My Marvel Academia: A Tale of Two Schools @thecartoonfanatic01
The Ocean Between Heroes

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Conference Room, U.A. High School

With a yawn, Shota Aizawa entered the conference room and immediately spotted the other Hero course teachers seated around the set of tables arranged in a square: Heroics teacher Toshinori Yagi, a.k.a. "All Might"; English teacher Hizashi Yamada, a.k.a. "Present Mic"; Modern Literature teacher Ken Ishiyama, a.k.a. "Cementoss"; Modern Hero Art History teacher Nemuri Kayama, a.k.a. "Midnight"; Mathematics teacher Ectoplasm; Class 1-B homeroom teacher Sekijiro Kan, a.k.a. "Vlad King"; and others. Seated at the head of the table was, of course, Principal Nezu, and beside him was Detective Naomasa Tsukauchi, who was well-dressed as usual...which could only signal bad news.

"Good day, Aizawa-san," greeted Nezu. "I assume you've told your class about next month's class activity?"

"Yeah, that's about right," Aizawa droned in response.

"So, how'd they take it?"

Aizawa sat down on his allocated chair and spoke with finality. "The usual."

"As exciting as this class activity is," Vlad King said, his voice grave, "we all must understand the circumstances behind our newly-formed partnership with the Avengers Academy."

"Indeed," Nezu replied. His usual optimistic smile was still in place despite the grave tone of the conversation. "Which is why I called in this meeting."

Toshinori narrowed his dark, blue eyes. "Do you have any new developments for us, Tsukauchi?" he asked.

"Many, but none of them are confirmed at this time," the police detective replied. "They're still saying their sources in the criminal underworld are reporting a huge uptick in chatter. And it's not just here at home. Europe, Australia, Africa, the rest of Asia, the Americas; every Villain out there, both big- and small-time, is preparing for something. The specifics are all over the place, as if even the criminals themselves have no idea what they're talking about. But there's one thing that keeps coming up, over and over again in the chatter, and it's the worldwide ramifications that this event may pose."

"Worldwide ramifications..." Ectoplasm repeated with a shake of his head. "That obviously can't mean anything good."

"Whatever this event is," Midnight said, stuck in contemplation, "it's gotta be really big if criminals worldwide are actually spooked." She looked at Tsukauchi with pursed lips. "Does anyone have any idea when this event is going to take place?"

"Not a clue," replied Tsukauchi. "But I can also tell you that these rumors originated from somewhere within the United States. Tsuragamae just passed that news to me from the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division."

"The...the what?" Present Mic asked while rubbing his ear.

"SHIELD," Toshinori replied. "The Americans' counterintelligence and law enforcement agency. So whoever...or whatever we're supposed to be concerned about is based in America?"

"It appears to be that way, Yagi-san," Tsukauchi said.

The skeletal blond pursed his lips. "And you're sure it has nothing to do with the League of Villains?"

A feeling of dark foreboding swept the conference room at the mention of the name.

"It doesn't appear that way. Whatever the potential threat is, it seems to be coming from America. Every Hero and Hero agency in that country is investigating, of course, but so far, they have been unable to find any substantial leads. And as we all know, Hero legislation varies from country to country, which means progress and transparency are unreliable at the international level."

"So when you say the Americans are unable to find any leads," Vlad King replied gruffly, "that actually means they found no leads they're willing to tell us about."

Tsukauchi shot him a look of warning and replied, "Whatever this is, I can trust them enough to give them the time they need to look into it. The Avengers are particularly concerned, Vlad King. My sources tell me that over there, there's been an unprecedented surge in criminal activity for the past year. And it's not just the incidents that we've been seeing in the international news. I don't have enough details, obviously, but I've been told that even some of their students have been getting caught up in the mix."

"My, my," Nezu said calmly. "That doesn't sound all that different from what we have going on right now."

"An unprecedented surge in criminal activity," Cementoss repeated gravely.

"And they think it's not a coincidence?" asked Aizawa.

Tsukauchi shook his head. "Definitely not..." He momentarily paused to ponder his next words. "My sources told me off the record that the Avengers are very suspicious of the timing. Apparently, the surge began right after the last sighting of members of the Black Order."

Vlad King blinked, confused. "The Black Order?"

"A group of Villains who serve the Mad Titan, Thanos," Toshinori explained.

"Thanos?" Midnight replied incredulously. "I thought that name was just an urban legend-"

"Oh, he's real, all right." Then, Toshinori cupped his chin with his palms while allowing his elbows to rest upon the table. "So...they think Thanos may be behind this somehow?"

"There's been no confirmation on that, Yagi-san," Tsukauchi replied. "It's been years since anyone saw him in person."

Toshinori didn't look convinced, however. "But they're confident it's him pulling the strings."

"I would assume so."

"Uncertainty seems to be a theme with these Villains as of late," Nezu replied. He took a cool, brief sip of his tea, and as he lowered his small cup, his small, beady eyes gleamed with interest. "Maybe you should contact your old friend in the Avengers, Yagi-san. Find out more information from them."

The other teachers, sans Aizawa, looked at Toshinori with bewilderment.

"Wait, you know someone in the Avengers?" Cementoss asked.

"Not just anyone," clarified Nezu with a raised index finger. "The Iron Man...Tony Stark."

Shock filled everyone else's eyes, and whispers broke out around the table. Even Tsukauchi looked slightly astounded. In response to the stunned reaction from the other teachers, Toshinori sighed and rubbed his eyelids.

"I..." he began before pausing for a moment. "I haven't talked to Stark in ages, Nezu. Not since the Sokovia Incident."

"Well, all the more reason why you should pick up the phone."

"Look, you don't understand." Toshinori lowered his hands with a heavy sigh. "We, uh...we parted on bad terms."

Nezu maintained his upbeat smile. "Yes, yes, so I've heard."

With that, the anthropomorphic school principal calmly took another sip of his tea. Feeling the awed stares of most of his colleagues all around him, the blond, skeletal man frowned and rubbed his temples in exasperation.

Then, he leaned forward and asked, "What makes you think Stark will be willing to even talk to me?"

"Simple, Yagi-san. Time."

U.A. Teachers Private Lounge

"Simple, Yagi-san. Time."

"Time, huh? What the hell is Nezu even thinking?! He has no idea what happened between me and Stark! Who the hell gave that rat the right to say things might be better between the two of us?!"

Toshinori entered the private teachers' lounge, the principal's words from last month still hovering precariously over his mind. He approached the table, where there was a small bowl of fruit resting at the center. On a whim, he picked up an apple and took a moment to stare at its ruby-red skin. After some momentary contemplation, he took a bite out of it. A second later, the skeletal man wretched and spat it into the nearby trashcan.

"Goddamn, it's ripe..." he grumbled irritably while wiping his lip.

Then, he took a quick second look at the apple before haphazardly throwing it into the can as well. However, his glowing blue eyes refused to tear themselves away from the trash can. Its silver metal gleamed brightly from the afternoon Sun.

"If I may...wh-what happened between the two of you?"

"I'm afraid I can't tell you, kid. If he knew I told you what had happened, then I wouldn't hear the end of it, and...that's putting it mildly."

"I won't tell anyone else, All Might. I'll keep it a secret, I promise."

"Can you keep a secret that'll eat up your insides like acid?"

Izuku's mouth came slightly ajar. "Holy whoa... That bad?"

"I'm afraid so, kid."

"I wonder what would've happened if I told him the truth..." Toshinori thought.

At the same time, he felt a vibration in his pocket. He promptly pulled out his cellphone and read the caller ID.

"Happy?" he whispered curiously to himself. "Haven't heard from him in months." Then, he answered the phone, making sure to speak in English. "Hello?"

"Hey, Toshi!" a voice replied on the other end, trying hard to sound jovial. "It's been a while!"

"Indeed it has. How are you?"

"Doing fine, doing fine."

"You got a girlfriend yet?"

"...Ha ha ha, very funny, man. Very funny."

Toshinori could only chuckle at how dead the man's voice sounded.

Then, Happy asked, "H-Hey, uh, I'm-I'm not interrupting anything, am I...?"

"Oh, no, no." Toshinori stared out of the window. "You caught me at an opportune time. Why do you ask?"

"N-Nothing, nothing, it's just, sound pretty tired. I haven't even heard one laugh from you."

"Y-Yeah, well..." The skeletal man sheepishly rubbed the back of his head. "You know. Retirement has both its perks and its drawbacks."

"I see. You know, speaking of which, we- I-I mean, uh, I saw the news report of your fight with that Villain in...agh, what was that place called again? Kam-something?"

But Toshinori knew what he was talking about, for a dark glimmer passed through his blue eyes.

"You don't need to say anymore, Happy."

"Li-Li-Listen, Toshi, I-I was gonna call as soon as I heard what had happened, b-but you looked pretty banged up in the footage, a-and th-they said you were retiring, a-and I didn't know when would be a good time, a-and you know I never call at the right time, a-and-"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down, slow down, Happy!" Then, the blond man took a deep breath and gave a smile. "Look, it doesn't matter. The point is, you're calling now, and that's what counts...and for what it's worth, I appreciate you taking the time to do so."

"Yeah. Well, I didn't really have any other choice."

Toshinori blinked. "Why? What's up?"

"W-Well, Tower got a call a lil' while ago from a guy named Nezu. Says he's your boss at U.A. High."

"Huh?" Toshinori thought. "Nezu called Stark? How'd he even know his number?"

Then, the former Symbol of Peace replied out loud, "Yes, that's him. Why? What'd he tell you?"

"That you were having plans on calling Tony. He was gonna give him a heads-up, but the boss was busy-"

"Of course he was," Toshinori interrupted, his voice suddenly bitter. "Tell me, is Tony still aiming for the blondes?"

"Actually, that's not what I meant when I said he was busy, Toshi."

"Really? Color me shocked."

"...I take it you're not planning on calling Tony..."

Toshinori heaved out a sigh while collapsing on the sofa. "To be honest, Happy, I have no idea. And you know why."

"Well, can't say I'm surprised." There was a long, awkward pause before Happy continued. "Y-You know, uhhhhhhh, he's actually started a family, Toshi."



Toshinori straightened his posture. "You're kidding..."

"I'm not. Did you not hear? His family life's all over social media."

"Well, when you're the No. 1 Hero of Japan, fresh into retirement, following the day-to-day exploits of your transpacific counterpart isn't really priority number one."


"So then..." Toshinori rubbed his forehead, still trying to process the news. "Who's the unlucky girl?"

"Pepper, believe it or not."

"Oh!" Toshinori's blue eyes shone, and his lips twitched a little. "Wow. When, uh...when did that happen?"

"Five years ago."

"Five years..."

Toshinori's voice trailed off, prompting Happy to continue speaking. "L-Look, Toshi, Tony's a changed man. I-I mean, he's still got his lil' tendencies, you know, but he's got a new perspective on things now. Fatherhood made all of that possible. And I can assure you, there's no funny stuff going on with him. Not anymore."

"Well, I guess that's a possibility, now that Pepper's in the picture with him full-time..." The blond man sighed. "Do, um... D'you know if he's ready to talk to me, Happy...?"

"Well, you know Tony, Toshi. He can still be as stubborn as ever. But I'm confident you're in his mind all the time. He just refuses to admit it."

"Yeah, well...Tony's been in the back of my mind for five years."

"Oh. W-Well...I think you should give it a try."

Toshinori took a deep breath. "Yeah, I guess I should. It's not like I have a choice anyway..."

He spoke the last sentence under his breath, prompting Happy to ask, "Wait, what?"

"It's nothing." The former Symbol of Peace rubbed his brow. "Alright, give the phone to him. We'll talk."

However, he was met with another long, awkward pause. Toshinori couldn't hear any movement or noise on Happy's end.

"Uhhh...Happy? You still with me? ...Hello?"

"...Y-Yeah, I-I'm here..."

"Are you taking the phone to Tony right now?"

"Y-Yeah, a-about that... Tony's preoccupied with a lil' something right now... Something important..."

Toshinori frowned again. "Are you telling the truth, Happy, or are you just saying that because you're afraid about being the middleman?"

"Okay, first off, that's a lot of pressure to put on a man's shoulders! Second off, yes, I'm telling the truth. In addition to being a family man, Tony has a job."

Toshinori raised an eyebrow with surprise and a hint of alarm. "A job?" he asked. "Isn't he still the CEO of his company?"

"Y-Yes, b-but he's got another job on the side."

"Another job on the side. Why is the hair on my skin standing up because of that?"

"You say that like it's shady or something, Toshi! It's totally legit, I promise."

"Okay. Then tell me what that job is."

"...I'm not sure if Tony would be comfortable with me telling you something like that, Toshi-"

"I'm hanging up."

"No, no, no, wait, wait, wait!"

Toshinori froze, then he put the phone back to his ear. "Yes, Happy?"

"I'll...I'll take you to him right now."

"Alright, then. That wasn't so hard, now was it?"

"Look, if Tony gives you a hard time, don't blame me, alright?"

"I won't." Toshinori eyed the phone with curiosity. "Jesus Christ, Happy, what exactly am I interrupting over there?"

Times Square, New York

"Everybody run!"

"Get outta the way, get outta the way!"

"Oh, my God! Thanos is coming!"

Crowds of people scattered in all directions, screaming and tripping over one another. At the same time, the gargantuan, purple-skinned man fully materialized right at the center of the square, the blue beam of light subsiding as he did. With a passive glance, Thanos regarded all of the civilians remaining around him, strewn helplessly on the ground.

"Look at all of you," he said, his golden armor glittering in the afternoon sunlight. "Did you foolish people truly think you were safe, after all these years?"

He started marching up to one of the fallen civilians, who tried to scramble away but was instead cornered by a taxicab.

"No, no, no, wait!" the man cried shrilly. "Pl-Pl-Please don't!"

"You see, my child," Thanos continued in a disturbingly noble voice, "the thing about conquest is, in order for an empire to flourish, its foundation must sit upon the blood of the weak and the cowardly."

Thanos raised his right arm, and the man's eyes promptly widened with terror. Clutched within the Mad Titan's fist was a double-bladed sword, its bone-gray metal shining brightly from the sunlight. Thanos aimed the lower blade at the man's torso, which, in its average size, was too thin for the wide, razor-sharp metal.

"You should be honored, for your blood will serve as the first building blocks for my foundation..."

"NO, PLEASE!" screeched the man. "SOMEONE, HELP ME!"

Suddenly, a beam of energy knocked the double-bladed weapon out of Thanos's hand. It clattered to the asphalt ground loudly, though its metal stubbornly remained intact. Barely fazed by the sudden new development, the Mad Titan merely looked up in the air and smiled.


The civilians looked up as well and started cheering, with some even applauding. The man in question started descending slowly to the ground, his red-and-gold suit of armor gleaming just as brightly as Thanos's sword. However, the triangular module installed into the center of his chest shone even brighter. Soon, he landed between Thanos and the fallen civilian, his pose bold and heroic. His red-and-gold helmet quickly retreated back into the rest of the suit, as if its very metal was sentient; a head of brown hair was revealed to the Mad Titan.

"Alright, you big, purple onion. Let's finish this once and for all."

Tony Stark, A.K.A. "Iron Man". Quirk: Arc Reactor. His chest has a permanent energy module-like construct that boosts his body's systems and can power any technology he wears.

However, Thanos smirked down at Tony. "Look at you, Stark," he said, and though his voice was low, it was still as great and booming as his normal tone. "You're cursed. It's as bright as this day."

Tony scoffed halfheartedly. "Yeah well, fortunately..." His helmet materialized all over his head again. "I think I'm gonna get over it today."

Without warning, six multi-jointed cannons materialized from Tony's back within split-seconds. They aimed themselves at their target, and at the same time, Tony raised both of his outstretched palms. Before the Mad Titan could even budge in response, Tony fired eight beams of energy, knocking him down the street, through several cars, and into a building. This gave the remaining civilians enough time to flee the scene.

But before Tony could assess the scene, Thanos recovered quickly. He got up, quickly smashed his way through the cars, and retrieved his sword with one hand. Then, with his free hand, he ran up to Tony and delivered a massive, devastating punch, sending him tumbling down the street as well. However, Tony stabilized himself by activating the small rockets in his palms and soles, thus allowing him to recover quickly.

Then, once he straightened himself out, Tony activated his back-mounted cannons again and fired more rays of energy at Thanos. But before they could make contact, Thanos started twirling his double-bladed weapon around in front of him at impossible speeds, allowing it to deflect all eight rays. The energy was subsequently sent in all directions, striking many buildings, cars, and other objects nearby. However, Tony didn't desist, and instead, he slowly, cautiously walked towards Thanos as the latter continued spinning his weapon.

Once he got close, the armor around Tony's right hand transformed into a long sword. He thrust it at Thanos's face, but his opponent parried it. Then, the Mad Titan tried to swing his blade at Tony, but he reacted quickly and parried the move with his own sword.

Next, Tony's free hand fired another ray at Thanos, momentarily stunning him. This allowed him to fire a missile from the center of his back, but when it made contact with its target, it didn't explode. Instead, small blades emerged from it and penetrated Thanos's shoulder, attaching the weapon to his body. Then, a minuscule module, much like the one on Tony's chest, activated itself and prompted a strong electric current to course violently throughout Thanos's body, electrocuting the Mad Titan.

"AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!" the purple-skinned man roared.

Then, the missile finally exploded, violently knocking Thanos down to the ground. Tony tried to use this opportunity to fly at him and stab him with his sword. But once again, Thanos recovered quickly and caught Tony's arm before the sword could penetrate him. Tony tried to respond with another beam of energy from his free hand, but the Mad Titan clutched that wrist and started squeezing tightly, bending the metal and damaging the circuitry within. He did the same with the arm holding the sword, and the cracks started spreading to the sword, eventually causing it to crumble away.

Tony tried to break free, but before he could enact his strategy, Thanos headbutted him so hard cracks appeared on his helmet. Stunned, he staggered away, but Thanos grabbed his head and angrily ripped his helmet away, revealing Tony's head. Barely realizing what had happened, Tony materialized a new helmet, just in time to protect his head from a very powerful punch from the Mad Titan, which knocked him to the ground.

Then, he started receiving a relentless storm of punches, one coming right after the other, all of them so strong that his new helmet was already cracking and ebbing away. He tried to resist but each punch stunned him into submission. There was nothing he could do now...but accept the inevitable...

"You are pathetic, Stark!" Thanos roared with each hammering punch. "You could not live with your failure, so you tried to rectify it by facing me! But where did that lead you?! To certain death!"

"No," Tony thought. He could see the holographic systems monitoring his vitals, and they weren't looking good. "No! This can't be it! This can't be the end! I have to fight back! I have to... I have to..."

Finally, one punch knocked off half of his face-mask, revealing his terrified eye.

"Pepper! Morgan! Peter!"

"Boss," a feminine, robotic voice suddenly said. "Happy is entering the premises now."

"What?!" Tony exclaimed, shaken out of his stupor. "Pause simulation, FRIDAY!" But Thanos's fist kept colliding with his masked face, prompting him to snap more urgently, "Now!"

Almost instantaneously, Thanos ceased his attacks and straightened himself out, his movements now stiff and robotic. In fact, it was as if all of time had stopped; the fires, the fleeing civilians, and even the birds in the air were all suspended in time. No more than a few seconds later, Tony heard a door open, followed by footsteps.

"Tony!" a familiar voice called.

Struggling to hold back his ragged breathing, Tony sat up and looked over his shoulder. His broken mask unfolded back into the rest of his suit, revealing a shaken face that glimmered back and forth between calmness and fright.

"What is it, Happy?" he asked. "Can't you see I'm in the middle of-?" Then, he smirked and snapped his fingers. "Ah, I-I see. Burt giving you trouble again?"

Happy Hogan stood on a lower-floor balcony of a high-rise apartment, surrounded by suspended flames and embers. He, unlike the other dusty and grimy civilians, was wearing a well-cleaned suit and looked nicely groomed. He was holding a phone, and his expression was one of ambivalence.

"T-Tony, uh-" he began.

"Alright, alright, where's the dickhead now? Damn vulture doesn't know when to give up, does he?" Tony stood up on his feet and dusted off the armor plating for his thighs. "Oh, don't tell me! He's disguised himself as a window cleaner. How original." Tony rolled his eyes in exasperation. "I knew we shouldn't have taken freelancers."

Happy bit his lip with reluctance. "Uh, Tony-"

But Tony waved off his concerns. "Look, look, Happy, please don't be hard on yourself. I have been hammering Pepper on and on about securing this place. I still have yet to see progress on the elevator. Ten years, and people are able to go up to this floor without problems."

"Ye-Yeah..." This time, Happy was taken aback. "That's...what an elevator's for..."

"Not if it's a VIP elevator."

"A VIP elevator? That's not even on any of the tower pla-" Then, Happy shook his head. "You know what, forget it, 'c-cuz this has nothing to do with Burt, that goddamn bloodsucker-"

"Oh, I get it," Tony interrupted, his eyes flashing with realization. "It's the DMZ case."

"The DMZ-?! AW, CRAP!" Happy checked his wristwatch. "I forgot the hearing's in two hours!"

"Don't worry about it, Happy. The judge granted your request for another delay."

Happy stared at his boss worriedly. "Request for another delay? I never filed a request for a delay!"

"Well, good thing you've got friends in high places." Tony turned around on his heel and casually flicked away the embers in his way, the frozen objects of fire harmlessly dissipating into blue sparks. "You need to de-stress more, Happy. Take up Pepper's yoga classes."

"Oh, like those worked for you?"

Tony winced at the horrible memory. "Yeaaah, bad idea. Oh, maybe you should listen to some mellow jazz! Or beat some bongo drums. Or get a bag of we-" Then, his eyes lit up, and he snapped his fingers. "Oh, better yet, you should go get a girlfriend!"

Happy hung his head low. "Why does everyone keep reminding me I'm still single after thirty-plus years?! First Toshi and now you-"

He covered his mouth with his free hand once he realized his mistake, but it was too late. Tony's attention was now fully piqued, and he looked over his shoulder, away from Thanos's frozen musculature.

"Toshi?" he asked. "You mean that kid with the, you know, half-moon glasses from that one old show? The show that was a rip-off of the rip-off?"

Happy didn't respond for a few seconds. Then, he lowered his hand and shook his head.

"No, Tony, not that Toshi. You know who I'm talking about."

Tony blinked idly. "Nope, that name doesn't ring a bell. Couldn't ring a bell. Shouldn't ring a bell-"

"Tony, I called him." Happy showed the phone to him. "His associate's already called us, on our landline. Very few people know our number, Tony. I think Toshi's ready to talk to you."

Tony pursed his lips, and he shook his head. "Can't." He walked away, unconsciously heading towards Thanos's paralyzed form. "Tell him I'm busy."

"If I do, he'll start asking questions. I...I already told him you had a job on the side."

"You DID?!"

"I didn't tell him what it was, exactly, but he's gonna ask and ask and ask and you know how I can't handle pressure real good-"

"Son of a-" Tony grimaced. "As if the IHSCP wasn't enough, now I have to deal with this..."

"Tony, this could be an opportunity for you to turn a new leaf." Happy held the phone out towards Tony, despite the great distance between them. "Come on, this'll be good preparation for your trip. Talk to Toshi. Just for a minute."

Tony stood there, in the middle of the suspended cityscape, surrounded by snapshots of destruction and misery. Had this been an actual disaster, he would've already been dead. The world-famous inventor looked over his shoulder once again, at the Mad Titan cocking a fist at him. Then, with a sigh and another shake of his head, Tony looked up at the sky.

"FRIDAY, end simulation."

"As you wish, Boss."

With that, a faint, light-blue glow slowly swept through the entire scene of carnage and catastrophe. Once every last inch of the city was glowing blue, with white solid lines becoming evident in the outlines of every last object present, the area started to fade away, like someone had applied an eraser to a complex drawing and was erasing all of their hard work. At the same time, Happy began strolling towards Tony, the high-rise apartment balcony being the first to fade away, with a gunmetal-gray staircase materializing in its place.

"I swear to God, Happy-" Tony began.

"I know, boss," Happy interrupted. "Trust me, I'm on standby. In case anything happens." Then, he held the phone to his ear and spoke into it. "Alright, he's here, Toshi."

Tony gave his longtime friend a wry smile. "Gotta love being the middleman, huh?"

"Hey, that's a lot of pressure to put on a man's shoulders!"

Tony quickly snatched the phone out of Happy's hands, just as the scene, Thanos and the fleeing civilians included, being replaced with an expansive training room. Boulder-sized objects of plastic and varying sizes littered the area, serving as stand-ins for the buildings, vehicles, and debris.

"Something tells me you've said that already..."

With that, Tony held the phone to his ear and opened his mouth. Happy held his breath in anticipation, only to exhale in disappointment when he didn't hear a single decibel come out of his employer's mouth, even after an awkward minute of silence.

"Hello?" Toshinori's voice asked. "Tony?"

But Tony still didn't respond. His pupils nervously flitted to Happy, who encouragingly mouthed at him to answer.

Toshinori's voice was flatter and laced with a tinge of disappointment. "Tony, I know you're there. I just wanted to, uh... I just wanted to congratulate you on your marriage with Pepper. Yeah, uh, Happy told me about you two getting together."

Tony shot Happy a wide-eyed, scathing look, but his friend simply shook his head in response.

"I was wondering when the two of you would become an item," Toshinori continued. "In spite of all the women you kept dragging into your bedrooms and hotel suites-"

Tony rolled his eyes disparagingly at this.

"I always knew the two of you would get together, one of these days. I mean, she always was patient with you. Guess I was right. Heh heh heh... He...He also said that you started a family with her, so...I'd love to know all about the kids. Or kid, if you two were too busy for another."

"Five years..." Tony thought bitterly. "Five years, and now Captain Japan calls me out of the blue, wanting to catch up? Like nothing had ever happened?"

Toshinori seemed to know what Tony was thinking, for he then said, "Tony, I know this call was sudden. And I know how things were when we left off. I...I've never been good know, revisiting old friendships. Digging up old memories, or...burying rusty hatchets. B-But Happy says you've turned a new leaf, and...certain things have happened to me lately as well. I'm sure you've heard about my retirement."

Tony silently scoffed. "Of course I did. Who hasn't?"

"And then, in just a span of a couple of months, I lost two of my dearest friends. My best Sidekick, Sir Nighteye... He..." Toshinori's voice sounded strained, like someone had begun to gently strangle him from behind. "H-He lost his life. I-In a Villain raid... A-And you remember David, right? W-Well...he's in jail..."

Tony's heart suddenly fell, and he impulsively replied, "Yeah, heard about that. It's bullshit, if you ask me."

He knew Toshinori's heart had lit up on his end, for the Symbol of Peace said, with more vigor and enthusiasm, "It's good to hear your voice again, Tony."

"Oh, really?" Tony began walking around the training room. "What was the last thing you said to me before our five-year break? 'I don't wanna see or hear from you again'?"

He heard Toshinori sigh. "You know why."

Tony sighed sharply. "Yeah, well, we do what we gotta do."

He could feel the atmosphere darken on Toshinori's end. "Is that what you called that? What you had to do?"

"Heh heh heh." Tony shook his head with disapproval. "You know, your last fight, in Kamino Ward, that final stand... You know that means I was right all along."

"...That doesn't mean what you did was any less unethical. Or immoral, for that matter."

Tony opened his mouth to retaliate, but then, his peripheral vision caught sight of one of the plastic, boulder-like objects. As the memory of Peter swinging through the air, towards a massive, robotic being, flashed through his mind, he closed his mouth, sighed again, and rubbed his forehead.

"I thought you called to bury the hatchet?" he asked.

"Well, like I told you. I've never been good at burying the hatchet. But-"

"Then call me when you're good and ready."

"T-Tony, wait, wait, I-"

But it was too late: Tony had hung up. With an exasperated sigh, Toshinori threw the cellphone to the side of the sofa. As soon as he did, he let out a heavy sigh. Then, he hung his head low and buried his face in his palms.

"Ah, damn it," he thought. "I shouldn't have fallen into that right away. I should've stayed away from that."

Then, the former Symbol of Peace looked towards the cellphone for a long moment but he never chose to pick it back up. During that time, it never rang or vibrated again, not that he was expecting it to. Concluding that Happy did not want to call back out of respect, Toshinori glanced out of the window, just in time to watch the sunset. The sky was colored in a brilliant, exceptional shade of gold, which almost looked familiar.

"At least it's a start..."

He sighed again, forlornly this time.

In her apartment, Nebula was seated at her kitchen table, shuffling through the small stack of papers, her pupils flitting between them and the notebook that she had beside them. A small cup of blueberry yogurt was resting beside her wrist, the silver metal of the spoon gleaming from her kitchen light.

Taking a quick moment to rub her forehead, Nebula mulled over the events of the past day. Not only did she have to dish out another grueling lecture on Heroics to her so-called trouble class, but she had to tell them about the IHSCP program the Academy had just signed up for, and their subsequent week-long excursion to Musutafu, Japan, location of the world-renowned U.A. High School. Predictably, her students were now under the strongest impression that they were going on a field trip, totally minimizing the educational purpose behind this excursion. Every threat she hammered into their little, simple minds was not enough to sway them in the end.

And now, she had these personality quizzes to evaluate, annotate, and take personal notes from. Currently, she had just gotten three-fourths of the way through evaluating the pile and writing out useful notes for her boss all the while. If she wanted her students to be partnered with the best of the best at U.A., then she had to make sure that no stone would be left unturned.

At that moment, Nebula got to Peter's personality quiz, which had been laid out neatly compared to some of the others. Upon seeing the first question and what his response was, the blue-skinned woman narrowed her eyes slightly.

1) You enjoy attending social events with lots of people

A. Strongly agree
B. Agree
C. Somewhat agree
D. Neither agree nor disagree
E. Somewhat disagree
F. Disagree
G. Strongly disagree

"Peter..." she thought with concern. "For a sophomore, he's already been through a lot, perhaps even moreso than many of his classmates. His skirmishes with the Sinister Syndicate, the fiasco with Brock and that Symbiote Villain, his role in the Hell's Kitchen Incident... He refuses to show it, but I can tell he's frightened by all the pressure that's been on him as of late. If Thanos hasn't noticed him, then he most certainly will, very soon. This boy, he always has a way of thwarting his schemes.

"He may be shy and awkward, but deep down, he's just like Stark. He thinks he has a responsibility to stop whatever evil he sees without hesitation or any inclination to surrender. He doesn't fully realize there are others who'll always be there to watch his back. People who love him and will dearly miss him if he gets killed. Friends. ...Family.

"Normally, I'd write that he needs a partner who'll keep him grounded, realize the reality and consequences of his brash actions, but he's already surrounded by people like that at school and at home. Plus, the trauma of his uncle's death will remain ingrained in his moral code. At this point, he's going to need someone who's a lot like him, someone who rushes headfirst into danger, without regard for their own safety. Someone whose actions will be an eye-opener for Peter..."

Subconsciously, Nebula reached into the collar of her undershirt and took out the necklace she had always been wearing. It held a small, gray shard, and while the edges had been dulled to prevent accidental cutting, it was clear the shard had originated from some kind of bladed weapon, judging by the formerly jagged tip at one end.

"In the meantime, I seriously need to have a talk with Stark again..." she thought moodily. "Whatever ideas he's putting into Peter's brain, it's not good for him."

At that moment, the sound of jingling keys dispelled Nebula's thoughts. Her head perked up, just as the dingy doorknob wobbled and suddenly unlocked itself. The door then opened, and she watched as a brown-haired, dashing-looking man wearing a mahogany leather jacket stepped inside. He was followed by a bipedal raccoon who sauntered like he was an ordinary human being; a dark-skinned, extremely muscular, bald man who was shirtless and showing off the blood-red tattoos all over his body; and finally, a beautiful but meek young woman with bug-like eyes and two antennae. Nebula straightened up upon seeing the quartet, immense relief bubbling up inside her.

"Hey," she greeted. "What took you idiots so long?"

"Collecting our bounty," Peter Quill replied. Then, he waved his cellphone at her. "Hey, uh, we got your text."

"No, we didn't," Drax the Destroyer repeated in his low, rumbling voice. "We don't have any paper or parcels from-"

"Not that kind of text, moron!" Rocket Raccoon snapped before looking at Nebula. "Wha's going on? Are Groot and those other rascals giving ya a hard time at that school?" Then, he gave Nebula a crafty wink. "Well, all ya gotta do is hire us as guest teachers and we'll-"

"It's not that," Nebula interrupted. "I've still got those little runts fearing me."

"Then whazzup?"

This time, Nebula didn't respond. Instead, her black eyes wandered towards the stack of personality quizzes she already went through. At the same time, the bug-eyed young woman also noticed the stack and was now curiously surveying it.

"Oooooh, personality quizzes!" Mantis remarked like she was seeing them for the very first time. With that, she grabbed the topmost quiz from the stack and began reading it.

As for Rocket, he was now struggling to hold back laughter.

"Personality quizzes?! You're... You're telling me you're giving Groot and all of yer other kids those silly lil' things?!" The raccoon began chuckling derisively and slapping his thigh in amusement. "Daaamn, they're either not paying you well or you're one dumbass teacher! HAHAHA!"

"Would you mind repeating that to my face?" Nebula asked ominously. "I've got one of my batons taped underneath this table, you know."

Rocket's laughter died down in an instant, and he didn't say another word, leaving Mantis to start reading the quiz aloud.

"Mary Jane Watson. Extremely social, free-spirited, calls herself 'the light of the party', too open for her own good, down-to-earth partner re-recommended-" Mantis stopped and looked at Nebula, the bulbous tips of her antennae now glowing. "Uh, no, I-I think she needs a partner j-just like her."

Nebula arched an eyebrow. "Oh, really now?"

"Ye-Yeah!" Mantis's childlike eyes lit up. "A-A person wh-who shares the same interests as her is bound to-"

"I appreciate your help, Mantis, but there's a lot more to this evaluation than what you think." She slung her left leg over her right leg. "And besides, I didn't call you and the others over for this anyway. I doubt you guys know your way around adolescents-"

"Of course we do," Drax interrupted, sounding affronted. "You just step aside for them. Or better yet, pummel 'em, show 'em who the bigger man is-"

"That's not what she meant by that, Drax," Rocket said with a roll of his eyes.

Meanwhile, Quill asked curiously, "Then what did you call us for? You said it was urgent."

Nebula lowered her head for a moment to rub her temples. Then, she procured a beacon from her pocket and showed it to the others.

"Canadian intelligence just sent SHIELD this security footage," she said. "It was taken a few days ago."

With that, she pressed a button on the side of the beacon. In response, the device generated a lifelike holographic image that spread out over the entire kitchen table. Quill and the others watched as the towering man with purple skin casually walked out of a building bearing extensive damage to its exterior frame. Two others followed behind him: a goblin-faced man and a horned woman. Once they all got out, the building began to collapse, and that was when Nebula paused the video. Then, she zoomed the camera in on the purple-skinned man's face.

"THANOOOOOOS!" Drax roared furiously. As for the others, Mantis gasped, Rocket narrowed his eyes, and Quill's face, normally relaxed and slackened, had begun to harden with loathing.

"You said this was shot in Canada," Rocket said. "Don't tell me..."

"Yes," Nebula replied with a grave nod. "It was in Nunavut. Knowhere. His signature was all over the place: devastation, half the population dead-"

"And the Tesseract?"

"Fortunately, it seems the Collector saw this coming."

Nebula zoomed the recording in on Thanos's gauntlet, and the others saw only three gems adorning it: red, orange, and lastly green.

"SHIELD's inside sources say that right after the Hell's Kitchen Incident," she explained, "the Collector went underground and brought the Tesseract...among other valuables, with him. No one knows where he is."

"So Thanos didn't get what he wanted," Quill concluded, his voice gravelly. "Serves that son of a bitch right."

"Do the Avengers know about this?" Rocket asked.

Nebula shook her head as she deactivated the image. "No... They're gonna be informed first thing tomorrow night. Aside from that, this is supposed to be on a need-to-know basis. Fury only granted me early access to this footage because of my...connection to Thanos."

"I see. So technically, you're breaking the law by showing this to us."

"You guys have as much of a right to know about this as I do..." Nebula blinked back tears and instinctively looked down at her necklace. "We're... We're family."

A grave silence fell upon the group, a silence that lasted for over a minute.

"So," Rocket said, in an effort to break the ice, "what do we do about this?"

Nebula averted her eyes from the necklace. "Those personality quizzes that I'm going through...they're for an overseas trip my class and I are making."

"A trip?" Quill asked.

"Yes." The blue-skinned woman put away the beacon. "This recording is proof that Thanos is fast-tracking his plans. He wants all of the Stones, and he wants them now. Unfortunately, that puts my class in his crosshairs. Including Groot."

"So you guys are gonna skip the country? You know that's not gonna do much good for you-"

"Perhaps not. But the place we're going to, it's a lot safer than here. And it's full of Heroes who are powerful in their own right. If we can't hide there, then they can certainly protect us."

"Ummm...where is 'there', exactly?"


"You're going to Japan?!" exclaimed Rocket, his fully-brown eyes bulging. "Hold on, hold on, you mean the birthplace of support tech companies like Yaoyorozu Labs and Detnerat?! The Japan?!"

"Yes." Nebula blinked at the raccoon's extensive knowledge of the country. "The Japan."

"What other Japan would she even be talking about...?" Quill asked offhandedly.

But Rocket was absolutely enthused. "Oh-ho, sweet! Hey, if you guys ever swing by Nagoya, please stop by at Yaoyorozu Labs! Ask for an autograph! O-Or better yet, ask for their fake eye! I hear their COO has a plastic eye, and I'd-"

"Thanks for the recommendation, Rocket," interrupted Nebula, "but we're not going anywhere out of Tokyo."


"The Avengers signed up the Academy for the International Hero School Cooperation Program."

"The International Hero School Cooperation Program," Drax said, nodding his head approvingly. "A program where Hero schools cooperate internationally. Very wise."

"...Yeah. And the Academy's been paired up with the national school, U.A. High."

"U.A.?" Rocket asked. "Never heard of it."

"It's the best Hero school in Japan," Mantis suddenly explained, her eyes now wide and childlike. "I've always wanted to go there."

"Oh." Then, Rocket's eyes bulged again, this time with abject shock. "Wait, so you're saying Groot is gonna be mingling with a bunch of Japanese kids?!"

"Yeah," Nebula replied with a roll of her eyes. "That's the whole point of this trip." Then, she absentmindedly glanced at the stack of remaining personality quizzes. "Or, at least, that's what it says on paper..."

Rocket looked absolutely beside himself. "Looky here, it was bad enough getting the kids at your farmhouse of a school to understand Groot. I am not gonna go through that a second time, especially with people whose language I can't even speak. Please tell me you think this plan is bonkers."

"Even so..." Nebula gritted her teeth. "We have no other options. If we cancel the trip, Groot and the others will be put in the crosshairs. And after all they've been through this past year, I can't let them go up against the Black Order...or even worse, him. They're not prepared for that kind of fight."

"It doesn't matter if they know how to fight Thanos or not. The man is stubborn and persistent as hell! He will figure out the plan and he will change course! If anything, he'll be even more pissed if he realizes you pulled a bait-and-switch on him!"

"I'm aware of that too, Rocket." Nebula took a deep breath. "I'm well aware of that. Which is why...I was waiting for you guys."

"You were waiting on us?" Rocket scoffed. "Man, it has to be tough times if you're crawling to us for help."

"Another word out of your mouth and I'll turn you into a hat."

Rocket remained silent, allowing her to continue.

"You're coming with me."

The bipedal raccoon blinked. "Um...say that one more time?"

"You're all coming with me to Japan. All the Guardians. It's already done; I got the approval from Dr. Pym."

"You got the...what?! We're not even teachers at that stupid school!"

"You'll be Groot's chaperones. I was able to make an exception for him because of his vocabulary. It's like you said, you helped my other students with his speech, and you'll help the kids at U.A. in the same way." Nebula tightly clenched her fists. "Please. When Thanos comes for the Stones, I want us to defeat him together..." She looked at Quill knowingly, and he stared back with shimmering eyes. "For Gamora."

"You got it," Quill said almost immediately, conviction in his voice.

"YES!" Drax hollered at the top of his lungs. His bright, pale eyes lit up with their traditional fervor, and he procured his twin swords. "HAHAHAHAHA! VENGEANCE WILL BE OURS!"

"What?!" exclaimed Rocket, the raccoon looking at Quill with befuddlement. "Qu-Quill, we don't even know how to speak Mandarin!"

"It's just called Japanese, Rocket," Nebula remarked flatly.

"We'll learn," Quill added determinedly.

"That's not the point!" Rocket cried. "The point is, w-we're going up against the toughest Villain there is-"

"And if we kick his ass, we'll get a huge boost to our publicity." Quill looked down at the bipedal raccoon with a cunning grin. "A huge boost to our publicity means more prospective customers. And more prospective customers means-"

"We can jack up our prices to even more insane levels!" Rocket exclaimed, his eyes starry with wonder. "Hohoho, I'm SO in! How do I sign up?"

"Already taken care of," Nebula replied with a guileful smile. She then turned around on her heel and walked away before stopping. "Oh and, uh, Rocket? I wouldn't get too excited if I were you. Raccoons are viewed as pests in Japan."


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