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Strategic Convergences

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Conference Room, Stark Tower

As she was walking up to the doorway of the conference room, Nebula quickly noticed the nicely-dressed person leaning beside its frame: an older man with combed gray hair, a beard and goatee, and a crease in his forehead. As soon as the man noticed her arrival, he smiled slightly and got out of his leaning position.

"Nebula," he greeted.

"Dr. Pym," Nebula replied in her usual cold voice.

"You've always been one with timing." Pym clutched the doorknob and opened the door for her. "Come on in. The others are waiting."

Nebula strolled into the room and spotted a few familiar faces. They were all seated around a circular table: Wong, Sam Wilson, James "Rhodey" Rhodes, Professor Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers, and...

"Stark," she greeted, her low, flat tone a telltale sign of her respect for the Hero.

"Hey," Tony replied. With a courteous nod of his chin, he patted the seat next to him. "Saved you a spot, Blue Meanie."

Nebula silently sat down between Tony and Bruce, allowing Pym to sit in his own chair, which was right below the screen. At that moment, she noticed another person present in the room, standing beside the screen.

"Nick Fury's here..." she thought gravely.

"Everyone," the SHIELD director announced, "the moment we feared and anticipated has arrived."

Pym picked up a remote and pressed a red button, dimming the lights in the room. The projector hanging on the ceiling turned on, illuminating the screen.

"A few days ago," continued Fury, "Pro Heroes in Canada responded to multiple 9-1-1 calls of a mass-casualty incident in Knowhere, Nunavut."

"When they arrived," Pym added while pressing a button, "they found this."

Video of security footage appeared on the screen. Nebula's pupils subtly glanced away, for she didn't need to know what was being projected. Her colleagues' uncomfortable reactions were all she needed to know.

"Don't tell me..." Rhodey said.

"Unfortunately, it is," Fury replied gravely. "The Pros recovered security footage of the incident. This is what it recorded."

Pym pressed the button again, but Nebula's eyes were still averted from the screen. Even so, there was no mistaking the ominous feeling that swept into the room, just as large and imposing as-

"Thanos," whispered Clint.

Nebula couldn't see it, but she knew Tony's skin was paling.

"When did you get this footage?" Steve asked, his voice serious and collected as usual.

"Yesterday," Fury replied.

"Why the hell did it take so long?" Sam snarled.

"International protocol, obviously. Plus, there's the tensions that have been brewing between the Canadian government and the territories."

"Were they able to get a signal from the aircraft that took Thanos out of there?" Steve interjected, having been quick to notice Sam's quaking form.

"Unfortunately, no," replied Pym. "Just like all the other times, they attacked hard and quick."

"Well, at least the Collector got out of there," Natasha spoke up. Then, she quickly added, "When we persuaded him to."

"But now that means Thanos knows that we know he's still alive," Bruce said gravely, the large-sized chair he was sitting on squeaking uncomfortably with every subtle movement he made. "He'll now be in a rush to find the rest of the Stones before we can get them all into hiding."

"And that means-" Rhodey began.

"My class is in danger," Nebula snarled. "Again."

Fury nodded, then turned his head. "Stark," he said.

"Huh?" Tony suddenly looked around, his eyes now back in focus. "What?"

"Stark, were you listening to a word we said?"

"Hey, don't blame me for tuning out on unnecessary exposition." Then, Tony rubbed his forehead with distress. "And yes. Yes, I was listening to you. It's almost four down, two to go for Thanos, right? Things are ramping up, and we're running low on options."

"We may be low," Steve replied, "but we're not out, Tony."

"This development comes at an opportune time, Stark," Fury added.

Tony rolled his eyes, having understood Fury's cryptic message in an instant. "Ah, yeah. Use a foreign country as a shield while trying to solve the problem back at home. That won't lead to a strain in international relations." He leaned forward, his unconcerned expression quickly turning into one of vehement disbelief. "You do know the IHSCP's purpose is to foster the opposite, right?"

Fury blinked. "You knew as well as the rest of us what the IHSCP's true purpose was."

"The look on your face was as clear as day when you signed those documents," added Pym.

"Just because I wrote some ink on a sheet of paper doesn't mean I agree with the fine print." Tony sighed and shook his head. "So much shit's happened in the past year, and we've lost good people along the way, or worse."

Wong silently and solemnly lowered his head.

"It's bad enough we're on high alert from coast to coast," Tony continued, "but now we have to rope Japan into this?" He shook his head again, more rapidly this time, and with a scoff. "Have you guys even heard of what recently happened to the No. 1 Hero there? Or am I the only one who follows current world events in his spare time?!"

"No one's saying this is a good idea, Tony," Steve said. "But we've got no other options left. With the narrowing timeline that Thanos has, he'll no longer be content with pulling strings behind the scenes. If he wants the Stones, then he'll get them as quickly as he can, no matter what the obstacle."

"And we all know how much of a determined bastard he can be," Rhodey added grimly.

"Knowing Thanos," Nebula continued, "he will divide and conquer. He'll go after the biggest prize, which is the Tesseract, while he dispatches the Black Order after my class to get the Stones that we already have. And knowing the Black Order, they'll hire any goons that they can find and use them as their puppets. Of course...that is if they aren't itching to settle any scores they might have with any of the students-"

"Which is why it's imperative that we send them to the only place in the world that's safer than our own," Fury said. "Our intel suggests Thanos is unaware of the Academy's participation with the IHSCP, nor its plan to take some of its students to Japan. As long as we keep up this smokescreen, Nebula, your class will not have to contend with Thanos or the Black Order. This gives us one week to take Thanos down for good."

Fury rested his palms on the table and leaned forward slightly, his one-eyed gaze piercing. "Stark, Thanos has made his move, and now it's time we moved our own piece on the board."

"Piece on the board?" Tony's head perked up. "Piece on the board? Wow, I didn't know this was a game of chess. So, uh, what does that make Class 201? The pawns?"

"Stark," Natasha replied, her voice soft, "Japan is a safe country. It's safer than our own, even."

Tony scoffed and mockingly rubbed his ear. "Um, is everyone going deaf in this room? Or is it just me? I know I removed all of the sound-canceling devices in advance!"

"We know what's been happening over there lately, Tony," Steve replied, "Trust me, you are not the only one keeping up with the news."

"Says the guy who still uses a hardcover laptop."

"Japan may have lost one of the finest Pros that the world has ever known," said Fury, "but you should also know he has been replaced with a roster of equally strong, equally dedicated Pro Heroes. The students will be safe under their watch. And let's not forget their Hero school has some of the most advanced security technology there is to offer."

"But what will we tell them?" Rhodey asked, taking Tony's side almost immediately. "That the minions of a giant, purple ogre are coming for a couple of magic rocks that said ogre wants to add to his lil' collection?"

"We need to have faith," Steve said.

"Faith? Faith in what? Cap, Thanos is one of the strongest Villains in the world. Do you really think Japan's Heroes have a chance against him?"

"I didn't mean faith in Japan's Heroes, Rhodey. I meant faith in us." He scanned the table, examining each and every one of his teammates in turn. "All of us. We know Thanos better than anyone else. He does not know a thing about our plans, otherwise he would've gone after the Academy first and not Knowhere. Therefore, we keep it that way."

Steve glanced at Sam, Rhodey, and Wong. "Sam, Wong, send out a red alert to all of the Avengers stations. Tell them we only have one week to stop Thanos and his forces. It's all hands on deck right now. As for you, Rhodey, get in touch with all four branches of the military and tell them to be on standby."

Sam nodded in response. "First thing out the door, Cap."

"You got it, Cap," added Rhodey.

Wong merely nodded.

Steve then looked at Natasha. "Natasha, get back in touch with your informants. Find the Collector before Thanos does. We find the Collector, we find the Tesseract."

"On it, Steve," the redhead replied. She stood up and strolled out of the room while pulling out her cellphone and dialing a number.

Next, Steve focused on Bruce. "Bruce, do you still have the Infinity Detector in your lab?"

The scientist thought about it for a quick moment. "Uhhh, pr-probably in a backroom, but yeah, I do."

"Well, get it out and have it ready by tomorrow, along with your notes. Thanos is gonna keep the Stones that he already has close to him, so even if we pick up the smallest energy signature coming from them, we'll know where he is."

"Got it, but just know that it's been a while since we last used it. It may take a while to get it ready."

"Just do what you can, Bruce."

Bruce nodded, got up from his chair, and left the room as well. Meanwhile, Fury glanced at Nebula, whose eyes were still avoiding the projected image.

"Nebula," he said, catching her attention, "what have you told your class about the IHSCP?"

"That participation is mandatory," the blue-skinned woman replied coolly. "Just as you instructed. That alone was enough to get them riled up."

"And they suspected nothing?"

Nebula simply shook her head.

"Good. Keep it that way, Nebula. The last thing we need is another Hell's Kitchen Incident. And the Infinity Stones?"

"Still safe with their owners. They know just as much as everyone else, and that is nothing."

"Excellent." Fury looked across his shoulder. "Dr. Pym?"

Pym nodded, then pressed another button on the remote, causing the projector to switch over to a completely different image. Nebula blinked, Steve leaned forward in slight interest, and Tony pursed his lips at the promotional picture of U.A. High School. The H-shaped front building towered over the rows of trees, casting them in the evening shadow.

"U.A. High School has a very rigorous and elite Hero training program," Pym explained. "It's consistently been among the top-ranked Hero training programs in the world. Better than ours, even. It has two Hero classes of twenty students each. It's also a three-year program, so you add all of that together and you have a total of 120 Hero students."

"Only 120 Hero students?" Rhodey asked incredulously. "The Academy's Hero program is a lot bigger than that!"

"Which leads me to my next point. Each school year in the Academy has six Hero classes of about thirty students each, but the IHSCP only covers cooperation between different Hero departments, not Hero programs and other departments such as Hero support or management. Because of this..."

Pym pressed another button on the remote, switching the image of U.A. High to a collage of Academy student ID photos. However, the photos weren't just of any Academy student: Nebula recognized all thirty of her students among them.

"This administration made an agreement with U.A.'s administration to send two of our sophomore classes to Japan, and divide them between three of their Hero classes. And the two Academy classes we selected are, of course-"

"Mine and Clint's..." Nebula interrupted. Clint simply tapped his fingers together while keeping his sharp eyes trained on the screen.

"...The two classes that have had the most run-ins with Thanos's forces," Fury clarified.

"They can't know their classes were selected for this very reason," warned Pym. "In fact, they cannot know their classes were singled out in any way. Those kids know better by this point. Even if we tell them they drew the short stick, they'll suspect something's up."

"They'll become suspicious either way," Nebula replied gravely.

"Even so, I need to remind you and Barton to keep the students distracted for as long as possible. They think this whole thing is a field trip? Make it feel like one, even if...neither of you didn't sell it as one."

Nebula rolled her eyes. "My students are already calling it a field trip. It shouldn't be that hard."

"So what do we know about the classes our students are being paired up with?" Clint asked.

"Classes 1-A, 1-B, and 3-A," Pym explained. "The '1' is U.A.'s designation for the first-year students, while the '3' know. Those are the classes that U.A.'s principal recommended to us."

"He was also kind enough to send us footage of their classes in action during their Sports Festival," said Fury.

Pym pressed the remote again, and this time, the remaining Heroes were treated to a carefully edited montage of video recordings of the U.A. Sports Festival. They saw students using their Quirks in an obstacle race, the same students using teaming up in a Quirk-oriented cavalry battle, a blond boy being wrapped in green vines generated by a serene-looking girl, a dark being with a birdlike appearance attacking a girl armed with a bar of metal, a green-haired boy accumulating crackling energy in his arm to fight against another boy's gargantuan blast of fire, and many more.

By the time the montage was done, Sam and Rhodey were left in utter silence, Clint was leaning forward in his chair with intrigue, Steve and Wong looked impressed, Nebula was wearing an ambiguous expression, and Tony just looked totally disinterested.

"No wonder you want these kids to go to Japan," Rhodey commented.

"That shit is just crazy," Sam whispered. "Did that one kid really break his thumb just so he can generate powerful wind pressure?"

"In short," Pym said, "this is what you're going to deal with when you go to Japan. Many of the country's best Heroes are alumni from this school, and for good reason. They take Heroics seriously, and let's not forget that Japan has a different view of how a Hero should act. When you're over there, you need to respect that."

"My understanding of Japanese culture is a little rusty," Clint replied while rubbing his chin, "but I think I can manage-"

"I wasn't talking to you, Clint."

Everyone followed Pym's gaze to Tony, who immediately sat upright in his chair.

"Yeeeaaaaah, I thought about that, and I-"

"If you're gonna say you've changed your mind about going, then forget about it, Stark."

"Then why the hell do you want me to go to Japan, Fury?!" Tony rubbed his forehead with exasperation. "You know how things are with me when that country is concerned!"

"Stark, contractually, you're the de facto teacher of Nebula's class. You're obligated to go with them."

"But I only instruct those kids on the training grounds! And even then, I don't really do much!" Tony gestured at Nebula. "Blue Meanie here, she does all the hard labor!"

"For a teacher's assistant." Fury walked around the table and approached Tony, his sole eye peering down judgmentally at him. "Stark, this school made an agreement with U.A. I was there when Pym looked the principal in the eye and said the Academy would send them the best students and teachers it had to offer. He mentioned you by name." He crossed his arms. "And you know the Japanese aren't big fans of dishonesty."

"Yeah." Tony looked down bitterly at the wood before him. "Trust me, I know-" Then, his head perked up abruptly. "Wait, by name?"

"Yes," Pym replied. "The principal was...quite pleased to hear it. He told me this trip would be a good opportunity for you to reconnect with some old friends."

"Believe me, this 'old friend' of mine is someone I don't have the time for. Or the patience." Then, he shook his head and chuckled derisively. "Ahhh, I know what this is. I know what this is! You're taking me off the field and distracting me with nostalgic pleasantries because you think I'm too close to this whole Thanos thing!" He scanned Fury's face for even the most infinitesimal reaction. "Well? Aren't you?!"

Fury nodded stiffly. "Yes, and that is because you are too close to this. Stark, my sense of smell may not be as good as it once was, but this whole thing is beginning to smell like something ten times worse than the Hell's Kitchen Incident. We might have another Battle of New York on our hands, and I don't think-"

Tony glared at the SHIELD director. "You don't think what?! That I'm not ready to handle it?!" He chuckled and shook his head again. "You know, we wouldn't even be sitting in this room, talking about this crap, if it wasn't for me!" He scanned the table and its remaining occupants with a hostile, accusatory glare. "Who was the only one who knew Thanos wasn't really gone?! Hm?! Who was the only one who was on your asses about upping our game, a-about better securing this country and its interests?! Who was the only one who was really ready when the Hell's Kitchen Incident happened?!"

"And yet you still got your ass kicked by a guy you called Squidward," Sam muttered.

"Hey, zip it, birdie! If I can recall, your hummingbird wings got pinched into oblivion and you were grounded for quite a while-"

"Tony," Steve said. His voice was calm, and yet, it rang loudly enough to silence his colleague. "You were right all along about Thanos. You were right, and we should've listened to you back then. We should've been more prepared. But that's in the past, and we are listening now. And now it's your turn to listen to us, so please, listen to me when I say this: you now have a family, Tony. And they need you. You have thought about Thanos long enough, so it's time you took a break from that and let the rest of us handle him."

"I wasn't thinking about Thanos all the time. Thanos has been invading my mind, infesting it like a goddamn cancer. Big difference."

Tony shook his head with ambivalence and buried his face in his palms. Seeing how unconvinced he was about their new strategy, Steve pressed on.

"Tony, you have to trust us. We're prepared for Thanos now, and we're ready to take the fight to him, on our own terms. It may not be the best plan, but it's the best shot we have at defeating him once and for all. And it's better than having the kids stay here and using them as bait. This way, they don't have to be on the battlefield at all. God knows they have been in enough fights for their age."

"I'm with Steve on this," Natasha piped up. "You are too close to this now, Tony. You need to go keep an eye on the kids. You and Nebula. Just give us one week, and we'll take care of Thanos and his forces by then."

"One week," Tony abruptly said. He smirked mockingly and shook his head. "One week. That's...That's your deadline for defeating Thanos."

"We dealt with HYDRA in less time than that."

But Tony still shook his head disbelievingly. "One week... If things were that easy, I would've made a billion new suits by now..."

"What do you suggest we do then, Stark?" Fury asked. "Because I haven't heard any viable alternatives being suggested in this room for the past few minutes."

Tony shook his head stubbornly. Then, he glared at Nebula, who had been observing the whole conversation tight-lipped.

"Please tell me you think this is a bonkers idea, Blue Meanie."

Nebula was silent for a moment. Then, she shook her head and replied, "If Thanos realizes our plan... If he knows where the Stones really are, he'll come for them...and Barton and I won't be able to explain the truth to the Japanese. At least, not adequately enough." She looked at Fury. "Fury says you know someone from Japan?"

"That was a long time ago."

"Even so, would you trust that person with your life?"

"No, because he hasn't had any lives to be entrusted to for months." Tony tapped the surface of the table with his finger twice, and with force. "And that's another thing about this plan, Fury! Japan has its own problems to deal with right now. You think they're ready to deal with a shitload of new ones if and when this plan of yours falls flat on its face?! You think they have the patience?!"

"Whatever problems Japan has right now are nothing compared to what Thanos has planned for the world, and you know it just as well as I do, Stark." Nebula glared at her colleague forcefully. "If we don't deal with this now, in our own terms, then Thanos wins. D'you really want your daughter to grow up in a world where the bad guys win? And that's if she gets through Thanos's plan in one piece?"

Tony's body froze for a moment, and Nebula could have sworn she heard something close to a hiccup coming from him. A moment later, he slowly craned his head at the blue-skinned woman's direction, and his eyes were glimmering with an extremely volatile mixture of emotions.

"Don't you dare bring up my daughter as an excuse," he whispered harshly. "That's... Oh man, that's very cheap of you. Nebula."

"And it's very unhealthy of you to just shoulder everything and shun everyone else in the process. Especially those who want to help you."

With that, Nebula stood up and passed Tony, before stopping right behind him. She wasn't looking down at him, nor was he looking up at her, but everyone else could see their expressions of palpable tension.

"At the very least, if we go through with this plan and we fuck the whole thing up hard, then at least it won't be you and you alone who's to blame."

"Hey, this plan's gonna work," an affronted Steve interjected, pointing at her. "And watch your language, Nebula."

Nebula merely smirked nastily at her colleague. Then, without giving one last look at Tony, she left the conference room, her strut filled with her trademark confidence. Once the door closed behind her with a soft creak, Tony gazed at the door for a couple of seconds, then at the rest of the Avengers. They were all looking back at him, expecting him to give them a straight answer.

"Heh heh heh." He shook his head again, as if trying to deny the reality of the situation and dismiss it all as a bad dream. "It just isn't my day today, is it...?" Then, he shrugged, stood up, and approached a minibar nearby. "Well, I guess since Blue Meanie put it that way..."

He opened the minibar and pulled out a bottle of red wine and a small cup. He popped the bottle open, the cork bouncing harmlessly on the floor, and poured the blood-red liquid into the cup. The other Avengers watched him do so in awkward silence, the very aroma of the wine bringing back bad memories.

Once Tony had finished pouring the wine, he looked at them with an arched eyebrow and said with a defeated finality, "I guess I've got no other choice, huh?"

Fury pursed his lips and nodded in acknowledgment, prompting Tony to take a small, silent sip of his drink. With a small huff, Pym raised the remote, ready to continue with his presentation, when a voice interrupted him.

"I will emphasize her point, though..." Tony lightly slammed the cup on the table, nearly spilling the wine in the process. "If this whole goddamn thing goes to hell, then it's on all of us, you understand? We only call ourselves the Avengers for show nowadays, remember?"

Steve and Natasha looked at one another, before the former looked back at Tony and nodded in acknowledgment.

"Believe me, Tony," Steve said, "no one's in the mood for any avenging today."

"Good." Tony took another quick sip. "Because after what's been happening, I think I've avenged enough people in this lifetime."

Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane

"Hear me...and rejoice..."

An assortment of bodies and debris were strewn across a bloodstained, tiled floor. Holding cells lined the walls of the cell block, the beige metal doors torn open like they were made from aluminum foil. Despite this, however, a vast majority of the block's residents, all of them clad in identical green straitjackets, remained put. Some were writhing violently in their straitjackets and babbling incoherently, others were cowering and weeping in the corners like terrified children, and even more others were motionless and catatonic. A stench of death hung in the air like a mist.

And callously stepping over the carnage were four people, three men and one woman. One of the men, who had deathly gray skin and a balding, alien-like head of silver hair, with a pronounced brow and lacking a nose, had his five fingertips pressed together in a pretentiously formal manner. He spoke in a dignified, polite voice, as if he was present at a formal dinner party rather than a scene of utter destruction.

"You have been blessed with the presence of the Black Order," he said. "We precede the advent of the Great Titan, whose mercy knows no bounds. For those still present within this chamber, in mind and spirit, you will know, here and now, not what you have lost...but what you have been given."

He passed one particular cell that looked different from the others, with the walls being made entirely of elastic cushions. Seated on the plastic bed was a peculiar-looking man, wearing an all-green bodysuit with plastic pipes traveling from his chest to his back. His head was entirely obscured in a green helmet, its eyeholes encased in plastic goggles that mostly concealed the man's glowing eyes. Latched around his wrists were golden rings with blinking blue lights. This man eyed the quartet calmly, disregarding the bloodshed before him.

"Who the hell are you?" the man asked, his gravelly voice slightly muffled by the helmet.

The sole female of the quartet, who had a statuesque form, red eyes, blue hair, and a pair of ram-like horns, marched up to him and aimed a spear at his chest. The man didn't react, but he eyed the tip of the spear.

"Your benefactors," she replied, her voice rough and almost vicious. "We understand you have had run-ins with students from the Avengers Academy."

"Particularly," the bald, gray-skinned man added, "a certain web-slinging wall-crawler?"

"The Spider-Freak?!" The man in the green bodysuit began to quake, and the lights on his wrist-mounted rings began to blink yellow in caution. "How do you know about that...?"

"We know a lot of things about you, Max Dillon," the woman said. "And furthermore, we completely share your, shall we say, irritation towards that unbearable, uncouth insect."

Another member of the quartet, a man with a goblin-like appearance and wearing a dark, horned cloak, stepped forward, dragging behind him a long pole with a jagged, single-edged blade at the other end; the blade was grinding against the floor, leaving a high-pitched, bloodcurdling screeching noise. With a smirk, the goblin-like man aimed his weapon at the bodysuit-wearing man as well.

"Thus," the goblin-like man said in a deep, rumbling growl, "we believe it is in our best interests to free you."

He and the woman thrust their weapons forward, but they were no longer aiming at the man's chest. Instead, with great precision and chilling accuracy, the blades grazed against the gold wrist-rings, shattering them in two just as the yellow lights started to blink red.

With those bonds gone, the bodysuit's helmet retracted, revealing a face entirely enveloped in greenish-yellow electricity. The gloves retracted soon after, causing more electricity to pour out of the man's hands and wrists. Within seconds, the whole cell block was illuminated by the man's overwhelming, overflowing electricity. The quartet of so-called benefactors stepped away from the encroaching electricity with caution, even its hulking, muscular, alien-like brute of a member.

"AHHHHHHHH!" the electric man cried with elation, his voice echoing triumphantly as he allowed the electricity to crackle throughout the cell block. "That's a lot better!" Then, he glared at the quartet that freed him; they were looking back at him expectantly. "And it's not Max Dillon. It's Electro."

Max Dillon, A.K.A. "Electro". Quirk: Capacitor. His whole body is a living power plant, constantly generating and even expelling high amounts of bio-electricity, but too much expulsion will lead to fatigue.

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