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Todoroki Sibling Life: Shoto

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"To all the reporters with questions, I will say this: no comment! And to all my loving, doting fans, I'll be at a party later tonight at the Kamino Bar! Show up at eight o'clock on the dot, and tell the bouncer that Dabi sent you!"

"And there you have it, folks. Touya Todoroki, also known as the Cremation Hero: Dabi, declining yet another opportunity to answer our questions, while...simultaneously asking his fans out to a party at a well-known party scene in Kamino Ward..."

"Hm. Meh."

With a mild shrug, Shoto averted his heterochromatic eyes from the screen of his cellphone and took another noisy slurp of his cold soba. At the moment, he was sitting all alone at a partly well-kept table that was propped up in a corner of his school cafeteria, away from the other students, who were talking to each other with youthful passion and gossiping like the end of all life on Earth was on its way. But the red-and-white-haired boy didn't mind the solitude one bit.

After all, he still had his soba to eat.

Once school was over, Shoto stepped through the front gate of his junior high school and took a seat at the side. He had just seen the beginning of a great commercial, but he was unable to watch the rest because the lunch period was already over. He really wanted to check it out as soon as possible, so he whipped out his cellphone and searched up the video. As soon as he found it, the red-and-white-haired boy wasted no time in clicking on the link.

"Hey, everyone!"

A stout, rotund, penguin-like man, reminiscent of Shoto's homeroom teacher, pranced onto the stage, his movements so ridiculously flamboyant that it would've made anyone else burst out laughing.

"Have you ever wanted to make the best soba recipes that Japan has had to offer?!"

Shoto nodded hypnotically. "Mm-hm."

"Have you ever wanted to be washed away by the tide of the greatest soba flavors in existence?!"


"Have you ever wanted to learn how to master the skill of soba-cooking and more?!"


"Then sign up for my culinary school, Soba Sticks! Just click on the link below and-!"

Shoto didn't need to hear anything more. He exited the video, stood back up, and began walking to the train station.

"I'd like some more soba..." he said to himself.

Upon entering the train station that he used to get back home, Shoto stepped into the small food court and scanned its featured restaurants and food stalls, his heterochromatic eyes dulling with disappointment. He remembered there being a restaurant specializing in soba that operated in that very same food court, but it was closed down months ago due to it having a deathly small clientele.

A.K.A. very few customers to call their own.

A.K.A. one measly customer.

A.K.A. Shoto himself.

The boy in question heaved out a sad sigh as he approached the spot where the soba restaurant used to operate. Now, it was the resting place of an American fried chicken restaurant. He remembered trying one of their delicacies. It was one of the tastiest things his taste-buds had ever graced. But nothing ever beat the soba restaurant's recipe for cold soba.

Well, except his own mother's recipe; it was heavenly.

And his sister's recipe.

And Natsuo was known to make a killer cold soba dish once in a full moon.

And he had smelled something good coming from Touya's self-made soba dish once.

And there was that restaurant that operated closer to his home; their soba dishes were the best as well.

And then there was that one soba restaurant that he once visited in Hokkaido that also had his attention.

But other than that, the soba restaurant, the one in the train station, was the absolute best, in his opinion. And to know that the food court no longer featured that restaurant was an absolute tragedy to Shoto.

The boy sighed and proceeded to walk out of the food court. "Soba..."

The train roared down the tracks, sidewinding gracefully through the city, with the hundreds of passengers inside slightly swaying from side to side and back and forth. Sitting on one of the seats was Shoto, who was now scrolling through his phone, looking up various images of cold soba. With every image that he examined in fuller detail, the heterochromatic boy lightly bit his lips and felt his stomach squirm with hunger.

"Hey, whatcha lookin' at, kid?" a voice asked.

Shoto looked up and saw a greasy-looking office worker looming over him. To anyone else, he would've looked absolutely frightening, and his presence would've most certainly stuck out amongst the other passengers. But Shoto did not regard him with any sort of fear, instead blinking up at him with an exasperating idleness.

"Soba," he replied simply.

"Ah." The man nodded in acknowledgment. "I had a son once. Made the best soba in existence. Everyone in town loved it so much."

"Really?" Shoto's attention was piqued. "What's his name?"

"What was his name is the true question..." the man corrected. With a heavy sigh, he looked out of the window, looking absentminded. "His name was Shiro."

"Uh-huh." Shoto's face fell into a flat expression. "Uhhh, before you pickpocket me or swindle me or whatever, just know that my name is Shoto Todoroki."

An awkward silence filled the air around them. The man's face quickly filled up with dread, and he leaned his head in by a centimeter, as if he was somewhat unsure of what he had just heard.

"Pardon me?" he asked.

"My name is Shoto Todoroki," Shoto repeated.

"Shoto Todoroki?" The man's face paled somewhat. "A-As in the son of Enji and Rei Todoroki?"

"The one and only."

There was another awkward silence, followed by the man saying, "You're joking, right?"

Shoto arched an eyebrow slightly. "Does it look like I'm joking?"

Yet another awkward silence settled between them. Then, the man swiftly pulled out his old-looking cellphone and began looking up an image of Shoto. As soon as he found one from a paparazzi news website and compared it to the teenager in front of him, the man made an audible gulp that would've easily come out of a comedy cartoon.

"You're not joking."


"H-How'd you know that-?"

"You were gonna pull a fast one on me?" Shoto refocused on the screen of his cellphone. "Simple. You dress up like some sort of high-maintenance office worker, yet you clearly don't take good care of yourself during your downtime. Your basic hygiene is absolutely atrocious from where I'm sitting."

The man blushed in embarrassment. "N-No, it's not-"

"So, unless you want my parents to bring you in for whatever criminal scheme you were about to execute on me, I need you to do me one big favor."

The man blinked incredulously and looked around the train to see if anyone was overhearing their discussion. Then, once he confirmed they were not being eavesdropped on, he turned back to Shoto, looking absolutely desperate.

"What do you want me to do?"

Shoto stepped out of the soba restaurant, taking a sip of some of the cold noodles out of his bowl. As he walked away, he could still hear the would-be swindler/pickpocketer/whatever criminal twirling the sign and hollering to promote the soba restaurant, attracting any pedestrians passing by.

With a proud smile, Shoto kept on walking and took another sip of his soba. "Mmmmm... Soba..."

"Do you have a crush, Natsuo-kun?"


Natsuo shot up to his feet, nearly knocking the table over in the process. Rei clasped her hands over her mouth in shock. Yuki's eyes glimmered with happiness. Fuyumi glanced at him with idle curiosity while eating her umpteenth scoop of ice cream straight out of the container. Enji did not listen and was still scrolling through the channels. Shoto blinked slowly at the mess left by the bowl he accidentally dropped due to his older brother's outburst.

"My soba..." Shoto said blankly.

Then, determination and resolve filled up the heterochromatic boy's reserves, and he groped around the living room floor in search of the dropped bowl.

"I don't have a crush!" Natsuo cried. "I swear, Mom, I don't!"

"A boy who strongly denies having a crush most certainly has one," Rei replied sagely.

"Mommy's right!" Yuki added.

Eventually, Shoto retrieved the bowl and looked inside it. To his dismay, there was indeed nothing left for him to salvage, no leftover soba that he could savor. With a soft, disappointed sigh, he hugged the bowl to his chest.

"It's not that, Mom! It's just..." Natsuo scratched his cheek in embarrassment. "A girl did offer to tutor me in math-"

"Ooh, how romantic!" squealed Rei.

"MOM! I don't have a crush on this girl! Sh-She's just a former classmate!"

Then, Shoto got out of the table and headed into the kitchen so he could make himself some more soba. And when I say make more soba, I mean use one of the microwaveable packets that anyone could find in the average Japanese market. (Yes, Shoto finished the soba that he bought from the nearby restaurant on the way home.)

Humming a certain tune to himself, Shoto emptied one of the aforementioned packets into the bowl, poured some water in it, and put it in the microwave. His actions went unnoticed by Fuyumi, who was still eating up ice cream straight from the colorful container.

"All the more to be interested!" Rei declared.

"Oh, my GOD, Mom! I-It's just..." Natsuo pondered his words for a moment and then sighed. "I promised my friends I'd take them to a party."

"A word of advice, Natsuo-kun." Rei wagged her index finger. "When a girl asks you to hang out with her, and you alone, it's automatically a date." Then, she quirked an eyebrow. "She didn't offer to tutor anyone else as well, right?"

Shoto turned on the microwave and waited for the soba to be thoroughly heated up and ready for consumption.

"Sh-She didn't, but-" began Natsuo.

Rei clapped her hands together in delight. "Well, then she wants to go on a date with you!"

"You seem to be operating on faulty logic, Mom..."

As he continued to wait patiently for the soba to be heated up, Shoto couldn't help but register the conversation between Rei and Natsuo. In his peripheral vision, he could see his older brother desperately (and unsuccessfully) trying to defend himself, while his mother continued to pry into his so-called crush.

And as he continued to eavesdrop, the conversation brought Shoto's mind back to the raven-haired, onyx-eyed rich girl that he helped when she got lost on the train.

Momo Yaoyorozu.

"O-Oh! Th-Th-Thank you s-so much! How could I repay you?"

"Just be safe. That's all I'm asking."

"B-But I insist! I need to repay you somehow! I'll do whatever you want! All you have to do is ask!"

Shoto blinked idly. "Hmmm..."

"Well, is she pretty, Natsuo-kun?" Rei asked.

"I-I mean..." Natsuo's face turned red again. "S-Sorta, but-"

"Then you should accept her offer! Besides, there'll always be other parties for you and your friends to go to!"

"Maybe I should've accepted her offer of repayment," Shoto thought, almost absentmindedly. "Besides, there'll always be other soba for me to eat..."

"B-But-" At that moment, Natsuo quieted down. "O-Okay..."

"That's the spirit, Natsuo-kun!" Rei gave him a clenched fist of encouragement. "Now, you go get her, sweetie! Go charm her in your own special way!"

"For the last time, Mom, this isn't gonna be a date! It's just one little tutoring session on math! She'll be busy after that, anyway."

At that moment, the microwave rang, signaling the end of the soba being heated up. Shoto opened it, took out the bowl, and returned over to the kitchen table, where he set the bowl down. Then, he raised his right hand towards the soba and activated his Quirk, causing the soba to cool down considerably until the steam disappeared.

Rei's eye twinkled mischievously. "Is that disappointment I hear from you, Natsuo-kun?"

"NO, IT'S NOT!" Natsuo shouted in protest.


Everyone, sans Shoto, flinched at the sound of Enji's thunderous voice. However, the red-and-white-haired boy could not mistake the heat that filled the room as belonging to his oh-so-beloved father's. And he didn't need to know what exactly had incurred his wrath, for he could overhear the news report nearby.

"To all the reporters with questions, I will say this: no comment! And to all my loving, doting fans, I'll be at a party later tonight at the Kamino Bar! Show up at eight o'clock on the dot, and tell the bouncer that Dabi sent you!"

"And there you have it, folks. Touya Todoroki, also known as the Cremation Hero: Dabi, declining yet another opportunity to answer our questions, while...simultaneously asking his fans out to a party-"

"Meh." Tuning out the rest of his family's conversation, Shoto took a sip of his cold soba. "Soba..."

As he continued to eat his soba, though, his mind couldn't help but wander towards that girl on the train, and the words of advice his mother imparted on Natsuo...

By the time Touya had returned home with his usual swagger and overconfidence, he was, as the kids called it, dead-ski-doodles. Enji and Rei inflicted a variety of horrific punishments upon him, punishments that likely broke the rules of the Geneva Convention. Even Fuyumi joined in a little with a punishment of her own.

When all was said and done, Shoto was sitting in his bedroom, reflecting on the events of the past week.

"O-Oh! Th-Th-Thank you s-so much! How could I repay you?"

"B-But I insist! I need to repay you somehow! I'll do whatever you want! All you have to do is ask!"

"Maybe I really should've taken her up on that offer..." he thought.

"Night, Shoto..." a voice moaned quietly.

Shoto didn't look up; he didn't want to see the horrible, horrible state that Touya was now in. "Night, Touya-niisan."

The red-and-white-haired boy heard his older brother shuffle away awkwardly. Once he was gone, Shoto laid back on his bed and heaved out a heavy sigh. He could still recall that girl on the train: her raven-black hair, tied into that cute bushy ponytail; her onyx eyes, shimmering with joy; her somewhat uptight but cool and levelheaded personality; her bouncy-

"Shoto-niichan?" another voice asked in an adorable squeak.

"Hm?" Shoto looked towards the doorway and saw Yuki waddling into his room, carrying her penguin plushie. "Yes, Yuki-chan?"

"Can you read me a bedtime story?"

"Huh? Why me?" Shoto rubbed his forehead. "Uh, get Onee-san to do it."

"She's talking to her boyfriend."

"Boyfriend?" Shoto's lips tugged into a small, sly grin. "I thought we weren't supposed to talk about that."

"Ohhh, right." Yuki tapped her chin thoughtfully. "She's talking to her, uhhhhh, boyfriend. Her friend who is a boy, who is her friend. Her very, very, very good friend."


"Her very, very, very, very, very-"

"I get it, Yuki-chan."

"So will you read me a bedtime story, then?" Yuki gave him her trademark puppy eyes, and Shoto struggled to keep his gaze averted from her. "Pretty please?"

"Ask Touya-nii to do it."

"Hee hee hee. He's all beat up, though. He can't read right now."

Both of them then heard a distant, familiar moan from Touya's bedroom.

"Ask Natsuo-nii, then," Shoto suggested.

"He's talking to his girlfriend."

Shoto blinked in surprise. "His girlfriend? Didn't know he had one."

"Mommy and him were talking about her. He keeps denying that he likes her, which means that he does!"

Shoto shook his head with amusement. "Two things, Yuki-chan. One: liking someone is a completely different thing from actually dating someone. Two: not everyone who denies that they like someone actually likes that person in reality. You need to cut down on your anime, young lady. You're modeling your notions of romance on tsundere characters."

Yuki simply giggled.

"And three-"

"That's three things, Shoto-niichan, not two."

Shoto blinked for a moment before continuing. "And three..."




His voice trailed off, prompting Yuki to ask, "Did you forget what to say, Shoto-nii?"


Yuki giggled again. "Can you read me my bedtime story now?! Pretty please, pretty please, pretty please?!"

Shoto sighed in defeat, for he knew he could not resist her adorable charms forever. "Alright. Let's get you to bed first."


Shoto stood from his bed and escorted his younger sister to her bedroom, with Yuki grabbing onto his hand as they left. As they went out into the hallway, the white-haired girl spoke up again.

"Shoto-nii? Do you have a girlfriend?"

"No," Shoto replied plainly. "What makes you ask that?"

"You looked, what was the word? Ummmmm..."


"Ooh yes, distracted! You looked so distracted when I came in!"

"Well, that's because I was thinking of something, Yuki-chan."

"Like your girlfriend?"

By that point, Shoto and Yuki had reached the closed door to the latter's bedroom. Shoto exhaled heavily as he took the doorknob and turned it, revealing a bedroom filled with plushie toys and a variety of images on the walls, mostly of snow and ice and penguins.

"I told you before, Yuki-chan," Shoto replied, "I don't have a girlfriend."

"Ohhhhh, okay!" But Yuki's eyes continued to shine with a childlike glee. "Then you have a crush, then!"

The heterochromatic boy looked down at his sister. "A crush? Where'd you-?"

"Well, uh," Yuki interrupted, her expression becoming scrunched as she concentrated, "when you like someone very, very much, but that other person doesn't know, that means you have a crush! It's like, uh, cr-crushing ice!"

"That's, uhhhhh... That's the weirdest analogy I've ever heard."

The girl beamed up at him happily. "Thank you, Shoto-niichan!"

"You're welcome." With that, Shoto began ushering her into her room. "And no, I don't have a crush either."

"Weeeell, you looked a little weird when Mommy started talking to Natsuo-nii about his crush. And I don't mean weird as in weird while you're thinking about your soba!"

"Thinking about my-?!"

Then, she pointed at him with a chubby finger. "You still look weird now!"

"Well, I..." Then, Shoto started to mull over his next words. "Honestly, I don't know what to think. There was a girl that I met on the way to school, and she was very nice."

"Ooh, ooh, so you like her? Do you?" By the time she reached her bed, Yuki was jumping up and down with delight. "Oh, does that mean I'll get another onee-chan?!"

Shoto couldn't help but chuckle, recalling Fuyumi's slight exasperation over Yuki's exact words. "Jeez. Why do you want another onee-chan, Yuki-chan? Isn't Fuyumi-neesan enough for you?"

"I don't don't like Fuyumi-neechan, Shoto-nii. But..." Yuki hopped onto her bed and started to cover herself with her soft blanket. "She's so busy all the time. I can only play with you now, and you're a boy. You don't like girly things."

Shoto helped his younger sister get tucked in. As he did, he recalled all the times Rei would tuck him in and putting those good memories to good use.

"Excuse me," he said, "but I wear all those princess and fairy dresses just for you. And I have fun playing tea and castles with you."

"But you're a boy." Yuki pouted slightly. "It's not the same as playing with a girl. Girls know how to play tea and castles."

"Well, have you ever thought of the possibility that there are girls out there who like boyish things?"

The girl blinked. "Weeell...Ichiro-kun's big sister likes boyish things... He says she's a, uh...a...a..." Her forehead became wrinkled as she tried to concentrate, which Shoto found adorable. "A..."

"Tomboy?" suggested Shoto.

Yuki's eyes shone in realization. "Tomboy!" Then, she looked at her brother with a tilted head. "What's a tomboy?"

"A girl who likes boyish things, just like I said. And-" Shoto applied the finishing touches to Yuki's tucking-in. "If there are girls who like boyish things, then there are boys who like girly things too!"

"Yeah, but I know you're not one of them."

Shoto shrugged. "Well, you never know."

"No, I know. You're my onii-chan, silly! I know everything about you!"

"Do you now? Then tell me, why do you think I have a crush when I actually don't?"

Yuki giggled and held onto her penguin plushie. "You're silly, Shoto-nii! I know you have a crush! Even if you don't know the girl, you're thinking about her right now, a hundred and- no, two hundred- no, th-three hundred percent!"

"There's no such thing as three hundred percent."

"Yes, there is! If you can count from one to three, then you can count from one hundred to three hundred too!"

Shoto rolled his eyes at Yuki's creativity. "Do you want me to read you a bedtime story or not?"

"I changed my mind!" The girl sat upright, looking absolutely enthusiastic. "Tell me about the girl you met on the train!"

"Tell you about-?! I-I don't think I can-"

"Come ooooon, Onii-chan!" Then, she gave him the puppy eyes again. "Pretty please?"

Shoto sighed in defeat. "Alright, I'll tell you!"

Yuki clapped in delight and held onto her penguin plushie again. "Yippee!"

"Okay." Shoto knelt beside Yuki and stared right at her, his expression serious and unmoving. "One day, I was on my way to school using the train. There, I met a girl who was my age, we talked for a little, I showed her the correct way to her school, and we parted ways. The end."

"The end?" Yuki made a grimace of disapproval. "That's the worst story ever, Shoto-nii!"

"Well, that's what happened. Our meeting didn't amount to anything. No crush, no weird feelings, not even an exchanged phone number. I just showed her the way to school, and that was it."

"Well, that girl must've been really, really, really pretty for you to keep thinking about her!"

He rolled his heterochromatic eyes. "Okay, for the last time, what makes you think I was thinking about her, Yuki-chan? I only said I was just thinking about her, but I don't know what to think."

She tilted her head again. "Huh? How can you think about her but not know what to think, Shoto-nii?! It sounds like you already know what to think about, and if all you can think about is that girl, then that means you must like her!"

"I don't like her, Yuki-chan!"

"You do!"

"I don't!"

"You do!"

"I don't!"


"Alright, one more word out of you two and I'm gonna freeze this entire house."

Neither Shoto nor Yuki needed to know who had just spoken. Instead, the two straightened up and became as rigid as a pair of planks as a new set of footsteps entered Yuki's bedroom.

"Tell me, Yuki-chan," Rei said with a wide, innocent smile, "do you still need to be read a bedtime story? Or could Shoto-kun go back to his room now?"

"He can go back," Yuki replied, flashing her mother an innocuous smile in return. "Thank you, Mommy."

With that, Shoto got up, gave his sister's head a couple of quick pats, and then left her bedside. He heard Rei patting her head and cooing to her before following after him a few seconds later.

"B-But I insist! I need to repay you somehow! I'll do whatever you want! All you have to do is ask!"

Momo's sweet, eloquent words reentered Shoto's mind and gave him pause for a brief moment. Then, all of a sudden, he could feel his body temperature rise just a little, and he had to activate his right side in order to balance out the heat as much as possible. Then, as soon as he stepped out into the hallway, Rei's voice spoke to him.

"So tell me, sweetie, what's this I'm hearing about a girl on a train?"

Shoto turned around and faced his mother. "It's like I told Yuki-chan, Mother. I was on my way to school using the train. There, I met a-"

"Don't give me the same story you gave to Yuki-chan, Shoto-kun." Rei closed the bedroom door behind her. "Remember, I'm Yuki times a hundred and- no, two hundred- no, th-three hundred!"

"Yes, yes you are..." Shoto thought in a mixture of dismay and amusement.

"So don't lie to me, unless you want me to nag an answer out of you-"

"Okay, okay, okay!" Shoto raised his palms in a gesture of surrender. "Look, what I've told Yuki-chan is the truth, but..."

His voice trailed off, prompting Rei to say, "But not the whole truth."

"...Yeah, pretty much..."

"So then, what is the whole truth, Shoto-kun?" When Shoto hesitated, blushing fiercely, she grabbed her son's hand and squeezed it gently. "Oh, don't worry, sweetie! Remember, I'm your mother, and mothers know best!"

Shoto sighed and replied, "Alright. I...It's just..." His face grew redder than ever before, and Rei could feel him activating his right side again. "Well, everything else was the truth, but the only thing is...I-I haven't been able to take my mind off that girl ever since the moment we met!" He clutched his head in distress. "It's so weird!"

"It's not weird, Shoto-kun!"

Rei's face started to beam childishly, and in that moment, Shoto knew his mother was right.

"She really is like Yuki-chan," he thought.

"Now tell me," Rei said, "when you think of her, when you think of that girl, do you get all hot and bothered inside?"

"Well...yeah. Every time."

The woman lightly bopped him on the tip of his nose. "Then you like her. Oooooh!" She started to squirm in delight. "My little Shoto-kun has a crush! First Natsuo-kun, and now you! My babies are growing up so fast!"

Shoto rolled his eyes. "Yeah. I have a crush on a girl that I've only met once and will likely never meet again."

"Nonsense! You two will meet again! Did you happen to catch this girl's name, by any chance?!"

"Yes. Momo Yaoyorozu."

"Momo Yao-" Then, Rei's eyes widened in genuine shock. "Wait a sec, Momo Yaoyorozu?!"

He nodded curtly. "Yes, Mom."

"Yaoyorozu, as in the owner of Yaoyorozu Enterprises?"

"That's them."

"Hmmm, so my little Shoto-kun likes high-maintenance girls. I taught you well."

Shoto's face fell flat. "You didn't teach me anything, Mom."

Rei ignored him. "Did you introduce yourself as well? Maybe exchange phone numbers?"

"I did nothing of that sort-"


The temperature all around the hallway fell sharply and suddenly, and a great shiver ran down Shoto's body. He quickly found himself activating his left side in order to cool himself down while his mother's Quirk ran haywire from her stunned outrage.

"Now why didn't you introduce yourself to the lovely lady, sweetheart?" Rei asked, her innocent voice deadly.

"B-Be-Because I-I d-didn't th-thi-think w-we-we'd m-me-meet ag-again-"

"Well then, young man..." Rei crossed her arms with a smug smirk. "It's a good thing your father and I are familiar with the Yaoyorozu matriarch. We could contact her and arrange a date."

Shoto's heterochromatic eyes widened with incredulity...and a hint of fear. "W-Wait, y-you guys could do that?"

Rei inexplicably procured a large, thick wad of cash from her pocket. "Oh, never underestimate the power of the Todoroki yen, Shoto-kun. So..." She put the wad away. "What do you think, sweetie? Ready to make up for lost time?"

"Well..." Shoto cast his gaze to the freezing floor, his mind wandering to the image of Momo standing in the middle of the train carriage, smiling sweetly at him. "I guess...I don't have any other choice in the matter..."

"Damn right, you don't. I need grandchildren, Shoto-kun, and your father and I aren't getting any younger!"

Shoto sputtered for a moment. "Gr-Grandchildren?! You really are like Yuki-chan times three hundred!"

Rei simply giggled. "Ohhhhh, I'm just so glad you're not thinking of soba for once, Shoto-kun!"

Just then, Shoto's eyes widened yet again. He didn't know this chapter had gotten so off-topic until now.

"My soba!"

He ran off, leaving behind a trail of random smoke behind him. At that moment, Enji entered the hallway, sidestepping the stunned and bamboozled Rei in the process. As soon as he entered and saw all of the ice frosting coating the hall, he merely frowned with disappointment.

"For the love of..." he grumbled. Then... "FUYUMI!"

His holler, released at the top of his lungs, startled no one in particular. A split-second later, the young woman stuck her head out into the hallway from her bedroom, holding her cellphone and wearing an irritated expression.

"Y-Ye-Yes, Dad...?" she asked grumpily.

"Get the buckets and rags," Enji instructed in a low, gruff voice of defeat. "Your mom used her Quirk again."

"On it, Dad!"

"You do know I'm right here, right Enji-kun?" Rei asked flatly.




"Do you really want me to confront you and ask you to clean up your messes?" Enji asked, his eyes now darkened with shadow.

"Hmmmmm..." Rei innocently placed a finger on her chin. "Oh, yeah. I suppose you wouldn't. Otherwise, I'd just freeze your balls until they became coconuts."

From Touya's bedroom, the two heard a groan.

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