was furrowed as he thought about it for a brief moment. "You...You mean your panties?"

He spoke the last sentence with such a casual, bored tone that it infuriated Fuyumi. She grabbed his shoulder and held it tightly; seconds later, Touya began to shuffle and grimace uncomfortably, and his arm began to shiver. The nasty clothes over his shoulder started to get colder and paler...

"I know you took them, you perv," she spat. "And I wanna know where they are! Did you give 'em to one of your friends at your goddamn Agency?!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Touya cried as he strained from the chill Fuyumi was creating. "Wh-Wha-What're you ta-ta-talking about, Fuyumi?!"

"You know what I'm talking about! You and your friends just leering at women and taking what you want from them after you're done with them! Only this time, you've sunken to a whole new level of depravity!"

Touya's lips twitched into a proud smile. "Well, you're right about everything except for one thing, Fuyumi-chan, because I most certainly didn't steal your panties!"

Before Fuyumi could explode at her older brother, a voice casually piped up, "Oi, Nee-san."

Touya and Fuyumi both glanced at the doorway, where they found Shoto standing there, poker-faced, while Yuki hugged his leg tightly with a silly fond smile. He was carrying a simple straw basket filled with laundry...and the blushing Fuyumi noticed the familiar white-and-baby-blue panties dangling from the basket's side.

"It's your turn to do the laundry, remember?" the red-and-white-haired boy said.

Fuyumi blinked incredulously at the sight of her panties in the basket. "O-O-Oh..."

Then, all of a sudden, her face turned as deep-red as a tomato, and Touya could literally see the smoke jettisoning out of every orifice she had. The look on Fuyumi's face prompted Yuki to giggle and point a finger at her older sister.

"Fuyumi-neesan!" she chirped. "Your face looks like a tomato!"

That's exactly what I said.

Meanwhile, Shoto looked confused. "Hm? What's wrong, Nee-san? Are you sick or something?"

Fuyumi hung her face with embarrassment, while Touya gave her a sideways smirk of amusement. With no other point to make, the young woman let go of her older brother, walked up to Shoto, and snatched the straw basket out of his hands without saying a word.

"O-Okay..." Shoto remarked, slightly stunned by his sister's show of force.

As soon as Fuyumi departed without as much as a whimper, Shoto awkwardly watched her go. Then, he glanced into the room, where Touya and Rei still were seated. Touya shrugged at his brother, while their mother continued to attentively read her mountaineering magazine. After a few seconds of silence, Shoto shrugged as well and trudged away, with Yuki still clinging to his leg.

Touya laid back on his chair and prepared to lounge about lazily, only to realize something important.

"Aw, crap," he muttered bitterly. "Fuyumi still has my phone." Then, he lowered his head with a morose sigh. "And I was looking at my porn too..."

Rei lowered her magazine instantaneously. "What was that, Touya-kun?"

Touya became rigid with alarm. "N-No-Nothing, Mother!"

"Didn't sound like nothing to me." Rei's lips grew into a horrifying smile of death. "And what was that I heard about you and your Agency friends, quote unquote, leering at women and taking what you want from them after you're done with them?"


By the doorway, the film crew was nearly knocked over by the ice that sprouted outward in all directions from within the poor, helpless room. A few seconds later, Enji entered the hallway, stepping over the stunned and bamboozled film crew in the process. As soon as he approached the doorway and saw the mess, he merely frowned with disappointment.

"For the love of..." he grumbled. Then... "FUYUMI!"

His holler, released at the top of his lungs, startled the film crew. A split-second later, the young woman stuck her head out into the hallway from a different room.

"Y-Ye-Yes, Dad...?" she asked hesitantly over the sounds of the laundry machine.

"Get the buckets and rags," Enji instructed in a low, gruff voice of defeat. "Your mom used her Quirk again."

"On it, Dad!"

"Oi, Fuyumi-chan. Who're you texting?"

"None of your business."


"Oi, Fuyumi-chan, I know you're interested in someone. Who is it?"

"None of your business."


"Oi, Fuyumi-chan, I know those giggles from anywhere. You liiiiike someone, don'tcha?"

"None of your business."

Fuyumi was sitting on the front porch of the Todoroki home, texting animatedly and blushing at her phone. Rei had just retrieved the mail and was now sifting through it at the gateway. Natsuo was leaning against the entryway to the home, a sly smirk on his face.

"Oi, come ooooon, Fuyumi-chan!" begged Natsuo. "You know I'll find out sooner or later!"

"Like I told you for the last gajillion times, Natsuo," Fuyumi said, her voice ominous in spite of her blushing face and the way her eyes were transfixed to her phone screen, "none. Of. Your. BUSINESS."

Natsuo scowled with disappointment. Then, that scowl turned into a mischievous grin as the gears in his mind started to turn. Without any hesitation or warning, he lunged forward, plucked the phone out of Fuyumi's hands, and began reading the text message chain.

"Oooooh!" he cried. "Who's Kei-kun?!"


Fuyumi pounced on Natsuo, and the temperature in the front-yard quickly dropped to dangerously low levels. Rei peered up from the mail and saw Fuyumi throttling the helpless Natsuo by the arms. A cold, thin layer of frost was beginning to envelop Natsuo's arms, while small, feeble-looking ice pebbles slowly sprouted from his face.

"DON'T YOU DARE LOOK AT MY PHONE!" Fuyumi shrieked.

"Okay, okay, Fuyumi!" Natsuo wailed. "I give, I give!"

Rei sighed and shook her head. Then, a few seconds later, an entire fortress of thick ice sprung out from the front yard, knocking Fuyumi, Natsuo, and the nearby film crew aside. A couple of joggers outside stopped and gasped at the sight of the ice enveloping the seemingly ordinary house's front-yard.

Another few seconds later, Enji entered the hallway, stepping over the stunned and bamboozled film crew in the process. As soon as he approached the doorway and saw the mess, he merely frowned with disappointment.

"For the love of..." he grumbled. Then... "FUYUMI!"

His holler, released at the top of his lungs, startled Fuyumi, Natsuo, and the film crew, but not Rei. Then, Enji spotted his daughter lying on the ground and realized his mistake.

So, he hollered at the top of his lungs, "SHOOOOOTOOOOO!"

A split-second later, the teenage boy stuck his head out of the open second-floor window.

"Yeah, Dad?" he asked calmly, poker-faced.

"Get the buckets and rags," Enji instructed in a low, gruff voice of defeat. "Your mom used her Quirk again."

Shoto flatly looked at the ice palace in the front yard. "I see."

Present day

"Y-Ye-Yes," the filmmaker said nervously as Rei smiled obliviously at her. "W-W-We saw it."

"We saw it all..." mumbled the cameraman.

A/N: And that just about concludes this chapter! I thought it was pretty fun chronicling little segments of the day-to-day life of our favorite Ice Heroine! Just in case you thought this ending was abrupt, don't worry, for this is the first of a two-part segment! (In case the title wasn't enough indication for you. :P)

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